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    1. Airplanes; 1600 Penn avenue; Old buildings

      , 07-26-2018 at 03:37 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      last night I slept 8+ hrs and got 3 cool dreams. In the last one I felt getting some awareness and would have gotten lucid if they didn't call me from work.

      DREAM 1

      I'm visiting someone who lives on 1660 penn avenue. It's on a hill, in wooded area. I decide to go up the hill to look at the white house at 1600 penn. It's hidden by thick bushes and trees. I don't want to get much closer as not to become suspicious of doing something bad. So I decide to take a picture from where I'm standing towards the house I'm visiting and the near highway instead. To show how close they live.

      As I'm looking at the screen of my iPhone, I feel a loud sharp noise. I look and there is a tiny hole right by the power button, and about 5 secret service agents are fast walking towards me. I tell them I'm sorry, didn't mean to cause any harm, as I know they disabled my iPhone with a precision shot. They ask to look at the pictures on my phone to see if I took anything secret, but I didn't. I'm a bit scared.

      A bit later, this feels like a second DREAM 2. But the setting is the same. Except now I can see beautiful green mountains with peaks covered in snow. I know I'm in Colorado. I wish I took pictures of that. As I look closer, a smallish airplane is flying above the tops. It grows bigger and is now doing acrobatic loops around the mountain top. I go uuuuh and aaaah and I'm just delighted. Love airplanes and watching anything flying in my dreams.

      DREAM 3

      I'm walking towards the city square in my hometown. I decide to hang left, not wanting to go towards church. I'm suddenly in different city. I start to look for a place that's close to the street but kinda hidden from eyes of people walking by. Something discreet to have some hanky-panky. I find some structure of walls and I walk to the sidewalk to see if they would see us from there.

      Now I'm starting to become aware. I keep looking. There is a very old wall with steps leading up to it in few different places. Normally I avoid old places because they scare me. But not this time. I'm more curious and I realize it. Makes me happy that i'm not scared.

      There is a rope or something like that hanging from the wall and I grab it. That swings me out while I'm still standing on the wall. On my right, I can see a mesh roof broken on few places, over some large round room. Like a rotunda in a castle. I really don't want to fall in there, but I look inside with interest.
    2. Plant Research

      by , 12-05-2015 at 04:30 PM
      I was staying in a chain hotel in Colorado. The hotel was surrounded by woods. I stayed for a few weeks and went outside each day to a place between two large trees. There was a religious statue of a man with his hands in the air. There was a human size doll with brown hair and a brown beard propped up against a tree. There was some snow that eventually melted. I had collected the things during my stay.

      In the woods there is a family of a man, woman, boy, and girl. The girl has prepared for the family some kind of brown alcoholic drink that is in large mason jars in a tub of water over a fire. The boy questions whether or not there is enough alcohol in it to get them drunk. The girl shrugs.

      I am in my car, a rental, and there is a fat woman in my car that I don't know and I don't know why she is in there but she reaches into the back seat and starts reading a paper. I am annoyed because I think she is reading my personal medical document so I take the paper and look at it. It's ok because it is just the stapled blue papers with the results of my research in the woods. There are several pages of blue paper with tables of chemical symbols and descriptions of different plant chemicals.
    3. I Have Super Powers!!! and the Pube Machines

      by , 07-05-2015 at 09:13 AM
      DILD #1:

      I had an earlier dream where I was flying around with Dreamer at night. She was carrying me in her arms, but she was having difficulty flying because I was so heavy. I tried telling myself that I was as light as a feather, didn't work very well.

      DILD #2:

      I had another dream where I was waiting for a plane to take me to perth, but I was in the United states for some reason. I didn't know when the plane was supposed to leave and then I realized I didn't have to leave for another 3 days.

      I slowly realized it was a dream and wandered around the airport for awhile. I watched workers furiously trying to clean airplanes and get the luggage on board. I also stole some food from vending machines and ate it while I calmly explored.

      After awhile I decided that I wanted to do some tasks. I tried to remember some but got very nervous and worried about waking up. I woke up almost immediately, remembered some tasks, then waited to deild. I was shaken awake in the dream (back at the airport) by this chubby African girl. She was quite pretty and she had a really thick accent. I thanked her and wondered if she was one of those traditional dream guides that people keep talking about. I had her follow me around because I figured that she might be helpful.

      I began walking around the halls looking for a painting; I said to myself, "There will be a painting behind me!"

      There was, but then I heard the African girl say in her thick accent, "There's no painting there."

      The painting immediately disappeared. I walked around a corner while saying to myself, "There is a painting around that corner!"

      There was, and I made it fly into my hands with telekinesis. I was staring at it when the girl pulled at my arm. I looked back at her and she had a friend with her now. I looked back at the painting and it was now a map of Europe. I was getting a bit frustrated with this naughty DC that kept messing with me. I looked away and back at the painting again and it looked like a black and white illustration of an assembled jigsaw puzzle. I figured that was good enough so I threw it on the ground and made it grow and stretch until it was big enough for me to dive into. I guess that I should also mention that this entire time the annoying girl dc was pulling at my shirt incessantly. She was QuiTe annoying! But I tried to just ignore her.

      The painting was on the ground and I was ready to dive in! I got in the standard diving stance and then dove in head first, right into a hard, solid floor. I slowly got absorbed into painting as I rested there. The world was black, I figured that I must have been in the black part of the painting so I walked until it got white. I could see more black lines off in the distance. Not the most exciting experience, but I thought it made sense. I jumped out of the painting and decided that I was now in a hospital instead of an airport. The two African girls are still there following me around. I saw this blonde lady receptionist that reminded me of one of the girls from Dr. Who. I beckoned her to follow me too as I walked outside.

      It was dark and wet, and there was snow gently falling all around. I saw an old friend standing out on the curb. I figured he would be a helpful dc. I asked him if he had the mysterious seeds I needed (while also reaching in my pocket to find some just in case he didn't have any). He pulled a handful of assorted seeds from out of his pocket. They looked like an array of various nuts - cashews, almonds, macademias, and pistachios. I chose the only one I didn't recognize and threw it in the dirt. I stood there, staring at the ground with my motley crew of acquired dream characters. We eagerly waited for it to grow.
      Got too excited and woke up.

      DILD #3:

      I was at my parents' house in Colorado. My mom was cooking a vegan feast with green chili and beans. She was telling me that I should do some things for my dad so that he would be more likely to help me out if I needed it. I got really upset and said that it wasn't right that I had to do things like that as an exchange in order to have his love and support. I think I threw a tortilla in my rage. My dad came downstairs and started talking about facts and figures, keeping everything rational and away from emotions, where it was safe. I noticed that I could draw lines on the wall with my mind and I thought for a few seconds that maybe I just had super powers. Then I realized that I was dreaming and I walked outside and started to fly. I was having trouble flying but I was still enjoying it. I woke up after a few minutes of flying around the neighborhood.

      DILD #4:

      I was watching an 80s movie with Dreamer that had Brendan Fraser with long hair in it. It was about a group of hackers that were rebelling against these humanoid machines that had kidnapped another genius hacker for her brilliant programming skills. The hacker group had somehow managed to make it so that the machines couldn't see them, all except for one special machine that had the sense of smell, he could still smell them when they were near him. Brendan Fraser was running down the street from these special machines that had been built specifically to entice him. They had huge lower bodies that were covered in knotted pubes, it was supposed to attract him because that is what he was supposedly into, but it just looked ridiculous. He eluded them behind a wall when one of the machines saw me watching from a distance and she spat flames at me. I said to her, "Are you serious?" then shot flames back at her. It singed her slightly then I suddenly felt very poweful. I made all of the machine women in the area erupt in flames that were so hot that they turned to ashes.

      I then walked over to a spot on the parking lot pavement and dropped a seed in the earth. A clone of myself separated from my body and walked off but the body that I was watching the dream from stayed to watch the plant grow. A long, vine-like plant grew straight up from the ground until it was about 5 feet tall. It then sprouted these bright red flower buds at the very top. I walked away to look for something inanimate to talk to and I decided that a car would be a good choice. I said to the nearest car, "HEY, how's it goin'?"

      The car suddenly had eyes and a mouth but it appeared to be sleeping. I tried again, "Hello, are you awake?"

      I noticed that I had a text message from some stranger that wanted to help me saying, "Hi, can I help you?"

      I responded, "Who are you?"

      Then a green-haired bully came from out of nowhere and started attacking me. I threw him to the ground to subdue him then the dream ended. I tried to stay still to wait for another dream to begin.
      I had a false awakening with my old friend from a previous dream and I was telling him about the lucid dream I just had and I was showing him the weird text message that interrupted me. Haha, woops.
    4. Dire Wolves

      by , 03-03-2015 at 02:58 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      After messing around with magnets, and having a mixed drink, I'm driving down the street with my step brother. There's no one on the road, and we're cruising along at around 40 mph. We both spot something coming right at us up ahead in the road. It's moving fast. I slow down in case it hits us. Bigger than our car, it is a massive wolf. The head of which is a good 5 ft long, and really really big. He bares his fangs at us, and turns his head as he runs past us along the road in the opposite lane.

      Feeling very vulnerable, even in the car, the road gets too snowy to drive on, so I have to get out and walk if I want to make it home. It also gets really steep. Apparently, I'm crossing the continental divide over the Rocky Mountains to get to some town in Colorado. But man is this steep, and with snow up to my chest, it's really hard to push through it. I see a few more of these beastly wolves all around me, just off the side of the road, watching me slowly make my way up the road. I get the feeling that they are guiding me, and probably won't eat me. Just probably though, so I keep my eyes on them. Luckily, I have a towel with me, so I use it to lay on, pushing the snow down to make it easier to wade through.

      Since this might take me a while, I put on my hat and mittens that were in my pockets this whole time. The wolves watch me to do. I nearly lose sight of the road with so much snow, but see a massive wolf laying down in the snow ahead of me, so I walk toward it. Or to my death, but it's not like I can out run them anyway. To my left I see a few snow mobiles and four wheelers abandoned in the snow, just lightly dusted with fresh snowfall, but still with the keys in the ignition. Several of them are still running.

      I think about stealing one, but decide against it. I bet whoever owns them would be pissed to come back and find it gone. So I walk past them. The road disappears, and I am looking over a 300 ft cliff. But in actuality, I'm just standing on some snow that is packed into the branches of a huge tree with snowmobiles stuck in it. Before I get the chance to even think about how this situation might have happened, unusual as it is, I feel the snow start to give way. I run toward the tree and grab onto the trunk as the snow and machines fall to the ground far below. I hear the tree start to crack apart too, so I grab a falling branch and swing down on it to the midway point of the tree. I feel incredibly lucky to have survived that, and now bear hug the trunk to slow my decent as I slide straight down the icy tree.

      Landing hard in the snow, the tree starts to tip over toward me. WTF! I run super fast and dodge it while also noticing some people on the opposite side. I decide to see if they need any help, but I'm going really fast the opposite direction, so I drag my feet stopping like a hockey player, just with a 40 ft slide. Just in time though. As I stop, I notice a fence around the whole area where the tree fell, on the outside of which are a lot of those massive wolves. Just a whole lot more menacing and vicious looking than before. Growling, barking, and drooling, they give me the deathliest stares I've ever gotten from an animal. I bet if I had crossed that fence I would've been killed. Luckily there is a small town here that has some sort of magical wolf boundary or truce. Seems like a small town from Alaska.
    5. 7-26-14 All this stuff is MINE??

      by , 07-30-2014 at 07:43 PM
      I dreamed I was driving through Colorado or something and there were these majestic snow-peaked mountains all around. I was down in a valley. I must have been speeding or something, because a police officer put his lights on behind me. There was no shoulder and I wasn't in a town, so I pulled into someone's driveway. I don't really remember the police officer or what he said. He might have just driven past me for all I know.

      I decided to park the car and go up to the house. I walked in. The house was strangely quiet. As I looked around, a man walked up to me. He was a hillbilly and had a crazed look about him. He was carrying a suitcase and seemed in a great hurry. He told me he couldn't stay in his house anymore, and urged me, even begged me to take it. He said I could have it for free. Before I could answer, he was gone and out the door, leaving me to deal with his house and belongings. He might have driven off in my car. It wouldn't surprise me if he did.

      I wandered about his house. The house wasn't very nice. In fact, it was very trashy. But he had the neatest stuff! Like a bottle that you would build a ship in, only filled with hundreds of other tiny bottles. Or a smart phone with tons of songs from the Matrix movie soundtrack. But the strangest thing was a set of toy soldiers, only the two opposing kings were missing. That disappointed me, because I wanted the complete set.
    6. Skyrim references with dream control: Road trip to colorado then saving my kingdom

      by , 02-18-2012 at 04:50 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      I had originally attempted a MILD that night but instead I got a DILD. Lucid part is the bottom half.

      Hot-Rodding on a kid's bike.

      Starts with me dad Jake and uncle Anthony and his three sons, my cousins. We were on a road trip to Colorado, but the car was too full so one of us had to ride a Big wheel kids bike like this one:

      I rode the big wheel kids bike, they drove.

      They said to meet at steak and shake and I had no clue how to get there... I drove on the road at about tire level but that thing was as fast as any car I passed! I felt this mad rush and was swerving in and out of the traffic for a bit and then I made it to steak and shake. When I got there, I saw them at the bar counter with shakes and empty food dishes. I ordered some food and a shake. Then everyone got up and said we had to go now or we will be late! So I got on my stupid kid's toy and took off. I took off and tried to figure out where I was going until the roads started getting stranger and stranger like going around and through buildings and ending unexpectedly until I was dodging people on sidewalks and jumping over stairs.
      I crashed.
      I looked up from my crash and my bike was destroyed due to its entire lack of durability being all plastic... I saw a tourist bike stand and I ran over to it as quick as I could to the asian behind the counter and said I NEED A BIKE HOW MUCH? He said, um thatabe about three hundred dollah. I said okay and handed it over. I grabbed a purple mountain bike and got to riding. It wasn't as fast as the big wheel lol
      I then saw my group pull into a meeting hall and I parked my bike next to them. I walked inside and there was lots of people but I didn't know anyone there. After that something odd happened and then I got a video call from an unknown source.
      The kingdom who claimed me as their king

      I got a video call on my phone from a kingdom saying I was their ruler and they needed my help.

      I rode the bike there and when I got off it looked like Endor in Starwars but with halo reach forge stuff in it. Everyone was referring to me as king and all said that some monsters would be attacking us someday and we would be defenseless! I promised to find a way to protect them. While I was there I looked around for something to help but got nothing and I made some new friends with different interests. One wanted to be a mage, one a warrior, and one was kinda shy and wouldn't talk that much. Before I left they gave me a black crown to wear and wear it I did!

      Our kingdoms was defenseless and needed weapons. I was now on a quest to get the weapons. I went to this huge dome-like building that appeared to be a barracks of some sort and the front entrance looked like a hotel lobby. I went around some hallways and into the dome and there was some people training to fight, some practicing magic, and some floating in the middle of the stadium, talking to each other.

      The site of this giant room was amazing and at that point of astonishment, I realized it was a dream.

      I looked at the floating guys who looked like teachers to the people in the dome. They wore robes with symbols on them. I flew up to them and said I need weapons for my kingdom what can you give me? One of them said I was not worthy of anything here because I was weak. I said well then watch this I threw a fireball at a target on the floor below me. They laughed and said, there is nothing I can do that they don't already know from a spell book they have read before. They all raised their hands and had fire on them and then they lowered them and ignored me. I said well then what book taught you this? I raised my hands and lightning shot out around my hands and I made the sparks increase bigger and bigger until I waved them away and they were all amazed saying things like, "it cannot be" and "that's impossible" and "how can someone not trained in the arts know so much?" I then said, okay. Where are your spell books and weapons? He said I can't have them but I said you don't want to test me. He said nothing so I started launching fireballs everywhere and then all the people training started running around and fled while the teachers in the center of the dome said STOP THAT'S ENOUGH!!! Fine take them they're down their and here is our best spell book.

      I flew down saw the books and some glowing weapons (must've had enchantments lol Skyrim).
      After I put everything in a bottomless bag, a teacher walked up to me and said you wont destroy us will you? I actually wasn't thinking about that but then said well, this is a dream so, you don't exist. It would make no difference if I destroyed this place or not. He seemed puzzled and told his other professors what I said. I then looked back and held up my hand and it started glowing aqua colored and a ball of lightning energy constructed in my hand brightly. I threw it into the center of the arena and jumped out of the dome action movie style as it exploded and I could see people running outside.

      I went back to my kingdom and encountered monsters underwater and some other monsters but I hardly remember that part it was so wierd and hard to explain. Crablike monsters, underwater ruins, and some other stuff but it was quick and not really fully memorable. I remember flying back to the kingdom afterwards.

      When I got back to the kingdom, I announced I had our solution.

      I left the pile of weapons and books with the people, and I gave the best weapon to my warrior friend, I gave another weapon to the other friend, and I took the best spell book to my friend that wanted to be a Mage. She freaked out and she opened it and we looked at some spells trying them out before I woke up shortly after.
    7. XLR, Fireworks (Fragments)

      by , 01-29-2011 at 04:01 PM (Trial and Error)
      I picked up an XLR cable and attached to it was a Colorado ID I had had I long time ago (not in reality but in the dream I had). I thought "wow, this is old" (In reality I did use to live in Colorado).

      next dream

      Me and S (friend in reality), are at my moms rich friends house (exists in reality). We are there to watch the fireworks, but we can't get a good view. There are to many trees in the way. We decide that it doesn't matter, that we will get the best view we can. S says something like "this place is awesome when it is just us" and I say something like "yeah, it sucks when G (house owner in reality) is here, or anyone else" ...we laugh

      that's all, short one!