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    1. lxx.

      by , 01-21-2020 at 04:24 PM
      The first fragment was from yesterday, I remembered more yesterday but didn't have a chance to make note of it. The other two were from today; lost most of the dreams' information due to how the morning went.

      Dream Fragment 1:

      Something about four commanders. Was supposed to meet them? Not sure. Dream took place in some concrete parking lot type structure.

      Dream Fragment 2:

      Taking a bus, it didn't look like a normal bus and only me and someone else were in it (H?), no driver, that I can remember. We got out just before a road intersection. There was a church-like building to the right, across the road, but in the dream I knew this was in the context of a university campus or something; there were a few buildings but it mostly seemed like a village area more than anything. It was quiet outside, it was day time.

      Dream Fragment 3:

      Possibly related to the previous fragment. Cooking or preparing food whilst inside a train, but generally darker than the previous fragment. I remember distant cliffs at a lower altitude but nothing specific other than a generally arid landscape. Vague memory of desaturated blue tones. Sort of day time but not very bright.
    2. At Mammoth, Trying to Reach Unexplored Areas, Rock Throwing at Eisenhower, Sailing Disney

      by , 06-27-2017 at 11:59 AM
      06-25-2017 -- The first thing I can remember, I am wandering around in some of the outermost bits of Mammoth Cave, just puttering around, part of a small group which is being shown around. I am hoping to get into some of the deeper, less well-known portions of the cave, but the people showing us around have no intentions of letting us get deeper in, and deny the existence of the deeper sections, while I'm catching glimpses of of branches I can remember from other dreams that lead to dangerous or tricky sections of the cave.

      Soon we're outside the cave with cliffs looming above us, and there are some falling rocks which we have to dodge to remain safe. It is pretty easy, and fine, when it is just a few random rocks falling, but soon it is determined action of punks up above who are pushing them down, trying to nail us with them. So we're running around this way and that, trying to get out of the way. Soon this leads to being in more of a river-like area that is half circular river, half Eisenhower Park river (I've drempt of this before) and instead of throwing things on us from above, the natives of the area are throwing things at us from within the river, or on the banks. Still dodging though. (And somehow part of it is happening at the edge of Holly Way. Weird.)

      Somehow things are turning into a Disney thing, and I'm now trying to sail a small sail boat through the river, which is drying up badly, and somehow I end up 'jumping' the boat over a barrier, and into a restricted lake filled with rare sea-life. I know I am not allowed in here, but am hoping not to get in too much trouble, since I am not trying to go down into the water, but am simply sailing on top of it. Meanwhile, I am stuck in one end of the lake or enclosure, with the wind against me, so have to (and know how to) tack the sails to sail (quite fast) against the wind to the other end of the lake. Seemed much more detailed when I dreamed it, but has faded and can't be remembered well.
    3. At Least I Found Snow... (WILD)

      by , 03-10-2017 at 11:47 PM
      As I was falling asleep last night, at one point I became aware that I was just below the waking threshold and was able to take some control over the hypnagogic imagery. I wanted to try a TOTY and decided to attempt sledding again. I figured my problem last time was that I had gotten fixated on looking for a mountain to sled down... wouldn't it be more sensible to establish that I was on the mountain to start with? Then all I would have to do is go downhill. And find snow, of course.

      I successfully turned the hypnagogic imagery into a scene of sliding down a mountain slope. Initially it felt more like imagining than dreaming, in part because I was not yet fully embodied in the scene, only seeing it in my mind's eye. But already it was manifesting some of the ornery characteristics of dream and resisting my attempts to imagine snow, so I was sliding over bare earth. I let the scene play along and pretty soon I started to feel physical sensations: the bumps along the ground (I thought wistfully how snow would smooth out the ride!) and the surprisingly realistic smack of low hanging leaves against my face as I passed under trees. I was on a round metal saucer sled, barely big enough to seat me, but by concentrating I could prevent it from spinning out of control (unlike the similar sled I have in WL!)

      Before long it started to feel like a real dream with physical embodiment, but I was still lucid enough that I was not concerned when my sled went over a steep embankment and into freefall: I just applied some mental "brakes" and came down gently, landing in the yard of someone's farm. The farmer was there, so I realized this would be a perfect opportunity to coax some snow into existence.

      "Can you believe the weather we're having?" I asked the farmer. "Such thick snow! Hey, where is the snow the deepest?" I tried to make my tone convincing, despite the fact that there was still no snow in sight. Apparently this worked, because the farmer pointed into the distance, and when I sledded off in that direction, soon I was surrounded by snow everywhere!

      I was back in the mountain forest, but there was a slight problem. I looked around and saw no way down but steep rocky cliffs, rather than slopes that looked suitable for sledding. I figured I should just pick a cliff and sled off it anyway, since freefalling posed no real danger. But at that moment, for no good reason, I felt a subtle pang of anxiety about completing the task, and this woke me up.

      Dreams are a wonderful laboratory for discovering all the ways that our own minds can get in the way of our intentions!

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    4. 02-05-2016]

      by , 05-02-2016 at 07:25 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      False awakening

      I woke up on the floor in my toilet. The floor was somehow soft, I slept there to watch what happens when we're not renovating it.

      First dream

      I saw a group of boys that founded a huge corporation selling pizza. Their neighbors also made such move, with slightly different method - first Corp was selling delicious pizza that had to be cooked, while the other sent it pre cooked, without need to do it. They were sitting in their headquarters in a garage and listening to radio audition which praised their concurrence. Suddenly the second group visited them and tried to remove them from business by force, but they didn't managed to do it. The first group was escaping from them, but just as both groups left garages, they were stopped by a blond woman that claimed that they've ruined her life in the past and now it's time for revenge. But she couldn't do anything, as enormous swarm of wasps attacked her. And then I heard someone's voice saying "Evil people are losers, they always lose in the end!"

      Second dream

      I was a lone wanderer, traveling from places that I can't quite recall, to a huge canyon with a river running far down. I was thinking about what I can do next in VHE, and for which game map it. Then my sister called me to my house, I appeared there immediately. She said something about conspiracy and horror and told me to look through the key hole in doors. I did it, and saw nothing in particular, just our living room.
    5. Photographs that Won't Last (DILD)

      by , 01-20-2016 at 08:53 AM
      Train—open—more and more crowded—trying to stay secure.

      Earlier, plane—everyone had kissed the screen, identical lip print.

      Bangkok—know the route from having taken many times.

      Scenery from the train amazing, began photographing—tall earthy brown cliffs on the right; later on the left forest, enormous trees, figures of other beings like bas-relief in bark, then we were zooming through a city on the water, buildings alternating from Renaissance to modern faux-vernacular shopping plaza style.

      Reminded myself to actually look at the photos after I took them, because when I woke up, they would be unlikely to still be on the camera. Some were amazing, and I was sorry they wouldn't last. Others not so great—we were moving fast, and I couldn't always capture the best angle.

      "This is the clearest dream I've had in a long time." Happy because for a while dreams have been distant and dim, frustrating. How did I accomplish this? All I could think was that I had finally wanted it enough. But how did I get lucid? Thought back and tried to remember the moment—this actually destabilized the dream and began waking process, but it was gradual enough that I could think back a bit first—realized there was no "aha!" moment, the lucidity had dawned gradually, probably because it was right before I'd been planning to get up anyway—only genuinely lucid for those last few moments when I started thinking critically about the pictures and the dream itself. At the time, though, I felt not an alteration of circumstance, but a sense of continuity with what had gone before. To be aware that you are dreaming is not unusual; to be aware that you are aware that you are dreaming is to be lucid.

      Was the lucidity that which allowed me to appreciate and experience the clarity of the dream? But an appreciation must have preceded lucidity because that's what prompted me to start taking the pictures, before I realized they wouldn't last. And even after I knew they would not persist—I couldn't help hoping that this time would be different from all the others, this time they might cross over, through some miracle.
    6. New adventure

      by , 11-09-2015 at 09:58 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      There was a beautiful sunset. I was a freelance adventurer. I stopped for a while in a ruined cathedral. It was a place long forgotten, and everybody avoided it due to rumors that it was haunted. I knew that these rumors were false, and I could freely rest there. I wasn't able to see anything from frescoes on the walls. It was after a long journey, but I already thought about new adventures. I decided to take my stuff and go on.

      The cathedral was placed atop a high cliff. Looking down I could see valleys, forests and villages. Elevation was slowly moving down when I moved on. There was a river flowing nearby. I followed the shore until I reached a monumental and beautiful waterfall.

      Adoring beauty of the sight, I let bandits to surprise and ambush me. I quickly drawn my sword and charged into battle. After a few small cuts I received, I've fallen into rage and slain all of them with a few quick swings. Looting these bandits I found map of their hideout - it was in the swamps down the waterfall. I jumped down, and fallen into water.

      I had troubles with swimming, but I managed to get to the surface. I quickly moved to the shore and searched for bandit camp. There I slain every bandit I could see.
    7. Zombie swarm, shack at an island

      by , 09-01-2015 at 03:06 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in an office inside a skyscraper. It was on a really high floor. In my office, I had a desk, a wooden shelf loaded with books, two file cabinets and a flower pot with strange tall plant. Through a window, I could see people wandering the corridor.

      Suddenly the skyscraper trembled and something on the corridor exploded. I quickly hidden behind a desk, just before glass shards flewn through my office. I heard screams - people were hurt, and some of the dead started to move.

      When zombies started to run into my office, I decided to jump through the window - I was falling down at high velocity, with no chance to survive. Suddenly I found myself inside a car, and decided to drive through the city. For some reason I had problems with driving. After a while I left the car and entered a building - it was a school of hand-to-hand battle. After a while of talking, I went back to the city, found another car and drove away.

      Finally I have reached my destination - a seaside cliffs. Watching the sundown, I moved closer to the edge, and jumped down into the water. Next I swam to a nearby island and entered a shack. I met a zombie there, this one was carrying a tower shield and a battle axe.

      I took a stick lying on the ground, and avoiding the his hacks with battle axe, I beat him into a bloody pulp. I took his shield and the battle axe, and went outside. I saw a huge swarm of zombies, jumping down the cliff to reach me.
    8. Grain in the sea

      by , 05-27-2015 at 06:42 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was entering a palace standing atop an enormous cliff. I went from the road, looking at the sea from the edge of cliff, and went straight an old wooden bridge into the palace. It was rich, built with white marble, dark yellow rock, and decorated with silver ornaments.

      It was in really good state. It looked like it was just built, but there was nothing inside. It was empty. I went from the main chamber to the side hall, and entered side chambers. I saw students gathering, and teacher told me to do something with audio equipment.

      I went to the chamber where the equipment was placed, and saw some classmates there. They were hostile, but let me do my thing and go away. I returned to the bridge, and started to climb down the cliffs. I saw some people runnig on the beach.

      Suddenly a a tractor with gigantic load of bags filled with grain appeared. I tried to climb up the bags, to reach the top of highest cliff, but suddenly the bags opened and I've fallen into the water. I went back to the shore, gathered people and equipment, and started to take grain out of water with shovels.
    9. Stairs on a cliff

      by , 02-19-2015 at 09:11 PM
      That pilgrimage again, but sometime before we reached that mountain range. We're camped out somewhere green. I'm walking through the camp with that woman leading the pilgrimage, and although it's her visions they're following, no one pays her any particular attention as we're walking around. We come to the top of a cliff with a long series of wooden stairs leading to the bottom, crossing back and forth. Far below, two of our people are fighting, sort of - a soldier and a man I recognize, it's clear she's training him. I wonder why he'd want to do that - he's really not suited to fighting. The soldier sees us watching them and they both stop.

      Time skip over all those stairs; we get to the bottom, and they're both sprawled out on the ground. She's asking him to list the three things he's learned. He goes um, ah, "Give me a minute. I just had it." She does give him a few moments, and then she gives him this expectant look. He seems surprised she didn't just drop it. He says, "I'm finished," and laughs.

      An enormous raven, three times the size of any I've seen, lands on a fence post nearby; then it's a very elegant woman leaning against that fence post instead. I'm thinking, that would have been much more convenient than walking down all those stairs.
    10. Visiting Germany and Greece DILD - Sensei's Competition

      by , 02-02-2015 at 10:26 PM
      I​ recommend reading my previous DJ entry first. Only 6 views and it is more eventful...(apparently DV only allows members to view DJ's now...unless it is a bug.)

      1015-1030? 238am-320am? for wbtb. leftist rally in Germany? German accent: "... ...in the mother fu**ing ..." was the name of event or rally. Night time. Familiar train station? Fragment.

      Greece LD wake from LD ~4:50pm
      I'm with brother in law E and brother-in-law B in the dream but we're meeting the former at a coastal cliff side house in some town in Greece. We are walking along the beach and up a path and we see beautiful views of cliffs all around. After we get to the home and visit for a little bit we're heading back to where we came, this time along with brother in law E on this return leg. He seems to know a shortcut and he's going around the other side of the cliff and the footholds are not very wide and they're going pretty quick ahead of me and I'm cautiously taking my time. They stop at a bend in the cliffs and look at a swimming spot down below. It is absolutely beautiful down there and a beautiful sunny day. They continue on, but the path seems too narrow and not worth the risk when I can just go back the way I first came earlier in the day along the beach. When I think about the earlier path along the beach it seems like it was a dream memory maybe from a previous dream and I realize that this is a dream right now. I float up in the air just enough to confirm as an RC. I then start to fly back towards the beach going slow and not with a lot of directional control at the beginning which is a little unusual for me. I go back and forth left and right to correct my direction flying over a rugged rocky area. It is beautiful and exhilarating being up in the air reminding me of my simulated flying last night while a passenger in a car going over various overpasses (for day practices)...but so much better! I am unbounded drifting across the sky. I still have not seen any DC's so I decide to turn around and see if I can find my brother in laws and surprise them or something on their trek along that narrow path by the cliffs. As I fly down that way back towards the cliffs I feel myself abruptly return to bed and the way I woke up and my level of rest seems to indicate I was at the end of an REM cycle. Too short but back to lucidity after too many dry days! Found motivation for day work and also did a number of "I'm dreaming" mantras during the day. Corrected monkey brain during SSILD. No.274

      Cafe epiphany NLD or semi: I'm modern me sitting outdoors at a cafe soaking in the moment. I see happy and sad faces on this beautiful day . "If you don't open yourself up to the world around you, you will miss out on so many experiences," I tell my companions. People who look sad look like they're walking around "in a bubble" with tunnel vision, seemingly oblivious to all the beauty around them.

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    11. A princess's self-sacrifice, an angel in chains

      by , 12-27-2014 at 09:12 PM
      I'm disembodied and watching this woman who I think of as "the princess." She's standing on a cliff at night, looking out into the distance - I'm facing the opposite direction, and I wonder what she can see out there; she seems to be looking at something specific. She's with this big buff friend/guard. I'm hearing music, though I'm aware the music isn't part of the scene on the cliff that I'm watching. A mezzo-soprano singing, starting with a line that reminds me of the start of the Commendatore's song - "Don Giovanni! A cenar teco m'invitasti" - very similar sequence of notes, but in no language I recognize. The princess has come here to make some kind of self-sacrifice.

      As I watch, this dark grey crystal-like structure forms on her right temple, up into her hairline. Smaller, similar structures appear elsewhere on her bare skin where it's visible, but they quickly fade away - I think of snow landing on the skin and instantly melting. But the larger ones on her temple stay. The princess sways as if she's about to pass out, and her friend/guard catches her, but she's all right after just a moment. Her friend finds this scene, her actions, incredibly painful. So do I. I admire her.

      Those 'crystals' are things of the same nature I am - they're alive, in a sense, or similar enough to life; they're not capable of complex communication like I am, but they have awareness of a sort. And the princess has willingly made herself their host. Though she and her friend see this as self-sacrifice, I'd call it more of a deal. There's something that she wanted, and this will give her the power to see it accomplished - but she's giving up something too.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Skyping with Julie, who turns out to live only an hour or two away, and feeling foolish for not reaching out to her before.

      A scene involving using a spinning wheel for what both is and isn't the first time, having Rumpelstiltskin's mental associations but without actually being him in this scene; finding it soothing to watch the wheel spin.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There was this angel who'd taken on physical form to help me, and when we were done I betrayed it, sold it or traded it to this woman. Now I've gone to see her, and I'm seeing what she's done with the angel. It's chained up against a wall, its feet off the ground, and its severed wings on display above its head. When it sees me, it puts its head against the wall and says without looking at me, "You're safe now, brother. I can't be out." By which it means it has no intention of trying to get free of its chains. Now that its wings have been removed, it's fallen; it doesn't want to see what would happen without the chains to impose some restraint.
    12. Nuada, throne, cliff

      by , 03-27-2014 at 12:09 AM
      A fragment where a character was referred to first as Silverhand, and then specifically as Airgetlám.

      An army and civilian followers are camped around a castle they're allied with, south of their home. Their next ruler is with them, but he hadn't officially taken the throne yet. Now, someone still in their home country is making his own move for the throne; in response to that, the one with the army is standing up in front of his people and officially declaring himself king. This gets a mixed response - some people ask, by what right? Even though they were already following him, you still can't just crown yourself.

      A woman's sitting on the outskirts of that crowd listening to his speech, by the top of a cliff, with three gnome-like creatures. She seems amused by the speech. One of the gnome-things distracts her from it by making too much noise - she casually kicks it off the cliff. One of the other gnome-things then grabs her by the foot and does the same to her, much to her surprise.
    13. Gunfight & London trip

      by , 12-24-2013 at 02:02 AM
      23rd of December 2013 (1)

      This is only a dream fragment.

      It started somewhere at a beach. There was the water on the one side and huge cliffs around on the other sides.

      For some reason I was fighting my friend Ashe with a sniper rifle. We both tried to kill each other.

      However we never hit each other except once, when I hit her knee with a yellow soft-air bullet, but it seemed to have no effect on her. I didn't have enough real bullets, so I sometimes put soft-air bullets into my rifle.

      There were other friends and family members around, but they didn't do anything to help me except once, when someone threw some real sniper rifle bullets on the sand. I had to pick them them up.

      Ashe had a different weapon, which was much smaller.
      When I used all the real bullets, I had only soft air bullets left. I realized I had to get ammunition.
      Me and another friend went to my father's car and drove to a store.

      23rd of December 2013 (2)

      This is only a dream fragment.

      I was somewhere in France and wanted to go to London with a friend. We were looking for a nice house to rent there. We wanted to go there by car, but after a few kilometers we ended up somewhere in the hinterland. There were fields with wheat around, but no road to London.

      The next thing I remember is when we were in London and could see the houses of parliament next to a dirty river. We were on the other river bank. We finally found a house we could rent. It was huge. It was really close to the city and there was enough space for both of us.
      My friend didn't like it, because she said it was too close to the city and there was no green around it.
      When we got into the backyard she changed her mind because right behind the house there were fields and woods.

      This is unfortunately when the dream ended.

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    14. Canine creature and railway tracks

      by , 10-23-2013 at 10:02 PM
      There's this strange, vaguely canine creature with a head almost completely covered in bony ridges, giving the impression that it has a skull for a head. It changes shape, sometimes looking insect-like, a vast serpent thing with many legs, and very rarely, it takes the form of a woman. It serves a certain human man who found it on a cliff, and the first time it changes into a woman it freaks him out immensely - he's wondered if maybe the creature is actually a person under a curse, but he's not at all sure which is the true form. At the moment, he's thinking "(creature's name) is the answer" - the moment he thinks that, something else bursts into the room and the creature leaps up to fight it.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A narrator of a play saying "Young Romeo spies the young witch Barathia in the woods, but..."

      A person I know IRL is annoyed at me over a misunderstanding, and posting passive aggressive messages about it online. I wonder whether I should correct the misunderstanding or just leave it alone.

      I'm standing on a street corner with someone, waiting for the light to change, when I see two people walking towards us, including that IRL person from the previous scene. The light changes just then, and I know I should probably wait for her to catch up, but I hurry across the street instead. I follow the guy I'm walking with down onto the railway tracks, and there's something I really enjoy about walking along the tracks at night. A train goes past.

      Still walking with that same guy, we've reached the trailer where his mother lives. When he knocks on the door, this guy he dislikes answers, some bigot his mother's dated in the past, but last he knew it was over between them, he wasn't expecting him to be here. They say something to each other I can't hear, I can just tell the guy in the door looks angry, and then the guy I'd been walking with turns around and leaves. He's really upset. I tell him to come back with me, we can go spend the holiday at my mother's place, she'll like having us over. At one point he decides to go back and kick that guy out of his mother's house and I physically hold him back.
    15. Sea cliffs; city and building feel like maze

      by , 03-31-2013 at 04:11 PM
      Before sleep: noticing sleep sensations

      Total sleep time: 7hrs

      Dream recall method: dr1- wrote down a few sentences and went over dream 2 times in mind before falling asleep; fragments – no method, had to wake up

      HH1: unconsciously talk thinking to myself about some DV post

      HH2: was dream thinking how hard it is for a woman to go out with a man in some restrictive countries

      Dream1: I was at grandma2, and backpack was on the floor wide open. I noticed how many strange objects were there. We were about to go to the mountains and I was happy about that. I was thinking what to bring to read there, some magazine perhaps.

      Now we are in the outskirts of the mountain, near a bus stop. I have most likely forgotten to go up the mountain and am heading back home instead. There are people on the bus stop and without any notice a dog bites my back. I do not feel any pain but I am tightly grabbed by its jaws, it doesn’t let go. I start thinking out loud why it attacked me, I wasn’t mentally provoking it in any way. I try to negotiate my way out of its grab, by talking to the dog. It eventually releases me.

      I am at the lower part of the mountain where there are houses around. I head down a slope, but as I look at it, I see the shore. This turns into a very beautiful scene, where I am looking at a wonderful array of sea cliffs, the waves slowly clashing against the cliffs. I look at the sky and it is clear blue, the sun is shining on the cliffs and they look fantastic. I feel the urge to go as close to the water as possible. The waves, though, wet some cliffs so I decide not to go that far because it is slippery there. There are lots of people watching the sea and cliffs, some take pictures. Just behind me is the city hall and the female mayor, short dark red-brown hair comes to tell us that pictures are forbidden. An unpleasant DC man continues taking pics even photographs me. Soon two guards come and take everybody to a bus to drive them home or just drop them off somewhere. I want to go back to the beautiful place, so when the bus doors open I escape and go back. At this point the sun is already setting and the cliffs are darker. There are no people around so I still tour around looking at the shore. The guard comes back to pick me up again. We are walking somewhere but he has a sudden surge to visit the restroom, so I say that I will be waiting outside.

      Interested from Africa-10136336-sea-rocks.jpg

      Fragment2: I am with my bf in a café maybe. But then I decide to go somewhere else, on my way I decide to go back. I get really confused in this unknown to me city center. The dream was quite vivid and I had a hard time orienting and even crossing the street where there were cars but no traffic lights. I cannot find the place I was initially in, so I try calling my bf. I end up in some nice looking hotel, preparing to have lunch there. I am not a guest of the hotel, but can use its facilities including having lunch there.

      Fragment3: Another confusing walk. Initially I found the restroom but go out and try to go back. I am in this building complex and go round in circles, always ending up in something like a café, but I can’t find the restroom, I begin to feel completely lost in this maze.

      Fragment4: Some kind of embroidered patches with animated characters. What was peculiar about this embroidery was that it kept on moving even after you sew it on clothes.

      Fragment5: This was supposed to be a friend of mine, but it was a completely another person, with short hair and bright red thin lips. She has some kind of red medallion, which looked like a soft cotton Christmas toy.

      End-of-the-month review

      Days since registered at DV: 19

      March LD before DV reg: 1 DILD

      March LDs after DV reg: 1 semi-lucid; 2 DILDs (both snooze type), pretty long and stable

      Dream recall: fluctuating between very detailed dreams to remembering fragments and noting key words.

      DJ: I am content that I have kept a pretty consistent DJ in the last few weeks

      Things to continue working on:

      - RC: start the day with RC; RC every time I meet a person!

      - DS: add toilet to DS

      - Sleep sensations: to increase general awareness and prepare for WILD

      - WILD: I have to organize myself and make serious attempts at least twice a week?

      - Sleep schedule: go to bed on time


      - Disruptions: Unfortunately 2 guests will come in mid April in our apartment for 3 weeks full time, so I guess at that time my dream quests will be harder to follow.

      - Negativity: sometimes I would wake up and think “No LD again", feeling disappointed. This has got to stop. Think instead, “The next LD is just around the corner” “I enjoy what I am doing and am happy with any dreams I can recall”.

      - Laziness: just keep on writing DJ entries and doing RCs!!!

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