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    1. Ivan and Koschei, or the Firebird, depending.

      by , 11-05-2015 at 10:25 PM
      I'm sitting on the edge of a bed in a small rented room, wood panel walls, watching a man kneel and lace up the boots he's just given me. I'm thinking that a chase without consequences lacks interest - we've caught each other several times now but neither of us has actually killed the other, which should be the natural conclusion here. Makes me feel tired. I think I'll stop hunting him after today. The boots belonged to a dead Nazi, and I'm wronging people by wearing them; that's the reason he's giving them to me.

      Later the same day, we're standing in a very small graveyard on a green hill, and now he's giving me a green hat that I think of as going with the boots, though it doesn't resemble a military uniform. I recognize both it and the boots as part of a costume signifying Ivan, which would make him Koschei. He disagrees with this observation, says he'd rather be the Firebird. I'm thinking that he's greatly misinterpreted our story.

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    2. For yesterday and this day

      by , 05-26-2015 at 06:57 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      [25-05-2015] Portal to a harbor city

      With mother and younger sister we went to a local cinema. Younger sister was wearing a costume of wonder woman, I had a trenchcoat and my mother was wearing casual clothes. We entered the Screen 1 room. It was a small room, with wooden benches and lights out. We sat down as the movie started to play.

      Suddenly I've got sucked inside the movie. The projection showed a short scene of me and my relatives coming back from a city. Brother asked me to park a car in the garage, which I've done quickly, maneuvering between dog and grandma. When I placed the car in the garage, I got sucked into another scene.

      I was a lone wanderer. I travelled from a small village into enormous cursed city, where I found a portal to another realm. I entered it quickly and found myself in medieval harbor city. I was standing on the edge of platform, looking at the sea lands.

      I walked the poor, empty streets of harbor city, going to an entrance. Then I saw warriors taking control over the place. Then I saw someone similar to one dude from my class, and said "What!? You've gave up!? People, you don't know what you did! This guy is a badass! He saved the world... and killed dragons!"

      Suddenly I changed into that person, and took a short sword into my hands. With quick moves I killed all the warriors and freed the city and myself. I went back to look at the sea land, and saw coral-like creatures jumping over the water.

      When they contacted the water, they changed into another forms. One changed from blue to red, and received a long leg. The other one was white, and turned into a statue. I ran to the place from where I come, to the entrance of a portal.

      I saw two monks and one of the coral-like creatures, but bigger and more humanoid. Monks when watching as he comes clouser said with amusement "Concalcius! You're back!" It had fingers of different colours, and looked at the whit one for a while, saying "I hold power... I hold life."


      I was walking with group of friends in high mountains, when suddenly a white griffin appeared and captured one of them.
    3. Watching a dance

      by , 02-05-2015 at 10:32 PM
      A human wandered into our territory and due to an accident, got stuck here. He's spent the past few days trying to figure out a way out of this, but right now he's relaxing with us. He's taken some of the things out of his luggage and has been showing us how they work, and now he's putting on a demonstration. He's a performer, a dancer, and he's showing us what he'd been working on before the accident got him stuck here. A woman's joining him, he gave her a costume to wear, a white dress. The man directly to my left is in charge of starting the music at his signal; he's been spending more time with this guy than any of the rest of us except the woman he's dancing with, so he's learned how to make records work. The rest of us are sitting around on the rocks in a circle, watching.

      In the center of the clearing below us, he and the woman take each other's hands as if starting a formal dance. He repositions her closer to him, and she 'laughs' and 'says' that they're going to be dancing right on top of each other this way - in quotes because we don't use sound to 'talk,' though the laughing expression/gesture is the same.

      He starts to lead her through the dance. The dreamer side of me recognizes this as a sort of mix of an old court dance with modern sensibilities; the same could be said for the dress he gave her to wear, a sort of fantasy version of medieval clothes, very much a costume. From this perspective, it's clear that this was a dance designed for a specific performance, but the dream character side of me is under the vague misimpression that this is just how his people dance to celebrate things. Either way, I'm enjoying watching.

      His actions are oddly tentative, uncertain, more so than hers though he's the one teaching. I find that hesitation fun to watch, too. I'm also aware that this is the moment when he started to doubt whether he wanted to leave at all - so of course his immediate reaction was to become even more determined to get out as soon as possible.

      (The next two dreams after waking up and going back to sleep were also on the subject of dances and concerts.)
    4. Uncontrollable Vomitting

      by , 12-18-2014 at 01:32 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 15, 2014

      I started this dream at a school building, with a small trailer of things. I had the feeling I was moving.

      Part way through the journey, they dream shifted to a different plot...

      I was traveling with someone different from the beginning, and I'm not sure who exactly it was with me, but they had a familiar feel to them. I had this condition... Or something. I had with me a bag of some sort of liquid. It was attached to my body through a tube, though I don't remember where it was attached. Basically, this thing kept me alive, because without it I would uncontrollably vomit chunks of myself, or something.

      We were stopped at this house for the night. It was abandoned, but looked well-kept still. My companion and I were sitting in a corner of the room and being goofy. Somehow it got so goofy that I intentionally cut the bag connected to me. I think I had figured out that the liquid reacted strangely with the air and made beautiful patterns or something. It took me a while to realize what I'd done. There was very little liquid left in the bag now, and I suddenly realized, and ran to a bathroom. It was a VERY uncomfortable feeling next. Not being able to stop vomiting, even when I was empty... Feeling the chunks in my throat and mouth... I even heard the sounds. I don't usually actually hear things in dreams, as it's all more of an innate knowing of what people are saying or what sounds are around me.

      It was terrifying especially because I knew there were no more bags I could replace the ripped one with, so I thought I would die.

      But my companion rushes in and sticks something in my mouth. She sticks it right in my throat, which you would think would choke me, but somehow it doesn't, and stops the uncontrollable vomiting. Whatever it was, it saved my life. The companion had more of whatever it was, so if I accidentally swallowed the one in my throat now, they (I dont even know if this companion was a man or a woman. At times I had the feeling it was a man, but at times I felt like it was a woman) could put another one in.

      After a little while, we found a pair of headphones that would be able to keep me vomit-free until I could get a new bag of liquid. It was a temporary fix only, but better than having stuff shoved in my throat.

      I started walking around the house, and ended up on a balcony with a whole bunch of mannequins wearing costumes... They were posed, even (there was a Spider-Man one, which was posed like Spider-Man on a wall). It was fucking creepy. I'm glad I woke up then b excuse that place had such a horribly feeling... Like something bad definitely would have happened if I hadn't woken up.
      Tags: costumes, dying, vomit
      non-lucid , nightmare
    5. Flying With Adrian (20.9.14)

      by , 09-20-2014 at 01:42 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm with Josh, Daryl, Kayley and Adrian. They're all smoking cigarettes. I walk up to Adrian have a convocation with him. I remember saying something about being unsure if it's scientifically proven, and Fasting.

      Myself and Adrian are flying around on something. He's controlling it. We're after some kind of Diamond (Spider man Unlimited). We go towards one that's on a building lookout. We miss the diamond and crash into the wall. We're fine and not injured.
      I'm now on the ground and can see two people walking on the sidewalk. They're dressed up as a Jedi. They're both wielding light sabers. The man in front's light saber is over sized.

      I'm now in a street near what is meant to be Ben's house. I think I'm with Daryl and someone else. I walk over to Ben and his girlfriend. He's girlfriend is naked. I can see her breasts and ass. She's kind of squatting down and I can see her pussy. She's hot and I'm having sexual thoughts.
    6. A Brutal Murder, Being Berated, Cars and Spiderwebs, and a School Project

      by , 07-28-2014 at 03:59 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work, but it looked different. We were behind the counter. I was there with a couple of other people. There was one girl there who looked very tired. She had long, straight light brown hair and very tired eyes. She was probably about my age (25) or a bit younger. She needed a ride home from work. We got into my car. I was kind of tired too. The car was driving, but I noticed that I was sitting in the back seat with the tired eyed girl.
      "I should probably be sitting in the front," I said to her. I stopped the car as we were going through this gate and got in the front seat.

      Then, there was this lively old woman with us. She was quite energetic. She wanted us to drop her off on the side of the road so she could walk to her vehicle. We did just that. We got out though as well. We were walking on the sidewalk with this woman. She had a cane, but she wasn't using it. In fact, she started to jog! We couldn't keep up with her. We then were approaching her vehicle, or at least what we thought was her vehicle. It was a golf cart. It had a black bag with a big bow on it strapped over the seat. I thought she had been very trusting to leave that outside. Upon further examination, the golf cart had this HUGE control panel. It was so big, it took up the entire front window; you could not see out of it at all. I figured that maybe it drove itself. The old woman sat down in the seat, and was wondering how you worked it. I guess it hadn't been her vehicle, but a special vehicle that the public could use to get from place to place. There was a guy there that I assumed she was asking. We walked past her and the cart.

      I dropped the tired girl off, but noticed something as I was driving. I noticed that the cart with the lady had not moved, but there were dead bodies strewn on the street by the car, about three or four of them. Holy crap, someone came and murdered them! I thought maybe a fight had broken out and gotten taken too far. I returned to the area where the cart was and saw what I had feared: The old woman was dead, along with a few others. I think I asked someone who was there if she was dead, and they said yes. I told them I had seen the scene from a distance. I started to cry.

      Then, one of the people whom I thought was dead, a blonde guy who was probably in his twenties, opened his eyes. He looked like he was in so much pain. He said nothing, but his eyes told me everything. I was broken down crying now at this point, kneeling on the ground. I started to stroke the guy's knee to comfort him. I was so happy he was alive, but I still could not stop crying. It was then that I noticed that all the other people were literally torn apart; I saw someone's head detached from their body, an arm, and other torn apart body parts. The man with his eyes open in front of me was the only one who was not torn to shreds.


      I was going to my friend Cherie's apartment. It was daytime outside and sunny. My husband may or may not have been with me, I can't quite remember. I think we had just gotten back from a vacation.

      We got to the apartment. It was much different than IWL. It was more of a town home than an apartment, and was white and clean on the outside. There were many others that looked the exact same, as you would see in a town home community. I went inside, and Jeremiah and Cherie' were there in the living room. I went into the middle of the living room.

      Then, I noticed Cortney D., a supervisor from my old job. She was standing behind the couch (at this point the apt looked a lot like my current one IWL). I "remembered" that she lived in the same complex as Cherie'. She had her hair pulled back into a small ponytail, and was wearing a black shirt with a colored shirt (can't remember the color) underneath; it looked like an outfit she would wear to work. I was excited to see her, because I always really liked her, but was afraid she would be mad at me because of the way I quit. I got her attention, and she said
      "Krista." She walked up to me with a sense of urgency. She continued,
      "Why did you do that?!"
      I tried to explain to her how awful that job was, how bad I felt we were all treated there, but she kept countering me, asking me what did I expect, it's retail. She then stormed out. I was sad that she was angry, and I kept thinking of other things I should have said, but none would have made her feel differently. I didn't understand how she could continue to settle for such a crappy job.

      Other things happened after this. I remember leaving the apartment, but nothing else.


      I was driving to my old college's campus in a new car. It was a dark grey sedan, and very nice-looking. I felt weird and tired. It was morning. I don't know why I was going there. There was some kind of big event taking place.

      I parked in a gravel lot, and walked over to where the buildings were. I sat down on a bench underneath an overhang. I noticed that lots of college kids were walking around dressed up like it was Halloween. I saw people in knight costumes, and I think some Mortal Kombat costumes as well. I did not know what was going on.

      I then realized that they were in the marching band, and today was the day that the college hosted Contest of Champions, a high school marching competition, and that they always performed a show at intermission in their Halloween costumes (this is true IWL). All the college kids then started to dance with each other. It was like they were a flash mob; they all just seemingly spontaneously started to couple off and dance. I knew that they had planned it.

      I got up to go back to my car. I went into the field where the cars were. There were many, many more now. I clicked my clicker on my keys, and some tail lights light up, so I figured I had found my car. But then, another man, an older, heavier black gentlemen, got in the driver's side. Whoa, I thought, there must be some mistake. I opened the trunk to the car, which was actually more like a minivan than a sedan. Not my car after all. I felt embarrassed for trying to get into another person's car, though he did not say a word to me about it. I kept walking.

      I kept on clicking my clicker, and I noticed that when I did, other cars' headlights would flash. What the hell? How was I ever going to find my car now?

      I then was at an impasse, literally. I had approached a fenced in area. The fence was wooden and old, and actually relatively short. The only way I could get to the other side of the fence was to open up the old wooden gate. I then called an old friend, Tori, and asked her about the car, because I knew that she had had a car like mine. She said that hers had done that too, unlocking other people's cars instead of hers. When I got off the phone with her, I went to go open the gate, but it was covered in spiderwebs! I could not get a hold on it without touching one. I saw the webs up close, and noticed that lots of ants had gotten caught in the web. I saw one get caught in it towards the top of the fence. Ugh. So gross...I hate spiders. So I looked all over the fence for a place I could touch it without getting web on my fingers, and there was none. I put my hand on it regardless, and immediately took it away again. I saw the holes in the web where my fingers had pierced it. I then briefly opened the gate, but I couldn't even go through it without walking into webs. It only opened on the bottom anyhow; I would have had to push to get it to open all the way. I considered climbing the fence. I don't remember if I ended up doing it or not, but I knew it was an unacceptable thing to do for some reason.

      Then, I was in some sort of bakery/coffee shop on campus. The interior was all wooden, and since it was summer, there were only a couple of people there. I thought maybe it was closed for the summer. I then noticed the manager, a middle-aged woman, standing in the doorway talking with another woman who looked a bit younger. She was blonde with glasses. I thought to myself that the manager must have to be here every day, even during the summer when their hours were limited. The table I was sitting at was one with Eileen, a woman from my old job. She was a regular there. I think she was eating doughnut holes. She was talking to me about coming to that place every day for breakfast. I don't remember anything else from the conversation, but we talked a bit. I think I also ate a doughnut hole. It was glazed. I think they were homemade.


      I was working on a project for a class at my apartment. I was working on it on the bed. It was supposed to be a circular cut out with whatever we liked to put in it in the center. I decided to do mine like a collage, with cutouts from magazines in it. I was going to put some pictures that I had of me, friends, and family on top of the magazine cutouts. I also was painting it. I had painted the edges of the circle green, but noticed I had gotten some paint on the sheets and on the pillowcases. Nothing I could do about it now, though. I painted some shades of blue on the inside as well, and noticed that I had made the top of the circle a light blue, and it gradually faded to a darker blue. It wasn't my intention, but I liked the way it looked.

      I had made the inner circle separate from the outer. The outer was a cut out of some construction paper that I painted green. I made the entire inner circle, and put the outer circle around it to see if it had the correct measurements. It wasn't perfect, but absolutely workable. The outer circle was a little big or small at just one area, the bottom right corner. I knew it wasn't going to be a difficult fix. I think I asked my husband about how it looked. At this point, it kind of looked like a pokeball.

      I kept thinking about the assignment, and wasn't sure if I was doing it right or not, but I didn't remember the teacher, who was the black man from my precious dream, saying anything too specific.

      Someone else was then in the apartment, a girl who was also a student. I asked her something about the assignment, about the specifics. She wasn't sure either.


      You might see my recall of last night and say "Damn, Krista, you must have gotten some good sleep to have all these dreams." That would be my first thought too, but I actually did not sleep well at all. I kept waking up every hour, and would have a lot of trouble going back to sleep. I know I dreamed way more than this too, but these are the only ones I remember. My husband also was having trouble sleeping, and he had a lot of vivid dreams as well. We made turkey burgers last night, and never have made them before. That's the only thing I can come up with for why neither of us could sleep, and we both had super vivid dreams.
    7. Fractal patterns and the things that come back from the skies.

      by , 08-06-2013 at 06:38 PM
      3rd person following a woman, and I'm aware this scene is about to become a nightmare, something involving a husband who came back from outer space wrong, carrying something inside him that will manifest in the house in strange ways, killing him and trapping her here. It's already starting to feel like a nightmare, so I take over and steer her toward the front door to change the scene. It takes two doors to leave the nightmare/house.

      Outside, I'm my IRL self, and I'm walking out of the mansion I'm temporarily staying at, walking down to the road to see if my IRL sisters have arrived yet. I follow the road toward town, and I pass Tilda Swinton walking the other way and rubberneck shamelessly, walking backwards until she's out of sight. Eventually I come to a fair, where a few people are in costume, including myself, something patriotic-themed. I spot my sisters in the crowd but don't want them to recognize me while I'm in costume. The crowds push me into one of the tents showing various curiosities, and one of them, something about a man who fell from the skies, switches the scene to something more stable.

      3rd person following a man who observed that if you trace every human interaction you've had throughout your life, and all the interactions those people had and so on, it creates a fractal pattern which he used to warp time and space around himself, condensing it all into a single point with himself at the center, the God of this world. The ground loops over his head to meet itself in a single vividly-colored sphere. Although he's the only creature that can exist in this sphere, there's a door through which he can watch or enter the old world at any point in time or space. The world's been completely transformed by his actions, all throughout its timeline. At the moment he's observing the writing systems that are developing. He's been translating the various markings that he's seen through the door, images made by different cultures throughout time and space, but as far as he can tell, none of them are using a written alphabet. All the markings translate into numbers.

      He walks through the door into the same point in time/space that he'd originally lived, modern times. The place has been through something like an apocalypse as a result of his actions, but it's mostly recovered now. He seeks out a friend who'd tried to stop him, and they talk about the changes in the world, and about what's happened to his older brother's estate since the funeral. 'For a madman, he was alright,' the other man says.
    8. catching up.

      by , 11-11-2012 at 07:30 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I'm at my house and I'm and I feel something wiggling around in my ear. I reach in a pull out a worm that's about five inches long. It's dead when it comes out, and I drop it on the ground. I feel another one coming out out the other side. This one is still alive and I bit it half to kill it. Oh that taste was the worst thing I've ever experienced. It was like a combination of dish washing liquid spoiled milk and death. I started heading to the internet to out more on the worm.

      I was lucid last night, but the only thing I can remember is...oh wait....

      I was in some weird city, and it was ran by this gang I was apart of. We all wore suits except for the women. They dressed like total sluts with different coloured hair. I think the gang was lead by a female which I hit on...but it was more over the top than what I would normally do. She was wearing short white shorts a bikini top and she had bright raid hair. I was really turned on by her, and I directed her attention to my penis. She looks at it makes a comment about the pre cum that was building up around the tip. She said I wouldn't be able to last a minute with her. I told her it's on, and she can bet whatever. She told me that if I didn't, she would have me killed. I agreed, and the rest of the gang escorted me to a limo. We were driving around to another spot to have sex at. We got to this one place, and it was just crazy. There was some class going on, but it was separated. On my left were all European girls, and to the left American girls. The class was about seduction...what to do to turn guys on, so they were just going through the motions of what movements to do. They were all either wearing either bra/panty/stockings combos or slutty school girl out fits......my mind was blown. The gang was telling me "it was nice knowing you". And I told them that they're not going to kill me, because I'm going to have to wake up soon.
      Tags: costumes, dild, gang, suits
    9. Four Dreams

      by , 07-12-2012 at 01:37 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      I can recall four creams from last night! You know, it's weird; my dream recall's been lower than average lately, and it's suddenly shot way up!

      I made notes on my iPod about the first dream, saved at 3:48 AM. The notes go as follows:

      washing hair
      scanning, expired

      Okay, so I had a dream that I could dress my Neopets up. I had different costumes for them. there was a hippie costume and a prisoner costume. There were more, but I can't remember what they were.

      Later - still in the same dream, apparently - I had this thing for scanning barcodes to send a copy of the item onto some website I liked (Neopets, I assume). (I forgot to write this next part down in my regular dream journal (which I'm copying this from), but I tried to scan something - a ketchup bottle, I think - and it told me that that barcode had expired in 2008.)

      I'm not sure how "washing hair" is relevant. Oh well. I should've added a little context there, I suppose.

      I'm kinda tempted to skip over the second dream because I can hardly remember it and the notes aren't much help. I shouldn't, but... writing three dreams is enough, right?

      (I need to explain a couple terms before this next one. A poomsae is a solo technique that has to be memorized and demonstrated at testing. It doesn't really serve much practical purpose aside from practicing good form. It's a bit hard to explain what it looks like, but, for those of you who have watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, it looks kinda like bending, just without the control over the elements, obviously. One-step sparring is a defensive technique; contrary to the name, one-step sparring is not at all like free sparring.)

      Okay, on to the third! I was at belt testing (taekwondo). I was surprised it was so soon (it's scheduled for next month IRL). Oh, and my friend Autumn was there for some reason - yes, as a student. Anyway, since testing was so soon, I wasn't prepared for it, as I didn't know my poomsae yet (actually, I do know it in real life, but I was supposed to know a different one in the dream). Luckily, we were given some time to practice first, so I tried to learn it by watching the other orange belt students.

      I managed to learn the first three steps in time - step forward and down block (left), step forward and body punch (right), turn around and down block (right).

      Soon, it was class time (I'm not sure what happened to testing; perhaps they just forgot about it). However, instead of Master Lim, one of the testing judges was the instructor. I wondered why she was teaching the class, but then I remembered it was Wednesday, which seemed like a reasonable answer at the time.

      I decided not to join that class, so I left. Just outside, one of the adult students decided to test me on my one-step sparring. I demonstrated that I knew mine well, using the same techniques as in real life this time.

      In my fourth dream last night, I was watching TV at home. It was some weird show about this guy and this girl who went down a rabbit hole - kind of like in Alice in Wonderland, except they hadn't followed a rabbit there. It reminded me of the Deathly Hallows for some reason, even though the only thing it had in common with any of the Harry Potter movies was that one of the main characters was played by Rupert Grint.

      Anyway, they fell down the rabbit hole and ended up in this little meadow with a big tree. There was a sudden flashback to their childhood, when they used to play there together. When it cut back to the present, the show decided to break the fourth wall by making a big deal of the fact that the actress playing the girl was in some famous band I'd never heard of (and that her sister was the bassist in her band). Then, she turned into a man. I turned off the TV.

      My mom asked if I'd slept okay because she'd heard my bed creaking at around four in the morning. I told her I'd slept find but had woken up in the night and had probably rolled over onto my side while I was half-asleep. I asked for a tuna sandwich for lunch and then woke up.
    10. Assorted Fragments and the Cruise Ship Adventures of Obi-Wan-jolras.

      by , 01-25-2012 at 08:59 PM
      1. Something about a rivalry between all the planets

      2. Something about re-reading some books I'd read previously as a child and finding them far too heavy-handed in their message

      3. Something about really strange water-slides, including one with a robot polar bear that launches you into the water and one with antelopes that push you up the hills.

      4. I'm on a really big cruise ship. I decide to go explore, just to see what there is. First I eat some leftover cheesecake from a party. Then I find an indoor train that tours the whole ship and board it. The train passes several interesting-looking shops, and I stop at one (whose name was something like "Cossette Boutique") that sells replicas of stage costumes from Les Miserables. Finding I look quite sharp in an Enjolras costume, I buy it. Next thing I know, I'm being chased around the ship engaged in a lightsaber duel with someone who can't seem to decide whether he's Darth Vader, Darth Maul, or James Moriarty. I run up stairs, slide down banisters, weave around dinner tables, veer off into hallways, and even try ducking into a bathroom to take off my vest and attempt to hide my Force-presence. No dice. The duel makes its way back into a dining room where Darth Whatever activates a switch with the cork from a bottle of wine. I head to the end of a hallway with an elevator, but the elevator won't open, and all the doors in the hall were locked. I'm cornered. I ask if I can have a moment to telepathically bid farewell to my padawan (because apparently I have a padawan now...) and make my peace. He obliges, then runs me through.

      Then I decide to run around the ship topless because I'm totally a ghost now and I'm so sure nobody can see me. But everybody can (though they apparently don't notice the seminudity), and they congratulate me on my excellent theatrical performance.
    11. Super hero!.... Kind of!

      by , 08-04-2011 at 11:19 PM
      Im at school with some friends, we are making super hero outfits... Mine is kind of like a bomb suit, you know the ones that bomb specialists wear but with a huge fishbowl on the top, maybe i was going for a kind of mysterio look!

      Anyways we make the costumes and walk around with them. Next thing i know i am at my old job, sitting at my desk, my work friend james is sat opposite me and my old manager comes up for a chat, we have a small conversation and james calls him a twat, then the manager has a go at me. I suddenly realise that i am not being paid to be there, i say "hang on, im not even getting paid for this! Im outta here" i leave....

      ... im back with my fellow super-hero wannabies we are discussing a possible bombing, we have some sort of nemesis but we dont know his identity or what he is capable of.
      I go back to my old work-place and there is a bomb in the elevator, me and james manage to defuse it before it explodes and are hero's.

      It turns out this bit was just like a flash-forward, suddenly im back walking around with my friends in our costumes discussing whats gonna happen. I say "ive dreamed this before i know whats going to happen" and run to my work-place to defuse the bomb.

      Second dream fragment.

      Im late for choir practise, im jumping over buildings to get there, i jump onto a sort of balcony and my ex, soph, is there. I tell her i dont want her anymore, i want another girl, its rosanna. I take her into my arms and carry Rosanna away whilst jumping over more buildings.
    12. 012: Otaku stalker

      by , 06-23-2011 at 05:29 PM (Tides of Sleep)
      June 23, 2011

      Sleeping over in a hotel room tonight. Have been going to bed very early since coming back to the states. I haven't written any of my dreams down for awhile so I figure now's as good a time as any. At the last dream I started to become a little lucid seeing as I was waking up every five minutes to the sound of my mom's alarm clock. Recurring themes of school and crossdressing.

      Entry 012
      I'm in a cave, swimming in a clear underground lake. Around me I can see my old classmates swimming as well, though none of them are distinct. The teacher is a woman with dark hair pulled back into a bun and a thin, delicate face. Although I've never had a teacher who looked like her, she seems familiar. She pulls out an old photograph of her and her family and lays it on the rocky shore of the lake. "Bring me tokens, then we can move on." I don't know what she means, but I dive to the bottom of the lake and place a smooth pebble on top of the photo. My classmates bring other things they find and place them on the photo as well.

      We're going somewhere now, we walk into a huge chamber with a waterfall.


      I'm in Tokyo, and I'm Japanese. For some reason I'm dressed up like a man and wearing a police uniform. It looks like my disguise has fooled everyone. Well, everyone but one guy. In Akihabara some otaku wearing a long white coat and huge coke bottle glasses spots me and knows I can't be a man. He starts to stalk me. I don't start to run really, but I'm definitely trying to lose him. I come to a tall tower. The otaku sees a baby nearby and steals it, knowing I won't run away while he's putting the life of an infant in danger. I somehow outsmart him and retrieve the baby, ringing the doorbell of the tower and giving it back to the confused Japanese housewife inside. From there on the dream morphs into some kind of parkour chase across Tokyo, with only occasional pauses whenever I think I've lost him.


      I'm with my friend Jane, and we're at some kind of anime convention. We're both wearing costumes that disguise us as men, but the people at the convention can tell from our faces that we're girls. We're wearing tight under-armor shirts with padded muscles and tight skinny jeans with sneakers. We look convincing. We're there for some kind of competition. We walk into a packed room and head for the makeshift stage at the front. We're in a line of other costumed groups. The audience appears to be picking its favorite groups from the line up, shouting whenever the ones they like are mentioned. Our names are called out and we flex and pose for the crowd. We get a huge response, we move on to the next round.

      Next round and we're on stage with different costumes this time. Now we're wearing fluorescent pink and yellow pixie-cut wigs and matching tutus. Now we're competing against just one other group for the semi-finals. The last challenge is to dress up a girl from an audience to match us. I pick out a girl with brown hair tied up in a braid. For some reason Jane has left the stage and I have to do the makeup all by myself, even though I have no idea how. I spend the entire time allotted applying pink lipstick to the girl. Somehow, though, when she walks to the front of the stage, she looks just like us. We move to the semi-finals, but once there we lose because my design on the girl wasn't original enough. I have become somewhat lucid at this point due to an alarm clock, and I feel curious about how my makeup actually looks. I look in a mirror and look strangely old underneath the makeup. I can see wrinkles cracking the top of my upper lip and bags pulling down my eyes. It scares me.

      I wake up.

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    13. Chick Fight

      by , 01-14-2011 at 12:51 PM
      1/14/11 - Chick Fight? Not really...
      Dream Non-dream Lucid

      Mary, Hannah, and I were in a little costume shop. It was pretty cluttered and difficult to navigate. I wandered over to something cute that I noticed. When I turned from the clothes, there was a girl from my school standing there, with a couple others, blocking my way. The first girl spoke. "You fucking bit me in the locker rooms today," she spat. I rolled my eyes at her. "I did not; I think I'd remember biting someone."
      "You did," she said, "and don't even try lying."
      I stepped forward and got all up in her space. "The locker room's always crowded, so I may have unintentionally bumped into you, but you know and I know that I didn't bite you. Now move your ass out of the way and let me through."
      She blinked several times and stepped to her right. The other two girls tried hard not to laugh as I passed them and went to the other side of the store, meeting up with my friends.

      Something like that happened yesterday, except it was for a completely different reason, and it was more of a one-on-one argument.