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    1. REM Rebound

      by , 11-19-2017 at 05:54 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 5:00 AM

      Fell asleep again at: 6:00 AM

      Woke up AGAIN at: 10:00 AM

      Old Macdonald Had A Farm

      I remember I'm on the farm in my backyard. I'm sitting inside the fence that blocks the outside perimeter of the farm, yet in the waking world there's no fence to speak of. I think I remember taunting and messing with some of my friends and acquaintances inside the farm who, again, aren't even farmers and don't correlate to my real world understanding of them.

      I think I remember talking to a couple of my friends in the farm, but I'm drawing a blank. Then someone I know (Let's call her Carla) comes up to me and...sits on me. Uh huh. She's trying to sit down it seems, but she's really clumsy at doing so. I see up her shirt, and she's oddly chubby compared to real life.

      I scoot over so that she may sit down, and two more friends (An effeminate male named David and someone else I forgot) sit down with her. I don't bother talking with them, as I was... Well, too "flustered" to have a normal conversation after that.

      Damn Dirty Apes

      This dream I don't remember that well. It turns out I own a whole bunch of little monster things and I had to raise them akin to a pet. I hurriedly run around the house looking for something for them to eat, and I eventually find a book that covers just that.

      I open the book, it's a yellow hardcover book with instructions on how to raise those little cretins. As I read find the 'Creatures' Diet' page. Turns out they eat glitter. In disbelief, I read on, not fully convinced anything can eat glitter. As I do so however, one of the gorilla-like monsters escapes. I cower in fear, scared of the possibility of the ape coming back to, I don't know, kill me or something.

      I go to one of the windows and find an orangutan just chilling there. Suddenly it gets pulled away by a large black ape, and my panicked state increases ever more. I hide behind a couch by another set of windows. Suddenly the ape escapes the premises, and I read the cookbook again. The ingredients for monster food are as such:





      Mix these up and cook em' like a pancake and BAM! Monster food. Probably doesn't taste very good though.


      1. I had watched a lucid dreaming subliminal video not long before I went to sleep. So that might've had an effect on the vividness of these dreams or their premises in general.

      2. This is the first time I've been able to recall a dream in days, so progress i definitely being made.

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    2. weird shit

      by , 03-14-2017 at 07:35 PM
      D1 - Working in a big glass building's kitchen. J is in charge of us and I am assigned to get the food supplies for all the cooks. Pissed off with this I use my powers to create a fake business card and change the dream so I have a job with another company. All the others are impressed/surprised.
      I then try and leave but can't get out of the place, all the buildings seem to close in around me. Trying to go through a building I end up trapped in a corridor that has twisted at the end. I am up again some white wooden window frames. using my powers I buzz saw through them, sparks flying.
      D2 - Watching 3rd person I see myself with someone having sex, I don't know who it is I can only see there butt lol.
      D3 - I'm in some shared dwelling and I find that the cupboard where I store my water has been used by some other resident as their toilet Oo.
      Tags: cooking, white, work
    3. Cooking

      , 02-23-2017 at 01:47 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9pm - 4:20am

      Yesterday there was an ad - one of those videos that go fast to show you a lot in a short time. So it was a video of making chicken calabrese. Looked good!

      I made chicken calabrese. Stuffed with cheese and something else. We were all eating it. My dad came home later and also had some.
      Tags: cooking, food
    4. Making fire

      , 01-03-2017 at 03:50 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Dream at 12:35am

      1. There is some kind of a huge building construction. I fly up and there is something about stamps wrapped up in wrapping paper.

      2. Now I'm going to a river and I'm pulling out people that escaped from a fire that I see burning on the other side of the river. When i say I see smoke, the smoke starts rising and it's getting stronger.

      3. I'm showing someone how I practice making fire. How it's easy. I put a hand on some piece of wood and I make it char. There is no fire or smoke smell when I sniff it. Then I focus some more and I make flames come out and smoke that changes color based on what I want it to look like.

      4. I'm in a kitchen, my store director is cooking there too. I ask what else I can help with. She says I was suppose to start the tamales, but I didn't. I tell her yes I did and I show her a pot of stuff with green sauce and bag of corn tortillas. I wash my hands in the pot of green sauce and I'm mortified that she saw me and why in the world would I do that. I think of an excuse: If I'm to work tomales with my hands, I better have them coated with that sauce.
    5. T-Rex; Cooking Thai

      , 09-18-2016 at 12:51 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Bed last night at 8:35pm - 4am

      DR 12:12am

      I'm in wooded area, with a 2 story cabin. We are beign chased by a T-Rex. (I was playing Star wars last night, and one of the vehicles looks like T-Rex). So we were running around, trying to distract it while we escape, then tried to sneak away without him noticing.

      DR before 4am

      I'm in cooking competition. I have some leftover cooked turkey so I decide to make Thai Curry soup with it for the judges to eat, before the competition. I'm trying to remember all ingredients for my competition dish, so I don't have to return to pantry. Looks like my old teachers are the judges. I have only one competitor. After the event, we are all in one large kitchen. I start to clean the dishes and one of them helps and I tell her she doesn't have to. We talk and laugh a lot.
      Tags: cooking
    6. #214 - Ankh-Morpork / Kitchen anger / Lucid in the village

      by , 03-22-2016 at 05:47 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Ankh-morpork
      I was in Ankh-Morpork (from Terry Pratchetts Discworld novels) and I was joining the Thieves Guild. I remember wandering the streets not far from the Mended Drum.

      Dream 2- Kitchen Anger
      I'm my parents house, in the kitchen. I'm really annoyed at my dad, he did something or said something frustrating as hell. Me and my mum are making breakfast as we talk and she's talking to me about not getting worked up over it, I go to the fridge and, with a spoon, get a gob-full of cream and eat it. It's the same kind of cream they have at the top of non-homogenized milk, but it's just sitting on the fridge shelf without even being on a plate.. And there's a lot of it, like tower of cream.
      My dad comes into the kitchen to make his breakfast, me and my mum finished whatever it was he was going to eat. He starts making bacon and eggs, geeze.. for breakfast, really? I think at some point he was done and I turned on the stove and he puts his hand down without looking and burns himself. FUUU damn it dad! I try turn the stove off quickly, what an idiot. At this point the flattee from downstairs is in the kitchen for some reason, and he has two friends with him. My mum is insinuating to me not to get annoyed at my dad in front of them because it would be embarrassing or something, though I feel the same way.

      Dream 3 - Lucid in the village
      I'm in the town area of where I live (it's part of the city, but there's so many trees out here that you wouldn't know it) and I'm walking by the bird cafe. There's people milling about and I start to tune into the fact that I'm dreaming... It comes slowly, the awareness building in me until I attain lucidity. Everything around me is crisp and detailed, really vivid. I can feel my arms clearly, I decide to walk forward and as I do so I notice a decreases in stability. Hm, I focus on the sensations in my arms which are intense.. Like all tingly and fuzzy. I start trying to think of what the TotM is but just can't seem to get access to my memories. I think I've stabilized enough now, I continue onwards and think about the TotM more. Eventually the feeling in my arms fades and I lose stability again, I then wake up.

      So close Emnition! Was a pain to be lucid and not be able to remember anything. It was really good for a lucid though, lots of detail like there was an old granny sitting on a chair by a table outside the cafe. Also there were people passing by in front of me to cross the road. Anyways, next tim
    7. #175 - Classical music / Rigid cooking / Escape / Epic

      by , 12-08-2015 at 12:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Sleep cycle 1 - Classical music (02:02)
      -A classical music performance, I haven't heard one for years (supposedly) and now in this large hall I could. The song part of the dream I don't recall as it was 'fastforwarded' through by the dream. I'm in the corridor afterwards talking with some people about it, did I play? I feel like I had some involvement somehow. Then I think I remember leaving in a car (as a passenger) on the motorway. I was still thinking heavily about the music event though.

      Dream experience: 2 (quite early in the night)
      Dream awareness: 0

      This dream probably occurred after I started watching a new anime about classical music >_<

      Sleep cycle 2 - Rigid cooking (04:38)
      This dream was influenced by the classical anime and a romcom anime I had been watching.

      -I had taught a couple girls how to cook and they had a very free-style attitude to cooking. My own style was rigid, by-the-book (or recipe) and I struggled to make a dish that was truly my own inspiration (not true IRL I think). We're in an after school cooking club and the teacher has told us to cook something, but I have to cook it for the 2 girls. I'm supposed to be really good at cooking but I have a weird mix of emotions, like I'm actually bad at it?.. The room is lit by the dying light of the setting sun, geeze someone turn the light on :/. As I'm cooking the teacher says there isn't the usual 'flare' in cooking that she sees when watching the 2 girls cook.. 'tsk' I know, I'm going by-the-book. I give the food a taste, why isn't the ginger flavour strong enough? The girls make it better, I know they would just add more ginger but my rigid style compels me not to. In the end I think I manage to break the barrier and go more free-style, adding flavours as I see them necessary.

      Dream experience: 3 (meh, it wasn't that good or vivid)
      Dream awareness: 0 (I wasn't particularly aware in any sense)

      Dream fragment - there's a coast with the ocean, something about a house?

      -I'm by a fence on the grass, there's a couple people on the other side who I'm talking to. In front of me is also a cute old cat, it looks so gentle. We get interrupted by an evil person who is standing like 20-30m away on a nearby road. I can't remember too clearly why we knew he was evil. He ended up sending his ginger cat to attack our cat, I intervene though and end up killing the ginger cat. I think I also accidentally hurt our cat... I look at that cute old cat and it's quite vivid. He's a fluffy tabby cat with a funny looking face. He's slumped down with his head bend back slightly too far.. Poor thing, I think I may have uppercut him or something. He looks at me with kind eyes and a nice smile, seeming to forgive me and thank me for trying to protect him. I feel guilty about killing the other cat though, I need to get rid of the body anyways... I run up the road in search for a bin to dispose of it into. O_O.

      Dream experience: 4 (emotional about cats apparently)
      Dream awareness: 1 (rising awareness from the cat I hurt)

      Sleep cycle 3 - Escape (06:00)
      -Earlier in this story it seems like I was trying to help someone escape and had made several preparations to help. I made a potion with the help of a witch, which would turn the consumer into a bat so they could fly away. The place we're at is like a TV set for producing a show, and I think one of the directors plays a prank on someone. The prank is that he shoots a spear at someone which impales them, I'm not sure how it was meant to be funny because the person died via being impaled by that spear -_-. They director starts acting to reduce the impact this has on everyone, I follow in spectator mode as he walks down a hallway and into a room and tells the ?? family that they should delete their contract with the show to protect their reputation.
      Now I'm in a breakfast dining hall, there's a bunch of food on plates and some people milling around. They're hungry and have just woken up and the room is only getting more and more crowded. I can see the person I'm trying to free, I think it's a girl (or a guy with long hair). I think I might be Linley Baruch (the main character from the book I'm reading) and I can hear people whispering about the person I'm trying to free. Apparently it's her fault.. We have to escape now or the police will take her away before we get the chance to escape, so we have to improvise. I give the potion to him (she is now a he for some reason) and he starts to ascend, floating into the air. There's mist around him and he begins to fade while emitting a beautiful kind of glow. Everyone looks up and sees him floating, and they think he has been chosen by god or some bs, which helps as an excuse to cover our escape. I am spectating now, I see Linley (who I was) crouch down out of sight into a meditative position in order to chant the words to a flying spell (he seems to be level 7 or 8 as a magus about now). The camera is panning upwards following the ascent of the glowing guy who is fading more and more. I kind of feel like I'm watching anime. Linley finishes his spell and shoots up, flying back into the LOS and floating next to the glowing guy who slowly finishes his transformation by turning into a small bat which is almost invisible because he's nearly completely see-through. I know that the audience won't be able to see him but I can. I'm closer now, maybe I'm Linley again? We start our escape, there's 2 routes we can take, one which is a long route through the tunnels (to the left) but we go to the right which leads straight to the exit. Wow, that was easy. If we had taken the left route it would have taken us 5 minutes to reach the same exit, that would have been dumb. We fly outside and shoot off to the North and I see Linley and the bat disappear into the distance. Another group of about 4 follows after, flying in the same direction. It was their friends, one of them I remember was a badass looking cat warrior dude. A second group flies out a moment later with several in the party (also friends apparently). 3 of them look kind of cartoonish like something from a manga, 1 is a cat, another is a smaller cat, and 1 is a ghost. They all fly off into the same direction as Linley.

      Dream experience: 4 (pretty cool)
      Dream awareness: 1 (changing perspectives was a pain and didn't help awareness)

      Sleep cycle 4 - Epic (07:46)
      -I remember now that earlier I was a wanted man, and that me and some friends had washed up on foreign shores on a sunny day. There was more to this dream but I can only remember from a certain point. Me and some friends (I don't recognize them) had just ran out of the bushes into a township (modern but somehow quite old looking) and we were talking. Previously we had been keeping it down in front of a house because we thought there was a saint level beast under it (saint is a high level of power in the book I'm reading). Luckily it was only a bear that jumped out so I'm a little relieved, I think it chased us a little but the commotion caused too much noise and an actual saint level beast popped up from the bushes of a nearby house. "Oh shit!" was everyone's reaction, even the bear. The bear was the first to die since it was a loudest, having its head decapitated immediately. Me and my friends were sprinting away, I jump into a side room area which is pretty small and me and a woman tuck away in the corner. She comes onto me a bit "uhh no thanks" (she's old and pretty overweight..) and I tell her that now is really not the time. We peek out the window and see everyone running around. I think the woman I was with is now a massive muscly dude and I see the bear sprinting towards us. It must have seen the big guy and wants to fight him first. The saint creature (it kind of looks like a bear with a more horrific, rounder furry head without bear ears) jumps into the room and dives over the muscly guy which really confuses me. Why not kill him? Oh... He's after ME. I dive out of the room and into the street, this isn't good. The saint beast (once an animal reaches saint level they can talk) says to me that I have the white dragon blood in me and is trying to kill me to learn about it. Argh god damn it.. we jump around and everything is in slowmo, he hasn't killed me yet though? Is he not saint level? I wonder about this, it can talk but it doesn't have the power of someone who should be saint level it seems. I somehow get the attention of my friends (about 3 of them) and one of them is Matt. I remember earlier we had gone into one of his minecraft tunnels to escape, and we see the entrance not far away. The problem is that we've already used it and can't use it again. We run there anyway, Matt has a secret surprise it seems. The saint level beast isn't even in sight, how the hell did we lose it? It should be close though. Matt pulls a lever, the ground drops beneath us suddenly. Whoa. Good ol' Matt, this is awesome. we plummet down to the depth onto separate rail paths. I can't properly describe what happened next, but it was genius. I was shooting forward so fast on this rail line, then I shot up on a jump and leapt onto a dingy boat that was propelled across the ground. There were draugr around (from Skyrim) but the boat shot past, "HAH!" they can't get me, it's so exciting. There's all these crazy innovative tricks that Matt has put into the track, the last carriage transition is when my boat stops at the edge and I had to jump off a cliff. At the bottom was another dingy boat in some water but it was quite small and there were lots of draugr in the water. I jump off and when I land on the small dingy it propels forward, it's not big enough and my feet are hanging over the edge. The draugr all start charging at me and I try kicking in the water to speed my self up. Hands start wrapping around my legs, they've reached me and are pulling at me.. I kick a couple of them off and use my hands to pull the last few off of me. I jump on to a wooden beam that stands out of the water, maybe this is what I'm supposed to do? Like an obstacle course, I jumped from one wooden beam to the next avoiding all the zombies. Ahead of me were people, this was the entrance into a movie? I leap onto the edge that a few people are gathered on. My friend Lajja sees me but she's soaking wet, I don't ask why because I feel like it has something to do with the draugr water behind me. She leads me out and down a hallway, she has incredibly short shorts on for some reason, I purposely pretend not to notice as I know I'm in another predicament (I get the feeling that I may be discovered by the lawful pursuers). "You have no idea what kind of crazy adventure I've just had!" I say excitedly, I'm still mindblown by that ride. Down this hallway is a huge line of people but the hall it self is quite narrow (only space for two people side by side). We walk down the hall for a bit but something catches my eye on the bookshelf which is also apparently in the hallway. It's like it's now also a library, so many books! I see 2 specific books which detail an adventure about a group that wash up on a foreign shore.. Is that, me? I get the feeling the book details my adventure, but it only just happened? I think that it's a magic book. Lajja sees I'm not following her and comes back to get me before we continue on.

      Dream experience: 10 (I can't imagine any other dream that I've had which is better than this one, maybe some on par so it's 10/10)
      Dream awareness: 2 (not quite lucid but glad I'm it wasn't)

      Everything I dreamt about literally combined so much from my day yesterday, it's pretty awesome.
    8. What kind of competition is this anyways?

      by , 11-21-2015 at 09:03 PM (Here be dragons)
      It's the night, in a place full of small, long wood and paper houses, with dirt paths around them. The place is lit by paper lanterns hanging in trees. I'm following a young girl with long, flowing dark hairs. She's transporting a big barrel of sake, with a thick rituel cord warped around it. She's running from a whole sled of chinese and japanese spirits, I can see their shadows on the walls of the houses, pointy headed foxes, jumping parasol, dancing lantern, witches and ogres. She managed to reach a hole in the ground and throw the barrel in.
      We're taken to a gigantic house, the woman in charge give us a room to clean. I open the door, it's dark inside, and the smell is horrible, decaying things in a dark, warm place, closed up for years. I gag and put a tissue on my mouth and nose, it's disgusting, but at least it's a dry rot, things turning to dust rather that slime. The girl with me starts filling garbage bin, but I notice another girl, in the room next door, strugling with a younger sibling. My fellow tells me that the younger sibling is mentaly deficient, and that's why they're struggling. I go back to cleaning, but she almost finished it. I pickup something from the previous occupant and unwarp it. It's a wooden sign, with "academy of cooking and baking, 1887" engraved on it. There's also a name, and I deduce that he was the previous candidate; this all thing is a sort of competition. I walk out of our room to another, and I meet up with this man, a chef. He's helping someone whip up a desert, and hand me a place. It's ice cream, with a syrup on it. The syrup is warm, dark chocolat with the faintest hint of coffee. I can't really pinpoint what the ice cream is. It's both sweet and savory, slighly nutty but more well rounded, in a crème anglaise base. It's delicious, the texture is wonderfull, rich without being cloying and creamy without feeling greasy.

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    9. #124 - Spoilt rich girl / Chased by a dragon

      by , 10-07-2015 at 05:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Spoilt rich girl
      I'm more of a side character in this dream, where I'm trying to get the assistance of this rich girl but I didn't succeed. The task was something along the lines of cooking for her in order to make her accept you. So a group of my friends who were a team of girls that specialized in cooking decided to do it. The rich girl kept requesting these insanely extravagant meals which pissed off the girl team who demanded that she understands that while she's eating giant chocolate marshmallow fish, there are people out there starving.

      Dream 2 - Chased by a dragon
      I'm in my parents house in the downstairs basement. It seems a bit different, there are three rooms and I'm in the middle room which connects to the other two by a door on either side of the room. I'm trying to plug in a charger to charge my iPhone which is proving extremely tedious. I've connected a whole bunch of extension cables and adapters and climbed to the top of a tall book shelf in the corner of the room in order to plug it in to the wall socket (which is above the shelf for some reason). The charger cord is about 2 metres long and looks really mismatched due to the extension cables. I remember that this also used to be my older brothers stuff. To the left a door opens from the first room and a powerful orange dragon appears (orange is apparently a high rank in this dream - btw the dragons are pretty stupid looking and they stand at human height with short stubby wings). It walks in and causes a ruckus, knocking out the charger from the wall socket which took so much effort to plug in . I killed the douche dragon and absorbed him, gaining his strength. I start climbing up the shelf and plug in the charger once more... Another orange dragon then walks into the room but I decide to hide my presence. It continues to walk across the room and opens the door on the other side leading to the 3rd room. *phew* I'm safe, I thought to myself. Now another dragon walks in from the 1st room, this time it was a brown dragon which is extremely weak. I jump down from the shelf and kill it quickly. I then grab its body and take it with me into the 3rd room and hurl the body at the orange dragon. I don't know why I did this but it got pissed off at me and started chasing me around the room. I dodge around it and have a distinct feeling that I can't beat it. I run into the next room and shut the door behind me, then hide behind the door when the dragon opens it. It wanders into the room and I leap out and run back into the room I just came from. It sees me just as I duck into the room and grabs me but I manage to shake it off and shut the door in its face . This kind of thing continues for a while in a panicky-state until I wake up.
    10. Cooking

      by , 06-25-2015 at 01:07 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was at a barbecue in forest inspectorate. It was warm evening. I was cooking a duck and preparing a sauce for it using salt, pepper, garlic, onion and some other spices.
    11. Invisible Houses

      by , 05-01-2015 at 03:26 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was inside a dorm. The color theme is yellow and black. I think it's supposed to represent the previous place I was staying in in Sampaloc. I was with L. We were eating. I saw him crush a cockroach, throw it into a pan to fry it, then throw away either the shell or innards and eat the one that wasn't thrown away. I thought that was a little strange, and then I realized I was also eating cockroach. Then I thought, "There's no way I'm eating a cockroach. I must have been mistaken," all the while trying to hold back puking in the dream (not sure in real life, but I woke up a bit sick to my stomach).

      I was looking for homes/places to stay in. Or rather, there was a review of hidden/invisible homes. I was told that the one (tower) I was staying in high up in a cliff is among the top 5 because it's hard to reach. The next ones were simply impossible. One was hidden in some sort of mist, another is a flying pink house that moves from place to place all the time, and another was something that was never found. There seems to be no top 1 yet.

      I was in a dorm. Not sure if the same or different from the one earlier. I was outside this time. I was looking at the facade of the thing. Somehow, I felt like my aunts on my dad's side are inside. I walked just outside the window. I saw a frying pan. I walked up a short set of stairs. The mood was night but with bright moonlight.

      I was at work in an office. I think I was new, and I was sitting in front of a computer. There was a lady who talked to me about work. I think they were saying I seem so serious about work, even seems like I'm going overtime. I thought to myself that I just enjoy it.

      Night. It was already after work. I'm still in the office. I walked around. I moved a sloth to a wall.



      - Slept at around 6 p.m., woke up around 8 p.m. Set alarm 01:46 HH:MM.
      - I decided to incubate a dream, thinking about my plan of moving.
      - Drank coffee with lotsa milk less than an hour prior sleeping
      - Was listening to Dreamgate.
    12. No Stop Sign DA + RAM + OST + (2)DILDS

      by , 05-01-2015 at 06:29 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I found myself in third person point of view, witnessing a woman quickly cut oranges while preparing a meal in the oven. After a minute of seeing her do this, I zoom in to 1st person point of view and realize that she could be aware of my presence now. I hid under one of the kitchen counter because I didn't want her to know that a stranger had been here. I pop my head up and notice she was still cooking.

      This was a good time to bail, I look around and found her front door a couple of feet away from me. I silently but quickly rush to the door in till I hear her foot steps hit the carpet. I glance at her to see she had just step in to the living room with a plate of food in one of her hands. I must've rush through the door as I went outside realizing that I had forgotten to lock her door. Now that I am outside I took the time to observe my surroundings. The clouds were greatly clouded and dark, appearing to be a thunder storm.

      I decided the first thing I should do is look for my family. I ran pass a couple of out of place houses. It was odd, all of these houses seem to be place randomly in the grassy field. There no streets or lights just houses spread apart in the middle of no where. I finally came across a house that look similar to my parents but not identical. It look different enough to turn me away from the idea of entering.

      After wandering around the grass more it came to me that I was lost. I decided I should knock on the door and ask anyone if they could help me find some directions. At first this seem like a good idea but I change my mind once I realize I didn't really knew the people around here. There's no telling what may happen and decided my best bet was to go back to the previous woman that had been cooking house to explain my situation.

      I continue running pass the houses in a attempt to retrace my steps back to her house. I noted to myself that these houses sure seem old on the outside. Not appearing 21st century at all. After several more attempts at finding her house again, I end up back in back in the large open field. I could feel myself becoming desperate in till I saw a man run pass me in a hurry. That's when I heard a lot of screams below the grassy field. This made me realize that I was on a large hill.

      I drop to the ground and began wondering what must be going on down there and why did I hear this just now. I then became lucid once I made the connection with the timing of my emotions. I got up from the ground and pursue the man that went down the hill. I found a bunch of the town folks on the bottom of a rocky shore yelling angry at a man who was holding a woman hostage by the neck at the top of a cliff.

      I was then spotted by the mob to where soon one of them order me to be captured. I tried to make my way to the man holding the hostage, but running on pointy rocks was no easy task. It took me awhile in till I could reach him. One of the angry people from the mob grab my arm and not too long I broke free from his grip. I then reach the man and quickly push him down the cliff in till he made contact with the rocks below. I continue to then push the woman all the way down in till she to landed all the down to the rocks.

      The mob now close enough to launch a direct attack on me proceeded to do so. One of the members in the angry mob said I was going to get screwed now. I didn't waste any time taking most of them out. I soon reach all the way to the bottom of the hill and they seem to be having trouble keeping up with me. Just as it look like I would have no problems escaping. There was one child standing in my way. He had white hair and was completely in white clothing.

      He appear to be dressed like me, the type clothes we wore was very different from the people living here. In his hands was a rather large dice with the one number being mark in red instead of black like the rest label in the dice. Was that his weapon of choice I wonder? Regardless I was not going to let a child stop me right now. I rush at him and threw a couple of punches toward his direction, he made no attempts to dodge and took all the blows.

      After that he made several attempts to hit me with his large dice. I dodge and dodge in till the next dodge I slip up and got hit by it on my head. The impact was much more than I imagine it would be. I was knock to the ground and could feel myself sliding in to unconsciousness. The last thing I could hear was the mob cheering loudly. I soon found myself inside father room, the lights were off. I then become lucid and stated I'm not ready to leave just yet.

      I open my father door to see the living room lights were also off. I began thinking back about the recent events that just happen. I told myself that yea I should have no problems waking up and remembering all of it. That's when I notice the front door to the house open by itself. I step outside to confirm that it was night and that the sensations I was feeling outside were incorrect. It did not feel cold at all slightly warm. I continue walking up the road passing a few cars park around in till I actually woke up. Lucidity Time: 6 minutes
    13. 1-25-15 Fragmented dream - Wife getting bashed

      by , 01-25-2015 at 12:30 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      1-25-15 Fragmented dream - Wife getting bashed (Non-lucid)


      Someone was bashing my wife for her cooking (which is exceptional in waking life) I believe this might have been my wife brother. We were in a house with a lot of technology.

      Something related to a phone call where my mom called my wife and she hung up accidentally.
      Tags: cooking, wife
      dream fragment
    14. I order coke, yet I am given beer!

      by , 11-18-2014 at 09:30 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      I order coke, yet I am given beer! (Non-lucid)


      I was attending college during this dream. I was in a class related to a major in cooking. I really did not like the class, as the teacher was having a very scientific approach to cooking and there was no hands on training at all, just lectures and I really felt that cooking was all about hands on. Some other students, two females, where sharing the same thoughts as I, so we would get into hands on training after class. It was my first time to join them, even though they already were doing these side classes.

      The settling looked similar to the above photo, in fact, the uniform was pretty similar. I was given a small round device, it had the same of a pill, but it was about a feet in size. It had a special combination and I needed to put three numbers 2 in a row. I struggled a lot to do this, but I was finally able to and suddenly the "pill" released a black apron, some cooking utensils and some made up devices that I have no idea what they were for. One of the ladies was happy and I got dressed to cook. We cooked some food, even though, I cannot remember what it was.

      We decided to go on a break and we went to a mall. They were going to buy a bed and we were going to share it, even thought, there was no sexual intents from neither of our ends. The matress store had several beds displayed outdoors and we laid down to try some of the beds. One was a water bed and I told her I had my doubts they would allow that bed in the apartment, since usually water beds are banned due insurance.

      From here, we went to the food court and they were going to pick up food while I went to buy the drinks at a little store that sold drinks. This store was like a bar and there were four employees. I ordered two Coke Zero and every time that the employee prepared the drink, it was a beer. I told them I wanted no beer and the employees started to be rude with me. They made me wait, assisted other clients and eventually, would bring me another beer. I was tired of waiting so long until one of the ladies ended up meeting with me. I was tempted of just jumping the bar and preparing the cokes myself, afterall, I could see the soda dispenser right in front of me and I could not understand where the problem was, but I did not as I could get into trouble.

      From here, a lot happened but I forgot. As soon as I reached my journal from bed, I recalled the early part of the dream (written above) and inmediately, forgetting the last part of the dream.
    15. UFC Playing Cards, Master Chef Potato (15.8.14)

      by , 08-15-2014 at 05:30 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      DREAM 1

      I'm standing next to a bed in an expensive looking apartment. I'm talking to Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta (both UFC affiliated). We're looking at UFC playing cards. They look pretty cool and a bit bigger than your average playing card. Lorenzo shows me a deck which has a fuck up in it. It's showing Vitor Belfort and Ben Rothwell at the weigh ins, giving their stare down before the fights the next day (Strange considering Ben is Heavyweight and Vitor is Middleweight/Light Heavyweight).

      Dana's kids run in the room and soon realize I was giving the deck because they kid had 2 of the same and didn't need it. I look on the floor and notice a deck of cards still in its pack.

      We're standing in a kitchen and I tell Dana and Lorenzo I'm surprised no ones brought this up in the MMA forums, which is "do you only watch normal wrestling or do you watch all forms including the hardcore matches where they use chairs etc". Lorenzo says he does watch both.

      DREAM 2 - 9:50AM

      I'm watching people cook on a cooking show. It's the master chef format. One of the contestants which had already been knocked out or was from a previous season is demonstrating a dish. She puts a pad at the bottom of a potato for some reason. She gives another demonstration which involves potatoes again. This time she is using the plastic which holds a six pack of cans together. She calls it a strange name. I see potato that is hanging from the plastic as she pulls it up. She seems a little shaky as if she is a bit nervous and tends to be a little clumsy.


      I'm watching a porn scene. A man has a couple pumps and finishes. I think it's odd and rewind it. I realize it was towards end anyways, so I watch it from the start. The man looks young and not the type of guy that does porn. He has a abnormally sized penis, which looks very blurry. He places it inside the women slowly.


      Couldn't get to sleep until late and had a horrible sleep. Affirmations were not working this morning, was too tired.
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