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    1. Legend

      by , 03-09-2014 at 10:53 PM
      A fragment about a castle where there's a bottle containing the souls of witches, kept as a historical item for tourists to look at.

      Based on Legend, I'm visiting Darkness. He's going on and on about his plans to marry Lili, have her kill the unicorn and so on, gloating. I say to him, no. Her human boy, Jack, he's on his way here, and she's going to have to make a choice. She might have sided with darkness for the moment, but my side's going to win her in the long run. Darkness grants me that point - but "we don't have years." The choice she makes in the moment is the one that matters, not whatever regrets she'll have afterwards.
    2. 30.11.13 - The girl of my dreams / My birthday party

      by , 12-09-2013 at 09:47 PM (In the real life)
      I dreamt about the girl of my dreams apparently, it was something like a slideshow of our life together you know... About how i meet her, how i mimic everything she does to show her my affection, she sees that ofcourse, i behave like a nerveous trainwreck, but she still loves me. At a certain point i get better and our whole life becomes this sunset fairytale, where we hold each other tight, look into our eyes drunk with love and ofcourse kiss like there's no tommorow, my whole life i spent with her... In the beginning when i met her i was seeing the whole thing 3rd and rather than me there was this hella awkward guy. (Guess that'd be me in a different form) So i approached her at a bus stop and tried to talk to her, upon not succeding i just asked for a hug and she gave me one, i saw myself jump around filled with joy, after that it was the happiest moments and only that... but it isn't so vivid anymore...

      Anyways, dream life goes on and i find myself in this wierd art classroom with only like 8 or 10 desks and a wardrobe shelf (yep) in the corner of the room. I had stolen a painting and everyone thought it was mine, so ofcourse i accepted the praise and whatnot, but i had acctually stolen the painting from an abandoned house.
      After that a teacher came to me and started giving me shit about some other thing and i threw my coffee at him in the presence of the whole class. He didn't do anything about it he just dissapeared...
      I went to the wardrobe shelf thingy at the corner of the room to put my stuff in it, but only not on the acctual shelf, but a mini shelf attached to the side of the whole thing. Then i looked to the side and i saw that girl... i think she smiled at me. Then we started cleaning the whole room and putting up christmas decorations. After we were done, two teachers came in and started commenting on how they thought we couldn't do it and they were very proud. I looked at my right again and i saw her smiling at me... Then i woke up and did a WBTB (unsuccesfull)

      Now it's my birthday, not the exact date, but a couple of days earlier and i'm having a party at my house. I'm waiting for people to tell me happy birthday, so i could correct them, but no one seems to even know that they're at my party... No wonder, my guests are no other than Kris and his friends (not really friends in the waking life) I'm standing in the kitchen and no one's there so i decide to go upstairs and check around. I see a light coming from my room, so i go there. I see Kris and he says "Congrats man! You chose the right room!" And we begin a tour of every room of my own house, while they are rhyming and singing and opening doors and i see people in the rooms doing exactly what Kris is rhyming about. At one point he was rhyming about an old man with a rubber dick, so you know that was fucked up...
      So the whole thing turns out to be like a birthday present for me. At the end of the tour we end up in my basement and upon opening the door i saw three corridors. To the left was a corridor full of ugly chicks, the one on the right there was that girl... taking a shower, and in the middle corridor there was this like conference room, with a conference desk and everything only it was situated on clouds and there were like 6-9 people sitting on both sides and a guy sitting in the master seat or whatever.There are mini clouds infront of everyone sitting there on the left they are greenish and on the right black. For some really idiotic reason i choose to go to the middle room instead of the right one, where the girl of my dreams is... so those people at the conference room start talking about destroying earth and stuff and before they could finish their demonic plan i was back at the entrance to my basement, then Kris asked me which room i chose and i told him. He called me a moron and i woke up...
    3. choose a meal, {3 guys}, (where is a vase?)

      by , 10-17-2013 at 05:15 AM
      at a restaurant, or at a political meeting that had a restaurant's menu. i was looking at the menu, with my mom. i was trying to decide what to get. there was a pork thing that looked ok, kind of like pork fajitas. but something about it wasn't perfect. the pork looked really plain and boring. there was a sandwich on a huge loaf of bread, it looked gross cause it had too much bread. and it came with this weird rice patty that didnt look good...plus that would be too much starchy in one meal. i asked my mom if there were more choices on the other isle.

      i found old pictures, and was going thru. they took a couple seconds of movement. it was some fancy film my mom had gotten me once. i decided i really liked it, and since technologty could handle it these days, i'd get it more often. there were pictures of old guys i used to date. or jessica did. 3 guys, all 3 pretty decent cute. i went into the memory, and got the 2 cutest so we could hook up or kiss or something. they seemed to be remembering me, a little playing uninterested, but they came with me.

      at this political thing with my mom and other people. a lady gets a bouquet. she asks where she should put it, should it be displayed in a certain way for the event's benefit? no, the flowers are just for her own personal use in whatever way she would like, the event has enough
      bouquets of its own. so she is happy, and tries to find a vase to keep them in. i look with her. there are two vases. one looks much to big and wide. so i pick the other one. she wants to keep the flowers private for herself. wheni put them in the vase, part of the boquet gets smushed in the sides because the side flowers are too short and go too deep into the vase so the glass covers them. i'm disappointed, and know she must not be satisfied with that. i think maybe the wide one would be better, even if it is too big, at least the wideness wouldnt smush the flowers. but i think the boquet might already be somewhat damaged, so it wont even be as pretty as it was. the side flowers were pretty delicate

      just got home from moms, back at my house. barely got any sleep. stayed up all night reading about dreams and lucid dreaming, wanting to do that.

      dreamt about my mom, political event and food because my mom is really invovled in politics right now and always going to events for it, and food because i am on a new diet with my brother that is low carb/starch/sugar. the flowers were like when i volunteer at the farmer's market and bill gives us a boquet of flowers as a thank you to take home with us.
      i dont know why i dreamt of the boys or photos. maybe because i was looking at photos on my computer last night, and i wouldnt mind some male companionship. amanda did just send an email saying how she thinks i really do want sex and a man, just am not focusing on it right now.

      what this dream could mean: i want to fulfill my desires, i want to make the right choices, but sometimes the choice doesn't even seem to be 'on the menu' or available, so i just have to settle for something that won't be too bad. i'm learning what i want and what things i like and starting to make decisions about how i want my life to be and how i want to spend my time. (like recording my dreams again and doing dream work and trying to lucid dream etc) i have a desire to help people and i think i am recieving a good thing, nice insights, great talent, opportunities etc, but i dont have the right "container" for them, to support the life i desire, maybe not living in the right place, dont have the right community, or enough energy, etc....need to find the right container because i feel like the delicate beauty in my life is being spoiled and not seen.
    4. What Dreams May Come...

      by , 01-23-2011 at 08:48 AM
      I was just checking out some dreams that I had typed up elsewhere a long time ago, and decided to put them on here.

      This first one occurred at the beginning of last year. It was very intense...

      I had this one dream today that was kind of foggy. I was with this one guy I know from work and we were talking about something, but I dont really know what. I think we were just walking or standing and there were two cement blocks on either side of this creek/ river thing. And two teams were on them. One had the San Francisco Giants, and the other New York or something like that. I think the guy I was with was talking about who would win in a game or something.

      Another dream I had occurred the night I saw Nine. That one was really clear, I remembered it almost to the last detail. It was crazy. Anyhow what I remember of it was this. I was laying down feeling really, sick, hot, cold, and uneasy and woke up to find my self on a white sleeping bag in some type of grassy pasture. When I looked around me, I saw a bunch of shadows, and a series of whit sleeping bags in a circle. Although most of the sleeping bags were empty, there was one where a acquaintance I just met was sleeping. He woke up and asked me what was wrong, and I told him I needed to take a walk and gain my bearings. When I got up, I had a huge stomach, and was a little off balance, but my acquaintance soon joined me and we walked along this path that led through some white apartments. Each apartment had a plot of ground, and each plot of grass had a sign. When we came to one of the last plots I saw a gravestone with my name on it, and I began to shiver. What does that mean? I asked? I'm not dead am I? The doctor said I had at least two years. Im not gonna die, its not that bad is it? I said that to the guy, and he said I was alive and that I would get over my sickness soon, so I needn't worry about dying. Then he pulled me in an embrace and I began to cry, before slowing my breathing and just leaning into him.

      After a bit more walking, we came to a white tower with a partially closed door. When we got in side, I saw a spiraling staircase leading to the top of the tower. There was no grass here, just brown dirt, walls, webs, and a pair of black shoes. It looked as if no one had been in it for a while. When I looked at the black shoes one of them had Big black spiders inside of it and I dropped it right away. I said I didn't want to touch the spiders, and he shook them out or something. I still didn't put on the shoe, but then he took my hand, and we started to walk up the steps.

      Then I was back in the grassy pasture. I woke up and looked around, but there was no one there. I was worried about the man, and saw a picture of him with a little boy whom I was also concerned for. I wasn't feeling so sick, and I walked along the same path that I had done before. There were no signs this time, but the tower was still there. And when I went into it, I saw four weird looking creatures, and white shoes with a few spiders. I lased a weird creature, and then closed my eyes. I felt another prescence in the tower and when I opened my eyes, the man who I had just been thinking about was there. He kneeled down to my level and put his hand on my leg, saying that I had hit the kid. I said I didn't know, I didn't see, and asked if he was ok. The little boy appeared from behind my acquaintance quite unharmed and gave me a hug. The man said of course, and he and boy started to walk away. I picked up the white shoes and shook out the small spiders, and slipped them on my feet. When I looked up they were almost out of sight.

      I took my first step up the tower, and woke up.

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    5. #1 - All the little horses

      by , 07-29-2010 at 11:08 PM (East of East St. Louis)
      This took a few days to write up. I can't remember if I became lucid at a point, although I might have become semi-lucid.


      I'm in a courtroom, although I'm not part of the jury or part of the trial. I think I know people involved, but I'm not going to be called up or anything. I look around the courtroom and everything seems normal. I notice characters from a friend's comic-in-progress and I don't think this is out of the ordinary at all.

      It's some kind of custody battle, and I can't remember a lot of the trial. At some point, the judge called a recess and I headed to the bathroom. I was in a stall and I heard two girls talking, and when I was in there they left soon and a man and a woman came in with a little girl. The girl kept making flowers and vines appear. The parents noticed this eventually and told her to stop. At this point I came out of the stall and the girl made a rose appear on the corner of the sink. I remarked "She's clever, by making pretty things she makes it harder for people to tell her to remove them." The parents gave me a look, and then left. I finished washing my hands and left.

      The outside place is no longer the courthouse. It looks like the inside of a haunted house - the walls are painted somewhere between camo and jungle. I start walking, but I stop after a few steps. There are bumpercars of a sort running through the hallway and I break into a run to get past them. Then I see carosel horses in front of me and I notice there is blood on their muzzels. They look mad. I decide to not get near them, because I don't want to find out why they have blood on their faces.

      I get past them but I feel a tug on my pantleg - I run past just in time and I see people in a train waving their arms around. They tell me to come over to them, but I feel like this isn't a good move. It seems wrong. Before I can make a choice on whether to run or not, I wake up.