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    1. Exploring Haunted Secret Passage House, Cross of HP/DW/BtVS

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:22 PM
      03-25-2017 -- An ever-morphing cross between HP, BtVS, and DW. A group of us (an odd mixture of regular people, Harry Potter and Buffy characters) are exploring a large old house that I've explored before in many dreams. Sometimes things remain normal, sometimes they get a little strange, but this one got odder than usual. I'm sort of a Xander-like character, just the normal guy that stuff kind of happens to/around.

      The house seems to be morphing into a kind of a cross between Grimmauld Place, the house from the Classic Who episode Ghostlight, and the hotel from the Shining. There is a very evil, corrupting feel to the place, and an odd variety of ... creatures ... are popping out at us, trying to scare us and frighten us, yet over time you almost get the kind of feeling that they are past victims, themselves, now trapped in the place.

      At one point, we're exploring one room, and Tonks steps on an area where the floor is weak, and it collapses under her, dropping her into a room in a lower level of the house. The problem is, it is not only a lower level, but also is somehow located in another time, so while we can see her, and are trying to rescue her, we're having a really hard time reaching her. Thankfully the Doctor (the 10th Doctor) arrives, and manages to bridge the gap, so to speak, and rescues her from the evil cat-girl who was after her. So now we're wandering the halls of the horrible place together.

      The corrupting influence is still there, but now it is kind of muted, and not as strong, and we realize the TARDIS's telepathic circuits are kind of holding the evil influence at bay. Because of this, the Doctor has got it on a sort of old-fashioned looking pallet jack, and is wheeling it around with us. One of our members is being referred to as 'Dog-Boy,' and I can't help but wonder if it might be Xander, with a hint of the Hyena possession coming out, due to the evil spirit of the place.

      Soon we find ourselves in a large room, perhaps a kitchen or a living room, I'm not sure which. One of the beings we're fighting against seems to be a slightly sweet, slightly sassy girl with a sort of a Victorian appearance, who is actually rather cute, and I am sort of falling for her. In the house, only seen under the low lighting of flickering candles, she looks almost completely normal, but then I catch her in direct sunlight pouring in from an uncovered window, and suddenly the makeup on her face shows a completely different image, of a very evil looking clown with razor-sharp, long, demonic teeth.

      Doesn't stop me or change how I feel, though. I look her in the face, and explain I am a sometimes clown, too. She doesn't believe me, and I start explaining about the face I designed for my clown. In real life it was a classic white face appearance, with small purple highlights around the eyes and the lips, but in the dream I was explaining it as a rich, violet purple face with white highlights around the eyes, which would probably look rather frightening, itself.

      I am explaining how I did a lot of work with balloons, while she is playing with a yellow balloon poodle (sans head), when somebody randomly asks "Hey, where's Dog-Boy?" One of the other enemies, a bit of a mean one, just starts laughing, and says he was killed three days ago, and we never even noticed until now. Personally, to me it only feels like we have been here a few hours, so I'm figuring it was much more recent, but it is still a terrible thing, and as he's still laughing like a loon, I decide to take my revenge on him. I grab a pink bee-body (a kind of twisting balloon) and try to inflate it to pop it at him, but my balloon is full of holes, and won't inflate. So I ask the evil clown girl if I can borrow one of her red ones, and she lets me. The problem is, no matter how big I blow the thing up, it just will not pop! I'm getting more and more frustrated with the thing.

      Others are discussing what might have happened to Dog-Boy, and I take the opportunity to spent a little time kissing my evil clown, while also trying to think of a way to save her. Somebody makes an odd mention that kind of indicates that Cat-Girl and Dog-Boy got together for a short time in another time, and had a kid. While others are trying to figure out the logistics of that, I suddenly grasp on an idea of time travel, and saving even the earlier victims of the place, by maybe traveling back in time, saving them and taking them all to another time to safely live out a good life, then bringing them all back to this time for the ending of it all, letting them all have most of a good life.

      I start to search out the Doctor, wanting to explain my plan to him, and find him right outside the front door of Draynor Manor, somehow managing to exit the door that is usually entrance, only, and approach him with my idea, but as I run the idea through my mind, trying to figure out the best way to explain it, I can just picture him, ever-more-clearly, muttering about fixed points in time, and how it can't be done, and by the time I reach him, I just kind of glare at him, reproachfully.

      "What?!?" he demands, at the way I'm looking at him. "Never mind," I mutter, and start to walk away. But he demands to know why I'm looking at him like that, and I explain the whole idea, and as I expect, he starts muttering about fixed points, and impossibilities, and starts to get angry at me, and accuses me of either being possessed by the evil spirit, or perhaps not even being myself at all, but a replacement that has been foisted on us, and I just re-enter the manor, to see what little I can do for the poor past victims.

      As I get back to the kitchen or wherever it is that most of us are now at, a strange cross between Rory and Angel is in the process of hanging a huge pack of firecrackers on the wall of the place, while an equally odd cross of Amy and Buffy is wielding a crossbow and trying to shoot the firecrackers to light the fuse. The idea is to set them all off, which will start a large fire on the wall, which will quickly spread to the entire evil house, burning it to the ground, and destroying all the evil victims within it. I am trying to block the shot, keep it from happening, and figure another way out of things, but I'm just not having any luck.

      Just before they manage to send the place up like a roman candle, an earlier version of the 10th Doctor bursts through the back wall, accompanied by Rose and Jack, all three carrying big, shiny, advanced sci-fi weapons, as the Doctor confronts the smallest, meekest, shyest member of our party, and exposes -them- as the one who has been replaces and is working against us (instead of me, as he accused earlier) and says he managed to take my plan and make it work, so now everybody has managed to be saved. Which is when I woke up.
    2. Telling Dreams and the Animal Rescue Benefit

      by , 05-02-2016 at 04:29 PM
      05-02-2016 -- I'm walking through the BPM parking lot, in the area between the May Company auto center, and May Company, itself. The parking lot is full of cars, and also full of people who are trying to survey people about their dreams. For some reason, it seems unlikely that they would want to talk to me about this, so I plan to just wander past until somebody specifically asks people for dreams that are horror-related. At that point, I stop to talk to them, and am going through and describing in great detail the Freddy Krueger portion of the dream I had on 04-28-16.

      Soon after that, I walk home to the Hickory House, where I enter and am wandering back and forth between my original bedroom, and the bedroom I eventually took over from Keith. Oddly, though it is the HH, I seem to be renting a room from a cross between Rosemary and Bonnie. I find there are several somewhat scruffy tiny baby kittens in the house. They seem kind of ill and damaged, and it turns out they are part of an animal rescue type of thing.

      I spend some time petting the kittens, and then also petting Tucker and Keffer, who are also here again, though Keffer has lost a lot of weight, and is now in much better shape. Several of Bonnie's clown friends are over, and seem to be involved in the rescue work. One of them makes some sort of comment about the benefits of a pair of narrow box springs as opposed to one large box spring for larger queen or king-size beds, because she says it lessens the amount of 'sliding' a mattress does. Bonnie doesn't get it, and I jump in to tell about how my queen sized mattress shifts around all the time, but my parents' king-sized mattress on a pair of box springs didn't.

      So even more clowns are showing up, and talking about ways to help out, and things, and stuff just starts sort of changing, and we're soon in a large stadium-like venue, where several clowns (and others) are starting to give performances that are more than half sales pitches to sell various things, the proceeds to go to the animal rescue efforts. The place is getting more and more busy, the sales people are becoming more and more pushy, and suddenly I find myself watching Billie Piper, slightly slinkily dressed and acting kind of sexy, doing her own part to entertain and help out.
    3. Haunted School, Circus

      by , 06-11-2015 at 02:50 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream - nightmare

      I was in school. I was in the classroom, sitting in front of the teacher - a bald man with mustache. There were other students in the classroom. I asked if I can go to the toilet, he agreed so I went out of the classroom. I was alone at the corridor, heading towards the toilet.

      When I opened the door, I saw that the lights were on, but as I made one step they turned off. I closed the door and opened them again, and the situation was the same. Then I think "Is this school haunted?" Suddenly a DC janitor appears. A brunette woman in janitor suit, with glasses. She tells "This school is haunted." and goes away. She said it, like it was obvious to everyone.

      I thought "Even if there's hell inside, I'll do this!" I entered the dark toilet. As I started to pee, suddenly red light started to flicker, walls and floor tiles started to crack. School trembled and the walls bleed. I finished my thing and went back to the classroom. I looked at the clock and saw that it was late evening, but then I looked at the clock again, and saw that I should go to take a bus back home.

      I went to the cloakroom. There were some girls taking their stuff and going out. I came closer to my locker. It had padlock made of rolled paper. I opened it, and saw that I have loads of old, useless junk in my locker. I couldn't find my shoes. I took all the stuff and went out to a car. I looked at the driver. He was wearing gray hoodie, and he wasn't looking at the road. However, he was a great drver.

      Second dream

      I was on a backstage of a circus. Someone was talking about the place. He started from talking about clowns working there - batman, a clown with black, fake mustache in bat suit; crabman, a clown with blonde mustache in crab suit; and spiderman, a clown with brown mustache in spider suit. They were running around like crazy. There were huge crowds cheering from the tribunes.

      Then he told about a murder bug "Whomever may touch it, may he rest in peace.". A sad and frightening melody played in the background as he said about the bug. Then a dude looking like Eric from "Sweet 70's" TV show appeared, and show control switches of the circus.

      He pointed at one and said "This is a lunch button. We choose one person from the crowd, and give it a free lunch. This week we have a special offer. If you have three nipples, you can come over to us. There's a free lunch waiting for you!"
    4. Battlestar Galactica on a Budget [PG13 or R]

      by , 02-21-2015 at 06:53 PM
      02-21-2015 -- [Rated at least PG-13 or R for mostly non-specific and undetailed robot sex.] I find myself at the Moran house, on the enclosed, roofed-in path leading to the front door. For some reason, there is a sort of couch or lounge here, and I am laying on it, while some of my crap is just laying around out here. I think there is something about my sister being around and speaking to me, but then she vanishes. Carl stops by, and I think I am asking him about possible help with a move or something, but he tells me he doesn't have the time, and suggests hiring movers, and I grumble that I'll never have the chance of doing that. Rosemary is inside, looking out the kitchen window, and I know she is just waiting for Carl to leave to come out and start grumbling at me, so as he leaves, I lay down and pretend to be sleeping.

      I only start to 'wake' when Rosemary calls my name a couple of times, and I start doing the snort, 'wha?' type of thing. She is kind of annoyed with me, but isn't doing a lot of lecturing. Instead it seems she has been gathering up my clothes and starting to wash them. She is folding some of my old guard shirts, and tosses me a couple of pairs of guard pants to fold, and I don't say anything, but I am wondering where she found them, as I haven't worked as a guard for more than 10 years. As I am folding them and setting them aside, I am glancing around and discovering there are a lot of broken fragments of wasp nests around, and that more and more angry wasps seem to be showing up, too. I duck into the house and shut the door behind me, but I notice there is a sort of a vent in the door, and I worry that the wasps will just follow me inside. But they don't.

      I'm amazed, and ask about it, but as soon as I ask, I notice there is a sort of a glass cover on the vent, keeping the wasps out. Of course, as soon as I notice the cover and touch it, it starts to fall out, and I'm struggling to get it back in place, while a couple of the wasps are managing to slip inside. At this point things kind of shift a bit, and I find myself standing in the back yard (still at the Moran house), and there seems to be almost a sort of a small carnival going on or something. There are lots of people wandering around, and I don't know, but it may be a clown alley thing, because Chris and Roger have set up a 'booth' that is a sort of a paintball obstacle field, but instead of paint guns, they are making the kids balloon swords, and letting them in to go wild. The others in the alley are kind of looking down on them, but they figure the kids are having a ball, and are really happy, so it's all good to them, and I rather agree.

      Then the dream shifts for just a moment or two, and I think I am reading some strange novelizations that have been written of the Harry Potter movies, changing things a bit, just like the movies changed things a little from the actual novels they were based on, and I think there are bits of the golden trio and Dumbledore and maybe a slightly kinder version of Snape running around the Hogwarts grounds being chased by Rover (weather balloon from The Prisoner) or something weird like that. Then it's gone, and I'm back to the main dream.

      Still at the carnival, still lots of people running around, and a lady comes up to me asking me about something. No idea what, but whatever it is, I am directing her to Rosemary for an answer, when I know I could answer her myself, and I shouldn't be passing on all the work to Rosemary ... but I do, anyway. She just mutters about how Rosemary is clueless, and doesn't know what is going on. By that point, I've wandered over toward the side yard, and some guy, older, self-important, and a bit heavy, is complaining about us not having a room for him or something, and I comment on how this isn't a hotel, which only makes him madder.

      Suddenly we're back in the covered path leading to the front door, and there are several more people around, and the guy is still complaining. I look at him and tell him he really ought to get out of here before the invasion happens. And suddenly there it is in my mind. The Cylon invasion that I have lived through before in the past, and I suddenly realise it is just about to happen again. (Past dream? Not that I remember, but who knows.) I start warning the others that they might want to get out while they can. But most of them don't move. We're still in the covered walk, but now where the front door ought to be, there is a conveyor belt coming from one of the ships, and unoading supplies.

      At first the belt is moving really quick, and a couple of metal bars (kind of like rebarb, but rectangle-ish) come shooting out, and I just kind of dodge out of the way. Then it is several crates, and I am kind of pushing them as the drop off the belt, so they half stack on the right side of the path, facing where the door should be. There are a couple of computers and monitors, then some more bars, but this time moving slowly enough that I just support them and push them on past me. As more and more stuff comes down the conveyor belt, and not enough people help stack and move stuff, the narrow path is becoming more and more crowded and cluttered.

      Suddenly all the crates and supplies have been loaded onto a small caravan of robotic trucks, and we're just clutching to the crates and hanging off the sides as they are taken a short distance to a huge warehouse, where the trucks just pull in and park in rows. We're trying to figure out where we are and what we should do next. One slightly friendly android warns us that in about five minutes they will seal the warehouse, and activate some sort of security system that will kill any humans inside. They are not specifically trying to kill us, they just sort of exterminate any 'vermin' that slip in with the supplies! Oh joy! We start to kind of panic, and begin running around trying to figure out how we can get out of here.

      Most of the walls, even with doors in them, we have no idea what they might lead to, and if we managed to break through the (locked) doors, we might only find ourselves further into the same warehouse. I see one set of perhaps six or eight doors marked as emergency exits, but they are alarmed, and I know if we bust out, we'll find ourselves facing a large troop of Cylon Raiders ready to blast us (from the 70s show, not the 2000 version.) This is what I mean by budget ... I know there are tons of scifi aliens around, but we never actually see almost anyone or anything actually cool looking.

      As we run around, I see Barack Obama standing there in a suit, a bit of a smirk on his face, kind of directing the robot trucks into their places. They don't actually need or care about his direction, and he doesn't realize the place is about to be sealed up and he is going to be exterminated with the rest of us, and it seems sort of poetic justice, since he collaborated with them in setting up the whole invasion, anyway. I continue along rows of supplies and pallets of stuff, and come across an attractive blonde in a yellow polka-dot sun dress sort of thing, doing odd contortions that show off her body a bit, and her rather nice legs and underwear, as she decides she wants to have sex before she dies, and one of the others decides to help her out.

      At that point, an odd sort of blocky robot wearing a similar yellow polka-dot dress is kind of asking "Sex? What is sex?" and indicating an interest in learning about the subject. I make a comment about how we've no time to teach 'her' as we're all about to be killed, and some of the others indicate I'm stupid not to take advantage of the situation. So I start to think that maybe this will somehow lead to a way to survive this, and I decide to have sex with the robot. The problem is, as I approach it, it is shrinking. It started out perhaps four feet tall, with a blocky, but still fairly human shape. It is now perhaps eight inches tall, and mostly one square, hollow tube, about 2" x 4" x 6" with thin arms coming out the sides, and ticker legs sticking out a couple of inches at the bottom. The head is now nothing more than a small mouth slot near the top of the 'body.' I reach out and pick it up and the legs fall off. I raise it to look at it's 'bottom' and it is more or less a hollow square tube with a smaller hollow square tube (about 1 3/4" x 1 3/4") at one end. I kind of shrug and push myself in it, and it is tight, uncomfortable, and no fun. With every stroke, my tip kind of pokes out the mouth slot. And the robot it kind of losing its mind, but probably not in any sort of a good way. Then I wake up. Weird.
    5. 4 LDs in one night ! Wooo!

      by , 01-09-2014 at 01:47 PM
      I don't remember how I got lucid the first time, but I remember 4 LDs.

      Dream 1 : [COLOR="#008080"]I wake up in a dream and I say : Oh good, lucid again. I stand up and start rubbing my hands but I don't notice any difference. I go straight in the livingroom at the computer and I enter on KVIRC. I tell Oreo and Hathor28 that this is a dream and I'm lucid but they refused to believe it. I go back to the bedroom and look out the window. I see a pale girl with a nice white dress, she flies up to me, grabs my hand and then flies away.[/COLOR]

      Dream 2 : [COLOR="#008080"]I wake up in the dream again and I'm like : Woo, another lucid! I get out of the room and my parents seem drunk. Suddenly, a red haired girl appears and shows me a door that I've never seen before. I open it and it seems to be a closet full of clothes. I enter in it and suddenly the closet becomes a really long hall. At the end of the hall there is a door. I walk to the door and then the door opens by itself. I go in it and there is a big clown. He gives me a pillow and I sit on it. I look around and I see a lot of coffins, more clowns and lots of clothes. I suddenly get a reaaaally good feeling and I wake up.[/COLOR]

      Dream 3: [COLOR="#008080"]I wake up AGAIN in the dream and I yell because I'm full of happiness. I look out the window again and I hope that the girl doesn't appear again. I jump out the window, run and hide behind a tree. I also remember that there were many fights involved in this dream.[/COLOR]

      After this LD I woke up in real and I almost did a DEILD.

      Dream 4: [COLOR="#008080"]I wake up in the dream(YES, AGAIN) and I freak out. I get out of the room and go near the kitchen. There isn't a door to my balcony anymore but a strange round grey door. I can see a shadow of myself coming but I run in the living room. I get back on KVIRC to make Hathor28 and Oreo believe me I'm dreaming but they still won't believe it so I give up. I go back to the kitchen and a clone of myself is there. She was hissing and searching for something. As soon as she saw me she wanted to bite me but I run back into the livingroom. I see a bag of my favorite chips on the sofa so I thought why not and started to eat them. I tried to change my appearance because my hair was messy and I was still in my PJs. It's unsuccessful so I jump out the window. I ask myself what I should do while looking around. I try to summon Gavin but instead of him, there appears a red haired guy. I ask him if he can make Gavin appear and he does weird magic stuff but he fails at it.[/COLOR]

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    6. The Color War and the Adventurers Club Reunion

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:19 AM
      07-18-2013 -- A hint of superheroes but nothing I can remember. I soon find myself in a half-life half-computer-game war of colors. We are on a large hexagonal 'circle' surrounding a sort of hexagonal mountain. Each hexagon forming the circle is kind of large, perhaps 40 or 50 meters per side. I'd say we started at about 8:00 and moved counter-clockwise.

      There were six color choices, and a large, slightly pixilated 'paintbrush' that seemed to be in different shapes for different colors, and you half reached for it and half grabbed it with your mind, moving it around the landscape to sort of 'paint' the ground and claim it. I am not sure what color I started with, but I changed colors a couple of times in the first few seconds as I ran like a mad-man painting my colors in every direction.

      There were a bunch of other kids/teen playing, grabbing other colors and spraying them, though some moved faster than others. I think I settled on purple fairly early on, and with some others went sprinting counter-clockwise. By the time we reached around 4:00 there were two or three of the colors battling it out for the area, and the ones slower to catch on, still around the 8:00 or 7:00 position realized they were never going to catch up with us in that direction, and figured they better start painting and claiming ground going clockwise.

      Since we had a lead, we matched up with some of the other colors around the 12:00 position, and as both sets of groups rushed at each other I sprinted to the meeting point to claim to be the first one to have made it 'round the world.' It made more sense within the dream logic. Somehow though I had been purple throughout the entire thing so far, by the time I came against blue at 12:00, I seem to have changed to green and to have been green the entire time.

      Purple turned out to be lead by Pricilla Mooseburger in a very professional purple clown costume. Being as I was not on her team, I think that is why I was suddenly green (though with purple leanings.) [Didn't realize it until now, but the purple/green conflict might have been caused by a Drazi episode of Babylon 5.] Graham seems to be 'leading' the green group (though not as Hathaway, which might have made sense) and he is reminiscing with some of us about the Adventurers Club and how we all miss it, and talking about some upcoming event where we'll all get together to do a 5 year celebration or something, with some of the other regulars around.

      I find myself talking to Joe Simon about old Disneyland shows, and a time I bought a drink at the Disneyland Hotel (which the event I was recalling was actually from some other dream in a pub in England) and he is trying to relate it to a non-alcoholic drink, but I say no, it was something alcoholic. Reminds me of one of my friends who could never remember whether it was the yakoose juice or the kungaloosh that was alcoholic.

      Meanwhile Graham is handing out large strings of Mardi Gras beads (where the individual beads are about 4" diamond shapes) usually in the color of the person's team, but somehow he can't decide if I am purple or green, so he gives me both, which somehow goes well with my scarf, even if it is purple and blue. Soon we are taking pictures near a parade float which is actually a three level ice skating rink which Priscilla is skating on, and it is some sort of publicity photo, as we have been a part of a fund raising program for some sort of orphan charity or something.

      We're told to hug up on one another and I end up with Abby (NCIS) in my arms for a kiss, though soon she is a different woman, and then a third, Chris Townley, who I knew from school. The woman keeps shifting. It's like there is really some chemistry between Abby and I, but I don't know if I have the nerve to say anything to see if it can become something. Meanwhile, Priscilla seems to have a bit of an attitude with me (all in fun, I think) and is asking us if the next time we can avoid looking like a brother and sister kissing.

      After the photo taking, we're moving back to the parade-float ice rink, which has now turned into a small purple stage with signs on it warning people to stay out from under it, and Priscilla is about to do a magic show (which is why she doesn't want people under the stage getting into her props) and I decide to grab a seat in the front row, planning to heckle her in return for her photo comments. (I know how you did that one ... I'm not going to tell, but I know ... that one, too ....)
    7. 2nd May 2013 Alternate view of dreamviews, Weird genre switching game, Let's play project

      by , 05-02-2013 at 09:44 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1:

      The first part of dream was about some game, but can't recall much about it, after that, i was visiting dreamviews and it was looking alot different, there were visually many colors used in the interface and all text was multicolored. There was some kind of huge project about let's plays and everyone was posting alot on it.
      Later i was watching some anime, which was kinda pokemon-like, but i can't recall if there were any actual pokemon...
      After that i was playing some game, which started out like multiplayer 2D sideview platformer. I, with some other player, was going through some location like a mine, there were railways with minecarts and there were alot of pits. The second player was panicking alot for some reason and was falling down the pits. After done with that the game switched to be singleplayer 3D FPS and continued in the sewers, and the enemies were clowns and like. I was getting through the level very quickly and the water in some pits was acidic. Something in this level made me make really weird facial expression like if i was trying to make it hilarious but was failing on it really badly. Next level, the game turned into 2D topdown shooter and i was controlling some kind of vehicle while going through some kind of magma processing facility, which was basically platforms over a huge lake of magma with some mechanisms and pipes. There were alot of turrets and decorations to destroy and it was pretty hard to maneuver and dodge enemy attacks since there was not alot of place. Midway through the level the game switched to 3D platformer and the vehicle disappeared. There was a small puzzle where i needed to carry some kind of mechanisms onto the top of three pipes, which was a bit repetitive since path between mechanisms and pipes was the same and i could carry only one at the time. But it opened the path ahead and i had one spare mechanism left, i talked to someone whether it's required and we looked ahead, it didn't seemed like it could be so we left it and continued the way through pretty hard platforming section.
      I paused the game and decided to check back on the dreamviews, now there was a discussion about the % of something, and there were already alot of entries on the let's play project from earlier. I was showing them to someone else, who was standing next to me and those were let's plays of some multiplayer class-based FPS, which also did included team fortress 2 classes and a bunch of reference based classes, i recall some pirate class and some class that was wearing badly made paper mask. One of the let's players was really drunk. Shortly the dream ended.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was visiting dreamviews and there was something going on about Linkzelda posting walls of text.
    8. SciFi Travel Methods and Star Wars Models, A Shift at House of Imports, and Mom does Mystery Shops

      by , 02-07-2013 at 08:18 PM
      02-07-2013 -- [Three dreams tonight, don't know if they would be long enough to have their own posts, but am putting them all in one post anyway. Going in last to first order, just because.] Am out driving somewhere, when the Jimmy starts acting up. It is close to stalling at stops, and the check engine light is coming on, and I am really worried the thing is going to die on me, and wipe me out again, as far as something to drive goes.

      Soon I find myself at Hosanna Printing, and it must be around five or six, because Marli takes a few moments to talk to me, but not much because she is in the middle of locking up. This means she is pushing me out the side door so she can exit via the back door while activating the alarm, then walk around the building locking the side and front doors after the fact. Strange.

      Next thing I know, I am just arriving home at the Hickory house, or some slightly distorted semblance of it, collecting the mail as I enter the house. There are lots of letters, packages and the like (as usual in my dreams) including CDs from record clubs, past due bill notices and all kinds of other stuff. A lot of the stuff is for mom, so I pass it on to her, except she seems to be a bit of a composite of four people, mom, Barbara (Jeff's mother from next door), BM, and even a little bit of Marli.

      We're talking about bills and things, and a little bit about the print shop, and all kinds of random stuff, but then 'mom' opens one of the envelopes, and finds it is a check, payment for her first ever mystery shop, and she is halfway freaked out by the fact that the company is owned by Jeff, and that she is now getting paid from a company that is owned by somebody so young. I don't bother pointing out he is almost as old as I am, which in this dream is over 40.

      I start to head outside and find myself in a kind of a large parking lot, though I have no idea where it is at. I am pulling a somewhat small suitcase, and am heading to the 'new' (new to me, but fairly old, overall) car that I have been given. It is a white Continental, probably from the 60s or 70s. Part of the time it seems to be a convertible, and it has one of those trunks with a really small opening, so I am having slight difficulties getting my suitcase in it, and as I am trying to close it, the handle causes the back window of the car to fall out. Thankfully I am easily able to get it back in fairly easily.

      As I am getting ready to leave, I find I am parked right next to the GMC Jimmy that this car is replacing, though somebody else has parked so close to it that nobody could get to the door. A lady who seems to have been the one giving me the Continental is asking me about the Jimmy, because she is considering buying it from me. I am explaining about the check engine light that might require some work, and the oil leak which means it frequently needs a quart added, and the low MPGs, but she is still interested, so I may get not only a new car to drive for free, but also get paid a little for the old one. Cool beans!


      I find myself working another security shift at House of Imports, though it has probably been at least a couple of years since the last time I worked a shift here. I am in the showroom, which seems much like it used to, except that where the receptionists used to be during the day, and security at night, the receptionist area has been elevated a little bit more, and security now has a slightly lower counter right in front of the receptionist desk, and we're not supposed to ever get in their space. (Of course, our desk being in front of them means nobody can ever approach them, because our desk is in the way, but the dream never covers that.)

      It is past closing time, but as usual the sales staff is still staying late trying to sell cars, and the place is still very busy. At one point, one of the sales people drives a large van full of people into the showroom, itself, which means he must have driven in the east doors, because that is where the ramp is. I wander out those doors, and in the east lot area, I find an almost carnival-type atmosphere, and a clown who looks a lot like Trixie Chick (but isn't) is doing balloons or face painting.

      I end up picking up a balloon animal (perhaps a bear) to look at it, and as I glance at it, it changes into more of a beanie baby-sized stuffed animal, before I set it down in the planter, and head on to the front door. So I am back in the showroom, and find I am working with another security officer, and I try to ask him about the scheduling. I ask if they always have two guards working at the same time, now, and what the shifts are going to be.

      He kind of indicates that there is just one shift a week with two guards, and the rest of the time it is only one, and I am trying to explain about the 28 hour weeks I used to work here in two days (a 16 hour shift, then a 12 hour shift), but as I am trying to talk to him, he just kind of fades away and disappears. Soon I am walking down the four or five stairs that lead to the short back hallway where three of the salesmen's offices were.

      Though I am dressed as a security guard, there are some crooks who think I am some kind of evil wizard who is working with them to plan some kind of crime. Since the crime has nothing to do with robbing the House of Imports, and since these are dangerous individuals, I do not feel responsible for trying to stop them, but after they spill most of their plans to me, I do have to tell them that I think they've confused me with somebody else, and am hoping they don't decide they need to kill me or something. Instead, they just get out as quickly as they can, and I'm just working on clearing everybody else out of the place, slowly but surely.


      [Most of this one was long and interesting, but not the kind of thing that you could remember in great detail. First dream of the night, and the earlier parts were very choppy, so perhaps while the body was only starting to get into REM sleep or something. Cool stuff, but not all that reportable.]

      Long bits of interesting search / chase / explore kinds of stuff in an odd cross of science fiction / dream powers kind of world. Its hard to explain, but its like there are little points of light scattered all about, and you kind of grab one in your mind and create a beam of light between you and that point, and kind of travel that beam of light to get there. (Kind of the light ships from the original Tron movie, but without a ship.)

      So I'm creating large networks of these beams of light, traveling between lots of different light points, and going all over the place, and it is really neat. But that is only one of three or four areas and methods of traveling. Others involve creating floors of interlocking tiles (probably hexagonal), again, just by concentrating on willing them into being, and even other methods of traveling around. Wish I could remember more of this part, because it was really cool stuff.

      But at one point I am chasing a kind of cute lady (no idea why) but the trying to create new connections and light to follow her isn't working. So I figure I may need to use one of the other methods. I am trying the create the hexagonal tiles to follow after her, but it is very hard, very resistant. I can only manage to force a single ring of tiles around the platform I am on, and even that requires a huge amount of effort.

      Up to this point, things have been very science fictional, but of a real life sort. But here it starts changing into more a real life version of a sort of video game. The hexagonal grids are turning into a sort of game surface. Though there are no hexagonal grids in Risk, it is taking on a Risk sort of feel. There are several different teams of human players wearing Tron-like light outfits in different colors.

      You have to take over territories, and fight against your enemies, but you can pass through empty territories without claiming them or having fight for them, moving quickly to get to areas where your enemies are. And it is people moving around this landscape, which has hills and valleys and trees and ridges. But when they have battles and manage to win them, they receive ships that seem to be out of Star Wars, kind of. These are detailed models of ships like the Millenium Falcon or an Imperial Star Destroyer (though in my dream it was called something like a Rigelian Battle Cruiser or something), and they are like two or three feet long, so people can carry them around, though they are sort of bulky.

      The models are incredibly detailed, sharp, and realistic, really quite amazing for something in a dream. So we're running around these hills with hexagonal grid lines all over them, and I'm dodging other players who are mostly ignoring me, as I don't seem to be attacking anybody, when suddenly one of the little figures in the model I am running around with seems to use some sort of small fighter or escape pod or something, to blast out of the ship.

      I'm trying to go back for him, fearing he'll be killed or injured and taken prisoner or something, but instead the thing seems to be enlarging and growing until he pops out and becomes a real person, running around like the rest of us. Soon we're in a large library or something, with lots of people sitting around talking or reading at lots of tables. I'm following this guy or maybe he is following me, and I think he is turning into Joe Simon (friend from Disneyland), though I am not sure.

      I soon find myself looking out a window at one of the hills we'd been running around, and it is now covered with snow, with some light tracks from where people have been sledding and the like. I decide I'd like to sled down the hill, and am heading out to do so, but by the time I get outside, instead of snow, the hill is covered in corn or wheat or something. But I am still getting on a sort of round sled-like thing, and going down the hill, knocking down stalks and leaving trails in the corn.

      As I get to the bottom of the hill, Joe is there, and he is talking about how much he loves the show I introduced him to, but is trying to remember the name of a character. He starts to describe somebody with dark hair and a dark mustache, and I know the show is Doctor Who, and I recognize the character as the Brigadier, but whatever I am calling him is neither the character name nor the actor name.
    9. The Demon Bar and Fighting Monsters

      by , 01-26-2013 at 06:48 PM
      01-26-2013 -- [Bad night of sleeping, nothing but fragments.] I am staying at some sort of hotel or something, just a block or so from some place with a pool, and decide to go swimming. Walk over to the place and reach the locker room, only to find I have forgotten my towel and swim trunks, so I have to walk back to the hotel to get them.

      I return to the place with the pool, and go back to the locker room, and get dressed for swimming, but when I get back to the pool I find out there are massive amounts of people around, hundreds and hundreds. There are so many people that they have to wait in line for a couple of hours to get in the water long enough to swim maybe a single lap. It just isn't worth it to bother waiting around. So I head back to the locker room.

      The two locker rooms are very close, and while entering the door of one, you can see people standing there changing in the other, but I don't quite manage to catch on to the fact I am dreaming. I start to change back into my regular clothes, but somehow I have tons of money with me. It's all in small bills like it is tips or something, but still, huge amounts. I'm stuffing the stuff in my pockets, and it will all just barely fit, and two very tough looking guys seem to be talking about rolling me when I leave the place, so I'm trying to take my time.

      By the time I exit the locker room, the place seems to be changing from a gym or a YMCA to something like a rather seedy looking bowling alley (albeit still one with a pool), and I spot a woman wearing a bikini that looks like the Princess Leia number from Jedi, and unlike many, I still don't really find it an attractive design. I slowly make my way to the door of the place, and out into the parking lot, really keeping an eye out for the toughs. I don't see them at first. Instead I see girls that work for the place directing traffic as it exits the parking lot, and I am beginning to feel safe.

      Then I notice that those 'girls' seem awfully tall, and rather grim, and all seem to have very deep voices, and I begin to suspect they aren't girls at all, but the toughs waiting for me, and I decide I better go back inside and wait for a while. Somehow I have been resting my hands in my pockets, and when I take them out, one of the bills I had been carrying is stuck to one of my hands. It drifts to the ground, and I am thinking of picking it up, but somebody is following me, and I decide to ignore it. Too bad, I think it was a tenner. I hope the person who was following me is a good guy, and will pick up the money and give it back to me, but it doesn't happen.

      I stumble back inside, and find the place is getting darker and darker as it gets later and later. And all the people are starting to look less and less like bikers and toughs, and more and more like demons and creatures and monsters. A couple of hours later, while I have sat there munching on some fries or something, and more and more people, including the staff have been muttering more and more about me under my breath, and it is now almost completely black, I decide I probably have to go, no matter what.

      Some troll-like creature seems to want to pick a fight with me because I try to compliment his son, who he is carrying, but I manage to smooth it over. But as I am approaching the door, another three or four creatures (mostly tall, demonic sorts of things) start to loom threateningly over me. Finally I seem to realize I am dreaming, though I don't quite get there 100%. [I know it isn't real, and I can do anything, but I don't actually think to do anything much.] I try to warn them, something like "I don't suppose you can just leave me alone, and we can avoid trouble? No? Well, I tried to warn you."

      I grab the first one, and a rough twist and I snap its neck, then I start grabbing its arms and legs one at a time and wrenching them so violently that I break those and disjoint them, as well. I grab the second, and squeeze it until it's head pops like a pimple, before I toss it aside, and grab for the third one. By the time I have destroyed the third one, the fourth one is backing away, and all kinds of monsters are muttering about how mean I am.

      About this point, I wake up for a few seconds, try to set the dream in my mind for writing down later, and drift back to sleep, and back into almost the exact same dream. I am still walking through the same bowling alley, with demons and things cringing away from me, but there also seems to be a clown convention or something, and a woman I don't know is talking about my friend Petey, and how great she is, and how she has like 10,000 Facebook friends, and must be the most amazing person ever.

      And Petey herself walks up and explains she just friends everybody she meets while doing gigs, so most of them are just bare acquaintances, and it doesn't really mean much of anything. Then I walk up and say something like "Though she does have a few friends on Facebook who really are friends, friends. Hi, Petey!" and she greets me. She then asks "What are you doing here?" and I start to tell her about the monsters, and the other lady starts to talk about the convention, and I realize she wasn't talking to me, so I turn around and start to exit the place again.

      As I make it out to the parking lot, most of the demons and creatures are still cringing away from me, but one (looks like one of the Rune blood creatures from the Runespan in Runescape) is trying to start a conversation with me, and is saying something about it is too bad I didn't get together with a cute girl I'd met inside. I look at him and say "But when I was talking to her, there were only two magical signatures around, mine and yours. And since I know I wasn't her, since I was talking to her ...." and I kind of glare at him. "Uh ... well ...." and he slinks off, abashed. Weird.
    10. Ziva and the Wrestlers, Tom Drick and Betty White, and Cops Chasing Dad (Fragments)

      by , 01-17-2013 at 06:29 PM
      01-15-2013 -- [My first day of using 5-HTP, and though my dreams seemed kind of vivid, they also seemed kind of short. And for some reason, I could not be bothered writing them down in great detail. I had two dreams, and this is the sum total of what I wrote down: Ziva, NCIS, and wrestlers at the BPM. Tom Drick, Betty White, and clowns at new church by Winn Dixie. Let's see how well I can expand this, a couple of days later.]

      I was at the Buena Park Mall, on the east side near La Palma, half in and half out of the mall. I know I was watching some wrestling, and there were some good matches with some tough wrestlers, and yet they seem to be older matches from back in the 90s, even though I am watching them live.

      Somehow, one of the wrestlers is Ziva, from NCIS, and I think she is working undercover, as am I. I think we are talking to some of the wrestlers like Brutus Beefcake and Rick Rude, and trying to figure out who are the faces and who are the heels at this point in time. Oddly enough, Ziva is pregnant at the time. Odd stuff.


      01-15-2013 -- I find myself at a new Church located across the street from Winn Dixie on Orange Blossom Trail. Tom Drick is leading worship, and it isn't in place of Pine Castle UMC or Tarpon Springs UMC, but in addition to both the others. It seems he is turning into a work-a-holic, and is now leading worship at all three churches, simu;taneously.

      So we're in this church, and Tom is leading songs, and Betty White seems to be speaking, and is somehow talking about working as a clown back in her early days, while Tom is running out the door, heading for one of his other services at one of the other churches. Familiar people (but nobody I can specifically identify) are running around, discussing things, and I'm just kind of relaxing.

      Eventually things calm down and the service seems to be ending, and I find myself out in the parking lot. Betty White may be on a Segway, and seems to be getting ready to leave, and I think her for joining us, and what she had to say, and am trying to ask about her time as a clown, and she indicates that she was never a clown, though she may have played one on TV, and it is all very strange.


      01-14-2013 -- [Since these are short dream fragments, I'm lumping them all together in this post.] Can't remember anything earlier, but I find myself at a dry cleaners, where I need to get some clothes cleaned or fixed, or even get some new clothes. A lot of the clothes seem to be western garb, and some of it is kind of wild looking. Also maybe hints of a security uniform, though not much.

      The guy who is supposed to be cleaning the stuff is also giving me advice on what might be good clothes to wear, and is telling me I should get some more fabric, and he will make some more clothes that might go well with what I am already planning to wear.

      Somehow I find myself with my dad in his truck, and he is driving me to a fabric store. We're in Buena Park on Crescent, and we're just north of the nursery, and he is driving on the wrong side of the street, because he just plans to dash past the nursery and pull into the driveway at the crossing guards' house, which is where the fabric store is supposed to be, and it is a pretty short distance.

      Unfortunately, there is a cop right at La Reina, so we've got sirens after us as we turn in at the house. It turns out to be a bank, and we've gone inside, and dad is pretending to be drunk and falling asleep (how this would get him in less trouble I don't know), but somehow it allows him to knock out the cop.

      So we're back on the road, just going a block further, to where we find ourselves in another bank. Dad is now really drunk, and Melody is here, taking care of him. More cops come in, and they are now grabbing me and dragging me out to his truck, even though I am a little kid, far too young to drive, as dad is passed out on the table.

      They lead me to the and are badgering me about how I am too young to drive and how dare I drive, and being very rude, while I haven't driven at all, and am starting to get very angry with them, and am about to start yelling at them, before just flying away in disgust.
    11. The Lumberyards

      by , 01-17-2013 at 04:27 PM
      01-17-2013 -- [Not sure if this was 1 or 2 dreams. Woke at about 2:30 and wrote down a dream, then had some slight problems getting back to sleep, probably fell back to sleep somewhere between 3:30 and 4:00. Had a dream, and had the sense of waking up and trying to fix it in my mind, but might have been in the dream, itself. I just don't know. Eventually woke up and wrote everything down about 8:15.]

      Started out as a sort of dull, halfway repetitive Runescape dream. I was playing the game and teleporting to a sort of version of the Canifis farm patch, where I seem to be growing pumpkins. I teleport there, pick pumpkins, cut trees, perhaps bake pumpkin pies or something, then start the whole process again, about every five minutes, with the next growth tick. Very repetitive, kind of dull.

      For a few minutes I find myself in a real life kitchen somewhere, standing outside a refrigerator, waiting for somebody to remove something from the freezer, so I can lay out some slices of cheese on a large piece of aluminum foil and place it back in the freezer. Hints of roommates and things. Then I find myself back at the teleporting to the farm patch, and cutting the logs and all. I seem to be waiting for Dale to join me, watching the mini-map for him, but his orange dot never seems to appear.

      There is a slight hint of typical bits of a warehouse dream in here, but nothing that sticks, and it is around this point that I might have woke up, because I seem to remember trying to remember the previous bits in detail, so I may have half woke, then drifted right back into the same dream. I am just not sure.

      I keep doing the farm bits, but the tree cutting is getting more and more involved, and I am turning in more and more logs at once (kind of like adding to the bonfire while hunting Skoll), getting to the point of 10 or 12 at once. Where I am turning them in seems to be more and more a sort of lumberyard, and soon I seem to be building one as part of a quest in perhaps Mort'ton, on the other side of the screen, but on the same screen, where I built another one as part of another quest a couple of years ago.

      I suddenly find myself remembering building four or five lumberyards around different parts of Runescape, and it seems like it is getting to be a bit much to me. Besides, don't you need electricity to run a sawmill? This game seems to be getting more and more anachronistic to me. Anyway, I am still waiting for Dale's character to show up, and I am feeling very tired, so I decide to lay down on a pile of saw dust, which seems so very, very comfortable.

      Things are shifting around me, and the pile of sawdust is turning into an odd sort of combination of a beanbag and some sort of weird ergonomical chair within a showroom of a sort of furniture store, and there is a redhead who is bugging me to get up. It seems the store is about to close, and she is not going to just let me fall asleep there, though she is willing to show me around a little and try to sell me something. [She looks much like the somewhat strange redhead in the funeral home that I saw in NCIS: Los Angeles last night.]

      She leads me around the store, which kind of half looks like the Varrock Museum, then back to the corner where I had tried to take a nap. I am starting to gather all my stuff (of which I have more and more by the second), including putting things in my backpack, and trying to unplug my cell phone from the charger and the charger from the wall, without tangling up my wires and cables and things from theirs. My backpack is on my back, my pockets are getting full, and I seem to be having to carry my laptop in my hands, while she is saying something about me maybe accidentally dying, and I am saying "Good!" and reminding myself of the grumpy cat that people keep posting pictures of on Facebook right now.

      Somehow the store full of people seem to want to cheer me up or something, so they all start singing some goofy sing-along song that everybody is supposed to join in on, but the singing is not impressive, I have no interest in joining in, and moments later they are still trying to rush me out of the store because they are closing for the evening.

      But they are running me out in Frontierland in Disneyland, as it seems that's where the store is now located. I am supposed to be meeting a number of friends here, including Dale and others, but instead the only person who seems to be waiting is Howie, Kluts's husband. I'm talking about the odd store / show combination as we walk out of Frontierland, and then start down Main Street.

      Very quickly Howie has turned into a huge, tall black guy (very big, but not fat) as we continue down Main Street. Then we're out in the parking lot, perhaps on a tram, and then even on a freeway. At times we're in a car, or a utility vehicle. At times it seems to be a bus, and at times, it seems to be almost floating on air or something. At one point we are at the top of a very tall, very steep hill, just starting down the other side, and it doesn't seem like we're in anything at all, though it feels much like a roller coaster as we rush down.

      When it seems to be a bus, the black guy has lost his voice, but is trying to speak on a mic. He tries again and again, and is not sure if the mic is on or not, because even if it is on, with no voice, he probably couldn't make himself heard, anyway. I'm thinking his voice is even worse than mine.

      Anyway, by this point the guy has shrunk a lot, and is now starting to look like Director Vance from NCIS, and he has his wife (who just was buried last night in the episode I watched) and kids with him, as well as myself. The bus is turning into a large SUV, and we are driving along the freeway next to a railroad track. There are train cars sitting on the tracks, with scaffolding on them, as people seem to be cleaning them much like window cleaners. Oddly the people climbing around the scaffolding seem to be a little old woman and her kids, and I quickly recognize them as Bonnie's old housekeeper Mattie and her kids (who I never met).

      Somehow we're all impressed with how hard they seem to be working, and what a good job they seem to be doing, and Director Vance decides we have to stop at the trainyard and go in and place compliments for them, so we do so. We've parked at what looks much like a truck dock, though it is dirty, and I am thinking of staying in the car, so the kids don't have to go in, but we all end up getting out of the SUV, and end up being approached again by the same redhead from the funeral home / odd store, who wants to know what she can help us with. Odd.
    12. Dream Bits: Trains, Tower Rides at the BPM and Security among others

      by , 12-20-2012 at 04:17 AM
      [Several days of dream fragments]

      12-19-2012 -- Somehow at a train crossing with the usual fast moving trains coming out of nowhere and having to watch out for them. They are moving so fast and causing so much wind or displacement of air that large (couple/three inches thick, couple feet long) icicles are forming. I break one off, and start to eat it, until I glance at it and discover it is kind of dirty, at which point I drop it.

      I get a phone call from Pat Q, but it is a wrong number ... she wasn't meaning to call me. [I think this came from recent bogus e-mail from her that was some scammer using her name.] We kind of discuss Disney for a couple of minutes before I run off.

      I soon find myself on a miniature golf course, perhaps the one from the country club dream a night or two ago. I don't get to see much of the course, but I do spot what is almost a sort of pinewood derby track on the first hole. To get on the course, you don't hit the ball with a club, but place it on one of the four slots and let it roll down. Once it hits the course, you start playing normally.

      Meanwhile, I find a bee buzzing very loudly in my ear, and feel it on the back of my neck. It is driving me crazy, but I can't reach it to get rid of it, and when I am hoping somebody else will, the kid who is going to do so doesn't seem to be paying too close of attention, so I am afraid he is going to get me stung.

      Soon we are in a penthouse apartment where the kid lives with his family, and he is turning into a superhero, perhaps something Spider-Man-ish. He wants to go out and fight crime, but his parents won't let him. We're out on the roof, but there is electrified barbed wire all around to keep us there. But he finds a bit that is pulled up a little, and he has enough room to jump through, so he does.

      I head back inside, wander around the house a bit, and end up sitting closer than I might feel comfortable to his very attractive mother, before I finally wake up.


      12-18-2012 -- Wandering around on foot in the Casselberry area, more or less on 17-92, heading north toward 436 (an area I have been in two or three dreams, recently. No idea why). There's a slight bit of hassle with some cops, but not much. Generally, they are just keeping an eye on people.

      Somehow I am looking for something or going somewhere, and I end up on little back streets in the area, or even just walking between buildings. I find myself walking past some homeless people who are sick, and talking about problems with getting their benefits and things, and staying out of the way of the police.

      Somehow I get involved with a sort of treasure hunt that involves finding and reaching several somewhat creepy clowns. [No, for anybody reading this, not all clowns are creepy. But these were.] I see the first at the side of the road, and the second in a building that may have something to do with a pawn shop or a loan shark. The third I find standing in front of an auto dealership with a sign urging people to go in and check out the deals.

      So I go in to see the clown, but since I forget to tell the clown that I am here to see her, not the dealership, I think she kind of wonders why I am following her. I'm trying to get close so I can talk to her, while she is walking across the dealership to get back to her street.


      12-17-2012 -- This starts off in a familiar-seeming area that I don't actually recognize, that may be part church, part office. Running around, setting up some sort of business, and trying to avoid trouble. Think there is something about my dad being around, and perhaps Dale. Meeting with some sort of pastor, and avoiding trouble with a televangelist, perhaps. Somehow we drive away to avoid problems, and end up at the Buena Park Mall.

      Somehow they've redone the mall big-time, and it is now huge. We're wandering through the food court, which seems to be on the roof of the 39 story building, so it is a very huge mall, indeed. We've passed up the food and stuff, and out on the edge of the roof they've got an amusement park ride which is kind of a cross between the parachute drop, a freefall attraction, and a swing ride. The center is perhaps twice as big as Knott's parachute tower, and it is also 39 stories tall, so at the top of this thing, you are 78 stories in the air.

      There are no parachutes, instead there is a circle of seats facing out around the tower, and they shoot up into the air. But once they get up to the top, they swing out as individual swings as the whole thing spins around. This thing is so tall, I am thinking you are going to be able to see forever from up here! I have to ride this thing! Dale, on the other hand, is scared of heights, and has no plans to get near it.

      I have no money, but I am pushing my way through the queue area, convinced I will find a way to ride this. Oddly enough, though Dale is afraid of heights, being on the roof of the building doesn't scare him at all. I don't manage to get in, but it turns out the entire line area also goes up, kind of like a very, very large Sky Cabin, so Dale and I both get a very high view of the city, even though I don't get to swing on the swings! Very fun dream, if a little short.


      12-17-2012 -- Starts as a very familiar-seeming live action version of Runescape that I've been involved in during several recent dreams. I am in the Morytania area where the ectovial teleports me, where I seem to be doing both a lot of plant harvesting, and hunting penguins. (I think either a bush or a crate this time, but I am not sure.)

      Somehow I find myself wandering off into a nearby chapel to recharge my prayer, but it turns into Pine Castle UMC, where they are singing. The song is a bit of a cross between the very staccato arrangement of the 23rd Psalm, and the Thou, O Lord song, being repeated enough that when I eventually wake, it is with that music in my mind. Somehow the song is seeming very prophetic today, and as we listen to it, Kevin B. is making some sort of prophecy about eating ice cream instead of the bowl with meats and vegetables that he is holding.

      It seems to kind of be working, as the bowl is turning into a bowl of ice cream ... but flavored like the meats and vegetables that were already in it. Very odd. He shakes his head like it isn't very good, yet he keeps eating it!

      We're in a car driving home from the church to street where the Morans used to live, while Kevin follows on a motorcycle, still eating the ice cream. In the car, I am petting a cat which is either entirely or mostly black, probably based on Carolyn's cats. Eventually we stop in the middle of an intersection in the housing development, and start unpacking the very full car. My suitcase gets run over, but no damage is done to it. I want to be angry at the guy, but since we're in the middle of the street, I can't.

      By this point the person driving is half Kevin's father Paul, and half Pat M. He's pulling out the stuff belonging to other people, and yet keeps putting my stuff back in the thing. In the dream, at this point, I have no car, so I ask him if he is giving the car to me, which would be really cool. He tells me he isn't sure. He says he was going to give it to me, but the prophecy song really makes him question that, so he just doesn't know.


      12-16-2012 -- Kind of sharing or visiting a hotel room with my brother Keith, and then, soon enough, with my brother and his wife. There are some big dogs running around. One is black, another is gray, and seems to be a Great Dane. Take a nap on the couch for a bit, and soon my sister shows up, as well. I have a bottle of lemonade without a cap on it, and somehow my sister knocks it off the table, but I manage to catch it before it can spill.

      Melody and Tracey don't seem to be getting along, and are doing gymnastics at one another, trying to show each other up. Things like cartwheels and back-flips and the like, all in kind of revealing clothes, which just isn't right, since they are my relatives. Just very odd stuff.


      12-15-2012 -- Am working a security shift somewhere that seems to be a bit of a cross between TAMS and 3M. I start out working in a guard shack in the driveway, controlling entry, but it is near the end of a shift, I think, and another officer is about to come in and take over. The person who shows up seems to be a bit of a cross between John C. from 3M and Bonnie's 'cousin' Rob. He is complaining about my uniform not being perfect, and my report not being done.

      By this point the guard shack has turned into a control tower kind of like at OPC, and he has exited the building to go unlock a gate. I follow him for a few seconds before deciding to return to the tower, but I find the entrance is now a very rickety ladder that I just can't climb safely. No way. It wouldn't support my weight. Rather than change back to the proper entrance, he decides to have them get rid of me, instead, which really, really annoys me.
    13. La Nouba (Cirque du Soleil) Performer Keeps Attacking Me

      by , 11-06-2012 at 12:11 AM
      11-07-2012 -- I am walking up Crescent, just before Dale, on the side of the street where the church is located. Oddly, as I walk along, I am pulling the metal core from a wire that is still strung up on the poles [like Don DuFour used to do] and it seems to have gotten caught or tangled on a transformer or something. I'm kind of shaking it to get it to come loose while trying not to electrocute myself.

      For some reason, Petey the Clown is walking with me, and is accusing me of being selfish or a bad friend or something. I am just about to cross the street and start walking down Hickory, when some guy from the last house on the block comes out and also starts berating me. He is angry because I am removing the core of this wire, and is afraid somebody will lose power because of it or something. Oddly, he looks like the strongman character from La Nouba [Cirque du Soleil show at Disney World, I just saw a video of it for the first time two days ago.]

      As I approach my house, he seems to be kind of stripping my bones out of my fingers as punishment. It doesn't hurt as he does it, oddly enough, but a few seconds later it starts to sting really badly. Then when I reach my house, he starts to remove the screen from the windows on my car, and I am really starting to get ticked off. I start cursing him rather severely, and tell him to stop hurting me and my car, and the generic neighborhood kids are very impressed because he is an adult and I am a little kid like them.

      I head toward the front door, planning to enter the house, and just suddenly find myself back on Crescent, across Magnolia from Peter Marshall, walking toward the school. Just as I step into the street I am kind of attacked by a large crate with eye holes that I know contains the strong man character, and has my name on it. He gets loaded on a truck or something, however, and is gone for a bit. I am also being attacked by a very La Nouba-looking clown who has no hair and a solid orange face.

      The only way I can stop this clown is to wrap my arms around her and pin her arms to her side, and as I grapple with her I realize it is Petey in different make-up, and she thinks I don't know her well enough to recognize her, but I do. She is still pinned in my arms and I carry her into the office at Peter Marshall and then set her down. The other office workers start celebrating her birthday, and I walk off, leaving her thinking I may not be as bad a friend as she thought. [Petey's real life persona does work in a school, but not a grade school, and not in California.]

      I start to head home again. Maybe I'll make it there this time. I am walking through a crowd of several girls who seem to be talking about Halloween costumes and/or playing Bloody Mary. Between the school and La Reina (a very short block) there are five gas stations that I can remember mystery shopping at other times, though today I am not doing any shops. By this time the strongman character has gotten free of his crate and is bugging me again as I walk down the street.

      As I turn on to Hickory Drive, I'm muttering about killing the strongman character, and I suddenly find myself running into a bunch of older politicians (Reagan, Nixon, perhaps Margaret Thatcher), and they reveal the rasping strongman is actually some sort of spy or agent, and I am expected to ignore all of his harassment because of his diplomatic mission to the Middle East. I'm thinking his mission is no excuse for his being an idiot.

      I actually manage to enter the house this time, and I find myself sorting through a lot of mail in my name. Mom is there and is being a bit of a pest, but I am trying to ignore her. I enter my second bedroom through the kitchen door, and I find the room is huge. In real life it was probably about ten feet by fifteen, but here is is more like 20 x 30. I find that mom has gone against my wishes and has rearranged my room, forming a sort of wall of bookcases surrounding my bed in the upper right corner of the room, leaving the other 3/4 of the room mostly empty. [Actually I never had a problem with my mom rearranging my room against my wishes, but it is something my current landlord is kind of threatening to do.]

      I am so angry about the rearrangement, I am about to tell mom off and move out, except I am out of work, broke, and worry I won't be able to find anywhere else to go. Then I wake up.

      Also a brief fragment somewhere in the night where I am trying to get some sort of computer layout job and am talking about being asked to do photo essays on the Hornet newspaper overnight to fill in pages that others didn't bother doing, back in my college days.
    14. Harry and the Horny Hufflepuffs

      by , 10-23-2012 at 04:05 PM
      10-23-2012 -- [Well, a pleasant dream, even if most of it has to be hidden from view of children.]

      I'm Harry Potter, and I seem to be in a house somewhere with a large sliding glass door, but it is no real home I have ever been in. It is dark, and late at night. There is something going on, people visiting or something. Just what it is isn't clear. But these people (monsters? aliens?) that are visiting are locked into one area, and I am simply trying to go for a visit.

      Somebody, probably Poppy Pomfrey, is telling me I'm not allowed, and it is just really annoying me. I keep trying to sneak in, with no success. Soon Neville Longbottom has joined me, and he isn't getting anywhere, either. But after a bit we talk about it, and come to the conclusion that if they don't want to be disturbed, we should leave them alone, and we're only mad at being told "No." We acknowledge we're being childish, and so we leave, and head to bed.

      But I'm still annoyed, even if I can admit to myself that I am being childish, and I decide to do something about it. In this dream version of Hogwarts, there are lots of the older kids sneaking around into each others rooms at night for some fun, but being Harry Potter, and alternately hated and nearly worshiped, I have never come in for any of that. I just start kind of willing somebody to make a mistake.

      Spoiler for Sexual content:

      And then it is morning again, and I find myself standing in front of a mirror, painting my face blue with a paint roller while Susan is dressing up as a properly made up clown. Susan is doing some sort of show or gig, and I am painting myself to support her, but with a paint roller? I am getting paint in my nose, making it hard to breath, and over my glasses, making it hard to see.

      And then suddenly I am Susan, and I realize I have got my clown pants on inside out, and the seams are very visible. I'm pulling them off, turning them right-side-out, and preparing to put them back on again. Problem is, they are very tight. Somehow I find myself looking down at a very small Gideon Bible, and am considering sticking it in my garter belt before I pull on the pants. Just very odd.

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    15. [The Owl (Host of Strange)]

      by , 09-02-2012 at 02:08 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Wednesday, August 29th, 2012]
      (Three dreams. My dad was in some of them. But overall failed recall.)
      (EDIT: I just remember one of the dreams. It was a nightmare.)

      The entire dream was me trying to complete some strange paranormal competition event. There were thousands of participants. It consisted of a number of phases and it was spread out over an open scene with changing environments. For instance, most of the land was forest, but just up north, there was a line that seperated icy wasteland from it, and to the south; desert.

      The earliest stage I really "remember" was Phase 6: We were transported back in time to World War II and were in front of an enormous cathedral. I walked in with a group of 3-4 other RM's, us being way behind the rest of the crowd. There were no guards in the first room, in fact there wasn't anyone. The rest were all in the next room with the pupit in front and the benches facing it. Everyone had crowded in there for some reason, and Hitler was giving a speech to them. I remember hearing screams and suddenly there was growls and gunfire. (I was so thankful for being slow.) We turned to the left and followed a short hallway to a few joint-bedrooms where we discussed what to do next. For SOME odd reason, the rest of the group came up with the BRILLIANT idea that two of them would have sex in the bed as if it would solve anything. I went with their plan. I was to have guard duty outside in the hallway. The man who was going to have sex with one of the women asked me if it was okay that he was doing this, as if this woman was my lover or something. I shrugged; I didn't know any of them. They were all unrecognizable DC's. They started and I walked out of the room and sat down in the hallway with my back to the wall and waited.

      The next thing I know, we WON. We advanced to the next round, and I wasn't even sure how. Maybe all we had to do was survive. Our group somehow also aquired a map that was coded that didn't help us in any observable way.

      Onto Phase 7. The host (who happened to be an Owl-being) told us that we would have to find the next area on our own. At this time we were standing by an old rotting two-story house and the forest around us was in just of bad condition. Spooky. But the house was locked all around. 4 ninjas (probably Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles too.) seperate from our group, walked past and I overheard them trying to figure out what to do next. They were stumped like us. Once they were gone, I climbed the building to the roof and climbed in through the belltower's window on top. The rest of my group followed suit. Once in, a few more people leaked in, but there had to be less than 10 total. When our group reached a familiar hallway that resembled my old home's hall, we all split up and took a different room. The room I had was my old bed room. There were two others in the room with me. We were tearing it up looking for a clue... a treasure... anything. Suddenly, a loud buzzing noise erupted from outside the room. I ran out to hear screams and laughter and my heart skipped a few beats as I listened. Everyone in my group was already dead. The two people in the room I had just been in had vanished. I was alone. I heard a sick laugh again and suddenly the darkest music began to play and I heard someone screaming, "TATTOOS AND CLOWNS. TATTOOS AND CLOWNS." It was a fucking demon clown. He was coming for ME. I thought about hiding behind a propped up mattress, but scurried to the doorless-closet instead. There was a small bit of wall to hide behind at least there. Back to the wall and out of sight, I waited in silence. My heart began to race faster and faster and faster until I couldn't take it anymore. I woke up; my heart still beating out of control.
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