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    1. Three Punks with Three Dogs and a Grass Cocoon

      by , 08-29-2016 at 02:29 PM
      Morning of August 29, 2016. Monday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and I are in bed, though I do not pick up on the fact that the orientation is quite different. Beyond my feet (I seem to be lying on my back) and not that far from our bed, I notice that three young men of about twenty years of age (possibly younger) had been looking at us through the mail slot on our front door (even though we have no mail slot and in fact I have never been in or lived in a house with this sort of layout).

      The three males take turns looking at us, which is odd because I think they might also see through the window in the door (although this is not certain) unless they want to remain mostly out of sight. Since I am nude, I am therefore not embarrassed about any implication of having slept in my clothes (as in a few past dreams including a recent one), but I am very annoyed at these imposers.

      I get out of our bed (without getting dressed) and get my large barbell (my weapon of choice in many dreams) and go to our front door (of a fictional appearance) and shove it through the mail slot to bonk one of them on the head and continue to strike whoever is within reach after mentioning something about this imposition to Zsuzsanna. (Discovering that unknown people, usually younger males, had been watching me as I sleep is a long-term recurring dream situation since early childhood, though usually non-threatening, and is a dream sign of residual subliminal memories carried over into sleep, which typically represent threads of my own conscious mind or in some cases an unexpected environmental noise. In this case, my conscious mind’s “intrusion” into the realm of my dream self is validated by the mail slot, which represents potential communication between non-lucid dream self and conscious self. Because I probably do not want to wake up yet, I subliminally “pretend” it is an intrusion by strangers, though in some cases there actually are real voices on the public footpath from outside our house when we are sleeping.)

      The scene and setting very curiously shifts to one where Zsuzsanna and I are sitting in armchairs (now fully clothed) in an unknown mostly featureless room with the three unknown males who are sitting on wooden chairs. Three small dogs, possibly chihuahuas, are running around and are seemingly a mild threat though they do not come close enough to bite either of us. I push them away with the barbell and also bonk the males on the heads a few times even though they do not directly attack us. I do not really feel like hurting the dogs and we leave without incident.

      Later, I am in the backyard of our present home on W Street. Zsuzsanna is sleeping on her left side in a grass cocoon (seemingly intricately woven of thin grass) very close to the west fence. I hear someone talking, probably walking south past our house, and wonder if they are going to bother us by looking through the gaps in our fence. Zsuzsanna looks beautiful. The grass cocoon covers almost every part of her with the appearance of a papoose, with only her face showing through an open oval area. There is a sense of love and peace.

    2. Blue colored fist sized bee!

      by , 08-24-2014 at 11:50 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Blue colored fist sized bee! (DILD)


      This dream started out in what would be my parents home, but the house was totally different from what it is in reality, since what was my room by then, it's tiny, but in the dream it was huge.

      There was a king size bed with white sheets and green curtains with a couple of rugs on each side of the bed. There were some frames with photos, but these photos were from random people and no one from my family. The night tables, were like the ones I have at home in my waking life, even with all the crystals and everything I have. On the other wall, there was an old school wardrobe.

      It seemed that this room had humidity problems and it felt cold in the dream. I saw on one of the corners a huge blue cocoon and I felt to feel uncomfortable. It was attached on the corner and it looked something like this:

      But instead of green, it was blue and more realistic bug-alike thing, not cartoonish. I started to feel uncomfortable and I did not want to sleep in there because I knew something flying was going to hatch from that thing.

      This is when I realize that way too much nonsense was going on, that such blue cocoon did not exist and felt happy I was dreaming. I was about to leave this place and go to space, but I remembered I was to dared to make a lucid task, so I visualized that a bee would hatch out from the cocoon, even though that bees do not hatch from cocoons, in a dream it could.

      I then started to see the cocoon shake and I started to hear a buzzing. I felt a little uncomfortable and fear started to build up, but I reminded my self that it was a dream. I was more peaceful but still a bit uncomfortable, as I a terrified of bees in waking life. Suddenly, the cocoon fell to the ground and a huge bee came out from it. The bee was fist sized at least, maybe a little bigger and it started to fly around the room. The buzzing was very strong and the bee was blue colored. Something like this:

      (I had no idea that blue bees existed, lol.)I knew I had to be friends with it. So I asked the bee that I wanted to be her friend and if she could just stop flying and stay on the bed.

      The bee flew around me a few times and then stayed on the bed. I was not afraid anymore and I felt that the bee wanted to be my friend. She was not buzzing and that is something that I appreciated a lot. I felt it would be right to pet her.

      As I approached my hands to the bee, she felt somehow like a metallic sensation and also like a vibrating cell phone, when I felt that vibration it was because it was buzzing, even though the wings were not moving.

      I went through a walk and the bee was flying next to me. I was happy because I felt that other bees would not bother me and also I was happy because completed Dreamer's dare

      A little after this, I said good bye to the bee and welcomed her to visit me in further dreams. I was going to take off to fly to space but I woke up and it was already morning.