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    1. Shot and Killed Annoying Neighbor

      by , 11-25-2017 at 05:39 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: November 25, 2017 – 5:30AM (USA Eastern)

      I am smoking cigarettes with a couple of friends on a second floor balcony. There is an annoying neighbor standing right at the edge of our property line making threats at us because of the "toxic fumes" that are drifting toward his house from our cigarettes. We ignore him and continue smoking before going back inside.

      After several sessions of this harassment at gradually increasing volume levels, we yelled back at him and cussed him out. The neighbor was standing out there with a couple of other people. After we came back into the house and I went downstairs to find that the neighbor had walked up to our house and was trying to open the door. After a couple of tries, the latch gave way and he opened the door. At the instant that he took a step into the house, I pulled my pistol out of its holster and fired a round directly into the center of his head. He immediately began to fall backward, so I ran up and grabbed him by his shirt to pull him inward so that he would fall to the floor inside instead of outside. He fell face-down and appeared to be dead. The other people stood there silently for a moment, then walked away. I yelled at them, "Who's next?"

      (Note: This was a rare time that a dream gun functioned correctly. Usually they make noise but no bullet, or they are all jammed up or something else wrong with them so they won't shoot at all. …and smoking cigarettes, YUCK!)
    2. Hidden

      by , 11-29-2016 at 05:35 PM
      In a big football stadium, there is an irish football match going on and everyone is wearing green even all have exact same green trainers, Only nobody is irish Oo.
      I keep trying on costumes and am more hyper and excited each time I try one on.
      But I am not wanting to go out in the car. In the car she holds man hand and I feel warm and safe, all is fine.
      I'm wearing a long black coat and we stopped to get some booze, and I have a cigarette case with coloured cigarettes in.
      We get to where the party seems to be. It is at camden, its is very cold and dark. we are standing on concrete sections with dark cold water all around.

      Flying above my parents house, I see my mother is in the bathroom, and she is half annoyed half embarrassed that I am flying above the house. The other half of the house is being rebuilt by my dad.

      The is a stone skeleton, it is shiny like marble and enormous. It is being brought into the world and as it enters brings with it a swirling watery scene and swirls into existence like a carpet unrolling, kind of.
      The watery scene is that of Serene's avatar.
    3. Time Travel during a UFO Crash.

      by , 02-07-2015 at 07:23 AM
      It's been awhile. Hello. Just got back into the lucid dreaming world.

      Last night I had a very odd dream. I know there was more before this, but I can only remember up to this point. I was riding with my family in the car. There was a helicopter circling a UFO up the road. We continued to drive right under this. When we did, the UFO crashed, leaving a massive track of mud on the ground and over to the other side of the road. The UFO was no longer visible. When this happened, it turned the world back into the 1990's. I'm 18 years old, and don't remember much from the 90's myself. I was 10 years old in this dream after the crash. I had a massive craving for a cigarette, so I see a guy in some flannel, kinda like a grunge kid. I go up to him and bum an electronic cigarette. Some stuff happens that I can't remember. I end up on a playground in the middle of the woods with a really good friend of mine I met in high school. I didn't know him when I was 10, however. I kept trying to chase after him because I was lonely and knew no one else at the park. I finally catch up with him, and open this Chinese box of cigarettes. I pull out this strange package in the box of cigarettes, which ended up being a home-built electronic cigarette yet again. It was covered with a waxy wrapping paper. I finally opened it and then more stuff that I can't remember happened. We ended up in my friend's house, which was right by the woods with the playground. My friend's house has a fish tank with strange fish in it. His mother came up and was saying unintelligible things. I went into my friend's bedroom and he wasn't there. I walked outside to see him running away. That's when the dream ended. This is the latest in a string of STRANGE dreams. Keep dreaming, dreamers.
    4. 6/26/14 - throat cancer

      by , 06-27-2014 at 06:28 AM (Leaving the matrix)
      Dream Fragment:I'm standing in front of the tv in the living room just staring at the wall behind it, then my mom walks in and starts talking about how she's been talking to my dad, and me and my sister become angry, but then she says he has throat cancer then I become somewhat concerned, but only somewhat. I think to myself it's probably from all those cigarettes he smokes. I tell her to tell him to poor his urine down his throat and then to stop contact because it might be one of his tricks again.
    5. Drunk in church

      by , 09-06-2013 at 12:44 PM

      I've been going to bed pretty late at around 1:30-2:30am recently in the holidays, and awaking at about 11:30am. Last night, I attempted to get my sleep routine back to normal as lay ins make me too lazy during the day! I went to bed at 11:30, only to find that I could not sleep at all! Eventually fell asleep at about 1:15am (earlier than usual so whatever ) and awoke at 11am, to the following dream.

      I was in my local church, where I used to take part in drama groups. However, the hall I was sat in was actually the hall I used to sit in for assembly at secondary school. I was sat with a group of friends in rows of about 10 on standard plastic school chairs. The lighting was dark, however the stage lights brightened it up to the extent where I couldn't really guess what time of day it was. There were mainly kids on stage. Someone I know, Ryan. E appeared on stage. Most people burst into applause as he was our friend, however Kelly. H, his current girlfriend, strangely started booing him as if they had broken up. She was sat next to Tom. R, her real life ex, as if they were going out again. I think I'd had a few alcoholic beverages, and I had a half pint of beer in my hand, and I started booing Ryan along with Kelly, trying to get other people to join in as if it was really funny. The regulars in the church who I used to do the drama class with started getting upset and annoyed with me. I can't remember what they were saying, but they were all suggesting that I had drank too much, especially considering everyone else was completely sober. My friend Lottie, who is a regular, was getting frustrated with me and seemed embarrassed. I didn't feel like I'd done much wrong, but felt myself blushing. I apologized to everyone for "being a dickhead", explaining that I didn't realize what I was doing was offensive in anyway, but was ever so sorry if I caused offense. Jamie, Lottie's brother, stopped the performance, and started it from the start again, as "Calum was acting like a total tit" . I became angry, frustrated and humiliated by their arrogance, and kept imagining how amazing it would be to just leave the building at the end without saying goodbye to anyone, but remaining absolutely silent for the rest of the performance to spite them. I started to feel better and calm down, and began reading the church menu, which i'm pretty sure doesn't exist. It sold alcohol, cigarettes, and other taxed goods. The cigarettes were tax-free, and it only cost £2 for a pack of twenty! I wanted to tell Tom, who despite being in front of me earlier was now sat to the right of me.
    6. Why dream about cigarettes inside the fake steak?

      by , 06-27-2013 at 12:27 PM
      Morning of June 27, 2013. Thursday.

      In my dream, I was shopping for food, a not uncommon recurring scene, probably because I do a lot of food shopping for my family in real life. There is almost always something unusual about the food or about my money (such as being printed on only one side though realistic otherwise, or being Monopoly game money, or foreign).

      I had selected some supposedly good meat at a store that had opened just recently (or reopened after a long closure - as a few have since the floods here in real life). The cut is unusual, like a very thick and more rounded steak and I have two of them. The manager is there and he is making a claim about how good their food is. There are also two other pieces of meat, perhaps chicken, or a different, smaller cut of beef or pork - and I remember that I had some other items, including cheese or something processed and in a small cardboard container. I soon understand that I had forgotten to wrap the meat pieces up myself prior to purchase as the manager makes a note of it, similar to how a shopper bags his own fruits and vegetables in many cases.

      The meat itself looks very strange (although the bone and outside area is seemingly normal), like a sort of transparent and soft pink jelly, although it actually seems more like watermelon, but is still “seen” as “meat”. I can see a total of four cigarettes inside farther down, two in each cut of “steak”. There is this strange idea that they somehow got into the food when it was being processed or “made” (although the idea is pointless, as the meat would be otherwise solid in real life - unless it is a “fake steak” made of various bits of meat). Although these cigarettes are new and unsmoked and encased in the jelly-like meat, I still get the sickly impression of dirty cigarette butts, ashes, and dirty water and chemicals (and people of ill health having touched my supposedly “fresh” food) and a growing disgust at having almost bought this awful “second-hand” or “used” food.

      Another shopper, a female of about thirty, is looking at the meat in awe, seemingly being surprised by such a thing being in a store and for sale. As we look down, one of the cigarettes encased inside the pink “meat jelly” somehow lights itself rather brightly and dramatically (with no oxygen yet, although reminding me somewhat of a sparkler, as sparks seem to fly out from the cigarette as well, even when inside the “meat jelly”) and parts of the steak explode from the side, but no one is hurt. Another one does that as well. For some reason, as the cigarettes light themselves and explode and mostly burn up, the more sickening feeling I had lessens just a little, but I still make a mental note not to shop here again and leave everything else here as well without buying anything.

      I have not been near a smoker (other than occasionally in public settings around people I do not know) in over twenty years. Neither of my parents nor friends smoked as I was growing up. Also, I rarely eat steak on its own, as I have always found it (even as a child) akin to trying to chew on a shoe. I do eat beef and all meat in other forms, but not nearly as much as other people. Perhaps this is some sort of play on “smoked” meat for whatever reason or more likely, implying that eating a lot of red meat is as unhealthy as smoking.

      I have included the “dream journal synchronicity” tag because of this entry which appeared right after mine but with a date just prior to mine: WATERMELON
    7. The Storm

      by , 11-12-2012 at 04:57 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      There is a storm coming. Flooding is being considered a very realistic danger. I am preparing my home for the impact. It is a very cloudy, gray day outside. i am trying to lure all of the (stray?) dogs into my home. There is a man in uniform here momentarily. He is helping me, prepare of maybe just nudging me to hurry the preparations before the storm sets in good. I think he is a fireman. As he is leaving I go through the double garage doors to the stairs that lead to my home. I turn back and request that he shut the garage doors on his way out.

      "There is a button near the top of the door inside. You can push it and still make it through the door in time."

      I am starting to panic and become paranoid now. I'm worried that he won't close the door properly and wondering if I'll have enough time to do it myself.

      Inside and out we prepare. Mom is here as well as Suzette. At least two times I notice a cigarette on the floor and consider smoking it. A single one. We stand at the side of the house where a chorus of electronic, chords and outlets are strewn about, plugged into the house. We are discussing weather or not to take them in the house. Which seems silly to me.

      Every time I go into my house or some aspect of my house, I am put through this complicated entry process involving a computer with code, password, algorithm etc. I get confused every time I try and remember the entry yet I know that I know it. The entry is like an elevator with a lot of yellow, metal and glass.
      I am going down a familiar hallway in a familiar place.
      Very cave like with stone.
      Like the inside of a castle on Mario Land.
      I go to take an elevator contraption to another area but jump on after it starts back down.
      Now I am on the top of the elevator/lift contraption.
      I remember thinking that it's okay if I die because I have an infinite number of lives here.
      And as I descend with the lift, I begin to wonder if it will hurt.
      Just as I'm starting to worry, we take a sharp stop then turn.
      The lift is now traveling horizontally.
      The walls of the shoot are like mining tunnels.
      All packed dirt, stone and wooden beam.
      I see that up ahead I'm going to run into something that will surely mangle and kill me.

      "But it's okay," I think to myself, "because I have more lives. But will it hurt?"

      I begin to feel the pressure of this vague obstacle coming down upon me, squeezing the life from me. No pain.
    8. Clusterf*&k Pt. II

      by , 10-12-2012 at 11:14 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      Suzette tries to snatch up my bag for me. Christa M. is there. She is laughing. We realize that it is out of reach. Lakeside. Riverside. It is on a counter in the bathroom of the hotel room. I though Brian was sleeping so I have a cigarette. H says to me calmly, “I though you quit smoking?” I proceed to explain that I have but make a list of reasons to justify my slips. All I want is a soda back at Suzette's house. All I can find is beer. Maya and I leave Laura and Brian at the house, while we go either to the garage or a small store. On the “familiar departure” I remember being lucid enough to realize it's familiarity and also talk myself into opening my eyes for the fast decent downward which otherwise I am too afraid to experience. I feel my stomach jump. I think that it's only a dream. Laura C. and I decide to take a set at a tall round table with stools. Mildly aware that there are at least two people with us. One, a boy, really wants to sit by me. At an intersection we find Laura M. broken down/stuck in her white Jeep and one one seems to be helping her. I also hesitate.
    9. Nineteen Sanguin Wy. Pt. II

      by , 10-12-2012 at 10:44 AM (Voyages of a Skywalker)
      I grab the fries from the sill. Outside was Denny in an old junker car. There were two to three teenage girls with him in the car. He scolded me for taking food that was not mine. The girls offer me a cigarette and they were also smoking weed and Denny did not seem to mind.

      I may have been in the house of the “sanguine” but I am not aware of them, or afraid of them for that matter. There are three older girls and one young black girl with chubby cheeks, a pot belly and an oversized living room chair. She was talking to me about her self confidence and that she wasn't afraid to be fonfident when she talked to me. She seems more like she is chanting some sort of self-affirmation or chant, trying to convince herself. As she was speaking, her hands were holding up her torso and neck via the armrests. She was rotating her body counterclockwise almost every two seconds.

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    10. Music Technology

      by , 10-09-2012 at 08:59 AM
      I had commented on my Music Technology teacher's band video on youtube. I had some sort of vision, instead of watching the video the dream was the video, and I saw someone drumming nicely. The video was dark red. I commented saying "FUCKING INCREDIBLE", and my Music Technology teacher Rob 'liked' my comment! Then I read it and saw it say Jaspers Revival and realized that was his band! I think he then sent me a message telling me he'd have to block me due to teacher relationships with students, which I expected.

      Suddenly, I was actually in Music Tech at college. The classroom was very similar to my actual class, but something wasn't right. It was lighter than usual, and I was sat at a computer where Rob's computer normally is. Rob was showing me sample kit downloads you can get on Newgrounds. The website that Newgrounds linked to was white with blue links. I zoned out a bit, but realized I had already downloaded these sample packs at home and told him this. He realized and stopped talking. In the top right hand corner of the Newgrounds page where it has the username, I think his username was "WorldDestroyer" xD But then I checked back at it, and it was just a string of numbers and letters

      Now I needed a cigarette, and it was some sort of strange day like an open day or the air brick days we used to have in secondary school. Rob wasn't in the class currently, so I thought it'd be safe to walk over to the pen and have a fag. I think I saw Ryan, Will, Tom and Charlotte briefly who persuaded me to come for the fag. I don't know why I didn't follow them, as I turned right somewhere and walked down a very dark, spooky corridor. There were 2 steps going slightly downhill, and as I approached them I saw Rob walking up them, which was awkward. I reminded Rob that we had a 10 minute break (don't think we did) and asked if I could go for a cigarette. He said no! Annoyed but thinking of going for one anyway, I continued walking in the same direction, and ended up in a weird little assembly hall. The tables were green in the shape of frogs, and the room was big and dark. I remember thinking that this is the assembly hall that I don't personally use. However in reality I don't use any assembly hall
    11. fake cigarettes

      by , 09-07-2012 at 02:20 AM
      so it started with me in one of my friends houses, and my old friend's (dreamsign) mom was there. she offered me a packet of cigarettes, and i accepted. the cigs looked like camel's, and i could tell the pack was half empty because it was squished a little. i thanked her and offered a hug right as she sat down (awkward) but she stood up again and gave me one.
      im at my mothers house, with my brother as his friends pull up. there loudley blasting music, and i get pissed sayting something like "wtf man my mom is trying to sleep" hes a comeplete douchebag beacuse his response is " look at this faggot, hes scared his mom will wake up!" i remember being very pissed off, and thinking 'goddam i need a cigarette' i reached into my pocket and open my pack, but to my surprise, there were none!! instead were rolled up pieces of cardboard, almost like fake cigarettes. i was very confused at this point, when
      im inside, and my mom is cooking me breakfast. i have eggs on toast, and eggs on eggs. i was eating when my mom said "you know what, sam? i feel like you belong with your friend timmy tripping on mushrooms" at this point i see an asian man upstairs doing the laundry, who is supposedly renting a room.
    12. [The Underground Club (A Subtle Death)]

      by , 09-02-2012 at 02:11 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Friday, August 31st, 2012]
      I'm now a member of an underground club (that I can't help but relate to WoW guilds) that meets online sometimes... but this is just a ruse/disguise. The real club is located just outside of town, off the out-of-town highway. I go in the first time and I'm pretty awkward. I ask for a cigarette and someone gives me a halfie. I have trouble lighting it but do it a strange way... it impresses someone. (By the way, we are inside a strange warehouse-hideout with ramps and rails like an indoor skatepark. There is a control room elevated on a platform in the center of the warehouse.) Suddenly it's time to go, so we all slowly make for the exit. I notice a blonde hair girl walking way ahead of me and say something to one of the members beside me. The dream fades.


      Now I'm at school. I'm broke and lost, and I'm trying to find my way through a hallway filled with countless kids I know. I come to a fork and follow Jessie Brumley to the right. It leads outside with a sign that has 4 numbers, some of them double digit. These must be room/class numbers. I realize this is the wrong way because of how few classes are that way. I return to the left to find Malakie, she's standing by a set-up table and making sure that kids get food tickets for lunch. Apparently, it is lunch time right now. I approach and am next, but 3-4 girls cut me off by making a line and take my place. I make it obvious I'm annoyed but get back in line. This time when I get to Malakie, she hands me a $5 bill and then a $20 bill. I'm surprised, but thrilled. She notices my confused face, "You have no money! Take it." she insists. I'm grateful, "Thank you." I say politely. I walk out the door behind her.


      [Dream memory first starts to become clear here]
      I'm with my Dad, and he's unhappy about something. We make our way through the same dirt road from the same out-of-town highway. We walk in silence and he slowly morphs into the leader of the Underground Club. We reach our hideout and he takes me to the center room and (memory is kind of foggy here again) he talks to me for awhile. Very slowly and calmly, he turns into a ghost. He's dying right in front of me. When he's dead, he makes me leader for some reason. I only understand that he's dead and he gives no apparent sign of being dead, other than now being very quiet. He doesn't vanish or fall over... I ask him, "Can you at least walk with me?" I'm referring to outside. He stares at me and nods...

      Once we're outside, we meet an RM member outside who is unaware of the ex-leader's condition. He must be early to a meeting. I take a closer look at him and he has a Renji/Excelzior feel to him, as if he's important and experienced within the Club. The ex-leader speaks to him, "I'm done and gone. I'm out of here." Renji casually nods, "Okay." and waves us off. I start to walk a little prouder. I am the new leader after all.

      My memory skips a bit. We're still just outside, but now I'm in front of a fenced off area. To the left beyond the fence is a hole in the earth. It's enourmous. There's one on the right too. Suddenly, I'm with the club, or at least with some of them. I'm extremely different, I have my personality back: I'm Moki, and I talk cute, but with an aire of confidence and knowledge, and a hint of mischief. (Like the Cheshire Cat, or ___ from Tiger/Dragon) In front of eveeryone, I'm so happy I could fly. So I do. I flap my arms and hover face-foward to the ground for a moment before slowly/surely lifting up higher. Except for one Galkan-looking man, the rest of the club is sitting on a platform next to the fence. I try to fly up but the big Galka man snatches me out of the air and sets me up on the platform with the rest of the members before I can make it myself. I wake up.

      + [I record the first half of this on paper, then fall asleep again after failing to WILD.]

      Now I'm back on the dirt road, but this time with Alex, Nathan, Casey, and two other RM's, and it's dusk. I'm going to show them the hideout and the holes. We make our way down the road which seems to take longer than usual. It's different. We finally make it to where the club house is and there's only a... shack. It's not here now. I turn to the holes behind the fences, and instead of finding what I remember, I see a cemetary. We approach the cemetary anyways; I'm not giving up yet. The others stoop down to read the stones while I enter and walk through the gate. Once inside, we don't find what we were looking for... but a normal looking man walks in front of me and says something ironic. (I wish I could remember.)

      (I can't believe I didn't become lucid in the last dream. I had JUST recorded this dream in my journal... )
    13. It's a lovely sunny day <3

      by , 06-13-2012 at 08:50 PM
      So last night I went to be quite late for a college night (11:30ish) and woke up at 7:15ish, and whenever I do this I seem to have pretty crappy recall

      On the plus side, it's been a lovely summers day today here in England! I've been sticking to my one fag a day, which is proving much nicer. I hated being addicted to smoking! I'm aware many people probably would say that if I'm having 1 fag a day then what is the point in not fully giving up, but I disagree personally! To me it's like a coffee :-)

      I started my second year of college today, which was pretty good! I have a new, amazing philosophy teacher who has proved very helpful already, and I'm doing an extended project qualification on Buddhism which will be fun too!

      Last night, my friend showed me a wonderful video on spirits and chakra, and it's changed my life. Generally, I'm a very happy guy at the moment - it feels strange being this happy after so long of being down!

      Tonight, I'm going to set my alarm for 5 hours after I go to bed, as that's proved pretty successful for consistent lucids recently!

      Much love to you all, stay happy and love everything!

      Calum xx
    14. Party!

      by , 06-08-2012 at 08:16 AM
      Dreaming was quite odd for me last night. I dreamed quite a lot and the dreams were vivid, but for some reason when I woke up from them, I couldn't be bothered to write them down which is frustrating! Oh well
      I still remember some bits though luckily

      I was at a house party somewhere in a town. It wasn't really far away, but it was still a good 30 or so miles - one of these parties that you're invited to but don't really know anyone going. I remember thinking the area looked like Winchester. Me and some friends who I don't remember were walking along a long downhill road, looking for a turning to find the persons house. When my friend gave the instructions the area suddenly seemed like the town I live in, near a church by Pizza Hut and Tesco. The turning they gave to me was the same turning to get into a garden park in real life. It was a cloudy, dull day but I think it was pretty warm. We turned left down the path, which was more like a driveway with pillars and walls on either side of it. The driveway was bumpy with stones as opposed to concrete, as the real life one is. We were told to keep walking until we reached a brick wall, where you could turn right then immediately another left to get to a certain shop. I can't remember what shop this was, but it was some sort of male clothing shop, like Burton, Topman, Republic, Brother2Brother or something.

      When we reached this shop (which was black), I don't really remember a section of the dream. Suddenly, I was at a party. I was definitely shown the start of the party in the dream, but because I didn't write it down I don't remember it. It was a massive, massive party, in a huge mansion of some rich girl. I was trying hard to not drink too much alcohol, because I always do that and end up not being able to get with any girls, which is generally my primary goal Also, I was one of the only boys there. I think the hostess must have been at a single-sex college, as there was a huge amount of posh girls there and very few boys, the only boys being posh too. I felt like I was at an advantage with the girls as I have dreadlocks and although I dressed up smart-casual, I probably came across as very unique in the environment.

      One of the parts of the party that I remember was lying in a large four-poster bed. I was on the bed with a very posh, dark haired and incredibly petite girl. Looking back on it, it would seem that she was only 14 or so which is pretty weird as I'm 17, but I think she just looked young. I was trying to get with her, as we were both lying parallel closely on the bed. However I just couldn't do it, she was being very difficult and proved that some of the girls were put off by my lower class.

      Another moment I remember was being in some sort of dining room, and seeing a petite girl with huge breasts in very revealing black lingerie. She had her boobs hanging out from the top of her bra for a joke, and everyone was complimenting her on her sexiness and confidence. I saw this happening and thought the party was pretty damn crazy.

      I don't remember much else of what happened at the party. The next thing I really remember is going to Sainsbury's by myself to get some food or something. I don't remember the journey there, just suddenly being there. It must have been quite late as this definitely occurred after the events I saw at the party, yet despite being indoors it still felt sunny outside. I don't remember buying anything - just walking out from one of the aisles towards the cashier, with a cigarette in my hand. I was heading towards the exit via the cashiers, and I bumped into my friend Latham's parents. Mick, his Dad, smokes and I didn't recognize him at the start, but he saw me with my dreads, holding a cigarette, and when I realized who it was I panicked and ignored him, walking away quickly. I lit the fag at some point when I was out, and saw them again, again embarrassed.

      I then suddenly appeared at the same position I was in when I was first travelling to the house, by Tesco and Pizza Hut. I'd forgotten how to get to the house, but by retracing my steps I managed to find my way back to the clothes shop. I was now suddenly in the garden of the house. I'm pretty sure on my walk from Sainsbury's to here it had been sunset again like it was at the start, but it was suddenly dark again I'm not too sure if I got the order of the events correct as they don't make much sense. In the garden, I was trying to roll a cigarette. Some strange things happened now. The first was that I was trying to put the tobacco into my rizzla, but the tobacco was just a fine white powder, and quite a lot of it too. There was probably only about 7 rollies left but I was very confused. Without really thinking about it, I put it in my rizzla anyway. I noticed my best mate Ryan. B being there, and I asked him what the white stuff was. He told me it was something to do with white starch or something being filtered out when you roll a cigarette. Whatever he said made little sense as it'd never happened before! It was now that I realized I was putting the tobacco into a king skin sized rizzla! This confused me, and I then realized that it wasn't a king skin. It was about 8 skins stuck together vertically, making it look huge!! I tried to yank them out, and a massive rectangle containing about 15 rizzlas vertically and about 50 horizontally was pulled out of my pack! I was so confused, and blamed my clumsiness on me being too drunk, when I don't even think I was. I approached a guy who I had never met before and asked him if he could roll for me as I was too drunk, outstretching the massive collage of rizzlas in his face as I did so. Not sure if he did or not, I can't remember the rest of this bit. The garden was quite big but not as big as you'd think with such a massive house. It had a bench which we were all sat on at the start.

      I was now in a hallway with a guy that I think I met sometime during the party. We did some sort of stupid, drunken thing like set off a fire alarm, as sprinklers were activated and the whole party was evacuated into an assembly hall We sat near the back, and the rest of the party spread out throughout the whole hall. There must have been a good 400 people there!!! The person speaking in the assembly must have suggested that someone had to own up, as me and the other victim giggled knowingly.

      {I don't understand how I didn't have a Lucid Dream last night ,as the cigarette scene was just so weird and I knew that it was weird, so I really should have done reality checks. I'm thinking of changing my reality checks during the day to doing so when something strange happens. I woke up in the middle of this dream, and had also been dreaming about a girl called Anya Holloway who is a model in my town. I got distracted and then went back to bed, and immediately continued the dream! Woohoo!}
    15. Inshelltion

      by , 02-10-2012 at 10:35 PM

      I'm trying to find somewhere. For some reason I go to the house of a kid I hate to get directions off the back of a shirt. I have to be quiet as not to give myself away. The place I'm trying to go is a long drive completely on interstates then a short walk. I drive this distance and somehow end up like inside the walls of the interstate. I meet a girl and we go inside her mind inception style. We are now searching for a place inside her mind. She has to attempt to forget everything about society and civilization for us to find it. We float around in search of this place but we keep ending up back on the top of the interstate sides, and the girl gives me a pack of cigarettes. Eventually we take a break on the side of a cliff, overlooking a city on the edge of the lake. To our left are two huge machines incinerating houses and knocking them down. To our right is the lake. Everything becomes super trippy. The lake changes colors and the grass becomes super bright. the houses all flash iridescently. I see a turtle on the cliff and it flys lazily around with brilliant purple tracers and green and purple moving around its shell (like visuals on lsd). I take my pack of cigarettes out but whats left have all been broken in half. I look around and find another one full and lit sitting next to me.. Me and this girl discuss the scene. I ask her why the machines are necessary, but she can't seem to answer me. My alarm goes off and I wake up.

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