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    1. 5 Dimensional world-TOTM Basic task I & II- Creepy cockroaches

      by , 10-12-2016 at 09:19 PM
      D1: I was living in an area similar to the town I live in but things were in the wrong place. I kept leaving where me & my husband lived in search of things to do w/ ppl. But he kept following me & was insisting I come home. One place was a chines restaurant w/ my first mother n law working there. Another has vast amounts of shoes there. Lots of men & women that were like forbidden fruit since I'm married. One offered drugs which I politely declined. I then encountered what we thought was a wall w/ a mural. But when I figured out what it really was & tried to tell my husband he just couldn't comprehend it. It was like a wall but actually it was the edge of a 5th dimensional world exactly like the way it happened in the movie Intersteller w/ Mathew McConaughey!

      D2: I was at a carnival & I was a teenager who ran into a boy who I was having an innocent hold handing time with. This dream lasted a long time. He had to leave & I was left to my own wandering & came upon so many things. The whole town had seemed to be a part of this so I went to main street where
      I saw down another street that in front of a store were art! I became lucid & went to over there & looked at the art outside & inside. I've only been to one art gallery in my whole life so I guess that was why they were mostly framed pics or things in frames & then some abstract pieces that I didn't understand what they were supposed to be. One had a t-shirt in a frame that said Y-O-L & I went yes, I'm going to buy that so I can reach into my pockets. I pulled out a brush out of one & a man's wallet & my keys in another. Hence The first part of TOTM for October complete! I get wings! I could never really hold any of these things in my little itsy bitsy pockets except sometimes my keys. I usually put my keys on the rings on my purse so I don't lose them cuz I'm good at that, lol.

      I'd like to thank Nebulus for showing me one of DreamCafe11's art that inspired me to try again for the TOTM art gallery! My first dream made total sense to me in an abstract way of my past & how far I've come.
    2. Mutha Fuckin Cockroaches

      by , 06-15-2015 at 02:51 PM

      I was wearing flip flops and there were several cockroaches on a tile floor. I kept stepping on them to kill them. I had to step on them twice, the second time aiming for the head. I was not terrified at the mass of roaches (as I would have been irl). This was the only thing that really surprised me in the dream. Sorry there is no more for this dream. I forgot much of the other dreams I had last night. However, this one stuck with me.
      Tags: cockroaches
    3. #34 - Zombies at Uni/Giant Cockroaches

      by , 10-20-2014 at 09:48 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Slept a bit better, had okay-ish dream recall but I let some details slip by lying in bed and not being diligent enough about writing them down sooner. I even had a decent stab at the SSILD cycles, but the consecutive run of bad sleeps over the past few nights probably didn't give me a good base mindset for lucidity.

      Dream Fragment
      Standing on the driveway to my parents house at night-time, reminds me of when I used to sneak home late.

      Dream 1 - Zombies at Uni
      For some reason there's a zombie Apocalypse, me and some others have kind of gathered together. We're near the northern exit of the university (I know there was more to this, but I forgot most of what happened prior to this point) and we jump into this massive armoured vehicle. There's zombies off somewhere, I don't recall seeing them much except on the sidelines/backgrounds of the dream. The armoured vehicle can't move or something, but luckily there's another car loaded in the back compartment of it, all hooked up and tied down. I run to the back of the armoured vehicle and kick the back door open, then jump back and flick a hook off of the car, the rest simultaneously come free letting the car roll back. We proceed to hop inside, and then I think I woke up.

      Dream 2 - Giant Cockroaches
      I seem to remember dropping something at the very start of the dream... It was dark with only a little amount of light which made shadow-outlines of things. Whatever I dropped didn't hit the ground, because a size-able cockroach with pincers clamped it, I notice the sprawling crawling mass of these covering the floor. Fast-forward to later on, I'm running, there are GIANT cockroaches now, comparable to the spiders in the 'Eight-Legged Freaks' movie. It's still dark and I'm running, I'm in an old building (19th century Victorian brickwork or something) and I dash to the side, into a closed off room. I hide on the floor, near a big wooden table. I know they can't get in here.
      "what was that?"
      I look at a small cockroach scuttling across the floor near me, I realize that maybe the little ones can get in though... It feels like a few minutes pass, and I notice even more of them, they seem to amass into a swarm on the floor and I decide to rethink the idea of hiding, with the feeling that the larger ones are actually able to break into the room too now. I head to the exit on the other side of the room, and I think 'hmmm what if they've blocked off the other exit...?' but as I'm about to exit the room I wake up.

      Was pretty bored with these dreams, didn't feel scared or fearful of anything in them (they sound like they should have been nightmares in retrospect, but weren't), they weren't strongly emotional.