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    1. advice for lucid dreaming

      by , 04-06-2019 at 10:25 PM (Into my world)

      I'm walking in the countryside and I enter in a forest, I can listen to the birds chirping and the wind and the wind that flows between the leaves of the trees and between my hair.
      Then I hear some kids laughing and after a wile I see them playing in a glade among the trees, there are two boys and a girl, running near an old church.
      I'm curious about that building because it's very old and mysterious, but I don't want to interrupt the kids so I decide to wait until they go away.
      When the kids run away into the woods I enter the church and I find a small camp where two very small people live, they are so tiny that I can hold them in my hand. The first one I see is fat man with a rat tail sleeping on the ground, then on the other side of the church I see a little girl hiding behind a column, she is young and extremely pale with long, straight and white hair.
      I don't want to scare her so I keep my distance and greet her with my hand, after that she seems to feel more confident and approaches me, I ask for her name and she answers me(I don't remember what she said), then we start talking.
      After a few exchanges I ask her if she can give me some advice on how to have a lucid dream, she tells my something but unfortunately I can't remember anything of what she said.

      Now I'm boarding at the nuns where I live and again I'm talking with the litte girl, we are becoming friend when a nun arrives and seeing what was happening remains shocked, gets angry with me and tells me that I should never talk to a fairy again because it could be dangerous.

      I'm so sad that this dream doesn't turn into a lucid dream, the fairy could have toe me that I was already dreaming, it would have been easier; or maybe she did it but I don't remember.
    2. Church DILD

      by , 03-08-2019 at 10:18 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I'm at church and there's a couple of people lying on the floor around me. It seems to be night, I decided to get up and open the church door as I believe I heard someone approaching near me. I hear it again coming closer to me from the woods. I begin to run on a trail not far from me. I then hear the person that sounds like a man yell randomly. I become lucid and jump which always somehow makes me jump and stay in the air for a long period of time covering a lot of ground and distance. As I finish two jumps that seem to put a massive distance between me and where I was previously. I still could hear the man voice not far behind me.

      I did not find this amusing and observe my environment which seem to be with inside a city. I decided the logical answer to fix this situation is to simply wake up as I have work to go to soon and knew I was oversleeping. I wake up.
      Tags: chase, church, woods
    3. Friday, January 11

      by , 02-02-2019 at 11:38 PM
      I am with Melissa, entering some building. It feels like a very large CVS. it also feels like we’re upstairs. We walk past the aisles, looking for something. I think we passed what we’re looking for (condoms?). There is also a church inside here; there are a few openings in the walls through which I can see that the church area is down some stairs. Their session seems to be starting, as people are filling in. Now we are outside the building (*this may have been in the beginning). There’s a group of people, and they start to line up, holding hands, blocking the road. A dark grey/black car attempts to drive through them, but they seem to be able to mostly hold him back. Now a guy in a camo button up shirt squats down and lifts the back of the car, eventually flipping it over.
      Tags: car, church, condom, store
    4. Acknowledging Julia

      by , 09-28-2018 at 09:17 AM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Non-lucid dream, Lucid dream, [Commentary made while awake]

      I see a beautiful, blue sky with lots of puffy, white clouds in it. I realize that this is a dream [I'm not quite certain, but I believe I became lucid by first realizing that I didn't recall how I had gotten outdoors where I could look up at the sky], and ground my awareness in the dream by focusing on the clouds in the sky. The sky expands to fill my field of vision, covering up and washing out the gray nothing behind it.

      I realize I'm in the backyard of the house I lived in as a child, and I'm with two girls I knew in elementary school. I walk around the neighborhood with them for a bit, exploring the yards of the houses. They are fenced in, and many of them are on very steep hills
      [which was not the case in real life]. At one point, a man who lives in one of the houses sees us. Eventually, I stop following them and start following two DCs who are young women closer to my own age now, a blonde one and an Asian one. [I typically prefer to spend my lucid-dreaming time exploring my dream world on my own, but this time, I thought I could maintain a longer, more stable lucid dream if I focused my attention on following two dream characters around, instead. It seems to have worked.]

      We end up wandering from the suburban neighborhood we're in to a well-lit, wood-paneled mall. We end up in front of a hair salon, where the salon owner stops us and presents the Asian DC with an award for her hairdressing skills. I notice that she is suddenly wearing a pretty, fancy dress appropriate for accepting an award at an awards ceremony. After she accepts it, we continue wandering around and exploring. The next time I notice the Asian DC, I see that she's wearing casual, comfortable clothes again. I exclaim in disappointment, "Aw, man! I wanted to do the finger-snap thing!" [Meaning, I wanted to consciously and actively change her from one outfit to another by snapping my fingers, Q-style. I was disappointed that she had performed the transformation on her own. ]

      Our wanderings continue to take us through indoor environments, and we eventually end up in a spacious church where the service is just about to start. A greeter hands me a service bulletin, which is a single large sheet of paper that you have to fold up yourself. I wander through the sanctuary, from front to back, just as the procession is starting.

      As I wander outside again, I remember that the next time I found myself lucid dreaming, I had wanted to do the 'pinch your nose shut and try to breathe through it' reality check, so I do so. It still works the same as ever - I can still feel myself breathing even while pinching my nose, which I still think is the coolest sensation. However, this time, my dream-sense of touch tells me that I'm missing part of the tip of my nose.
      [I thought, "Maybe I've been reading too many A Song of Ice and Fire books?"]

      I see the aforementioned blonde dream character again, and for the first time, we actually stop to talk. When I ask, she tells me that her name is Julia, and it turns out that she knows that I'm the dreamer. She refers to me as the "universe goddess." [There's a gap in my memory here; I don't recall how we got from just talking to this next part, but:]

      Julia is now mostly submerged in a tank of water, and I lay one hand on the crown of her head, which is sticking up above the water, and say: "I, [my full, legal IRL name], do hereby name you Julia." As she climbs out of the tank, I add, " [Nickname] is short for [my full first name]." [I often explain that to people when meeting them for the first time IRL.] After Julia is out of the tank, I ask her if I can do that again, because I didn't use both hands. I ask her what her middle and last names are, and she says "Tilly El-Haz[something, I don't remember exactly]." We stand facing each other, and I lay both hands on the top of her head and name her with her full name. [She looked like she could have been Supergirl, or otherwise related to those Els.]

      [Hmm. Fascinating. I've only met one or two other dream characters who exhibited any awareness that we were in a dream, and this is the first time one has referred to me in terms like "the universe goddess." This dream put me in a great mood, as my lucid dreams always do.]
    5. Nonlucids and a Long WILD Attempt - August 27-28

      , 08-29-2018 at 04:17 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Aug 28 2018

      I'm in my childhood church. On the altar there's some kind of human sacrifice of women going on. I remember also being around the sound booth (I was here a lot as a teenager). There are scenes in the youth room and parking lot as well, and they're all very dark, but I can't remember what was happening.

      I'm in college again, but my curriculum is changing. I'll have to take a lot of advanced math classes I didn't have to take before. I'm really concerned but my fiance is trying to convince me it'll be easy, she starts drawing squiggles with her pencil on some paper in some sort of parallelogram (squiggles all going out from one point or line). I consider changing my major to Psychology, but I'll have to start with Psych 113 (whatever that is).

      Aug 29 2018

      As I was falling asleep, I did progressive relaxation, thought about a couple of new mantras* to see which felt right, and then started meditating on my breath, focusing on the tip of my nose. After a while I realized my body was mostly paralyzed. I decided to make the most of it and try to WILD. When I first thought of this, I got some pretty in-depth HI and imagined visuals, very vivid. But after that I spooked myself or something, and I couldn't get it to the same level of vividness for the next thirty or so minutes. So I MILDed on one of my new mantras and eventually moved and broke the paralysis.

      In the first dream I remember, I was driving around my WL car. It was hard to handle (like trying to legally drive a car in video games) and I kept bobbing and weaving and turning around. My viewpoint was shifting between first and third person. I was driving around a warped version of the city I live in, and ended up running some stops signs or red lights. At some point some cops pulled out of a parking lot and started following me, but didn't turn their lights on. I lost them and went to an interstate ramp, but I didn't want to get on the interstate for some reason, so I was stuck between the ramp and the exit (it was on the left, whereas they're usually on the right). I had to wait for the lanes to clear out so I could back up and get off the ramp -- quite stressful. I think this happened twice.

      In the next dream, it felt like an FA although I don't think it was. My dog was in it, which is odd because although I see him all day (probably more than my fiance) I've only ever seen him in my dreams once. We're in a darkened bedroom/living room combination. I walk downstairs and we're talking about somewhere we need to go. I'm possibly worried about an intruder? Slight shift and I'm going outside, I open the door and my dog almost makes it out but I grab his hind leg and put him back inside. Before or after that I caught him eating some crumbs off the ground.

      Scene shift again and I'm sitting on something or laying on the grass on the side of the house, looking up at the sky. I notice some lights in the sky, like heat lightning. Then (separately) I notice I can see lights on the clouds, and realize they're coming from my phone! Even with dream logic I'm amazed that my light can travel so far to the clouds from my phone (I recall a similar experience from my childhood with a high-powered search flashlight). I try to shine the phone's light on a tree that's hangning overhead, and I see the patterns of the leaves on the clouds above! I also notice 2 moons, then 3, some redder or foggier than others, but mostly the same size. I wouldn't call it semi-lucid, but I was seriously questioning the world. I think I should try to add looking at the sky to my dream routine, since most of the time I'm looking at the ground or my immediate surroundings, and seeing these inconsistencies may help with getting lucid.

      In the next dream I'm in a fitness center or some similar place. I'm sitting or laying down in these lanes, aiming my feet to sort of louge through the lanes. This is coupled with a video game-like view with arrows showing which direction I should go. At some point I turn around and lie prone, trying to go backwards, but my feet are dragging so I have to manually push myself. I'm sort of in a cobra pose with my back underneath this large pullup bar type thing (black metal wrapped in foam). Eventually I reach the end with a lobby or something similar (carpeted, reminds me of a Chuck E Cheese). I see someone I went to school with who I didn't really know, and I'm sort of embarassed. I say something stupid like "I'm having a Shiatsu massage**". She responds with something nice but is clearly weirded out.

      The dream shifts again and I'm in some kind of locker room. Another less-than-acquaintance from HS is there and is trying to convince the coach that he should recognize/remember him. He kept saying "I'm Double-D! Don't you remember me?" and the coach humiliated him. I think my dog may have been eating crumbs off the floor here too.

      *"I am a master/natural at lucid dreaming" - meh; "I look at my hands and realize I am dreaming" - solid; "I calmly take control of the world I've created" - good for focusing on stabilization, but it's a mouthful.

      **Of course I pronounced "massage" the british way, probably because I just watched S1E3 of Black Books, "Grapes of Wrath", which is arguably the best episode of anything ever.
    6. Some Non Lucids - Aug 27

      , 08-27-2018 at 02:26 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Aug 27 2018

      In my first dream I was in a compound of some sort with steel floors, walls, and ceilings. It reminded me of the early Fallout games. There were some doors with alternating red and green lights on them (stop and go, not Christmas). The ones with lights felt like they held danger behind them. There were some NPCs but none got too close and I think I could see grey status bars/informational popups when my vision hovered over them. There some connecting tunnels with walls that were like large fractured thin chitin or shell material. I kept having to go the back way through this facility so I would knock down the barriers, but each time I came back that way, they would regenerate and I'd have to knock them down again.

      The next dream, I was in a bomb testing facility. My fiance, parents, and I (along with some anonymous coworker DCs) were standing atop a huge white metal ball-shaped plant. There was an "exhaust tube" a few feet away and each time the bombs would be detonated, a huge faux mushroom cloud would emerge. But it was as if the mushroom cloud itself was the bomb, rather than their being some actual explosion. I went third-person and showed myself leaning my face very close to the exhaust jet as another one exploded, and said "It's perfectly safe!" My third-person view changed and I was high up looking down on the clouds. They were wisping away sort of like those leaf tornados that spin up on the sidewalk sometimes. These wisps would carry on for a short while on the desert dunes.

      Finally, I was in a large white building reminiscent of the fellowship hall at my childhood church, mixed with the middle school building at my old school. In the back there was a kitchen, going forward a connecting hallway, and through there was a huge white room. To the right there was a large open hallway, and all the rooms had high ceilings.

      I'm sliding around on my socks through the different rooms on the white tile floors. I see one of my neighbors, and some girls from high school. They are all happy that L (fat girl from high school) was made prom queen. I suggest a toast with Nestle Drumstick ice cream cones. I think I toasted to "taking a bite before you toast".
    7. xiii.

      by , 07-31-2018 at 08:54 AM
      Non-dream stuff: A very long non-lucid dream. I only remember one part of it, that I held on to loosely as I was quickly forgetting everything, deciding this was the most important part to remember.

      Dream sequence:

      I was in my native country, in the dream context it had been explained why I think but I can't remember it. I was in a small town and it was day, looking to soon be sunset, as everything looked a bit orange.

      This was just a typical town and I was wandering around and there was an old brown-stone church, with one of its doors wide open. I walked in, and I remember I was looking at the floor just before doing so and seeing a roach type bug, but small. In the dream context there was something about going to visit local landmarks. When I entered it wasn't like a church at all, but a community centre of some kind. It was deserted. All the lights were on, but there were many many webs... and spiders, weird ones, some almost as big as my hand. I was very wary, but something compelled me to continue and I kept my instinctive fear in check, wondering why I was fearing them, they were just stood there on their webs, undisturbed for years, clearly.

      I wandered through the first two rooms, and the second room was at the "back" and had large modern glass windows that were letting the sunset light in. Everything had that orange light bath, as expected. I used my boot to clear away some webs I just couldn't avoid if I wanted to move further. After having a look around in this room, where there had been some displays of some kind, I turn back a bit and again have to carefully remove some webs from the way, feeling extremely wary of the spiders on it. I remember being in a room or common hall that connected other rooms and there was a bag of some kind on a swivel office chair. On topof the bag was a black leather wallet. Everything was absolutely covered in webs and I looked at the wallet with the intent of seeing what was inside and taking it, but I saw a slightly open door and could sense something. It was a very small room, a cupboard of some kind, and I couldn't fully open the door in, because of an object inside. The light inside the tiny room was also on, oddly. I reached with my left arm into the room and felt something stony and as I touched it, I saw the wallet and bag disappear and heard a female voice saying "You have resisted temptation. You are blessed with protection." I could "see" an interface icon showing a "buff" as in a game, but the context of the dream felt all too real.

      I remember exploring a little more but there were some areas taht didn't have lights on and were getting on for darkness. It is implied in the dream that I went into these areas, as next I remember being at a doorway in the same building and walking into my the room my mom uses as an office at home in waking life, except the view through the windows was part of the dream context. I found it odd to find this room, but didn't question it much. I looked at her computer screen. It was on, something about this feels emotional though I have no idea now what was on the screen, other than the fact that on some timestamp it said the date was "2013". It was 2018, I knew this in the dream context. I took a photograph with my phone of the screen, and I thought something but I can't remember what. I seem to remember that at some point before this in the dream I'd found something else pertaining to my mom, from the past also. Even in the dream I couldn't help but wonder, are these things I'm finding related to her mental health?

      I know I went out of that room but I cannot remember more details, even though the dream sequence didn't end there.

      Some notes (spread out because they'd be too dense to read otherwise):
      • The sunset is a dream-sign. I hadn't realised this before. It is distinctly different from all other times of day, and in my dreams it always represents "the end" (of time, in some way).

      • Even in the dream I thought everything in that light looked beautiful.

      • As I saw all those spiders, I was about to react instinctively and let out some reaction of fear, but the fact that in the dream I had strongly intended to go into this building and that I somehow felt compelled to go further in, made me remember my practice of trying to keep my fear in check. This is the first time in a dream that I have truly supressed such a basic and intense fear, as far "consciously" as my dream mind would allow. Keep in context that I have been an arachnophobe almost all of my life until very recently, and that in dreams basic fears and instincts are much, much stronger in my behaviour.

      • In the dream context I remember being told by someone to look at the local points of interest and landmarks because I could be interested in them and because they needed people to do some tourism around here. That's the context I had for the "church".

      • The bag/purse under the wallet was magenta. The office chair was a deep blue, I think.

      • All I can remember seeing on that computer screen was a few different windows open, and maybe an image as one of the windows, which is what had the timestamp. In my dream, I knew that my mom had not been in this office for a long time. It looked just as the rest of the community centre.

      • I do not know why even out of the dream now I feel some strong emotion thinking about the date and the screen. As far as I remember, 2013 was no different for my mom, if anything, her mental health has improved greatly since then. But considering it now, it was also when I moved to where I live now, away from my native country.

      • At some point in the dream I understood the sunset feeling like "end", though I'm still not certain what about.

      • The community centre (which was actually the church, after all) corridors and rooms looked, actually, much more like a very stereotypical office building and some doctors offices I've been to.

      • As for the context of my mom's mental health, she suffers from bipolar or something the like, but has it very well controlled by medication these days.

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    8. 21 October 2017: Happy Children in Church

      by , 10-21-2017 at 03:56 PM
      Before I fell asleep, I read most of Chapter 8 of "Faith is the Answer" by Norman Vincent Peale & Smiley Blanton and I prayed.

      I dreamed of many little children singing happily in a church building on a mountain top surrounded by snow.

      I laid on my back for most of the time I slept on this night and when I woke I felt very refreshed. I don't think this is only because of my sleeping position although that has something to do with it, I feel as though reading the "Faith is the Answer" book and praying also are reasons why I felt so refreshed.

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    9. 2-3 dreams, transition between homes, beautiful train station girl and attending church

      by , 09-21-2017 at 01:40 PM (Exterminate)
      Attempting WILD again. This time my alarm is set for 6 hours.

      Our family is moving the end of this month. This dream was set at various points during the transition from here to there. I remember being at a train station (went to a train museum yesterday) and looking for someone missing. I mentioned we could ask someone who works there, because they probably know the place really well. This girl who was about 19 shows up and starts talking about how she knows every railway in this city (Turns out there's a lot) and that it is a small town and she has been here all her life. Kinda sad, but I started picturing myself in a relationship with her. I thought she was very beautiful in appearance. She was brown skinned, couldn't tell if Mexican or Native American, so she also had brown hair and brown eye color. We talked for a bit and she mentions she is a Christian and whatnot. She then asks a trivia question of which church she used to attend (Which doesn't make sense if she has always lived in the same location). I respond that it would be an almost impossible task to answer that, and she brings out a bulletin from the same church I currently attend before moving. I shrug it off as a coincidence and move on with the dream.

      Our family is sitting at a table playing family games when there is a phone call coming in. Parents answer it, I get up from table and start watching Jerma985 videos. He is actually playing overwatch in these two videos I am watching, a game which he normally does not play. Not only that, but he was top500, playing against several other top500s and grandmasters. I don't remember the first video, but the second video involved him doing high stakes with whiskey in his mouth. He started laughing at the end, and roadhog in the game started spewing out railroad spikes at an enemy at a really fast speed, kinda like his scrap gun ult. Jerma started laughing and the outro played. He was also trying to hook a mccree and doomfist at certain points but he could never land his shots because of ana or other heroes in the game. He kept making frustration sounds like his friend ster.

      We attended a church in the new location and I got a major deja vu feeling because the church was sort of similar to the one I attend now, and the pastor was really awesome, but the music was..bad. They didn't really let you sing along to it, and the lead pastor was also the worship pastor. He sat down with guitar and about 3 other people near him kind of quietly singing older worship songs. I felt like it could have been so much better if everyone was standing and shouting these sons out with more passion.
    10. YAY another lucid!

      by , 08-14-2017 at 04:12 AM (Awake to take in the view...)
      It's been too long since I've had one!

      The first dream I had last night was non-lucid. I was back up at school, trying to find my new apartment. This will become a reality in a few weeks.

      The second dream was where I was in a church, and was going to go on another mission for my church. Well, I've already done that, and you generally don't do that again. The sheer absurdity of the premise clued me in to the fact that I was dreaming. Unfortunately, my level of conscious awareness wasn't as high as it could have been. The people in the front of the church building were really buddy-buddy with each other, definitely not professional and all, and one guy told me all of their names. I can't remember if I did anything cool as a result of my lucidity, though. :/ Work in progress!
    11. Distant Galaxy

      by , 08-05-2017 at 03:44 AM (Dream)
      Side Notes (Side Notes)
      Distant Galaxy

      On the balcony, outside was Infinite blackness.
      I'm talking to a family member, in the corner of my eye, I see a galaxy with planets. I want to take a picture of that!
      I don't want to get too close or I'll drift off into Outer Space.
      I step near the ledge, it's hard to breathe over here.
      Later, I was talking to my Mom, there was a giant tank of water, there was a Shark eating another Shark and I didn't want to see that.

      Black Box with Medicine

      I was at a hospital, I picked up my medicine box.
      There was another belonging to someone else, I hesitated but grabbed it. I gave my medicine box to a woman who
      accompanied me. I have to get this box to this guy.
      The medicine box said "Floor 9", can't get up there fast with stairs, so i'll have to go on an elevator.
      I dash to the hallway where there is 3 or 4 elevators. The first one on my right looks suspicious.
      I feel like the elevator will collapse....so I decided to pick the next one, on the left.
      I push the 'up' button and the elevator opens, I walk inside.
      There's 9 floors, 9 buttons, I found it!
      The 9 button is glowing and I push it.
      This floor is different from the other floors...it's like a mix between a cafeteria from school and a church.
      I am greeted by this priest, who insists I go on stage, I do.
      'I don't have time for this' I think.
      I am nervous, the spectators are waiting and worse of all the priest is stroking my hair.

      I woke up creeped out, I really have nothing much to say except: how does my Mind come up with this?
      August 4th, 2017

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    12. idk

      by , 03-18-2017 at 06:30 PM
      D1 - Faye is hugging me and wanting me to go with her somewhere, when I realise that there is a queue inside snaking up and down, past white internal partitions.
      I decide I really do not want to wait and try to depart via a window, someone tries to stop me but I fly out anyway (repeated dream sign).

      D2 - At the bottom of my parents garden someone erects a church by literally pulling it up and into place. I am not happy about the tall church spire and use my powers to pushing my hands out together sending a powerful blast that knocks it down.
    13. inducing LaBerge euphoria and basic totm - 2 lucids 2017 DJ 31, LD #35,#36,#37

      by , 02-19-2017 at 12:16 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      Lucid sex.......


      I become lucid by seeing I have 7 fingers. I decide I am in a boring environment, so I decide to teleport to 'New York City'. It is rather different than it would be in WL, because there are no cars. I float around, and at some point feel a bit bored. Knowing this would be detrimental, I induce LaBerge euphoria, and feel REALLY GOOD!!! I float around again, and teleport to Washington D.C.
      I realize I have a group of followers, so I question one (for the totm) "What is a good waking life totm?"
      I get as a response "Drink a glass of water, and savour the texture and feel. What is its temperature?"
      I then see a tower with a plaque saying "80 steps challenge"
      I go up it, but soon I feel the stairs are dodgy, and think it might develop into a nightmare, so I go back down. I see a "Catholic" church, and peek inside. The roof is decorated with geometric shapes, but I quickly go away. I now explore randomly, making nights last seconds, and days last hours...

      I become lucid. I am in a cafeteria, so I steal tons of ice-cream!!!!!
    14. 6 lucids in a night!! - 2017 DJ #30 LD #23,24,25,26,27,28

      by , 02-06-2017 at 11:17 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I am driving a car, and other cars are going the wrong way! I see a purple tube that descends off the floating road to where? I am lucid, but I want to know what is down there. I descend rapidly with tons on adrenaline, and reach a bubble. The bubble is the size of my car, and tansparent. I get out of he car and go in. Suddenly, it drops down and down, until it hits water! I am now in an air bubble floating through a beautiful pale sea.

      I FA and become lucid by seeing 6 fingers, and attempt to wake.

      However, I am still dreaming! I become lucid and fly out the open window. The sky is a cloud covered pink as I float through a serene town. I see a church with a yellow light emanating from inside, and I float through the window. Some poorer people from the village are gathered at a table sharing a humble feast. However, a rich man in a red cloak steps in, and sends them away, and eats it all himself. I leave sadly.

      I wake for real in the middle of the night.

      I fall back asleep. I become lucid and fly around aimlessly a countryside peacefully. I eventually try to fly to my solar system, by getting on a truck and trying to pull myself out of the atmosphere but fail.

      I wake up for real.

      Private family history lucid dream exploration... Sorry, but I can't post it

      I fall back asleep, and the first dream repeats itself.

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    15. How to WILD, by DC (semi-lucid)

      by , 10-16-2016 at 10:44 AM
      Legend: non-lucid lucid lucid false awakening

      I am in an amazing world (still non-lucid) and I am dancing with some girl DC. I am having the time of my life. I suddenly realize this is a dream. I am having such a good time, I am considering whether to stabilize or to let it go and continue non-lucid. I decide to try to stabilize. But, too much time has passed and I continue the dream non-lucid. I am in a room with 3 male DCs. One of them starts explaining to me how to return to the dream. He says I should make, before bed, a short description of some object. I should first set up the shape of the object and then gradually adding details. He gives me an example of a church. I first see the shape of the church, then the texture of the walls, then the color of the walls. It is almost like lizard skin, it is dark grey with a lot of random squares and spikes. The DC says if I do that, I will gradually drop in the dream.

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