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    1. Tales from the Dream Realm

      by , 08-10-2014 at 08:32 PM

      Chapter I: Three Travelers
      I don’t remember the events preceding but somehow some friends and I had come across three hikers in the snow. We were in a forest in the middle of winter. The forest was somewhat thin. The hikers were injured critically and were suffering from hypothermia. They had amnesia and had no idea what had happened or where they even were. Somehow we were able to surmise that there had been an avalanche and they were caught in it. We got them back to my apartment and took care of them. I do not remember how the hikers looked but I do remember talking with one of them. A young woman (probably mid to late 20s). I think she and I had an engaging conversation. I have a feeling that she shared with me aspects of her life that were of importance to her. I remember feeling particularly bad for her because her injuries were much more severe. I left her wondering if we would get a chance to speak again…we didn’t. She died the next morning.

      Chapter II: Necromancy
      There once was a man who believed in ghosts
      “I know them, I hear them, I see them,” he’d boast
      I worked with this man, I knew him well
      How this came to be, I couldn’t tell
      He came one day and shouted, “Come look!”
      “Look what I have! A magical book!”
      “This book is special,” he said to me.
      “Open this book and ghosts you will see.”
      The book was black, a green skull on the front
      It looked rather trite if I could be blunt
      “How does it work?” I asked this guy
      “Open the book, it will blow your mind!”
      “There’s a portal! A portal! A portal inside!”
      “That allows you to meet those who have died!”
      So I opened the book and so there was
      A window inside to ghosts abuzz
      The ghosts were green and had red eyes
      Then I heard a voice, “Have you lost your minds??”
      I look and I see, a woman is there
      I don’t recall her looks, not even her hair.
      The woman came up and then she said.
      “What is your problem? Are you sick in the head?”
      “Now listen here and listen you,”
      “Those ghosts are hostile. They’ll rip you in two!”
      What happens next, I cannot recall.
      So our chapter ends here. That is all.

      Chapter III: Zero-G
      It was a normal work day in the backroom at Walmart. It was the latter part of my shift and by this time I was doing picks. I was going to speak with coworker, Sean, about something when suddenly I saw him lift off of the ground. Soon after, I was off the ground too. We, along with several others there, were floating towards the ceiling.
      “God damn it!” Sean exclaimed, “Some idiot turned off the gravity again!” Fuck ups were commonplace at the store I worked but until now I had no idea that there was gravity plating beneath the floors of the backroom. I questioned the need for such a thing in a place like this and who on earth would have been stupid enough to reverse the gravity plates (which we apparently have)? I began to consider the consequences of what would happen should I break though one of the skylights. I began to panic at the thought of floating out into space and being lost forever. Anxious, I began to claw at the shelving just beneath me. My fears were unfounded as the gravity plates were set right and we all floated back down. I was embarrassed for panicking the way I did.

      Chapter IV: Night Ride
      For some reason, my car was out of commission so I had no other alternative but to ride my bike to work. The moon shone brightly in the sky as I rode through the commercial district of one of the small towns. Before I knew it there was a whole line of bikes ahead of me and behind me along with a few cars. I loved riding in this makeshift convoy. But my bike was uncomfortable because the handle bars were low so I pulled over onto the median, making sure to stay out of the way of the other riders, and pulled the handle bars as high as I could. So I rode on but the handle bars were still too low for me and it was very uncomfortable to ride. At the next light, I lowered my seats and was very grateful to the people behind me for their patience as the light had turned green as I was adjusting. They were all very cool about it and didn’t say a word. So I rode on and now I was comfortable. I vaguely remember making friends with a girl who was riding with us but I don’t remember much of the details behind that.
      I got to work and was ready to start unloading the truck. My heart race when I thought I heard my supervisor say that we had a 7000 piece truck to unload. I asked him again and I was sure he had said 7046 this time! Which was odd because I could see inside the truck and it didn’t look like that much. I walked up to him and asked how much we had to unload that day and I clearly heard him say 1746. A sigh of relief left as we started to unload the truck. I had a good feeling about tonight. I had a feeling that this was going to be a good night.

      Chapter V: The Machine
      There was a scientist who had managed to set up shop in the back rooms of Walmart. He was trying to work a machine that could open up portals to other worlds. His attempts were futile as the machine had never worked. But perhaps now it would. You see, this man had an ace up his sleeve. A young boy probably around thirteen or fourteen. This boy was his a assistant.
      He turned to this boy and said: “You there! You will be the one to power this machine! The power to make this work will come from you!” The man pulled out a small empty plastic box that was connected to the machine with a couple of wires. The boy stepped in and sat down in the box without saying a word. The man then activated the machine. Exact details of what happened next I cannot recall, I just vaguely remember sporadic bolts of electricity and the ultimate failure of his machine followed by curses from an angry scientist.
      “Damn! Damn! Damn!” He shouted, “Why didn’t it work!? Damn it, Boy! Why didn’t it work? Why didn’t my machine work!?” But the boy did not answer. He was dead.
    2. 1/28/14 - football game

      by , 01-28-2014 at 10:08 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm at my cousin house, her daughter son husband and some of her friends are over. We are all sitting on two couches, and I guess we are all watching a football game. My Uncle builds this thing out of collector soccer boxes from Jack in the box or some shit. He just collected them because he must be better then everybody even at stupid shit like collecting puzzle like soccer boxes. You can put them together into different shapes. My uncle passes it around so he can feel pride that everyone is looking at it, but my cousins husband takes it and kicks it like a soccer ball, so them we all start to kick it back and forth and my uncle tries to get it back but we destroy it, but who cares it's cardboard from jack in the box. Then my uncle storms out of the room and we all continue to watch football.
    3. A collection of memories disguised as history

      by , 12-20-2013 at 10:51 PM
      Two middle-aged spinsters are visiting Rumpelstiltskin/Gold just before attending some event, but he's busy with a delivery of some sort. The room where they wait for him holds a collection of various objects behind glass, and as they look around, one of them says, "Richer than the (some family name beginning with A) brothers!" The objects behind the glass are personal mementos from over the centuries, arranged and displayed in such a way as to look like a collection of history - playbills and tickets, a photo from a political protest that changed history, old forms of currency, all neatly labeled with places and dates and short descriptions. But I'm looking at the objects as a disembodied observer with Rumpelstiltskin's mindset, with fond memories of the actress depicted on that playbill, and a woman at that protest, and the profit I made when that country changed currencies. (Although I'm thinking of it as a collection of memories that stretches back centuries, the oldest items I actually see are only from the 1800s.) I think to myself, 'and I could sell it, if I chose.' As if convincing myself that I could part with it all, if I had to.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Fragments - someone involved in some industry that's often glamorized in movies, intelligence or organized crime, mentally contrasting his actual day to day life with the ridiculous movies. A rich and powerful woman who's sleeping with the hired killer who works for her. Overdue library books, a trilogy by an author who's written 156 books, these ones with covers showing caves with stalactites that remind me of fangs. Rumpelstiltskin again, spending a summer at a country estate belonging to a brother and sister he knows, looking out the window and feeling someone's suffering, the potential for a deal; following it, and finding someone in the garden, reading a journal that had belonged to Belle.
    4. lucid floating

      by , 11-10-2011 at 03:45 PM
      loads of strange moments last night. i remember being chased by some vicious red squirrels for one. someone gave me some juice and i told them about rubicon and the amazing fruits they use. my friend fell off this ledge on his bike and i realised it was dream. i floated down to help him out.

      a group of old school mates were gathered round asking me why i wasnt part of the group anymore. they were talking about some kind of money collection going round and asking why i wasnt gonna be any part of it. i just asked them to try to explain to me why they felt i had to be a part of it which they didnt seem able to do. probably because ive been thinking about the poppy thing lately. we were messing around after, and it seemed like they were trying to get me to drink something from this milk bottle. i decided to just spray it around instead which started a little ruck which i wasnt involved in. some girl was at the bottom of it so i went to find her later to apologise.

      then it got weird again. i floated up the side of this building to find her where she was sunbathing with a friend. as i got there though all i found was dust and all logic fell from my mind. i called out to her as if she was the dust but all this did was blow the dust away. this kind of made me snap back to logic and i just found the whole situation pretty funny