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    1. Chest Pain

      by , 06-13-2019 at 08:00 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was walking along side my cousin and was showing her around the area. My captain at work was behind me for some reason and told me to follow him as he had something important he wanted to show me. I look back to my cousin and wave bye to her as I told her to go back home. As I am following my captain we enter an abandon warehouse and I notice only one light was lit. This look wrong to me and I began to enter a flight or fight mode. That's when a man in a hoodie and wearing a protection glow vest came out from the shadows. He held two guns both in each of his arms. Pointed at me and my captain. I look around for an exit and ran. I bust down through one of the doors and jump off a building not sure where I would land. I woke up from a nightmare and found myself unable to move on my bed. I notice everything in my room was darker than normal. And my bed was at the end corner of the wall. My eyes look up at the ceiling and my mouth was then force open completely by an unknown force.I became lucid and I started trying to close my mouth to no avail. Then the blankets around my neck started tightening. It began to crush my throat and I felt myself having trouble to breathe. I began choking in till I woke up again.
    2. Love and Strangeness

      by , 12-19-2015 at 02:36 AM
      I went to check into a hotel with my boyfriend and he told the person at the check-in desk that we were staying there for the whole weekend but I thought we were just staying for a night and I was stressing because I had something important to do like play some Mortal Kombat character and it was really important for some reason.

      Then I was younger and in a class but it was an outdoor class and I couldn't pay
      attention to the teacher because I was looking behind me at the beautiful scenery, a tall mountain and a sunset. The boy behind me passed me a picture. It was a picture of the mountain and sunset. Then the boy started saying really nice things to me that I liked and I was falling in love and then we were lying on a couch. I lay my head on his leg as I realized I was going to stay with him and love him forever. Then he moved up beside of me, lying beside me on the couch and I put my arms around him.

      But then something weird happens, like I am eating, but in reverse, so food is coming up my throat and turning into solid food in my mouth and I try to swallow it down but I am choking and everything is ruined and I wake up.

      Then I am with my boyfriend. We are near our apartment complex but it is different. There is a solid cement ground and a solid cement wall and my boyfriend is very drunk and yelling at some woman in the distance so I make him stop. I thought he was really going to embarrass himself. But then I wanted to see what happened if he told the woman what he wanted to tell her so I tried to encourage him to keep on yelling but he wouldn't do it.

      I had a bunch of other weird dreams that I took mental notes of but then I fell asleep and lost them.
    3. #86 - House fire and investigation

      by , 04-27-2015 at 09:27 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream - House fire and investigation

      It's night time and there's news about a terrible house fire that claimed a property on the countryside. I'd say there was a definite sinister atmosphere in this dream, one of suspense and mystery revolving around murder. I seem to be driving past and I spot the flames... I'm not sure what kind of vehicle it was, I think I was kind of influenced by the sand boats in the 'Sands of Destruction' anime. Anyways... We (me and 2 others, I don't recall ever seeing their faces) investigate to see if we can catch the criminal, we sneak onto the property and the police haven't arrive on scene yet. I get the feeling that we could be blamed if we get caught but the others said it's okay because of the security cameras or something O_O. We continue on, the property has two main housings in it, walking along the driveway we find the first smoldering heap of the incinerated building, the second was down another driveway to our left. We head down the next driveway and the property is intact, suddenly one of my companions runs up and attacks someone who's in the window followed by a loud crash and bang.. But it turns out they're laughing together, and it was just some joke my companion was playing on his friend who was crawling through the window. The scene and atmosphere change radically around this point, we walk inside the house and there's a group of misfits chilling out. I now had purpose of finding someone... I don't remember who, how or why I was looking for this person but I walked outside and lo and behold, the sun is out and shining and there's a bunch of people grouped up in a way that could only mean they were standing on bleachers. The colour pink is quite strong and at least a few of the girls (of which there seemed to be HEAPS) had pom poms. There were a few of these girls walking around nearby in an extremely ditsy manner, one girl saying "O.M.G. like where is everybody?" which reflected my current goal of finding someone... She was also waving her arms around which I had to duck under because she was such an idiot -.-. The strangest thing happened next, I had something in my left ear which I felt underneath my hearing aid, I try flicking it out which I think I did with success as I see a bug on the ground... But then I suddenly have something in my throat and it's making me choke, I start hyperventilating and my mind is like "wtf is going on? Is this even possible?" then I end up waking up...

      Note: my unexpected lucids seem to have ended with the completion of my 2 reports and poster speech :/ I think it was mostly related to the fact that when I get stressed out I would wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the list of things I had to do, which raised my awareness and allowed me to have these spontaneous lucids without trying.

      Note: also a note about this dream is how real all those feelings felt, it didn't quite sink in until that last part where I truly felt I was choking.
    4. Jazzy choking, silent noise, outcast sister

      by , 03-12-2015 at 01:57 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      1. Me and mom are in the ‘kitchen’, Jazzy is acting weird and we start to laugh, until mom realizes that she’s choking on her collar! Oh no! She rushes down to try and help her as I watch. I don’t remember her wearing a collar, and it seems to be taking too long to fix it. Then even as she fixes it, Jazzy still seems to be choking – was her air cut off for too long?!

      2. There was some activity going on in a room, and a blind guy at a small, round, wooden table had asked ‘Did anybody hear that?’. Later, I find scraps of white paper on the floor behind the table, and think that they had been on it and been blown off by the fan and made noise.

      I show him, but he says that wasn’t it, it had been more like a ‘thump’ and as he says it, he drops his fist down on the table, producing the sound.


      I’m talking to my sister at the same table. It seems that she is an outcast from the family; she and mom don’t get along anymore. We talk about that for a while. There was a bit more too it but I don’t remember.

      3. I also remember something about a guy and reading some writing.
    5. 015:

      by , 09-30-2014 at 10:44 PM (Tides of Sleep)
      Notes: I've been having lucid dreams very frequently since eating shit on bike this summer and concussing myself. These almost always occur just after falling asleep and usually end with the sensation of choking, resulting in waking up. I also almost always drool during these events.


      I appeared, quite suddenly, in a long metallic looking hallway glowing with a strange red tint. I perceived that this was representative of some distant war fire.

      In reality, I had just sent my friend a Facebook message before suddenly falling asleep. Instead of focusing on the still empty hallway I thought about that for a minute, then turned my attention to my physical body, which felt numb. I could feel myself drooling. Realizing I was lucid dreaming, I decided to stop wasting my time focusing on external factors and focus on the dream.

      My first thought was to dream about fighting off a horde of baddies. A bunch of grunts wearing steel helmets and lamellar armor appeared. An axe appeared in my hand. I started to fight.

      At first, I couldn't move quickly. Something in my mind was holding me back from fully controlling the dream. I thought "no, move faster" repeatedly until eventually, my dream self could move full speed.

      My brain continued to try and derail my lucidity. At one point I conjured some fat dude in office attire to grab me and pull me away from the action. After thinking, very purposefully, "fuck off" a few times, he did so. Almost immediately after that, the part of my brain that wants to confound me conjured my dad and tried to turn my lucid dream into a nightmare.

      He was being attacked by several grunts, his hand reaching out to me from between a door crack. I knew my dream was going to have him killed. I threw my axe and stayed one grunt, the other disappeared. My dad lay bent over unnaturally over a couch, I could tell part of my brain was waiting for me to interpret his figure as dead.

      "Nope, he's fine," I thought. Dad sprung back up, totally untouched.

      At this point, I started to feel the choking sensation and knew I wasn't going to be able to remain asleep. I felt like I couldn't breathe. The dream swirled out of focus. I began to hear my physical body making a choking noise. I woke up and breathed. My pillow was covered in drool.
    6. Choke

      by , 06-06-2013 at 02:40 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #101: Choke

      I'm sitting in a car with Dad at a place that's a cross between Sonic and a Chinese take-out restaurant. We're pulled up next to one of those mic/speaker combos where you place your order and I'm debating whether to order sweet & sour chicken or just get a giant bucket of tater tots. (I don't actually eat like this. )

      A guy who looks like Mako Iwamatsu sticks his head out of the main restaurant building and shouts something about "three orders of sweet & sour chicken". I get out of the car and approach to hear him better. Then Mako makes some remark about our order and something about dreaming. It's semi-amusing, so I chuckle politely and look up at the night sky. The stars look artificially bright and the moon has been replaced by a flying saucer! "This is a dream," I say, and immediately start walking.

      I leave the restaurant parking lot, moving through an alley that dead-ends at an open door into a house. I go inside, exploring the house for a bit. It's nicely decorated and very realistic. I'm pleased with how vivid it looks -- classy carpeting, great lighting, really tasteful decor. I wonder why I suck so bad at decorating IWL if I can imagine scenes like this. It occurs to me that no matter how many LDs I have, part of me always thinks They can't really look that good, right? But they can and they do.

      I'm a bit lost in the house and as I turn down one hallway, I suddenly find myself in a noisy European street scene. It feels like Germany. The fast transition surprises me and before I can think to speak gibberish to these DCs for Task of the Month, I round another corner and wind up back in the house again. Well that was weird.

      For some reason this reminds me of my intent to get to the Alamo and meet up with Art. I decide getting outside will be the best way open up the map and get where I want. The closest internal wall of the house is brick (oddly enough), and without hesitating, I phase through it. There's nothing on the other side of the wall, though, and I wind up in the void.

      Rubbing my hands together, I continue walking through the void. I imagine that I'm walking along a street outside. I can feel the roadway underneath my feet (which feel like they're in nothing but socks.) I keep walking forward, waiting for the new scene to form. After a while, I see a pattern of squareish lights that coalesces into the window of my darkened childhood bedroom. I leave immediately, phasing through the window into the street.

      It's late at night and I'm outside on the street where I grew up. I try to figure out which way San Antonio (and the Alamo) would be from here... and totally get it wrong. When I look out at the horizon, I see a huge observation tower surrounded by some scaffolding, like it's under construction. Was there some kind of tower in San Antonio?
      (Yes, it turns out -- the Tower of the Americas.)

      I start to zoom-teleport to the tower but the moment I begin to move, I swallow my gum. Swallow my what?? Did I go to bed chewing gum? I try to remember, worrying that it's now lodged in my throat IWL and that I'm about to be in big trouble. I freak out and the scene goes black. I manage to calm myself at the last minute but the dream is too far gone and quickly ends.
    7. Child abuse.

      by , 01-21-2013 at 11:55 PM
      I'm in a kind of hospital room where a young man is immobilized on a bed with his family and two children who seem to be twins. The children are blond , about 4 years old. I begin to play with one of the children and it disappears. Then I started playing with the other. I lie on the floor and lift the child wiht one hand and he begins to laugh. All of the sudden the child goes to the bed where the young man lies. He jumsp on the bed and falls to the other side.I managed to lift the child but soon he seems to have difficulty breathing as if he was choking. The Child's nose begins to ooze and then I ask one of the family a piece of cloth to clean it. The child's head is tilted and I tell the family that the child has trouble breathing. The family is angry. They take the child and put him under the bed. I leave the room angry. I wake up.
    8. Laberinth.

      by , 12-23-2012 at 10:49 PM
      Suddenly I find myself in a maze. To be more precise, it is a kind of bridges that are interconnected but at different levels. From those bridges I can see a sort of plateau that extends to the horizon and is blocked by a huge mountain. I try to climb from a bridge that is on the bottom to one that is at a higher level, but a series of wires do not let me move. It's then that I see that the top of the mountain explodes and a shower of stones begins to fall on adjacent buildings. I fear that at any moment one of these stones can beat me. Suddenly a huge rock the size of a building is coming straight at me and hit nearby buildings demolishing them. In these moments the dream switches to third person because I'm not in the scene, but it's like watching a movie. Everything happened quickly and I wake up with a choking sensation.
    9. Intruder alert

      by , 08-01-2012 at 02:48 PM
      I wake up at 2:45 half in and half out of a dream...there's a strange are loud siren ringing in my ears, almost like an electrnic alarm but of massive scale...i realize i am in bed sleeping and must be dreaming. I try to wake myself up. as I become aware...eyes still shut...I cannot tell if the sound is real or not...until they start to fade. I have trouble figuring out where I am. I have to focus...my heart is racing and I can't remember where I live or anything about myself for a few moments. It starts to come back as I start to recognize shapes in the dark....the window, my guitar case. I am in a room...what room? Is it my room? Where am I. Where do I live? In nc. I live in nc...in a house? No. An apartment...I left my house, my wife, months ago. My memory starts to return....I start to relax...but as I do, the wailing sirens return, excrusiatingly loud. It's interesting, I think to myself. I wonder how loud it will go. As I try to return to sleep, the sirens always get loud enough to wake me to the silence. I concentrate and manage to relax and control the sound in my head..as I start to fall back to sleep...then...movement wakes me...at my back. Something rubs me...feels warm...something alive and big enough to be a cat, maybe a dog. I lay still...don't want to startle it. I reach my arm back slowly, expecting to feel fur...I feel skin...an arm. ITS A PERSON. I think to myself in my still confused half awake state...is it Jason? Then I feel an arm around my neck hard...I lunge to get away but the arm is strong and I am soon wrestling for my life. I manage to get my feet on the ground and turn toward the intruder. I see his face in the darkess, grimacing...he's a young man, taller than me...I am in a fight for my life. Then I feel another body grab me from behind. I am being choked. I can't breath...but I am choking the man in front of me too. I think to myself...if I kill this guy, I might survive. But as I choke him, I start to pass out. I can sense the end is coming. I fought a good fight, I am going to die well.....then...

      I hear a funny ringing sound, not a siren, this is different...I recognize it...it's my cell phone. I realize i am sleeping and someone is calling me but I can't answer it though because somehow I rolled in my sleep in such a way that my right arm was wrapped around my neck and my left arm was under my body....both were asleep and i was partially cutting off my own air supply. I did finally answer it...it was Steve from a company who I work for in NJ....there was a critical software failure at month's end and they needed my help. It was 3:00 sharp. The details of the dream are still fresh. I even remember the intruder's face...he had pale skin, blue eyes and short red curly hair. He was big and strong. The one behind me choking me, I could tell was smaller and had big forearms...like mine I guess. I remember that the imagery of the room was extremely accurate, the position of the bed, the guitar case, the dresser...the size of the room...even the ambient light coming from the window that lit up the man's face. Would love to hear comments about this, especially the siren. It was the only thing about this episode that concerns me, never had anything like it before. The way it filled my mind and went through me in chilling pulse waves...waves that I could almost control. And the overwhelming terrrified feeling and chills that I felt that came in waves in sync with the sound.
    10. 34th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Kumara's Dreams

      by , 09-19-2011 at 03:24 PM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Kumara's Dreams

      Childhood defenses and threatening transformation

      I am driving fast, and as I crest a hill, I hit a huge wave of vibration that I thought of as “resistance”, an impression of police on the side of the road with a radar-type instrument that was emitting the waves. The vehicle slowed wayyyy down and I felt the vibrations all through my body, it was as if reality itself was impacted by the waves. I grabbed my seatbelt and fastened it, though it was difficult, like moving through molasses.

      I drive on and to take shelter in a building on the beach, and many people were streaming by, running toward the water. Big machines were coming, that I thought of as “transformers” that I only maybe had a glimpse of.

      I was with Pax and a little girl, we were running for the shelter. I didn’t think we had long so I stopped to tell Pax and the little girl that I love them. I faced Pax and as I told him I love him, he said something at the same time. I felt a little sad, I don’t remember what he said but I felt at the time it was dismissive. Then we were running and I started to yell at the little girl that I love her, but I only had an impression of a Little Debbie’s box that was under her arm or she had become the box, and I realized, “she’s not even real!”.

      We ran into the shelter. Pax and I sat on a landing in the stairwell. The first big machine went by, and I could see in my mind a cartoon of toys that had come to battle the ‘transformers’. Then another machine came by, and I knew this one was more dangerous because it was radiating heat. It hit the building I was in, and the building listed and fell over. I was unharmed, and now felt more like a point of awareness than an “I”. The corner of the landing turned over on me, thus protecting me. While I felt the heat and the rumble of the machine passing by, I could simultaneously see in my mind a line of cartoon tugboats all lined up to my left, with faces and determined looks, all there to fight the threatening machines. I noticed a thought, “it’s as if all of my childhood toys are lining up to protect me/fight.”

      The Indian guy on my back

      I was lying on my couch, it seemed like me in a different reality because I had a different, larger laptop that was on a stand in front of me next to the couch. I was on my left side, and a browser was open on the laptop. A tab popped open, and maybe more had that I closed, I remember the screen was red with a white CB logo, I understood that I had picked up some sort of virus. As I was noticing that, I noticed how I was feeling and did an RC. “Can I fly?” I started to rise up out of my body off of the couch, so I went with it and let myself float up and I flew out of my apartment. I noticed the view of the weeping willows in the dark, lit by the nightlights on the property. I noticed how real it seemed and that I could understand how I could forget I was dreaming. I flew off into the sky, wanting to just fly a bit and have a look around. I remember at some point feeling like flying was difficult so I was making swimming strokes to keep going.

      I put my hands out in front of me Superman –style. I felt a warmth behind me and a man’s hands appeared over mine. Someone was on my back and weighing me down. I was furious. I flew to a building, through a wall and landed on my feet on a stairwell landing. I twisted as fast as I could to detach from whoever was on my back, and face him. He was slight Indian man, about my height, with dark hair not quite shoulder-length and a closely-trimmed beard. He seemed “weathered”, and had a light scar running diagonally down from his left along his left pec. His expression I would say was “chagrined”. I angrily yelled at him, “WHO ARE YOU?”. I don’t remember if he answered.

      Going down on a cutie

      I walked into a bedroom, it was dark and I saw a girl I knew (in the dream) lying in bed. I saw another figure in the bed and wondered if someone was in bed with her or if it was a stuffed animal. I wanted to slide in under the covers and kiss her body and go down on her. She woke up and smiled at me.
      Spoiler for Dream sex details:
      End of what I remember in the dream.

      Dream fragments

      Fragments of feeling choked, closed in around my throat on all sides by a presence (I slightly awakened, noticed my body was ok, then went back into the dream). Feelings of pressure, being surrounded. I remember once feeling threatened and powerless and surrounded by beings “choking” me and asking, “god, what do I do?” and then relief.
    11. Sneaky Beaks 10/05/2010

      by , 07-11-2011 at 03:33 AM
      1:20 pm
      note: My mom has never had a drink in her "god" given life.

      In a car full of guys headed to a party that happened to be in a house that is normally not there. My mom was there and was seeming to get more sober the more she drank. She was also quite normal by comparison. There were these small, furry, monkey/hedgehog/bird like creatures. They were really colorful and their beaks were long thick and curved. Anyway, they kept sneaking up on me and secretly latching onto my fingers and such. I wouldn't notice them for a while but when I did my finger would be so numb with pain. I started to get mad because though I yanked them off and kicked them away they kept coming back. I finally lost my temper and started choking one of the birds with both hands. My Mom calmly said to me "Ok.. you've gone far enough"
    12. Should She be Drinking Mama's Milk? / My Boy Choked to Death / A Kind-of Hot Girl and Me

      by , 06-30-2011 at 12:44 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      I have recently had several dreams that I was unable to journal.

      I remember seeing a girl of about 12 or 13 walking with her mother drinking milk from her
      mother's nipple. They were just walking like everything was normal.

      I had a dream the next night or the night after that that my boy was grabbing these button
      things. There were so many, he couldn't get them all without putting some in his mouth. I may
      have recommended he put them in his mouth to hold them, and then to grab the rest with his

      I then realized he could choke on them, so I told him to just open his mouth and let them
      fall out. He started to let them fall out, but he choked on one. I tried to hit his back to get
      it out of his throat, but it didn't work. He quit moving.

      There was another dream where I was in a college environment I think. There was a girl who
      was OK looking, but I found her to be incredible in my dream. I was going to kiss her. She pulled
      away, but implied that later in the evening we would sleep together.

      I had taken some B vitamin's 2 nights in a row that I had vivid dreams.
    13. Car Accident with Friends

      by , 08-05-2010 at 06:42 AM
      Notes to Help Better Understand the Dream and/or Me:
      - I am 14-year-old guy going to be a Freshman
      - I am a newly saved Christian
      - I don't think I've ever had a lucid dream, but one was extremely questionable
      - I don't have fears of cars or seat belts or speeding up or anything

      Onto the Dream:

      This dream started out with me in the passenger seat of my car, which is a white Mustang, not a convertible, the windows down, and my friend from church driving the car. We were making conversation, but I don't remember the words. We were going pretty fast, with cars all along the two-lane highway. Two other sports cars in front of us, one of them very distinctly being a Challenger, started going pretty fast and merged into the right lane. Matt (the friend driving) sped up, but instead of merging to the right, went off road into the dirt and grass. There was no opposite side of the highway for some reason. He started going faster, and other cars were already off road when we "dismounted" the highway, and we pulled up next to this mini-van, and another guy from our church was driving. His name was Kyle, and he is 20 or something, and he was on the left lane of the highway. He waved to us and we sped up some more. We were now speeding on the highway again, but in the left lane, with no cars around. He started going really fast now, and I yelled, "Wow! Let me get my seat belt on!" He didn't slow down, but I got it on. We were coming up to an intersection with a light post on only one of the corners. My seat belt was loose, so I thought to myself, "The seat belt my get caught on the light post and throw me out and choke me!" I pulled in the excess belt from the window and we started turning right, in front of the light post, and the car just went crazy and I knew we were in a crash and that my fear of me being choked was what happened to Matt with his seat belt. The car was just fine when I got out, but it was raised up on it's rear wheels somehow, pretty high, and also it was a convertible with it's top down. I got out and ran around to the side of the car where the light pole was, and it was true. He got caught by the seat belt. Except it wasn't Matt who got caught, it was another friend of mine, who doesn't go to my church but my school. He was hung up by the neck on the pole and I wasn't freaking out, just rushing to get him down. My friend Matt was there with us somehow. I got him down, and laid him down by the car. Now this girl from church pulled up in her car, who is maybe 20, and I said, "Call the cops or something." And then turned my focus back to Colten (the friend form school). I walked towards him, and he was laying their holding his throat, trying to say, "Brooks... Brooks... I can't... breathe..." and looked so helpless. I told him the people who could help him were coming. I knelt beside him and then I woke up.

      I think this was a mini-dream I had after I woke up but didn't get up:

      I was back with Colten, but I was positioning myself underneath him, like a cross, my belly holding up his back, and holding his head back so he could breath. Then it jumped around and I saw myself giving him CPR with a cloth between out mouths. Then back to me supporting his back and giving him CPR at the same time. In my dream I was thinking somehow holding his back up would help him.

      Well, that's my first post in my Dream Log!