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    1. 1/23/15 Petite Jennifer Aniston "Encounter"

      by , 01-23-2015 at 09:05 PM
      Another quick recap...gotta keep up with my DJ with Sensei's competition starting tomorrow night (for my time zone). I can move whole cars to get around traffic jam (like imaginings IWL)! Aha. then fly around cityscape! Void or DEILD without sense of body IWL...felt different from normal void and a little uncomfortable making me wonder if slight sense of REM atonia but not return to bed feeling present normal dream exits. Scene reforms at a parking garage try to fly, odd back to ground to slither. Awnry old ladies...prank them a bit. Homeless guy-think of past LD punches on DC's but no interest. Float around fun. Find a petite 20's Jennifer Aniston longer hair in a nice silky short dress. Undress multiple sexy layers. Touch. Super petite...wow. Sex.

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    2. Talking and playing backgammon with a mate (In W.L. concerned about him)

      by , 06-01-2012 at 08:03 PM
      {Curly brace & blue} .... Relevent waking life details before entry, if appropriate

      Black .... Dream body/narative text

      (Standard braces & dark green, bold) .... Dream notes, lucidity, time. method etc

      ************************************************** ***********************************

      {This one is from last night.... (31 may 2012)
      Waking life I've had some worries over a close friend for quite a while...
      We normally share quite a lot, but I can tell there is something going on, that he's not sharing at the moment
      I'd like him to open up on what ever is going on, because I'm worried about him}


      Iím walking around a large glass topped 'observation deck' on top of a tall tower.
      It has a glass floor as well, so I can see the city down below.
      There are tables and chairs in the observation deck,

      Theres a set of ornate (presumably lift) doors in a solid bit in the middle of the observation deck.. (the tower)
      ... My mate walks through the doors, and comes towards me purposefully..
      ... We give each other a big embracing hug
      (I woudn't do that in waking life, even for a close friend...)
      ... He tells me "everything's going to be alright, and he needs to sort a few things out by himself"
      ... We go and take a seat at one of the tables, which I didn't notice before had a felt lined backgammon board in the table top
      ... We start playing backgammon (Don't know how to play waking life.. so must have made up the rules in my dream)
      ... While playing, we talk for a while about random/meaningless and irelevent/mundane stuff
      ..... Part way through the 'random' conversation he tells me how spending time together with a mate is what he needs right now
      ... We carry on chatting any playing
    3. First lucid FLYING experience!! (morning of 4-26-11)

      by , 06-23-2011 at 10:19 AM
      (Took me a while to post this... This dream was probably a direct result of something I do IWL on occasion: Late at night, I go outside to my car when I leave something in it. I take a moment to stand there, taking in the cool breeze in my pajamas, and imagine myself in a lucid dream, taking off from the dark street and flying…)

      I find myself outside at night, near the back wall of an unknown building, on a lawn with mostly smallish trees scattered around. It's very dark, and I'm very isolated. I realize I'm just a little cold, which leads me to notice I'm wearing only pajama pants and a t-shirt, outside in the slightly breezy dark night. Then I jump up slightly above the grass and begin to spin around & around in the air, for no apparent reason. I think something along the lines of, "It probably isn't safe to be out here in the dark by myself - what if I get attacked or something?" I'm nervous now, but not in a panic. It's around this point I realize I'm dreaming (duh!).

      One of my first thoughts is remembering my intention to stop and give serious thought to what it means to be lucid in a dream, and not take the experience for granted. But I end up turning my attention to the subject of flying, since I find myself lucid in a dream that features it. This is one of my primary lucid goals! So I float forward, away from the building I was just behind, and I find myself coming into the large parking lot that surrounds my work (looks pretty much like it does IWL, but more/larger trees). It’s still night, so the parking lot lights are glowing brightly.

      IWL I’ve often imagined taking off from the parking lot & flying over the adjacent strip of shops in the plaza… so that’s what I do in this dream! I easily recall the way I’ve flown in many dreams throughout my life (basically I fly in a standing position, levitating my body by maintaining a consistent mental “force” - it always takes me a couple tries to pinpoint the right amount of concentration, but once I have it I’m generally good). With some effort, I rise above the parking lot, and then I clear the shopping center!!

      I’M FLYING IN A LUCID DREAM!!! After passing over the shopping center I continue over the nighttime cityscape below (cities at night are so beautiful). What I’m seeing actually looks a lot nicer than my real city, but that just adds to the novelty of the dream. Then I fly over 2 tall structures with wide, round platform-like things at the top; they roughly resemble the Seattle Space Needle.

      Then comes the best part: Suddenly I’m flying between the skyscrapers of New York City (an ideal vacation destination of mine, and setting of the various free-roam Spider-Man video games I enjoy)! I end up flying along the outer buildings on my right, with the black harbor far below me out to my left. The buildings are appearing in my line of sight just like they do in the games.

      Suddenly I see flashes of light from a tiny island out in the distance, I guess where Ellis Island would be. It looks like fireworks, very noticeable against the dark water. I debate whether to keep flying between the skyscrapers, or to look into this unplanned spectacle. I’d love to keep flying in NYC, but I decide it would be best to investigate what my dream is surprising me with. So I fly over the dark harbor, off toward the island. As I get closer and fly lower, I realize I’m going to fall short of the rooftops on the island, so I instinctively do a web-zip (from the aforementioned Spidey games - a horizontally shot webline used to yank yourself closer to a rooftop if you’re about to miss it), except I find myself grabbing a rope instead of a web. I seem to have difficulty landing properly.

      Finally I touch down on the rooftops of the island - various rooftops of slightly different heights packed so closely together that it’s like one big building. Not very high above the ground either, although all I see is the rooftop area. I’m surprised to see that the light display is no longer fireworks, but GIANT pink dice, glowing with almost neon brightness. Even the dots are lit up, in white I believe. Suddenly I feel my left hand half asleep, knowing I probably rolled over on it in bed, and I manage to ignore it. But then I think about opening my real eyes, or blinking,
      and I flicker myself right out of the dream by actually blinking.

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    4. Nighthog's Journal: 19th October: All Night Doom scenarios!

      by , 10-19-2010 at 07:58 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      The interview: Nibiru and similar

      I'm not part of the dream but more like watching a radio/video interview.

      The topic as about this woman who had made all kind of doomsday predictions concerning Nibiru and other things like that About a rogue planetoid swinging into the solar system and then crashing into or skimming planet Earth. Meaning the destruction of humankind.

      But this is all about how does the woman respond and feel about that this has all been proven to be false. The scientific community set out to check through all possibilities and settings and came to the conclusion by observations around the solar system and etc various research that her predictions can't possibly come true in her time frame or at all. Chances were as close to zero as possible.

      I see the interviewer asking and stating these facts and see the woman respond kinda in no way like she was wrong or anything. The interviewer is a younger man in a suit and in some kind of studio you might see on tv shows to this kind of topic. The woman is middle aged and has long red-brownish hair straight or in ponytail.

      They drift into discussing the various material the woman had produced to show how the setting could possible go. These included real well done 3D graphic videos of the solar system showing the entry and clash and then the planet exiting the solar system once for all. I gathered it had had a long and elliptic orbit for a long time as it had been caught like a comet. But with this supposed crash or close miss that it seemed to end with in the last video where is skimmed earth in the south pole with the atmosphere it had a wobbly orbit until it exited the solar system for the last time.
      I also saw before in initial talk up to the studio scene various images of her working room or desk and such. They were littered with self portraits and doodles and drawings of her in various poses and fashions looking intelligent or proud and whatnot, many were childish and there was also her initial work which was really rudimentary.
      But then the super real 3d animations came as a shock.
      The videos were so realistic they had caused quite a stir and I saw real shock emotion from the interviewer as the planets skimmed.

      The object was quite smaller than Mars by not too much but the speed and density made it had the equal energy with it as the total mass of Mars I heard mentioned at one point.

      The invasions

      A dream about a invasion occurring by a opposing faction. We are humans but it's so much further into the future as we have several planets. But not too many though. We had like this planet and the opposing faction had this another. I got a feel there was others as well but they had been invaded by the other faction and was under their control. But we were mainly concentrated on these two opposing ones. If I would take our solar system as a example. We/I am on Earth and the others are on Mars.
      Either way it's cityscape and industrial and dark. Superstructures littered here and there. I basically see no greenery at all but buildings and industries. All dark themed. Many older buildings left to stand, unused as well.
      They were fascistic and dictatorship-tic in their ways. I later saw their officer uniforms. LOL, Would look like Nazi's but they had black and red colours in latex. The black really reflected light. The cap/hat was just like a replica but more stylish fashioned and still with the same black and red design.

      I'm standing down at a street. I've just arrived with a transport. We are a small unit joining others in this area among dark and tall buildings. We are to defend this area. I'm kind of infantry and am left to my own devices like many others just getting dropped off without any kind of instructions but to wait and see if the enemy comes down.
      I see a commander ordering some people to some tanks or artillery or other turrets. There is a large platoon of tanks of different kinds in the area and they quickly go to dispatch to drive off just as I'm looking around just exited the transport.
      Some guys hurry to catch a few. Some were supposed to be crew of those.
      The area becomes quite desolate and I'm standing about with a few idle soldiers. I listen as they talk and gossip about the war and situation. I learn about the battle in the skies up above. They not long ago engaged the invading forces up there. They are worried as they heard they had far much more advanced ships and weapons including larger masses.
      They say how the war had popped out from nowhere as some power changes happened at the opposing factions planet. It seemed they had planned for war a long time ahead on how overwhelming their assaults had been.

      We hear a communication as some people start to panic and soon a person yells that the space defences has been utterly defeated and the enemy has breached the lines and are incoming.
      Not a moment later we hear rumble and other noises coming down from the skies. There is a blanket of clouds high up and it blocks the view from seeing to far upwards. But soon gigantic ships breach the clouds and move about and gigantic transport ships go to hover to drop of gigantic war machines off different kinds. They are four legged, two legged. and other things. They all are gigantic and cowered in all kinds of weapon ports on the legs and arms etc. They utterly blast and shower destruction as they engage and power up. Some gun ships stuck around as the machines deployed to the ground and destroy tanks and other defences about the streets.
      I see there is no chance at all and all the tanks and units on the ground are being massacred in seconds all over the city. I see a new transport move in just above us to drop on the spot we were dropped of at.
      We evacuate quickly and run small corridors and side streets and buildings. We need to stay out of sight and keep moving. The uncountable turrets on the giants all scan and attack automatically. I see a large part of the troops which were with me soon be piles of blood like small balls of plasma or something is shot at them in great showers.
      I barely manage to run through the weapon scans and lasers and plasmas.
      I run and run and see more destruction all over. They are attacking anything moving or living.

      There were still civilians here and there checking out us defence troops getting deployed unto the streets. I see a large group of them be caught by a unit moving through and they were all gone massacred by a enemy giant robot, they were trying to run away but had no chance.
      I manage to run and hide and then finally reach a spot of relative calm were there are still defence units about. Some tanks are setting up in positions not to be easily spotted by the air units flying about. I had a moment earlier just passed through a area with lots of unoccupied tanks and other such things.
      I thought why are these unused. I realized soon that they hadn't had time to move troops to use them yet. But I also realized much of it was useless anyway. As some soldiers were commanded by another leader to board them they refused saying it was a death trap. They had seen how other tanks had been mangled to pieces with ease in seconds. Being on your feet was the best way to stay alive.

      I remember the mobile missile launchers standing about a further distance. The commander was not even aware they were there and I hurriedly took a jeep like transport. They tried to stop me but I said I was only borrowing it for a couple minutes and I'll be back. They agreed to let me drive off. I'm going to get the two missile launchers placed on this carriage.
      I quickly backed up and looked at the hook and such. I was worried was the Jeep powerful enough to drag all that weight but I spotted the clamp was compatible and tried it out. It worked. The jeep could drive of slowly.
      Two large missiles in tow I arrived back at the command area of sorts.
      We get signals that the other defences have all been destroyed. We are all there is left. The enemy is already moving in to take this area now.
      The commander and others seemed really surprised but happy about my bringing. They are just what was needed to better the support of the defence.
      But is it to late? I already see some airships flying past just missing our gathering. These airships were more like starships and gigantic. Large than many of the many buildings in the area. Normal was about 10 stories about this spot.
      I realize having the missiles on the street is no good and I see where can I hide them out of plain view.
      I see a elevator up unto a buildings roof. I in a bit "non possible" way use and lift them unto the roof and see them blend in well with the structure. It was just in time as a robot now moved through the street down below where I just was. They were trying to defend but it just moved through unhindered. I saw the things back reach above the building roof line but there was no sensor or such to look were I was. I was safe for the moment and I heard a large gathering of troops on foot hade made it out of the way into a side street and running away trying to reorganize further away.

      I jumped up and went through the missile control systems and was pressing some buttons and was arming and preparing for launch. The first one was quick and started to rise the missile up. The other I saw was different. It had a network control for organizing a large scale area defence. I pressed around and then tried to find the remote control device. It was something that looked like those old and clunky mobile phones of old.
      I saw the safe was removed and the device was armed and was waiting for launch command and as such I ran away as a smaller aircraft buzzed above. I jumped back unto the streets below and made into the way were others had run away to.
      I catched up with them and we were just about to discuss our next move as the giant robots and airships were moving into out spot. They fired and killed a few but not all. They spotted the commander we had and I saw they were ordered to take us prisoners. A smaller craft came and landed and out came troops and then another landed and there came out this High ranking commander. But.. wait that was the leader of the opposing faction in person!
      He had that nazi like black and red latex officers suit.
      He ordered for some to be taken and interrogated. I was still kinda on the side of many others and saw a opportunity to try and escape I slowly made my way to a side street. But they spotted me and moved about to capture me. I then quickly punched in the code and numbers into the remote control. It really was a phone though.
      The Commander comes to inspect what am I hiding and being such sneaky for. They spot and he sees the control and has men come and grab me as he takes the remote away from me.

      "Why were you trying to escape?"
      "What's this?" as he looks at my remote control device. It's actually a robust kind of phone that can also send those launch kinda signals but you need the proper keys and codes including the 'number' which I had punched in last and was just about to call.
      "Who were you trying to communicate with?" he asks me next.
      I don't say anything and act stubborn.
      He sees the number is pushed in and...
      "well I'll just check myself" he goes to make the call thinking it'll call someone in command or such to report in the situation.
      I hear the call ring and then connect. The call is recieved... I hear tones and scratches like from a old modem dial up. He listens wondering what it is. It's the codes and whatnot being processed and accepted.. He puts it away from his ears and the sounds stop for a second and then a blib... code accepted... LAUNCH!!! a digital type voice says LAUNCH!!! again. I hear roaring going off all around us from wherever these mobile launchers have been placed or been abandoned.
      He has the strangest look in his face as he looks at the phone and me. I'm grinning about madly and I hear soldiers of us laughing loudly in hysteria, the enemy is confused. I look in the distance where I placed the two missiles on the roof. I see the first one fly up and then down into a giant robot just passing by. It tumbles down. I see missiles in different areas flying of hitting targets all about wreaking havoc on the enemy machines who though the battle was over.
      The secondary other kind of missiles fly up into the air straight not going for targets but then going of in the air and you see all lights just shut down and vanish all about the city. I see how aircraft and robots stop on the spot and tumbling down. The city quickly is becoming pitch black as it's night. I hear how the enemy is loosing communications all over the city. They are isolated with us. No missile goes of on the spot we are in and lights stay on this spot but most of the city in the distance is black and you see no movement there either.
      I hear some say it's the electromagnetic -----something---- bombs. Nothing electronic is safe when these detonate. It's the last double edged sword to use. It looks like they didn't expect us to use these at all. They were considered too dangerous as they wreck anything electro technological as the whole society was based on.

      We seize the opportunity of confusion and wrestle with the few troops about as many of the giants were silent now surrounding us. There was still one left but a distance away. It quickly was now moving our way as some guy communicated in a hurry with the last few machines.
      We make a run for it before the last giant comes and I'm going off and then finding my way to the abandoned parts of town. I make my way with a couple others here and we wander inside a building. It's half collapsed but there is a hidden entrance I know of. I open a what looks like a locked and blocked door.
      I'm making my way to the hidden society. I have others wait for me as I go further in and then enter the sealed or quarantined parts of town. The mutants. Dangerous and hostile to any normal person. A considered bane of the cities where they are located.

      I walk my way through rouble and ruins and then enter into some paths underground and what looks like old tunnels. I see the infestation of the organic material all about. I sense they are hiding. I make way to a spot and then call them out as I know they are there.
      I'm surrounded on all sides by the creatures emerging from the shadows.
      "What do we have here?" they say.
      "A all pretty human come here to be flayed alive?"
      "A free gift maybe?" another says.
      "a sacrifice" some whisper.
      I ignore it. I've been here before and I know they know me. And they are just making 'jokes' but they would not be jokes to any one else but the truth. They eat and kill any outsiders to come into their territories.
      But killing me is not in their interests and should be far from it.
      I said they better start defending and start thinking about what they will do with the invaders. They will not let them be and exterminate them of the face of the planet.
      I said some things until I hear and then notice what seems to be reinforcements arriving from the skies. Countless ships are descending all over and moving in to observe the situation.
      Many think it's reinforcements but I realize I don't recognise the ships.

      "Who's ships are those?" I ask.
      "I don't recognise this design"
      Word spreads from the initial relief to more worry than before. They are not reinforcements at all.
      So many ships are descending now. Some smaller transports depart to fly and land about here and there. I see aliens are coming. They have blue skin and they just look ugly. Their heads look like the brain was exposed. They have really hightech gear and weapons.
      A third party invasion force is moving in after the others taking use of the situation.
      I sneaked out from the rubble and back into the normal city scape to take a closer look at these new entities.

      I was looking at some guys moving out from a freshly landed transport. They are soon searching the area. I decide it's better to make my way back.