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    1. 24 Aug: Rap competition at a bar, kissing my love

      by , 08-24-2019 at 09:48 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a foreign country attending some teachings. I feel a bit lost, but I meet some lady who seems nice to hang with. At lunch time I go to a place identical to one of the restaurants of a Mexican resort I have been, expecting to find lunch there. But I don't see any tables or people. This lady shows me there is a terrace on a lower level, where people actually are having lunch. She takes me to the buffet, but then we can't find a place to sit. She says she knows another nice place by the river. But it implies crossing a road with traffic and jumping over a tall fence, which forces us to climb first over a broken wall. But we manage. On the other side she takes us to a bar instead. Not what I expected and we continue not having a place to sit. But there are snacks and I eat standing. Meanwhile she grabs a cigar and starts smoking. I am starting to think she isn't exactly giving what I expected from her and maybe following her around was not a good idea. But in the process we tagged along two other cool guys, a middle eastern and a black dude.
      Then there is a rap competition on the bar and someone points out that we should listen to a certain asian lady with a guitar. She thinks she can rap but they assure us it will be a disaster. We listen and she really sucks. Not only she raps to a melody on the guitar but she kinda sings instead of just rapping and also very badly, so it doesn't make any sense. Meanwhile I notice my dad is there and so is her mother. I comment to my dad that even I can sing better than that and he agrees. Then the judges totally destroy her and also attack her mother for not having been truthful and telling her daughter she sucked. She says she thought she should always encourage her. The girl is confused, she really believes she is talented. In the end, the mother makes a sweet statement showing her unconditional support to her daughter and everybody cries, even my dad, but he leaves to hide the tears.
      Then my immortal beloved comes out of nowhere and is also there commenting the music. He takes me to another room, where we are alone. But he looks very cool and distant, just talking about musical technicalities. I don't understand what's up and I am completely fixated in his eyes, trying to read his real thoughts. He starts blushing and stuttering. I realize I broke the barrier. I take two steps towards him. Don't do anything besides being damn close to him and still fixated in his eyes. He tries to go back to a discursive thought but he can't. He just breaks down and leans to kiss me. It is magical how completely vulnerable and lost he appears to be. The kiss is the most realistic one I've experienced in my dreams with him so far.
    2. Dream - Nature's Guide & The New Crash

      by , 08-05-2017 at 01:06 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 4 AUG - 2017

      Dream No. 169 - Separated Sections

      Dream 169 A - Nature's Guide
      I don't remember all of the events in this dream. From where I do remember, there were a lot of walking tracks within local suburbs. At certain points, I'd feel like calling for Dreamy WB. There wouldn't necessarily be a response from her but at times, I would feel that there was some sort of energy relaxing me and making me feel at ease while I walked. I got to this strange looking jumping castle where people were supposed to do a wall climb. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 169 - The New Crash
      This dream was based around the suburbs surrounding Brandon Park Shopping Centre. Logan from SML was driving me around to the places that I needed to go to. First, I told him that we needed to go to the snow area to “catch them in time”. I thought that the snow area would represent the Crash 2 level, “Bear It”. I didn't end up getting out of the car though. Logan ended up driving me to the other side of Brandon Park and that's when I actually got out of the car.

      The level I arrived at was Turtle Woods. Now Crash wasn't anywhere in this dream... Rather, it was actually me inside the level. Eventually, I qualified for the death route which was a series of horizontal pillars and platforms above the main path and instead, had a night time appearance. I only made it across a few platforms but then slipped and ended up back in Turtle Woods. I don't remember what happened next in the dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - The Returning Fan (Have 2 interactions with anyone from SML)

      >> When I was asking Chilly about a gift for Logan (139 B)
      >> Getting Logan do drive me around to the levels I needed to access (169 B).
      - Enthusiastic (Have conversations with 5 DCs)
      >> 1. Spoke with NN's mum regarding the pencil (131 A).
      >> 2. Told EL, NBr and WB about Dreamy WB (142 B).
      >> 3. Tried to talk James out of taking drugs and committing suicide (147).
      >> 4. Discussing arrangements with the dog-napper (157 B).
      >> 5. Had a conversation with Logan while he was driving me around (169 B).

      Updated 08-13-2017 at 12:55 PM by 93119 (Incorrect quota of evidence for dream trophy)

    3. Overshot Elevator

      by , 02-25-2015 at 07:57 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I took the elevator to our floor, but I ended up on the 50th floor. I overshot.

      I move in the hallway... celebrity...



      - That's why I should write my dream soon after I wake up. I only wrote a few keywords.
      - Slept with Dream Lotus.
      - 7.5 hours sleep with alarm (light sound but it's getting annoying. will change.)
    4. Love on the Rooftop

      by , 02-17-2015 at 12:29 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in some unknown place with some people who felt like family. A guy playing as a "troll" was supposed to be coming for us so we need to hide properly or climb high. There was a sense of fear but at the same time fun. The guy was wearing a mask of sort to signify the troll. In one instance, he was just standing there waiting while we look for ways to create a high but stable tower made of furniture. One was a table and sofa but with wheels so it's not stable. We tried going up after a few tries. I walked around, jumping from ledge to ledge, avoiding the troll.

      I was staying with a woman on one of those high ledges. I was worried that somehow I'll lose consciousness and get drunk and have sex with her and then she will get pregnant. (That escalated quickly.) I thought of how I didn't want to be responsible for that and maybe she should get it aborted but worried that we have anti-abortion laws and that some people get really angry about abortion. (Worry and blowing things out of proportion are bad tendencies of mine.) I went out of the place.

      I was up on the rooftop of a building after climbing it. I was with some people. It felt a like a continuation of the previous dream this morning where I was climbing a hill in the school. I was with some people who are supposed to be familiar to me but they're faces are not. Friends. While we were chatting about and some are arriving, the building moved, like it had wheels. It was a bus, and we were on the roof. I held on so I don't fall off and event went a bit farther into the center and away from the "rails" of the roof. Some are still sitting in a position that could get them to fall off if the bus makes a turn (due to momentum", so I told them to arrange themselves so they can hold on to something. They don't seem worried, and as we turned, they don't seem to be that much affected by momentum.

      There were two guys in front of me who were talking. One of them felt familiar but not sure if he looks like someone I know (Emman); he's dark skinned. The other is fair skinned, and acts a bit childish. He's like a younger Baron Geisler. After a while, they were kissing. I was right behind them, and they were touching my knees. I got turned on and moved my torso closer. I tentatively approached and kissed Emman, wondering if he'll push me off or accept me. He kissed back lightly, but then I became aggressive, so he stopped me and said playfully "Whoa, whoa. Chill." Something like that.

      We were walking down the beach at sunset and then night. It was dark. We played around, but no sex, at least not according to my dream. (Maybe it was censored?) I missed them along the process as I went to a different storyline in the dream. Something about jumping over vaults that looked like the blocks of a pyramid (Incan or Mayan, not Egyptian).

      I went back to the "roof." I saw Chela there (really her looks this time). We talked a bit, then I heard/saw/felt Emman and Baron. I went to them and kissed them on the mouth casually, which they were fine with. They said something about looking for me. We went back to the "center" of the roof (surrounded by 6-feet walls but has door-like openings on all sides and with no roof). I saw Chela again and she showed me on her phone an app that showed a kiss mark (black background) and two people. I think it was supposed to represent the two guys I was with and that it showed I kissed them. She was playfully asking who they were. I was hesitant but not afraid as I quickly looked (with just my eyes) at the two guys to my left and they slowly retreated, cartoonishly. I didn't know if they're out (even though they kissed in public). I guess I kinda outed them when I looked at them retreating out of the walls. (The place looked like Intramuros).


      - Afternoon dream (Approx. 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.)
      - Took phenylephrine for the stuffy nose
      - Set alarm, but I woke up before the alarm.
      - That was weird. I feel that I am very monogamous but this dream with the polyamorous relationship seemed fun and silly, as if I didn't feel any weight while I was in it. I was never in a polyamorous relationship, and I usually say/think I never would be since I'm very selfish and don't want to share my partner (to be).
      - I would have thought that I'd feel the same feeling of disgust and worry over the polyamorous relationship as I did with the thought of having sex with a female.
    5. Asylum for Gifted Children

      by , 04-10-2014 at 12:18 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)

      Had an interesting dream this afternoon after drinking a cup of coffee (instant cappuccino). I went to sleep meditating — focusing on breathing, but I let the playlist continue. I did not expect it will loop, so when I woke up hearing it, I just flowed into meditating again.
      I set the alarm for 1 hour and 50 minutes. 90 minutes (1.5 hours) for the REM cycle, 14 minutes for the time it takes to fall asleep, and 6 minutes to set up the meditation sound, adjust bed, whatever.


      I dreamed I was in a mental asylum for gifted children. I saw an adult patient trying to choke another with a pillow. It was dark or shadowy. Not night, but it's like the blinds are down. "I" ran, I think trying to escape.

      I ended up in something like World of Warcraft location, facing a crossroad where skeletal beings and wraiths go back and forth on the road that goes towards and away from me, while on the road crossing it are cars speeding from right to left, seemingly unaware of the creatures. There's a hut a little to my right with some people in it. Once in a while, one creature would walk almost right to the hut, but only stay outside the window.

      I climbed on the roof and watched while a couple of creatures attacked, telling one person/kid on the ground to go around the hut, not realizing until then that there were two creatures attacking.

      We climbed up the building nearby with exterior ladders and ended up in a large dorm room for the gifted. "I" (because it's more like I was looking through the kid's eyes) tried talking to them that night when they're asleep because I was too shy.

      We "escaped". It seems like it was an experiment, and the guy who tried to kill another was an actor. I met him outside the "walls" but I still felt the shock. I moved on eventually, with me and a friend taking a huge 10-wheeler-like truck, but with 4 huge tires (reaches up to the roof of the truck) instead of 10 small tires. We crossed a bridge.
    6. Shoot him in the face.

      by , 07-02-2012 at 06:53 AM (RommiH's Dream Journal (entries are not dated correctly. i am slowly transferring my DJ from my computer, to the one on DV))
      I am with three people. Two guys and a girl. We are climbing up and along a steep but not vertical cliff or mountain. It is cold and everywhere is snow and ice. We are running from a group of people. We sort of make it up this snowy mountain when I spot the people we were running from. I cant remember what happens at this point exactly but I am captured. ☹ frowny face. Gap in dream….. Cant remember what happens. But I do remember that I am being held somewhere but I manage to get help. Some sort of plan has been created to get me out or something. I remember climbing through air ducts in the building to escape. I meet an Asian lady in there who helps direct me to where I was supposed to go. For some reason there was an area in the ducts where the cameras of hostages, such as me, were kept. In the dream it was very important that I get my camera. I couldn’t just leave. I had to get it. I guess someone was behind me because once I reached that area I was in a great hurry to find my camera among the many that were there. I desperately had to get out with my camera. I just in time found mine and jumped down though a hole in the duct. At that point I was outside and I ran to the van the was supposed to pick me up. Then this guy who was apparently called “The Butler” found us. He ran whatever place I was being held in. I figured were we’d all be shot dead any moment now. He walked up to me and said my name as if he pitied me. I started looking through a bunch of camera bags that were next to me hoping to find a gun in one of them. On the third case I did. I found three bullets in the same bag and quickly loaded them in to the pistol I found. I couldn’t understand how I was still alive but without wasting another second I shot the dude in the face.

      There was so much more to this dream. A lot happened while i was held prisoner. I couldn't record this dream right when I woke up though. This is all I remember now
    7. Zombies of the Crypt

      by , 08-03-2011 at 01:56 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was with some people, fighting zombies in a courtyard (reminds me of the courtyard area of the old Mortal Combat game). I'm immortal, and I'm fighting together with other mortals and immortal. It was a grey and hazy afternoon.

      I was in the streets at night, with mom and sis. We were arguing, with me being told to do all the chores because my sis is sick or something. I told them, yeah, and I should also start working so I can buy them rice and pay for the bills. They walked away, to watch a movie or something, and I went "home" to the stronghold.

      I took to the walls to watch how the zombies, trapped inside by the walls and gates, are faring. It was another hazy afternoon.

      I met some guy. A guard? I went inside and fought the dozens of zombies that came out using a gun and a sword. The gun is not very effective, so I switched to a sword and did one-hit kills.

      There were kids, or small people, inside, and we tried to protect them. I recall a blue-colored clothing on one of them.

      Then there was a chase. Ravens? Climbing zombies? The Left4Dead type of zombies that has long tongues and exploding bulk?
    8. Escape from the Privileged Life to get to a Hockey Game

      by , 05-09-2011 at 02:49 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      My rich friend and I are shopping in some rich European type store. I tell her I've had enough, I'm tired, and we go to leave. We try to get out of the store by way of this strange exit at the plaza. We must go through the fur coat section, which disturbs me, but I say nothing. We find a ladder we have to climb to get out. As we climb we joke about escape from the privileged life, and she jokes that we are somewhere between many portions of fillet mignon beef. I laugh at this random and obscure idea. She tells me that she realizes now that she was tired of this rich life.

      We climb all the way to the top, then slide down some crazy water slide like things that have no water. I get distracted by a girl who keeps going up and down the slides, complaining about her wardrobe malfunctions. My friend is also getting too distracted by the girl. I look at my watch and I'm horrified to realize that it's 19:25, and I was supposed to be on a train to Toronto at 19:24. I was supposed to meet up with my family at the hockey game (strange, as I absolutely HATE hockey) there. I start swearing and having a meltdown.

      Me and my friend run full out to the Haubtbahnhof. It's a mess of criss crossing tracks in a very unGerman looking chaotic mess. There are very complex and difficult to understand train numbers which make me feel panic that I won't be able to find the right train. Somehow we find out that I have to wait for the number 10, then transfer to the number 7. We're walking on a glass platform that has a film of water running over top of it, giving the illusion of walking on water. I can see the shadows of fish below me. I take out a small rusk cake and crumble it up to feed the fishes, whispering a spell as I sprinkle it into the water.
      Some onlooking French men are curious asking me what I am doing, what is that dust I am sprinkling.

      The train arrives now and it looks as though it's passed through a rainstorm. I get the feeling there was a hail storm somewhere. I squeeze into the first very cramped car of the train. It's very dark and close in there. A disabled man in an automated wheel chair departs the train. I manage to find 2 free seats but my friend is sitting a couple of rows ahead, speaking Japanese to some stranger. I didn't realize she was coming with me.

      I notice that the train is called "Noodles" rather than whatever it is supposed to be called. I ask the driver and he says we have to get out at the terminus station called Noodles and walk down the train tracks in the underground tunnel to get to the next stop. It's been like this all day, he tells me, perhaps there is construction.
    9. Climbing the hill

      by , 12-27-2010 at 01:35 PM
      This is the first entry in my dream journal. It's extremely incomplete, since I already forgot almost everything.

      I remember being on a bus back home, hearing music through a crappy mp4 player, I gave my younger brother for Christmas, and being annoyed by it. (I'm very demanding with sound quality). This bus is familiar to me since it's the only one that passes in my home location. Before I had a car I caught that Bus for almost 10 years to go from school to home.
      The thing is that the Bus is totally different because it looks like a tourism one, and not the public transportation kind. I remember I recognized some people from my personal life and talked to them, but I can't remember what.

      Suddenly the Bus stopped and the driver said there was a huge fire in a mountain range near me therefore he turned the bus to another road I didn't knew. In a moment we were in a highway I didn't recognized, and the Bus stopped near a huge steep hill made of sand and moss(weird). It last like 80º steep and I was really scared because it had an height of about 50 meters.
      At this time I remember the group changed. Now they were friends of mine from the time I used to be in Scouts. Some were really scared but we started to climb. I reached the middle of the hill and slipped, falling to the ground hurting myself.

      I decided I wanted to outline the hill instead of climbing it, so I started walking for a while. Some time after, I noticed I was in front of a poor, old village that I recognized from a previous dream, but didn't found that odd. Curiously a spotlight appeared pointing at me and I started to run so they couldn't detect me. It last very prison like. I believe this happened because I usually do some trek trips and sleep in protected places. In those trips we always try do stay away from forest guards.

      Very strangely I went back to the base of the hill running away from that spotlight, canguru style. It was really weird.

      And then my mother woke me up...

      As I said previously, this is my first dream entry. I decided to start writing here thanks to a wonderful movie called The Waking Life that really influenced me.