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    1. liii.

      by , 10-17-2018 at 12:35 AM
      Non-dream stuff - woke up between 8 and 9:00. Some non-lucid dreams but only made note of a final part of one in the morning.

      Dream fragment:

      Was at some sort of compound, it was mostly a ground-level structure/building. The day was cloudy, shadows were diffuse.

      The ending of the dream was in a huge parking lot, like ones at some airports I suppose. My dad was driving a van like the dad of my partner (H) has. Dad drove up near me and I think I was talking to him or my mom on the phone as he got close. I saw H walking, at the opposite end of the parking lot. I got in the van and asked dad to pick H up. I think I got in the back of the van and it was crammed with boxes and stuff, making it a bit dark in the back. I remember being able to see the cabin from there.

      H spotted us and started coming our way. Dad drove toward two parked cars with a space between them (with the intent of parking there?). H was walking into that space and dad advanced with the van but H fooled around making funny faces and walking backwards as dad approached.

      Some notes:
      • My partner's behaviour was the sort of goofy thing he does sometimes.
      • My dad doesn't (and never has?) have a van.
      • I think my mom was in the van too, sitting next to my dad in the front. But I don't remember clearly.
      • It probably would have been a good idea to question the reality of things solely based on the fact I got in the back of the van like that, as it was unsafe, really. But added to that, although my parents have visited us (ish, we went to them, they visited the country) fairly recently, it is not likely they would come over again so soon.

      Scoring thus far:
      + Previous score: 50.0

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 0.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5(maybe there's something else to score but I'm so tired at the moment, I'm happy with this)

      = Total score thus far: 50.5
    2. More Sleep Schedule Correction (LD #163: Matrix)

      by , 01-29-2015 at 02:11 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Went from 12:30 (last night) to about 11:45. I woke up very early this morning too.

      -Uncle Iroh was missing three fingers and a thumb on his right hand.

      -Something to do with Minecraft

      -I was in this strange environment where there were these pillar-like mountains, something like the mesas in the American southwest. Everything was made out of reddish stone. The sky was orange/red as well and there were a bunch of Jupiter/Saturn clones in the sky.

      I was sitting in a small cafe/resturant with Neo and Morpheus. Kind of getting big boy or coney island vibes. Nothing fancy, but no fast food place either. There were agents after us and we had to defend ourselves. For some reason the 'agents' were Trinity clones rather than Agent Smith.

      I became lucid at one point and started fighting back. I can't recall what triggered lucidity. Everyone else ran running and screaming out of the cafe. Even the other Matrix characters.

      The agents seemed pretty easy to defeat. I recall having basic punch/kick fights to defeat a few.

      I started looking for more interesting ways to fight them. I picked up a table and threw it at one. It fell out the window. I became aware of the fact that we were not on ground level.

      I remember the most interesting one was the one that I picked up with a psychic grab and crushed so small she actually collapsed into a miniature back hole that sucked up some chairs/tables/food around her, then dissipated after a few seconds.

      The 'Final Agent' came out that was supposedly the original, and would be the most difficult to defeat. She looked shorter and fatter than the others and carried an Uzi. She fired on me. I remember all of the bullets just fell off of me. I even caught some in my hand. This looked strange as it seemed to happen in slow motion and I saw a shock wave spread through my hand every time I caught one.

      When she emptied the mag, I examined the bullets that I had caught. They felt warm from the gun. I then (without moving my hand) thought to fling them back. They all fired off, like a shotgun, back at my opponent and, well they should have killed her.

      She then told me that she was not merely human... but rather...

      She unzipped her leather outfit, and had nothing underneath. The moment I started to examine her body, I noticed it looked fake. Once the tight matrix leather was off, she started to unzip her skin starting from the head to reveal that she was in fact a terminator-like robot.

      (Terminator-Matrix Crossover, somebody get on that)


      I was at home, still lucid. My dad asked me what I was doing. I told him I was dreaming and was going outside to fly. I went outside. He responded with some curse words and begrudgingly told me to do whatever I wanted. It was a gray cloudy day.

      His negativity seemed to be weighing on the whole dream though. I couldn't fly. I then thought that I might want to pursue him, find out why in my LD's my father is always such a negative influence.

      I instead had a false awakening, but forgot the content of it.

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      lucid , dream fragment
    3. Being a pterodactyl.

      by , 10-04-2012 at 08:27 AM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      I'll run through the first couple dreams somewhat quick to get to the lucid ones. First I had a dream I was at my house, and my sister's best friend's ghost was around bugging me. This weird annoying form of "Haunting" in the dream. (Her friend's not dead in real life) Well for some reason I had control over ghosts in some sort of fashion, but I didn't have control of making them go away or passing them on to the next life. I knew that my sister had the ability to pass ghosts onto the next life, so I went to her, and she did it for me. (Long story short)

      I was put in a mental hospital with my wife's other friend Corey, we met a few people there and had conversations around the table with a few other people. I remember at one point an elder japanese man pulled me off to another room and was kind enough to share his penut butter with me. We talked for a moment, and the dream was over.

      OH! One dream that I had was so interesting to me while I was in it, and when I woke up. I was looking out onto this very, very, very strange highway. It was a highway of hundreds of different auto mobiles not just going past each other, but driving around and over each other like a huge swarm of bugs. It wasn't just normal automobiles though, there was probably one of ever automobile I've ever seen in my life. Real ones and fictional ones. I saw some from old video games, like a Ghost vehicle from Halo III for instance. Everything. So I chose one. It looked nothing like a car, but it owned the highway. I was happy with my choice.

      So, my alarm went off and I fell back asleep. The dream started out with an explanation of a specific being that was a character in my dream. I'm pretty sure I watched her explanation twice. She was a tool of the universe, given the power to paint the world back into health each time that it had been severely damaged throughout history. When the earth would flood or move out of it's destined path, she would come and bring it back to normal. The problem was, she became angry, and wicked. It turned into a scene where I along with my family and a group of other people were being held captive in her house. She had a strange sense of humor, so she was ordering us to do a set of things like arrange her house and belongings. While killing each other and having people dissimbody each other while in the process. I remember at one point I was carrying out a keyboard with two disconnected legs hanging from it.
      At some point in this dream, I realized somewhat that it was a dream. I knew it was a dream, but I needed to save my family out of this house. I told my mother and sister to hold my hand, and I closed my eyes, and made us appear in my back yard. I then noticed.. that I didn't know how to get back to save my dad. I flew over the wall and tried to recall what the previous house looked like... it was too foggy to jump back to. Just then, I noticed my dad walking up to the side of the house. He walked up, not phased one bit with what just happen. He seemed alright. He said something to the nature of, "Eh, I get why she did it. The process just sucked." They all walked in the house, and I went off flying to explore. I flew up above the forest that shows up each time I start flying from my house, but I didn't want to get stuck in it. So I found a place behind the trees that wasn't the same. It was a huge field with a small bunch of very large and fancy houses going down one side of the area. I decided that I wanted to go in and explore the houses. Just as I flew up to one of the entrances, I noticed there was a guy that lived there about to walk in. I didn't want to struggle with this dream character, so I carried him up and put him in one of the tallest trees, then flew back down. For some reason, all of the houses had a bunch of very large books in front of them. The houses turned into bookshelves and there was no entrances. I knocked all of the books off, just a flat wall behind them. So I flew threw a few more scenes, and out the window of some appartment. Suddenly it was rainy, and cloudy. I was over a bay area, and the sea was strongly disturbed. I flew up into the clouds to try to find sunlight above them. The clouds went on for a very, very long time. Unnaturally long. I noticed even back at the appartment that something about my dream started to make me nervous. Maybe there was something wrong with my body, but it started to turn south. I was flying through the clouds some more, and thinking what could possibly go wrong? I'm hundreds of feet in the air. For some reason, I thought of the only dangerous thing I could think of that would be in the air in a dream state. Something like a Pterodactyl. I hope none of those pop up in my dream, I thought to myself. Then what do you think happened. A few pterodactyls flew by and tried snapping at me. HUGE, birds. They looked dangerous. I'm not sure how this happened, but after awhile I thought that I was dreaming with my wife. We both turned into small pterodactyls and flew around with some other little guys. I noticed on the side of the cliff there was a flock of them hanging their tails on little branches over the ocean.
      Brilliant! I thought. I've always wanted a tail. I used my tail to hang upside down and my wife did the same. We 'hung out' for a while. But I started getting nipped by the other birds around me. It actually really hurt. So my wife and I left, and returned to human form. We walked into some sort of storage room, and were about to get it on- when some lady walked past us. Very suspicious-like. In the dream, it was some lady that was supposed to be keeping an eye on my wife and we felt weird about it. That's about where I think it ended. Altogether, a very interesting night. But a little bit nerve wracking during the later parts of it.
    4. Fog

      by , 02-15-2012 at 10:50 PM (DC's Dream Journal)
      didn't sleep very well, got a bit lazy tonight too :/
      Cloudy day, at my house. I get ready to go to work but my parents want to have a talk. there was fog. went out back and saw dad with a trollsmirk on his face, bro and sis looking pretty upset. end up leaving for work half an hour late.
      Tags: cloudy, fog, gloomy, work
      dream fragment
    5. 12/20 Endless Bus

      by , 12-20-2011 at 07:19 PM (Link's Adventures)
      It was early in the morning, and it was very cloudy so there wasn't really much light outside. I could see just fine though and there was a ton of people lined up to get on a school bus to go take a exam. The bus was stopped right in front of a railroad my bus took(I say took cause I no longer ride it) in its route. I, for some reason, decide to go to the front of line, and nobody complains for some reason. So I get on and the bus looked like it was longer and had more seats then a normal bus. And some of the seats looked weird(like part of the seat would be up and rest would be down on its own). So i sit in a seat where the outer part was up and the rest wasn't and just relax. Despite all the people outside, the bus went off without most of them. I didn't pay attention to this or the other weird things in my dream though >.> Soon a friend of mine asked if she could sit with me and I told her sure and then we ended up snuggling until the dream ended.
      Tags: bus, cloudy, cuddle, friend
    6. The familiar guy and the buildings

      by , 07-30-2011 at 04:41 PM (My dream journal....)
      July 1st, 2011

      We were at some restaurant in the city. The restaurant was outside, a couple stories high. It was cold, windy, and cloudy (and crowded). It eventually turned out to be a field trip.

      After a while of eating or whatever, something drew my attention to the next table. There was this one guy who looked really familiar (even in real life.). He looked like he might've been some waiter, and I saw him a couple of other times in the dream. Everyone at the table he was at was giggling. He said something I couldn't exactly hear, but it sounded like he said something along the lines of how he had been staring at me this whole time, but I never noticed. So I repeated what I thought he said as a question, and everyone shouted my name either 1) in a way that indicated that was, in fact, what he said, 2) i was stupid for not hearing, or 3) I was stupid because he really said something else entirely.

      Then the conversation turned into city cranes. It was why we were at the field trip: to go on them.

      The familiar guy was talking about the cranes (btw, i don't know who this 'familiar guy' is in real life, and he didn't even tell me his name in the dream.). i think he actually worked on them. he said something about having "three up already" or something, but it made sense because while he was talking about it, I could see it happening: In the dream, ropes hang down the long horizontal part of the crane at the top, and they held stairs. he meant he had already gotten three flights of stairs set up.

      After this, I saw myself being raised up in the crane. It got really high and I freaked out. My friend Tyler was there, too...

      Then the dream changed. It was at some place that was very flat and open. it was after the storminess of earlier had passed. it was still windy, and there were still clouds (which were freakishly close to the ground), but it was like it was leaving. There was a small skeleton of a building to the left, because people had just started building it. it was notably bright outside. Nick Cannon was talking (like I may have been watching the whole thing on TV) and i noticed a colorful tube or pipe just randomly starting a couple of feet off the ground and going infinitely into the sky and the clouds. An eagle came and went into the tube. Nick Cannon mentioned something about how things arent always as they seem, and then the eagle came out of the end of the tube (even though the end was somewhere in the clouds where I couldn't see it, it was also just right there where I could see it.), but it was a pig with wings. Then I heard some music, and woke up to my radio...
    7. Night of Recordings

      by , 07-30-2011 at 03:03 AM (My dream journal....)
      April 5th, 2011

      I'm riding on the bus. It's some sort of field trip with my teacher. We seem to be driving around some fancy-ish neighborhood. It's cloudy. The next parts are all blurred together. I might be getting off the bus, but there's some sort of false awakening (maybe?). Throughout the whole dream I'm listening to some recordings (podcasts?) on my Ipod from Itunes. I'm in my bed. The recordings ore weird. One mentioned something about LSD (I think the recording was telling someone to do marijuana or LSD) and I became really scared. I'm still in my room with my lamp on. I'm listening to some more recordings. One was quiet, but I didn't notice it at first because I'm still on the bus (or with my teacher). The other recordings are about people doing meditation and yoga and stuff. after a while of this blurriness, I drop something on the floor, It goes BOOM and my sister comes in to ask if I'm okay, to which I reply, "yes."


      It was blurry because it kept switching scenes from my room to the bus. The whole dream was very unstable.

      When I was in my room, it seemed very normal, but I was scared throughout the whole dream (because of the mention of marijuana).

      When the recording mentioned LSD or Marijuana, it was a mans voice. There was either 1) a man talking to a girl about yoga and meditation and told her to try marijuana and she said something indicating that was a good idea or 2) the girl wasn't in the recording, but the man was talking to her, and i don't know where she was. To some extent, she was part of the recording.

      As part of the blurriness, I kept seeing my teacher standing at the front of the bus.

      One of the places the bus was for a couple of seconds looked familiar. Actually, everywhere looked familiar. i think the bus turned off some busy street, drove through the fancy neighborhood, and passed a grocery store (?).
    8. 7/12

      by , 07-13-2011 at 01:30 PM
      My family is on a vacation. We are in this eastern style city. The buildings look like they have been made from clay. We walk down the road. We see people walking,talking, having a good time. We see people getting messages in the front of buildings. We stop at a giftshop. I see something i like so I just pick it up and put it in my pocket. We then go to a grocery store. We see a man there who got caught with stealing. The grocery store has a glass entrance. It looks pretty cool. We get all of the grocerys we need. My dad says he'll be right back, he went to the bathroom. I say when the door opened how disgusting it was. But then we left and I don't think we paid for the food either.
      I don't know how but we were at a school now. We are on the track field. I am racing too. We start I am faster than most people. All, except Chris. Next we have class. I am sitting next to this dude and this girl. The class is outside. It's cloudy. If I were lucid, I would've made the clouds disappear. We had to make something.I forgot what it was. I then feel like I had to throw up or something. So I went to the bathroom. These ones are disgusting too.
      I am back in the gift shop from dream 1. I take the thing I stole out from my pocket and put it back. I look
      around. They had some pretty neat stuff in there. We leave.
      We are now at this dump or something. But the sky is crystal clear and beautiful. Pipes were everywhere. This mad man came up on screen. He tells us we spend too much of his money. He decided on two options to fix that.
      Option 1. Send us to fairy world
      Option 2. Let us go

      Option 1 had the most votes. We escaped though.
    9. A good starting post;

      by , 05-24-2011 at 11:31 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      I figured I would begin my online dream journal with the most interesting post in my dream journal so far - my first lucid dream in years.

      The beginning of this dream could have happened two ways, as I have memories of both.

      1. I was in the lounge room, talking to my father, and got up to walk towards the front door. The furniture was arranged differently, the room lit by the lights, and the curtains closed. I tripped over something like a sharp wire, and felt no pain. This caused me to question reality and do a reality check.
      2. I was at school, in English. It was the middle of the day, warm sunlight being diffused around the room from the blinds covering the windows. We were working through a question sheet, and one of the answers made absolutely no sense, causing me to RC. I doubt this second one.

      Infact, thinking about it, the second one is most likely a false memory, as I distinctly remember doing the RC in my loungeroom, and the rest of the dream took place at home.

      I did the RC I do as habit throughout the day, trying to push my finger through my opposite hand. It's hard to describe how it feels - like pushing a stick of hard play-doh into my hand. My hands were also extremely blurry, though I didn't concentrate on them much after I RC'd. I immediately got excited and started to lose the dream. I yelled out 'Increase lucidity!', relaxed my breathing, and got a more vivid look of the loungeroom.

      I wanted to change my scenery, go to somewhere else within my dream. I tried visualising a field, and willing the world around me to move and change, I then tried a beach, which I had visited in a lucid dream briefly many years ago. Despite this effort, my scenery didn't change. I didn't notice at first - and infact wrote in my dream journal that nothing changed and no passages opened, but I recall noticing that one of my walls had turned into a long hallway - deeply lit with red, and soft velvety walls and luxurious looking doors. I wish I had infact gone and investigated it, and I plan to use it as a method of transportation next time.

      Since my scene wouldn't change - I decided to try and fly. I ended up in my room, simply swimming upwards, struggling at first with freestyle, but soon adopted an upright push, somewhat like a jellyfish. Though I found it much easier than my previous attempts in dreams years ago, I lost a lot of lucidity from lack of concentration. It was cloudy outside, and everything had a tinge of green, though most colours were washed out. My foot got caught on a vine outside my window, and I couldn't keep floating. I tried to simply phase through it - like I did with the roof, but it didn't work, and the vine held me back. I lost more lucidity here.

      My memory then picks up back in the loungeroom, where I proceeded to have sex with nothing - simply thrusting away at the air with nothing there, though still receiving all feeling. This caused me to wake up very quickly.

      I woke up, and felt like looking over at the clock, and I believe I did infact wake up here, but then returned to sleep.

      I thought I began writing in my dream journal, and ended up in a dream where I was in my English classroom, discussing a problem we had with the homework where the answer didn't make any sense. I exclaimed to my teacher "That's the question which caused me to be lucid!" He agreed that the answer didn't make any sense, and would have caused me to become lucid.

      I woke up again after this, and began writing in reality.
      lucid , non-lucid
    10. Jan 22 an ego booster.

      by , 01-23-2011 at 10:43 PM
      It was a Cross Country race at Wheeling invite(it was raining). I get asked if I am the Dylan Roberts? Then I got complimented by three runners on running fenton sick and smiling the whole race. OD won the race and gets his name cheered at the end.
    11. First night of attempted SD and nightmare-fixing

      by , 01-14-2011 at 11:03 PM (Beyond the Horizon)
      My cousin is sleeping over for a few days, and we are trying to have a shared dream together. As she was falling alseep she twitched a lot. She told me it was from bad dreams. We will fix this

      NIGHT 1:

      Dream 1:

      I was with a few friends outside my house. It was cloudy. We were just playing around and having fun, then we went inside and there was something wrong, like a feeling of imminent danger. I thought how cool it would be if it was a dream. I said it out loud, and everyone in the room was all like "Does this LOOK like a dream to you?".

      The dream looked and FELT so real. It was the most convincing dream I have ever had. Nevertheless, I said "This is a dream," just to be sure. Then the lucidity "unlocked" and I got goosebumps. I ran out the door and I think I flew, then a noise woke me up instantly.

      Dream 2:

      I was at primary school (OMG) doing work experience. I hadn't been there the last few days in the dream, so when I went to my supervising teacher to ask where to go, she said "Who were you with before?". I tried to remember, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't remember the teacher's name. So I tried to describe her and how she had curly hair but it's naturally straight, and she curls it using those cylinder things you put in your hair. She had no idea who I was talking about, so I just went to a random classroom.

      Turns out she was another teacher I had. She was angry at me for not being here for a few days, but in my head I thought it was a public holiday. The kids were grade 1 so they were being taught the first five letters of the alphabet, and they all repeated it.

      Later I was in the main concrete area, and I saw my church friends. IRL, we had just come back from a camp in a place called Toowoomba, which is having horrific floods at the moment. We escaped one day before the place flooded.
      Suddenly we were at a campsite (didn't see THAT coming) and we were walking around some random bush track, but the bush wasn't very thick, and the path was very wide like a road.
      There was water on the path, like a massive puddle about 30 metres long. We had just walked through it when we heard an announcement saying that the water was electrified from lightning and was poisonous as well. I stayed at the edge of the puddle, but my friend LostInLA started wading back through the water to where we came from, thinking it was better. I called out but she didn't hear me.

      Dream 3:

      I was at a beach place, like where I normally go for a holiday. My mum and dad were driving me to the unit we have rented. It was a nice day, but the whole time there was a feeling of imminent danger. We were inside the unit, and my dad was in the bathroom grooming in the mirror as if for a special occasion. My mum was nearby. In my room, there was a toilet next to my bed.
      For some reason, I asked my mum if I could jerk off before we go (seriously wtf?), to which she explained that I'm not supposed to ask, just not be caught :S.
      We were outside again and I think that "danger" came and I woke up

      In all the dreams, it was cloudy. Today it was cloudy.

      Cousin's dream:

      She was with me and her mum at the shops near her house, and it flooded.

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    12. Oct 3 Hot wings, and Dan Rink

      by , 01-05-2011 at 01:22 AM
      I got hot wings at a place like a lodge, but not til later.. the sauces were PQ and something else i cant remember. Dan rink was there apparently. I went outside.. it was a gloomy winter day along a highway road. I paid 10 dollars then talked to the brunette working and then talked to the manager who was apparently a hockey coach for kids.
    13. Rescuing Survivors

      by , 09-29-2010 at 12:35 AM (Dreaming on my feet)
      I'm living in a city with a river and bridge dividing it in two, as I can see from aerial perspective. A huge transport/trade ship gets hit by a bomb on the river, I overhear conversation that it's a series of attacks and that the water is so cold that the men overboard will die if they don't get out within ten or fifteen minutes. I'm running toward the waterfront with a friend who I can't identify, we find part of the waterfront that isn't blockaded/fenced of and start shouting "Hey! over here!" as some members of the ships crew float relatively close in the water. We help haul up about five men onto the pavement. They are all foreigners, mostly black or asian, and have a very strong/calming presense about them. We're all sitting down on the concrete, knees to chest relaxed. Lots of fences and square concrete buildings, no signs or beautiful scenery, very plain, grey skies.

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    14. Past on Fire

      by , 09-29-2010 at 12:29 AM (Dreaming on my feet)
      Non-lucid dream, kind of nightmare-ish full of tension/conflict, not enjoyable like most of my dreams have been lately so it stuck out.

      I'm part of some crime fighting organization, and we and our mad scientist design a helecopter to take out the bad guys and go inflitrate their base, which is like a generic military secret concrete geometrically squarish place. We infiltrate covert ops style, black suits and all, and wind up failing, they hijack our helecopter but we escape a-ok.

      The dream switches to a type of video game cutscene, with six of our helecopters, now retro fitted with nuclear missle and a dozen gunmen or so, rising out of the water! dun dun dun.. Created by their version of our mad scientist. evil mad scientist. So now my ex roommate it part of their organization, R, and we are texting for some reason, like we're trying to stay friends even though we're fighting eachother.

      The scene switches again, and they've just bombed a tropical island, perhaps to use it as a new base. The men that planted the bomb on the island are running frantically down the mountain as lava is flowing behind them, toward the shoreline below. I'm watching all this from an aerial 3rd person perspective, and see that R is on the mountain, and text him "Be safe!" and see him texting me back as he runs, the response says "No doubt here man" or something similarly macho. He is almost to the water when he slips on some rock, and the lava overtakes him and covers his left leg, leaving the rest of his body untouched. He begins to scream, howling in agony, and it is incredibly realistic and dominating my senses. It's like I'm standing next to somebody who has been mortally wounded and can do nothing.

      Now I'm in the water, swimming towards the island with lava flowing down toward my injured friend. I stop at a rock close to the shore, he is about fifteen ft away from me, and I start to splash water on to him as fast as I can, working hard, but it's doing nothing and he is still screaming horrifically. The lava is flowing down towards me and the water I'm standing in is getting closer and closer to boiling. I hesistate looking back at him and then jump into the water and swim away as fast as I can. At this point my organization comes zipping into sight on a white truck on a small dirt road on the island to save me, tropical trees and sand, dark grey skies. The dream then fades.

      This dream really stuck out because of how intensely real the screaming was ,and it persisted for about five minutes real time. Fortunately I haven't had a bad dream since this one.

      P.s. I'm going to make a habit of posting some dreams each week, interesting, whether lucid or not just to make a habit of it and I develop my RC and LD skill sets. Hope y'all don't mind.

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    15. Running. then jumping to death later.

      by , 08-31-2010 at 12:26 AM
      I was out on a neighborhood with a similar setting to the neighborhoods by olive elementary school. as i get a little farther i realize its cloudy so i decided to take shelter from rain in an empty parking garage( i never felt or saw rain beforehand) I ran into matt cortese and Jordan Connor in the parking garage towards the wall. the ground moving that way inclined up slightly. me, matt and jordan then proceeded to search for water in plastic cups. we found many plastic cups that had been filled full, empty, or half way with either clean water, dilluted water or no water.

      The other dream phase involved me driving with my mom and brother in a explorer or SUV that was white. we went by a T intersection road that inclined downwards we took a right and then came to a bridge only one car could cross. the bridge was wooden and moldy and had a big gap at the end. we drove and once we got to the gap i decided i was going to get out and jump the gap. I jumped and as soon as i jumped my progress in movement was stopped at the jumps peak. I then fell into the gap which lead into a dark abyss that contained water. i then woke up feeling like i fell in real life.
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