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    1. School Daze

      by , 06-25-2019 at 07:55 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 06-25

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      School Daze

      I am in school. I am in a classroom, though Iím not sure what class is going to be here. I sit down at a desk about halfway to the back of the room. I look around at the other desks and students. I see a rack of comic books on one side of the room. My attention is caught by a Ranma graphic novel and a Ranma comic. The graphic novel is a collection of many of the comics, the single comic is a new release. I hear Vegetaís voice in my head telling me to buy them both. I go over to the comic rack and take the graphic novel. Somehow someone else managed to get to the comic before I could. So I go back to my desk with the graphic novel. Vegeta will have to be satisfied with that.

      I put the graphic novel under my desk to keep from being distracted. I notice on the cover it looks like Ranma has punched someone into orbit. I think a comic book rack in a classroom is just asking for distractions. A boy in the desk in front of me looks a lot like Ryoga from the Ranma comics. He hands me a green marker. I ask what Iím supposed to do with that. He says take notes. I give the marker back and tell him I prefer pen. He hands the marker back to me again, so I return it again. He lies the marker on my desk. I donít know why he wants me to have it so badly. I am looking at my black notebook when I wake up.
    2. Pagan gathering

      by , 11-15-2016 at 01:35 PM
      Again, lots of people. It was a pagan/medieval gathering.

      We are all somewhere in the mountains/caves. I'm sitting in the grass, examining people's clothes.

      Everything is very detailed but I'm not lucid. I still remember closely examining a leather sleeve and thinking "this is so real!".

      A shy young man with longer dark hair is explaining something.

      Soft cloth, tiny fragile teacups everywhere, also - paper stairs.

      I walk around and find an abandoned main station. It's beautiful inside, but it's falling apart.

      There's a shop with a sign that says "URBAN GRAPHIC" .... It has hundreds of graphic novels, but everything is arranged on the floor in the dust.

      The shop is also falling apart. Bricks, dust, old wooden planks....

      I find a book - a graphic novel - and it looks amazing and mysterious. There's a meditating man on the cover and some large face behind him, I think.

      It has an absolutely awesome title which I can't remember anymore.

      Them I wake up. Zero lucidity
    3. Three fragments

      by , 11-09-2014 at 04:49 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I’m in a house, where a guy offers me a pill. I take it like I was expecting it and go lay on a bed next to a sleeping woman. I’m woken up by him shouting at me from the other room, asking me if I could come there. There was something about ‘3 ounces’, maybe a thought I had as I was waking up. I’m pretty groggy.

      Mom is at the door, very concerned/frazzled because she couldn’t find me. She goes on about how much danger I could have been in.

      Something about Wynne from Dragon Age: Origins.

      Rane ‘orders’ me a baby and two other people?? Picking them up at the drive-through? I wonder if ‘they’ will get long, might have been thinking about cats. I realize this is not what I want at all, and ask to cancel the order.

      When you order someone, you automatically get a twitter name with their username being their name plus a four digit number.


      Sitting at a dinner table, perspective is front to back, I was sitting at the front.


      At the store looking at the shelves. There’s a decoration you hang on the wall with two cats, their tails are entwined and if you pull down on it, a light comes on.

      There are comics on the table and shelves now and I get excited. I remember seeing X-Men.

      -Something about signing a doctor’s form.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Dream About Buying Manga

      by , 01-13-2014 at 08:24 PM
      In my dream, I stumbled upon a Manga (Japanese comic) store. It gave off a cool feeling, it looked kind of gray with a hint of blue, and had J-pop playing int he background. I saw the clerk staring at me, and he had with an expression like "What are you doing here American?" I didn't pay it much mind and approached him. I told him that I've been reading Manga online and I really wanted to get a collection going. So he goes to the wall and picks a box of a Manga series. It had Anima/Animus character archetypes and I wasn't quite into it and told that I would like something else. Then my dad appeared asking what I was doing and I explained. I then told the clerk that I would like something that is Action/Adventure I talked to my dad some more (I forgot the specifics of our conversation.) And I was presented with a bundle of Manga to start my collection. They were all boxed in/ stacked on each, and wrapped in clear plastic. I saw some Manga I didn't recognize, and saw some I didn't. I thought this was a good way to start me of and payed for it. I was a little shocked because the whole thing cost my $35 and I expected them to be more.
    5. The Only Teacher is Experience

      by , 11-27-2012 at 10:29 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Slept: 11:35 pm
      Woke up: 5:02 am

      The thought came to me as I woke up: "The only teacher is experience."

      I was in college. I was hanging out with some friends. We were looking for a place to hang out after. It's night. Or maybe 3 am.

      I passed by the school's food court/cafeteria, and saw a classmate who was careless and she dropped a whole plate of palabok, a noodly meal. I cringed at the wasted food, and I moved on to find my own food.

      I saw some Archie comics there, and I really wanted to borrow and read them. But I don't want to be distracted. I saw one that shows them in the snow, Archie, Betty and Reggie.

      I 'finished' reading it, and I was in a different location. Some sort of garage. I felt like we're preparing for a battle, or had a battle.
    6. Song Writing, Job Possibilities and Snakes (Why'd It Have to be Snakes?)

      by , 10-03-2012 at 04:37 PM
      10-03-2012 -- [Two dreams tonight, and no idea why when last few days have been so bad ... especially since 1st one was clear, detailed, and made internal sense, even though I dreamed it in first 2 hours of sleep, which is usually short, choppy, and impossible to make sense of. Can't fathom why unless imitation apple soda is as good as apple juice before bed, even though no real apple in it. Don't know.]

      I'm in my 1st bedroom in the Hickory House. Kevin B and I are sitting around writing stuff, except very unusually, Kevin is not trying to write stories, but is trying to write a love song. Suddenly he bursts into two lines of song, and they flow, they sound quite musical ... he may well be on to something. The lines are something along the lines of 'thinking about you, thinking about you' and I think he may be on his way to a great song. [Didn't note it in the dream, but the fact I woke with the words "I can't live with or without you" running through my mind tells me my mind probably stole the tune.]

      It does sound amazingly familiar, and I don't want to encourage him on trying to rewrite an already published song, so I am really trying to think of where I might know the words from, and I find myself thinking of a New York public service thing that was supposed to make New Yorkers think about making a good impression on the tourists or something. I even find myself remembering a red and blue circular sign with the wording on it from a New York trip ... and no reason why that shouldn't work, is there?

      In trying to remember this and research it, I have somehow stepped into an office somewhere, and started looking at some books. One of the books I have somehow come across is a digest-sized book of Spider-Man comics, except it is about 6" thick and claims to contain all the cross-over stories or some such thing. I am flipping through it and seeing sections labeled Spider-Man and Superman and others, while the person whose office I am in is talking some sort of business deal on the phone.

      When he finishes up, he turns his attention to me, and I am talking about the book, and wondering where he got it. Though nothing is said about how I got there or why I am in his office, he is very friendly and helpful. Somehow as we're talking, I reveal I am out of work and need a job. He is asking about my skills and encouraging me to talk about what I am good at, and I mention my computer skills and on the computer nearly every waking hour, but then admit I don't have a computer science degree because of the math requirements, and he doesn't seem to think that is a bar, though it will require a different angle of attack.

      Then he is on the phone again, this time with a woman from Minnesota. Somehow she knows me, and he is wondering if I sent her an application sometime. I am trying to figure out where I know the person from, whether it be something Disney or some sort of balloon gig, or a research letter for a story or song or something connected with church. Whatever the reason, he has come across another person who thinks highly of me, even though I don't know them, which only increases his interest in helping me regarding job.

      But suddenly there is a huge snake (about 4" around and perhaps 10-15 feet long) that slithers out of a bag on the floor by his desk and heads in my direction. It seems to pause, lifts itself off the ground like a king cobra preparing to strike and sort of sniffs the air, then drops to the ground and slithers at me remarkably fast. I kind of scream, bolt out of my chair as fast as I can move, and start running out of the office. The snake is right behind me, and I keep screaming and running, but oddly I almost seem to be composing an incident report or something in my mind, calmly, at the same time, noting that if I am running at top speed, the snake falls behind.

      I run past an elevator and down a hallway, into a reception area, and the person sitting there is Joy (in charge of hiring for Mears, hired me for my original job there, and will not rehire me now). I am still screaming about the snake, and she is instantly on the phone to animal control or something. She knows it is the guy's pet, and harmless, but she's been wanting a reason to get rid of it, and she is jumping on the opportunity. The guy might have every reason to now hate me, but he understands that I was scared and surprised and doesn't hold it against me. Instead he just gathers up his snake and his stuff and takes it to his car to go home before they can come for the snake. I go with him to the parking lot to continue our conversation.

      As we are talking in the parking lot and he opens the door to his car, it turns out he has a lot of other pets, mostly much smaller snakes, and one tiny little dog (was it a dog? It might have been a prairie dog or something odder like that, instead), all running around the area. I am sitting on the ground, and a small snake (perhaps a centimeter around and about 10 inches long) seems to be cuddling against the bottom of my bare foot. While I am slightly uncomfortable with this, it is nothing to being chased around by the huge snake, so I can manage to ignore it. Thing is slightly cute, after all.

      We walk past some ladies in the parking lot, and seem to be heading for another building, when for a for seconds the scene changes completely, and it's almost like an entire different dream. I am in an apartment or hotel with Bonnie C., and somehow the key for the door lock is in the door kind of like a locker key. I take the key and somehow make a duplicate of it so I have one to keep. Bonnie is asking me about it, and says I have taken three keys, when I think I have only taken two. I feel in my pockets, and do find three keys, but one is from earlier, and has nothing to do with here. Weird and out of place.

      So now we're in a parking lot on the other side of the building, and there is a landscaping guy blowing leaves with a blower. The guy I am with (looks like a thinner version of Christopher Bean) is determined to know if it is a gas blower or an electric blower, because in the dream an electric blower would be much better for the environment. So he unplugs a cord for an instant, and the blower starts to die. He plugs it back in, it starts to blow again, and he has his answer. Meanwhile, I seem to be glancing at a book by Rush Limbaugh about buying wholesale to save money or something odd like that (business, rather than politics.)

      As we start to walk to the building again, I oddly find myself humming 'Jolly Holiday' from Mary Poppins, and the guy instantly starts to sing along with me. So we're both walking down the sidewalk singing "Ain't it a glorious day, bright as a morning in May; I feel like I could fly ...." But as we reach the point where the penguins start calling out ladies names, the names he is calling out are completely wrong, and don't fit at all. I am correcting him with names that are still wrong, but much closer in sound and cadence to the correct names. We're laughing, as others are just staring at us.
    7. The Time Traveling Bookstore

      by , 09-17-2012 at 05:35 PM
      09-17-2012 -- [First off, this was not lucid, I did not know it was a dream while I was dreaming it, but part of why I remember the parts I remember so well is because I was recalling the details of what happened earlier in the dream in the dream, not trying to remember it as a dream, but for the possible lawsuit. Also there may have been more before this, and it may have been dull or interesting, but I can't actually remember anything further back than I tried to remember in the dream, except that I am certain that it did go further back. Takes a while to get to the weird, repeat dream, time travel parts.]

      Somehow I am in a parking lot of a strip mall. Could be a lot of places, but I'm pretty sure it is on Colonial, near Highway 27 in Clermont. I have no idea why I am here, and everything seems to keep shifting, but I seem to be meeting mom here, and she seems to own a business.

      For much of this portion, I am in the parking lot, along landscaped curbs, though it is a business, as well. At one moment, it seems to be a gym that mom owns (anybody who ever met my mom, who weighed over 400 pounds, would know this makes no sense), and at another, a sort of copy center. I am supposed to be doing some work for her, and my 'station' is a table, just sitting in this parking lot.

      Somebody knocked the table over, and stuff is scattered on the floor. I am trying to get things straightened up again. Somehow this leads to some time cleaning up litter in the parking lot, and I am talking to mom's assistant, who is kind of cute, looks a little like Rosemary's friend Mary. End up picking up a small sort of alarm clock that has broken into three pieces and am putting it back together so it works.

      I ask about it, and they are moaning that it shows the next three jobs we're supposed to be doing, and they are worried things won't get done because the alarm disappeared when the table got knocked over. I explain it was right underneath the table, and I fixed it, and they are happy about it. I am gently tearing what seems to be a page with three coupons on it out of a half-size coupon store thing like I once bought an ad in, as I wait for mom, who is talking to somebody else, inside the store, except that somehow it seems to be some kind of work order for us, regardless of the fact that it looks like a coupon.

      Continue cleaning up scraps on the floor, and start to come across several old comic books (ones I have dreamed about in other dreams, within last couple of years) that are just randomly sitting half in the open, half under the tables (that are still out in the open in the parking lot). I am gathering them up to throw them away, except I halfway have some kind of idea that these are some sort of mid-range comic books that are kept under the tables to keep them out of the way. They aren't cheap enough to go in the regular bins, nor expensive enough to be put on the walls, but maybe $40 or $50 an issue. They include a lot of random titles, some old Green Lanterns, and a couple of old Spider-Mans. Somehow this leads to looking at some racks mom has of trade paperbacks, and I am glancing at the thick black and white archive editions of Green Lantern stuff that print 20 or 25 issues in a single $15-$20 newsprint volume, thinking when I have money and a job, I might want to buy a few more.

      By this time mom's gym or printshop or comic store is closing for the day, and they are preparing to lock it up. I walk out of the store (finally inside) and head a little north in a mall the store is in. (Almost seems to be the Buena Park Mall). I think I am a few doors down from Sears, and am passing a bookstore that I decide I want to look through. When I first glance at it, it looks exactly like Waldenbooks, but when I look again, it seems to be a different bookstore.

      They are probably about to close as well, but they say nothing as I start to browse. It is a long, narrow shop, like Waldenbooks was, and I am walking back the main aisle, looking at the displays on the right side as I head all the way back. As I get to the back, I see these strange mannequin-like figures that seem to be slightly moving or swaying. There is an incredibly long line of them, and they almost seem ready to go down like a row of dominoes.

      By this time, I am driving down somewhat narrow roads around some attractive houses while looking at all these mannequins, and soon I am not driving, but being driven. Soon it seems like I am being driven around a very nicely landscaped seaside community. I am seeing people walking their dogs, and somehow I am recognizing things that I drove around or saw years and years ago, though I'm still trying to piece together exactly what it is I am remembering.

      We are on our way back, and are getting close to the front of the store again, when I see a small red pick-up truck parked along the curb, and I am suddenly certain I remember that truck. Wasn't that the truck that Ashlyn Gear did a sex scene with some black guy in it? Wasn't it one of the hottest scenes I ever saw? The truck is quite an old model, from the late 70s or early 80s, but it looks brand new. As we're driving past it, I see a door in the building open, and a very young, vibrant Ashlyn Gear walks out and is heading for the truck, followed by a black guy, and everything kind of falls into place.

      Back almost 25 years ago, when I was just barely legal, I somehow got a couple of video tapes. One had one pornographic scene on it, Ashlyn in the red truck. The other was a worn video tape of some kind of TV show that had been recorded (poorly) over a tape of porn scenes, and you could catch tiny bits of the porn flashing in and out of the newer stuff. The thing that had been taped over the top of the porn was a drive through the small, well-landscaped community.

      I start to confront them about how I saw these tapes 25 years ago, and yet they are only filming them today. And somehow they have an Ashlyn Gear here that is about 25 years younger than the Ashlyn Gear of today. Obviously there is some kind of time travel going on here, and I want to know what is going on. They try to distract me by driving me through a different part of the community, showing me the route I actually remember from the video tape, yet denying there is anything odd going on. I'm asking them to drive slower as we pass the red truck, and am even considering stopping and trying to get into the act.

      Soon I am back to the front counter, trying to demand the speak to the manager, except it has turned from a bookstore into a car dealership that sells old classic cars that seem to be absolutely brand new. I keep trying to demand to know about their time traveling method, and they keep acting like I am insane, while trying to sell me a brand new 1980 brown pick-up truck in the year 2012.

      We argue for a little while, and I am threatening law suits, and am reminding myself of the entire typed-out portion of this dream in my mind so I can remember it to tell it to the lawyers. Soon I am in the brown pick-up truck, and seem to be kind of stealing it while the sales manager is threatening to call the cops. I tell him he calls the cops and I'll blow the whistle on his whole time-travel thing. I drive the truck out of his lot and on to Douglas Avenue in Altamonte, turning left to drive toward Altamonte Blvd.

      [I have no way to prove it, but I am almost sure I had another dream that I was remembering in this dream of driving around the community, waiting for people to cross the street with their dogs, and so on ... though it feels like I dreamed it 10-12 years ago, and not 25 years ago. I can't remember if there were any hints of sex in that earlier dream. I can't remember any, but it kind of feels like it. Weird stuff.]
    8. Fiction and fragments

      by , 02-01-2012 at 07:26 PM
      1. I was watching/participating in a really weird part-Broadway-part-Bollywood crossover film between Harry Potter and Repo! The Genetic Opera that, for some reason, took place on a soccer field. Also something about cake.

      2. I was reading a massive comic book that had a bunch of unrelated stories, though the only one I remember was about Batman preventing the Riddler from committing suicide.

      (Incidentally, don't you hate when you think a book or film you saw in a dream is real because you looked it up, but then it turns out you had only Googled it in your dream?)

      3. Making ramen in a bathtub.

      4. Telling someone that I refuse to read DC's New 52 because it's "like what would happen if you took Homestuck, cut it in half, removed a bunch of characters, and gave Rose and Jade huge breasts."
    9. Garage as a Room

      by , 12-22-2011 at 11:44 AM
      I was reading Bionicle Comics. It may have been hypnagogic but I just remember sitting there watching the pages go by.

      Dream 1
      I was with my friend,I'm guessing we were in the future as the school we were in was weird looking. It's hard to explain but there were stairs leading to the roof where me and my mate fought as a joke. One of the teachers saw us fighting and sent us to detention.

      We walked down the stairs and to a small room that we had to sign in to.

      I remember orange lights being all around the building and roof, I also remember one of my old teachers being there.

      Dream 2
      I was in my bedroom, yet it looked like a garage filled with instruments I picked up a bass guitar and started playing. There was also a laptop with iTunes on it, I browsed the library of music.

      A girl from my college was there too. I went to bed but realised that she couldn't sleep anywhere because there were no rooms left. I thought to myself "Usually she's in there"(my sister's room) I should've noticed this was a dream.
    10. Holiday

      by , 12-17-2011 at 07:19 PM
      - I was on a vacation with family at some sort of weird anime-themed hotel covered with Christmas decorations. There was a library cart full of manga for sale, and a guy I didn't know was looking at it. He asked me if I knew how much it was. I saw a piece of paper stuck to the cart and read it. It said $14.99, and he was like "oh okay, so like $20 then". Then I realized it said $14.99 for hardcover, and I think $9.99 for softcover, but the paper was all jumbled up and confusing. I tried to tell him this, but he wasn't listening. I looked to the left and saw a rack of magazines and started looking at them. The same guy came over and started looking too. He grabbed a copy of a magazine called BPM Magazine which was apparently about rhythm games and started talking to me excitedly about it. The cover looked something like this:
      Really ugly basically, lol. I wish I remembered what it said about DDR. The entire thing was made out of newsprint as well. There are some magazines called BPM, but none look like this, and I'd never seen any before. Anyway, I just sort of ignored him and went off again.

      Then I was packing up to go, and there was some woman there I didn't know. There was something of hers I wanted and contemplated stealing, so I took it and put it in my bag [I wouldn't do this IWL!], then decided it was wrong [see? xD] and tried to take it out, but the woman was talking to me from a bunk bed and watching me pack. I managed to take it out and just sort of shove it under a nearby couch. I walked across the room, passing by a Christmas tree. I realized it was decorated, and mentioned to my mom who was there that we hadn't decorated our tree, then thought for some reason that it was our tree and we would have to pack it up and take it home. She reminded me it wasn't, then I noticed it was only a half tree, like this:
      which I actually talked about with my mom a couple days ago. She hadn't noticed either. I went over to where she was, next to a bed, and she told me to look around and make sure I hadn't forgotten anything. I saw some small acrylic charms on the ground and knelt down. I thought they were rainbow llamas at first, but then when looking at them straight on I realized one was a lion and one was another animal. I gave them to her then looked under the bed. The floor under the bed was COVERED with tiny anime styled acrylic charms, most were of one type but different colours, and a few were mini figurines. One was a figurine of two beartatos running an ice cream stand or something.

      - Also a fragment where I was baking something for someone while they were there.
    11. iPod search etc

      by , 10-05-2011 at 05:09 PM
      Okay I don't remember most of the details of these ones (dreamt all this on 5/10 but I'm writing this from the futureee), I need to either write better notes when I wake up or post them on here sooner lol

      - I brought friends home and my mom was home early. I asked why, and she said "because you took half the day off". I told her that meant I didn't want her around lol.

      - I was on a trip with my cousin and my grandmother. We were all on these separate but huge beds trying to sleep, except I was laying sideways. One of them asked me to turn off the lights but I didn't.

      I was reading nedroid comics on my iPod. Then I was looking at this calendar on his site that had previews up. There was one picture that was mostly warm toned that said "who wants to fly?" then had two flying cats, one saying to the other "you're doing great!". Another was mostly cool toned and had a penguin zooming by on skates in an icy place at night, leaving a trail of light behind him.

      I went back to comics then and looked at one that involved someone saying "yeah you telephone." I made a comment about it out loud, and my grandmother asked what he said. I didn't wanna say for some reason, but eventually did really quietly, and she was like "okay go to school." Then there was something about how I had to give her money because 'it was her money anyway'.

      - ..I'll just put here what I wrote in my notes: "Lots of stabbing in MLP". I'm sure it made sense at the time I wrote it, but shortly after getting up I couldn't remember anything at all pertaining to that phrase. xD

      - I was staying in this weird kinda small inn with my cousins for a night. The surrounding area looked like a spot downtown in my city. The next day, we all left, but I realized I couldn't find my iPod, so I went back with one other person (don't remember who) to see if it was at the inn. I was on phone MSN.

      We talked to the girl at the desk, and she said we could go look. The whole place was kind of cramped and messy, but kind of homey feeling, with dimmed lights and lots of mismatched colours everywhere. I searched through our room, then went to another one to look, bumping into someone in the hall on my way. The room was quite messy, the walls were yellow and the mattress was just sitting on the floor. I looked all around in blankets on the floor and stuff, but didn't find anything.

      Suddenly I realized my iPod had been tucked into the waistband of the PJ pants I was wearing the whole time. I said I'd found it and whoever I was with left. On my way out, I said bye to the nice blonde girl at the desk, and found out that she was a robot.

      I left and it was dark out. I remember walking downhill and seeing that across the street there were a bunch of old looking streetlamps lined up close to one another all the way down. It didn't really look like downtown anymore. I ended up at the mall and went in. It was packed, and I was kind of embarrassed because I looked awful and messy and was in my PJs, but shrugged it off and walked through the food court to get to the other end.

      I ended up at this weird almost lobby kind of place that was between the exit of the mall and the exit to outside. It was all white and tiled, and had a place where it turned off into a changing room for some reason. I went in there and then came back out and sat on a silver metal bench that was there. There was also a dad and his two sons there, they were looking at me kind of weirdly. Eventually I got up and left.

      I stood outside the door, it was dark and rainy and looked like downtown again. I looked at my phone and it was around 10pm. I called my mom and asked if she could come pick me up. She told me that she and some other people had just gone to some really cool play or show I was supposed to be at too, but I missed it. I was a little disappointed but not too much.

      - This wasn't from this night but the description of the inn above reminded me of a dream I think I had sometime so I'm gonna write here what I remember. I was in someone's house that I didn't know very well. It was massive, all the floors and ceilings were white, and all the walls were different soft lavenders and blues. All the furniture was white or silver as well and there was lots of crystal around. There were decorations on the walls like this one textured white and beige framed seashell picture. I was in a room with a crib in it. There's totally more but I can't quite grasp it.

      ...Apparently I can remember some stuff after all hahah.

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    12. Riding on the Bus

      by , 02-06-2011 at 10:10 AM
      I woke up and I was on a bus. I wasn't too freaked out because I've nodded off on buses before. I was sitting near the front and there were two old ladies near the back. I could just make out what they were saying.

      "Well, I'm somewhat glad we're finally on our way."
      "I don't really regret anything."

      I didn't think anything of it. I looked out the window and noticed this wasn't any usual bus route I remember. Instead of driving around town, we were driving across some kind of desert on a worn trail. The bus left a big cloud of dust behind it as it drove. I walked up to the bus driver.

      "Hello, sir?" I asked.
      He turned to look at me. "Yes?" he asked.
      "I'm just wondering... where are we going?"
      He looked solemn. He just turned away and said out of the side of his mouth, "Just... please, take your seat."

      I was beginning to worry. I walked back to where the two women were so I could ask them.

      "Um... pardon me a moment. Where is this bus going?" I asked.
      They looked uneasy. "You don't know?" one of them asked. I shook my head.
      The other just mumbled, "Oh dear..."
      After a pause, the first woman said, "Sweetie... you're dead."
      "...what?" I finally managed.
      "Why didn't you tell him?" the second woman yelled to the bus driver.
      "I didn't want to tell a kid the bad news!" he answered.

      I wandered back to my seat in shock. After a while, I looked up to the driver again and said, "I can't be dead!"
      "No?" he asked.
      "No!" I said. "I was just napping in my bed!" This was true, I was napping around two in the afternoon when this dream happened.
      "Really, now. Then why don't you just wake up?" he asked.
      And I tried. I tried to wake up. I tried to open what was my physical eyes beyond what I could currently see and feel. After a while, I could not wake up. Panic began to build in me.

      As time passed, some more people started to just appear on the bus. Some people in army uniform, more older women and gentlemen, but I just sat there not knowing what to think. There was so much I wanted to do. So much I didn't get to experience.

      At some point, there was a bright light building on the horizon. We started to drive into it and it got brighter and brighter. When everything was perfectly white, I felt myself floating. Then I was on my feet and when the brightness went away, I was in my house.

      "So... that's it?" I thought to myself. I wandered into the kitchen. I opened up the refrigerator looking to see if anything had changed. As far as I remember, everything was the same, which meant the fridge was not that full. "I'll have to go to the store later," I said out loud.

      "The store?" someone asked behind me. It was followed with a disapproving sigh. I looked behind me to see who said that. Of all the people I hoped it wasn't, who I saw was at the top of the list.

      It was the bus driver.

      "I can't be dead!" I yelled. "This is my house! This is where I live! This is my neighborhood! Look!" I ran to the front door and opened it. I could look down the street both ways and it was exactly how I remembered it. "See!? I can see down both directions!"

      He just shook his head at me.

      "I-I can't be dead!" I pleaded. "There are so many stories I haven't written! So many comics I haven't drawn!"

      "I'm sorry," he said. "We can't let anyone go back except for special cases."

      "What about stories?" I asked. I knew it sounded ridiculous, but I had to try. "What if I wrote a story so good that they had no choice but to send me back to share it?" He shrugged. I didn't know what he meant, but anything that wasn't a flat out rejection gave me hope. I thought for a while. "I'll have to do it within a certain someone's lifetime..." I said to myself.

      After that, I woke up. I laid there staring at the ceiling not knowing if I was really alive or not.
    13. Fragments for August 15 2010

      by , 08-16-2010 at 05:48 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. Some sort of cartoon/live action switch thing is going on in this fragment. It takes place in a world where our superheroes are revered as vengeful and fearsome gods. Batman, with the epithet "Scientific," can swoop from anywhere to show his wrath. Superman's X-ray vision can see anywhere to reveal embarrassment and sin. The Green Lantern is a trickster god; he is shown using his powers to unwillingly jack off men at unfortunate times.

      2. I'm watching Futurama. Fry is on the run for some sort of debt (notes unintelligible). He is without transportation, so the going is slow. At one point he comes across a dragon pulling a rickshaw, but the dragon is high on drugs so Fry continues on foot.

      3. I play bass in a School of Rock style concert, closing with ACDC's Shoot to Thrill (sounds fantastic). Backstage, Dan C from high school shakes my hand and a number of teachers congratulate me. The teachers are talking not only of the show, but also of the insurance scam they are pulling. By burning their houses, they've made enough money to take luxurious vacations!
    14. Fragments for July 31 2010

      by , 08-02-2010 at 04:08 AM (Sailing the Noosphere)
      1. I'm at a football stadium in the desert. The Cincinnati Bengals are playing a game against an unspecified team, and I'm on the field as a Bengal's lineman pushing against the enemy offense. I actually do an OK job, and as the downs progress I get teammate support in a kind of military, "Hoo-ah!" way

      2. I'm watching what seems to be a fight scene from an X-Men comic or movie taking place in a desert. The choreography is stunning, as is the skill of the mutants. The fight ends with Jean Grey drawing all the combatants towards her in a massive display of psychic power, then throwing them apart in a sphere of blue light. The Silver Surfer rides by, quipping, "And I thought I was overpowered!"
    15. #105. Butterflies

      by , 07-11-2010 at 12:32 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      I'm an employee at a convenience store or pharmacy. I have to restock the book section; there are fewer books on the shelves every time I look back at them.

      I grab a box from the back and open it up in the comics aisle. It occurs to me that I have no idea what went where, or even which books were out here to begin with. Rather than call my boss over such a trivial matter, I happily start arranging my own favorites on the shelf.

      Oddly, the comic books seem to be about 15x15 inches across, and the shelves are sized to fit them. Even in the dream, I think this seems a little off.

      Later, I find out that Quickton has enacted a new law: hair colour has been declared illegal. I immediately dye my hair blue.


      I'm at a lake. A girl dares me to swim under the dock and pick up a pebble she just dropped in. I jump into the water. Beneath the surface, it's perfectly clear, and I look around, exploring the caves and crevices that make up this underwater world. Finally, I grab the odd-coloured stone - it's pink or purple - and head back to the surface.

      Standing with a group of people in the woods, I watch Dumbledore give a speech about a competition that's going to happen. It's similar to the Triwizard Tournament from the fourth book, but more people are involved. Each of the houses gets representation, and there are a whole bunch of different areas - including chess tournaments - that not everyone will be competing in. Furthermore, you can be selected to represent a house that you're not a part of.

      I'm Harry Potter, and obviously, I'm in Gryffindor. I already know how the rest of the dream is going to turn out, though; I'm going to be chosen for Slytherin. There's no other possible outcome.

      I observe Hermione freaking out over something, but I'm feeling very calm and cold, and so I leave her be. I'm much more interested in the competition.

      Later, as myself, I talk to a family friend at the campground I spent most of my summers in. It's windy, and she's worried about their tents flying away. I tell her that the storm is about to get a lot worse. I know this because I'm from the future.

      "Are you absolutely sure?"

      "As long as I don't step on any butterflies."

      Butterflies. Scare Factor: 1.

      ETA: I took this as a sign that I should die my hair blue today. So I did.

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