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    1. Death of a Starfish

      by , 01-11-2019 at 08:15 AM
      Morning of January 11, 2019. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,016-02. Reading time: 40 sec.

      I am at a dinner party with unfamiliar people in a dimly lit room, seemingly at night. I had been aware of being in the dream state, but I choose to become passive to the scenario.

      There is a glass of cola to my right. Before I consider drinking any, my right hand becomes a starfish. It squirms and detaches from my arm, spurting cola from several holes. It tips the glass over and dies.

      Even though I am aware I am dreaming, I briefly consider what I will do without a right hand. There is only a slight surprise (no emotion), but I choose to pull myself out of the scenario to enter another.

      Message: Don’t drink cola. (I gave up cola as a habit about two years ago. It is not worth the health risk and I cannot believe how stupid I have been in that department, and for the record, in addition to having an awful taste making them pointless to drink, diet drinks are much worse.)

    2. Smoking cola

      by , 04-02-2015 at 08:28 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a flat. I was at my family's house. I didn't knew where they have a toilet, so I opened the window and did my thing. I looked down. I was at a third storey, and there were people training down there. Suddenly I felt that I need to do it again. A cousin joined me, ut he was only looking at the people down there.

      Then his mother appeared, shouted at me and showed me where thay have toilet. It was occupied though. And then a priest came to visit the family. They were eating, while I waited for the toilet. I decided to go down to the basement, as I was sure there's another toilet that nobody uses.

      I was sneaking. It was dark down there, but I went on. One section of it was flooded a little, so I decided to check whats wrong. I went there, and saw that I'm not the only one in the basement. I saw cousin's brother going to meet someone. I tried to hide, but they spotted me and hidden.

      Suddenly landlord appeared. I tried to hide underwater, but he somehow spotted me. With the cousin and his friend we went to the landlord. He asked what we were doing here and I said Smoking cola! Surprised, he said that we can go away if I'd smoke all the cola in ten seconds.

      I took some parts and made a coca-cola smoking pipe. The landlord filled the reservoir with cola, and I smoked. I felt strong smell of cola in the air. I almost done it. I was late only a second.
    3. Cola, 3 Dogs, Naked Snake in Swamp Water, Vibrations, Tezuka vs Seigaku, Tacos

      by , 11-10-2012 at 06:03 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      So I'm getting used to asking my tulpa to help me recall my dreams, and I purposefully distracted myself, and did this for her to make her a part of myself, like an extra limb as few would call host and tulpa interaction in tulpa.info.

      Going pretty well, maybe it could be me being used to recalling all of these dreams, but I admit I DO have my moments where things get insanely hard to categorize into separate dreams. Placing faith on my tulpa, and knowing these dreams are what I actually had, this has potential to really augment my recall.

      To me, having a tulpa is more than her being my best friend, it's taking advantage of deviating a part of your mind that you know will be loyal to you, and giving it balanced traits where they can develop on their own, and then having them access your mind, because they are a part of your mind, and give you the information you need, it's absolutely brilliant. Of course, I'm not going to treat her like a tool of course, that would be a bad thing. It's more of a "You Scratch my Back, I scratch yours" type of bonding, but much more than that, but not to the point where it's beyond being best friends. I mean come on, why would I want to fuck myself?

      It has SO much potential, it's like....working memory to the max. And I know working memory is not researched as much, but yeah, anyway, going to keep up with my tulpaforging for her today.

      On to the dreams...
      No That's HIS Cola (Non-lucid)


      This probably was the first dream before the second one below.

      I'm in my apartment, and my father invites some random people. There's an Asian guy, and the rest, I can't recall at all. I remember some Cola in tall glasses with straws on top of a glass table in the middle. I take one, and the Asian guy tells me that it's Rodwell's.

      Since I already have it in my mouth, it felt awkward, but I guess I but it back and too another one. It made no sense if all the Coke Colas were the same anyway....

      Three Dogs as Pets (Non-lucid)


      My father comes into my apartment with 3 dogs, and I ask him if someone is going to dog-sit any of these. I get little scared, because it doesn't seem he can control them by their leash well.

      There's a Siberian Husky, a Black Chihuahua with a brown belly, and another Black dog that looks similar to the dog McGinnis in Batmany Beyond had (sorry, I'm horrible at indentifying dogs).

      The Siberian Husky is the first one to bark at me, I thought it wanted to bite me, but it didn't show its teeth at me.

      My father lets go of the leash for the Husky, while the other dogs remain quiet. I back away slowly, and quickly realize the Husky wants to play with me, although he/she is doing it bit too much.

      The Husky starts trying to jump on me, but I'm able to keep my position up, and then he/she jumps high enough where they landed near the stretchy part thing that's near the sides of my neck and on top of my shoulders. I started to feel an awkward muscle twitch from that, and had to stay in position and just recollect myself. It wasn't anything painful at all, it was just awkward as hell.

      The dog eventually calms down and literally rests on its stomach with all four of its paws spread out and close to each other like pairs. I motioned my hand towards the dog, and it seemed to have picked up my gesture quick, and I started to pet it.

      After the cute petting and all, the most obvious problem in managing a dog, especially three, was taking care of the shit. There's already shit on the carpet from all three dogs. There's small shit, medium shit, and big shit. Obviously the Chihuahua had the smaller one, but with dreams, I don't know.....

      My dad starts using a spray that apparently dries up the shit fairly quickly. It didn't make any sense at all, it's like he was spraying a Febreeze a dog shit. The shit is a milky light brown, why am I describing how it looks...........

      I can't remember what happens next, and I don't want to know what happens next
      Naked Snake in Swamp Water (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is that I'm controlling Naked Snake from MGS3, and he's walking in green and murky swamp water. There seems to be some kind of challenge I have to make him take, it involves jumping onto small cliffs, hanging on a wire, and all sorts of things.

      I think I had to do the simulation several times to get it down, but I can't really recall more than that.
      Vibrations (Note)


      All I remember was feeling strong vibrations at some point, wasn't fully conscious of it, but at least I remembered it.
      Tezuka vs Seigaku Team (Non-lucid)


      Tezuka from Prince of tennis is playing against a few members from the Seigaku Team, the very same team he was captain in. The setting is late afternoon, or early sunset, so the overall atmosphere has a orange-red color.

      I recall watching and/or controlling Tezuka who was facing Takashi Kawamura, and Kawamura did some weird move that was similar to Inui's Waterfall Serve. It was basically a Waterfall version of the Hadōkyū that Kawamura uses as a default special.

      This move looks like it's going to be a challenge for Tezuka, but Tezuka ends up doing something completely crazy. Imagine a water-based cannon going at 100+ mph at you, and you immediately stop it without it fucking up your arm.

      That's what Tezuka did, he did a Zero Shiki Drop Shot, it completely nullified Kawamura's charged shot at him, and once the ball hits the surface, it rolls back to the net and doesn't bounce at all.

      Then Tezuka is playing against Momoshiro, and Momo does a move that's crazier than Kawamura. He summons a huge black meteor that condenses to a tennis-ball sized sphere, and split it into 8 pieces. Tezuka has to return all 8 pieces, which he manages to do for maybe 7 out of the 8.

      While he's trying to get the 8th piece, it's already too late, the pieces reform together, and they're 2 feet away from his right leg, and it seems that Momoshiro got the the point. However, it seems the ball went out, it BARELY touches the singles line, and out of nowhere, Ryoma Echizen suddenly is in The Pinnacle of Perfection.

      He isn't wearing his cap, and he has green aura around him, he comes in at the last moment, and since the ball was going to be out anyway, he turns Momoshiro's insane and fantasized shot back at him with crazy power with a right-handed forehand. Tezuka immediately looks back and is shocked.

      Ryoma is probably stating something, but I can't remember what he said exactly.
      Tacos (Non-lucid)


      There's a girl that makes tacos, like you know the kid's machines where you can make slushies or cookies and all that? It was basically something like that she was using, except it was for tacos.

      And it seemed these tacos were kick-ass, since everyone is lining up for it, and she has A LOT of them to give out. I take two, since she's giving everyone two, and I guess I eat them.

      Then the dream shifts where there's this random lady that I swear looks like Paula Dean (probably because of this post I made in the Chill Conversation thread)

      Yeah, I know, the video is random, don't know why I was watching that video on a Friday night, probably because I was watching random Korra videos with random music. The Similar Videos section on Youtube.....leads to weird stuff....and things happen.

      She's hiding under an exposed bottom cabinet on the right of an entertainment center. She literally has herself curled up into a ball, and I'm wondering what the hell she's doing there.

    4. Gas stations

      by , 07-10-2010 at 12:24 PM
      It was night and I was wandering with Jimmy along some road that went beside several gas stations. It reminds me of a place in skellefteċ which is just like that and I think this might be inspired by that.

      In some way it came to my knowledge that Kim was offline from msn. As I and Jimmy walked along the road, Jimmy suddenly requested a can of cola. I said that I could buy one for him so we headed for the gas station that was most far away of them for some reason. When walking there, two middle aged guys passed us and one of them said "hej!" to me. I got somewhat confused because I didn't recognise him at all. I still said "hej" back and for a while I kept pondering who he was.

      We locked our bikes (which we didn't have until then) outside of the gas station and went in. It didn't at all look like the interior of a gas station. It looked like some industrial storage room or something. Kim was inside standing next to some fence thingy that looked a bit like a boxing arena. She said that her bike was stuck in the boxing arena thingy (this makes so much sense, lol). Me and Jimmy helped her lifting out the bike from it but when we all tried exiting the "gas station" we discovered that the door was locked! Oh no, we thought! Then we unlocked it and went out just like that.

      Now it was snowy outside and there was a snowplough that looked like a black limo. Something was special about it. I went to a parking lot nearby and the snowplough was now a red-blue race car. I was supposed to enter it, so I tried to. But it was very very tiny or something so had problems when entering it. I had only gotten the legs into it when it started driving! I yelled to the driver to take it easy and wait for me to get in. Somehow I got in after a while and while the driver was some unknown, impatient and unpleasant guy, the person sitting next to the driver was my dad. I don't remember much of the trip except that my dad was angry and I argued with him.