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    1. Sand that comes and goes on Stadcor Street, Slug and a Snail

      by , 04-02-2018 at 10:50 AM
      Morning of April 2, 2018. Monday.

      This dream renders a unique setting as always, a setting that has never featured in this specific way in any previous dream, which is a process to prevent associations with waking life to prevent false memory. In this case, it is primarily the Stadcor Street house in Brisbane (where we have not lived in years). However, upon seeing Zsuzsanna in the final segment, it is like the northeast room of the King Street mansion, where I have not been since the 1990s (and where Zsuzsanna has never been, never having been to America). Even so, it is on the opposite side of where the Stadcor Street bedroom actually was in respect to my dream’s layout. Additionally, my current conscious self identity is only partly extant.

      I go to look in the backyard for some reason. It seems to be late morning. I am aware that an unusual wind from the east (my right in my dream’s view) has brought a lot of fine white sand into our backyard. There are many shallow recesses in the yard that contain this fine white sand. I start to consider how unusual a feature this is. I study the area for several minutes. Looking off to my left, just beyond the driveway, I see a low embankment. Two very large turnip plants are growing. Only one has a visible turnip slightly above the ground. I consider if I should pull them up, as they seem fully grown, but I start to focus on the main backyard again.

      I notice an area of ground to my left where I realize the whiteness of the sand in that part of the yard may be caused by sunbeams. The area has a silvery glow. Still, the other areas really do contain the unusual fine sand. I decide to go into the house to tell Zsuzsanna about it and to describe the unusual wind that brought the sand into our backyard.

      When in the bedroom, I see Zsuzsanna sitting on the bed, facing me as I stand nearby. The closet of the northeast King Street mansion bedroom is visible near the end of the bed (though I am uncertain of whether it is the head or foot of the bed). As I stand, looking into the closet, I notice a very large slug crawling slowly up the wall. Its view is partly blocked for a time. I watch its optical and sensory tentacles move about. I continue to gaze at it as I also pull a snail from my right arm that had somehow also gotten stuck on my shirt sleeve, somehow making the shirt sleeve also stick to me. This event is distorted, as the shirt seems to have been hanging on a hook on the wall, with me not wearing it at the time and yet somehow also wearing it at the same time (a typical dream event that is impossible to resolve in conscious afterthought).

      There is a brief offset dream where I go back to the backyard and discover that the ground is now only with normal-colored dirt in the recesses. I am somewhat puzzled. I consider how short a time period that the event must have taken place for no traces of the other sand to remain.

      This is a sustained dream segment that is otherwise based on water lowering waking symbolism from an earlier dream. A short time ago, I happened to read the following: “Dreaming of sand may represent the border between the conscious (beach/land) and unconscious (ocean/water) minds.” I found this astounding because it is extremely rare to read anything about dreams from any public source that has an iota of truth on any level. However, it is more about the liminal space between dream self and conscious self, unrelated to waking life itself.

      This dream mostly centers around sleep recognition waking symbolism, which is somewhat of a misnomer as the inference is literal, not symbolic, and based on a subliminal realization that I am actually in bed and asleep. Obviously, the bed confirms this. Additionally, the turnips are autosymbolism for Zsuzsanna and I sleeping. Additionally, the snail and the slug are associated with moving slowly, a play on being sluggish or asleep. The confusion with the shirt relates to the fact that I am not dressed when I sleep.

      Once again, this dream had a prescient thread as many of my dreams do at one point or another (sometimes covering many years in advance which is inherently unfathomable), which is sometimes very frustrating as it often serves no useful purpose other than to convince me that most human minds work in a completely different way than mine. Another poster on the Dreamscloud website had posted an image of a slug (the image repeated three times) just before I was finishing this entry, despite the recognized autosymbolism of a slug representing vague threads of my conscious self identity (in being mostly inactive) in REM sleep.

    2. Prophecy

      by , 02-12-2018 at 11:23 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am lying in my bed as I woke up from a dream and find my cousin sitting beside me. I am confused but glad to see her here. She explains she took an expensive flight and that she could only be here for one day. I told her I was feeling tired and that we could talk after I wake up. I go back to bed in the dream and when I woke up I notice she was gone. I go in to my closet and notice everything is completely upside down. I then check the living room and notice everything was darker than usual.

      I then wake up from my dream again and found myself lying in bed. I assume that all things that just happen must've been all in my head. I get up and check in to my closet and found everything was the same as I had dreamed of it. All the items were completely upside down and I beginning questioning my reality. I know my cousin is a troll but would she go this far? And how could she change everything in such a short time? My room look completely girly and unorthodox.

      That's when I became lucid and realize this must be a dream right now. But then I woke up again, in the same spot on my bed. I was awake still however and decided to figure out if this was a dream again or was I really awake now. I see now I have two front door's for my room. This came off as a dream sign and then I open the closet and notice it was still girly. I wake up again, and this time I really did believe I was awake in waking life.

      Getting up out of bed felt realistic and my closet didn't look as weird. But when I went in to the bathroom I notice I was wearing a hat and that my mirror was in the wrong place attach to the wall. I take my hat off and notice the back part of my hair has been completely cut off. I begin to panic as I remember my cousin saying she would do that to me in my sleep. I begin running around in disbelief and finally woke up for real.
    3. A Word Usage Argument (fully explained)

      by , 07-27-2017 at 07:14 AM
      Morning of July 27, 2017. Thursday.

      I become aware of being in “my apartment” in the King Street boarding house. (I have not lived there in real life for nearly thirty years.) My bed is on the opposite side of the room as the door.

      In actuality, based on the real layout of the King Street boarding house and where I am, “my apartment” in my dream would be the King Street bathroom; the larger bathroom on the west side of the mansion (second floor). Adjacent to the north wall is a composite element, the Cubitis southwest bedroom’s large closet (which in real life was at ground level in a one-storey house).

      My dream self has no memory of my current conscious self identity and does not see my location as unusual or mixed up even though it is, as usual, a brand new composite.

      I need to use the bathroom. I go over towards the closet and notice one just outside the closet’s left sliding door (but facing the closet). I see that someone else had used it and not flushed. However, I also see that there is soon no water and I lift up the toilet and see there is no pipe or in fact, any sign of plumbing, as if it was just a container to empty elsewhere. This annoys me, as I do not feel like doing this. (I am unsure of where the water went, as there is no sign of a leak anywhere.)

      Going into the closet, I see a second toilet, out from the west end. It has also been used by someone else. I consider using it, but then see it is like the first, water lowering but with no plumbing. (In reality, with respect to the mixed-up layout, the King Street toilet would have been in this general location, though both of my dream’s toilets are in incorrect orientation otherwise. The King Street toilet faced south, but the two toilets here face north and east.)

      I am aware of an unknown female in the hallway. I am not sure if I should open my door. Still, I do, and she eventually starts to make fun of me for what I had written on a few documents downstairs that are on the chest of drawers in the foyer. These documents are apparently mathematics tests that I had checked and graded recently. I do not have a full understanding of what she is saying, but she does not seem to understand my system of grading or supposedly very clever usage of the language. This “unknown” female is actually my wife Zsuzsanna’s younger half-sister Crystal. However, my dream self does not recognize this fact.

      Soon though, I notice my King Street landlady standing just outside my door (and the other female is gone). She is also annoying me by questioning my grading terminology. In particular, she complains about me having written “cooked” on one test I graded. I explain to her that “cooked” is a common word for “finished”, meaning that the test was successfully completed at possibly a hundred percent. I then decide to make fun of her, but I am not sure how. I start to make fun of the word “fantabulous”, but it seems she agrees with me that the word is idiotic and apparently would not use the word either. From here, I wake, having to use the bathroom, with a vague memory of the lyrics to “Wake Up Little Susie“, which I haven’t heard in years.

      This dream contains, intriguingly, six common forms of waking symbolism:

      1. Bed recognition waking symbolism (a subliminal awareness that my physical body is in bed and asleep, and as such, is a real-time dream state indicator).
      2. Toilet waking symbolism (a biological indicator that I need to wake up and use the bathroom, which is why the toilets in my dream were not usable - and note also that my “bedroom” was in the area where a large bathroom was in real life).
      3. Water lowering waking symbolism (a common type of waking symbolism which has several layers of meaning including a biological need to wake and rehydrate).
      4. Doorway waking symbolism (the personified preconscious, in this case my landlady from years ago, transmuting into my emergent consciousness due to her beginning to agree with me, is also a type of coalescence waking symbolism, but I only typify it as such when it is a more dominant factor). A doorway typically symbolizes the dream’s exit point, though may also serve as a trigger into lucidity. I first realized this when I was four years old.
      5. Alarm clock waking symbolism (subliminal until briefly after hypnopompia).
      6. Failed flight waking symbolism (subliminal). As I have already explained hundreds of times since 2004, “failed flight” (and waking symbolism in general) has nothing to do with so-called dream interpretation and is unrelated to real life other than when literally extant (environmental influence) or premonitory (such as my dream of the missing Malaysian flight shortly before it occurred).

      The potential staircase reinduction symbolism remains unused. This is validated by the graded tests being downstairs (deeper into the dream state) and my dream self acknowledging this by saying “finished” (that is, my dream is finishing).

      Relevant lines from “Wake Up Little Susie”: “The movie wasn’t so hot, it didn’t have much of a plot” (meaning that my dream was not that involving or interesting); “We fell asleep, our goose is cooked” (failed flight waking symbolism in a very clever “hidden” thread, which has happened many times in the past); “Wake up little Susie”. (Note that my wife goes by Suzi.) The lines “The movie’s over, it’s four o'clock” relate to my dream ending at about four o'clock.

    4. 07.13.2016 Puzzles

      by , 07-14-2016 at 04:42 PM
      Bed at 11pm. Lots of physical activity to release stress, so my body is sore. Recall of morning dreams are better.
      Lots of detoxing and re-organizing going on in my life! Lately, I have been trying to rid my life of negative thinking. Most importantly, this has included removing myself from some of my social circles and false friendships, as I found the individuals to be emotionally and spiritually harmful. I realize that many times, my friends didn't mean to be so toxic, but I have a very high EI, and I'm very sensitive, so it affects me deeply in very different ways. Being around negative people is extremely spiritually exhausting. I need to be around friends who have a genuine interest in my well being and who have the same interest in nurturing the friendship as I do. I don't have many friends, but some of the few I have need to be kept at "arms length"; others have to be let go completely. As a result, I have been spending time with my really close friends and trying to build on the relationships that are most meaningful in my life. I am very excited about this time in my life, as I feel the negative energy is finally being cleared from my path.


      I received a call from a friend in Dallas, telling me that she was coming to visit for the weekend. My mom and I begin an organization project. We are in a huge room, which is apparently my closet. There are racks of clothes neatly organized, but I still have more apparel to put in order. I begin to complain that I have no space. All of a sudden, my mom moves a rack of clothes and reveals tons of unused shelf space. "You have plenty of room", she says. I am excited and begin to use the space. I have conversations with my mom about clothes and I even have the nerve to say I really don't have anything to wear. She laughs, of course.

      After cleaning, I am with my two small nieces outside. We live in a house with a doorway that faces a busy street. There is a bus stop on that busy street, half a block from our house. We do not have a front lawn at all. Instead, we have a sort of pavement space. It almost feels like we are living inside of a storefront. Anyway, I am sitting on the ground with my two nieces and we are putting together a puzzle. This is a beautiful puzzle, of a view of buildings. The puzzle pieces are huge, maybe the size of small postcards. However the puzzle itself is pretty big, so its taking awhile and the sidewalk is full of them. There is one part in particular that I want to put together- a gorgeous periwinkle blue building. I am so happy while putting it together and I'm really feeling great. The kids help, and at some point my sister joins us. I start to grab all of the pieces for the framework. The kids get bored and go inside. My sister is helping but she's working on another area, and we're making small talk.

      Then, a small boy gets off a city bus not too far away from us. He looks homeless. He's kind of dirty and wearing tattered clothes. He sits down next to me and watches me put the puzzle together. I let him sit there, because I figure he's harmless. He starts to ask questions and talk a lot. At first I am not really paying attention, but then his voice starts to get deeper. My sister notices the boy and becomes uninterested in the puzzle. She goes away (inside our home?). I am a little confused by the boy's presence and exactly what he wants. I don't ask him anything, and it feels hella uncomfortable, but I let him go on sitting there and talking. I get about 4 pieces of the part I really like, so that I can completely see the building. I turn to look at the boy, and I get freaked out because he has turned into a homeless man, sitting there watching me put together this puzzle.

      At this point, I become a third person in the dream, and I can see myself sitting on the ground with the puzzle, and I can also see the man not far away. He is still seated, but he has moved closer to me. He has this sore on the inside of his bottom lip; I can see it when he talks. He looks completely neglected. I can see my expression and feel it at the same time..I am weirded out but I try not act weird because I don't want to disrespect him. He starts talking about random things, I am not really sure about what- his problems...I don't know, he's rambling. I am wary of him. I watch myself stand up and move away from him. I appear grossed out. I also go away (inside our home?).

      Side Notes:
      Experienced memorable, blissful feelings while piecing together the part of the puzzle with the pretty, blue building.
      Experienced fear and disgust upon infringement of a stranger.
      News of my friend in Dallas is odd. Will have to check on her.
    5. Stove on Fire in Bathroom

      by , 03-26-2016 at 09:26 AM
      Night of March 26, 2016. Saturday.

      Sometimes I think that if a dream ever rendered a setting correctly, without a feeling of bilocation, or indoor and outdoor ambiguity, or of a unique composite or changes in directional orientation or colors or other details, I would not to know what to think at all. In this dream, I am technically looking at my old family home in Cubitis yet with the idea it is our present home even though my dream occurs directly after falling asleep for a short time during a nap this night and I had not been inside that house since mid-1978.

      Not only that, the Cubitis bathroom is an altered setting as it is. It is larger to where the west wall (where the doorway also is) is long enough for both a large squarish porcelain sink and a stove (with large oven) with four heating elements, both features on the door’s right (and the right of the stove being directly near the northwest corner, it seems). The setting remains in semidarkness (with no implied light source other than apparently the hallway light). I do not focus on the east side of the room at all - I am only ever aware of the basin and stove that are next to each other. (In reality, the sink, which was much smaller than the one in this dream, was on the north wall, near the northwest corner.)

      Fire is one of my most common dream features second only to water. There have been other dreams of attempting to put out a stove fire with water. In this case, curiously enough, the fire starts from behind one of the stove’s dials (rather than a heating element or pan being on fire). The dial itself is extended horizontally outwards a bit more from the top of the stove than would be logical (or perhaps it pulled out a bit farther than intended) and the four dials are located beyond and behind the heating elements rather than above the oven.

      Concerned about this event, I flip up both switches on the wall (which are next to me, immediately to the right of the door and above the sink) even though I am not certain about which direction (up or down) is on or off (as up was always “on” in places I lived in America, but in Australia, it sometimes varies even within the same house, though up is often “off”). I “know” that the switch on the right is for the stove and the left one is apparently for the hot water availability for the left faucet/tap (which of course is not realistic at all). Still, this is illogical enough to cause my dream self to become puzzled for a short time (though not lucid). Does the switch turn off the water completely or only the hot water?

      I am able to fill a glass of water and throw it at the fire. It takes about three attempts before the fire is under control (even though it is only around the dial).

      Fire usually relates directly to growing conscious awareness within the dream state (and some fire dreams trigger lucidity), which seems validated by the concept of growing awareness of the light of day (including sunrise or dawn even though this dream was at night) as well as being “brighter” in clarity and perception. Awareness of fire seems to make a dream more vivid. As I put the fire out, my dream loses its vividness and I soon wake.

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    6. 2/9/16 - Familiar Beach/World Beyond the Wall (SLD/FA-DILD)

      by , 02-09-2016 at 10:20 PM
      Ritual: I had time to sleep in this morning so I was motivated to get lucid. Went to bed at midnight and woke at 6am to feed the cat. Didn't do a full WBTB, but took a few supplements (alpha-g, choline, l-theanine) plus a tiny amount (between 1-2mg) of very old galantamine. I lay down on my back to delay sleep onset and practiced progressive relaxation, a few SSILD cycles, and counting. Couldn't count very high (usually not past six, my focus is terrible these days) but clearly noticed onset of hypnogogic imagery and managed to put in a number of rotations before falling into dreamless sleep. When I awoke after a few minutes (guaranteed if I fall asleep on my back), I turned on my right side and let myself fall asleep normally, feeling adequately primed and hoping for the best. This "kitchen sink" approach has pretty much become my standard and despite being really haphazard has a decent success rate, often resulting in WILDs. This time I had an NLD or two that I don't remember well, then the following semi-lucid that turned into a DILD.

      SLD: I am on a beach. All is not well: there are what look like tiny floating islands approaching from across the sea, and on each one stands a little stone tower and a menacing-looking figure in black armor with a horned helmet. The armored figures to be using the islands as transportation. Though not quite lucid, I remember that I have certain broad powers in this place, so I walk along the beach until I spot a couple empty islands, and try to summon one toward me. It turns into a little white sailboat and promptly sinks. I try to summon the second one, and the same thing happens. So much for island hopping. I turn right and continue to walk along the waterfront.

      Something seems oddly familiar about this place—I've been here before, haven't I? I note the urban architecture up ahead, the sprawl of a city just past the beach and I'm distinctly reminded of a particular dream I had once, years ago now. It was here, I am sure of it, though this corresponds to no earthly place. I don't remember much about that earlier dream, except that it started in one of the apartment buildings a few blocks from the beach and then I went down to the parking lot, but saw the beach in the distance. [I think I actually found it, an entry from 12/29/13, but I misremembered the order of events: I was in the parking lot initially, then dropped by the beach before going up to the apartment.]

      Various people are wandering around the beach, and a distinctive figure approaches. He is a thin old man with stringy, longish grey hair, carrying three lidded boxes in different colors, each about eighteen inches square. "What do they call this bay?" I ask him. "Sigismund?" he suggests, then modifies it. "Or Sigisroot?" He seems uncertain. I am about to ask the name of the city, but we are interrupted by the approach of a huge wave. We try to scramble up the beach but don't make it in time, and the wave crashes over us. I have to struggle against the pull of its wake, meanwhile trying to reach around to find the old man, to help him if possible. I grab someone's hand in the water, but it turns out to be a short, dark-haired woman. After helping her to shore, I come across the old man again on the beach. He has made it to safety, but lost two of his boxes. I feel partly responsible for the loss of his boxes, so I go back to the water to look for them. I locate the boxes but their contents have spilled. Apparently they contained cassette tapes, so I dredge as many as possible out of the water and wet sand, restoring them to one of the boxes. After I've grabbed as many as I can find, I return the boxes to the old man.

      FA-DILD: The dream resets, perhaps a half-waking, and I am in my house again. I start reviewing what just happened, and write down the name of the bay, both variations—not sure I realized at the time I was writing in a dream notebook. As I think over the events of the dream, I realize I must have been semi-lucid at the point where I was trying to summon the islands and then recognized the setting from prior dream. I reason that if I was semi-lucid then, I must be actually lucid now. Dream logic is terrible, but this time it did the trick—thinking about lucidity made me recognize that I was still dreaming. Since I was back in my house, I decided to do the TOTM of walking through the wall. I had interpreted "my room" to mean the bedroom, so I head in there and immediately turn left to look at the wall. I'm pleased and surprised to find an ample stretch of wall between the door and bookcase (surprised because in WL there is no free wall space in the room at all, to the point where I thought I would have to do the task by going into the closet!) Instead, the dream has obligingly provided sufficient room for me to stand in front of the wall, so I press both hands flat against it and concentrate. The wall resists the pressure at first, so I increase it, then watch as my right hand starts to sink into the surface. The wall crumbles under my hand like weak plaster with an impressively realistic texture and sensation. As I continue to push, a whole section about two feet wide dislodges and falls inward under my right hand, and then I push my whole body forward and break through the rest.

      I find myself in a cramped, closet like space, empty yet messy somehow, like it was poorly constructed—for instance, there are exposed 2x4s at odd diagonals. There is no visible way out, and I remember back to a time I was exploring the use of mirrors as portals and got stuck in a labyrinth of empty rooms that became ever smaller and more claustrophobic. [The dream I was thinking of occurred on 4/17/14, and the earliest experience of this kind I recorded on 12/18/10]. Simply recognizing the dream's tricks gives me the confidence not to be waylaid by them again, so I turn left and push through that wall too. Unsurprisingly, I am in an even smaller, darker, and more cramped space. I remind myself to remain optimistic and keep pushing forward with the expectation of getting out. I push through a couple more dark, tiny, empty spaces and then find myself in one that is different. It feels like an actual closet, with coats. What catches my eye is the style of those coats: they remind me of the cheap winter coats we wore in the 1970s, made of smooth synthetic cloth in drab colors and augmented with wide fake-fleece collars. I push through the coats and finally tumble free into an outdoor space.

      It's one of those transitions that are so striking in dream. I had been struggling in narrow claustrophobic space with poor visibility, and suddenly everything has changed: I'm in open space, the air is clear and fresh, the light is bright, colors are vivid, my vision is sharp, and I feel a surge of ebullience. I remind myself that it is worth it, all the trouble I go to over dreaming, even if dream isn't always cooperative, because of experiences like this. I even notice that little flutter in my solar plexus that I associate with deep dream.

      I move forward, on my hands and knees at first. I am at the base of a steep hill, and there are a number of animals sitting on the hillside, placidly watching me, including several ape-like creatures. As I crawl through the grass, I note the distinct texture of it: it might not be grass at all, actually, but some kind of ground cover with stiff, spiny stalks that flatten rather than bend under my hands. When I get to my feet, I see that a number of these stalks have actually adhered to my palms. They look like black tubes about three inches long and only a couple millimeters across, hollow, with a longer thin hair sticking another inch out the end. I try to pluck one out and it won't come off. I have the impression that even if I manage to pull off the outer tube, the hair will be left behind. It occurs to me to wonder if this explains the ape-like creatures, which seem unusually intelligent and anthropomorphic: did other people come here before me, and end up with so many of these hairs attached to their skin that they became furry?

      I consider flying, but decide not to: I'm really interested in this place, and flying would destabilize me from this particular scenario, if not the dream itself. So I continue walking forward on foot, reminding myself both literally and figuratively to stay grounded. As I reach the end of the flat terrain at the bottom of the steep hill, I look up at the animals arrayed on the upper terraces, who are still quietly watching me. What should I ask them? I never seem to get anywhere asking the names of things, so I decide to be clever, and call up to them: "What would be a really interesting question for a newcomer to ask?" No answer. I repeat myself, but still no reply, so I start climbing up toward them.

      When I reach the upper terrace, things get complex. I can't remember what passes between me and one of the creatures, who is more man-like now, before he pulls a knife on me—though it is unclear if he he is using the knife to threaten me or the grizzled, older-looking apeman creature who is sitting to his left. I wrest the knife from his grasp, which knocks him off balance. He nearly falls off the cliff (which suddenly seems a lot steeper now, almost vertical, than when I climbed up it a moment before) and grabs on to my waist to save himself. I check my moral compass and find that I feel no compulsion to save him—something about his attitude puts me off—so I peel his arms away and he falls to the base of the cliff, presumably to his death. The elder creature has retrieved the knife, which is now lying at his feet, and I go over to look at it.

      When I pick up the knife, I find it to be a wide, cleaver-like implement made of thin cardboard with silver foil stuck to it. There is writing on the cardboard side, and I read through a whole confession, apparently by the creature I just sent to his death. The text describes an elaborate scheme that involved getting me pregnant and then killing me after the child was born, because it concludes, "I won't regret killing you when I see your features in the face of our infant." I find this repulsive and it resolves my lingering doubts about whether letting him fall was the right thing to do. I ask the elder creature if I can keep the knife, and he doesn't speak, but I take his silence as assent. I notice that there is a second knife on the ground, made of roughly-forged steel or iron and elegantly curved like a viking blade (the handle a loop of the same metal), that resembles like the one I wrested away initially, so I swap out the mock-up I'm holding for the real blade, and walk forward on the hilltop.

      I encounter another man, this one entirely human in appearance except for a strange feature: his face is completely wrapped in grimy white bandages, leaving only a bit of forehead and his hair explosed. The bandages are thicker over his left eye, but seem to adhere closely to his right—I can see the shape of the eye bulging under them—so I conclude that must be the one he somehow sees out of. Despite his odd appearance I feel an immediate affinity for him, in contrast to the last guy. He leads me into a building, where a girl approaches us and asks me, "Who made that knife?" I look at the blade in my hand. It doesn't bear a long text like the mock-up, but there is a row of runes along the top edge that I can't read. "He's dead now," I reply laconically.

      In the entryway of the building, we immediately go through a door to the right, into what looks like a machine shop. The machines are in the center of the room, and two people are operating them, but I can't tell what they're making. The machines have some kind of spinning disk that either cuts or polishes. The bandaged guy is telling me about a hardware store somewhere. "That's where the first ship came from." I have the impression he is talking about a spaceship, and gather that there is a whole complicated plot behind all of this, but I don't know the details. By the time we finish walking through the room, I am waking up.

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    7. Unlikely Furnace

      by , 12-24-2015 at 06:51 AM
      Morning of December 24, 2015. Thursday.

      …And so now it appears that I enter my yearly stage where the heat of our environment has the most influence on my dream states, at least during certain times in the morning.

      Yet again, twenty years or so of memories are seemingly randomly scrambled in the dream state (of course, only certain stages of certain dream states). I am at least living with my wife Zsuzsanna and our children but we are apparently living in some sort of altered version of the Loomis Street house (unlike any other altered version I had seen in any previous dream). A variation of the large reverse-L-shaped closet (that joins two bedrooms somewhat as a “hallway”) is mostly featured here.

      At one point, there seems to be a small fire inside the wall, visible through a small hole. When I go to check out the possible source and exact location (and to see how far it has spread assuming it has) and check the other side of the wall, there is an odd “secret” panel built into the wall which I may or may not have known of before, accessible from the front small bedroom (but still hard to reach through to), where there are two cream-colored dials (similar to the design of a 1960s radio), one above the other by about four inches and around the level of my lower chest. Each dial seems connected to some sort of isolated door-latch-like feature slightly above it, in a shallow recess. I am aware, oddly enough, that each dial controls a particular door elsewhere in the house, one being the bathroom, I think, and another, a different bedroom. In order to fully get to the dials, I need to unscrew two screws at opposite vertical ends of the panel. The act of doing this is very “realistic” and palpable, as well as with no time distortions (or typical dream “shortcuts”). I put the two screws on a shelf in the closet at about shoulder level. When I notice a sink in the closet (as if for a bathroom) it does not seem out of place. Regarding the two screws, it seems one is sliver and one is gold. (On a side note, the act of unscrewing two or more screws with such an extreme level of focus, clarity, and tangibility, seems to be something that has only happened in my dreams over the past couple of years or so - it may relate to “opening up” other levels of consciousness though this is not certain.)

      When I have easier access, the dials seem to be damaged from either lack of use or from the fire, which I do not presently see. There is some powdery substance around each small “latch” which seems to possibly be disintegrated wood or ash, seemingly causing the dial to not work as it should. I try to see if I can shut the relevant door located in another room by turning one dial, but it is difficult. I ask my wife to check, but nothing seems to be happening other than the other door slightly swaying. The remote shutting of a door in another part of the house by using a small dial built inside a wall is an intriguing concept and I think this is the first time it has featured as such in a dream (at least with more clarity). Still, how would I know when the door was actually open or shut (or locked) without a partner telling me from another room - otherwise I would have to wander back and forth numerous times (I think there is a “message” here somewhere). Apparently, if the latch-like feature above the dial clicks into a certain position (at “12 o'clock), I assume that means the unseen door in another room is shut - but again, it does not seem to work, the feel of the dial being too "soft” where it should probably click in its operation related to the other small feature.

      I am annoyed by the failure of the dials to operate either door, either in opening them or in keeping them closed and possibly even locked. I eventually notice a large fire under the sink (with no doors under the sink) again, inside the closet, facing east, where the closet door is. The fire is “supposed” to be there it seems, but seems just a bit too large and shooting out from the sides somewhat. (Of course, there was no sink - or a furnace - in this closet in reality.) My friend Rick S is in the house, possibly just visiting us, and I ask him to turn down the thermostat while I still examine the dials. Eventually, in addition to the adjustment near the sink-furnace composite I realize that the two dials are probably related to the thermostats in two different adjacent rooms rather than what I originally assumed them to be for. No wonder there has been a fire. The dials need to be turned back counterclockwise to at least “10 o'clock” so that the fire and heat is not as extreme.

      This dream is based on some real-life associations; firstly, the extreme heat, secondly, several of the doors in this house have always been problematic, opening up shortly after closing them (the back door and bathroom door in fact, needing to be locked to keep them closed - otherwise they will just pop open), and thirdly, one of the doors below the sink is off and needs to be replaced or reset with different holes and screws.
    8. My world of fragments

      by , 01-26-2015 at 06:41 PM
      Date: 1/26/2015
      Method: MILD, Mantra
      Total Sleep time: 8 hours
      WBTB Time: 15-20 minutes

      I remember three fragments:

      1. I was writing a letter to GOD and asking him when I will see him and/or what will it take to see him
      2. I was riding in the car with with Beyonce and Solange (this should have been a dream sign for me...never ever will happen in my lifetime)
      3. False Awakening: I was writing in my dream journal about riding in the car with Beyonce and Solange
      4. I was making coffee in my walk in closet and someone was trying to turn on the stereo (also in my closet) and we couldn't figure out how to turn it on.

    9. 9-28-14 The cat defies gravity

      by , 10-02-2014 at 06:24 PM
      A man in a cartoon was killed by various sentient industrial-grade film cameras.

      My sister and I were playing hide and seek in our house. Instead of stairs, we had holes in the floor with ladders.

      As I was looking, I was walking backwards for some reason. I abruptly turned around, and just inches from my face there was a black cat, standing on its hind legs leaning out over the edge of a table, absolutely motionless. It's mouth was wide open, and it stared fixedly at me with yellow eyes.

      Then I found my sister. It was my turn to hide. I hid in a closet. When she found me she was incredibly sad, and her eyes were red and wet. She had had an enormous mood swing.
    10. My Husband Poops on the Floor Before a Wedding, and Navigating a Dog Poop-Covered Lawn

      by , 09-22-2014 at 03:05 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was thinking about Dallas and I's wedding. It had been on a stage. Except for I hadn't married Dallas, I had married my dad? Ew, I know. I was thinking about having to share a bed with him and was so weirded out and uncomfortable. I was then thinking about Dallas and how I was married to him and it made me feel better. I don't know, it didn't make a lot of sense.

      Then, I was in what looked like a bedroom. There were things on the carpeted floor. We were getting ready for my brother's wedding, which I kept thinking was not that weekend, but another weekend, but I guess they had pushed it forward. There was a full-length mirror to my left. Dallas came up to me. He was naked. He gave me a hug. It was a really sweet hug! Then, I heard a plop noise. Uh oh.
      "Did you just poop???" I asked Dallas.
      "Yup," he said.
      Oh my god. My husband just shit on the floor. Could he not hold it or something?
      I then looked over in the closet to my right, which resembled our IWL closet, and saw my friend Caitlin in there, wearing an all white, all covering suit.

      About the announcement.-silver-white-morph-body-suit-full-body-tights-lycra-spandex-zentai-suit-2b8d78.image.351x550.jpg

      Over the suit, she was wearing clothing. This is what they were doing for my brother's wedding...many people were going to wear these white full body suits with clothing over them. She was trying to be sneaky. She was doing all these smooth, interpretive dance-like movements. I then thought about how she had probably just seen Dallas poop on the floor. I imagined she had a good laugh about that. She then came out of the closet and sat down at a long table that was in the room apparently. This is where the other guests of the wedding would sit as well. A few other people in white body suits came and sat down. I looked over to where Dallas had pooped. He had cleaned it up, but I saw a slight stain on the floor. So embarrassing.


      I was at some guy's house, which was actually the house that my best friend lived in when we were growing up. Many guys lived there, apparently. It was a house that the college kids came to to party at. The guy had spiky blonde hair, kind of resembling Titus from FFX. I had made friends with a guy that lived over there on League of Legends. I wanted to be friends with this guy too. I was lounging on a couch in the bonus room with my shoes off. In front of me on a different couch, another guy was playing a game on a console. I mentioned something to the Titus guy about how I had been in the house before because my best friend's family lived there. I was noticing how familiar, yet different it looked now. Different furniture in a different arrangement, a bit dirtier, etc. But it was definitely the bonus room I remembered.

      I was kind of having feelings for the guy, but I didn't think he was interested in me back. I had a feeling I needed to leave. I got up and started walking. I asked the guy how many people lived in the house. His response was
      "It's hard keeping up a brothel."
      Ok...awkward. I didn't think he meant an actually brothel though.
      I started going down the stairs with the guy when I realized I had forgotten my shoes. I said so, and he went up to get them for me. As I was waiting for the shoes, some girls came to the door for a party that was going to happen later. I was then given my shoes. I put them on and started to leave, but realized I had also forgotten my purse. The guy wasn't around anymore, but the girls were. I said I had forgotten my purse, and went to get it. Fortunately, it was only a short walk away in a hallway. I picked it up and was finally ready to go.

      I left through the front door and went onto the lawn. There was some dog poop on the lawn. I was trying to avoid stepping in it. I kept coming across more and more of it. I then saw that there were these big piles of it in what appeared to be rings around the lawn. I couldn't avoid it anymore and accidentally stepped in the poop. Yuck. What were they doing with these? Trying to fertilize the lawn? How could anyone get to the house with this crap all over the place? Weird. I finally got through the piles of shit. I was by the ditch that separates that house from my house (this is true IWL; she lived behind me growing up), though the ditch was in a different place, and it spanned vertically instead of horizontally. I was walking through the long, drying grass and rocks embedded in the ground, now trying to avoid these moving blue blobs that were actually tiny individual bugs acting as a single entity. They looked like blue mold or moss sliding across the rocks. I then came across some clear stones with blue flecks in them. Very pretty! I thought about reading down to grab one, but wasn't sure if there were more blue blob bugs hidden anywhere close. I kept walking and seeing more of the pretty stones. I thought that they probably weren't natural, but man made.

      Then, I came across these broken Victoria's Secret earring displays. Is this where the stones came from, broken glass? There were two or three of them, each a different color, though I can't recall the colors. I saw lots of stud earrings in one of the more intact ones. They looked like little kid stud earrings, some being bumble bees, for example. I wondered why they were all in the ditch. Had someone tried to steal them and abandoned them here? I wanted to take the stud earrings, but I also didn't want to mess up any evidence had it actually been a theft. I picked up the display of stud earrings. There was then a woman there with me. She told me that she had seen a dead body impaled on something while she was in the back of the store, and she was so shocked she tried to kill herself by swallowing a bunch of the stud earrings. As she was saying this, I saw her head and neck against a black background with emphasis on her neck. There was a red line on her neck showing how she was affected. Hard to explain that part. She then said she immediately changed her mind and made herself puke them up. Wouldn't that make things worse, though, I wondered, because it would cut her esophagus up as the earrings were coming back up?
    11. Nov 16 Dream Journal pt 2: Time to enter the DANGER ZONE!

      by , 11-16-2013 at 10:40 PM
      I woke up from having to go pee. When I crawled back in bed, I decided to practice reciting "I'm going to be dreaming" mantras for WILD practice. It usually takes me a really long time to fall asleep, but I think I was out within seconds. So that endeavor didn't go as planned.

      Dream two plopped me in a situation where Dr. Who (Matt Smith version. I'm team Tennant. This confuses me.) is having a witty argument with some other dude in a chic suit and vest. There is a problem with space time or whatever the dire situation is at the moment, and I vaguely recall the argument is about how much crappier the Doctor's TARDIS is compared to the other guy's device. I think the other guy called the TARDIS "it's a time tomb" derisively -- not the biggest burn, but it's the one line I remember.

      ANYWAYS, something something, because now they time-materialize the other guy's machine into what looks like the garage in my old home in Canada. Dream Knowledge tells me that in the room next to it is some sort of walk-in closet (I recall a lot of clothes hanging in the room), and there's Mallory Archer and a really old man in a wheelchair (he's someone's father based on Dream Knowledge), and Mallory is just berating the old man because she's drunk. The scene switches back and forth between the Archer scenes and Dr. Who scenes (though they are in the same universe), and I know whatever situation it was is being resolved.

      I wake up, and regret the life decision to watch the Archer Top Gun remake on a loop before going to bed.

      I attempted keeping a WILD mantra going for dream three, but my brain turned into a five-year-old and kept asking what Archer's first name is. I kept thinking "Sean?" even though I know it's not right. Clearly, my brain refused to let me sleep, so I hop out of bed.

      It took me all of 15 seconds after deciding I'm up for the day and leaving the warmth of my bed that my brain goes "Lol! His name was Sterling."
    12. Horror: Cthulhu Bugs

      by , 11-14-2013 at 04:30 AM
      I almost forgot this dream. I had the impression I had dreamed about grotesque insects. I was tempted to not remember it. Somehow, something I saw while driving refreshed the memory.

      I was in my spare room. It is mostly empty and looked like it does in real life. -Expect for two piles of dirty laundry in front of the closet door. They looked like piles of dirty oily rags. Something you would use on a car. Sitting plain as could be between the piles are two plastic cylinders filled with clear water. One was almost empty, the other was mostly full.

      Escaping the mostly empty 'tank' was something like a giant albino pill bug mixed with a silverfish. Except slimey and fleshy. They scattered when I spotted them.

      For some reason, I felt more worried about the inhabitant of the second cylinder tank...

      I picked it up using both hands and held it up to get a close look. Floating up the surface was something very difficult to describe. It was elongated, lopsided snail-like thing fused with a clam. It had a tiny human-like face with dull black eyes. It was mostly snail brown with darker blurry stripes, and a slightly translucent shell. I had the impression two lived the tank. But only saw the one.

      I recently started looking through HP Lovecraft writings. The monsters described in the lore are notoriously difficult to depict or comprehend.

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    13. Closet Memory

      by , 08-06-2013 at 03:59 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was inside the closet I used to hide in when I was very young. There are clothing all around me. The details are lost, but I recall how people couldn't find me in there.
      dream fragment
    14. July 23

      by , 08-05-2013 at 07:01 AM
      Dream 1
      - I'm at the house having an airsoft war with my friend and an unknown girl. I'm in the yard most of the time. I see that the neighbors house looks like a giant, white, opened parachute. There's music playing in the house; I go in to see where It's coming from. It's coming from some gaming system. On the screen, there is an option that will remind you to ask if you are dreaming when you encounter a dreamsign in the game. I think about setting it to remind me when there is food. My mom comes home and we watch a video of an old lady falling off a chair.

      Dream 2
      - I'm carrying a letter and don't know what its for or where it came from. I'm walking with my dad on a cement pathway by a rectangle, cement pond of water. At the end of this pool is a clock that doesn't work. Seeing this clock gives me the impulse to put the letter into a slot in the wall. I do put I in the slot and when I do, the water starts to move towards the back corner, like there's a current. I get in the water and it takes me through a small opening. I float through a small hallway and a voice is telling me, in really bad English, about lucid dreaming. I find myself in a small waiting room with only a mirror .I look in the mirror and comb out my wet hair. A man comes in and starts asking me questions. One of the questions is something about what I would do if I was on my way down the stairs to mow the lawn and dropped a heavy hair dryer. Isk why someone would er before mowing the lawn.

      Dream 3
      - I'm with my friend, S, in a closet. There a a few plates of cake; I eat 2 pieces. I then go to the kitchen an look in the cabinet; theres a bottle of gummy bears that are supposed to give you good dreams.
    15. Three lucid dreams in a row

      by , 01-13-2013 at 02:09 PM
      Two days ago I had three lucid dreams in a row. I counted them just as only one because they happened in a very short time and each one was very similar in character to the other.

      In all of those dreams I entered them without being asleep, directly (so I think). The dream begins with a vibrating sensation or chills. Then I feel that my body literally gets up from the bed and adopts an upright position, precisely using the left side of bed that is the one I use to get up normally. When I get up I grazed the books on a shelf that are just too close to my bed. I walked, or rather I am headed to the door of my room that is closed. It's funny, because in this case I opened the door to the contrary, that is outward rather than inward. Step by in front of the bathroom and then to the living room. Then I head for the front door, open it and I'm on the street. It is night, and the front of the house is dark, but I can see the trees that stand against a clear blue sky. As I have already dreamed this so many times, I want to change the dream and rotate my body quickly. I open my eyes and I'm facing a closet, I opened the door and see a life size clown. I get angry and take it out of the closet and violently crashed it against the floor. I wake up.
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