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    1. 3/24/18 (L)x5 | Traffic, Buildings, Samus

      by , 03-24-2018 at 02:14 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-This LD lasted less than 10 seconds and took place at my old house.
      -2-The next LD in this group happened after a lengthy scene of odd questioning in a hyper-realistic mesh between my old house and another house. Even the shower was near perfect. Later, I finally did realize I was dreaming. Samus appeared in a turquoise drag racer while her Sm4sh victory theme played. I lost lucidity shortly after. The scene was a busy-ish road with trees and small buildings. There was an intersection to the north.
      -3-I regained lucidity for a while as I jumped on top of trucks and buildings.
      -4-(DEILD) I spawned on the northbound side of the same road, looking west. I tried to take over a large, red thing that resembled a semi truck, but I couldn't open the door. Seconds later, I approached the intersection from the southbound side, and was immediately surrounded by cops. On one side were Americans, and on the other were Chinese.
      "The Chinese are quick to secure their target." --a text in a book

      -5-(DEILD) I spawned in a tall building east of the parking lot, which was north of the intersection by a half-block. I look to my right and see a room with FNAF characters in it.
      "Oh, look at that," I said, slightly annoyed. I was not a fan in the slightest. As I continued east inside, one of the characters followed me and acted like a hyperactive child with ADHD. Looking up, I saw that the ceiling of this wide, concrete-floored hallway was about 5 stories high. The character then turned into Pinkie Pie, so I shoved her off a convenient ledge.

      Lucid Time: 4m5s--6m25s
    2. 17-12-06 Sewer Pig-Demons, Tank Farm, Getaway

      by , 12-21-2017 at 03:28 PM
      I'm in a room (in the sewers?), trapped. I look for a key to get out. Eventually I do. Eventually I'm driving a big vehicle (a truck?) through an industrial area closely resembling one of my (many) previous workplaces (tank farm, BASF). Someone sees me. It's my worst enemy from that time, Paul. I try to flee but give up after a short while. Turns out if not him at all, but a female fire safety officer (or whatever the role is called in English, we call it "veiligheidswacht" or "brandwacht). We talk for a bit, then I manage to leave. Back in the sewers now. A man-sized demon sees me. I flee, quickly climbing a ladder to a higher level. I crawl through a narrow space, but my passage through the next small room is blocked by a kind of smaller pig-demon. A fat guy is also stuck in that room. I kill the pig-demon with five shots from my shotgun. I got outside, onto the streets. My getaway driver arrives. The cops are watching from behind the windows of the building next to us. I tell the fat guy (who had a Hispanic name) to hurry up and get in the car before the cops get suspicious.
    3. 17-11-12 Highway Incident

      by , 11-14-2017 at 04:59 AM
      There was a car accident on the highway below (multi-level highway, I was on an elevated road, looking down on the 'main' highway below). I ran towards the edge and jumped down, knowing fully well I would float down safely. I think I wanted to help? Anyway, cops were there, and I get very nervous they might see my taser and tactical equipment... which is all illegal where I live... so I decided to fly off when they weren't looking. However, as I reached the altitude of nearby rooftops, I scared some birds and they caught the lady cop's attention. She saw me, but couldn't do anything to stop me anyway.

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    4. 12/22 thru 12/26/2016 - "Snake Among Dragons;" "Diva Scorned;" "The Thin Lucid Line"

      by , 01-04-2017 at 08:13 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Fragment One
      "Snake Among Dragons"

      I was with a fairly close-knit group of martial artists, meeting with each other about something or other. There was a cop within the group, sitting there in street clothes and trying to blend in with us, but it was becoming more and more apparent that he was there to dig up dirt on our group.

      Fragment Two
      I just remember a cat diving into a pool and being able to sort of freedive and hold its breath for an impressive amount of time.

      "Diva Scorned"

      I was being chased by some psychotic, pistol-packing diva - with her expansive group of henchmen - through a big, fancy hotel setting. I have no idea why they were chasing me, or who my companion was, but I know the orders were to shoot on sight. During the chase, someone was able to take us into their apartment and hide us in a small space at the side of a bed, just as the woman showed up. They ended up torturing the person that was hiding us, and who had absolutely refused to give us up. I can't remember what all they did to him, but at one point, I do remember them taking high-pressure heat to his face - like a modified blowtorch with no flame - and literally burning and blistering all over his face and head.

      Next thing I knew, they were gone and we were back on the run, through the hotel hallways and out onto the scaffolding outside, goons firing a few pot shots at us along the way. Making it down to the parking lot, we looked for crowded areas and tried to stay hidden.


      There was a bright green viper loose in Shaun's house - pretty much just slithering around, wherever it pleased. I did a fairly good job of avoiding it, in the beginning but eventually it struck out at locked onto my calf. The last thing I remember was wondering if I was going to make it to the hospital in time to not die.

      Fragment One

      This one was something about the Tree of the Dead, from the movie Sleepy Hollow. I don't remember much from the dream, except chopping away at the center of the tree, as if more trying to destroy it than investigate it. Just like in the movie, though, I was getting sprayed and saturated with the human blood and gore that made up the tree's insides. I don't remember any encounter with the Headless Horseman, or anything like that - just the tree, itself - though I do know that I had someone with me.

      Dream Two
      "The Thin Lucid Line"

      I was out for some good times with friends, and there was an attractive woman that just kind of fell into our group, after a while, along with some of her male and female friends. The woman and I had been getting along really well, and one of her friends was continuously trying to hook her up, but we all knew that there was going to be nothing going on between us. Throughout the day, I had been driving, and I vaguely remember stopping into a grocery store, before we all went to an apartment complex.

      The sun had just gone down, when a group of maybe 8 of us were walking through the parking lot, and two of the guys - one white, one black - decided to play, what they referred to as "a prank". They, then disappeared behind one of the buildings. A few seconds later, a woman comes running out from one of the hallways, screaming for the police, just as a patrol car 'happened' to be pulling into the complex.

      Naturally, we all scattered and attempted to evade the police. While running through the parking lot, I'd begun to suspect that I was dreaming. Taking one huge leap, I launched myself into the air, and nearly touched the roof of one of the tall apartment buildings, slowly descending back toward the ground. Trying to keep myself calm and get my bearings within the dream state, I took another jump, just a bit more focused, and touched-down to the rooftop. I, then, flew across the parking lot, to the rooftop across from the building I was once on. (I had originally wanted to do the 'Lucid Task of the Month' but I had completely forgotten, by this point.) Now, assured that I was dreaming, I went back down to find my group.

      The cops had everyone rounded up. There were two black cops and one white one - the two black cops acting nonchalant and, ridiculously enough, carrying basketballs as if they were trying to appeal to us level (while being racial stereotypes, obviously). They started putting us in their cruiser and the white cop turned to me and started making bigoted remarks. Still lucid, I just laughed at him and said something smart, in return. Becoming instantly defensive, the cop pulled out his gun and shot me in one leg. It felt like a light punch, and ultimately didn't faze me at all, in terms of pain. The act was, though, irritating, and it caused me to laugh directly in his face, at his futility.

      I said something like "you fool! This is a dream. This is My dream! You think you can hurt me, here??" I then held up one hand and challenged him to shoot me in the hand, just to prove to him (read as: myself) that I could override the pain. He looked at my hand, and back at me...and then he shot me multiple times in the Legs, again. It caught me a little off-guard, but I focused on ignoring the pain and what little discomfort came about had immediately disappeared.

      Again, his defiance irritated me, but caused me to laugh at him through grit teeth. I was just just about to go completely OP'd on him, when I felt the dream beginning to fade away. I didn't even try to fight waking up, though, even though I would have enjoyed tormenting this DC, and I just let the dream slip away while I awoke.

      I've noticed some recurring themes of racism and fascism in my dreams, lately. Makes sense, really. I've been taking in a lot of politics, and playing games like Tomb Raider and The Last of Us, which contain a lot of such situations. No question as to whether waking world media is seeping into my dreams. Lol.
    5. July 22, 2016 Frag

      by , 07-22-2016 at 06:06 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      I'm in China at this normal hotel place I've been at in another dream. I get lost in the city and I end up with a bike that holds a roof and my belongings with it over me. I hang my bike up on it like a branch. Eventually, I want to visit my favorite food provider Noodle Lady so I try to round up my friend to go to her but we're getting chased from the cops. We hide in an alleyway and my friend IRL who lives in China meets up with us and gives us the info. of another girl to help us escape but I wake up.
      Tags: china, cops
    6. #9

      by , 10-13-2015 at 07:49 AM

      Dream 1
      It's daytime and I'm standing outside somewhere. In traffic I believe but close to an escalator. I call my old boss from the time I worked at Telfort. Not entirely sure what we talked about, but he's on his way. Somehow it feels like he's coming by motorcycle, which he doesn't have.

      I enter the Telfort shop and one of my old colleagues is standing there. We talk for a bit. I remember me mentioning Vodafone, a competitor.

      I am standing in my mom's kitchen, which is the backoffice for the Telfort shop. I'm with the earlier mentioned former colleague and someone else walks in. He started working there after I left, so he doesn't know me. We talk for a bit, but I feel some slight tension. Not too fond of the guy.

      Dream 2
      I am watching what seems like a documentary, which happens in 'full view'. It looks like a high-school toilet area, with a tile floor. The camera is positioned low, so that I have a sideways view of two teenagers laying on the ground. Documentary style, their names and ages are shown with white letters. I forgot their names, but the guy was 17 and the girl 16. While you can't actually see any of the action, it becomes obvious that they are having sex, right there in the middle of the toilet area, not even in the stalls. I think it's slightly odd that this is being aired. Is this even legal? The guy asks for another drink and grabs a bottle with a dark fluid from the wall (as if there was a shelf there, except there wasn't). The girl becomes mad that he needs to be drunk for this and can't do without.

      It's now the hallway just outside the toilet area. The girl is claiming that she got assaulted by the guy, who is still in there. A teacher tries to get the guy to come out. He goes into the toilets but doesn't see anyone. I mention that the guy might be in one of the stalls, with his feet on the toilet so that you can't tell he's in there.

      We are in a large room with some office desks. We (= one other guy and I) are trying to identify who the guy in the toilets is. It feels as if we are cops now. We look at stuff on the computer, such as old records and what not, but come up empty. The one guy that looks like the guy in the stalls is an adult man around his 40's. In looks he reminds me slightly of Vincent van Gogh or Louis CK. To our right, just next to the desk is a group of presumably teenagers standing, whom are very interested in what we're doing. To the left the girl in question walks by. We ask her some questions to help us out. What she tells us doesn't add up. She gives us a description of the guy which includes something about his hair length, which is way off.

      I am now in cuffs. It's not certain yet that I've done something wrong, but just as a precaution. We seamlessly move from the office area to an outside area. It's already dark. The person that is handling me is Paul from Spin City. Can we at least put a jacket or something over me so that not everyone has to see that I'm cuffed? I start to think about how I would act if I was on the run from the police. How far would I come?

      Exactly that happens. I am running. I don't recall my hands still being tied. While running I think about how I would contact my mom. Obviously I'd throw my own phone and simcard away, or else the police would trace it. I could send a message from a new phone and simcard, but my mom's phone might be tapped. I would have to ask a stranger to use his... but then they would know that stranger's location and thus also that I'm in the vicinity. Apparently that vicinity is in the southern part of the Netherlands. Ok I got it: that stranger needs to text a friend in the northern part of the Netherlands to text my mom. That will throw the cops of my trail. I'm running across still standing traffic. I run in between two cars and perform an aerial [freerunning move] to get by them, though that wasn't really necessary. Sweet! I can do that. Never nailed an aerial before. I'm not sure what I did, but I end up running back to where I came from. I perform another aerial, but from a less optimal position. I land, but need to touch a car with my hand for a moment for balance. I think it might've been an orange car. I continue running and put my hand on the rearlight for a moment for an extra push.

      Dream 3
      I meet up with my dreadlock artist from Indonesia. I think it might be a beach. Wow, his hair has become really long! How has it grown so much and has mine only grown a little bit? Then I notice that his dreads are thinner than they used to be and that halfway they have a different colour. Blond? He's using extensions! It feels weird that he of all people is using extensions, as if he is cheating.

      Still on the beach, I am with my first girlfriend and her parents. We're talking about ordering drinks.

      Dream 4
      I'm talking to a freerunner I know, who is also a filmmaker. We are talking about healthy food and he tells me how difficult it is to find healthy food in Groningen. No it's not man, you just gotta stay away from the candy and all that stuff. While this conversation plays in my mind I see a totally different image. I see a trippy freerunning sequence for a videoclip. The image is turned 90 at one point.

      Dream 5
      I'm supposed to use a syringe to draw some blood from myself. It's supposed to go into my belly, next to my belly button. I'm quite nervous about it. The only syringe I have left is one I already used once. That's not really hygienic is it... I decide to risk it. I start to look for a good spot on my belly. There are still some marks from the other syringes I used a while back. Don't wanna get too close to that. I start taking deep breaths, which causing my belly to also move in and out. This in turn causes me to accidentally insert the syringe already to the left side of my belly. I decide to roll with it and push it further in. Man this feels weird. It kinda hurts a bit.

      A few months ago I had to do this daily for 30 days, except I had to inject myself instead of drawing blood.

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    7. Chased by the cops in NYC, Love in hotel

      by , 08-23-2015 at 01:24 PM
      I was with a group of guys and girls and we were in New York City. We were doing something illegal (forgot what) and the cops started chasing us. We started driving away in a car, and we went through NYC to the Queens Bridge (which doesn't exist irl). It sort of looked like another bridge I know about. Eventually, we lose the cops mostly, and have to walk on foot to avoid them. We soon lose them and have to go to a hotel to sleep for the night. We all go to a hotel, and start preparing for sleep. Two girls want to sleep together, as they find out that they love each other. One of them said, "this just shows the grape vines between us," about how they were together today realizing their love. They sleep together in a room, while the rest of us sleep on 3 other beds in the hotel. I was trying to decide where to sleep, also thinking I'd end up having sex with whoever was in the bed, and ended up with a bed with a guy in it. Went to sleep and woke up irl.
    8. A banshee turns into a beautiful light-blue skinned human being

      by , 01-30-2015 at 01:25 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      A banshee turns into a beautiful light-blue skinned human being (Non-lucid)


      WBTB-Failed (+2)
      Full Dream (+1)

      I was in a huge house and there was a rainforest inside the house. I believe I was not human, but an Avatar and I needed to look for a Banshee to ride it. I entered a room in the house it was looking a lot like Pandora, but among the banshees, there were some weird beings also:

      As I explored the room, without turning lucid, I walked around. I really neither felt like blissful or anything. I knew I was on Earth despite the beings I was seeing. I started to look for one until I noticed that the room was very brown. It looked like Majora's Mask moon:

      I found that to be a very weird room and it felt familiar to me, but really did not focus on it much
      (+15) so I focused on catching a banshee. One of them, turned into a humanoid looking female. Her skin was blue, but not like the avatars, it was a pale blue and she fell in love with me instantly.

      We went together to a differnet part of the house and for some reason, I was afraid to go to jail because I did not get a banshee. There were some cops around but I woke up.
    9. 11/28/2014

      by , 12-15-2014 at 02:41 AM
      False Awakening

      I was with Laurie watching one of her kids, which was a fourth she had just had. We were at a mall buying stuff but something happened and we had to go home. We got to Laurie's house at night and the house she now lived in was a big mansion. Something scared her kid and he called 911, which made me run over and hang up the phone. While tucking him in bed, tons of cops started showing up asking about the kid. They thought I did something and started questioning me and doing stuff to me. Eventually, Laurie told the cops to take the kid as I talked to the cops. I was devastated at what was happening and was seeking answers from the cops. I couldn't find a specific cop I was looking for but when I asked a girl, she told me to follow her and she started lighting up the house's inside Christmas decorations. I was surprised and amazed and she started making a cake and some pasta with magic. I woke up and started thinking about the kid in the dream but then I really woke up.
    10. 11/27/2014

      by , 12-15-2014 at 02:35 AM
      I was in some sort of beach with a lot of little islands scattered around the area. I was with a few people and I swam around. I went back home and saw Nathan and while he was talking to me, I saw someone setting his stuff on fire so I ran and chased the guy. Some security guard helped me and I had 2 of my sigs, one was a paintball gun, the guy finally stopped and I took him down and cuffed him when I saw a cop passing by.
    11. School/Prison

      by , 12-01-2014 at 09:58 PM
      This one's from yesterday. Note: I've had a VERY similar dream before, and as I went through this dream, I remembered the last one. The setting was the same. I think this one fluctuated from lucid to non-lucid.

      I'm in a prison, as an inmate, but this prison's more like some kind of highschool (I don't know why I keep getting highschool dreams, it was years ago ). I recall the last dream (within this one) that I escaped during a riot/party from an enclosed outside area. There are several different keys. In this dream, I'm an underclassman and the seniors accept me as their own (I don't think they know what grade/level I'm in). There's this hippie dude as some kind of leader for the seniors and I make best friends with him.
      Somehow this dream transitions into police chasing us/shooting futuristic weapons at us in the ruins of some warehouse. I'm with the same group of people running from the cops. One of the cops has 26 illegal assassins somewhere, and he has brought his newest recruit (the 27th). I think they get us, and I woke up.

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    12. 11/11/2014

      by , 11-15-2014 at 02:46 AM
      I was in Belen at night at the police station asking the Lieutenant why I didn't make it on. The Lt. said to look over my file but I somehow knew they had shredded it earlier. I asked again and the Lt replied "You didn't have confidence in your answers". He gave me the keys to a storage room where they keep files and I went through people's files, seeing what got them to pass. There was a loud knock on the door, which was weird so I found a way outside and made my way around the building.
      I saw 2 guys trying to break in and a firefight started between us. The first guy went down pretty quick and I exchanged gunfire with the other one, who eventually went down. It was difficult to hit them because I wasn't aiming properly. I approached their bodies but found out that they were playing dead as they opened fire on me. I ran back around a wall and reloaded my pistol, which was extremely easy to do, and shot back. I knew the guys had me confused with someone else and when I finally killed the bald guy with the white shirt, I called 911 on my phone, which was hard to do because of how slow my phone was. The Lt I was talking to earlier showed up and we arrested the guy that was still alive.
    13. 11/6/2014/

      by , 11-14-2014 at 04:33 AM
      I was laying down listening to music at my dad and sister's house, which was in Venezuela. I got up and went to my car, which was my old Camry, while texting Megan telling her that I wasn't going to move back in with her. The area I was in was poor and run down, and I had my AR15, my Sig in my leg holster, and my Taurus on my cargo pocket. I dumped the car and walked for a while, texting Megan until she fell asleep. Kristy teased me that Megan and I weren't going to get back together. I passed through a part of town that was rich with parkour obstacles, with the buildings made of the same materials that most buildings in NM are made from. I did parkour but having the AR15 on my back made it difficult, making me take some long falls, hurting me a little. Eventually, I went through a door and saw a cop car ahead. I passed him, trying to seem normal even with all the weapons I had on me. I got pulled over and questioned. Still outside, I tried to convince the officers to let me go. The 4 cops started arguing with eachother and I thought about running away but instead, I grabbed my AR15 and opened fire.

      As I shot my rifle, I noticed the flash from the muzzle and felt the weight of the rifle in my hands. I shot 3 Venezuelan Officers and one civilian, only leaving one officer alive. As we exchanged fire, the area slowly turned into the inside of an important-looking office building. The officer took cover behind a wooden bookcase and as I tried to shoot through the bookcase, the bullets weren't penetrating or doing any damage to the officer. I turned and proceeded through the building, exchanging gunfire with lightly armed police. I ran into an office and took the magazine out of my AR15, put it in my pocket, and struggled to insert a fresh magazine into the magwell. I moved through the building until I reached the entrance to an underground prison, guarded by an officer with an AK. I turned around and started fighting my way out, saying to myself "This better be a dream" as I saw a group of civilians to my left. I did a reality check of my watch, with the time showing 10:08, with working seconds. I cursed to myself saying "How am I gonna get out of this one? I'll get tortured in this prison if I don't"

      Shortly after, I saw J. Warner, who helped me through the building. I came to the realization that we were spies on a mission. There was a man that I shot in the head several times but only managed to wound him. I woke up shortly after telling Warner I dinked the guy and that he was seriously wounded.
    14. 10/16/2014

      by , 11-10-2014 at 02:59 AM
      False Awakening

      I was in Florida during the day time on a Saturday. I was supposed to requalify with my rifle and pistol but I got teleported to Venezuela with my grandma. She made me some weird soup and I ate it while driving. As I drove, I ran over a pretty Asian woman and backed up to tell her sorry but she ran into her house. I eventually arrived at a school/apartment complex as the sky turned to dusk. Christa met up with me and we started having sex. People from Christa's work showed up and it started to rain so we both ran to deliver a money bag to the school library. I suddenly remembered that I had left my car door open so I ran back to my car in the slippery pavement.
      I got to my car while some guy was breaking into it so I grabbed the guy and started punching him in the nose, eventually slamming him to the ground. A fat security guard said "Just let them kill each other" and some guy started making a joke and I told him about how Valery put hot sauce on my pizza a long time ago. I eventually got off the guy I was beating and cops showed up and started throwing CS. I ran back to my car where I took off my shirt and hid it as the cops arrested people that were known trouble makers. I woke up into a counter strike game and stated typing my dream.
    15. 10/27/2014 - Untitled Fragment; "Coke Challenge"; "Superhero Scapegoat"

      by , 11-06-2014 at 02:45 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      (I was attempting to complete Hukif's Lucid Dare; challenging me to fight Spider-Man, without the aid of Lucid Powers. After waking up and doing a few brain-teasers, at about 5 a.m., I went back to sleep with the intention of finding and fighting Spider-Man.)

      Fragment One

      I was at an outdoor festival with friends. A specific girl I was chilling with was absolutely gorgeous (tall, exotic, dirty-blonde hair. Reminded me a little of AP), and we were getting really cozy; hugged up on each other and dozing off while I was rubbing my fingers along her thigh.

      Dream Two
      "Coke Challenge"

      I had a false awakening, where I woke in my Canterbury bedroom. There was barely any light coming in through the window, but I could tell that the room was different (from my present one), but couldn't recognize how. While I was trying to figure it out, a young boy walked into my room, immediately alarming me because I always keep my door locked when I sleep.

      He stood in the shadows of the doorway, trying to grab my attention, talking about how I should come and try the "coke (cocaine) and [something?]" that he'd just made. I sat up in bed and started questioning him about who he was and how the Hell he got into my room. He seemed to try to avoid my questions, remaining suspiciously quiet and just standing at the open doorway.

      "This is a dream, isn't it?" I asked, rhetorically.

      The moment I became lucid, the dream transitioned (or ended).

      Dream Three
      "Superhero Scapegoat"

      I was back with the girl from the original dream, and we were walking down the sidewalk of a city street. There was a bank, off to our left, and we turned to step inside...walking right into the middle of a bank robbery in progress.

      The thieves were running in and out of the back of the bank, taking turns leaving carts of money for short periods, before coming back in and grabbing as much more as they could. I don't remember actually seeing any employees or customers. With one of the carts being near to us, my lady-friend and I simply couldn't resist grabbing onto the handles and rushing over to the door with the cart, trying to wheel the money out. (Not that I would have ever done that, in waking life, but it was just made sense, in the dream. Lol.)

      There was some cloth hanging from the car (with a design on it like the gray and black plaid on my PJ pants) and it got stuck in a closing door on our way out. Before we could get ourselves unstuck, a man with a gun appeared before us. It was the alleged 'boss' of this operation, and he was looking to get onto us about trying to steal 'his' money. I also remember that there was some lackey helping him out, a midget who was dressed in some sort of animal costume. He didn't stay long, though.

      The crime boss, ironically, turned us in to the police, convincing them that we were the ones who orchestrated and executed the entire heist. Strangely enough, though, he said that there was one other person helping us: Spider-Man.

      While we were being escorted toward the police station, so was the Webslinger. He was surrounded by about a dozen officers with automatic weapons trained on him, walking solemnly toward the front steps of the precinct. I could see a large, armored vehicle nearby, which is what I think they delivered him in. Even with his mask on, I could tell by his body language that he seemed completely defeated and dejected while they ushered him to jail.

      That's the last thing I remember.

      (Damn! So close! )
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