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    1. 10 Aug: Meeting friends at parking lot, having sex with a friend at his girlfriend's

      by , 08-10-2019 at 09:02 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At a place that looks like a campus, with dorms. The dorms are mixed and open space. I am climbing stairs to go to my floor and pass by a floor where I encounter Evangelion. He is sleeping on a chair but somehow with his head upside down and I wonder if he is ok. He wakes up and says he's fine. He just likes to sleep like this. He shows me how he does it and I crack up laughing.
      On another floor I meet Vera who is having a party lunch or dinner with friends and family. Carla also appears there by accident and sees me and stays for a little while just to say hello. She is with a dude and has some kid, but I don't think it's hers.
      Then some crazy looking dude comes in without presenting ID and the security guard goes after him. He then shows him some ID, but then continues in a very fast pace, with a hood over his head, looking very disturbed. He really seems to be up to no good. I go to a parking lot to meet some friends on a car who offered me a lift. They are sitting in a convertible. But the driver is Evangelion and he hasn't yet come join us. I see something shining on the ground and see a few little things, like a porcelain jewel box which is filled with pendants made from teeth and gold decorations. It has a nice amount of gold. I also find other things not as valuable, bur ask Zilla for a bag and collect it all. Some dude in another convertible almost hits me while parking. Then almost hits a pole. Then I see Evangelion coming towards us. We go to his girlfriend's house. I end up on a sofa bed with him watching tv and there is an R rated comedy show playing that ends up with a couple trying to have sex but experiencing some technical difficulties. Then he says something like "why we have never tried to solve our difficulties?" And I ask what he means, since we never got involved like that. And he says that's exactly the difficulty we encountered, but maybe it's time to fix it. Then I realize we are both naked somehow and he slowly comes on top of me and kisses me. He always makes me laugh and he does so by saying "oh goodie, you just brushed your teeth". I remind myself that our friends and his girlfriend are in this house with us, I wonder what he is doing, but guess they are in an open relationship and I am too horny to care.
    2. 7/20/14 Flight to an Alien Planet

      by , 07-21-2014 at 05:32 PM
      On a trip. At mall. Sears. Make my way past miscellaneous stores; overall path is a D shape with the curve being the mall and the straight line is the parking lot and my way back to point A from point B. Big movie theater with areas to sit and a huge ramp-like area to watch from with people laying and/or sleeping on it. Sealed door exit from the theater. But a guy comes in through sealed door. I can go out then and I do. This looks like way back to my car. Somewhere in here I'm thinking that I haven't gotten a hotel yet. I can use my phone to search for hotel deals. Walking in parking lot I see my wife's cousin N with his nice convertible. This has to be a dream to run into you here out of town! Yup! I do some of my I know I'm a lucid challenges basically bragging but it's great for confidence...I say to him, hey can I have sex with ( his wife's name). "It would be like" and I make the motions as if his wife is laid out on the hood of his convertible. I say you could have sex with (insert my wife's name). This was somehow much more fun than it sounds and just acting it out around the hood of his car felt a lot like doing it. I think: Down to goals! I think I want to do the planet one next. I considered doing it with the elevator one but no
      elevator around right now so just decide to fly up into space - way up and it gets dark I can't see anything but I stay calm fly up some more and then decide that I will just freefall until I hit a planet. (Note: It is my dream, I can make that work no matter how improbable IWL, LOL! In the dream I only thought that I can make this work. I didn't even go there with thinking about it being improbable IWL.) I simulate to myself a soft landing and I get it...I basically just find myself on solid ground as if I floated there like a feather. I can see through kind of a window or space into this other room or void (this is probably the dream reforming the environment after the void and free fall) and there are green rocks that have a lot of straight lines kind of like blocks thrown together creating odd shaped rocks, not unlike crystal formations. I cross through and there is big huge rocky formation that looks like it has teeth. I studied for a moment so that I can remember it later. The teeth are jagged kind of like sharks teeth. But the rest of it is not really shaped like creature really more like a big rock. I look around the room or space and there is another set of different shaped items that I come back to later but two of the items are shaped kind of like elongated travel chests. I could
      see something move off in the corner of the room the distance but when I look over there there's nothing. I walked over that way and I say "I come in peace" while holding up my right hand while kind of laughing to myself . I am creating my own cheesy 50's Alien movie here I think to myself. He comes back out. It is very difficult to describe what he looks like but he is a short creature maybe 2 feet tall . As for something you would find on the earth, he is most like an octopus perhaps but the base that he walks around on is a little more rectangular shaped than circular like an octopus. He has a bit of a goofy friendly face and is kind of a grayish bluish color. I try a line from one of my previous lucid dreams and I say "bring me one of your hottest alien women." A doll looking thing comes down from above on a rope. It becomes more and more lifelike, and more human woman like as this plays out. The rope is around her and slipping up and down her body pulling up her white nightgown and revealing her naked body. It is strangely erotic. I will
      leave out the rest of the sexual stuff with her but I may share by PM if requested. This space looks a lot like a big house. I decide to go back to look and kind of draw out all of the items on a sketch pad that I summon to help me remember this dreamscape, to really lock it into my memory. I go back over by the elongated chests but the chests are no longer there but I study the rest of the items but I drop the idea of drawing them. There are two clear glass bowls with a clear liquid in them. One has round multicolor items in it that look like fruits. The other one has some loaf shaped items sticking up out of it. It looks like it was set out for a party. I go off to my left and sure enough it's kind of liked a little party with my son there and some other people. Either I am back on earth now or they came up to visit! I then see my son's friend C and I think about how everyone talks about how promiscuous she has become. Not sure if she is still in college IWL. I think of another test / brag to my lucidity. I told my son I'm going to get it on with his friend C. I start to mount her and I see her luscious lips and switch gears and stick it in her mouth. She does a very nice job. Wow!!
      After a bit of that
      the dreams fades back to bed but I remember that I to always have to check to see if it's a real awakening...but alas it is this time. I was reminded yesterday to put more of myself in the self awareness work. I also switched up my SSILD somatic cycle a little and did some self awareness work during WBTB which I shortened. I also woke up closer to 5.5 hours after bed for WBTB whereas the last few nights were around 4.5 and I seemed too tired to make it work right. Woke from dream around 7 something. 175

      Late Late dream 10 a.m. Young guy is broadcasting himself in his bedroom on justin.tv for a long time. At this point it is on the news...his girlfriend got shot through the bedroom window while he was broadcasting and I said what are the chances of that...that can't be...that's impossible. Then a playback of all the stuff that happened before the shooting. His run in with some other teenagers at school, they call him something weak and they have some kind flipping competition to see who could do standing flips. The scene where his girlfriend was shot had him holding her in bed rolling around and it just did not look natural like he was acting, but it did not make me lucid either...none of this thinking that all this was impossible. The dream explained it away. Oh well, had my awesome LD already.

      7/21/14 FA: hearing the alarm turn off warning stop without key punch sounds made me realize I am dreaming. I never really understood people feeling sleepy in a lucid dream until this time. I felt like dozing off within my lucid, so I did. 176

      071814 a guy is telling me about all these cool artifacts he found...I'm seeing them visually like I'm in video game. Golden breastplate, etc. Thai government is looking for him (movie at bedtime=character is in Thailand before heading to Cambodia).

      7/17 crater in ocean. Where I was when 17, recurring dream. Go back for son. Hydrofoil boat. Coach M has game at 6pm. L on sons grades, report card. "Lucid" is written out on grades in one place but instead of a clue that I am dreaming, I worry that wife will see. Coach M talks about how he lost his father. I relay this to my son. Looking for school office helps with college apps. It is after 5pm but she's still there (5am? Wake 545am). Lady sits funny almost showing up skirt. A skills test is done: measure the area of two adjacent tables....easy. Life lessons you need I guess.
    3. Snow, Snow, Snow

      by , 11-13-2013 at 06:18 PM
      Lots of dreaming about snow.

      In my first dream, there was a blonde woman driving a red convertible around. I think that there was also a movie being filmed... I don't recall, I think it was like one of those B horror flicks. The landscape was super snowy, and it was up in the mountains.
      Anyway, she ran into a unicorn. It was gray, with a kind of bronze colored horn. There were some Bad Guys (pretty one-dimensional, they looked like mobster thugs) that wanted to kill the unicorn.
      Somehow, the movie was concluded, and the blonde woman started driving around. She drove up onto an outcropping, like a huge ice cliff that jutted overhead, extremely high up... the view I had was from way below, all I could see was a plume of snow kicked up by the car wheels. Then she drove over the side of the cliff (somehow part of the Bad Guys' plan?), but instead of crashing, the car was suspended in the air by a spider-web-like strand of ice.

      I then dreamed I was working on an art project. Somehow I hadn't been told about part of my homework. I needed to turn it in TODAY. I was inking my work and crying and arguing with the teacher that I'd joined the class later than everyone else, and it wasn't fair because I hadn't been told about the homework, and I ought to get more time.

      Now it's Christmas. There is a Christmas tree full of hamsters that are dressed as unicorns. They have tiny stuffed unicorn horns on their heads that flop around a little bit.

      Next, I am drawing Sonic the Hedgehog fanart for N, a friend of mine who loves Sonic the Hedgehog. It's hilarious because the fanart I drew a) Mocked terrible Sonic the Hedgehog fanart, and b) Is something I actually drew in real life. N thinks that my fanart is hilarious. I decide that if the teacher is going to be an asshole, I'm going to turn in terrible fanart as part of my homework, so she has to suffer through looking at it. I am now standing next to the ice cliff that the woman drove off of. I dig out handfuls of snow and eat them.
    4. Bubblegum Attracts Wildlife

      by , 07-24-2011 at 07:09 PM (Starr's Dream Collection)

      Okay, so this is just mostly a collection of dream fragments that I remember from last night. They were all very strange...as my dreams usually tend to be. xD

      I'm with one of my best friends J. She's spending the night at my house, although it's not really my house. It seems like more of a log cabin type place. J and I are sitting in this really big rather empty room, except for a bed and a nightstand/dresser type thing. For some reason, the room seems to be shifting, but not exactly tilting. Almost as if only the inanimate objects of the room were moving, but not us.

      After trying to fumble around with the dresser and trying to figure out what was happening, J says, "Wow, what's wrong with this room?". I look at her and say, eyes wide, "Inception!". She gasps as she realizes that I'm right.

      The dream has shifted to another part.

      I'm sitting in a restaurant with my dad, brother, and sister. I'm pretty sure it's either T.G.I Friday's, Red Robin, or some sort of a mix than the two. I don't remember exactly what happened, just that in the end, I ended up trying to run away, and I was standing in some sort of a dirt/gravel parking lot. I'm also pretty sure Kevin James was there.

      And again, the dream shifts. Weeeeee.

      I don't know how many of you watch NCIS, but it's my favorite show.
      Anyways, so, I'm riding shotgun in this red convertible, with the driver being the NCIS character Tony DiNozzo (played by Michael Weatherly). In the backseat are the characters Abby and McGee (Pauley Perrette & Sean Murray). We're all just having a good time, playing some music on the radio and singing or whatever. We're driving to a crime scene, I guess, although it was more an area of interest than a crime scene. Turns out that we're looking for Ziva, another character (played by Cote de Pablo). I suppose she's MIA.

      Before arrival at the crime scene, Tony offers all of us a piece of bubblegum, which I gratefully accept. Once we get to the area, we find it's like a camp ground kind of things, with lots of forest surrounding it and a firepit and some log cabins. We're all standing there when I notice, behind a bush, a fox is peeking its head out of the ground. It doesn't seem afraid of us at all, and actually climbs out further. I point it out to the team, and they all fall silent. The fox walks up to us and brushes up against our legs, letting us pet him. It turns out to be an arctic fox. (What an arctic fox was doing there, I have no idea. )

      We're running around for a while, acting like children, even though we're supposed to be working on finding Ziva. At some point, I notice a giant blue trampoline on the campground. I point to it and yell, "Look! A thumb!" (WTF?)

      We're now very excited at my most recent discovery, but we can't just walk over there, oh no. So, Tony and I begin skipping like little school girls down some sort of a cobblestone path until we get to the trampoline. It was quite a sight to see someone like him skipping. I realize that another character, the team leader, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) has arrived, and was watching us skip. He was talking to someone else, someone who had more authority over him. I heard the other man say, "You trust them to find her?". Gibbs was just like, "Oh yeah, I trust 'em, alright. They'll get the job done." I just remember the other man shaking his head and saying something like, "Alright, if you insist."

      So, now, Tony and I are on the trampoline, ahem, "thumb", and we're jumping on it. That's when I hear Tony shout, "Look out! Fox!"

      Of course, he gets off the trampoline in time, but I don't, and the arctic fox jumps up and clamps his jaw down on my arm. It didn't hurt or anything. It was actually kind of funny, because we all knew the fox just wanted to play. Even though it was small, it was completely stopping me from attempting to move it, or move myself at all. I remember thinking, "Stupid bubblegum."

      And once more, the dream has shifted. Woot woot.

      I'm somewhere talking to my Mom, telling her about the story with the fox that attacked me. Once more, I refer to the trampoline as the thumb. I don't know. Anyways, I tell her that I was chewing bubblegum.

      "Oh, was it a heavily wooded area?" she asked. I said, "Yeah." She nods her head knowingly. "The fox probably just smelled the bubblegum. It attracts them, y'know."

      Great to know, mom. Great to know.
    5. Blah

      by , 05-13-2011 at 11:37 AM (Typho's DJ)

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    6. Truck Won't Start

      by , 03-26-2011 at 05:44 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: March 26, 2011 – 9:30AM (USA Eastern)
      Text color legend: · NON-DREAM · NOTES · DREAM · LUCID ·

      I am standing outside a large building, talking with a couple of friends. One is a male with dark hair and a stocky build, and the other is female with dark hair and a thin build. After discussing what to do for the evening, we decide to go to their house for a movie night. When I get in my truck, I find that the battery is dead in my truck and it won't start. The other two ask if I want to ride with them. I get in the back seat of their convertible with the female and the guy gets in the driver seat. The front right seat is missing and there is no roof, doors, or trunk. The car is just a floor pan with seats and driver controls. As we drive off, it is very noisy and windy. I ask the guy, “Can we stop by my house so I can grab a jacket?” He replies, “Sure, is it along the way?” I reply, “Yes. It's right on that first mountain we're about to drive over.”

      On one of the back roads to my house, there is a box truck and a tractor blocking the road. We start to pass them on the left side and I say to the driver, “Watch out for these assholes. They will act like they don't see you, then they will run into you and not care.” The driver says, “Yeah, whatever. I've seen my share of people who don't know how to use the gas pedal. I'm gonna pass these fuckers like it's nothing.” As soon as he tries to pass, the guy in the box truck swerves to the left and almost hits the car. We stop and watch as the truck takes a while to turn around and back into an area next to a barn. The driver exchanges a hard look with the guy in the truck, then glares at the guy on the tractor as the tractor stops in the middle of the road. The guy on the tractor glares back, then gets off the tractor and walks up to the car. He says, “I saw you giving me a hard look back there, but I've decided to let it go.” I say to the driver, “Don't start anything with him. Let's just go. We're running a bit late.”

      We stop by my house so I can grab a jacket. When we arrive, we walk across the yard and under a low-hanging tree with purple flowers on it. While walking up the sidewalk, we are greeted by a guy standing at my door with short blonde hair and a thin build. As I was opening my door, this guy is rambling on about choosing which amplifier to use. I say, “I don't care.” then walk in the house. I pick up my jacket and turn around to blackness, then wake up.
    7. Car Accident with Friends

      by , 08-05-2010 at 06:42 AM
      Notes to Help Better Understand the Dream and/or Me:
      - I am 14-year-old guy going to be a Freshman
      - I am a newly saved Christian
      - I don't think I've ever had a lucid dream, but one was extremely questionable
      - I don't have fears of cars or seat belts or speeding up or anything

      Onto the Dream:

      This dream started out with me in the passenger seat of my car, which is a white Mustang, not a convertible, the windows down, and my friend from church driving the car. We were making conversation, but I don't remember the words. We were going pretty fast, with cars all along the two-lane highway. Two other sports cars in front of us, one of them very distinctly being a Challenger, started going pretty fast and merged into the right lane. Matt (the friend driving) sped up, but instead of merging to the right, went off road into the dirt and grass. There was no opposite side of the highway for some reason. He started going faster, and other cars were already off road when we "dismounted" the highway, and we pulled up next to this mini-van, and another guy from our church was driving. His name was Kyle, and he is 20 or something, and he was on the left lane of the highway. He waved to us and we sped up some more. We were now speeding on the highway again, but in the left lane, with no cars around. He started going really fast now, and I yelled, "Wow! Let me get my seat belt on!" He didn't slow down, but I got it on. We were coming up to an intersection with a light post on only one of the corners. My seat belt was loose, so I thought to myself, "The seat belt my get caught on the light post and throw me out and choke me!" I pulled in the excess belt from the window and we started turning right, in front of the light post, and the car just went crazy and I knew we were in a crash and that my fear of me being choked was what happened to Matt with his seat belt. The car was just fine when I got out, but it was raised up on it's rear wheels somehow, pretty high, and also it was a convertible with it's top down. I got out and ran around to the side of the car where the light pole was, and it was true. He got caught by the seat belt. Except it wasn't Matt who got caught, it was another friend of mine, who doesn't go to my church but my school. He was hung up by the neck on the pole and I wasn't freaking out, just rushing to get him down. My friend Matt was there with us somehow. I got him down, and laid him down by the car. Now this girl from church pulled up in her car, who is maybe 20, and I said, "Call the cops or something." And then turned my focus back to Colten (the friend form school). I walked towards him, and he was laying their holding his throat, trying to say, "Brooks... Brooks... I can't... breathe..." and looked so helpless. I told him the people who could help him were coming. I knelt beside him and then I woke up.

      I think this was a mini-dream I had after I woke up but didn't get up:

      I was back with Colten, but I was positioning myself underneath him, like a cross, my belly holding up his back, and holding his head back so he could breath. Then it jumped around and I saw myself giving him CPR with a cloth between out mouths. Then back to me supporting his back and giving him CPR at the same time. In my dream I was thinking somehow holding his back up would help him.

      Well, that's my first post in my Dream Log!