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    1. Another Zombie Apocalypse Dream

      by , 11-26-2017 at 11:08 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)

      Okay, so I had just rescued two new puppies about a few days ago. Yeah, sure, they're adorable and all that, but I don't think my mind has gotten used to them apparently. They pee and poop just around every square foot of my house in between when I take them outside to relieve themselves (Which is one every hour or two), and that stress of having to clean up after them directly ties into the dreams I've been having. Interesting stuff indeed.

      Fell asleep at: 2:00 AM

      Woke up at: 10:00 AM


      I'm at a house in the countryside. The sky is red and the clouds are black, indicating a sunset. Me and some people I know take refuge in the first floor of the building. The second floor is filled to the brim with bats, so we can't go there. I don't exactly know what happened while I was there, but I begin to have a flashback to when the apocalypse first began.

      It started during a normal school day. The flashback starts off with me and my friend, Eloy, running through the halls with a bunch of other panicked schoolkids. We discuss where or what class we should hole up in. I'm on my way to my Biology teacher, and he's on his way somewhere else. Funnily enough I was also moving in a chair with wheels while this is happening.

      I lose track of Eloy, and I'm stuck, alone, in a barren hallway. I lost my way and I cannot find my Biology teacher. Immediately I start bolting it, running away as fast as I can from the hordes of zombies headed my way. I have never run so fast in my entire life.

      "The past is dead, your fate is sealed."

      Music plays in my head, highlighting the intense situation I am placed in. It sounds like the Biolizard theme from SA2 but with rewritten lyrics (That quote above is from that dream song).

      I find the employee break room. There are a bunch of distressed, depressed teachers who have given up on survival and are waiting it out. I look through a box of appliances. I try looking for a knife to stab any zombies in the head in case one ever came by.

      Instead I find a pizza cutter and some cookie cutters.

      The dream ends not long after that, but I distinctly remember recalling my previous nightmare and how I couldn't punch or fight properly in that dream. It's possible I could have been on the cusp of lucidity.

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    2. 6 lucids in a night!! - 2017 DJ #30 LD #23,24,25,26,27,28

      by , 02-06-2017 at 11:17 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I am driving a car, and other cars are going the wrong way! I see a purple tube that descends off the floating road to where? I am lucid, but I want to know what is down there. I descend rapidly with tons on adrenaline, and reach a bubble. The bubble is the size of my car, and tansparent. I get out of he car and go in. Suddenly, it drops down and down, until it hits water! I am now in an air bubble floating through a beautiful pale sea.

      I FA and become lucid by seeing 6 fingers, and attempt to wake.

      However, I am still dreaming! I become lucid and fly out the open window. The sky is a cloud covered pink as I float through a serene town. I see a church with a yellow light emanating from inside, and I float through the window. Some poorer people from the village are gathered at a table sharing a humble feast. However, a rich man in a red cloak steps in, and sends them away, and eats it all himself. I leave sadly.

      I wake for real in the middle of the night.

      I fall back asleep. I become lucid and fly around aimlessly a countryside peacefully. I eventually try to fly to my solar system, by getting on a truck and trying to pull myself out of the atmosphere but fail.

      I wake up for real.

      Private family history lucid dream exploration... Sorry, but I can't post it

      I fall back asleep, and the first dream repeats itself.

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    3. 27/09/2016

      by , 09-27-2016 at 07:53 PM
      I dreamt i was in a hostel. Then i moved to another hostel. We had to pay for it.

      Then i was with family, in the night, in the countryside probably, or a town. Probably Daniel's house, my uncle. We were hanging in the street. Eri asked me about Mike, the librarian, she told me that he was a nice person. But i actually disagreed with her, she didn't know him too much. Nor did i, but i spent about 8 years in school with him, so i had an idea, and i didn't like him too much at the last 6 years. I think i chose not to answer, or said something to not give an answer. At that moment there was lack of ice for drinks, and Daniel with Analia were going out to the city probably, in car. So i went with them.

      Daniel had a car, and he knew how to drive. We were in fact in the countryside. We headed to a field and a house Daniel purchased some kilometers away. It was tranquil that place, there was nothing nearby. Only thing i saw gas pipes so i wondered if that ever was going to explode or why it was like that, and how long would it be like that. Also i saw that because of the sky, how it looked, it probably was 4:30AM, about 2 hours for dawn. We enter the field and outside the house was lidia to welcome us. She handed us ice, and we left it there. We got inside the house, and went to the backyard. There was another house. We entered and i thought it was like a maze, i almost got lost. I went to the backyard of that house and then i had the option to either become lucid, realize i got lost and fly around, or to go back, not get lost and help my uncles with whatever duties they had. So i went back inside and i found them in the kitchen. They were working with the walls. They had to sell the house but first they had to restore it. I thought, well i didn't knew this, i didn't know that i was going to spend such a long time, but it's done... so i will help. So i started to work as well. Then i woke up, about at 10 am. Having slept 8 hours.
    4. 29/08/2016

      by , 08-29-2016 at 03:45 PM
      I dreamt i invited a friend, Fran, to a house in the countryside. We slept in the night, and at the morning of the next day i offer him some breakfast although there wasn't anything to eat. First i offer him some mint tea, then some toasts. I was walking from the bedroom (actually we were sleeping on the living room) to the kitchen, and from the kitchen to the sleeping place. Then i went to the refrigerator to look for chocolate and honey. There were 3 bars of cholocate left, so i took 2, and there was the bottom of a jar of honey, and the refrigerator was empty. He wanted to put that into the toasts, lol. Then he asked me for some cream (like cheese-cream). This part is really disgusting. I go to the kitchen and fetch from some drawers two pots of cream. I give him one pot that was open but full and i check the other one. He starts putting the content into the toast, while i was looking that the pot i was holding had some hairs that came from the underarm. He was still preparing the toast, so there was no need to scream. I told him "look at this, it seems this is not cream but rather deodorant." He said something like oh, and was undisturbed with it. He finished preparing the toast and we decided to throw it in the toilet. A toilet was right there in the living room. We finished our poor breakfast and we went outside.

      We crossed a river, right outside the house to spend the day either walking on the road, or having fun. We were almost crossing when i told him i had to go back to grab the keys. He told me he would call his boss (he actually doesn't work) to tell him he would stay here. I ask him if he wanted me to grab his bicycle, but i didn't hear an answer. So i went back and i heard him saying that the water was cold. It was indeed cold, but i considered also that it was morning. I looked up the sky and it was cloudy, very cloudy, like if a storm were coming. I get off the water and had to walk about 40 meters to enter the house. There were some trees before the house. I look at the sky again, and i saw a grey background with a lot of ravens. I walk nevertheless and these ravens start to fly, like concentrating (and some of them charged) and then flying away. While they flew away the sky became clearer and the storm dissipated. There were like 100 ravens, and i felt tense while i was walking beside them. I didn't wanted to hurt them but i supposed they would attack me, and then i wouldn't know if i would react or not. I was more fearful of my reacting rather than whatever the ravens did to me. So some of them charged at me, like 3 or 4. I still walked but i was having doubts with regarding my intentions, if i wished goodwill even if they attacked me, or actually i was having an intention of ill-will towards the attacking raven. One of them bited me in my arm, and i didn't felt pain, but i felt/thought that something had to be done. With tranquil deteremination i grabbed him by the beak and opened it, but i wasn't feeling angry at all and that was something very good for me, rather i felt equanimity. He flew off but as soon as he was flying, and all the crows were doing the same, the sky opened up and showed that a beatiful sunshine was behind the clouds, and knowing that i waked up.

      As soon as i waked up (i knew i really waked up hehe) i had a clear insight for my meditation. The most difficult part of the sitting meditations i do are to keep the constancy in the time of the sitting. For example if i determine to do 1:30 minutes i tend to do 1 hour, which is the normal rythm i have [Im not pushing myself too far in the goal, because i realize it is something i can actually do, i could even do do 2 hours, and 180 minutes would be pushing too far]. I don't do it because i know it's a little bit more of effort and im lazy, but im also aware that the benefits of doing it would be awesome and great. This dream has given me the motivation to endure my meditation, work a bit more, and i know that i will get to see the results soon.

      What results i expect?:
      -That 1:30 minutes of sitting would eventually be as easy as doing one hour.
      -That all the pain that comes from meditation would eventually fade away (not by itself hehe but from work of the meditation which is done little by little)
      -That after the pain is gone i will experience some pleasant feelings, and that would be the next thing i would have to deal with.
      -I will gain more clarity and tranquility. That means peace of mind.

      Some other notes:
      -The house i dreamt was house of M. OlguŪn, of Rio Cuarto.
      -The countryside was that which my mother rented from May/June to August/October 2015.
      -I actually walked the road of that countryside to the city one day. I walked like about 4 hours and have completed only 20% of the road, so i went back before dusk. I arrived just in time, the sun was setting when i arrived. So it was also a fun day. (The next day my mothers boyfriend came in my bicycle (the one of my friend in this dream) and i went back the same day in that bicycle. He stayed for about 4 days there, but there was food to survive hehe.)

      -Yesterday i watched a video of Bhante Vimalaramsi about the obstacles of meditation. It was a great talk which motivated me a lot. I think what it taught me was to accept, be mindful, investigate and continue. Developing this would be something like developing strength (in the mind).

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    5. Angry farmers and flooded building

      by , 10-26-2014 at 07:48 AM
      - I'm sitting in someone else's dining room, my sister and a bunch of other people are there. The door to the yard is open and i can see is night-time and bugs are flying around. We go outside and suddenly we hear screams: a farmer is beating an old man. We go to aid the old man and tell the other guy to stop, but he claims the man stole chickens and threatened his family, so he has to pay.

      - It felt like a videogame, I was in a building that resembled the university i go to, but it was completely flooded and had to swim around. Some people were around, but they were calm about it.
    6. Return to Lucid Dreaming.

      by , 07-30-2013 at 10:21 PM
      Having a bit of a dry spell right now so I thought I would share one of my LD's from my journal. Hopefully spark some activity.

      Setting: Bedroom.
      Method: WILD
      Induction: Guided relaxation CD
      Lucid dream number One: after a nine year gap.

      Popped into LD straight from my relaxation, an amazing feeling of knowing you are asleep and yet totally conscious. Extreme clarity and detail, I could liken it to a comparison between a VHS cassette (RL)and a blue ray disc (LD)

      I'm sitting up and forward a little, looking back at my girlfriend on my left, she is heavily pregnant right now and in my dream her stomach was flat. A huge reality check for me. I floated over to the door to explore the house and reached to turn the bedroom door handle to let myself out, my hand passed through the handle ( felt surprise and amusement) so I leaned into the door with my shoulder and floated through to the hallway. Dream ends and I awake. I am really excited and want to try again right away...

      I manage to slip straight back into another LD ( not sure how or I would share) the only way I can explain is it was though I put my focus point at a certain feeling? From the last LD. (If someone knows what I mean and can explain this feeling to me I would appreciate the input)

      ...sat up in bed again, floating with arms and legs crossed hands in my lap, I hear a mocking laugh in my head, it was echoey, far away? and it unnerved me quite a lot, I decided It was my subconscious and if it was, I could make other sounds, so I tried to imagine music. What an truly amazing experience! I could hear the most beautiful symphonic music playing in my head as I was thinking of it, it started as classical, I heard beautiful choral voices and then electric guitars like some awesome rock anthem solo. Can't describe how good it sounded, really like the best music I ever heard, so weird.

      floating over to the window now and passing through the glass entering into a browny grey nothingness with the consistency of thick soup or porridge, definitely texture, movement, particles, liquidy yet not wet. My instinct is to swim, and I do in no particular direction, my brain thinks water and there is a slight panic as I am concerned I can't breath, instantly I realise I can breath and panic passes.

      Slight fear and concern now at the void and space so decide to do a Loving Kindness meditation in the porridge ( something I had been practicing during the week in RL, I had experienced some strange physical sensations and wanted to try it whilst in the LD. ) I leaned back opened my chest and said 'take my love' don't know why, just popped out, It sounds a little urgggh but there we go, as it happened..

      Pop I'm falling, blue sky, and passing through white clouds, sunny day, falling and flying, controlled fall?Feel the Wind, is noisy in my ears and eyes watering a little, I can see super vivid trees and grass, countryside fields, small roads and barns as I fall closer. I wonder how high I am, I drop past a passenger jet, I remember seeing the wing and engines, rivets and paint texture as I fell past.

      Getting close to hitting the grass but have no concern about an impact. levelling out now and floating over the country side, looking at tops of trees and the odd roof, nothing much but grass and hedges small roads, farms. I try to look behind and my body levels to sitting, still travelling, floating backward, am able to rotate in all directions, looking at the countryside, sensation changes from flying to floating and being pulled, I look around some more and then
      I wake up.

      Was quite an amazing experience and started researching LD's in the morning, found DV's that day.

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    7. Fallout: British Countryside

      by , 04-24-2012 at 07:32 PM
      Finally had me some brief lucidity! And I do mean brief. However, this is a good sign of things to come


      I'm on a boat of some description. It's fairly square, and has balconies like on a paddle steamer. I remember going inside and seeing a kitchen and a television. I think I got something to eat. My dad was there as well. [Fragment, 0.5 points]

      Scene Change

      I and my friend J are near a canal. On one side is a huge red brick wall, stretching horizontally for miles. On "our side" of the river are several two storied shops and houses. Several tall black Victorian lampposts and benches line the canal. The floor is a sandstone tile, and looks quite pleasing. There are two arched bridges going over the canal, with people crossing them.

      For some reason I hold a pistol in my hand, and it soon becomes apparent why. Across the water I see a group of metro police (half life 2) about to cross the bridge nearest me. I fired into them, taking one down. They instantly drew their batons and began radioing for assistance. The people around us didn't seem to mind.

      (Minor Transition)

      Night falls, and the police are gone, presumably dead. Since no one's now around, we break into one of the stores. I find some ammunition and supplies. We then decide to leave before more enemies come.

      (Minor Transition)

      We're walking down a gravel country road in between large hedges, leading away from the city. We climb up on one hedge to find that it forms a huge 'block', if you will, of leaves that we stand on. This stretched up to a farm house, with a beat up pick up truck outside. We then notice the Brotherhood of Steel outcasts torching the area or stomping around menacingly, dressed in black and red power armour.

      My friend says to me "What if I do this?" before firing a large energy weapon and laughing. It shoots a huge blue ball towards them and explodes, killing some.

      Excrement hits the fan.

      What ensues is a brief battle, in which we slaughter the outcasts. Farmers, women and older children come out of the house and offer to join us, all wielding weapons. I pick up a shotgun from near the truck, but for some reason it's fused with another like a weird first person glitch. I throw one away. It's a twin barrelled break action 410. We were attacked by a few more outcasts, prompting me to scout a path in a nearby hedge.

      It leads to a field on a hill sloping down before me. The sun is just rising over the horizon. A farmer and a his son step out towards me. Not initially realising the lack of threat, I shoot, thankfully missing them. They're rather miffed, naturally. I then tell them why I'm on edge, panting "You weren't there!" like a grizzled war veteran. [Whole Dream, 1 point]

      Scene Change

      I'm now lucid. I seem to be looking at me from a weird angle, only seeing concrete on the floor. I seem to be not fully "in the dream" as I seem to be able to feel my physical body dragging me back. I slowly get pulled back and I wake up. [Became Lucid, 5 points] [Fragment, 0.5 points]
    8. Zombie on the Countryside

      by , 11-16-2011 at 05:58 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in Bacolod. I was with a theater group. For some reason, they chose me (or I presented myself) for a play. A girl who looks familiar was writing poetry on the table. She's also the organizer or something.

      We walked to a church, or a cathedral, where we're going to do the play. Emerald was there, also arranging stuff. Somebody told me that Grey is looking for me. I told (myself?) that no one else but Grey would know where I am when I disappear. But it seems that he's desperately looking for me.

      Somehow, I was able to contact him. But he's over the "desperate" part already. He just asked me for the process/spell to turn into a zombie. I was doubtful, wondering why he wants it. While talking to him, I "saw" him (but he doesn't look the same). He's starting to transform into a zombie. I saw visions of yellowish ruins, and the blazing heat of the sun. A desert.

      Then someone mentioned how he's now transforming into a zombie. I thought then that he'd also lose his consciousness. And I saw him rampage across town, and "we" saw him tearing a human apart, and we saw the bloody innards of the victim.

      Then "he" walked "home." A countryside area. A farm. I was him, the "zombie" who is conscious, and not murderous.
    9. The Possessed Church and Struggling Man

      by , 11-05-2011 at 04:01 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a church. There's a melon offering. Then an airplane offering? Like a toy. Then someone (or something) was possessed. I saw some people are asleep on the pews. Someone (me?) tried to exorcise the evil spirit. It was successful, but then the great-great grandparent of the evil spirit rose up, and possessed the whole church building. The whole congregation ran away.

      I was somewhat the building, but this within the town. I was with some companions. I was on a bridge-wall. I was looking at a dome building. The whole town is being possessed now. Yellow mood. We ran further.

      I was looking at the whole town from afar. We planned something to destroy the whole town. I saw it destroyed, but then it regenerates. We cooked and ate from afar, but in view of the town. A guy arrived and cooked fried rice for us.

      I was in a van with some people, going somewhere. We arrived. Just the two of us. Me and a woman. We arrived at a house, up in the mountains of nowhere. We set up the house. It feels lonely, but it feels safe, and away from any trouble. I then wondered what to eat for dinner, so I asked my companion. We're going out to buy food. I walked to the back of the house; it looked like a mini forest, and dark. Like the "back" of the town I'm in, hidden "behind" our elementary school. I commented how it feels like a good place. She complained saying there's no TV/electricity. I walked down the front stairs and found that the "stair" (a pile of flat stones) is unstable.

      As we walked out (afternoon?) of the house, and seeing the view of the countryside of grasses and visible houses from afar, I told her she can read books. As we walked down the dirt road towards the perpendicular cemented road, she complained that everything is far from everything else. I told her she could use the exercise.

      We walked up the street to the van and bus terminal. There are a lot of stores there, like a marketplace. I commented how, if we brought a dog, it will be lonely, because I/we are traveling.

      We went into a pharmacy. Now she's a "he." She bought some stuff. One looked like a pineapple head. I asked if that's dinner. He said no, that's a baby. I looked at it again, and it looked like a freaky head of a baby. I asked if he wanted one, why don't we just get one (?), and he hesitated, like he realized the truth in my statement.

      Then I saw a mask, like a gas mask for the asthmatic, fly when a doctor overdid something. Or rather, it floated to the right. I saw him get it, and again, did something wrong. He said something about cheap apparatus not working properly, and how it's better to get expensive ones that work dependably. I thought he was just saying it out loud for people to buy more expensive ones and for him to earn more.

      I went outside and saw down the beach from afar, but saw it up close. There are people swimming in the clear, blue water. Then I my view went back to the top of the countryside, and from afar, I saw the clouds and mountains. The sky is red and orange, the mountains black, and I saw an image of a man holding back two mountains on either side of him that are about to fall on top of him. Red lightning danced all over him. I thought, I should have brought my camera for this!

      The name Labaw Donggon came mind. I hear the roar of thunder as the man struggled.
    10. 6 Feb: Attempt to meditate in the luminous mind

      by , 02-06-2011 at 09:25 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)


      Helping out
      Someone wants me to save someone else from something, but I clarify weíre just in a dream, so no point to stress out. This person cries. I promise to help.


      Feeling two bodies simultaneously
      I was falling asleep, but then something strange happened: I felt I was lying on my bed, but although I know my BF was lying by my side, I could not feel him, so I stretched my hand out to reach him. At first I felt nothing, but then I felt his knee. He moaned and asked ďwhat?Ē, I say it was nothing, but I was in such a state in between sleep and vigil, that I felt myself dissociating from my body: I felt simultaneously my ďrealĒ body on my bed and I felt myself floating above the bed on a dream or astral body. I made some sound like ďwooowĒ and he moaned to me ďare you ok?Ē. I was hardly able to speak or even hear my own voice by then, but I kinda moaned back ďwow, I have two bodies!Ē, then he replied something like ďyouíre sleepyĒ, I laughed exhilarated and fell completely into the ďdream bodyĒ.
      [in the morning I asked him about this and he doesnít recall it happening. It might be that it was all a dream from the beginning, that the conversation we had was already a dream or that he simply forgot.]

      Already disconnected from my waking body, I watch hypnagogic imagery. I got caught on some image where I was looking through a window to the sky. Although everything I see around is dark and undefined, the night sky outside is very clearly defined and I see an airplane passing low and leaving a large trail. When the airplane comes back and leaves another trail, I am sure he is leaving chemtrails. I know I am not awake but I am also not sure that Iím dreaming. I go through a short blackout and then I find myself outside on the street under that sky. My mother is with me. We look at the trails and I tell her we should go inside because it might be some nasty chemical. She is very worried. I pinch my arm to do a RC, I confirm Iím not awake, so I donít feel so worried.
      I turn back and face a large residence. Weíre on the back yard. I talk to some DCs who seem to be college students. I go inside.

      LDers secretariat
      I meet my BF on some room, but he is very agitated and leaves right after. He goes down some stairs to the front door. I go after him but I halt on the corridor, because I see 3 doors all with signs on the door saying ĒLucid dreamersĒ or "lucid dreams". One is closed, the other is open and there's some guy inside but he is busy talking to someone, so I enter the last one. Thereís a lady there, but she says Iíll have to come back later because she is on her break. I see she has a badge with her name, so I ask her if I can check her name once more, just so I can recall who she is on waking up. She is in a hurry and with very little patience, but she turns to me once more before closing the door and I read: Eliza Dias.

      Students protest
      I walk to the stairs and I pass by some window that I open to see whatís going on down there after all. The police are taking some kid in custody. His colleagues are protesting. I fly down to meet them and I ask whatís going on. They say the police came with a list of names and is taking away one by one. They say they did some demonstration days before and they are coming for them. Others donít agree it is because of that and say a smaller group of protesters invaded a bank to stage some action there and the cops are only taking them. Meanwhile the police comes back and starts calling for more names. The kids form a block together, not allowing the cops to take them. I join them for support.


      Bus ride
      I enter a bus and it is my friend M. Silva who is the driver. I had just bought a ticket at a counter at the bus stop but now Iím having troubles finding it. She says itís ok, but I must sit on the seat across from her and talk with her. I was followed by friends Ė Zilla and others Ė who want me to sit with them on the back but I tell them to go without me. Donít recall what happened in detail, but either she or some other lady who sat by my side freaks me out, because through her ears I can see the inside of her head, which has a big fire raging. I run to some seat somewhere in the middle of the bus, which now seems like some conference room. My seat has a board over it full of pens and pencils and I have to organize them all before I take the seat. Then I see my friends in the back who signal me to go meat them. I go. Outside is raining and my clothes are all wet. They hand me over something to wear. I change. I wear something apparently too sexy with large boots. Someone comments I shouldnít wear those improper clothes, but I say I have nothing else and wonít keep the wet clothes on.


      Walking around some university, wearing a white robe, like that of doctors. I feel like Iím studying medicine there and Iím looking for a colleague because Iím worried about a paper we should have worked on. I pass by some open and circular room which is like a small projection room. All is dark, but I see people sitting on the seats as if waiting for something. I turn the lights on and the projector which plays a movie. They thank me. I spot some guy I have a crush on but he doesnít say a word. Instead, some geeky guy I donít like, grabs my arm to thank me and asks me for a kiss. I shake him off and say no. I run to the restroom. When I see myself in the mirror, I look awfully tired. I put some make up on, but I exaggerate and then have to take it off. I go out and bump into the girl I was looking for. Itís Můnica M. I tell her Iím worried because I didnít do anything on that paper and neither she did say anything to me on that. She smiles and says ďHey, weíve finished our courses already. Forget about the paper.Ē I suddenly recall itís true, I have my degree for years. I become lucid.

      Trying to rip the dream fabric
      Dream fades and I end up on some place on the countryside where medieval dressed people seem to be building up a fair or a tournament site. There is a very high podium where two big guys are holding down some black guy and telling him he can choose either to be decapitated or thrown down that podium. He thinks the fall might give him some chance of survival so he chooses it. But itís not going to happen yet, they are still rehearsing for the big date. I notice the black guy is some known comedian, so I guess this is all just a movie set and not a real thing. I walk down a road and at some point some people pass by me running because someone stepped over some beehive and the whole colony is after them and now after me, because they brought it in my direction. But I feel no stings, because I am still ware Iím dreaming. I am bored, I jump really high over some rice paddy fields and then decide to rise in the air. From up above I try to rip apart the dream fabric. I wish to get out of the imagery but not end in the blackness. Instead I wish to go to the luminous state of mind, free from imagery, where I can meditate free from distractions. But it doesnít work. The best I can achieve is opening with my hands a little gap on the scenery from where a brief flash of light irradiates. I give up and decide to just plunge in the rice paddies, visualizing the light, hoping to meet it.

      I go through the blackness and suffer brief SP vibrations and sounds (a long time since it happened), then I find myself on a belt of a slaughterhouse, among dead bodies of cows, heading to a giant saw. I know itís a dream, but still the idea of being cut in half creeps me out so I jump out of the belt. There are parts of animals everywhere, blood splattered on the walls, the image is horrendous, but I try to keep calm. I make a prayer for those beings and recall the light once more. Some light invades this dark creepy room through some slits on the walls.

      The Light
      Dream fades again and I go through SP one more time. I hear a Bollywood song playing in my head and I feel gentle vibrations throughout my entire body, rising from my feet to my head. It ends with vibrations on my 3rd eye. I hold on and find myself on a very luminous landscape. Below I see grass and trees, but above the trees thereís only a very bright, radiant white light pervading everything. I wish there was only the light, so I rise up in the air, to leave the ground behind and be totally immerse in the light, with no images to distract me. I imagine myself sitting on a lotus flower in mid air. But once thereís only light in all space, my mind starts to drift and I am dragged once more into SP. Then my BF moved and woke me up.

    11. 8 Sep: two towers town, meeting friend and social contrasts

      by , 09-09-2010 at 01:07 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      0:10 GMT – Sleep

      The two towers towns
      Was having a funny dream about being in this fantasy village in the woods – looked like out of Tolkien’s. On this village there was a big wooden tower and I go to it’s top. From there I can see great distances and detect that there’s another twin town of this one, with a similar wooden tower with the same height. They are like defying each other.
      I am sitting on the stairs, looking through an opening on the wall, seeing the villagers down there, the canopy, when a lady appears and I ask her about this other village and the meaning of the towers. She says it’s taboo to talk about it, they just ignore each other to avoid trouble. I find this ridiculous and I want to know more. So I fly down the tower and decide to go to the other town. I take a car and drive there (yeah, dream idiocy).
      The other town is surrounded by a fortress and I have to go up a tight zig-zag road to get to its gate. When I arrive there nobody opens the gate, nobody seems to hear me calling. So I go back in the car and fall asleep on the back seat.
      Finally at dawn I wake up hearing this guy talking to some girl, outside the car. They are looking at me and wondering what I want. I recognise the guy as being Paulo (a guy I know in RL) but he doesn’t recognise me. He seems unfriendly and upset with my presence and I want to tell him “Hey, it’s me”, but in this context I feel it would sound absurd (I am more or less aware I’m in a dream), so I just stay quiet. He decides to allow me in, but he supervises each step and actually I can’t leave his side for a second. I still have no answers and actually haven’t yet asked any questions, because he is definitely not open to conversations.

      6:30 GMT

      Meeting a friend
      I’m somewhere in a countryside town, surrounded by farmed fields. I have this impression that villagers are not very open or friendly and I just dwell. I then find this group on which I recognize H.E. (a friend I don’t see for some time).
      I remember I used to have some funny dreams with him, when we were together in college, on which we flirted
      [I believe they were shared dreams, because on the next day he would be very smiley to me and even call his real girlfriend my name by mistake, pissing her off big time. LOL. But I never asked him, afraid of looking ridiculous.]
      Because he is now working on politics (he is in RL) there’s a bunch of people around him, wanting things from him, wanting to be his friends and so on. I ask him if he can spare some time for his old friend. He is not with much availability but he agrees and we go for a walk. We talk, we fly over what seem to be daisy fields. Then we cross some tiny village streets, with clothes hanging dry, very pitoresque. He needs to go to the toilet and enters some house. I wait outside. I cross and arch at the end of the street and find a road leading out of the village. Then I see a bunch of stray dogs strolling down the road. All is fine, but then 2 or 3 cars are coming and not very slowly and I fear for the dogs, so I run to shoo them. One of them is almost hit, but escapes. Then from behind me a procession of strange animals, looking like dogs and pigs, but with geometric coloured patterns (blue, green, yellow) on their skins pass by. I wonder what is this and I follow them. Passing another arch leading to an entrance to what seems to be a farm, there’s a bunch of kids sitting on the floor, with glue, fabrics, inks and other materials. They are making these animals, like stuffed animals and when they are finished, they become alive and walk around! I find it lovely.
      I go back to get my friend to see this and then we join them. I am helping this kid making a big animal that looks like a cute monster. When his head is ready, I put it in front of my face, as if it’s a mask and make funny remarks to my friend, and it almost feels like old times. But then I get into physical affection (as a friend, not with second intentions) and he gets dead serious, not so amused anymore. He is clearly trying not to get too involved emotionally. I guess now he’s taking his relationship with his girlfriend a lot more seriously and he’s afraid we might fall into flirting like old times. I think there was no need to be so worried about it, but that his choice.
      I actually start feeling bored and again fall asleep in the dream, but since I am sitting, as soon as I feel the fall, I wake up (in the dream).

      Social contrasts
      I’m walking to some place and I pass in front of a 5-star hotel, when some handsome middle-eastern filthy rich guy gets out of his limo to go to the hotel. For a moment I feel a bit intimidated of my colliding course with him, but then I think that the sidewalk is still a public place and why should I feel intimidated just because the guy is rich? So I keep moving normally. We pass by each other and the guy actually looks very interested in me, he can’t take his eyes of me. I enjoy his attention, but know that it would never lead anywhere. For him, I might be nice to look at, but not good enough for actually get inside his life. We live planets apart. Still, I feel that this guy is about to say something to me when I hear someone shouting my name. I look around, curious and find that behind this guy’s limo is now a really ugly and old car, full of guys and they are calling me. I don’t recognize them but apparently they are my friends. They ask me if I want a ride, since we’re going to the same place (which I have no clue where it is). I think about this other guy still on hold, looking at me, but I decide to accept their invitation and hop in. I think this will show the guy I'm not really interested in his money.
      There’s not really any empty space in the car, so we basically stack on top of each other. I feel amused – there’s this guy alone in a huge limo and here we are in a tiny car like sardines in a can, but in the end I decide this life is so much more fun and rich in experiences!

      8:15 GMT – Wake up

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    12. 1 Sep: Dates and attempt to lucidify dream companions

      by , 09-02-2010 at 10:53 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      23:00 GMT – Sleep

      No dreams recalled

      1:30 GMT

      Late to a movie and cloned cat
      I’m with my cousin C. on her car on the way to the movies. It’s late evening and we’re already late. She is speeding and I don’t feel comfortable. I ask her to slow down. Then we really get too late and she ends up dropping me home, no movies.
      When I arrive home my cat is now two cats, although the same one. He/they are on top of the table in the living room. Then I notice the window is open and run to shut it – the cat might fall 3 floors if he decides to go for a walk. Then the table is also wobbly and I fear it breaks, so I just grab the cat – only one, the other copy runs away.

      2:30 GMT

      Stone house
      I am seeing this old stone house with Riverstone and Nighthawk. An old guy shows us the property. I don’t know what we’re doing there. The old man then leaves for a while and we start exploring every inch. Nighthawk opens a squeaky, mouldy wardrobe and finds a really old scrapbook. He invites me to sit down and look at it, as I always like this kind of stuff. So we sit down on a small dusty sofa and we start turning the pages. I really didn’t pay much attention to what is was inside. I was more focused on the body heat from the guy by my side, if you know what I mean. Then someone screams with a loud pitch voice through a small window just above our heads. I am cool, no reaction, but Nighthawk freaked out. He gets up abruptly and goes out grumpy. We approach him, making a bit fun of the situation but he is really not in a good mood. I really hate seeing him like that, looses all the charm, so I go out through an opposite door, leading to a terrace. I see the area around for the first time. It’s amazing. There’s a river way down there and a path at my right leading to other part of the village where we are. I then become lucid and instinctively fly down to this road to explore. I look to the sky and the landscape around and I am awed with the brightness and white light that permeates it. But then I look up again to the house, and there are the guys still on the other terrace looking now to me, maybe wondering how I got down there so fast. I realise they are not DC's but are actually sharing a dream with me so I decide not to go explore the dream but to go back and try to lucidify them both – would be awesome!
      I fly back and enter the house through the door I came out from. They are inside now. I tell them to go sit that I have something to tell them. They look curious and excited. They go out to that second terrace where I haven’t yet been. They sit at a wooden bench on this terrace. The landscape here is also breathtaking. Everything looks so damn real. For a moment I am in doubt if I am still dreaming – what if this is actually real and I say it’s a dream and they will mock me forever? So I do a reality check, just to be sure. I look at my hands. They look normal, besides being a bit more red than normal. But something goes wrong! “Oh no! I am waking up!” So, I woke up and despite my efforts, I couldn’t come back...

      Starting life over and love in the hay stack
      For some reason I am Rory from the Gilmore Girls and I fell on water with some other person. It’s night on some port and the situation is dangerous, although I never feel I am in danger. My mom Lorelai is looking for me, screaming for help, but I’m just there and I can get out of water whenever I want. I just decide not to. I think how convenient that everybody thinks I’m dead. This way I can be free and start all over somewhere else.
      So I leave myself be taken by the current to a place more down river. I get out and there’s a big storage house, with lots of big machines and I’m not Rory anymore, I’m myself. Then I see police coming. I think they are looking for me but no, there’s some other guy, a criminal, also coming to hide here. What are the chances? I try to hide but realize there’s no time and they will see me. So I decide to lead them to the guy, this way distracting their attention from me. I do so, the guy is arrested and they are so thankful, they don’t ask me any question. I lay down on some hay stack and rest for the night.
      Later on, it’s morning and I wake up with the sound of voices. There’s a group of people talking by the door and I spot Nighthawk among these people. Coming from the other dream? He comes to me, holds me, seduces me and asks me if I want to be his girl. I’m delighted and I play along. We’re all mushy mushy, I am enjoying it a lot, but then the dream transforms.

      High speed skating and a wild hog
      I find myself inside a car, in the driver’s seat. The car is parked on a steep hill and the break fails, so it starts sliding backwards. Yaics, I have to stop it but can’t find the break! I almost hit this group of people walking their dogs, but move the wheel barely missing them, until I finally break. I get out of the car and I go half-lucid. I don’t know where I am and why I went there from this other so pleasant dream, so I decide to have some fun. I put some inline skates and slide down the rest of the hill at high speed. I am having so much fun, I scream of contentment. I pass through a group of youngsters who is sitting on the floor meditating. I feel a bit bad for disturbing them and almost killing them, actually. I remember the face of one black girl in great detail.
      The hill ends at the gates of some park. I am trying to see what this park is when a girl with a wild hog on a leash passes by me. I am like “wow” and is everybody else around who is both afraid and fascinated with this scene. People gather around the girl and the wild hog at the gate and I can’t come in. Then a couple asks me if I know if the copy house in front is open or definitely closed. I have no clue but just by looking at it, it looks like it’s not open for a long time. I suggest they look somewhere else.

      5:10 GMT

      Fetish with traffic
      There’s this two couples who like to make love in the traffic. So while one couple drives, the other is usually on the back seat doing it. But the police has already caught them a bunch of times so they came up with this truck with a cabin made of glass walls that you can see to outside but not to the inside and they have a bed there and all – really elaborate stuff just for this fetish thing they have. I am watching them having their way from inside this cabin they are driven along a highway and across a bridge. Weird stuff. I swear I have no fetish of this kind. It reminded me the movie Crash.

      Romantic walk becomes crappy
      I find Nighthawk again and we’re in the middle of some park. It’s already late evening. I invite him to walk with me, hand in hand and try to find a quiet comfy place to sit and nestle. The walk is being quite nice but then it starts to rain. I don’t care, it is not wetting me, it’s just dream rain. But he doesn’t believe that, he is getting soaked and gets really annoyed. Tells me he wants to leave. Oh boy. Ok, let’s go. We find his mom outside the park and they decide to go have dinner at a restaurant. The dream started to suck.

      7:30 GMT – Wake up

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    13. 25 Aug: museum city, countryside pension and a bunch of random stuff

      by , 08-25-2010 at 01:54 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)

      I have been having the possibility to sleep longer, which compensates the constant awakenings during the night to write down my dreams. Still, I feel a bit tired as sometimes I wake every hour or so. My wish to recall dreams is programming my mind to wake up frequently to record them.

      23:00 GMT - Sleep

      Work meeting
      Iím at a meeting. Tables form a hollow square and I just sit in the first available place as Iím late and it already started. Itís an NGO meeting arranged by one of my former bosses. Thereís some important reason why I was invited, but I canít recall. He sees me arriving and feels a bit disturbed. Then a gap.

      Feeling sick
      All of a sudden I am sitting in a small table with food. There was someone else sitting with me but not anymore. I am on a hurry and I eat fast. Then I feel extremely sick and feel like puking. I run to the toilet, it is disgustingly filthy, but I want to puke, so who cares. When about to do it, I get better and donít arrive to do it. Two ladies that were on the toilet ask me if Iím pregnant. I say I donít think so and that Iím just sick. Then it looks like everything is balancing back and forth and I wonder if Iím on a boat. Then a girl appears (maybe she was with me before?) supposedly to help me but just says some mockery about me being sick.

      3:06 GMT

      Thoughts about having a baby
      Maybe following the previous dream in which someone asked me if I was pregnant, I remember some dream in which I was thinking/considering or imagining myself having a baby. It was more a thought than a dream.

      Priest and a talent show
      Very sketchy dream that I feel it was going on for some time but I only recall that a lady was being invited by a priest to come to Rome for a show. First I felt that this lady was my mother, but the content of the dream doesnít match her in anything. He was looking for someone with a special talent to star on some fairground show and this lady was very colourful and musically talented. Then he reinforced the invitation saying he wanted her to be there not for just one show, but indefinitely. Weird that a priest would also be a talent hunter...

      4:08 GMT

      Just recall that I was trying to reach some politician and someone helps me getting inside the parliament or congress and Iím on the corridors looking for the right office.

      Mom ironing
      My mother is ironing some clothes and the cat wants to play with her.

      Award ceremony
      Some award ceremony scene, like the Oscars.

      Visit to aunt and my momís cat
      I park my car under a bridge close to my auntís I. home (where I donít go since a teenager). Itís night and itís a creepy place, so I keep my eyes very open to eventual robbers behind the pillars. A lady seems distressed about some cat she thinks is in trouble, not able to descend from a roof. I go to the place to check but after a while the cat jumps down, so allís fine. Then I keep going and see my mother close to my auntís garage door, our meeting point. She also brought her cat with her, which I donít think itís such a good idea. Itís a crazy unpredictable cat that gets scared at anything. But she says sheís taken him for a walk before and I trust her. The problem is that the cat decides to hit the middle of the road and I see cars coming. I freak out and run to shoo him away from the road. He does and hides under something on the other side. After the cars pass I go get him and he is so scared that he is totally peaceful and sweet Ė usually he is like a Tasmanian devil ) It was nice to cuddle him, even if it is only possible in dreams, LOL.

      6:00 GMT

      City of museums
      Iím going down a street with my mother in some foreign country and unknown city. This particular street is amazing, with dozens of museums of art, antiques, archaeology. Impressive buildings. We decide we canít visit them all but at least the last one on the street catches our attention. Itís modern art and inside I remember see this big mosaic pictures representing the elements of the periodic table. I remember clearly the Pb one (a clear derivation from a conversation I had the day before, about an ass as heavy as lead, LOL). At the museum shop there were for sale cute wind up toys and I try one out, breaking the coil spring inside. I try to fix it but it only gets a little better. I behave badly and try to get away with it, but a friend of mine comes out of nowhere and picks the same toy to try it out. I fear she is going to figure out I broke it, but she doesnít say anything. I still feel guilty and when leaving a security guy blocks me and my momís exit. But of course it wasnít because of the toy Ė he had seen her taking pictures with flash and also we were carrying backpacks, which is not allowed in the museum (somehow at the entrance they had failed to check that). But thatís all and we leave.

      7:19 GMT

      Freaky countryside pension with a secret
      Iím staying at a countryside pension, a very old looking and typical construction but I donít know of which country. Small wooden doors and windows and very low roof which I realise itís because the house goes below ground level, so we need to descend some stairs to get inside. When we enter we go directly to the kitchen which is also like common/living room, large and spacious. To go to the rooms section we need to climb 2 or 3 steps at the right side close to the back of the room.
      I feel I am here as part of a group of tourists/excursionists and everybody left already. The owners are also leaving and closing everything behind them. But for some reason (I donít remember what had happened before) I am suspicious of something going on and I want to go inside the house when theyíre not there.
      So they leave and I go back and get to enter the place. But all of a sudden the lady owner appears, with very menacing look on her face. She wants to know what I am doing there. I say my backpack is too heavy and that I came back to leave a few things behind or I wonít be able to hike around all day as expected. She weighs my backpack just to check if Iím not lying with all my teeth, but luckily the thing is really heavy and I take a few things out and leave them on the kitchen table. I leave.
      Some other day I was in the room with my boyfriend and we start kissing passionately. I throw him on the floor and want to make love to him, but behind the door there are lots of voices and I know someone might enter the place at any moment, so I refrain myself.
      On even some other day I am finally alone in the place, waiting for some fellow guests to arrive and I open the door for them. I guess I finally found what I was looking for because I am drawing a scheme of this symbol that I guess I found somewhere and means something important. Itís like a 3-leafed clover and the top leaf has a heart inside it and there are things written inside every leaf. Thatís all I can remember, because it was too detailed.

      8:00 GMT Ė Wake up

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