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    1. Battle at the Arcade

      by , 08-27-2015 at 02:58 PM
      I had forgotten about this dream when I woke up and I was sad that I didn't have any lucid dreams, but then I remembered it after trying to remember my dreams for a few minutes! I was sure glad that I did, this one was pretty fun even though I went a bit crazy for a minute, beating up a poor, innocent dream character. I wonder how many lucid dreams I completely forget about having.

      I was hanging out at an old school arcade, and it was quite popular! Very unusual for arcades these days, the last few I've seen were like ghost towns.
      I felt like I was in the 90's again, there were kids everywhere playing games and the atmosphere was very exciting and full of positive energy.

      I saw a girl that I used to have a crush on when I was 13. I wanted to buy these peanut butter cups because I remembered (falsely) in the dream that she used to love them. I tried to buy a bag from the cashier guy there and he said it would cost $95 AUD!
      I tried to haggle a little bit with him and a group of about ten DCs joined me, including my childhood crush. The guy caved into the pressure and cut the price in half, but he most certainly wasn't very happy about it. He demanded that I should take another item on top of the candy as well, quite odd. I took a small gray comb that was sitting on the table and gave him money. He didn't give me the candy, instead he tore up a couple $20 notes and threw them on the counter for me, while counting in $20 increments as though he was giving me change.

      I pointed at his face and called him a dick, so he reached beneath the counter, pulled out a gun, and pointed it at my face.
      I looked at him and said, "Are you serious? You can't hurt me in my own dream."

      He shot me a couple times and it didn't bother me at all. I was afraid that he was going to hurt my childhood crush though, so I slowed down time. I could see his bullets moving through the air, creating ripples in their wake.

      I got up next to them and calmly watched them float by me. I pulled a couple out of the air and dropped them on the floor. He kept firing though, and he was trying to hit my crush. The bullets started moving faster too.

      I kept swiping them to the side so that they flew into the walls or into arcade games. Two of the bullets got past me though and went into the girl's leg and stomach. I made the bullets come out with my mind and then held my hand over her body to heal her. The guy did it now. I didn't want to hurt him before that point, but hurting that DC made me go a little bit dark.

      I punched the next bullet that he shot and it went zooming past his head, then I ran up to him at super speed and kicked him straight in the nuts. His face started to slowly get distorted from the pain.
      I then punched him square in the nose and it sent ripples all throughout his body, emanating from the impact point. The force of the blow knocked him downwards into the ground slightly. Woke up.
    2. Stonehenge

      , 03-03-2012 at 02:07 AM (Hyu's Adventures)
      Odd things happen when you're only barely lucid.

      I am a wolf, running through the local forest.
      I run aimlessly as I have no goal.
      I just enjoy the night and the fresh air.

      The wind is rushing through my fur, it feels great.
      The forest is mine.

      I decide to take a small break once I encounter a river.
      I help myself to some water. It is cold and fresh.
      It feels just right after the long run.

      I look up to the stars. They seem much brighter than usual.
      I decide this is a good moment to heighten my awareness.
      Something doesn't seem right, I better RC.

      This proves to be a rather complicated task, because I cannot quite figure out how to plug my nose with a paw.


      My body starts to morph back into my human form.
      I plug my nose and try to breathe which works.
      I'm not really sure why I even tried though, I am fully aware that I am dreaming now after all.

      I rub my hands and take a look around.
      As I turn the scene smoothly changes and I find myself in the city.
      Well... that was weird. That doesn't usually happen, does it?

      People passing me look at me in an odd way.
      I ignore them. DC's sometimes act weird when I become lucid, I don't really care though.
      I try to remember if I have set myself any goals.
      What is the current Totm?
      I can't remember.

      I notice people are now pointing fingers at me.
      I realize that I appear to be fully naked.
      Well, I guess that's why.

      I concentrate on a hill outside of the city, which is just in range of my view.
      I blink towards it, which requires a surprising amount of concentration.
      I arrive within a split second.

      Aah, much better!
      I rub my hands again because I feel like my senses aren't fully there.
      I think about calling out to Faye because my dream doesn't seem very stable.
      Maybe she can help.

      But then I am surprised by a pony jumping by:

      Huh? What is Pinkie Pie... wait...

      "Why are you a pony?"

      She keeps bouncing.
      I consider that I might actually be full on insane.

      "Faye, stop bouncing around and help me!"
      "Oye, you always say you're my dream guide. Do dream guide stuff."
      "Hmm, as your dream guide I should probably point something out in this situation."
      "Your penis is visible sir."

      Yeah, I'm still naked...
      Faye finds this very amusing.
      I summon myself some clothes, which I am surprised that it works because the dream doesn't seems very stable.
      In the meantime Faye has transformed herself into a woman.
      I am sure I've seen her before, but I can't seem to figure out who she transformed herself into.

      "I can't seem to stabilize the dream."
      "There is no need."
      "Huh? why not?"

      The scene suddenly turns dark... crap.
      Fortunately I think about keeping my eyes closed and try to DEILD.
      I am convinced I am waking up...

      ... I can hear something. For some reason I think that someone in the house must have dropped something.
      I feel a tingling sensation all over my body and I drift back into the dream...

      ... I am now lying on... on a cloud?
      I sit up, Faye is sitting next to me.
      We're indeed sitting on a small cloud hovering maybe 50 meters over the ground.
      I realize my DEILD was highly successful and say

      "Fuck Yeah!"

      People below as look up at Faye confused.
      I have to laugh out loud.

      "Haha, dreams are fun!"

      The cloud makes a comical noise as it moves us along.
      The dream somehow feels more stable now.
      For some reason I get the sudden urge to fly so I drop off the cloud and start flying forwards.
      Faye immediately catches up.
      She gives me a rather competitive smile.
      Right on!

      I summon my dragon wings and accelerate hard.
      I immediately break the sound barrier and oh boy it hurts... in a good way though.
      My entire body is vibrating under the extreme pressure of going so fast.
      The noise is deafening.
      Faye keeps catching up and I go faster and faster.
      Mountains rush by.

      Then I notice something in the distance and slow down.

      It's Stonehenge!
      I go subsonic and land on the ground, still sliding a good 500 meters before I come to a stop.
      I am now directly in front of Stonehenge.

      How curious, I seem to get drawn to this place occasionally.
      I look around to see if anyone else is here, but it appears empty except for an old man who is...
      Wtf... -_-
      He is combing the grass... with a comb...

      I wake up.
    3. Derby Then Party

      by , 04-28-2011 at 11:45 AM (Typho's DJ)

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    4. Manga museum, sports camp

      by , 11-05-2010 at 11:57 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a bedroom with a woman who looked like the woman from the band Republica, but with a lot of red-dyed strands in her hair and copper-tan skin. The room was dim, as if lit only by a very small lamp. It was also bare, with only the bed for furniture. The bed had no blankets.

      The woman was naked and writhing around on the bed. I got on top of her and had sex with her. We had sex in a couple different positions (although I seem to have finished shamefully quickly).

      We lay on the bed. The woman looked at the walls of the room. They were filled with manga sketches that looked professionaly done. The woman either asked me why I liked manga or whether I thought manga was an art. I told her I definitely thought it was an art.

      I tried to express how I'd seen comic artists draw, and how that alone would have conviced me. But I was unable to bring out the words to say that. So I told the woman that I'd show her.

      We got up (the woman -- and I -- may have remained naked throughout the dream) and walked out of the room. We were in some basement. I knew this basement had been made into a manga museum. It was like the house of which this basement was a part was on a college campus. The house held rooms for students, like the room the woman and I had just been in. And the students had volunteered their rooms while they were away (on vacation) to be exhibit rooms for a temporary manga museum.

      The basement was very dark, lit only by a strange, dim, red light. There were four doors for "dorm rooms" on the wall to our left. The room we were in was like a big common area.

      I told the woman I'd find her some classic manga and show her why I thought it was art. We went into the door at the farthest end of the room. We went inside.

      The room was also dim, barely lit by a red light. The place smelled terrible! I looked around. It looked like a normal college boy's dorm, nothing out of the ordinary. But the smell drove me crazy. So I left. The woman stayed in there, looking through some manga on a thin, tall bookshelf.

      I walked a couple rooms down. I may have thought about switching on some lights in the place. But I didn't want anybody outside to know the woman and I were here. I figured if they knew we were here they'd all want to come in. Then the place would get crowded.

      I went into another room. This room was supposed to have manga from a very early period. For some reason I kept thinking about Golgo 13. I thought there was something in particular about the brushstrokes in manga that were just perfect. But you'd only know it deeply if you saw someone actually sketching things out (with a pencil?).

      I probably spent some time in this other room, looking at manga and individual pages of drawings.

      At some point, people started coming down into the manga museum. Morning light may also have started to fill the rooms.

      Dream #2

      I was with some group of kids at a sports camp or a summer training vacation. We had been out on a large, grassy field, doing some kind of fun training, possibly with a giant robot of some sort.

      We were now all in a bedroom, on a bunk bed. There were a lot of us boys on the top and bottom bunks. We probably weren't sleeping. We were probably just hanging out and goofing off before the next training thing we had to go to.

      I lay on the bottom bed. I was a little disappointed by this sports camp. It was all about football, and I was more interested in cross country.

      There was a black boy laying just at my head, sideways to me, like we'd form a T. Another black boy hung over the top bunk, talking to the boy on my bunk.

      The boy said, "When they got that new cross country coach, things really changed, right? He got some of those kids who were no good at football. Nobody thought football players could run long distance. But he sure showed them.

      "Man, it's too bad tou didn't see my last race! I was really proud of myself. When I started, I thought I was gonna get a lousy time. But I got my best time ever!"

      Somebody called all us boys out to take a bus to our next training event. So we were getting up. The boy on the top bunk climbed down and walked over to a dresser. I stood up and went to the dresser, too.

      I hoped nobody would ask me about my times in cross country. They'd been horrible. I didn't want to actually say my best time out loud and be laughed at. I kept thinking of the time 18:38 in my head, even though I knew that was a faster time than my fastest time.

      The boy from the top bunk and I stood before the dresser. I pulled open a drawer. I pulled out my wallet and something like a wadded up sock and a skinny, tall comb.

      I regretted that the boy saw me take my stuff out of the drawe. I didn't like people to know where I put my belongings. But I also didn't want people to know that. I wasn't suspicious of anybody. I didn't want them to think I was. But I just had a fear of people knowing where I put my belongings.