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    1. Putting out a Fire Above

      by , 05-19-2018 at 10:58 AM
      Morning of January 3, 2017. Tuesday.

      In my dream, I am living in an unknown residence. I am only vaguely aware of my family as they are now. I am in a cold indoor environment in the wintertime (even though it is very warm in real life). To my right is a large hot water heater of an unrealistic design and which nearly reaches the ceiling. There is also a furnacelike feature near the top.

      I have an object that resembles a circuit board. A few wires are sticking out. By rubbing two wires together I can start a fire and make the room warmer. There is a ramp along the wall. After several attempts to get a fire going, a small fire finally starts. The entire circuit board is soon ablaze. I am enjoying it until I notice a couple of additional flames higher up that may or may not have come from my activity with the circuit board.

      There is an unfamiliar young male present at one point. He points out that the hot water tank is now releasing sizzling water. I unplug the hot water tank and the water stops squirting from various areas of the tank, especially near the top.

      I grab a white plastic bucket and fill it with water from the faucet. I fling it upwards but see that I will have to climb up to make sure all the flames are doused. When I get to the top near the ceiling I notice the top of the wall opens into another room. It is like an attic with a low ceiling. An older woman (of perhaps sixty) is sitting close to my side and an unknown young girl is sitting on a couch across the room and reading a book. The fire seems to be going out.

      I apologize to the unknown female but she does not seem angry or annoyed. Looking down at a table in the implied doorway of this unlikely room (though I think it is some sort of open vent that is not meant to serve as a door), I see a Gold Key “Star Trek” comic book (which is a real-life cover of a comic book I have not had in years). The top of the cover’s image is nearest me so is upside-down. There seem to be a couple of burn marks on it and it also appears mostly in grays.

      I say, “Oh, I have this comic book,” and the woman says, “I know, I gave it to you”. This puzzles me at first, but I do not say anything else about the comic book.

      “I had my gloves sitting there,” she says, indicating that she had a pair of gloves sitting on the “Star Trek” comic book. She seems to be implying that the fire had burned them up completely. I tell her that it is unlikely as there were only a few small flames which had gone out quickly. I slowly wake while wondering what else to say.

      Dream state and waking process autosymbolism fully explained here:

      Lucid dreams are not the same as controlled dreams. You can be lucid and not in control of either the dream environment or the dream body. You can direct and modulate the dream without lucidity. Dream control is a separate state than maintaining self-awareness in the dream. Lucid dreaming is not a “skill” (and for me has always been a natural state since earliest memory). Neither is dream control, though it does become fundamental upon understanding dream state autosymbolism and how RAS (reticular activating system) mediation works.

      My dynamic and transient subconscious self in non-lucidity, because of isolation from both my unconscious mind and my conscious self, does not usually possess viable memory of waking life or reasoning skills. The rendering of the hot water heater is a thread of the liminal awareness of my physical body being too warm in my real environment, and is rendered to my dream self’s right as I sleep on my left side (my right more liminally aware of the real environment as a result). The cool fictitious environment is a result of a liminal thread of the conscious desire to be cooler. Additionally, water is autosymbolism for the depth and dynamics of sleep.

      Liminal dream state awareness is inherent (a liminal realization of being in the dream state, yet without being lucid; a result of synaptic OR gating; my conscious self being aware I am dreaming while my dream self is not) and liminal dream control (the circuit board as autosymbolism for RAS mediation). Synaptic gating is triggered from the liminal awareness that water is sleep and fire is waking (achieving consciousness). However, I non-lucidly sustain and control my dream at this point before the preconscious factor renders a young male to caution me on modulating my dream due to my real-life environment being too warm. (This is a “primitive” but very important biological mechanism, just as the autosymbolic call to wake and use the toilet is). “I unplug the hot water tank”. I moderate my intent of dream state sustainment and reinduction, though I still have a tentative desire to sustain my dream by throwing water from a bucket.

      I decide to enter the waking space willingly. I liminally seek out the RAS bulwark and find the liminal space divider (that otherwise separates the dream self identity from the conscious self identity). This is rendered as the unusual opening into what is implied to be an attic and is a form of sustained doorway waking autosymbolism. The attic relates to higher thinking skills (and also has an association with the thalamus in contrast to RAS) that are only viable when awake. RAS personification (as the old woman) is rendered. The usual vestibular system autosymbolism becomes the focus but is rendered in static form as a “Star Trek” comic book cover, which additionally signifies the sustainment of the liminal space transition and the lessening of waking start anticipation (which is typically experienced as the falling sensation of which is solely biological). Additionally, I am in the timeless transpersonal stage where it could be said that the old woman and young girl are both versions of my wife Zsuzsanna on opposite sides of the timeline.

      Personified RAS (transforming into this dream’s emergent consciousness factor) talks about her gloves having been on the comic book. (The fire had gone out, as the waking alert factor is no longer needed.) This is subtle autosymbolism of the knowledge of dream state modulation, as hands and gloves represent potential control of the dream state. There is also the implication of the control of vestibular system dynamics in this case as evidenced by the gloves being atop the static flight symbol imagery. Gloves additionally augment the illusion of physicality. (The dream self does not have a real physical body, and a practice that some lucid dreamers utilize is looking at their hands as a “reality check” to see if they look unusual or have the wrong number of fingers.)

    2. Lovemaking and Comic Book Cake

      by , 03-31-2016 at 09:31 AM
      Morning of March 31, 2016. Thursday.

      I find myself in a new composite setting and this one is mostly modeled after the Cubitis living room. What is different is that the door to my room is not present and a bed is aligned along the west wall (which would have covered the door had it been there as in reality). Also, the front door to the carport is instead implied to be an arched opening to another room. Very light blue curtains hang down over the area.

      I am lucid but not yet near apex lucidity. Still, I focus on my perception for several minutes. Being directly linked to the preconscious and my conscious self identity, I start to think about the nature of ghosts and such (and creating a haunted house adventure) but I soon change my mind. Instead, I decide to create a sexual encounter. As curtains over an otherwise open doorway is a form of autosymbolism that designates division of liminal space (the metaphorical “barrier” between dream self and conscious self while in the dream state), I use it to vivify and sustain my dream as I have done in many other dreams. (Additionally, a carport or porch is liminal space in both dreams and reality and is typically the last setting when occurring in a non-lucid dream. Knowing this as I have since childhood also aids in vivifying a dream.)

      “The hand and arm of a beautiful young girl will emerge from between the curtains,” I say. Very soon, a graceful female’s hand and arm is protruding from between the curtains. I feel a strange but very pleasant sensation as if a veil is being pulled up and my clarity grows and intensifies. I then add more scenario detail and the ideal form of Zsuzsanna eventually steps out with an incredibly friendly and familiar essence. She is dressed only in light blue lacy lingerie. We make love on the bed (I am on my back and she is over me, facing me) and eventually my dream shifts as I allow it to. It is the same setting but there are other people present now, mostly relatives and a few unfamiliar people.

      I notice an Archie comic book on the table (on the opposite side of the room as the bed). It is open to a story where Archie seems to be interviewing or at least talking with a football player. Jughead is seated nearby. There is a plate with a piece of cake on it. I effortlessly will the small slice of cake out of the comic book onto the table and eat it.

      “Wow, this is the best cake from a comic book I ever had. It is fantastic!” I say. I pretend to almost pass out with delight. Witnesses, especially the personified preconscious, eye me with suspicion. The cake really is delicious, but perhaps they think it should taste like paper.

      As the drawing still exists on the comic book page, I will it out again and eat another of the “same” slice. “This is the best comic book cake ever!” I exclaim. I pretend to fall over backwards in ecstasy (the bed is now on the opposite side of the room by my will) and I deliberately decide to become unconscious and of course becoming unconscious in a dream is waking up into reality or so it is with me when I choose (though sometimes I wake when I wish by opening my “other eyes” in a dream, though this is hard to explain, but I have done it all my life with certain dream types, even non-lucid).

    3. The Worst Comic Book Ever

      by , 11-08-2015 at 09:04 PM
      I dreamed about 3 planets. One was Earth and one was Mars, maybe the third was actually the moon? Anyway, Mars and another one were revolving around Earth, and they all had personalities (which I don't remember anything about) and were having some kind of conversation that I don't recall. Except maybe Mars was jealous of something?

      Then I dreamed about... a house that only had a living room and kitchen... and there was an underground part to it, like a basement. The basement was dark and full of buried zombies. They were marked by little circular markers on the floor that were digital markers, and you could navigate through them with something that looked like a mouse pointer cruising on the surface of the ground. But if you got too close to or hit one of the markers, then the zombies would all awaken, and you'd have to fight all of them at once. Some other person (I don't recall what they looked like or sounded like, or if they even had a physical appearance at all) was telling me that he wasn't as good at it as I was. I tried to cruise between two points, but it woke the zombies up. Then, a team of people - young people, late teens or early twenties - who were sort of like X-men all ran into the basement to fight the zombies. They were all doing this at the behest of an old scientist (no, nothing like Prof. X) who looked a lot like a cross between Bill Nye and Ian McKellen, except much skinnier, and he was dressed in kind of a grey tweed suit...

      Anyway, once the zombies were all defeated, he started to construct an underground complex beneath the house where he would house everybody. Constructing it was kind of like doing so in The Sims 3. Anyway, it was all dark down there, so he added a bunch of lights, and then in the dining hall he started adding fake windows that had lights behind them so it looked like fake sunlight, and then some HD screens that projected pictures of outdoors, so the whole place felt less "underground" and cooped up, and more like a regular above-ground dining room. I recall that it worked out pretty well.

      Then suddenly, there were pigeons everywhere. Just tons of them. And he had a favorite pigeon that did some sort of special thing (I don't remember what) and was super useful. It looked just like a regular gray pigeon. He wanted to breed more of them, because of how super useful this particular pigeon was.

      Then I was standing on the edge of a boat... or maybe a dock... but there was a metal railing. And he had created a new kind of shoe that allowed him to walk on water, as long as he walked very carefully and in a certain way, and he was explaining how revolutionary it was even though I completely understood how important it was to be able to walk on water. I began to think about the possiblities (such as building cities on water) but also how annoying it would be to misstep and suddenly fall into the water.

      And then I was waiting for a bus. I wanted to go to some kind of concert. I think it was for The Village People. I'd asked my boyfriend if he wanted to go, and he said no, which actually kind of surprised me because I thought he loved them. But I decided to go on my own, even though I wasn't sure if there were still going to be tickets available when I got there. Except that the bus I needed to catch disappeared as soon as it pulled up. I remember the bus driver was a lady with short curly hair. I don't remember what she said to me. But suddenly the bus was missing, and I was irritated because I had to wait for the next bus. So the bus pulled up (it was bus 15) and then it disappeared AGAIN. At this point, I was really starting to reconsider going to this concert, especially since I kind of didn't want to go anyway because my boyfriend wasn't coming with me. So I didn't think I'd enjoy it very much, and I'd be pissed if I got there and there were no tickets.

      So while I was waiting, this young-ish woman... late teens/early 20s... started chatting with me, and all she wanted to talk about was some kind of manga/comic book called something like UltraGoth, and which had two of the most annoying main characters I've ever encountered. And it was way overdone, very "buckles and zippers everywhere", and both of them were supposed to be angels or something, and they were involved in a turf war, and one of them was supposed to be something like the king of heaven and the other one hated him. The first guy had super spiky ridiculous looking hair and was shorter. The second one had long hair and was arguably more of an asshole, but not by much. And each issue was just them yelling at each other and having ridiculous battles, Dragon Ball Z style, along with some extremely melodramatic drama thrown in.

      Anyway, she REALLY LOVED THIS COMIC and made me read through an entire issue with her. I didn't want to hurt her feelings, so I suffered through it and pretended that I thought it was an awesome comic book even though it was stupid as hell.
    4. Patronus, Part Two

      by , 09-23-2014 at 01:17 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #239: Patronus, Part Two

      I’m reading a comic book with Wife about spies on a dangerous ocean voyage. There’s a lot of discussion about an acronym MBME and what it means. The meaning keeps changing, which makes me feel vaguely suspicious, but I don’t become lucid yet.

      Somehow we become a part of the story and wind up in an RV that we decide is a classroom for my son E. We meet with one of his teachers for a while and at the end of the meeting I start gathering up all of my stuff. Stack of papers. Backpack with my work laptop. Our test iPad from the office. I’m exasperated that I brought so much stuff and left it lying around everywhere, and the whole thing overall feels strange. As Wife and I duck out of the RV, I consider my situation one more time and
      I become lucid.

      We’re outside in a grassy field. I still have the goal of summoning my patronus with Dreamer, which I misremember as wanting to summon the patronus with Wife. “Come here, let’s summon my patronus!” I tell her.

      “Oh, okay!” she responds. I take her up in a hug and kiss her for a moment. Then I extend my left arm out and expect a patronus to form.

      There’s nothing at first, but I say, “Look, there’s something,” and now there are wisps of silvery, smoky mist flowing from my fingertips. The wisps coalesce into some little critter who leaps to the ground behind a passing DC. I lose sight for a moment and start looking around to see where the patronus has gone.

      “Look, he’s so cutie!” says Wife. I turn to find my patronus, a silvery, wispy little bunny, hopping around in the grass under the RV. He turns back to look toward us and his little nose twitches. He returns to nibbling at the grass.

      Wife says a couple more things about how cute he is, and I notice that the ground is becoming insubstantial. I think that maybe I rushed around too much in this dream, and
      it soon ends.

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    5. 3 Oct: Crossing doors

      by , 10-03-2013 at 03:35 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      (...) I'm walking in Lisbon and it's a gorgeous day and the city is full of tourists. I become lucid and think about what I'll do. Fly away? Keep going ahead? I'm attracted to a grey alley which leads to a dead end. Someone, whom I feel as familiar, but in reality can be anybody, points to a door behind me. I look.
      "Yeah, so?"
      "Look again."
      Now the door is orange, fluffy and has some facial features. I'm incited to go through it and emerge on the other side. So, I'm like swallowed by the "mouth" of the door but I hesitate on coming out on the other side, so I get stuck in this intermediate area. I hear the voice of the other person telling me to rush up because the passage will close. And soon enough this place starts closing in around me and I only have time to break through a little opening between a wall in front of me and the ceiling above me. When I get out on the other side, the door behind me is the back cover of a comic book with the story of my childhood. I feel a deep sense of loss when I walk away from the door/cover and I start crying compulsively.
      But, aware of the emotions, they dissipate and I move forward. I find myself at some kind of giant warehouse with blocks and alleys between them. Each block is like a shop with something on display, but has no doors, we have to climb some small stairs on the side, like the stairs of a bunk bed, to get to the their top. There are other persons staring at them like me and a nice guy points to one block decorated with Dragon Ball characters and suggests we go to that one and play to a Kamehameha fight. I find it childish and irresistible, so I accept. But when we climb on top of the block, it's totally different. There's some ambient music and rows of hangers with women clothes.
      Am I supposed to choose an outfit? The clothes are all very feminine, I try one outfit and feel very sexy. At that moment the music changes and I hear latin and belly dancing musics. I recall the dance classes I had many eyears ago and I dance a bit to see how I manage. I'm ok, but soon enough there's a perv making indecent proposals so I climb down from there. I see another block which resembles a Starbuck's coffee house. I meet there a gay couple who start talking to me and say they are music managers. They know I can sing and invite me to work with them. Yeah, that sounds good, but when they offer to pay me some food, I start saying "no milk, no meat, no wheat" and there's nothing on the menu that I can eat and they look at me as if I'm a weirdo and puf, there goes a future musical contract to the garbage.
      Then I encounter a very "rough on the edges" block, made of solid wood and on it I meet some people I know from an alternative organization and they are working wood. They run a carpentry worskshop, they are currently recovering an old boat and as they show me what they do, I'm instantly seduced by it. "Woodwork, hum?" Never thought I'd consider this but... teach me! How zen my life would be...
    6. 01/9-10/2012 (weird fragments)

      by , 01-11-2012 at 01:36 AM (The Labrynth of the Mind)
      Caramel Man

      I am talking to a vending machine, or watching cartoon logo people for candy, or something of the sort. It's a bit hard to explain. There is a caramel candy, which is also a guy, or maybe it's the logo of the caramel candy brand. Anyway, the caramel guy is eating a chocolate bar that has caramel in it. The other candies think that this is disgusting, and is a lot like cannibalsim. Anyway, caramel guy eventually falls into a huge flow of caramel, which the other candies think is dangerous to him. But, someone points out, to Caramel Man caramel is like kryptonite. Instead of being completely lost in the caramel, just the tips of his hands are burned and the caramel dissolves around him.

      I wake up from this dream laying on my stomach with my arms outstretched partly thinking I am flying like the superhero Caramel Man. In a half conscious state, I try to do a DEILD, with the following result:

      As I lay there watching the dream form around me, I find myself in my workplace (a hospital). But I'm not very lucid. However, for some reason I am dreaming that I know I am not lucid without actually being lucid. I call out to some nurses standing around to help me get lucid. But things get out of control completely. An older female doctor comes along. She is apparently attracted to me. She says something kind of obscene, which is some kind of a really stupid pick up line. Then she does something disgusting which I would rather not write here, and I wake up.

      New Comics

      This dream is interesting, because it involves a dreamsign that I never think about until I have it. It is not one of my more common dreamsigns, but sometimes it pops up and occurs multiple times in a series of nights. We'll see what happens with this in the nights to come.

      I am reading a Calvin and Hobbes comic book. It is also Peanuts and Garfield, I think. Or else it is a comic that is niether of these but similar in some way. As in all of these kinds of dreams, I flip through the book and find comics I have never read before. They are darkly shaded, as always, and at least in past dreams often have some kind of dark depressing subject matter. But I believe that last night the subject matter wasn't quite as dreary looking. Either way, I am still delighted to find Calvin and Hobbes comics that I have never read.
    7. friends, track, and comics; new york budget stars

      by , 07-19-2011 at 11:57 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was night. I was walking around something like a running track, which seemed to be in a big stadium, but which also may have been indoors. The track itself seemed weird. It seemed to be made up of something like quilts or baby blankets. There was a lot of pale or pastel blue and green. But there was also something like white, fluffy material and kids' toys and books.

      I met up with one of my old friends, M, who was hanging out around the back curve of the track. Then another old friend, R, showed up. We were right next to a house, which was apparently R's house. The house seemed like a mix between some kind of gingerbread house and a double-wide trailer.

      I was supposed to have met with R for something like a meal. But I really didn't want to. I made up some excuse for not being able to eat with him. He said that was fine. He'd actually had to go meet with someone else who was helping him with some kind of artistic project.

      I thought of my friend M. He was going to a cafe with a bunch of our mutual friends. But he hadn't invited me. I kind of felt left out. I knew where they were going. I thought I would just show up there. After all, I always go to cafes. So what if I just went to this one?

      R was kneeling over some long, short beam of wood which was serving as something like a work table. The beam of wood was also covered with blankets and padding. R wanted to show me something at the "table," so I came over.

      R showed me a book which displayed a selection of really popular comic books. But each comic book was only exemplified through one strip of maybe three frames. All the books were done in color. The color was really plain and blocky. One image stuck out for me -- a kind of big, muscly man, kind of like Wolverine, standing before a red fire. The man seemed to be naked. He had long hair, which was blowing in the wind.

      Dream #2

      I was in some place like a City Hall. The place was crammed full of people. I sat or stood somewhere near the back, possibly under a balcony.

      A meeting was going on discussing New York City's debt. The lawmakers were trying to decide on something like raising the debt ceiling or just putting in more funds somehow. The main person talking about this was MM, a big, overweight white man with white hair and a kind of reddish face.

      After MM gave a really heated speech, a row of people in seats above and behind him began speaking. They were all kind of second-rate celebrities. They were doing something more like giving Hollywood Squares-like banter and jokes. I understood somehow that the people attending the meeting were more interested in the celebrities' banter than in the debt problem with New York.

      A female celebrity sat in a lower row. The area all around her was empty. The woman kind of looked like a mix between Gloria Steinem and Annie Hall. She wore blue jeans, a white blouse, a tan vest, and green sunglasses. She had her feet up on the back of the seats in front of her.

      The woman said, "I can understand what the politicians are saying and I'm not bored by it. It's important. So why don't we talk about it instead of having all these jokes?"

      A man a few rows behind the woman and off to her right said, "Well, fine. I can understand it, too. And I'm not bored. So why don't we just get down to business, if you insist so much?"

      The discussion was apparently about to begin. But now everybody was walking out. It was like the meeting was adjourned so that people could get prepared to discuss things seriously.

      I was walking in front of a huge crowd of people, many of whom were celebrities. One of the people was DD, a person from my old office. I apologized to him, "I didn't record yoyr jokes or what you were wearing, like you asked me to. I was too busy trying to hear what the politicians were saying."

      We approached a staircase down to a door that seemed like a door and staircase out of a trailer that might be used for an officed on a construction site. It was really bright and sunny outside. DD said not to worry about it, as long as I had been working on getting some kind of info from the meeting.
    8. dirty comics; freezing up at track meet

      by , 05-07-2011 at 01:15 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I read two comic book stories which had an American comic book style, but which were put together in a manga-like book. But I think the book read from left to right, not from right to left. Both the stories involved a woman seducing a very young girl.

      The first story I read was near the back of the book. It was very colorful, and it seemed to have Buddhist images somehow, something like mandalas or tankgas (?).

      The second story I read was all done in black and white. It looked almost like a Love and Rockets comic. In this story, a woman had a little girl lying on the bed on her back. The little girl wore only a miniskirt. The woman holding something that looked like a small tea pot.

      At some point the woman darted her body closer to the little girl. I could almost see the woman's movement, and I heard a sound like steam.

      Dream #2

      It was a clear, sunny day. I was running on a track with a group of other people. Almost all, if not all, of the other people were black. We were probably all in a race, although nothing about the race felt particularly focused.

      At the first curve of the track I may have been in glaring sunlight. The track may have felt large and wide, and it may have felt like there were large grandstands on the final stretch of the track.

      At some point there may have been a man behind me, taunting me and trying to intimidate me with his movements. I decided to run even faster (although we may hardly have been doing little more than jogging in the first place) to get away from the man.

      I hit the second curve. The fist part of the second curve was shaded by tree canopies. The second part, going into the home stretch, was sunny.

      The activity of the people on the track became even more unfocused, or more relaxed, than it had been before. There were some people just running back and forth across the width of the lanes. Other people were stretching or warming up on the grass.

      I found myself being passed by a lot of people. I may have been wondering why I hadn't been running fast all along. Now I'd slowed down again, and I was mad at myself for having slowed down. I tried to speed up, but my legs were frozen. I could barely move them, and it was getting harder and harder to move them.

      A woman passed me and ran through the end of the curve of the track, to the final stretch. She was tall, with light brown skin, a mucsly frame, and pale red-brown hair. She wore a white, bikini-style two-piece running suit. The bottom seemed a little loose on her. As she ran, her buttocks flexed really hard and became like big, tight spheres.

      As I reached the end of the curve, I may have seen a shiny, silver UFO in the sky. It may have looked like a flying saucer with a silvery lighthouse-top attached to it. It may have shot out an orange-red ray.

      (Side note: I'm kind of doubtful about the image of the UFO. In other words, I'm not sure if it was part of my dream or something that came in after I woke. But the image was so strongly "there" that I put it in my journal.

      Last night I went to bed reading the book Measure of Madness by Cheryl Paradis. It's a series of stories from Dr. Paradis' career as a forensic psychologist. In one of the stories, a man shoots a couple of sanitation workers because he thinks they're aliens.

      I think my sight of the UFO in or after the dream was somehow influenced by that story.)
    9. band of killers

      by , 03-01-2011 at 12:26 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      There were a woman and man in some dark area at night. The area seemed to be inside, like in some dark, abandoned factory.

      The woman and man were both strong and sexy in a comic book sort of way. They were both very pale. The woman had red hair and wore some kind of small outfit. The man may have had pale blonde hair and probably wasn't wearing a shirt.

      The woman was the leader of a gang of killers. Most of the members of the group were women. And, mostly, the aim of the gang was to kill men. The man may have led a group of men.

      The man had done something wrong, possibly to betray the woman in some slimy, underhanded way. The woman was very poweful. She had the man in her grip. She was strangling him and drowning him in some pool of water.

      Eventually the man went limp. The woman may actually even have cut off the man's head by the force of her grip.

      But I now saw that the man had just feigned death so the woman would let him go. He fedll deeper and deeper into the water, as if this were a big river in some city. He had his head. He had been falling with his back down. Now he twisted around so his stomach faced down. He swam away. I knew he was going to gather people to fight against the woman.

      There were two women in a car in a dark, deserted, alley-like street in the city. Both women were part of the gang of killers.

      One woman had gotten out of the car. She had been in the driver's seat. She walked around to the passenger side and got the other woman's attention somehow, letting her know she should get out of the car.

      The first woman knew that the woman in the car was young and naive. The first woman was taking the second woman to the leader. Apparently the second woman had done something wrong and was now going to be punished, probably killed.,
    10. The Experiment and the Dam

      by , 12-16-1973 at 06:16 PM
      Morning of December 16, 1973. Sunday.

      I used to do various “dream experiments” when younger to learn more about how dreams “worked” - as nothing I read about dreams ever held any personal truth for me (especially so-called dream dictionaries, which I read only for entertainment and sometimes to laugh at and scorn and wonder how they came up with some of the idiotic concepts that were sometimes more generic than the nonsensical but harmless “Wishing Well” syndicated daily newspaper feature that was printed next to the comics section along with the equally silly horoscopes).

      Anyhow, regarding one such “experiment”, I spent an entire sixteen hours reading the same comic book stories over and over (carefully) to see if I would “dream” them or one of them. The comic had mostly Little Lotta and Little Dot stories. Anyway, the only dream I remembered with more clarity after one REM stage was a brief, vivid still image (as if one panel from a comic book) of Little Dot and Little Lola looking up at a dam that had just burst (as if it was starting to overflow due to a flood as well), with their faces partly in profile, showing great concern.

      So much for that experiment. I took it to mean that my mind (at many different levels) had many ideas and that trying to force a particular story (or stories) by repeating it all day and night was like damming up my creativity or otherwise dynamic mental energy. However, in terms of imagery, certain types of somewhat repetitive photo projection certainly works with the right frame of mind and personally viable affirmations (and using viable meditation).

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