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    1. lxiv.

      by , 11-03-2018 at 12:05 PM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up around 10:00, with one non-lucid sort of fresh in memory but all the detail quickly went away on waking, somehow.

      Dream fragment:
      This was from the end of the dream.

      Game-like reality; "playing" with someone else in a co-operative mode and in some underground sand or clay tunnels or something.

      The tunnels lead into a big chamber, dark. There was some sort of well at the centre. A stone colossus came towards us from the opposite side of the room and we backtracked a bit. In the dream I remember telling the other person the colossus was made of obsidian and we wouldn't be able to attack it in this form and that it would turn into black steel for a few minutes at a time every so often and we'd have to try and attack then...

      The colossus came into the tunnels/halls but I ended up darting past and into the chamber with the well; I jumped into the well, partly by accident as I meant to go across the room where there seemed to be a portal or some brightness. It was completely dark underwater and I soon "died" in a game-like fashion.

      The view changed and the camera panned out; I could hear a boss give a monologue which I don't remember in any detail, and I partly remember him asking "how did you get here? vaulted over the walls? exploited some location?" and other questions to that effect.

      Couple of notes:
      • The dream location and situation here at the end reminded me of the game Necropolis.
      • The stone colossus was similar to Anubisath, a boss in the original World of Warcraft.

      + Previous score: 65.0

      + This DJ entry score (breakdown below): 0.5
      ++ Recall a non-lucid fragment: 0.5

      = Total score thus far: 65.5
    2. 2/11/2014

      by , 02-27-2014 at 04:56 AM
      I was in a big crowd in a stadium and the girl directing the show called me out to be on the stage. I went down and there were 12 women on stage and 11 had no shirts on. The one without a shirt was a beautiful brunette with big breasts and a green shirt. While the show was going, I would jump around the things they had on stage. The crowd got mad and the girl directing the show asked why I was doing that. I stood there for a second or two before saying I was excited because I had over 10 boobs in front of me. The show girls seemed disappointed and the men in the crowd cheered while the women booed. The announcer said I shouldn't of said that cus of the female crowd. Then, the lights changed and some black dude started jumping from colored board to colored board. The whole stadium then started walking towards some event. We had backpacks with equipment because it was going to be a few days' trip. We came to a stop when some kid that exclaimed he was a swimmer dunked a basketball. There was a huge board and beyond it, water. We had to go through it but no one wanted to get wet. I tried scaling around the wall but it was difficult since it was eaten up by the water. Once I made it up, I couldn't run because there were twigs and branches and I didn't have any shoes on. I jumped back down and the water was almost gone but was rising. A few people were with me and I let them know. I ran back towards the crowd and jumped on a platform that was next to a wall. I noticed a huge gold statue holding up a torch. The statue was were the city was and it was facing away from us. The huge statue was the Colossus. The water got too high and I had to dive in. When I did, the weight the weight of my backpack caused me to do a front flip while underwater. I made it to ground but was the only one there. I found an old man in the old medieval-looking city and we teamed up. I told him we would loot the cars for supplies but we needed shelter from enemies and the cold. The first house in front of us would put us in the paths our enemies would take so we went around the corner into an alley and into a small home. Once we entered, the old man asked me to find anything weird in the room. I started going up the stairs when a closet door started opening behind me. I went down and there was a spirit. I hit it and suddenly, the old man was a zombie skeleton. I struck him with my sword and he tried to run so I chased after him. I killed him using a lightning spell. My hand had a glove with lights that would turn off depending on how much mana I had left. The old man then appeared out of hiding. He showed me what he found and we acquired minor supplies and useful melee weapons and magical supplies.