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    1. Finding a Place for my Mother’s Remains

      by , 08-04-2017 at 09:00 AM
      Morning of August 4, 2017. Friday.

      I am not of my conscious self, though there are a few threads in which I am aware of a few facets of my identity. I am not sure of my implied age; perhaps it is only about twenty. Mostly, I am only aware of my mother. My mother has recently died. However, I think I can talk with her by initiating some sort of will.

      The scene is distorted and my memory is askew. My mother is in the baby cot of our present address, though the baby cot unrealistically accommodates her full height. I do not see it as my present address (even though it is) as I have no discernible memory of my conscious self’s present living location. I speak to her, trying to will her eyes to open, on thought alone. It seems to work at times, but is she really okay with this act, or is she angry at me for “waking” her? Holding her eyes open by my mental will alone eventually seems a bit strange.

      I go into a room that might be considered to be my room in Cubitis, last seen in 1978, although I have no memory or viable association with Cubits and the room is different anyway. I realize that keeping my mother’s remains in the box from the Barnabas Collins “Dark Shadows” board game is proving to be problematic. I do not even consider that, realistically, my mother would never have fit in this little pretend coffin of cardboard. By way of a false memory, I know that other people are known to keep the bodies of the deceased around their house. It is not unusual; it is a tradition, and yet, a part of my mother’s remains have leaked from the bottom of the box, like acid from an old battery, reminding me of my Kenner Easy-Show movie projector being ruined by leaking batteries so that I could no longer repeatedly watch the same short Thor and Flintstones cartoons on my Cubitis bedroom’s south wall. (My mother had told me to throw out my movie projector, which had been a combined birthday and Christmas gift from my older sister Carol, and to not touch the leaking batteries that had ruined it.)

      The gore may be toxic and I am concerned that I had better not eat or touch my face or mouth until I wash my hands, so that no decaying syrupy gore poisons me. I spend a very long time washing and rinsing my hands under the bathtub faucet. The light is bright and I am actually in our present home, though I am not my conscious self and I have no clue to my real life status. I still have to find a place for the Barnabas Collins cardboard container with the plastic lid, which contains my mother’s remains, even though it is just a little box. I have to bury it somewhere. It is in too poor a condition to keep in the open now.

      There is some sort of temporary offset dream, where I find myself living on Barolin Street. Two unfamiliar men seem to think that I have taken their truck. They come in through the back way without even knocking. Apparently, the truck was at the front of my house. I certainly did not steal it. I was not even aware of it. These imposers annoy me. They come back a second time as if I had put it back and taken it again. I certainly had not taken it and tell them so. I do not even know what it looks like.

      I have to take care of my mother’s remains in the little Barnabas Collins “Dark Shadows” coffin. Her whole body somehow fits in there, with room to spare. She is on her back in this toy coffin from a board game that I had not seen in real life for many years. I decide to bury it inside a set of concrete steps in the Loomis Street backyard, which is also somehow the Cubitis front yard at the same time. The small set of steps does not go anywhere in particular.

      For seemingly a long time, as long as it took me to wash my hands, I dig with my hands in the sand. I feel the sand flowing through my fingers. I do not question how a step in a set of concrete steps could be or become sand, but this is where I will bury the toy coffin.

      I dig and dig with my hands, and the oblong hole keeps filling back up, not being quite deep enough for burial. Still, I persist with confidence.

      The concrete steps have somehow separated, and have transformed into, or have always been, small cardboard boxes of mostly paperback Gothic novels. The area of the ground I had been digging in looks untouched, and it is now normal soil. Will this work out?

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    2. Disregard the Law Enforcement

      by , 10-11-2016 at 09:05 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      I am an assassin, like one from Hitman. I have coworkers with me, and we have killed an old, caucasian man who looks somewhat like Colonel Sanders, in a dark khaki suit. We put his body in our car and drive. We discuss how to prevent his body from being found, and we decide that we will put him in a wooden coffin and put him in the Morgue, and then spread news to those who might be looking for his body as evidence that his body is elsewhere.

      My dream transitions to me playing a videogame, the graphics and feel is like Deus Ex. I have never played Deus Ex, only its more modern prequel, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In the game, I have an SMG, and the police is converging on me and I fight them.

      I recall vague memories of being on a road trip.
    3. Frankenstein’s Challenge

      by , 11-29-2015 at 05:29 PM
      Morning of November 29, 2015. Sunday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am in an unfamiliar city setting. I walk out from an alley with an unknown male. I somehow (based on an implied back story) had previously lifted three sections of sidewalk, boulevard, and parking lot, complete with trees and vines that hang down. We walk under the hovering features, each about the size of one and a half lots. They are hovering about fifteen feet up. In the back of my mind, I am thinking that it is safe to walk under them since a part of me is likely still focused on them.

      The main segment of my dream involves a style of dreaming that began when I was very young. In fact, it seems like some sort of continuation (at least on one level) from “Frankenstein Closes the World” from when I was only four years of age (April 9, 1965). It involves part of the setting being “blocked” like a continuous wall preventing access to a certain direction (in this case possibly north). Over time in my dreams, the number and type of “station keepers” changed. One of my first “station keepers” (as I refer to them) was probably the Frankenstein Monster (Boris Karloff version). That is the one that appears here. There are other elements that were more common when I was very young, including even the first part above with the hovering sections of the city (also beginning around age four). However, I actually “feel” about ten or eleven years of age in my dream.

      Part of the situation seems borrowed from the original “Dark Shadows” board game I had when very young. It had a set of miniature plastic skeletons and a cardboard coffin. A recurring situation occurs here where “ancient papers” are found and I realize they had, instead, been very recently printed (this may be a play on a dream freshly rendering something implied to otherwise be “ancient”). In this case, there seems to be some sort of challenge to get into a mock mausoleum (though integrated into the high and long wall) but which at first seems like a “door to Satan”. Even this part stems from when I was very young. The other male, who seems to be interested in some sort of “contest” seems very wary about going up to the “door to Satan”, though in front of the door, there is something related to the contest or a rare potential discovery. I seem to remember that Satan does not exist and decide it is probably an archetype of the subconscious that we will be facing. I then remember that the subconscious does not exist as popularly defined (only different levels of awareness, both internal and external, including the supraconscious and the Source) and feel oblivious to any concerns the other male may have (even though I am not lucid).

      As such, I go up to the wall with the recess (or short hallway) and a section of the wall comes out like a drawer, at ground level (this may be a play on post office associations, or a PO drawer since “I hug PO Virgo” is directly encoded in my full name and also the date of the original dream version was on my wedding anniversary years before it became as such). It has a coffin which is about one-quarter the size of an adult coffin. I open it, expecting to find macabre remains of some kind, and there are miniature “real” skeletons, one of a girl in fetal position with long white hair and only about five inches high. There are also a couple cartoon-like (unrealistic) skulls as well as some random debris and cobweb. It still seems somewhat “ancient”, but as mentioned earlier, the “ancient parchments” look freshly printed. This and another dream of this date had precognitive facets related to a false pregnancy (pseudocyesis) - which explains the miniature skeletal girl in the fetal position. Frankenstein, on the other hand (on one level), has become a symbol for normal people in mainstream society in relationship to pop culture, the media, and authority; lumbering and unintelligent.

      Finally, I open the “door to Satan” and behind it is an extension of the hallway recess of the wall. Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein monster appears, walking mummy-like. He goes after the other male, but it is rather amusing. Both of them move slowly, somewhat like a slowed-down “Keystone Cops” event (also often written as “Keystone Kops”). I decide to see what is farther down the hallway, but the other male comes back around, moving in an arc around the left side of the wall and coming back from the other direction, with the horror movie monster in pursuit but not threatening me, just in the way. I avoid colliding with the stumbling creature and watch the “chase” passively.

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    4. A friend dies and reborn as a baby

      by , 05-27-2014 at 07:52 AM
      I was in a place where two of my close friends were also available. They both fell from the third floor, the first one (a girl), then the second one shortly after (a guy). Then I noticed was in the building my apartment is in (3rd floor) but the other side of the floor. All were saying that the girl died, and as far as I remember, the guy didn’t. And I remember seeing his face in the dream, but not the girl’s face, though I knew it was her.
      I also remember feeling her blood flow through the vein in her neck. Tried to tell the people around that she’s still alive, but no body answered, as if they didn’t hear what I was saying. Then they took her, and I tried my best to get to her body to reassure and tell others that she’s still alive. Tried to get to her home, in case they took her there, which happens to be not so far from mine. I don’t remember reaching there, but I remember entering a room where her coffin was, and two men, one on each side of the coffin.
      I was waiting for her to knock on the coffin to alert that she is still alive, because for some reason I believed she is, but that didn’t happen.
      The men opened the coffin, but there was another cover covering her.
      I went to remove her from the coffin, and when I held her in my hands, I noticed I was holding a baby. And went to everyone saying that she is still alive, but she was reborn, and she is now a baby.
      After that I remember hoping that it would be a dream.
      Tags: baby, coffin, dead, fall, reborn
    5. xtrustdon's Dream Adventures This Morning's Enjoyable Nightmare

      by , 01-31-2014 at 09:15 PM
      Okay everyone im new here but i have been a lucid dreamer since november 2013 i think or october not sure but, i dont really want to talk about my previous dreams cause i don't remember alot of them i remember a few which i would keep to my private dream journal kinda (sexual) EPICNESS.
      Okay i attempted WILD when i woke up this morning it kinda failed not really but it lasted only for a few minutes good ones.
      I have a crush on a girl so this might induced the dream scene i was in.
      Well pretty much i was trying to WILD and it happened after a few minutes (im really good at it) i was in a dream scene with the girl from my class and we were laying beside each other in a coffin & panic a bit but i notice she's alive and dream suddenly ends.STUPID ALARM.
      That is from this morning i might tell you some stuff from my DREAM WORLD and city I created,epic experiences if i get time to do it i have school and job and life.
      Tags: coffin, dream, girl, lucid
      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    6. 4 LDs in one night ! Wooo!

      by , 01-09-2014 at 01:47 PM
      I don't remember how I got lucid the first time, but I remember 4 LDs.

      Dream 1 : [COLOR="#008080"]I wake up in a dream and I say : Oh good, lucid again. I stand up and start rubbing my hands but I don't notice any difference. I go straight in the livingroom at the computer and I enter on KVIRC. I tell Oreo and Hathor28 that this is a dream and I'm lucid but they refused to believe it. I go back to the bedroom and look out the window. I see a pale girl with a nice white dress, she flies up to me, grabs my hand and then flies away.[/COLOR]

      Dream 2 : [COLOR="#008080"]I wake up in the dream again and I'm like : Woo, another lucid! I get out of the room and my parents seem drunk. Suddenly, a red haired girl appears and shows me a door that I've never seen before. I open it and it seems to be a closet full of clothes. I enter in it and suddenly the closet becomes a really long hall. At the end of the hall there is a door. I walk to the door and then the door opens by itself. I go in it and there is a big clown. He gives me a pillow and I sit on it. I look around and I see a lot of coffins, more clowns and lots of clothes. I suddenly get a reaaaally good feeling and I wake up.[/COLOR]

      Dream 3: [COLOR="#008080"]I wake up AGAIN in the dream and I yell because I'm full of happiness. I look out the window again and I hope that the girl doesn't appear again. I jump out the window, run and hide behind a tree. I also remember that there were many fights involved in this dream.[/COLOR]

      After this LD I woke up in real and I almost did a DEILD.

      Dream 4: [COLOR="#008080"]I wake up in the dream(YES, AGAIN) and I freak out. I get out of the room and go near the kitchen. There isn't a door to my balcony anymore but a strange round grey door. I can see a shadow of myself coming but I run in the living room. I get back on KVIRC to make Hathor28 and Oreo believe me I'm dreaming but they still won't believe it so I give up. I go back to the kitchen and a clone of myself is there. She was hissing and searching for something. As soon as she saw me she wanted to bite me but I run back into the livingroom. I see a bag of my favorite chips on the sofa so I thought why not and started to eat them. I tried to change my appearance because my hair was messy and I was still in my PJs. It's unsuccessful so I jump out the window. I ask myself what I should do while looking around. I try to summon Gavin but instead of him, there appears a red haired guy. I ask him if he can make Gavin appear and he does weird magic stuff but he fails at it.[/COLOR]

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    7. Hospital campus bizarre

      by , 06-09-2013 at 08:48 PM
      Total sleep time: 9 + hrs

      Pre bed: 500 mg l-arginine (inspired by Highlander)

      WBTB: woke up naturally after 5 hrs, but was super sleepy, so decided to skip the efforts/latte today.

      Dream recall: I was planning on taking a break and just sleeping tonight, had it not been the ld at the end, there wouldn't have been a journal entry

      Dream contents: the night was characterized by bizarre vivid dreams that I mostly forgot. I tried committing one dream to memory (again no keywords noted) as I thought it is easy to remember. Nothing from that dream. What I recalled is from the last hour of sleep, still pretty bizzarre and gave me a strange feeling too.

      Dream1: In our old place, the way it looked many years ago. I am in the room, which at that point in time is dad's workplace. There are a lot of birds there, but soon I notice that some of them are on the floor and do not move. I conclude they are dead. I have a fake dream memory that there was some kind of disease raging, affecting mostly birds and other small animals. I notice lots of robin-like birds (alive) on the wardrobe. Then more dead birds on the floor. I don't think it's a good idea to stay in the room, the air is contaminated. I see some textbooks of mine and begin to gather them before I leave the place.

      Dream2: I am in a bus and there is a discussion about a race ( cars/bikes?). My parents are also there. We are looking forward to finding out who the winner is, but it won't be known until 4 hrs later. We can buy tickets to the final, where the winner will be cycling/parading on the streets. I don't want to go there, but mom is talking to the bus driver. I think she will buy two tickets, but instead buys two coffee machines. They go to the back of the bus to get them.

      Dream3 DILD: In a special room, a woman I know is like the head of this organization. It looks like a room for a lot of audience, but a bit altar-like. On the stage are a lot of this woman's favorite actors/musicians, most of them are from the past and long gone. Freddie Mercury is also among them. So she is related maybe a deputy for an organization's leader, who I identify as a special friend from my past.

      I see a newspaper and begin reading the whole story of the organization. I can't wait to finish it and find out where my friend is now. At that time a DC, who plays the role of a classmate of mine is next to me, places her elbow on the newspaper, so I cannot read. I move the newspaper, but the article is not there, I start browsing the pages, looking for it in vain. I give up.

      Me and classmate DC are going somewhere. I see a shop where they sell bracelets and try out one, but it doesn't fit. There are also lots of golden objects, the size and more or less shape of a pen. I notice one very cool looking - a brush entirely made of gold. The bristles are very soft and flexible and I swipe the top of my hand with the brush, but don't feel anything at all. I leave the brush where the other golden objects are. My classmate had selected some golden item and goes inside the store to pay. I accompany her inside and notice that I now hold a golden knife-like item, but do not have the money to buy it. It somehow ends up in my mouth where it stretches, changes shape, and by the time I get it out it is a golden spiral covered with pinkish chewing gum. I move on.

      I face a door leading to a hospital-like corridor and go into that direction and end up in a vast room. I have the desire to find my special friend. While observing the room I become lucid. At this moment, my classmate walks through the door and joins me in the room. It is just a DC representation of my classmate, doesn't look like her much, but I am really amazed how this DC managed to follow me from the store. I pay no more attention to her and concentrate on the huge room in front of me.

      There are many DCs there, and I decide to ask them where my special friend is. I go and talk to an old lady and ask her about him. She says she will go and get him soon, so I find that pretty cool. I contemplate on the amount of DCs in the room and how they all seem very independent (from my subcon). I have some feeling of the dream becoming unstable so move forward and wonder how real it all seems. I run my hand on the top part of a sofa, so real, stare in front of me, and I even hear a beeping sound which repeats over and over again, like an ECG (possibly an alarm from WL).

      The room is on the first floor and leads to a large campus like inside yard. There are lots of people there, but the thing that immediately catches my attention is a black coffin, held in the air by two DCs. The sight gives me the creeps, and I begin crossing myself, a number of times, closing my eyes. Once I calm down a bit, I begin to feel that the dream is about to go, because there are no stimuli, I almost don't see anything and cannot open my eyes! I then remember that someone in DV ( gab or OB, or both, thanks a lot!) said it is possible to see through your eyelids. So I actually see a bit of the scene through the eyelids, and concentrate on it. My vision gets back to normal and I forget about the issue. The same DCs are still gathered there, holding torches as this funeral? is taking place. Most likely the coffin will be brought inside.

      That doesn't matter much now because I feel the dream slipping away once again. I look around as much as possible and notice the building surrounding the yard, reminding me of a 18-19th century large hospital or campus or both. I begin to panic as I know I am waking up and I really wanted to learn more about the place. I stop a female DC dressed with strange clothes I don't have much time to investigate and say to her "Quickly, tell me where is this place" twice. She replies something like "America, reserve Neuhausen/Munchausen". I believe at that point that there really may be a place like this and repeat it a few times so that I can check it out later. I consider going in the building but the dream is violently coming to an end and the first floor is on fire.

      I decide to check with the place location once again. I see three unpleasant problems individual DCs and engage one of them, asking him where we are. He is so out of place in this dream, doesn't pay any attention to me but instead picks up his phone and starts talking to someone else. Whatever. I look down and see lots of broken mobile phones in the mud...(end of memory and wake up)

      I wake up overexcited and tell bf about the dream and he tells tha strangely he also dreamt about Munchausen/neuhausen. I wanted to know more about his dream. We concluded that it is very likely that I have repeated the name during my dream with my real voice and that has carried over to his dream.

      Comments: I don't know whether it was my once again very deep sleep or the l-arginine that has caused so much bizarreness today. The dreams had a distinguishable different feeling to them, although it is hard to describe.
      The last dream felt very ...different too. I will refrain from any rationalizations at this point.

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    8. 2009, Dec. 1 (Thursday): Ranch, Vampires, Werewolf following friend.

      by , 05-08-2013 at 03:51 AM
      What's in between the quotation marks is what I wrote shortly after having this dream.

      "Nov. 30 09 - Dec. 1 09*

      I can't remember all the parts of this one.

      Part 1... I remember being at a park, Or maybe it was a ranch. Anyway, There were lots of dead leaves and there were some fences and maybe a few trees. The only thing I seem to remember that happened there is a part about Reed's Ginger Ale.

      Part 2... In a basement, There were a few bits that were similar to The Sims 2 as in placing objects here and there. Then, I was in the basement and I turned a TV on to watch music videos with my dad. The Offspring's "Self Esteem" (** That's a Music video) Came on. There were two vampires in the other room, Or at least it is assumed there were because I only knew their coffins were in there. (I think they were Dracula and his wife from the movie "Love At First Bite")

      Part 3... It was like a top down video game like Zelda: A Link To The Past. A Werewolf, The Mona Lisa (An actual person version of the painting) And a friend of mine were there. As the Mona Lisa and my friend went into a cave there was green writing being written all over the "screen" by the werewolf, (** Even though he was walking into the cave) Who was also narrating his writing about the Mona Lisa. Then, The Werewolf went into the cave presumably to bite the Mona Lisa. Then the "Screen" Turned into a painting or something and I woke up to my alarm.

      More to follow.

      *I didn't fall asleep until after midnight."

      I saw the coffins from a view like I would've seen them in The Sims 2

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    9. Breathing Apparatus and Realizing I am a Ghost

      by , 10-27-2012 at 06:38 AM

      Part One "Breathing Apparatus"
      I was in a crowd near a pond watching a large goofy looking man explaining life. He talked about love, his woman, and something about death. People start leaving and the man's woman's mother tries to stop them from leaving. She babbles on "blah, blah, blah"

      The crowd's exodus turns into something of a game of hide and seek. After running over a small sand dune, running across some grass and down a road I came around to the opposite side of the large pond. I dive in and swim across underneath the surface using a strange breathing apparatus. It was shaped like an extruded squarish U.S.B. port about 1 inch long and 1/2 inch wide. Inside the apparatus was slid a piece of metal with holes in it. Front view of screen---> _|""|_ side view---> |""""""""|. The breathing apparatus was also like a whistle.

      I came out of the water and climbed up onto the base of a metal tower near the members of the crowd that hadn't left. There were four young couples( 2 girls sitting on the 2boys laps). At their feet was an empty computer case and some more breathing apparatus parts.

      Part Two "Realizing I'm a Ghost"
      I watch to building maintenance looking fellows slide a coffin into its place which was a hole in the corner of the room.

      My point of view changes and I am laying on my back looking up at them inside the wall space. One had a flash-light and was doing some electrical work, and installing my coffin. The other guy spoke some words over the deceased "Well Mevin(one of their names)...Lived know they aren't, know iev they ain't". Somehow this meant something along the lines of "Well at least the dead lived and that is nice."

      I then see Ben A. from work and am startled to realize that I am floating right up near his face. "Ah Hi there!" I shake his hand. Mevin tells Ben that I am supposed to be in the coffin but doesn't see me. I figured maybe I was in the coffin so I floated by Ben's face and said "Ooooohhooo". I check the name on the coffin and a locker door / dry wall that partitioned the coffin from the room. It felt spooky to realize that I was a ghost. I then woke up.
    10. I Have To Die...16th feb 2012

      by , 02-16-2012 at 09:58 PM
      There are 2 of me in this dream. The one me who was me was the one who has to die ((sorry if this is confusing)) lol..and the other me existed but I never got to see that me in my dream!
      I'm on my last day of being alive, I go to town with my Dad and I buy some strawberry laces ((the sweets)). We now go into a shop and I see some flower transfers on the wall, they are for sale, they are so pretty and glittery, I am attracted to the pale blue one and run my finger across it as I admire it. My Dad now notices a floral handbag, I say "that's really nice" he says "yes...you can try it on for your mom then. I put it over my shoulder and think "why would I need to try a bag on for her??!" and I think this is a bit weird.
      I am now in the town and I'm on my own. I now see my Uncle M and he comes over to me, he is in a wheelchair and wearing a black ribbed hat. I speak to him and tell him what's going to happen to me, he is crying and hugs me and says "it'll all be over soon". I really don't want to die, I'm so scared and can't really understand why I have to.
      I now meet my hubby and he takes me to a place where my coffin is. The mattress inside is made out of black leather. I now have to say my last goodbye to my hubby and then I get in my coffin and lie down on the mattress. It all cracks under me like it's rotten and it's all wet, dirty and horrible.
      I now lie down and shut my eyes waiting for myself to die, I'm scared shitless because I don't want to and I want to live my life not the other me, but I have no choice. I know there are other dead people in coffins around me and I'm thinking about this as I lie here.
      I suddenly hear my Pigeon gasp, I jump up out of my coffin and go and check on her and she is gasping for air. I notice she's not in her bowl now ((eh!!!??)) But she has tried to get out and is caught between the table and the lid of the bowl. I take the lid off the top of her and shout to my eldest ((who has suddenly appeared from nowhere lol)) "she needs water, quick!!" my eldest just stands there and does nothing and then a bowl of water appears in my hand, I give my Pigeon a drink and she is now better.
      The Pigeon now begins to talk to me and she copies what we say. It's not time for my Pigeon to die yet, she has to wait untill I die. ((dream skip)).
      Myself and my Hubby are at a cemetery, we are looking at a grave that has been newly dug and I realise it's for me . I say to a woman who is with us "no..wait!!!, we want to be buried together" she says "you can't now but maybe when your both dead we can put you together" I reluctantly say "ok then". I am so jealouse that my Hubby can stay alive but I have to die. I begin to wonder what it will feel like when I'm dead but the other me is still alive and I'm very, very confused.
      ((The feeling I had in this dream was bloody awfull, I can't explain it but it wasn't nice atall !!!!))
    11. Shootin' Cops

      by , 01-11-2012 at 01:19 AM (Jakro Goes Hardcore Into LDs)
      I finally had enough recall to write about last night & day - that's right, it seems that my sleeping pattern has organically turned into biphasic. I don't mind, I've always been drawn to that kind of sleeping. I used to try polyphasing heavily back some time ago, but that didn't really succeed. Anyway, I'm still not fully satisfied with my recall. I remembered a lot, but for the most part it was just fragments. I'm going to write here the longest fragment.

      Shootin' Cops
      Date: January 10th, 2012
      Lucid: No

      I don't think I was in my own body in this dream, it was more like being in some charismatic dude's body. I don't know what I was searching, but I opened some kind of coffin and it tilted towards me, so that some stuff got all over me. It caused weird, tingling sensation in my body.

      Then I transformed to our house's kitchen. There was some woman there. I told her about my sensations. She said that she needs to do something to me. She used an odd word that I didn't understand, so I can't exactly tell what she said. I feel that there was something supernatural going on there, like I've gotten some kind of curse over me from the coffin and she had to remove it.

      She took my hand gently and held it and we had a beautiful, silent moment there. But it had to be ruined, obviously. The cops arrived to the house with their lights on and sirens howling.

      Oh shit. My alter ego knew that he was in trouble. He stayed calm and picked up the lady. I was thinking like I was creating a plot twist, that "they must keep touching, or else whatever the woman was doing won't work." So on some level, I knew it wasn't real, but my brains wouldn't tell me what it was and I wasn't smart enough to realize it's a dream.

      So now I was there carrying in the woman with my masculine alter ego body. I went to the back of the house and jumped out of the window with her, thinking that we'd could get away.

      Not gonna happen. For some reason couple of police were laying on their backs in the backyard and got up immediately after I jumped down. They started firing at me. Brutal, they'll just fire at me despite me carrying an innocent civilian? Anyway I get a pistol from somewhere and start firing back. To my surprise I hit, and then I remember like I've read, that this guy is an excellent shooter. So it's a book now? Mkay...

      After killing the first two cops the rest of them run behind me and keep firing towards me. Dream started fading, but I still remember that I wasn't hitting them anymore when the dream ended. I remember being frustrated, but not really scared - I still knew that it was something not real.
    12. Zombies vs. Christians

      by , 01-06-2012 at 02:36 AM (Jakro Goes Hardcore Into LDs)
      Last night was underwhelming once again in terms of dream recall - or I should say last day, and I only slept 6 hours. I have been struggling to sleep at night and it's interfering with my recall. Compared to my usual recall this has not been at all worse though. I am still struggling in cultivating a habit of actually making notes of my dreams right after I wake up. I should just do it. On a brighter note I have remembered at least fragments on five days in a row. Probably doesn't sound much especially coming from a guy that has been into LDs for three years, but my record stands at mere 27 days in a row. I hope that I beat it come the end of the January.

      So anyway that means that you're in for another "classic" dream. As always I'm only rewriting the lengthy or otherwise memorable dreams here.

      Zombies vs. Christians
      Date: March 5th, 2009
      Lucid: No
      I was playing some kind of a hack 'n' slash multiplayer game - except that in my dreams, games are never games but rather I'm really in their worlds. There were two sides - Zombies and Christians. Your standard match-up... not. I was fighting with a battle-axe and our team was fighting along some ramp, slaying our opponents. I was obviously on the zombie side as I'm so vehemently anti-christian.

      The main group of opponents started coming up the ramp. There was some kind of fence on the ramp, but that would have been easily surpassed should they have wanted it - but I guess they didn't see us, as they went into some mansion through the door behind the ramp.

      I followed them. Inside the mansion there were coffins. I presumed that there would be zombies inside the coffins, but no. The zombies were lying on the tables in the next room, where I noticed one of the Christians crouching and "defusing" the zombie with his cross. Similarly how the bomb is defused in Counter-Strike. WTF? Zombie Counter-Strike? I'd play that. It's a bit odd though, usually in games and movies zombies are just shot to pieces, not "defused" with a cross... Well, whatever. Anyway I was in control of these lying zombies. At some point they got up and started walking whenever I was looking.

      I took something that look like a pancake, inserted it into my mouth. I needed to speak into it to command the zombies. I hadn't done that earlier because it would have given off my location. Now the room only had some woman with my zombie. I put it into my mouth and commanded... "Kill me." Oops. I don't know what brainfuck happened there, but even the zombie looked surprised. Then it started to walk towards me. "No no no, kill the woman", I corrected myself then.

      The zombie took it's time on killing the woman and she didn't look at all happy about my command. She started walking towards me ominously.

      I retreated outside, constantly repeating the command "kill the woman!" through the pancake, or whatever. The zombie and the woman kept following me. Once I was outside, some of my teammates, who for some reason were just idling outside, came to my assist.

      All the sudden some guy comes up to the zombie and says that he is sick of it doing things so slowly. The guy kept talking and I don't remember what he said in between, but somehow he managed to shift the subject to some new law, that said that you couldn't play more than 250 hands of poker a day anymore. He told that it was frustrating, especially for a pro like him, given that he had to meet the betting requirements of bonuses etc.

      I just looked at him flabbergasted. I had forgotten about zombies and all. The I collected myself and just answered: "I'm not obeying that law."

      That's it, now to wait when the Zombie Counter-Strike gets published.
    13. Crushing Birds!

      by , 08-13-2011 at 04:20 AM
      I come in to a weird circular building with Charlie, my twin brother, and another man I don't recognize. The man takes me to a series of coffins along the wall, like they were taken out of the wall. We open the first one to find tons of birds just fluttering around, like they've been dying to get out. I'm a little startled by this, and look around to find at the end of the coffin/box two birds fighting over a turtle. Charlie decides to deal with it by taking them up by hands and biting the head off of the turtle! I'm completely disgusted by it, horrified, I can't believe my eyes. We go onto the next few coffin boxes and the two birds fighting are at the end of every box. Charlie continues to bight the head off the turtle that's always there. I think it very weird that the same thing is happening at the end of every single coffin box. Other fragments from the dream include glowy sticks, and that's just about it.
    14. Solid Snake!? Possible Share?

      by , 06-27-2011 at 01:12 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      My recall of this dream isn't as vivid as i would like it to have been, but the dream itself was incredibly vivid.

      I was helping someone I just met complete some sort of goal. I didn't know who they were, but I decided to help them anyway - they seemed pretty genuine. He was probably around 14-15, with blonde hair and defined features. We went on some sort of Metal Gear Solid style adventure in some sort of chinese village to help figure out the secret behind the recent shortage of cucumbers. It was believed that the cucumbers had been poisoned and so they had to recall massive amounts of cucumber stock - but this was not the case.

      We went to a store which reminded me a lot of the local Go-Lo and talked to a woman in her mid 20's about it, and she said she'd demonstrate and asked for a lighter. Confused, I pulled out my lighter (er, what? I dont carry one) and handed it to her. She took a massive bite of a cucumber and spat it at the flame of the lighter, creating a giant fireball! That explains why they recalled them!

      We went to the middle of China Town, and found my friend's dad, who helped us find our way. I have a memory of running around here very fast, and not realising I was disturbing those around me. Jeremy's dad showed us that we had to walk slowly and bow in respect to everyone we passed. We got to a bridge, where I bowed to an asian man sitting at a table I swear I've seen in a cafe in my dreams before. We crossed the bridge slowly - but it was different this time, it was a zig-zag shape. We made it through and made our way to the graveyard, where we were to open a casket right in the middle to find out the secret behind the cucumber.

      We walked carefully around the perimeter of the site. The casket was in the middle of a sort of digging site, with dirt piled high all around it and the casket alone in the middle. We were almost at the center when someone grabbed us - Solid Snake!?

      'What are you two kids doing disturbing the ___(cant remember) festival?'
      We questioned him about the festival, and at one point he seemed embarrassed about it. I'm not entirely sure what happened after this, I believe we might have solved the case, and the last thing I remember was playing minecraft - something about my body and arms being made out of minecraft materials.

      My friend, forcee says that last night he had a dream with this same boy in it, he matches the description perfectly. Interesting, if this was a dreamshare, it'd be great to find out who it was!
    15. November 1- Death and a funeral.

      by , 11-01-2010 at 11:49 AM
      This dream starts off with one of my nephews having passed away. When it starts, I am with his mother and my mother at his grave and we are highly upset. Everything we placed on the grave had been moved around the grave so that it no longer looked organized, and someone had dug up his coffin. While it looked like nothing had been stolen off him or out of the coffin itself, they had altered the way he was lying inside of it so that his body was in odd shapes and angles. While we try to figure out who would have done such a thing, we all move to fix him, re-bury his coffin, and organize all his gifts on his grave once more.

      Strangely enough, the scene changes to where and when we are having the funeral. The place it's held in seems to be of castle-like qualities based on the interior. The rooms are vast and the funeral homes have decorated every single wall with quotes from our's and his past, and pictures. One in particular catches my attention, though I cannot remember what exactly was on it. Eventually we all proceed to what seems to be an altar-like area for the ending ceremonies. The pastor talks and once he's done, all of the immediate family including me partner up with someone else in the room. Once we have done so, we mount horses and ride off towards the distance, as the castle is all of a sudden gone. The farther we leave from where the castle had been, the more I become awake until I am completely pulled from sleep.
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