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    1. 14 Sep: Attacked by assassins on my vacation with family

      by , 09-14-2019 at 10:05 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Vacationing with some family members in a resort. My late uncle Zé and my aunt invite me to a walk at some waterfalls in a mountain. But it is really cold and I argue that it is better to stay by the fireplace and there is an indoor heated pool I really want to try, So I stay there, But I don't relax because I am attacked by Chinese assassins, One of them is a genetically enhanced clone of another one. I still beat her. Then some other dude attacks me, but I knock him down and he bleeds badly from his head. I feel compassion and concern for him and offer to help him. He is conscious and gets up. Refuses my help and says he has a place nearby where he can get medical help. I still walk with him until this place. Basically we get to a checkpoint where hundreds of people try to get in, but it is not into a nice place. It is actually the underworld where criminals and outcasts go to. He goes straight to the gate guards and they allow him in immediately.
    2. Multiple personalities

      by , 10-09-2017 at 08:23 AM
      Getting carried away with my powers I was teleporting around short distances instead of speed running but noticed that there was an after image of where I had just been.
      The after image started lasting for longer each time, then it started looking different from me.
      It seemed to be a paradoxical principal that if the "clone" image was there for to long it became dissimilar from me and could not be reincorporated back into me. So they just became people, independent of me. This craziness continued and ended up with having back clones and good clones all over the place.
      Tags: clone
    3. Dream - Find The Photos & You'd Better Believe It

      by , 06-27-2017 at 01:36 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 27 JUN - 2017

      Dream No. 142 - Separated Sections

      Dream 142 A - Find The Photos
      I forgot what happened at the start of the dream. My family were staying up late at night to prepare for these three relatives that were supposedly coming down from America. My mum did say that she might even be up until four 'o' clock in the morning. I was then asked to use this photo sorting program on laptop to look for photos we could share with these people. Some times, my computer screen would glitch up when it came to graphics and so I had to call my brother over to fix it. He came and he showed me what to do... I had to select number 4 out of the five options... The glitch would put the option at 1. Although once, I tried graphics option 5 and I was in love with the cloudy look of my screen-saver. My brother did say that it was always best to choose 4 though.

      I then continued through photo sorting and each time the glitch would pop up, I would always put the screen back on option 4. I noticed that this photo sorting program was attached to my instagram account. There was this notification that had popped up, a 15 year old girl from Sri Lanka started following her. I decided to see who this girl was and so I clocked on her profile. It was weird, she was identified as Sri Lankan but then she had a Japanese appearance. The dream said that Sri Lankans nowadays have more of a Japanese appearance.

      After more photo sorting, my mum and come into my room, impatient. My mum tells me to hurry up and that she wants me off there soon. My dad adds that it's 2:15 in the morning. I try rushing now but at the same time I think to myself, “why rush me when you're staying up until 4:00?”. Soon I was done and headed over to the front room where everyone else was. I was standing next to the fireplace and the cat appears next to me. She then suddenly goes for my hand and is holding it in her mouth, pressing her teeth down! I use all my thought power to make it not hurt but at the same time, I am yelling for mum to come and help me. She's on the ottoman, looking down at her tablet computer. She can't hear me and so I yell at the top of my lungs, “Mum!” and she eventually makes the cat drop my hand. I don't remember what happened after that.

      Dream 142 B - You'd Better Believe It
      The dream started off with my driving down the hill on Jells Road on the way from the Burwood area. There were the traffic islands/speed humps that I really hated going over and it would jolt the car a lot. I eventually went to this unknown parkland that was only claiming to be called Jells Park but didn't look it it. When I got out of the car and shut the door, these girls in Killester uniform came up and started attacking me. I straight away started to call for Dreamy WB but there was no response. I kept calling and running around in circles for quite a long time.

      I then ran out of the area altogether and came across this truck which I think was the school in the dream. Once I stepped into the truck, I felt like I had lost them. EL and NBr were in there and so I spoke to them for a bit. I soon saw WB stepping into the truck and so I told EL and NBr I had to go. With WB was this other girl that looked very much like her but was in casual clothes. This time I wanted Dreamy WB, so I called both the girls over and rubbed my fingers through their hair to see if there was any difference with them. I then go, “Aha!” to the casual girl, “So you're Dreamy WB”. WB then pipes in that it wasn't and that girl was actually WB's friend.

      The girl then walks away and WB screws her face up at me, asking me “who's Dreamy WB”... She looks at me like I'm a mental case. I then said to her “she's just like you but then she comes in my darkest times and protects me”. That's when WB's jaw dropped, she couldn't believe what she was hearing. I then further explained to her, “she has a higher conscience than you. Her conscience is that of a dream level”. WB doesn't sound sceptical anymore and rather, she is very interested. She asks me “wouldn't she have a higher awareness than that?”. I answered “You have an Earthling Awareness, she has a Dream Awareness”. Then a group of girls came in, being led by BT and they were about to start attacking me. I told WB I had to go and she told me good luck for finding Dreamy WB.

      I knew the girls were still after me but for some reason I didn't think about getting back in the car. I jogged up the other end of Jells Road and ended up in front of Wheelers Hill Shopping Centre. When I was there, the girls started to corner me. Once again, I tried calling for Dreamy WB but in a way like I had never done before... I found I was at some points, calling so loud that my voice was breaking and squealing like a little girl. It worked this time, I felt myself lifting off the ground without explanation. I turned my head and saw that I was in her arms now. Although Dreamy WB had a female energy, her appearance that was more of a male... She was wearing a skinny, red t-shirt and she had this dirty blonde, short curly hair... Her face was still like the real one though and she did not have hair anywhere else besides on the top of her head.

      So she was holding me, with my head now resting on her shoulder and perching, looking outwards. As she was carrying me, she was walking back towards the area where I had come from. We were cornered and I thought BT was about to swing a punch at me but then Dreamy WB quickly turns around and tells me to “watch out”... Apparently the other girl was due to swing a punch first. But before that could happen, Dreamy WB slammed her palm into the girl's face, pushing her over and that's when I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved
      - Rack Off Mate! (Have Dreamy WB repel 1 nightmare)
      >> When she face-palmed the girl on the footpath.
      - Something's Not Right (Have WB and Dreamy WB appear in the same dream)

      >> When I told WB about her dreamy clone, later on finding that clone myself.

      I think it was so amazing, WB's reaction when she found out about her "dreamy clone". I'm curious to find out what would happen if they actually met each other. So the dream made it so I could really tell them apart. WB's appearance wasn't messed up at all, she was even in school uniform and rather kept an authenticity of her true state as well as her true personality. Whereas for Dreamy WB, her features were messed around with a lot which really tells you who belongs where.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Dream - Never Enough Time For A WILD & Keep Her Safe

      by , 05-28-2017 at 05:46 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 28 MAY - 2017

      Dream No. 121 - Separated Sections

      Dream 121 A - Never Enough Time For A WILD
      The dream took place on the grounds of Camelot Rise Primary School but it was all Killester students. I was walking around with JS and at the same time, looking for WB whom I thought would most likely be in the library right next to the office area. I then had an idea that I was going to go to sleep and attempt WILD. So JS walked off while I found somewhere to lie down.

      I eventually found a wooden bench in the main area of the school and lay on it. I started to fall asleep and try not to move at all so I could be aware if I was to enter a dream within this dream. At one point, I did feel like I was about to slip into another dreaming state but then for some reason, I automatically woke up. Apparently there was only two minutes left before classes would start again. When I got off the bench, I saw WB standing beside the unit of the multipurpose room and her appearance seemed smaller and cuter compared to real life. I don't remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream No. 121 B - Keep Her Safe
      At the start of the dream, I find I was doing something strange and unusual with chocolate chip cookies. That soon passed and the dream scene went to something else. There was this gravel landing/taking-off strip in a desert and there was a smallish looking metal aeroplane on it. Apparently, mum, NB and myself were returning from our Croatia holiday.

      When on the plane, I figured that I wanted to sit about two seats away from them as I did have Dreamy WB with me. She was in the form of a small plush toy with her hair in the style of two braids. Still, my mum sat next to me and my brother sat behind me, so I quickly had to whisk Dreamy WB away from my lap and have her under my left arm, against my body, on the side next to the windows. I was pressing her really hard to make sure no one could see her until our destination was reached.

      The dream scene then skipped to me showing random people holiday destinations like I was on some Getaway show. One place was this deserted lighthouse-like winery that was all dark inside. I don't remember anything else about this dream.
    5. Blanket lady

      by , 07-30-2015 at 12:48 AM
      A series of FAs where I am trying to fall asleep while a DC keeps distracting me so I can't seem to transition. After a few more FAs, I realize the previous ones were actually dreams so should have already acted there.

      Scene change, some on and off lucidity scenario with family members at grandma.

      Inanimate object - blanket lady

      A bit later, I get a wave of really strong awareness and remember thanks to reading other people's reports the inanimate object task. There is a blanket so I lift it up with some sort of thought control and say hello. I begin to laugh and it answers me with a creepy echo laughter. Moreover, it turns and twists and becomes the upper part of an 18th century woman. In the dream I try to memorize the shape to eventually draw it later on.


      After this I take quite a while trying to remember any other tasks. I am even overly concerned that all this strain will certainly end the dream, but luckily it doesn't and I recall the clone task. I try to think about myself while turning around but nothing happens. I decide to half close my eyes, risking the dream disappearing while thinking of an image of myself but again nothing happens. Finally, I decide to open the door and expect to see her/me there. This seems to work and I finally meet her. We go into the corridor where there are a number of somewhat harassing DCs and then into the kitchen. I have no idea what to do with my clone though, so we just walk around from room to room until her features change.

      Then I spot Gordon Ramsay who looks very tired and I try to talk to him. Fluctuations in lucidity, rises up again while I speak to him. He asks if I can hear him well. There are distortions in the direction of the sound for a moment.
      The alarm wakes me up.
    6. Expensive Restaurant

      by , 07-29-2015 at 06:01 PM
      9 July Backlog

      10 min wbtb with couple of snoozes before that


      I fall asleep and find myself on the street, looking at these flowing dots, reminding me of the rain/snow and energy. I marvel them for a while and then they turn into really large snowflakes and the snow covers the street. As this is an immediate dream entry I am not fully grounded, notice that can move my hands almost ok now so I grab a bit of snow and form a snowball, throw it at a DC ahead - this requires some effort. The scene soon ends.

      Restaurant attempt

      A semi lucid scene follows where I am in this weird building, running away from a huge snake-like creature. I know it's a dream, but I like messing around with the scenario. I escape through the highest window.

      A moment later, I find myself outside in a kitchen and think about the restaurant task. Could this theme be used for a restaurant? There are enough bottles and plates and food around, but no DCs. It doesn't look expensive though (5 star required by the task). I go outside and it turns to the yard of our place in the past. Our parents are sitting on this outdoors drinks arrangement. I wonder again if this could be used for the task, there is a table and chairs. It could well be an outdoors restaurant. The dream soon loses stability and I wake up.

      Clone attempt

      I find myself in a car going somewhere with a familiar DC with me on the backseat. I remember the clone task and try to summon one on the front seat. The car actually drives by itself. A DC appears on the seat but instead of me is someone that looks like S, then another guy in his 50ies or so with a beard. Overall not very attractive DCs. I still have hopes that he will be able to change so I decide to kiss him, close my eyes and imagine the DC transform. I follow the plan and as I approach to kiss him, I am surprised by the distinct feel of his beard on my lips, which I wasn't thinking is there at all. But he has a beard and there it is. I try to manipulate him into transforming while he does most of the kissing obviously enjoying himself. It's not pleasant at all but I get all the details of his lips seeming independently controlled movements. He doesn't change so I pull away and whine a few times for him to transform then the dream ends.

      wake up, very brief review

      Expensive restaurant

      A non-ld scenario goes on for a while, then towards the end I come to my senses and remember the restaurant task. I walk around looking for something that will do. This task starts to get really difficult, I am thinking. I'm now outside facing a swimming pool which reminds me of the one in front of the hotel. I know there is a restaurant there that should offer fancy food. However, I'm slightly concerned about my ability to reach it as I feel uncontrollable dream instability all around. As a result, I carefully sway forward like a drunken person till I cross over the swimming pool and get to the side where the restaurant is.

      There are already people sitting near a large table with tons of champagne bottles here and there. Champagne, that is good, it means the restaurant is expensive, I think to myself due to the 5* requirement of the task. There is a plate of oysters and other fish canapés so I head towards it and eat the special mixture there. It tastes similar to a freshly made salmon spread. I'm feeling pretty satisfied with the task up to this point, though there could have been more food. My mom comes to distract me with something she apparently cooked, trying to convince me to taste it. I do and then shortly after lose lucidity.
      The dessert comes - a chocolatey profiteroles sundae but the dream ends.

      Clone girl - frag

      I end up in the room, lucid again, remember the clone task, close the door, try to summon a clone. This girl comes in, she is not quite me, but will do. I try to remember what I wanted for us to do. Can't remember after that.

      Flying - frag

      I remember flying and getting higher out of the sudden and then recall our recent conversation with Ginsan about finding something to zoom in to. So, I just keep looking down, trying to find something awesome and as I do, I find myself flying over fantastic valleys with green grass and orange colored trees. The entire scene is very color saturated. Then, I zoom in towards the ground and pick up a poppy flower. I find this so amazing. Nothing's more awesome than picking up a flower.
    7. BONUS TOtM: Water and Fire (also a clone)

      by , 05-02-2015 at 10:03 AM

      I did the bonus task of the month! I am actually pretty happy that I was able to accomplish this so quickly. Lately my lucids have been longer and more fun, and actually, this is the forth lucid dream in a row. It took me more than a week to do last month's basic task (and I was too late, haha) but I did this one the night I found out about it. Anyways, I'll stop blabbering.

      It is my first day in university. I am sitting at a desk and we are being taught something. We are given lots of money - it is for some work we did - there are multiple 20 dollar notes and some 50 dollar notes and 10 dollar notes.

      I am probably still in uni. We were given an assignment. I talk to some girls that are in that room. I think I am semi-lucid at this point. I walk out of that room with some of my friends and I pass a mirror, which I look at. I look completely normal. I try to make my hair shorter in the mirror so I can see how I would look with that haircut. It doesnt work so I just continue walking, losing lucidity.

      I am at the shops with my friend who moved to a different city in waking life. It feels like she has been here for at least a week.

      Later in the dream, we are at the school library and we are talking about something. We are sitting near the bathrooms. A guy I think saw earlier in the dream walks out of the female bathroom. He apologizes to my friend and I, which confuses me because we weren't the people in the bathroom. He goes into the male bathroom, which is basically a glass box in the middle of the library with some toilets in it and a sink, and I think, he should have used the female bathroom because this is not even a propper bathroom. I realise that weird/unhygenic bathrooms are my dreamsign so I do a reality check, and although the first one fails, I am already lucid so at this point I am just doing reality checks to test them, not the dream.

      I walk outside. I see my little brother there and he looks upset. He tells me its because he can't do the assignment we got in universty properly and is going to get into trouble (he is 9 though, and looked that age in that dream so I don't know why he even got that assignment). I tell him not to worry and offer for him to fly with me. He agrees. I grab his hand and we fly off. There is a big pool of water there and we fly above it, almost touching the water. It is a bit hard for me to support both of our weights so I tell him to spread his arm like wings and we both fly around. I lose control a little bit a few times and go into the water, but it is stll fun. I think the dream fades out at one point. I still imagine myself in the water and I look up when I am at the bottom. I swim up. This is either a very faded dream or a vivid daydream. Eventually I am in the dream again. I shout "clarity now!" (a bit quietly though as I don't want to wake everyone up in case I am not fully in the dream and shout in waking life) and everything becomes more clear. I am still near that pool of water. There is a river nearby. It is not very wide - just around 5 meters accross. I remember the TOtM, so I try to waterbend the river. It doesn't work well at all, but I saw that the water wobbled a bit. I try to control a small blob of water and eventually am able to do at least that. This is a bit weird because I was much better at waterbending the other day. I then try to split the water in the river in half and it actually starts to work. I move the two halves away from each other and the right half is now completely gone but there is still some water flowing from the left side. I try to get rid of it, but by the time I almost do, the right half starts coming back. I decide that this is the most I'll be able to do with this river in this dream, but I feel like this was a pretty sad attempt for a bonus task, so I decide to do some fire-bending instead. Behind me are a couple of trees up a small hill, but I dont want this to be a sad attempt too and try to find myself an actual forest. I tell myself that once I fly up, ill see that behind this hill is a big forest. I fly up and see plenty of trees to burn. I land back on the ground. I try summoning a fire in my hand. Nothing happens. I cup my hands and put them together (as if you just caught a flying insect in your hands) and try to summon a fire in there. I opened my hands carefully and saw a tiny, white flame, just a little bigger than a rice-grain floating above my palm. I started making this flame bigger (I doubt that it would have been able to set anything on fire before) and it grows until I have a big fireball around half a meter in diameter. I drag it behnd me as if it is a balloon on a string, setting every tree I pass on fire. After some time, I look around and see that there is no tree around me that isn't burning. I decide that my job here is done and remember the goal I wanted to do after I do the TOtM - get a dream guide.

      I fly off. The sun is now setting and the clouds look beautiful. There is a red glow everywhere. Around are what look like buildings being constructed. There is constructon happening over the big pool of water too. For some reason there is a slightly unsettling atmosphere. I fly and see some mordern buildings with apartments. I fly into a room that is empty. I try to spawn a dream guide, a character that I've seen in my past dream. I notice that a person - my clone - is standing on the other side of the room. It is also trying to spawn someone. I tell it that it is an inaccurate clone (it was a bit skinnier than me) but it gets upset and shoves me. I stand there for a few seconds, looking at my clone. I suddenly wake up.

      It is almost 6am, which is the time I usually wake up, so I guess that's why I woke up so suddenly.

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    8. 2/4/2014

      by , 02-21-2014 at 12:54 AM
      False Awakening

      Last night was strange. I think I had a false awakening and was close to lucidity before that. I had plenty of dreams but the important one was early in the night.

      I was standing on train tracks in a snowy area. There was a train stopped on the tracks to mi right. At first, I thought I was seeing myself in third person but I discovered it was a clone or something of me. He had camera equipment and was yelling "It's not gonna happen!" to a group of people. I knew they were getting ready to film me while I was lucid. I realized this but didn't think it was true because my clone kept saying "you're awake! Look!" My view changed and I was staying at the TV in my GF's room, laying in bed. The vision was cloudy and the TV was off. I then re-appeared in my 'dream'. I did a reality check: Looked at my hands. At first, it was difficult but I managed to do it. My hands looked stockier and bigger than usual and were a dark color, as if they were burned or scorched. I kept looking at my hands but my clone kept saying "You can't do it, you're already awake! You're thinking this!" I was still looking at my hands when the world around me started shaking uncontrollably until I woke up.

      In my next dream, I was in my room looking down at my rat, Juanita. She was out of her cage, under my chair. I noticed something red in her left eye and when she turned her face, her eye had been torn off. She was oozing blood and I suspected one of the other rats did it. I yelled something and ended up waking up, agitated.
    9. 27th June 2012 - Tenth Lucid Dream [Meeting myself in a DILD]

      by , 06-27-2012 at 02:49 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I was a prisoner in this castle, the dream started with plotting an escape with another prisoner. We ran out of the castle and across these thin stone blocks suspended above a ravine, as we stepped on the thin stone blocks they began to crack so standing on them for too long wasn't an option. We ran across them as quickly as possible until we came to a more solid stone block where we planned what to do next.

      Nearby there was this machine of sorts spinning at high speed consistently. We figured that if we managed to jump on this machine we could launch ourselves from it up and over the castle walls. Things turned slightly insane here. We leapt on the machine and propelled ourselves, one at a time, to try and get over the wall. With each failed attempt we seemed to reset back to the beginning and we were able to try again.

      Soon enough, I managed to land on the castle walls and I thought it'd be a simple task of just hopping over the other side, but there was another wall preventing me from doing so on this end. To get to the other end of the castle wall involved trying to get through a blockade of heavy stones that were swinging relentlessly back and forth across it.

      I jumped back over the edge of the wall and rappelled along the side. After almost getting hit by the swinging stones, I made it across to the other side. I was cheering at the prisoner who was with me, who was still failing at his attempts to get up here. Little did I know the side of the wall that I rappelled to was actually a guard tower.

      I was re-captured and then I had a scene change. Next thing I know I'm again with the other prisoner who I was trying to escape with, performing kitchen duty. We apparently hadn't eaten for days and we were both starving so we sneakily stole some of the leftover food and took it back to our room. To our surprise, after finishing our shift the head of the kitchen staff praised us for our good work and handed us a huge plate of food as thanks. We rapidly tried to hide the stolen food as the guy brought the food into our room and we somehow got away with it.

      Another scene change to after we finished eating, and I noticed that with the food we got given was a Christmas Cracker, despite it not being Christmas. I pulled it open regardless just to see what was inside. At this point my roommate left and the whole scene seemed to shift from the castle prison room area to a room in my house. I pulled out a pair of green sunglasses from the Christmas Cracker and decided I wanted to try them on.

      I looked in a nearby mirror and took off my normal eyeglasses, then looked in the mirror again and I was completely confused when I could still see perfectly and the glasses were still on my face. I held my hand up and touched the area of my face where my glasses were supposed to be and felt nothing. I rubbed it a bit to make sure and when I took my hand away it looked as if I had "erased" an area of the glasses. I'm completely spun out and I have no idea what's happening.

      I held my hands up and finally realised that it was a dream after seeing that I have short, stubby fingers. I recall going to sleep after attempting a WILD despite the ridiculously long dream that occurred before this. I walk into a nearby bedroom in my house, all of the bedsheets are on the floor and for some reason my friend is making the bed. The dream is ridiculously vivid here and I have to remind myself it's a dream.

      I decide to talk to my friend, as conversations in my dreams are quite rare. I say "Hey", and without once looking at me my friend says "You know you aren't awake yet? I want to make your bed." -- This shocks me, but I continue the conversation with "I know, I'm in a lucid dream."

      Some more conversation later that I don't really recall, only that my friend is really cold towards me and also seems to be incredibly witty, a personality that she doesn't share in real life. I'm interested by how different the dream personality is.

      I decide to check out my bedroom, I thought that maybe I would be able to see myself sleeping if my dream character stated that I wasn't awake yet. I opened the door and sure enough, there I am laying there. It was really surreal and I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. The copy of me laying down in the bed opens his eyes and starts staring at me, before lifting himself up into a sitting position. We're both staring at each other now and I have no idea what's really happening, I don't completely understand how I could be in two places at once.

      The dream starts to become fuzzy here, I think we start some brief conversation and I walk up to him but at one point I think I close my eyes for some reason and when I open them again I'm awake and laying in bed.

      I lay still for a few minutes, trying to re-enter the dream with DEILD and while I feel the vibrations sweep over me I don't seem to be able to re-enter. I think because of my head being all over the place trying to figure out what just happened, or maybe because it was so late into my sleep cycle that I couldn't fall asleep again that easily.
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    10. 2 Frags 1 Dream

      by , 08-22-2011 at 09:32 AM
      I was in Saints Row 2 and then shifted to watching EastEnders where Kat was going to leave Jean and everybody.

      I was playing football and I was rapping.

      Dream 1
      I was in the sea or flying around a beach. I went to a hotel and there was a kind fat guy he looked a bit like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons and he seemed to like everything I liked. The room was pretty small and he had lots of computers and stuff.

      I said I liked The Clone Wars and he said "me too" I said I watched Regular Show and he said "Regular Show is fun" then we laughed. The he said something about a droid invasion so we went with some Clones across the beach to a kind of island with thousands of droid factories and we had Clone on hover bikes fighting.

      We did battle I think we won and that's that.
    11. 3 Frags and 3 Dreams

      by , 07-27-2011 at 08:27 AM
      Dream Fragments

      I was playing the guitar really well I knew where the chords were and everything.

      I was sitting on the stairs tying my shoelaces.

      I was with a old veteran from a war and he was talking to me about a war.


      I was part of the Clone Wars from Star Wars sent to some fiery place and I had to protect two soon-to-be Jedis (I guess you could call them that) in Fabio and Rafael Da Silva (2 Man United Defenders if you don't know).

      I was being hunted down by Asajj Ventress and General Grievous I got scared and ran to Obi-wan but I left the twins behind when I got back they were dead.

      Dream 2

      This dream happened twice.

      I was supposed to go to school but me and my friends bunked. We went to the train station and I had my oyster card but my other friend couldn't go, he had to buy a ticket.

      Second Time.

      My friends had come to my house so that we could all go to the station together. I left my house and my friend in there (which is strange as it is my house) my friends were walking on but I waited for him. When we left some lady on a motorbike nearly hit us. She was Asian and wearing a blue helmet and the bike was blue too (my fav colour) she rode off and came back she nearly got hit by a car.

      My and my friend walked off.
    12. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 06-09-2010 at 12:39 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Festival! Festival! (Non-lucid)

      So, a majority of the details in the dreams I had last night I've lost, thanks to a rude awakening by my brother who needed a ride to work. This is a shame because there were two dreams that were a lot of fun.

      I can't recall the details, but for some reason my father was messing around, and wasn't letting me into the hybrid. We were in a place that seemed to be a mixture of a European touristy city and Baltimore's Inner Harbor. My dad took off, leaving the window open and me holding on. I tried to keep up with the outrageously slow speeds the hybrid is capable of, but was tiring out quickly. This triggered a dream reflex and I started Hovering, which allowed me to easily keep up, and get an amazing view of the moonlit water and hotels and the festival that was going on.

      Unfortunately, that's all I can remember of that dream.


      Flying Feces (Non-lucid)

      The next full dream I can recall was a good one.

      Some scientists were conducting experiments in order to better understand consciousness and the idea of self. I was their subject. I didn't know it at the time, but I was a clone. Newly created, devoid of any previous experience or thought. An empty shell. As they went ahead with their experimentation, I wondered what they were testing me for. I caught bits and pieces of what they were discussing, and thought, why do they need to know if I'm me, I am me. At 'I am me', realization washed over me. I became fully conscious, not lucid mind you, but aware enough to break free of my restraints, and Fly out of the facility.

      As I flew around, just generally enjoying myself, the dream progressed. I found out that I was in fact a clone, and that the person they had cloned me from was very rich and currently in a coma. Close to death, he had a fiance who was going to get everything. She didn't even love the man, so I took his place, feigned a miraculous recovery, and proceeded to teach her a lesson. It ended with her jumping into an open sewer line that was filled with liquefied feces and other excrement. I'm pretty sure she drowned, but my brother woke me before I could find out.