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    1. 20 Feb: Live music at bar, photoshoot, puppy and dirty room

      by , 02-20-2019 at 09:17 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Friends running a school bar. Not going well, failling at pleasing costumers, lots of technical fails when playing live music. One night I come to help, suggest spontaneous performances, I sing a bit, people start to enjoy and I tell my friends it is a matter of time all problems get fixed and costumers start coming, since there are no competitors.

      A high fashion model is doing a photoshoot, she is really tired and upset with how it's going. I stay to watch and help her out and realize it's really a hard time for her. She is doing a series of photos wearing weird conceptual stuff, she can't move once its on and they have to carry her up some rocks, through caves, cold and wet places. Then at some point they want her to climb a vertical cliff because everyone else is afraid to do it and help her. I help her and she is very thankful.

      I watch some adorable movie and since there are now bendable screens, we can get a movie on a sticker, glue it to any surface and I take it to a bench by the sea and stick it there for people to watch if they sit there.

      I meet some kids with a tiny tiny puppy, they let me play with him, then I ask if they bought or adopted. The girl confesses they bought, kind of scared of my reaction as she noticed I meant it as criticism, but I try to be civil and say it's ok, they didn't know better and explain to them why adopting from shelters is so important and buying animals is wrong.

      Picking wood for my fireplace near my mom's house, but then head to a hotel instead of my home. My room is full of flour and other cake ingredients all over my bed. I tidy it up.
    2. 14 Feb: Wake up in a hostel in a foreign country

      by , 02-14-2019 at 01:40 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Wake up in a hostel shared room with half a dozen Asian girls, I think Korean. I have no idea how I got there, and I can't communicate with them. I go outside the room, it is a humble hostel in what looks like a middle eastern country. There is a corridor to the street, I pass the reception and get out. The street curves and goes down, like a ramp and then ends up in some vertical wall with a vertical ladder which is the only way to get down to what looks like a lake or the ocean shore. Anyway, there is a beach down there and I see something that makes me really wanna go, like some animal in distress or someone I know (can't remember). But halfway the metal ladder breaks or the cliff crumbles and I struggle to hold on and go back up. I decide to go back to my room at the hostel and try to ask the girls if they know me, but they no longer are there.
    3. low recall.

      by , 01-23-2018 at 04:28 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Falling off a cliff.

      I was in a desert like the one from the first dark tower book. I was with my dad and brother and we were climbing a deep ravine. At the top of a cliff was a horse and I was planning on riding the horse. I got to the top of the cliff but the last part was really hard. There was nothing to grab. I grabbed at a plant root but it had thorns in it and I hurt my hand. My brother was there and I asked him to grab my hand and pull me up. He did and I was almost up the cliff but he let go and I fell backwards to my death. Don't remember landing.

      There was a nother vivid dream that i did recall but no details are coming to me.
    4. June 24, 2015 (L)x7 DEILDs | Truck off a Cliff, Splatoon, Laser Rifle

      by , 01-09-2018 at 06:07 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1(L)-This started with a scene with a female driving a truck straight down a road. Then, something took control of the truck for a second, causing it to swerve off the road, off a cliff, down steep slopes and off another cliff. A few seconds later, the female DC in the truck arrived back to where I and some group were; on the road.
      -2(L)-In this epic dream, I got to play Splatoon in live action. The map I started at was very tiny. The first weapon I picked was the Splattershot(I think). Once I was dropped in, I thought that death meant actual death. But then, I got shot with ink and exploded, triggering a respawn. (During this, I was dream-blurred) I died again, walking around the rectangle, trying to get a shot to an opponent on the other side of the net. [Skip] Next, we walked to the adjacent map and got ourselves ready. I was wondering what weapon I should use. After a couple seconds, I picked the Splattershot Jr., but then I noticed a green gun that I had never seen before.
      |The gun was shaped like a cone, tapering off at the front. Then, the game started. Shots came out of my gun at roughly 150 rounds per minute. It shot a straight line of ink a very short distance. It also had another firing mode: one that shot a constant line of ink an even shorter distance. I was under the impression that, at point blank range, it would kill very quickly and efficiently. Instead, it did nothing besides make some electric particle effects. |
      Shortly after the game began, 3 inklings were sitting down, lined up, and doing nothing. I tried to shoot them with the “laser rifle’s” 2nd firing mode, only for it to do nothing. So, I pointed the ink beam at some TV monitors nearby.
      Also, during the game, it was announced that, for a very short time, Splatoon and Xenoblade Chronicles X would be available for $13 each.
      I counted 7 LDs in this DEILD chain.
      Lucid Time: 35-140 seconds
    5. Oct. 24 2017 - 1: Kid falls off cliff then 2: Homestar Runner Weirdness

      by , 10-24-2017 at 03:19 PM
      The last dream I had that I remember on this day was this one:

      Section 1: I was chasing a kid, whose name was Zach, and he was riding a bicycle near a wooded area. He wasn't acting responsibly as he was going where he shouldn't have been and at one point I said "Don't you know what 'danger' means?" to him just before he went over the crest of a hill and started yelling as he went down a steep hill, couldn't or didn't stop and then went over a plateau before he fell down a cliff. I followed (but gently) and expected to find him dead while I thought of calling an ambulance and imagined what speaking to his Mom would be like at this point. I didn't find him and the dream shifted subjects.

      Section 2: At this point it turned into Homestar Runner. Strong Bad was experimenting on Strong Sad again; S.B. put a bubble around S.S's head and was trying to change S.S's gender which ultimately didn't work as S.S. changed back from the halfway finished form.
    6. January 4, 2015 (L)x6 L2[x4] L1[x2] | Punchy Kid, Bear People/Lion People, Gravel Cliffs

      by , 08-31-2017 at 12:51 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1(L)-First, I had a false awakening, where I still trying to get to sleep. I did a reality check, and was like, “oh.” Suddenly, the time turned from 2 something to 8:53 am, where the dream alarm was to go off at 8:55.
      -2-Tom Paris (ST: Voyager) created brown goo that he won an award for. I don’t remember what it was used for, but it had something to do with creating more ships.
      -3(L)-I spawned in my house (shocker!) and I wanted to ask my subconscious some questions. I hopped on the dream main computer and searched for a program. I was looking for a way to enter a question into a field, and perhaps receive the answer in text form. What I got was a program that wasn’t obvious about what I was looking for. It had tons of options and cool stuff, but I didn’t find the question field.
      -4-At least my cousin J came over while I was playing something similar to DKR. He was like, ‘DKR…’ and I was like, “F-Zero.” As I was suddenly playing DKR, I thought about how much better DKR was than Mario Kart 64. J stuck around for a while in the dream.
      [New Scene]
      There was this super angry kid. I’m not sure why he was so mad, but he tried punching me, so I ran into a room up some stairs, and got out my phone to film him. I was expecting some kind of shocked look from him(since he was from the 1980s), but he never showed up. To my right was either J or my other cousin K (can’t remember which). My younger sister and some other female of similar age walked up the stairs to about where I was. Then, they laughed about something for a second.
      [New Scene]
      For some reason, I was standing on some tiny buildings when I then fell halfway into the water. Just before impact, I threw my phone onto a small plastic balcony so it wouldn’t get waterlogged. Once I got out of the water, I retrieved my phone and moved on.
      -5(L)-So there was a conflict going on between a bunch of bear people, and one lion person. The lion guy had a small lion tail, so I could easily identify him. He was lost, likely homeless, and clearly did not like bears. The surroundings were mostly rolling hills of gravel. In the woods atop the cliff, the bears where prepared for battle with one guy. One of them had caught the scent of him in the dirt, so that bear chomped on what he had hoped to be the lion guy. He got angry when he found that it was just dirt. Btw, the bearhumans were easily identifiable by the specific and consistent shape of their facial hair pattern. Next, I spawned in the part where they were charging at me. I continued to run, until I came to the edge of the cliff, where I imagined a super long vine from the sky. I grabbed the vine, which took me to another part of the cliff that was far away. That was the last I saw of the bears.
      [New (L) Scene]
      I spawned in my house again. This time, I said, “Exit!” and the exit to the holodeck appeared. “Computer, end program.” The program ended for the most part except for the couch. Finally, I exited the holodeck, and walked down the hallway to the left.

      [New Scene]
      I spawned on the north hill of the block, near the bottom. I had some kind of seat and my older sister had a computer chair. It was noted that my seat could change direction while sliding downhill, but the chair could not. Then, a short school bus drove to the opening of the cul-de-sack and stopped, letting one kid out. As it was leaving, I noticed a piece of yellow orange metal on the ground, same color as the bus. I walked over and picked it up while under the dream impression that it did not originate from the bus.
      Time: 3m5s—5m30s
    7. November 17, 2014 | Wolf, Store, Forest, Cliff, Web Grid, 12th Doctor, Fight

      by , 08-08-2017 at 10:37 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-This entire dream, I was a wolf. It started in a store with a gray floor, light gray walls, isles on one side, and floored objects on the other. I was sneaking around the floored objects to avoid being seen by anybody. However, I was seen by a guy that was lying down on the floor, trying to look for something, I guess. I then grunted, and quickly made my way outside. Once outside, I began to run at high speed through trees and grass. For some reason, everybody from the store was chasing me, and one of them was armed with a machine pistol, which he fired a couple times.

      After roughly 20-30 seconds of running, I came to the edge of a ‘cliff’. It was more like a steep hill, so I thought that I would return to it as an escape route if all other options proved to be undesirable. To the right of me was a forest slightly downhill. I started to run alongside the pseudo-cliff until I got to a ledge overhang that was too high to safely jump off of. Just then, the people caught up with me, so I was trapped. Fortunately, they didn’t want to kill me, but I still wanted to get away from them. As a result, I jumped off the ledge to my death. I clicked respawn, and woke up.

      -2-This dream started with a hole in the wall closed off with a rectangular piece of fabric and a zipper. Opening the zipper, I crawled through the opening to find a room with a step ladder and unfinished walls. Above the same ladder were some paths(3 of them). I can’t remember which one I took, but eventually I found a similar room with a step ladder. After observing this room, I headed back to hallway from which I originally entered.

      Suddenly, the 12th Doctor showed up and told me to reopen the crawlspace, because apparently something was following him. This time, I closed the zipper behind me, and we ventured on. First, we came to a small room that had clean, vertical cobwebs, all exactly the same length spread across the ceiling in a perfect grid.

      Next, we found ourselves in a church with no chairs, and Link fighting with something against something. The Doctor said that we needed to fight with swords. Eventually, the small creatures we were fighting ran away into a room in the northeast corner of the main room, which turned out to be some sort of medical room. The two creatures jumped up onto the beds. Neither of the nurses/doctors suspected that anything was wrong.
    8. July 2013, 14-29th

      by , 05-02-2017 at 07:55 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      7/14/13 (L) Value: 1 | “I’m Safe”
      There was one scene lucid, but it was a new way to fight nightmares. I can remind myself that I’m safe over and over again.
      Time: 15-30 seconds

      7/25/13 (L)x2 Value: 0 | Dream Sign: Large Animals
      I can’t remember the beginning, but the world looked similar to Minecraft. I became lucid right near the beginning, and I stabilized the dream. There was some disaster simulator. I hit the flood button, and some water came onto the beach. Then there were some giant animals running onto the land from the water. Every time I saw one, I told myself that I was lucid. I don’t remember anything after that.
      Time: 20-40 seconds

      7/29/13 | Lake Shack, Driving Off a Cliff
      Some cool stuff. West of green mountain (had this in a previous dream) there was a lake and a shack. I remember part of the road to it. It had snow, very thing, and drove the truck down. Don’t remember much here. [New Scene] Dad, Grandpa and I were driving up some cascade mountains (imaginary scenery, but amazing). As we were driving alongside a cliff, I thought to myself, “I don’t want to go off the edge.” Turned a corner at high speed, barely missed a pile of wood. Next corner, too high of a speed, and we drove straight off a cliff, with me flying into the air outside the truck, plummeting to the ground. Then I died. Dad came out and locked on to my tricorder signal. He said, “Yeah, he’s dead.” [Skip][Back at Home] I looked west, and saw smoke from a fire that I previously saw at the shack at the lake. I woke up here.
      lucid , non-lucid
    9. November 8 2016 Non-Lucid and False Awakening

      by , 11-08-2016 at 06:13 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was this giant beach with different rock cliffs on the outside. The left side was mostly rolling fields and the right was a big cliff. There are rock cliffs in the water and on the sand as well. I believe that I'm in some sort of summer camp like Rockbridge that I've been to in the past. There are cabins in the fields and kids are in there for free time. Kolby is there hanging out with some other people walking around. I remember thinking I didn't fit in with them. At some point, a younger girl and guy come up to me and say my name to me which startled me but we sort of laugh. Then they're on the beach with me doing whatever. Someone tells me that the boy is cute looking but a douche. There's this rope that I'm holding onto which is attached to the middle of the sky and swinging me around the entire map. I'm swinging and spinning around the beach and around the cliffs.
      On the right is the cliffs made up of separate rocks. It must be 100 yards or more high. I'm climbing up with some friends and people are falling off. There's a group of older moms there for some competition at the top and they are telling me to leave but I'm trying to hold on. I'm afraid I'm going to fall off.
      At some point I'm in a gas station that I think is a McDonald's. Two of my fraternity brothers are there and I ask them to make me a frappe but then I feel bad making them do that so I just say I'll get coffee somewhere else.
      Another dream I'm in these hallways with a group of guys. The point is that there are girls trying to freak us out, like a haunted house. At the end of the dream there's a girl from my high school named Bridgette tickling me.
      False awakening, my friend Mason is in my college bedroom. He asks me if I've told my dad about his recent grandfather's passing and I tell him that I don't talk to my dad much, to which he replies with something about being born by him which confuses me. I get into the shower and he's trying to mess with me.
    10. Dream Journal: September 16th, 2016

      by , 09-17-2016 at 06:43 AM
      This was the first lucid dream I've had in ages, and the longest one I've ever had! I was really pleasantly surprised to have this experience without even trying last night

      When my dream started, I was watching a looping video of me and two guys posing for a picture on a wooden platform overlooking a cliff. One of the guys is frustrated with his hair and messes with it, which is looped in the video over and over. Suddenly, the looping stops and I enter the scene. Everybody leaves, and I call my mum to pick me up. She comes to get me with her car and we start driving down a typical suburban road. I was just idly watching the scenery go by, when it suddenly hit me that I was dreaming! As soon as I came to this realization I could feel the dream start slipping away, but I felt around the inside of the car to stabilise it and focused hard on staying in the dream. When I felt it was stable enough, I turned to my mum and excitedly told her I was dreaming. Remembering how some people had been able to see cool things by asking their subconscious to show them something amazing, I asked my mum to take us to the most amazing place imaginable. I then tried closing and opening my eyes in the hopes it would change the dream scene, but instead my mum just took the next right and sped the car over a chainlink fence and down steep hill towards a cliff. Luckily, at the last moment I was able to make her steer left, sending the car crashing into a rock and me flying into the branch of a gigantic tree about ten feet off the ground. As I looked around I noticed that in the branch was the nest of some humongous bird and decided not to stick around to meet its owner. I swung down to the base of the tree using a thinner branch, then waited for my mum to do the same. We were now up the hill from a little grassy beach at the bottom of the cliffs. We started walking down to the beach, but as we walked a round furry insect started flying in and out of my ear, biting me as it did so. After a bit of frustration I managed to shoo it away, and we continued walking down. Once we reached the beach, we found what seemed to be strange pit of blood-like mud with a live swordfish sitting in the middle. Instinctively, I put my hand in my pocket to find my phone so I could take a picture, but it seems it had fallen out during the crash. I begin to worry that I'll lose my awareness if I'm not careful, so I ask my mum not to let me forget that I'm dreaming. I then see what seems to be a resort built into the wall of the cliff, with large windows and glass doors. My mum and I go inside, where I find a friend of mine sitting by the window. I see that she has a phone and take it from her, willing her not to notice. I open the phone to find her camera app but end up in her gallery instead, where I find several grainy black and white pictures of me. My mum and I go outside again, but find that the swordfish I wanted to photograph has now disappeared. For some reason my mum then jumps into the bloody mud pit, which starts swallow her up like quicksand. She asks me if I'm really sure this is a dream, so I point out to her the strangeness of our current situation and the fact that only minutes ago she had willingly tried to drive our car off of a cliff. The mud starts covering her head, so I pull her out. She opens her mouth and spits out a mouthful of what appears to be tea, and I see that inside of her mouth she now has a teabag for a tongue. She stops moving, and a man comes out of the resort and tells me that he thinks she's most likely dead. I don't really care, however, as I know she's just a dream character. I then wake up.
    11. #241 - Bus fight / Death

      by , 05-14-2016 at 03:35 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Bus Fight
      I remember being in the village where I live and I was on the bus with some friends. There was some kind of dickhead who was being a dick to a friend of mine, he wasn't on the bus so my friend got off and started walking to a better place to fight. The bus I was on followed them, the guy driving was a pasty white guy with glasses. We turned up at a grassy every enclosed by trees, my friend (Daniel) is fighting the other guy (who is now Johnny). Dan is a Tae Kwon Do black belt in real life, and Johnny (in my dream at least) was super buff. The bus driver steps out and is now a big black super buff guy now. He knows that a fight is unavoidable, so he smacks the two fighting and gets their attention. He says "kicks allowed only to the neck and below", asserting himself as the judge. Dan immediately launches a low kick to Johnny's knee which cracks. Johnny lets slip a yelp of pain and steps back. He's a big guy and decides he should just charge at Dan. Dan, being the comical guy he is (IRL) scuttles back super quickly while squeeling loudly, poking his tongue out and doing jazz hands. Johnny doesn't want to look 'silly' in the fight so he doesn't chase too much. I can't remember what happens next.

      Dream 2 - Death
      I recall heading out somewhere with some friends, but I hadn't had any lunch yet. The area was suburban with nice green scenery, it reminded me of Dunedin a bit. We were walking up a slope and I figured I'd ditch, I wanted to head home and eat and it looked like we weren't going to eat for a while if I stayed. I headed off back towards the house we came from at a jogging pace.

      I'm back at the house now but we're leaving in a car (me and a friend). He starts reversing but isn't paying attention, he goes too far and I start freaking out because there's a cliff behind us. "Dude, stop! Look out!" I say, he doesn't stop in time, I feel the car lurch as it slides back over the edge. Nonononononononoonononoononononoo.
      The sheer fear and panic that rose in me was enough to jump my heart to my throat, I knew it was over and that I would die. The car slipped over and started plummeting and I could see the ground racing towards me. Right before impact I woke up in a panic, it had felt TOO real.

      That dream was a bit of a reflection of me having just learnt how to drive and also the experience I had during rock climbing 2 days ago.
    12. 08-04-16 Surviving the Ocean Quest in the desert

      by , 04-08-2016 at 06:53 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretation

      The following dream took place after a nap on 08-04-2016 so a few hours after the three other entries of today.

      I am at a pier, it is late afternoon or early evening. The pier is wooden and one or two ships are docked, also wooden and sailed ships – it feels like this time is around 2-300 years ago, or even set in a fantasy universe where technological development isn't near as advanced as today. It is cloudy and a bit windy (?).

      There are a few fragments before I recall the narrative picking up. Which include, being in a pub/inn, which might be on one of the ships or a settled part of the pier. There is something of communion – that is either gathering a party or just being there with friends or associates.

      When the narrative pick up, I seem to be floating disembodied above this inn and I notice the clouded weather as well as a sailor – your rugged, politically incorrect stereotypical privateering mercenary type. He is dressed in a sailors outfit – black and white – and he is making advances at a woman, a middle aged wrench, dressed similarly. She has long and curly red hair and is wearing a necklace that looks like a talisman of some description dressed in a dress of black and white with a lot of curly details.

      Our sailor is putting an arm around her and making an approach to kiss her, she is smiling and he seems rather determined if not even slightly hard handed in approaching this sexual situation. She lifts up her dress and he approach to enter her, she is smiling somewhat hungrily at him making him aware that she is willing. A person rush behind him and pushes him towards the woman – I feel this push, though watching the situation on our Sailor's left – which forces him deep inside the wrench sparking a concern on my behalf if she is even wet enough for such a quick entry – I don't feel the coitus aspect, only the push.

      Our sailor quickly looks about, but can't seem to find the person and so continues to engage in the sexual act. He is however quickly interrupted as many hooded men, dressed in black and a head or two shorter than the sailor starts swarming about. It is clear that they have malicious intent with the sailor and more and more of them approach. A feeling of intensity and excitement arise as the sailor starts fending off the assailants. While still inside the wrench the sailor looks to his left and throw a thundering punch in the face of one of the hooded men, knocking him out. But there are too many of them and quickly they complete their mission, which isn't exactly fatal as expected.

      The sailor, the wrench and now me are knocked into the water. The sea is somewhat turbulent, dark waves with frothy crests and we are thrown into barrels – which I observe from a distance further out the sea – and it is clear that we will survive this endeavour.

      A voice rings out over us.

      “you are not in danger yet, we do not intend to harm you further”.

      Associated with the voice is a sense of the hooded assailants following us over the barrels, as if they can either walk on water, roll on the barrels with their feet or fly above. They have a clear intention with us – they need us to do something, we find ourselves participating in a bit of an involuntary mission.

      There is a quick skip.

      When back we find ourselves in three dingy boats at the shores of a far away land. The sun is bright, not a cloud in the sky, and the sea is rather calm – yet the waves seem to be forcing us towards the cliffs of the shores of this remote land. I myself manage to pull up and start sailing parallel to the cliffs and manage to avoid danger.

      The cliffs are dark and contrast the rather bright blue water. They are black and dark red, with hints of brown here and there. Above the cliffs there is a vast area of sandy dessert shining brightly beige in the unimpeded sunshine.

      I notice that my companions aren't as fortunate when it comes to avoiding the cliffs. So while I could continue in my boat towards the sandy shores a bit further up the coastline I sail towards an area of the cliffs where I can see a naturally occurring “step” up towards the dessert.

      When I get up I meet up with my companions. A woman and a man, the wrench and the sailor – though on the dessert lands their identities seem irrelevant. It becomes apparent that we are now stranded, but that somewhere on this dessert land there is a city and we must find this and procure a ship. I remember being here before and I start explaining.

      “There are dangers here” I start out “There are a variety of animals on the desserts” and as I am talking about this I am reminded that there are a number of dinosaurs and beasts, dog like (Varghest) – but massive. I begin to inform about this, but as I do one of the threats emerge from behind a cliff out-spring, that forms a natural door as there are cliff walls on both sides of the hole. In the door appears a pink and chubby dinosaur and we don't get a lot of time looking at it before it shoots a bone projectile towards me and the male on my left.

      The projectile is diamond shaped, like two very pointy pyramids joined together at the base with 4 planes running towards the top in a square and pointy fashion. Both the male and I don't manage to dodge it, though I attempt to catch it before it strikes me in the chest – directly at the heart.

      As the projectile sinks in I am briefly afraid, but then a reassurance appear at a pre-linguistic intellectual level that I have a certain amount of lives, or layers that I can withstand before I collapse.

      I start moving towards the dino in a zigzag fashion and manage to catch the next projectile to immediately throw it back towards it. It sinks into it's throat and within a few seconds the dino is defeated and dead.

      Not long pass before a new one appear a bit further up on my right. It is half way behind a stand-alone cliff that rise steeply and pointedly from the sand. It shoots smaller – needle-like – projectiles towards us and I immediately take up the zigzag course again.

      To begin with I head pretty much directly towards the dino – which is smaller, not as chubby, but still pink – but then we alter strategy and decide to work together in unison, splitting up and approach the beast from different directions.

      I am finally the one that reach it and plug one of the small, but sharp and pointy needles off the head of the beast. I start perforating the throat of the beast, but the first sting does nothing, nor the second and I am reminded that a few holes will only drain the beast of air slowly, so I have patience and use agility to avoid getting in danger of being pierced myself.

      Immediate Interpretation: This to me is a hero's dream. The ocean and the confinement in barrels represents a forced emotional turbulent situation, that I will be thrown into and can do nothing but observe and await cessation of – this could easily be relating to Karen's and my relation, the frivolous sailor and the wrench engaged in promiscuous and playful endeavours, that turn into an emotionally tense situation that must be ridden out. Once the storm of this emotional turmoil is over I will find myself in a situation, where I have to overcome challenges, I am likely to have my heart broken and I will find myself in a situation where there is limited support and understanding available, though a few select allies will be able to help me out. The killing of the dinosaurs represent to me the fear of opening up to love – symbolism of pink – and that I will continue to approach this challenge until it is finally achieved, and integrated into my personality – the killing of the dinos – though this doesn't happen in one broad sweep.

      Looking up themes: Desert – loss and misfortune – you may be suffering from an attack on your reputation, feelings of loss and isolation. Could signify my fear of ridicule associated with writing my thesis – where I position myself as an emerging shaman – and the loss of prestige I have been expecting for not being the person who writes a PhD, but instead facilitate that others can do this. Dinosaur – outdated attitude or belief, you may need to abandon an outdated habit or patterns of thinking – old issues coming back to haunt you – This I think is very much related to my ego-attachments of the “happy couple” and how “love” is supposed to be played out in a relation between two people – the fact that there are a couple of allies with me might signify a change in cognitive schema's on the whole issue on poly amorousness and being able to let go of the fears of Karen being with someone other than me. Alternatively it might represent conquering my fears of loss in a love relation and the killing a discovery of true, unconditional love.
    13. #204 - cliff lucid

      by , 03-01-2016 at 05:50 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I was lying in my bed after waking at 5:40 due to a car crash in the neighbourhood that knocked out all the power (we only just got it back). I ended up having a WILD as I was falling asleep, I felt myself seep into the dream state while fully aware of what was happening. I lay still and let it come, as it was happening I moved my body in the dream world to the edge of a cliff by the beach, I hopped over the ledge still holding on with my hands and dropped myself down. I landed solid, I wasn't sure if it would work since I could still feel my bed. I then think I walked a bit before losing the dream state.. I stayed still and let myself WILD back in again, this time I told myself to stabilize. I did this by clapping a few times as I walked a long the beach I had been on previously. I started shouting something to see if I'd say it in RL, I couldn't actually tell because the sounds in the dreams doubled up and it just confused me. I lost the lucidity, then wriggled a bit and didn't manage to WILD again .

      Note to self: don't move.
      Tags: beach, cliff, wild
    14. Fear of heights

      by , 11-12-2015 at 06:28 AM
      I dreamed my boyfriend and I took his friend's 12 year old son to a theme park. I needed to get somewhere in the park (maybe the bathroom?) and the only way I could find was a very thin ledge along the edge of a cliff, with a sheer drop of hundreds of feet. The ledge was only maybe a foot wide at some points, sometimes with no hand-holds, sometimes with a very rickety railing, and a whole bunch of people were also trying to inch along it at the same time. I was shocked by how dangerous it was.

      Anyway, once I reached my destination, I realized that there was another path there that was a nice, wide dirt path through kind of a swamp area.
    15. #141 - Hime / Skateboarding / Plane ride / Class

      by , 10-27-2015 at 11:29 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Slept from 10:30pm - 8:15am, I think I was pretty tired from getting used to ADA and meditation + studying for exams.

      Last night I found it hard recalling dreams, I had to really sit there and think for a while. My dreams were also very vivid, so much detail which I think may be a result of practicing ADA.

      Dream 1 - Hime
      A called this dream Hime, because in my dream it meant 'home' in another language. I felt like I was in a foreign country like Switzerland or the Netherlands maybe. I remember being outside a house and looking at a letterbox with 'Hime' on it, there was a warm and welcoming middle-aged lady who smiled cheerfully at me. This was her home. I think there was also something sex related, as I remember it talking about safe-sex and giving out a few packets of condoms. The scenery was blanketed in white snow too, this dream was surprisingly clear and vivid but I couldn't recall much.

      Dream fragment - I may have been an assassin, it was quite a brief dream snippet but I just get the feeling it was related to assassins.

      Dream 2 - Skateboarding
      I remember skateboarding in this dream and it was AMAZING. I don't skate in RL but this was awesome. It's like some kind of skating track in the hills, with jagged schistose rocks (like greyschist) around. Along the course were these tunnels too. I was at the beginning of the course with a couple friends, Sam and Aaron. There's some fragment about a plane at this point but I can't recall what. I go onto the course first, I'm skating down this narrow dirt track that shouldn't be able to accommodate a skateboard. There's all these jutting rocks that you have to dodge on your way down. The first tunnel comes up and I duck, gliding into the darkness then shooting out the other side. 'This is incredible!' I think to myself, I really want to video it and show it to my girlfriend. I slow down slightly so I can fumble around in my pockets to get my phone out. Zoom! Through another tunnel and out the other side. It's too hard to start videoing whilst skating so I stop now and move off to the side so I can set it up. My friends catch up, and decide to stop and wait up for me too. We sit off on the site in the grass on top of a jutting rock outcrop. My friend Aaron says he's going to make tea from some plants for later (like we're supposed to be gathering our own supplies or something). I look at the plants he's looking at and touch one, it looks like a stinging nestle. God damn it. Remembering my past experience with them I wonder if I should warn him, though after touching it I don't think it is a stinging nestle. The other is a small Kowhai. Both of these are only 30cm tall max. He says he doesn't know what the leaves are but they should work . Looking down the route a bit more I see some other people, I recall seeing them at the start. One had a distinctive fake-looking black afro and pimply white skin and acts like a very bro kind of dude. They're probably about 50 metres away, I think the scene slightly changed as the area is bigger than before with a grass field nearby with a couple trees on it. In the distance there's a vast looking landscape with mountains. Further up the skating route I spot Sam's younger brother, Laurence. He's here with his mates it seems. I think me and my mates walked down on the grass and one of the guys passes by heading towards Laurence's crowd, he makes a remark towards me "Oh look the planes coming down!" sarcastically pointing at a plane in the sky. He continues walking and as I look up I notice that suddenly the plane is actually in trouble. It looks like one of the wings has broken off (it's a small plane). I sprint forward keeping an eye on the plane, it'll maybe crash about a 5-20 minute run away (it seemed far away and at times it seemed close)? I don't know if I'll be the first on the scene but I have to try something. I decide to head to the building on the grass near me, it's blocked the view of the plane from the others so I'm the only one who knows it's crashing. I rushing in and opena door into hallway. At the end I spot a woman drinking a cup of coffee unaware of the crashing plane. I turn left and out of another door onto the backyard. Looking up I spot the part of the plane that had fallen off, it's about 50m in the air and being blown about by the wind. I keep running, it's heading in my direction and crashes near me. I think about how the lady inside must be shocked. I look up at the plane, it falls out of sight beyond an edge on the hill I'm on. I sprint faster and come to the edge - fwoop! Off the edge I go, it was apparently a cliff? I manage to reach an arm out and grab hold of the ledge, hanging by one arm over a huge fall... It must be about a 500m fall into a forest. The ledge I'm hanging from is slightly undercut, I imagine that it will start crumbing under my weight soon unless I hurry up. I reach my right arm up and grab the ledge, trying distribute my weight a bit. I shuffle my left arm forward and get my elbow on, good, this should be okay now...
      Uh oh, I spot a crack in the wall as I lift my head above the edge, I have to hurry, it starts crumbling and giving way like loose sand. I'm a goner now, I know I'll die so I just decide to wake up instead.

      Dream 3 - Plane ride
      I'm in a plane with my friend Daniel and then later on I'm at his house. I go into the kitchen and his dad is there. We're all talking and I mention something about it being nice to have been able to catch a plane with a friend for a change instead of going alone. He says that we never caught a plane together... What?! I'm sure we did, but as I think about it I realize that I must have just dreamed about it . I don't become aware that I'm still dreaming though . I think I had been messaging my girlfriend on skype and then she called me. We had been talking about finally being able to meet up this holidays. She crying on the phone, we probably can't meet up this holiday anymore as she wants to spend time with her granddad who is dying from cancer. She says something like "Nothing is too good to wait for 3 months" - which translated to meaning if we love each other we can handle waiting another 3 months. Damn it. There's also a bunch of background noise going on, I notice vividly the sounds going on... Her voice, her crying, the sound of Lord of the Rings playing on the TV at her house, the sound of cars zooming past as if she was also outside. Even the subtle conversation of my friend and his dad behind me.

      Dream 4 - Class
      Another vivid dream from last night, which I forgot most of ... I remember being in my home village but I think it's related to having some kind of skill/power and it leads me to getting placed in a special educational class for the gifted. In this class I sit at the back left of the room next to the wall. The teacher at the front is teaching us random stuff, it feels like some kind of manga story-line progression where I can tell what the future plot line is supposed to be. The author doesn't know a great deal of science so the learning is restricted to basic stuff at first but later on advances to some serious chemistry. The classmates I have aren't all human I think, I remember one girl had the skin around her lips kind of pulled back so her teeth were exposed. It wasn't creepy looking though, just 'normal' in this dream world I guess. I remember some kind of alien joins the class, not seriously at first but something happens and he wants to join the team. He sits at his desk to the right of me and I notice him writing out a list of alien names in four columns about 5 names long in each column. He's a poison master which is apparently quite rare and powerful. Everyone has to turn their desks now, I'm now in the front row (we turned to the left). The teacher is now in the front of the class a bit to my right. I'm by the other wall now where I'm sitting, I see the piece of paper the alien had written the names on. He's one of us now, I pick it up and unfold it, and hand it over to him in a friendly manner. I sit down again, the teacher comes near me and starts writing on the wall right next to me, I look up at the board (which is on the wall next to me that he seems to be writing on) and see a plethora of complex math equations. It's insane. I look at all these numbers and stuff and it's so vivid, I think to myself that I hope he doesn't ask me to answer any of this -.- I haven't studied this before. He goes back to the front of the class and there's apparently a mix up with this board that he's supposed to be using at the front of the class. It's like a diagram thing that is supposed to be in another room. Some people come in and he's a bit confused, they take their board back and the teacher starts looking around for the correct diagram board. The girl with the retracted skin around her lips comes up and finds it, putting it up on the board for the teacher. I think she smiles at me but it's hard to tell O_O.
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