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    1. The Perfect View

      by , 09-21-2018 at 06:24 PM
      I'm with a group of friends in a house where someone is making breakfast. At the time, though, I'm more concerned with getting drinks ready for tonight so I go out and reserve 10 drinks from some kind of vendor guy. Later, it's nighttime and I'm walking through an abandoned factory area, and I know I'm being tracked by a girl I know who wants to eliminate me. I stop outside one of the buildings trying to spot any movement. When I don't see anything, I start to get freaked out and run back to the dorms which are apparently close by. I run up to her room to find the door open, but no one in her room. I quickly walk away down the stairs. Eventually, I come back to the house to find everyone drinking. I go back to the vendor to get my reserved drinks, but he tells me they're all out. later, I'm walking down the road in my neighborhood. I feel happy and decide to run with my hands out to my sides like an airplane. I really feel like I could take off, but think it looks weird so I stop. I continue walking down past the turn into the cul-de-sac when I'm greeted with an amazing view. It's the sunset just above the mountaintop with green fields covering the hills at the base of the mountains all the way to where I'm standing. A few trees droop into the moment as well framing it perfectly. All the colors are vibrant to the point where I ask myself if I'm dreaming. I do a finger push reality check but it fails on me.
    2. April 1, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 04-02-2018 at 08:19 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I was supposed to take a test for a class in which I did not prepare. I was quickly trying to read my notes in the hallway and then entered a room. The room had computers lining the walls and desks in the middle. There were students filling both places taking the test. I thought I had a few more minutes so I was stalling, but then it was time to start so I did.

      Another dream I had this very crazy and interesting experience. There was something going on before the dream, I was in a place that looked like a skate park in the day time, but also some sort of classroom. There were five or six of us. My vision was third person mode, I was watching myself interact with these people. I'm not looking very happy and I'm walking around a bit weird. I'm acting weird altogether. At some point I think I look at myself directly, meaning the Grey I was watching decided to take a look back at me the observer.

      The dream turns and I'm not on this fun roller coaster that is going up and down, flying through many bright colors and scenes. It seemed to start in some sort of movie theater and then go further back into a cave. The ride was flying through lights and it seemed like I was controlling it a little bit. My hands were up as the coaster loops back around and I fall off the ride, hanging under it with my two hands hanging onto the cart. I was able to eventually get back up onto the ride.

      Later in the dream I'm on the back of a school bus of children looking at my forensics teacher in the face as he's telling me there's a danger but we can't tell anyone because it would freak everyone out.

      I had another dream about World of Warcraft where I'm in from of the auction house in Stormwind.
    3. 18-01-26 Guy Bites Me, GTA Escape, Train Hallucination

      by , 01-26-2018 at 04:31 PM
      I'm in some outdoors location near a barn. Some guy is there, and he bites my fist for some reason. I assume he's kidding but he's biting quite hard. Doesn't hurt too much, though. We crack some jokes, but suddenly the mood turns darker and the things he says turn quite nasty, and almost threatening. At some point he crosses a small wooden bridge, and I think we end up pointing shotguns at each other. I decide to back off, unwilling to die over such a petty matter. Suddenly, a zombie rushes in from the left and knocks him to the ground. As it starts tearing him apart, I calmly walk away. Prick deserved it.

      A bunch of stuff happening in a GTA V setting. I drive a bunch of criminals around, swap cars to a parked police car, then hide under a bridge until the heat dies down.

      I was awake but still in bed. My alarm was about to go off, but not quite yet. I closed my eyes and promptly started hallucinating. I manifested on a train. The railway car I was in was completely white (and very well-lit), with some bits in bright red. It was completely empty. No seats, no nothing. I had no body and could only look around. There was one person standing to my left. To my right, another. Every time I looked from left to right and back, the part of the train I'd looked away from had changed. Like, it changed shape. The people around me freaked me out. They didn't move at all, and showed zero emotion of any kind. Worse yet, they changed too, just like the train. You look at someone in the distance, look away, and when you look back it's another person standing much closer to you. Freaky stuff. At some point one of them got so close, I tried to give him a telekinetic push to make him back off from me. Instead of sending him flying, he just 'teleported' back a few meters, completely unfazed. Suddenly, that weird person looked like my grandmother (oma). That's when my alarm went off and I had to get out of bed.

      Interesting side note. That alarm was for a job interview. When I got to the office where I was to have my interview, the interior immediately caught my attention. Minimalistic, with the two dominant colors being white and bright red. Not saying this 'means anything', just saying it's... curious.

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    4. First successful lucid dream while trying. 2-24-15

      by , 02-27-2015 at 12:12 AM
      I realized I was asleep, it feels like almost instantly. I remember thinking "ok, I'm asleep. I gotta keep knowing I'm asleep" then I remember floating from my bed, down the hall, & to my door. I knew exactly where I wanted to be. I wanted to fly to my ex boyfriends house. I couldn't grasp the door-knob to turn it, so I remembered trying the window. I thought "why isn't this working." I looked at my hands to keep myself aware that I was asleep. And then I thought to physically make the window longer and roll out. It worked and I was still aware I was asleep, but I noticed too that my body was kinda hard to control and that things would fade to black, I even tried looking at my hands when things were black but couldn't see anything. After that I remember being in another part of my town in the opposite direction of where I needed to go. I was a the local walmart in the parking lot. I tried to fly but couldn't at first. The only thing that seemed to help me was focusing on a small whisp of cloud in the sky and trying to visualize myself floating up to it. It worked but I still found it hard to control my dream body. I was kinda stiff. I guess after that I slipped out of the lucidity of it. I'm pretty bummed I didn't get to my destination but I'm excited that I was able to remember at least one tip and it seemed like I was able to quickly realize that I was asleep.

      Extra info: the colors weren't very vibrant. They were there just felt like a gray haze was over everything. Being outside it was gray and gloomy, like before a thunderstorm, but there wasn't big black clouds

      Non lucid dream that happened after lucid dream:
      I was at My ex's, sleeping in a separate bed. I kept waiting and waiting for him but he never came there were 3 rooms joined together, with no doors. I thought of a circle for some reason, like the design of the house was round. First It was my room. (It was His bedroom, but there was just a bed in it) the middle room had just a bed but it had a large woman in it I knew her in real life, her name is Tammy, she slept with his roommate once, their relationship never went beyond that. Then my ex was in the room next to hers. The bed was next to the wall, things seemed kinda pink/purplish and his back was turned to me. He woke up and seemed distant toward me. The next thing I remember is her cooking in his kitchen and I freaked out and threw her down the stairs outside of the house. I remember crying to his friend Chelsea, saying "This was my second chance, this was suppose to be my second chance" I felt like I was refurring to my last relationship before him and how this was suppose to be different. Then I woke up. I just remember feeling hurt and rejected by him, even without him speaking to me much during the dream.

      ( I notice that in a lot of my dreams I'm in a house/trailer, usually broken down and decaying. Not always the same one either. They're different each time. Other times in in my grandmothers house. Others in a school theatre)

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    5. Dystopia

      , 09-16-2014 at 12:28 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      A woman comes to my desk to inform me that the manager would like to see me.
      I get up immediately and begin the long walk to the manager's office.
      I pass by thousands of cubicles, all looking perfectly identical to one another.
      The room is huge. But it's all just cubicles, sitting on a bright white and spotless white floor,
      which slightly reflects what is above it.

      Everyone I pass is wearing the exact same grey suit with white shirt combo.
      Everyone is in shape, everyone has the same hairstyle, the same hair color, even the same eye color.
      No color can be found in here. None whatsoever. Regardless of where you look, it's all white or grey.
      There are no distractions. No family photos, no items on any desk besides a monitor, mouse and keyboard.
      Everyone is working at maximum efficiency.

      Eventually I get to the managers office. A man is leaving the office right as I arrive.
      This confirms that I have been walking at precisely the right pace.
      I enter the office.

      "There has been a problem with your daily psych eval this morning."
      "You are to be at the primary psych facilities in 12 minutes for a more in-depth test."


      During the exchange, the manager has not even glanced at me once.
      I leave the office, and begin the even longer walk to the psychiatric facilities.
      As I'm walking past all the cubicles again, I notice a woman, who on closer inspection appears
      to be adjusting one of her contact lenses.
      As she gently pokes the grey lens, it moves just enough to reveal that she is hiding beautiful green eyes behind them.

      And this is why my psych test isn't clean. It's because I notice these things.
      It's because I can still occasionally feel emotions.
      You're not supposed to. That's how the system works.
      It's easy to achieve complete obedience and efficiency without emotions.

      I arrive at the office for advanced psychiatric evaluation.
      There is only one such office for the entire facility.
      Tens of thousands of people, yet I'm the only one here.
      I'm the only one who failed the daily eval.
      I enter the office. It is very small.
      It just houses a simple chair and a robot. (who looks suspiciously similar to glados)

      The robot begins to scan me. I try to keep my mind clear of any thoughts.
      But I know that this isn't going to help. I'm going to fail this eval. It is inevitable.
      In order to disable all emotions completely, the cocktail of drugs we receive daily isn't enough.
      Abstinence from all stimuli is also required.
      Which is why there are no colors, no music, no socializing, no hobbies...

      But the system isn't perfect... because I have seen colors. I have heard music.
      I have done so in my dreams. My lucid dreams.
      And although it is said that nobody has dreams anymore due to the drugs, I still do.
      I think it is because I am a lucid dreamer. Nothing can take my dreams from me.

      "Your evaluation is now complete. Return to work."

      I leave the room, initially thinking that I might have tricked to robot.
      No. It can't be. Someone is probably going to intercept me on the way back.
      This is it then. I suppose it is over for me.
      I don't really feel any emotional reaction to these thoughts at all.
      Perhaps it is the drugs, or maybe I just don't care to live this life any longer.
      A woman stops me.

      "Excuse me?"
      "Why are you here?"

      I got lost in thoughts...
      Oh shit. I didn't return to the programming facilities!
      I walked deeper into the psych facilities by accident.
      This is really not supposed to happen. I can't be here.
      And it is so easy to notice that I'm out of place here because they wear different uniforms.

      "What is this?"

      She points to a device attached to my belt...
      It is an old MD player attached to it.

      Not only am I in possession of a musical device. It is also partially red!
      I get a bit of a mirror's edge vibe from it. The forbidden color red, the bright rooms...
      The woman looks very uncomfortable and worried.

      What now? Do I wait for them to come and take me? Do I run?
      No, I can't possibly run. We are all dependant on the drug.
      If I stop taking it, the withdrawal effects will kill me.

      But then it hits me. I'm deep inside the psychiatric facilities.
      This is where they make the drug. It's in the room right in front of me.
      If I had enough of it, could I slowly decrease my dosage over time?
      But that would mean walking into the laboratory, past a hundred scientists,
      take the drug, then run, get out of the building, and survive out there alone?
      I don't even know what the situation outside is.

      But suddenly it becomes clear. I am not me. I am not Hyu.
      Right now I am another person. And this persons plan is to escape today.
      Why else would I have a red music player with me?
      Why else would I have walked deep into the psychiatric facilities?


      You're always supposed to answer yes, in order to acknowledge what you have been told.
      I gently push the woman aside and enter the laboratory.
      The scientists all look at me. It is so easy to see that I don't belong here at all.
      But they are afraid because this is not part of their daily routine.
      They just resume their work.
      I walk up to the conveyor belt where the finished drug arrives, neatly packaged into futuristic syringes with 100 shots each.


      Ah, the cavalry has finally arrived. Took them long enough.
      About a dozen man in full, black, army gear, armed with assault rifles enter the laboratory from the opposite side.
      Aren't they overreacting a little here?


      I wonder what the odds would be to get out of here alive if I ran.
      They are still rather far away. I don't think they have a clean shot from all the way over there.
      But I don't think I could make it.
      My mind is too clouded by the drugs.
      I don't think I could improvise, heck I can't even remember how to run.

      Oh! Of course! That's what the music player is for! Emotional stimuli!
      I inspect the player more closely and find some earphones attached to it.
      I put them on slowly. They don't react to it.
      I hit play.

      Not at all what I was expecting. But it will do.
      I pick up one of the syringes.
      Nope? Still nothing?
      I calmly begin to walk back into the direction I came from.
      They keep yelling at me to stop.
      I increase the volume of my music. Problem solved.
      I mean, what are they going to do? Shoot me?

      Someone attempts to block my passage through the door leading back out of the laboratory.
      I try to push him aside, but he won't let me...
      I need to get out now, so I throw a punch in his general direction.
      I end up hitting them in the nose. There's blood. Lots of it.
      This time I manage to push him aside since he's in shock.

      Holy shit! I just punched someone in the face!
      The guards accelerate their pace. Time to run.
      If I run continuously in the same direction, I'm bound to find an exit right?
      I mean, how big can this building possibly be?
      On the first corner I get rid of my shoes, because they slide way too easily on the polished floor.
      My jacket and shirt quickly follow because they are horribly uncomfortable.
      I feel like the guards are slowly catching up, but fortunately they're not using their weapons.

      After a few minutes of running I feel extremely exhausted.
      I am fairly certain that I have reached the end of the building now, but there is no door.
      I run off to the left, alongside the outer wall.
      There has to be an exit here somewhere... I hope.

      Eventually I encounter some curtains and push through.
      The building looks much more normal here. No shiny white floors anymore.

      I spot a green fire escape sign. Colors! I suppose people are not supposed to come this far.
      Finally a door that looks like it leads outside. Don't be closed...

      I push it open. Fresh air. The sun.

      A spot a ladder that leads down to the ground.
      I'll have to climb over some railing to get to it.
      But the guards catch up with me before I can do so.


      They could just drag me back inside now.
      There's no longer a need for weapons in order to stop me.
      But I know how to deal with this.
      All I have to do is to point up.
      I do this until everyone is looking up... at the blue sky.
      That leaves them completely in shock and I climb down.

      There's nothing really here, besides that ridiculously large building I was just in.
      No sign of anybody else.
      I just pick a direction at random and walk.
      Nobody is going to come after me now.
      I do realize that I'm most likely not going to make it.
      I don't really have any survival skills.
      But I don't mind, because right now I am more alive than anyone in there will ever be.
    6. Ora-Revealing Scuba-suits (LD#106)

      by , 08-26-2014 at 01:43 PM (Lucid Time!)
      My family was living in some kind of communal shelter after a natural disaster had struck our home. I cannot recall what the disaster was, but it was pretty widespread, having taken out a very large area of land and severely damaged the global economy. I think that it may have been an asteroid strike.
      We were living out of a mobile home, and I was tasked with riding around the community to fetch relief supplies, and trade with the other people in the community. Most of the other people living here are also living out of mobile homes. Some have tents as well.
      I can remember the community being set up near the freeway. There were hardly any cars on the freeway, though, occasionally there were some military convoys or supply trucks would come. It felt like we were close to home (In Michigan.)
      I went to the 'back' of the community that ran into the wilderness. I can recall their being a river there, actually two rivers that converged. There were also large sandy slopes in the hilly topography of the woods. (Sand dunes=dream sign).
      My parents were talking about how they wanted to build their new home right in this area where the three rivers meet. They talked about how they had met with a contractor and showed me a concept sketch of their new home. It was a modern, exotic design, like falling water that we were going to live in.

      Somebody was showing me an alternate ending to Avatar: The last Airbender. I cannot recall every detail but Aang arranges a duel with Azula on a small island. The island is small, and has a tropical forest on it, with a tall wooden pagoda with red roofing tiles in the middle. Azula does not go crazy in this ending, and Aang knows how to bring out the Avatar state at will.
      They start fighting and rush one another with fire, Azula using her trademark blue fire attacks. They blast one another and cause an explosion, blowing both of them back. Azula unleashes another fire blast and Aang uses airbending to jump above it. Azula follows using a firebending jet-pack. Aang loops around in the air and uses an air whip to send Azula flying back toward the ground. She lands on the beach of the island, making a rather large crater in the sand. She gets up and prepares to preform a lightning attack. Aang comes down and dodges. When he lands on the beach, he preforms an earthbending attack that causes Azula to fly out over the water and skip across the surface like a rock.
      Aang makes an ice surfboard and chases after her. It's implied that the fight continues for awhile longer, but I cannot recall what happened after that.

      The first thing I can recall was being on the beach, lucidity was clawing its way into my brain. It felt like I was on the island that the duel had taken place on. Manei is there wearing this very strange looking outfit that is something like a scuba suit, with this blue and white swirly pattern all over it.
      I look around, and there are many other people on the beach, all of them wearing these scuba suits. As I look around, I see people taking them off and putting them on. They seem to be unisex, and very large when taken off, shrinking to accommodate your figure. They seem to come off in six parts, two legs, two arms, upper and lower body, and when they are taken off they become dark grey.
      Manei explains that these are special, high tech suits that reveal your ora or your personal energy field or some such spiritual nonsense, but they only work if you put them on, then swim in the ocean. She takes me over to a booth where you can ask to borrow a suit. I can recall there is a card table set up and someone sitting at it. Underneath the table are six bins, one for each part of the suit.
      Then something strange began happening. I noticed behind the table there was another table, with someone tied to it face down. Wearing one of the suits, but missing the right arm piece of the suit. The pattern on the suit was moving and changing colors in places from green to red and back again. The boy, who had spiky brown hair was shaking, and looked to be in a lot of pain. He was shaking and gritting his teeth as if he were having a seizure. There was a small open cut above his right eye.
      I asked the person at the table what happened to that guy and they wouldn't respond.
      He looked up at me, and just stared at me for a second. I didn't recognize him, and I was waking up. I just looked into his face, looking at the white under his iris. (The way people look when they are straining to look upwards at someone.) I could feel some kind of energy coming off of this dream character. I felt like he was causing me to wake up.
    7. A corrupted town and a glowing book

      by , 11-23-2013 at 11:15 PM
      I've just arrived on the edge of a cliff, out of sight, and now I'm following a path through the trees into town. I'm shocked by the state of the place. Although visually, I-the-dreamer didn't actually see anything that looked unusual - it was night, the streets were empty, there wasn't much to see but it seemed like an ordinary small town - I had the impression that I-the-character was looking at foulness or decay, something along those lines. I hear a conversation like a voiceover, it's not part of this scene - I have the impression it's something said later, as if what I'm seeing is a flashback related to that conversation. In the conversation, I'm saying, "I saw-" and someone else cuts me off, saying "No. You didn't 'see.' You corrupted." They sound angry. That is to say, whatever's wrong with this town is due to my presence, or at least the person speaking believed so. Visually, I'm still walking through that town, and a woman appears in the street, shining or glowing, wearing white robes, and after a moment I recognize Erana. I'm very relieved and run to her; she's not looking at me, she's looking around at the town, looking like she's mourning.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      That same town, relatively early in the evening, when there are still people in the streets. I'm walking together with a married couple. I'm looking at two shops next to each other, and I'm remembering when the man I'm walking with praised this town to me, telling me I should come and visit him and his wife here, talking about the brightly colored buildings and the many-colored tiles on the roofs. I'm looking at the faded paint on these buildings and trying to convince myself that maybe it looks better in sunlight, but I don't think so. I mention this to him, and he brushes it off, vaguely implying that I'm misremembering what he'd said, or that he'd exaggerated, and that it's not important. I start to press the subject, asking his wife about the state of the town.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm walking on a dirt road just before dawn, sky's bright. The ground to my right drops off sharply into a valley which at the moment is filled with rising mist, and I'm stopping to enjoy the sight. It's very beautiful.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A mother and daughter in their library, the mother is standing over a book lying open on a stand, and the daughter is behind the stand, trying to get a look at the book. She holds up a candle to try to read, but her mother tells her you can't read it like this. The mother puts out her candle, and all the other lights, and when it's pitch black the book starts glowing. As a 3rd person observer, I'm thinking something about how this makes perfect sense for a book about darkness. The mother is focusing on the book and saying "I shan't flee from you around here, mortal." The light from the book flares up so brightly I can't see anything else.
    8. Giant Castle

      by , 11-11-2013 at 08:18 AM
      Not doing Dream-Journals definitely deteriorated my recall.

      I'm in a huge castle with my nephew and there's checkered color patterns somewhere. I'm looking out the window overlooking and very far down open area of some sort. Also the night after, I'm in a classroom seated next to a friend that I normally only see at lunch.

      Again I haven't posted a journal in a while, it gets difficult when I have 5 hours of homework on a lucky day and rush in the morning to get ready for school
    9. Oct 13 Dream Journal: This isn't even my final form!

      by , 10-13-2013 at 07:09 PM
      This is the first time I'm attempting to consciously remember and record my dream. I'm treating this as both an experiment and an experience into existen... fuck it, I just wanna record this.

      I can barely remember my dream, but it was colorful. That's... about it? It was like walking through a mist in a horror movie and looking at streetlights through foggy lenses. The edges of my vision were foggy like I'm looking through goggles. The difference is, streetlights don't pulsate ever so slightly, with each pulse emitting a small tuft of light that explodes in a yellow flash, but slowly fades into the darkness while fading into more somber tones that match the black background.

      My friend once had a bad trip, and said at the time, he felt like he was riding a roller coaster, and there was a being made of light that he knew was me. I like to joke that he discovered my true form as a Helix of Light guiding him like Virgil through a chaos-hell of seizures and infinite time. It made me feel like a Final Fantasy End Boss.

      ANYWAYS, that's what I thought of when I recorded this.

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    10. Wooho! Another lucid! [Lucid!]

      by , 08-09-2013 at 04:22 PM
      Yerp, believe it or not, this is my third this week.

      It started off with me in my driveway with my brother. We were looking through my telescope at stuff, and then I noticed that everything was glow-in-the-dark. Trees, him, lamps, all of it!

      It was beautiful. All those colors swirling around.

      Then I realized, this isn't normal! I did a quick series of reality checks and confirmed, yes, this was a dream. Luckily, it didn't freak out like the last one, it was pretty stable already.

      I figured that these colors was enough for me, and instead of all your normal lucid dreaming shenanigans I just decided to enhance these colors. I imagined the colors being brighter and more swirling and beautiful than ever before, then blinked.

      And BAM! My whole vision was covered with swirling red neon yellows greens... They were all dancing around each other in a flurry of light and color.
      It was great.
      But then,

      I woke up.
      lucid , memorable
    11. Electric

      by , 04-25-2013 at 03:47 PM
      Sitting on the porch of an old cabin, there are others here. They feel comfortable, normal, familiar. I don't see their faces, but I know they're there and they're friends.

      The paint chips from the cabin, it once was white and now a dull chipped grey. I have Zilla on my lap (my dog) we're peaceful looking off into the mountains.

      The sun is setting over the mountains, a nice combination of colours ranging from yellow to orange to pink to red.

      Off into the distance I see a light blue emitting from just behind the mountains. I hear gasps of panic behind me. Then a loud crashing follows the now dark blue sphere engulfing the mountain side.

      I get nervous, Then realize an electrical bomb was set off.

      Everyone starts running, I start running. I make it off the porch and just behind the cabin before I'm in another scenery. Everyone is running into the ocean.

      I feel sand crunching beneath my feet. The water rushes in

      I'm electrocuted and have this odd feeling that we're all irradiated.

      Oh yeah, and dead.

      First time I've died by being electrocuted.
    12. Three vivid dreams in one night!

      by , 04-24-2013 at 03:37 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Hey guys! I managed to have three vivid dreams last night, and while they were all quite short I was proud that I can now remember three, when I could barely remember one just 6 days ago! None were lucid, however .

      Why am I wearing a Towel/ Dog-Llama

      In my first dream, I was with a cute girl from one of my friend groups, dressed in nothing but towels. We were walking outside on a bright winter day. I could't feel the cold, and this should have tipped me off that it was a dream, but alas it did not. As we came around a bend, my family stood on the snowy sidewalk, all letting their dogs play. I had never seen these dogs before, but it seemed to make sense that they all had at least two dogs. It was my father, step mother, two pairs of aunts and uncles, and my grand parents - all having a grand time. Upon closer inspection, I find that one of my grandmother's dogs are really strange looking. Upon waking I will realize that it looked like a strange dog because it was a llama. Come ON dream me! Get your shit together!

      The girl I was with played with the dogs for a while, then declared that we needed to get one. For some reason there was a Mac home PC on a pedastal outside, so I decided to show her how cute Husky-Lab mixes are. I remember her smiling, and her eyes being incredibly blue. Like really blue... And as I started to get certain feelings *cough* my dream faded out.


      When the dream fades back in I'm on my back in a high-school art room, laying on a table. The girl I was just with is standing near my knees, and we finally have clothes on, (though I'll come to find my fly down after a few minutes... sigh). There are a bunch of science projects set up, however I begin to sing Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy", and everyone joins in. I sing it REALLY well (I'm a singer IWL, but I was hitting crazy high notes), and it was a blast. Everyone knew their part and we threw down an incredible acapella (a full song with just voices) remix of it... Pretty sure this dream came from my girlfriend forcing me to watch Pitch Perfect.

      After its over we all go back to our stations, and some kid explains to me how there is enough grease in most human hair that you could condense it and turn it into edible spam. Vom.

      Fragment: Call of Duty

      Two little twelve-year-olds discuss Call of Duty, and it turns out that the blonde one that looks like a punky future Skin-Head is ranked 50 something-ith in the world. I grab a controller and as I stare at the TV I become the soldier I'm controlling. Evidently this is normal, as I don't panic. Right off the bat I start totally destroying the enemy, who are dressed in black combat gear with black gas masks. Its in a sunny, open area just outside of a modern, expensive house and a really nice modern garage with cool cars. I end up killing 15 of them before I slowly wake up.

      Quite a busy dream night, and really clear recall! I am dissapointed that I still haven't had a lucid, but I know that I first have to have lots of vivid dreams so I can find my dream signs. Not worried! I seem to come very close to realizing I'm dreaming every dream too, so I have hope. Tonight I will try a WILD around 4 AM.
    13. Nerrrrd

      by , 04-23-2013 at 07:17 PM
      I started some new medication last night that I was a bit worried about... I'd been on similar medication in the past, and it caused me to stop dreaming entirely.

      This was not the case with the new medication, though. I dreamed plenty

      I wasn't lucid, but I think in the back of my mind, I had some idea I was dreaming, because the whole time I was thinking, "This is the nerdiest thing ever":

      I dreamed I was in some sort of... mountainous, forested region. There was a train running through there. Anyway, Goku from DragonBallZ showed up and we were fighting the forces of evil together... there was a team of "good guys" who were all women and their names were themed on colors of the rainbow (and matched their hair). Color coded for your convenience. There was also a team of villains who were named after seasons.
    14. A Sorta Hat-Trick

      by , 12-16-2012 at 03:21 AM
      I found my self waking up and getting ready for school, I left in a rush and went to go car pool with my friend. I noticed after getting into the car I did not even bother getting out of my sleeping clothes and even walked outside with my blanket still around me. So I went back to my apartment to find something terrifying on my door, I saw an evict notice and then looked around and saw they had thrown only half of my stuff out of the apartment. I went inside and I saw they had removed all of the sanitary fixtures as well (Toilets, sinks, bathtubs). I started to get really scared and then I started thinking that I always pay my bills on time and this doesn't make any sense, and being evicted doesn't mean they will start throwing plumbing fixtures outside the apartment. At this point I realized I had to be dreaming and there was no way I was being evicted. I pushed my finger through my palm and realized it was a dream. Once I realized a dream I started to feel the world collapsing and I closed my eyes trying to stabilize the dream, I failed and the dream crashed. When I woke up I was in a totally new environment and had forgotten I achieved lucidity and I ended up with people I didn't know, I forgot why I did an RC here but I did and regained lucidity. I was in another families house and they were all staring at me smiling except the only one I payed any attention to was the little boy. I screamed "CLARITY NOW" and his face became more sharp, then I screamed "BRIGHTER COLORS" and his face had this greenish and purplish colored undertone. I waved my hand across his face trying to change the color on his face at will. When my hand passed his face hatched colored lines appeared around his face. Every time I waved my hand the colors of these lines would change but not his face, I was trying to change the colors to orange but it did not work, the colors changed to everything but orange. After I finished playing with this kids face I decided to fly out of their window. I ran towards the window and the blasted right out of it and straight to the clouds moving at incredible speeds, I could feel the power of my flying and the view of clouds everywhere was amazing, even while flying I yelled "CLARITY NOW" to make the clouds look sharper. I then changed direction and went straight down into the ocean, I was moving to fast to notice anything though even in the ocean. Then it ended and I woke up in my bed again thinking I just woke up from my lucid dream. Then my parents rang the doorbell and I let them inside, they came in and started complaining about how messy my apartment is and how there was shit on the counter-top. I never even noticed there was shit on the counter top, and I knew I could be a bit messy but shit on a counter top messy? I don't think so. I tried to do a reality check to see if I was dreaming and it actually didn't work this time. I don't know why it did not work but because it failed and I convinced my self I was not dreaming and this was reality, then the dream ended and here I am now on my laptop typing this journal. I basically had 3 lucid dreams, and every time a new dream started I lost lucidity and had to regain it (these dreams happened right after each other with little down time). I only wish I had experienced this before I feel like I could of done more with this lucid dream.
    15. Getting More Than I Bargained For...In Gumballs.

      by , 08-18-2012 at 02:45 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was with Jake when I spotted a small gumball machine, one of the globular ones with the glass sphere containing the gumballs. I can't remember if I put money in the machine or not, but I twisted the silver knob, and I heard a couple of small gumballs come out and hit the small flap you have to open to get them.

      Looking again at the gumball machine, I noticed that the gumballs went down into this long metal tube with the flap being at the end of the tube. I picked up the machine (it was small enough to sit on a table top) and tilted it forward so the gumballs would come out into my hand. I though I was only getting two, and at first I only got a couple to spill out into my open hand, but then a bunch came out really fast, and I ended up with about ten in my hand. They were all different colors; I remember towards the end a couple of purple ones coming out. This was way more than what I thought I was getting. I wanted to give some away, maybe Jake would take some. I just wanted two.

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