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    1. Time travel, and clones.

      by , 01-01-2020 at 08:50 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      I only have faint memories of one dream from last night.

      I have been worried about my sister lately due to some unfortunate RL stuff. But in my dream, my mom came to see me, along with my sister (don't know where my brother was, or if my dad was there).

      There were two copies of my sister there -- one from the present, and one from the past. Both of them were acting differently, but they were both clearly my sister. The younger of the copies told me that she was from the past. She had time traveled to get to our present day.

      Kind of freaky honestly.
    2. lxv.

      by , 11-04-2018 at 12:16 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up at 8:20 or so with my alarm, waking up from a non-lucid, sweating. Slept some more and woke up again around 2 hours later with one or two non-lucids.

      Dream 1:
      I was living in a house with my partner (H); I remember it had a ground floor and a first floor. It was day time, and sunny. One of our neighbours was a couple, a man and a woman, who had two kids, two boys I think.

      One of those boys started to "accuse" me of looking at him, when I hadn't been; this went on for a while in the dream and the parents themselves didn't seem that interested... Later on, this boy, the younger of the two I think, started messing around and eventually he tried to get into our house for some reason or something. I decided we should catch him and make him calm down and explain his problems.

      I waited for him to be on top of our wall or fence or something and then when he couldn't see me I'd grabbed him by the legs and took him in and told him to calm down, as he was obviously upset now. I asked him why he was being left here when his parents were gone and he wasn't sure; and he said that sometimes when his parents were at home he wasn't allowed in and he could hear "pumping" noises? I understood the implied meaning of this in the dream to be his parents having sex.

      I remember as soon as he calmed down and started to explain his problems I was a lot less tense too, as I hadn't wanted him to get away without an explanation for his previous behaviour at the very least.

      Seems I can't remember any more detail for this dream.

      Dream 2:
      In a square-ish L shape room. The negative shape of the L (so, a smaller square area) was a vertical section of some sort. This looked it was all part of some sort of facility. There was a glass sliding door that would lead into a corridor. Next to the door were many armed guards, standing in a formation, they looked like stormtroopers but some with no helmets on.

      By the glass around the inner part of the L, facing into the vertical section, was a woman. I can't remember what she looked like exactly but I remember something about her breasts being inflated, but then not. She was the DNA source for those clone troopers or something? But I was too or something.

      I remember suggesting an idea to her that perhaps we could change her DNA a bit further, as it was ironic that the troopers were infertile and they couldn't procreate with her. Then I remember saying or thinking something about the fact that she could give birth to our genetically modified humans as a surrogate, rather than them being grown in wherever they were grown.

      There was a lot more detail to this dream, but I've forgotten it.

      Dream 3:
      The last dream, like the rest was quite long but I only remember the last portion... I remember being in a shop, then outside at a pier... I was in Australia or something? I needed to take a boat to Europe or the Middle-East. I remember seeing a world map, but oddly Africa seemed to be missing.

      The boat and some other things looked a bit cartoony somehow. The captain was the owner and they were struggling financially or something so I bought the boat really cheap off him and then I had to get some things ready and then someone else was captain of the boat and I bought it off them again as for some reason it was sinking and buying it stopped it...

      Eventually I got on and there was some sort of transition. I remember seeing the map again.

      The next place, in someone's house. It was like a holiday house that was let to people. I looked around for others but couldn't find anyone. It was day and I could see sunlight come through windows, but the windows themselves looked too bright (nothing but white past them).

      I found some food and drinks, all prepared, for guests like myself, but I didn't take any. I looked around more for someone else and eventually entered this darker, tiny, kitchen. There was a door to the outside and it didn't look so sunny but it was still day. The door was open and there was a woman standing there with a slightly grumpy look on her face. In the kitchen was a man, about my age. He started talking to me and commenting about the house or something, and then all of a sudden he said "oh you've got a bit of a zapper there" or something like that, referring to the fact that he could see my junk poking in my pants, which incidentally were my sweatpants.

      I apologised and said that this just sometimes happened and I couldn't control it (and in fact I expected him to understand since he was a man), but I got the feeling he brought it up more to antagonise his wife or girlfriend standing outside. I took a pair of my compression gloves out of my left pocket and said to him "look, maybe these were also contributing", as my gloves felt quite bulgy inside the pocket previously. Oddly, I can't remember what happened to the gloves, and it's the first time they've appeared in a dream since I've had them.

      Then some transition.

      I was outdoors with this guy. In some city in the US. There was nobody else here initially. I had an interface overlay in my vision, reminded me of the game Boundless and the flooring looked like a specific block-type from the game and I was inspecting it. The floor looked like limestone cobbles. Then he went in a direction and I followed him; he was saying something to me when we got to the top of a slope/stairs bit though I don't remember what. I saw a church and then to its left there was a castle. There were more people here. I remember a couple of cars and a bald man with sunglasses on, inspecting someone's papers.

      The castle bit looked newer, and I asked about it and the guy said they had no old pictures or plans of it so it was rebuilt from imagination or whatever. There was an older castle/church part that had a big glass pane, and inside was a British flag like the one found on planes (the circle with 3 colours). I thought of asking the guy about it but then ended up not and just thought it was interesting.

      Rest of details lost.

      Some notes:
      • The dream with the boy reminds me now a bit of a type of novel that I hear sometimes where someone express their troubles by causing troubles, sometimes at someone else's dear expense.
      • In waking life one neighbour on the other side of the street does sometimes leave their two boys outside, when they're going out, which I don't think is good, and I think this first dream was related to this.
      • I was happy that the boy confessed his troubles as in the dream I then felt like I could do something about it. I think I remember getting on the phone with the police actually, I think when I first grabbed the boy, because I was concerned that his parents were neglecting him.
      • In the second dream there was some residual context from STRAFE, mostly with the layout and stuff like that.
      • The woman wasn't anyone I know in particular nor did she look like anyone I've seen really, but I think she had a ponytail.
      • In the third dream, the guy's presence felt a bit odd all the way throughout. It felt like there was a sinister subtext, although he did seem friendly enough...
      • I might do a bonus image for the second dream, for the layout.

      + Previous score: 65.5

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 8.0
      ++ Recall a non-lucid dream * 3: 3.0
      ++ Help someone in need: 1.0 (the boy; although my tactic was a bit too aggressive, it seemed to get him talking which I think was very important)
      ++ Buy something * 2: 2.0 (the boat, twice...)
      ++ Invent something that's never been heard of before: 2.0 (the DNA altered surrogacy procedure thing)

      = Total score thus far: 73.5
    3. Dream - Am I Seeing Double?

      by , 04-28-2017 at 01:51 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 29 NOV - 2016

      Dream No. 76 - Am I Seeing Double?

      The place mainly featured in this dream was called Killester but it actually resembled Camelot Rise more than it did Killester. So what I remember first is that there were actually two of me! We know that dreams are typically played out in first-person mode and the person in this mode was indeed me... But only one of me. The "me" that was in first-person mode was the one from the real waking life, I was visiting this so called Killester while on my travels through the dream world.

      As I was at Killester, I came across Dreamy Mr H but he was looking at me strangely. This is actually where I come to the realisation that there was another one of me, my dreamy clone. He's going something like this, "Karla, I thought you were going somewhere. What are you doing here?" and that's when I said "I wasn't going anywhere but Dreamy Mr H is still in doubt. I then tell him, "I'm not the Karla you think I am". I actually originate from the Earthly dimension" and that's when he gets a look of massive shock and amazement.

      I think the dream then skipped to Dreamy Karla's perspective (note, she is not in first-person mode and I can actually see her when the dream camera is in her scene). So what's going on is that Dreamy Karla is speaking to Dreamy WB's little sister, Dreamy LB. By what was going on, apparently Dreamy LB was due for her check-up at the dentists, or at least Dreamy Karla thought so. I thought that Dreamy Karla would be a lot more humble than I am... But she spoke in exactly the same way, using some slang and an extremely Aussie accent.

      She said to Dreamy LB, "Let's go for a nice drive in my ute. I know a good dentist that's about one and a half hours away. Dr C (I've forgotten her complete name), she's really good). Dreamy Karla could see the fear in Dreamy LB eyes, so she added "Dr C knows what she is doing. I've been there so many times and she's so patient and gentle in what she does". Then when we're sitting in the ute, Dreamy LB tells me that she has this text on her phone, something about someone else going to take her in her own time. That's when Dreamy Karla asks her "When's the last time you had a check up?" and she replies "February". After a short pause, Dreamy Karla says "And it's November now. Come on, let's go, it's not gonna hurt ya". And so Dreamy LB gives a little sigh with an "Okay Karla".

      Before they drove off, there was just one more thing that Dreamy Karla had to do. She goes to Dreamy LB "Now, we don't want others to see where we are going. So I'm just going to deformat this map and then we can head off". A zoomed camera projection of the map showed with the location point in red and the roads in grey. So with the power of the mind only, Dreamy Karla moved the red point off to the right of the map a bit but what she didn't was also the roads being manipulated. Still, she and Dreamy LB got started then the dream faded from that scene.

      What it did fade to was back to my perspective. I was walking towards one of the gates and what's when I see Dreamy WB. As I was only visiting the dream world, I was amazed... The comparison with the Earthly WB was phenominal. So I approach Dreamy WB, saying to her "Oh wow, you're so much more beautiful than the real WB". Dreamy WB looked extremely slim and curvy and was wearing a dark denim jacket on top of a black/really dark navy pencil dress. When I said that comment to her, she didn't really say anything, only making some sounds of appreciation. Over the fence, she hugged me long and hard, it was like 10 - 15 seconds before she let go.

      The dream then skipped to the time-frame that Dreamy Karla and Dreamy LB had gotten back from the dentist but there was also someone else who went with them. A friend of Dreamy Karla's, Dreamy KH, decided she wanted to keep them company. I was walking around the block of this certain area that resembled the suburb of my old house but then there was this open space up ahead and in that open space somewhere, was a large van. I had suspicions about that van... I thought that van was once Dreamy Karla's ute, just by the way it looked. I stepped inside and it actually looked like the interior of a house!

      Now this is going to sound weird but it felt like Earthly Karla's character no longer existed from this point on, or if it did, she (being I) rarely spoke. Although I was in the house-truck, the dream would only focus on Dreamy Karla's perspectives. Actually, hang on a sec... I was the one being weird! I was actually the one putting the house up for sale on Dreamy Karla's behalf... But I was making out like the house was mine and not hers.

      Okay, back to what was actually happening. I was giving the commentary to Dreamy Mr H and Dreamy Ms A, along with their kids but these kids are not their kids in real life. They were two stranger kids of whom I know nothing about in the Earthly dimension. One very interesting feature of the house were these oddly shaped pillars that could come down as a decoration or space divider. Each time they came down, they were a different colour and a different shape. After a few times of the pillars going up and down, I woke up.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Elevators, Clone Attacks, then Peace

      by , 07-20-2014 at 09:42 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am hired for a temporary janitor position at the college where I was a janitor for a year in the past. Hired onto my old crew, only a couple people have stuck around, the rest are really brand new to janitor work. One new guy is showing me the ropes, even though I know more than he does. Not being one to over-talk people, I am unable to let them know that I actually know what I'm doing, and have spent more time cleaning this exact building than all of them have combined....

      We all get ready to head off to our particular areas, and I show one of the guys where I usually park my bicycle so he has a safe place for his as well. I remember my friend who got his bike stolen during his work shift, and have since found a better spot to park it. I have him follow me up the elevator in A wing. I get off on the wrong floor, and have to get on another elevator. This time, people are getting off, and some other people want to get on and go down instead of up, so I get back out and board the elevator across the room instead. Reaching the top floor, we cross a big bridge to C Wing, and I realize it would've been easier to just enter C Wing from outside instead of our approach. Too late now though.

      There is a secret elevator that only maintenance workers and janitors have access to with our special keys that takes you to a remote mechanical room in the center of the building - perfectly safe place to lock a bike! I forgot to grab my set of keys, so instead, I go to a balcony that is rather exposed and uncomfortable for potential thieves to do their work. There is an elevator that leads down the the balcony. I wait for it, as my co-worker takes the stairs and then a ramp down to the balcony. I get on the elevator, this one is just a platform, open sides, like a lift in a factory or something, and ride it down 6 ft to the balcony where I lock my bike.

      I think I'll need my set of janitor-keys, so I start to walk back toward the supervisor's office. Suddenly she is right in front of me, and hands me my set of keys! She also gives me a paper with a list of what tasks I have to do for that day. It's impossibly long, but I'm feeling confident. Some of the other janitors on my crew are nearby, and ask what I have to do on my sheet. I start to unfold it again, but before I can get a good look at it, an 18 Wheeler Grocery delivery driver turns the corner, panicked because he's lost. He looks really beaten up, lots of black and blues on his face, and some cuts and scrapes all over. A black eye too! I point the way back to his truck, and then suggest that he probably does MMA fighting like the other guy I know, and I wouldn't mess with those guys. It sounds fun, but I've never done it.

      I start to float around through the air, and fly down a hallway at walking speed, back to the top of C-Wing near where my bike is parked. There is a party up on top, lots of loud music and people drinking unknown beverages. Police are there too, but don't seem to care about the loud music or anything. I turn down a few drinks, and avoid the police just out of habit. They are super offended that I am not drinking with them. I realize that my facebook profile makes it look like I drink, so I adjust my details from my phone, giving their drinking party a personal rating of 2/5 for me. I think that's a bit harsh, so I change it to 3/5. Somehow, they get notified that I rated them 3/5 and get even more upset at me. I try to explain why I did that, and don't do drugs. They just storm off, not hearing a word I say.

      I walk toward my bicycle to make sure it is locked, and instead of finding my bicycle, I find an operating room, white walls, white floor, white ceiling, and a patient with some serious tubing coming out of his arm from his heart. He is a clone, about to be killed to have his organs harvested because the person he was cloned from needed an organ transplant. Also, someone needs his blood urgently. He looks like he's already dead, just on artificial breathing, with machines pumping blood around to keep the organs fresh for the next few minutes. I feel like I'm a clone too, waiting to be harvested for the person I'm cloned from. Well, "nothing to lose then". I pull one of the tubes out of him, and blood starts squirting out of it. For some reason, I have to really get a lot of blood. I don't know how I know this. So I pull the next tube, and more blood comes out. The surgeons start shouting at me as I pull the whole apparatus out of the guy's arm and a deluge of blood rushes out like a fire hose. Kinda gross... Before he loses all his blood, he is re-cloned. This clone of the clone sees me doing this, and gets really pissed off, and throws random surgical equipment at me in a rage. One of the other people I'm with is spontaneously cloned as well, and both of them start to chase me. Since I'm a clone, I know this isn't real, which means I have telekinesis.

      I run away from them, not really concerned about any of this because it's not real. I use my telekinesis to pull debris and sharp objects into their path as I run down a metal bridge connecting two tall buildings as I pass through this void type area, surrounded by darkness except for the bridge, myself, and my pursuers. Some more people appear on the other side of the bridge and they surround me. Just as Neo would do in the Matrix, I use telekinesis to stop space and time around me, rendering everyone harmless and ridiculously slow. As I do this, the clone of the guy I was bloodletting comes to understand me, and there is peace between us. Immediately, there is also peace between the others who were attacking me as well, and it seems all conflicts have been resolved.
    5. 15th July 2013 Buildings, Anime characters, A version of Doom 3, Weird restautant and Dublicates

      by , 07-15-2013 at 12:44 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's nap. A couple of lucids, ultralow awareness though.

      Dream 1(fragment):

      I was trying to nap but was getting constantly interrupted in one way or another.

      Dream 2:

      I was in some modern white skyscraper-style building, there were some anime characters i was talking to and then i was going down the stairs and reached some office-like place. Shortly the building started crumbling, i was going further down the stairs while avoiding holes, then the view switched to third person and i was apparently anime character as well, i was about to exit the building but i noticed child Gaara, just standing on stairs and not moving, i told him to go out but he was ignoring me. I (still in third person)walked back up and tried to move him, but he was like glued statue, i even did ended up doing some quick transformation like huge wing for a second, but all useless. I walked out of building and was back to first person view, i got into some red car and was driving on the road. Then it went back to third person and camera rotated around the car, moving further and further away i realized that i am dreaming but it was kinda 'cutscene mode' and i haven't done much in the end. Shortly dream faded out.
      I woke up at home and was immediately distracted by family(As always... That would make stable dream sign but it doesn't happen IWL, so...), there was something about going out of home, i agreed at first but then was like 'nope' and got back home.

      Dream 3:

      I was in some version of Doom 3(According to dream at least, it didn't looked like Doom 3 at all), in editor mode. I opened level that was one of the endgame ones, which was happening in some tall techno-style dark building. I was noclip flying around looking for boss rooms to check scripts and stuff, i got through some boss rooms and soon i was in some different area, metallic with yellow lighting.I realized that i am dreaming because i had feeling of dream and walked around for some time, navigating through some dark passageways with pipe-like structures in walls and grating, soon dream faded out though.
      I woke up and(forgot to RC) was in some restaurant place, alot of stuff was colored white and there were various challenges related to food. I selected one challenge in which i had to bring some food to small cylindric container that sucked in all food that was dropped into it, i filled it halfway through and then i...
      Wake up at same restaurant place again, though this time SilentEternity is here... and another SilentEternity... and also another one of myself. We start discussing something and then dream ends.
    6. Gen-mate

      by , 08-30-2012 at 06:04 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I cannot remember this dream very clearly, but I found it so interesting that I had to document it online.

      I was dreaming that it was the year 2080, I think, and I visited this company called Gen-Mate. The company charged a heavy price to grow you an artificial Husband/Wife or mate in a cloning vat. I was walking down a long hall lined with high-tech cloning vats. This employee was talking to me about the superiority of the clones; although I cannot remember why I was at the company's facility.
      "The clones grow at an accelerated rate, then slow to a normal aging rate once they are fully matured. They are as healthy as normal human beings in every way. You can even have sexual intercourse with them and they will produce healthy children."
      When I to the end of the hall, I made my way into this room with all these doctors. They were discussing the human genome and ways to make their artificial humans healthier. On a computer screen, there was a 3D model of someone's heart, being scanned and displayed.
      The heart started beating, and the men analyzed it. One of them got really excited when he noticed that he had discovered a small valve that had never been discovered before. Growing off the valve was a small flap of flesh.
      "That is what is called Jacob's Column. If we could find a way to remove it we could halt the aging process!"
      The dream told me the entire thing though the back of my head. "Jacob's Column" was a small gland that was in your heart. It grew continuously until it filled your heart and you died, and this was why people died of old age.
      Me and all of the doctor guys were really excited that we had made such a fascinating discovery. I woke up soon after.

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    7. Underground near the main stream.

      by , 04-18-2012 at 06:30 PM
      I and my brother stood in 'the square', a large, roughly square area of tarmac outside my granddad's house and surrounded bymultiple other two story abodes. On one of the 'sides' of the square was a speedbump, and beyond that a road that lead out into the rest of the village. The sky seems to be fairly overcast, though it isn't what you would call dark. Instantly, we both noticed something near the speedbump. There were two ramps descending into the earth on either side of it, like a path that goes under a motorway. both of us ran over to it and made our way down the ramp to the right.

      We were now in a concrete path that runs under the road. It was about twenty meters long from one entrance to the other. The wall to the left of us was flat and smooth. The floor too was the same glossy, cold concrete. To the right of us though was something unexpected.

      The floor continued to the right for about two meters, before dropping down. This space between this drop and the other wall was filled with a clear water, with some debris such as leaves floating in it. An arched tunnel in the wall behind the trench stretched off beyond what I could see, and the water lay there as well. An iron grating walkway went down the middle of the arch, but ended at the mouth of the tunnel. On 'my' side of the water there were the beginnings of a bridge, but the middle was missing. Presumably it was for maintenance purposes.

      I and my brother made our way to another exit that had appeared next to the one opposite us. This led up, through smooth curvy passages, until we reached the 'top'.

      Scene Change

      I was on a large grassy plain. Some tall cliffs surrounded the grassland, with a few spruce trees dotted here and there. The sun beamed warmly, and the sky was a deep blue. A few clouds drifted lazily across it. The most noticeable thing were the buildings that stood before me. There were about eight that I could see, but more could have been covered up by cliffs. Each was like a huge steel box, covered in huge radiator gratings. They were very futuristic, with clear cut lines and bright faces.

      Then I found myself inside one of them. They appeared to be connected together, like a modular building, in one long row. I walked down them. Each had a glass window to the left of the path, usually with blue screens surrounding them. Behind the glass I could see small white space-ships hovering in a bland room, empty save for the scientists that seemed to be monitoring them.

      I eventually reached some of the scientists beside a long table, upon which people were laying. A scientist explained they had just come out of the pods. Apparently people would be 'grown' in these pods instead of a womb. One by one, the scientists woke up the people and asked them their names and how they were feeling. They all seemed to be fine, and could speak fluent english.

      Scene Change

      I walked up a muddy hill towards a large wooden hut , surrounded by brambles and bushes. Several bare windows lined the wall, and from each of these one of my friends dangled, seemingly as a test of strength. There were other people walking up the hill with us, and I myself walked beside the 'leader'.

      Inside the hut it was quite cramped, as a second room took up the center of the building, leaving room around the outside. I walked around, chatting to people and eventually found my friend M., who I talked with about my aunt. Acording to him she had been attacked, but was fine.

      Scene Change

      An old man walked with his dog up a zigzagging path. He seemed to be in egypt as pyramids and sandstone structures lined the pathway. Suddenly, a stone sphinx ran at him. He punched it and it flew into a pyramid, smashing through the wall. The sphinx then came out and threw a gigantic block at the man, but he merely deflected it with his fist, causing it to rebound and smash the sphinx to pieces.
    8. School and Indian Kids, & Fighting That Guy Who Wants to Kill Me

      by , 06-15-2011 at 06:21 AM
      Soo I don't really remember this one all that much, but I wrote it down when I first had it a couple of days ago. Here goes:

      I was walking down the hallway in my high school (just graduated btw), going between second hour and first hour. For some reason I couldn't remember if it was an A or B day, what class I just had, or where I was going. I got to my locker and remembered that I was going to ApCalc next. I tried to open my locker using 6-12-24, but it didn't work. Then I tried 30-18-40, then 6-37-24, but nothing was working. The bell rang and I managed to sprint to class without being late, but I didn't have any of my stuff. Also, the class was in the front hallway where the library should be instead of where it really is. The teacher told me to sit down so I did, in a desk in the far back middle to the right of a white brick column. The classroom was really weird, the walls were all white and everyone was wearing white, but the desks were tan and so was the tile floor. The whole front wall was a whiteboard and the whole back wall was made of windows, it was like some sort of vista resort or something. Oh, and the desks were really far apart. I guess we started presenting our 'projects', but I don't even know what they were supposed to be or how they had anything to do with calculus. Each student would come up and show a little model they made. They were white and looked like the kids had slapped together random items around their house then covered them with paper mache and plaster. Each one looked different, some were towers, others human figures or geometric shapes, and some were just piles of crap. My turn came to present and I told the teacher I couldn't go because my project was in my locker, which wouldn't open. He got angry for some reason and told me I should have said something when I got into the classroom.

      The middle bell rang and people passed through the halls going to split lunch like usual. A chubby female teacher came out of a sliding closet to my right. With her was a little Indian kid (like actually from India, not Native American), about 8 years old and wearing a white collared shirt with a red boy scout scarf and blue shorts. It was like some weird school uniform. My math teacher said, "Mrs. ___ (don't remember her name) is going to escort this kid through the halls, so if anyone needs to go to their lockers go now." I guess I wasn't the only one who was having locker problems, since a lot of kids came and gathered around the teacher. Also I don't know why we needed to be escorted, since normally the teacher just would have let us go without passes or anything. Before our group left the classroom, the teacher said, "For all you guys who complain about getting here too early, this kid gets here before the hamburgers," and pointed at the little kid. I don't know what he meant but I guess that's really early, and a lot of us gasped. We started walking down the front hallway towards the lunchroom and I broke off to go down the side hallway where my locker was. I did my combination, which was 32-18-24, and it worked. (I don't remember what my real combo is(was) anymore.) I got my materials and went back to class but the door was locked, and inside I could hear they were watching a movie. A group of us gathered outside the door and waited for it to be unlocked but it never was. A bell rang, which meant we could go home (completely scratching lunch and fourth hour out of my day I guess).

      I walked outside the main doors without going back to my locker for my stuff, and went towards the student lot. On the side of the driveway leading to the student lot there was a short white bus, like one of those transit handicapped buses, except it didn't have any logos on it or anything, and there weren't any panes in the windows. I now was the little Indian kid, and I went on the bus, except there were a ton of other kids on the bus who were exact copies of me. (I was watching myself get on btw, from outside the bus, like a third person view.) There were so many kids on the bus that we filled it up to the roof, so there wasn't any space in it at all. The bus driver told them all (I say them because at this point I'm not one of the kids anymore) to duck down so they wouldn't be seen, and they managed to squish themselves so only their eyes and the tops of their heads popped up from below the windows. I think the bus driver didn't want to be seen having too many kids on a bus. By this time the bus was driving down an empty freeway through a pine forest. I became me again, driving a blue subaru. I passed the bus and looked at all the kids in the windows, and though, 'well, that's weird.'

      I got to my apartment building and went inside. (My apartment building has three sets of doors: a locked outside one, an unlocked middle one between the outside and the entrance where the mailboxes are, and the locked door to my apartment.) Everything was normal, but when I opened the door to my actual apartment room, everything was empty. I was on the second floor now too. The whole back wall to every room was made of windows (like the school), and the livingroom had a sliding glass door where you could go out onto a balcony. There was a guy standing in the livingroom, and apparently he was my friend. I was now a guy too, and we were both wearing futuristic silverish armor. There was another guy in my bedroom wearing the same armor, except it was black, and he wanted to kill us. The scene turned into an 8-bit 'side scroller' video game type of thing. My friend and I had short purple health bars in the top left corner and the 'boss' had a big red one along the bottom. We used old style Mortal Kombat attacks to hurt him, but then our health got too low so I had to go into the menu. It was back to normal 2011 type graphics, and had a pink background with items you could select from a list. I highlighted 'max heath', which I had 77 of. The item that gave you 'max health' was a pack of two hot dogs. No buns or anything, just the dogs. I clicked two of the items so I had four hot dogs total, two for each of us, and heard a noise that meant we were all better.

      The menu scene went away, and so did the side scroller view. I was now myself and watching things in a first person point of view. Everyone was taking a break or something, my friend was standing in the living room. We started talking, and he said, "I hope he doesn't do an orange lazer I can never avoid those." I said, "Yeah, same here, except I can't avoid the blue cannons." Suddenly I heard the evil guy giggling from my bedroom, which was his base of operations. I walked over to see what he was doing, which was typing furiously on a computer. He said to me, "You just told me your weaknesses! I'm aiming all lazers at him and all cannons at you!" I said, "Oh, shit," and ran into the living room to tell my friend to hide. The cannon/lazer beams popped out of the walls and starting hissing and steaming while glowing their respective colors as they charged up. I tried to hide by ducking down in my kitchen but the things in the walls were like locked on, and they followed me around everywhere, and I knew they could cut through walls. I ran outside (through all three doors) and just as I closed the last door the cannons fired. Luckily at the right moment I did a handstand on the doorknob and avoided it. (**I remember going lucid for a second here, thinking, "this is bullshit, this guy's cheating, screw this," etc, so I slowed down the 'blue cannon' which was like a really big blue lazer and made myself flip up and do the doorknob handstand. But then I lost it and went right back to dreaming normally.) I went back to standing and looked at the door wondering A) why the cannon didn't leave a hole and B) how the hell was I going to get inside without my keys? But I guess the cannon had 'weakened' the door, so I kicked it in, ran through the unlocked second door, and through my door which I had bolted out of without locking (cause really, who has time to lock their door when they're gonna be blasted with a giant blue lazer?) My friend was lying on my livingroom floor, dead. I could see part of the evil guy's body on my bedroom floor from where I was standing, he was dead too. As I ran over to check out my friend my phone rang and I woke up. (thanks, Laura! XP)

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    9. Ballroom Dance

      by , 04-17-2011 at 04:44 PM
      I've lost a lot of sleep the past few days. 2 hours Thursday night so no dreams. This is from Friday night when I got 5.

      I was at ballroom dance classes on the indoor balcony of the hotel I was staying at IRL. This setting was not a perfect rendition of the real thing but it was definitely recognizable. This balcony is on the second floor elevator landing and overlooks the lobby. It's spacious and there are small tables all around. I salsa dance with Kara rather awkwardly. This is strange because I'm a decent dancer... Theres this really good dancer who I think is leading the class. He's foreign but I can't think of his nationality. something European. He's partnered with...Himself?? One of him has a bass voice and one of him has a tenor voice. They sing Bohemian Rhapsody together perfectly in front of like this green screen montage of road scenes. Very strange. I woke up with the song stuck in my head.
    10. Second Lucid.

      by , 12-25-2010 at 04:33 AM
      Despite the weird theme going on here, and the fact that I couldn't control what I was doing very well, I thought this was a pretty cool dream.

      At first in my dream i was driving a car around some strange southern type town. It looked like something out of The Dukes of Hazzard (the old show, not the movie). I passed by like three cop cars that were parked on the side of the road. I thought this was weird because the cars were exactly the same, old looking and completely white. Then I noticed they were parked all over the place (the sidewalk, the middle of the street, etc.) and all the cops leaning against their cars looked exactly like Sheriff Roscoe. That was when i realized i was dreaming, and decided to see what would happen if i pissed the Roscoes off. I turned my car sharply to the left through traffic, ran over a couple of people, drove on the sidewalk, smashed into a couple of cars parked next to parking meters, and rolled my car over (I hadn't meant to do all that damage, but I couldn't control my driving too well so I just went with it).

      I got out of my car and saw twenty Roscoes running at me from all sides, with police sirens sounding. I told myself I'd make all the Roscoes disappear when I snapped my fingers. I tried snapping them but I couldn't, and I realized it was because I don't know how to in real life (cuz I'm super cool like that). The Roscoes were almost on me, so I did like a weird rewind thing and made them go back to where they were when I first noticed them coming at me, then told myself to make them run in slow motion. (It's strange how I could do this, but I couldn't do what I really wanted to. I also don't understand why I didn't just try to make them disappear with something i CAN do in real life, like a clap, but whatever.) I stood there trying to snap my fingers while they slowly ran towards me. I never could snap my fingers and totally make them disappear, but I noticed with each sad attempt they faded away a little. I decided instead of trying to make them go away all at once I'd just keep half-snapping really fast so that they'd eventually fade away. This actually worked, and soon they were all gone. I stood there for a while trying to think of something fun I could do while I was lucid, until I thought to myself, 'Wait, what time is it, shouldn't my alarm be going off?" I woke up and found that my alarm had been going off for ten minutes, but I must have bumped the volume while setting it because it was all the way down.

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    11. Armageddon, Cat Cooking

      by , 02-20-2006 at 05:26 AM
      Original dream dated 02/19/2006:
      I had this dream that a whole bunch of people were back from the dead. Not zombies... just suddenly not dead either. Including my old pet cat, Abby, whom I loved more than anything on the face of the earth.
      However, all of the people who had returned were also going to die again soon. For some reason, in my dream, I thought that the best way to commemorate Abby's passing (and soon, her passing again) was to eat her remains. Hell if I know what goes through my head, it was a dream. Except that we put her in the pan and started cooking her while she was still alive, and when I realized "oh my god, what the hell am I doing?!" her paws were all charred and she was halfway cooked. She didn't seem to be in pain and she didn't seem to hold it against me, but I knew that she was going to die again very very soon because of what I'd done... my mom rationalized it by "She was going to die anyway" except that it wasn't good enough reasoning for me because it meant that she was going to die sooner than she would have died on her own...
      So anyway, I held my half-cooked cat for a while and cried. On to the next dream...

      So then I dreamed that there were 2 teams of people. All of them were female. One of them was 3 different people, and one of them was composed of a team of one person, cloned 3 times. The second team sat on top of some very tall poles and had little white explosive balls that bounced off of everything and anything. The first team's job was to get the balls from them. The second team got no weapons or anything at all, but their position was very secure. The first team got a whole bunch of gadgets and toys.

      So, the first team got really close - they had to because their weapons didn't have much range (one of them was a fan attached to a rope). The second team threw 2 of the 3 balls at them, which they managed to whack away from themselves with a flashlight, and the explosions the balls made were really big. The first team managed to kill 2 of the 3 clones, but the third one was impossible to get to.

      Finally, after talking with the clone for a while, it came down from the pole. It had originally been a girl, but now for some reason was a boar. The leader of the second team talked to the boar and told it that she wished that it could see something really beautiful so it would appreciate life.
      There was also a cat. The first teams' supervisor came up, and the boar was afraid of him, so it ran back up the pole. He wanted to talk to the cat, but the cat was also afraid of him.

      Then I woke up.