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    1. The Tickle-Worm Dream

      by , 08-23-2017 at 03:37 PM
      07-27-2017 -- The Tickle-Worm. Dream starts out with me working as some sort of courier. I have stopped by a law office to pick up files to deliver somewhere, and they are a small pile of papers and a check that I have to take and place in an envelope (possibly re-useable) supplied for it. As I slide them in, the person there is telling me that there is no special hurry, and that I can take this and the one other package I currently have in either order, and I add in the instructions that I know are coming ... as long as I do not pick up any more on the way. This needs to get to their delivery spot quite quickly.

      Don't have any clue just how the scene reaches this next point, but I find myself in a hotel room somewhere with my dad. I have a small wooden box, slightly decorated, that I think may have been based on a box from a Harry Potter fan-fic I was reading last night, that in the fic was a sort of magical mail box. In the dream, it holds an unusual creature that I have somehow received ... a Tickle-Worm. The Tickle-Worm is a worm. It starts out looking mostly like a regular worm, with a slightly larger 'head' area that actually has a bit of a face, and is perhaps about 8 inches long. It springs out of its box, and is supposed to kind of half curl up in my hand and sleep there, as I go to sleep.

      The problem is, it seems to be curious and into exploring. As I go to lay down, it springs out of my hand and across the room, where it starts crawling around a book case, knocking books to the floor, and annoying my dad, who is trying to sleep. He's kind of upset about the thing making noise. That part I don't mind too much, but I do find it kind of irksome that it is knocking all of the Danny Dunn books off the shelves. I approach the bookcase, thinking I am going to have to kind of chase it around to try and catch it, but as I get close, it springs off the bookcase into my hand.

      I'm walking back toward the bed, hoping I can now get a little sleep, but as I draw near, it springs off again, flying into a slightly open chest filled with boxes of colorful breakfast cereals, again doing some exploring. The next thing I know, I am in some sort of classroom or scientific lab speaking with a female teacher or scientist, asking about the Tickle-Worm, and she is explaining where they are found. She shows me a large, octagonal aquarium filled with water and seaweed, but no fishes.

      This thing is probably about ten feet around, and perhaps four feet high, but weighs little enough that she can pick it up. Anyway, she picks it up and shows me a piece of seaweed that is long and wide and flat and thick (probably about four feet long, six inches wide, and about an inch thick) that is a slightly brownish green and now hanging from it is a tapeworm-like Tickle-Worm. Seems they start in sea water, but when removed, are perfectly fine.

      [I do not think I have ever heard the term Tickle-Worm before this dream, but looking it up on the internet, it seems it may be something created by a band I have never heard of, in a song that I also have never heard. How it came to be in my dream, I have less than no clue.]
    2. Weird Lighting Tricks and Moving to a Roof, Before Doing Courier Work in Warehouse

      by , 08-23-2017 at 03:28 PM
      07-25-2017 -- Strange all over the place dream, kind of disjointed. At one point I am waking up in mom and dad's room, and it is the middle of the night. I end up glancing out the window across the street, and notice a strange, pale blue light across the street, where somehow the area between Albert's house and Vinnie's house seems to have been built up into one big house. I know this is strange, and as time goes on, and the sun comes up, I keep glancing over at it. Somehow the dark of night made it look like the two houses had merged into one large house, but as more light is thrown on the situation, I can easily see they are still the two separate houses they've always been, with nothing to show why I thought they had merged together. Strange.

      As I more fully wake up, I find myself in a new house that I've moved to. This one is supposed to be two story, but somehow I find myself rooming on the third floor. It is a little hot, and only comfortable because of a breeze. I soon find myself needing to go to the bathroom, and I start to try to pee in a bottle, but somehow it is not working, and I find myself peeing on the floor. I am a little worried about it, until I realize that there is indeed no third floor, and I find I have set up my bed on the roof, which is a flat roof with about a four foot wall around it. The roof is open air, outside, so somehow the fact that I am peeing on it is ok.

      It seems to be a good-sized building, maybe about 100 feet by fifty feet or so, and I end up peeing my way around the entire building, and am slightly amazed that I have enough pee in me to pee around the whole perimeter. At first I am worried that someone might see me from surrounding buildings, but none are taller than mine, though some are as tall, so the angle shouldn't let them see over the wall enough to see what I am doing. In some way I feel like I am marking my territory. It's very strange.

      Anyway, after I've finished that odd bathroom break, I find myself looking around at the 'room' I've formed for myself. The only things I have moved up here so far is my bed and a couple of pillows, but I start thinking. I know it has been raining almost daily, and trying to live here on the roof, I am going to get soaked, and my bed is going to get ruined. I have to move back into the house, and take a room on the second floor. So I open the hatch in the roof, and start to shove the mattress and box springs back down into the house, while also trying to keep a cat (marmalade, I think) from climbing out onto the roof, for fear of leaving it stuck out there.

      The house is very hot, with little or no air conditioning, and I find mom (or perhaps Rosemary or Pat Q.) and try to explain why the roof won't work, and I'll need to take a room on the second floor, though I may try and get a plastic lounge chair and some water-proof pillows to put on the roof. But somehow I have opened a second hatch, and dumped the mattress and stuff down to the first floor, and find myself talking to another person in the house (no idea who), moaning that I've gone to the wrong floor, haven't I, and that now I am going to have to haul a very heavy mattress up a flight of stairs, just to manage to get it back up to the second floor.

      Somehow I then find myself in a warehouse area that is somehow connected to the house, and they are hauling around large stacks of paperwork that have been banded together with those tough metal bands, or in some cases, just stacked in tall boxes, about 16" square by perhaps three feet tall. It seems they need to have a couple of boxes moved elsewhere, and are asking somebody if they would be willing to run them to the other place as a sort of courier, and I'm not registering it at first, but it is me thy are asking, but when I don't respond, they start to ask somebody else, who claims because they have to watch a pet or something, they won't do it, while I am trying to say I will, now that I understand they were asking me. Very strange.

      Anyway, it's more or less settled, and they start to load up their forklifts to put various pallets of paperwork back where they belong, but one of them has accidentally picked me up with the pallet, and is hoisting me higher and higher into the air, and I am trying to call out about it, but I have no voice, and they don't seem to hear me. I try to wave my arms out far enough the forklift driver can see it, but it doesn't seem to register that there shouldn't be an arm waving out of his stuff. By this time, I am beginning to wonder if they know I am here, and if it is just a prank. I don't know.

      Soon I am back on the ground, and am walking the two big boxes they want me to transport through the warehouse, as if they are on rollers. I move them through the warehouse to the office portion, and push them into the office area, then go wandering off for a few seconds to try to talk to the lady from earlier (about the wrong floor), but when I go back to find the boxes, they have no disappeared, and I know I am going to be in trouble for losing them. I'm running around trying to find them and getting more and more stressed about them. Odd.
    3. Who Wants to Marry a Gay Millionaire?

      by , 06-11-2014 at 07:49 PM
      04-26-2014 -- Odd one, with several parts. It starts with me seeming to remember a dream I once had, that involved walking through the snow in Southern California, and I seem to be telling my sister about it. It was a fairly interesting dream, but not supremely so, and "I recall that it started right ... here." Here being the parking lot of the place my sister is currently working, and I explain how I was here to pick up a package (in the dream) to courier it somewhere, and I spotted all the snow, and started off to walk through it for a bit. [Might have tied into the dream where I ran into the 10th and 11th Doctors in a bar, dressing up like pirates, here.]

      As I continue to tell my sister about the dream, I follow her into her work place (which somewhat resembles the 3M Dental warehouse). There's tight security, but she has no problem getting me in. We are wandering through the office area, me still telling her about the dream. We soon find ourselves standing in front of a strange cross between a vending machine and a weird sort of robotic Santa Claus giving out candy, and for some reason we are trying to empty the thing out, taking all the candy. Most of it we are just putting into a basket that everybody can take it from, but as we get close to finishing it off, I do keep a few bits for myself, including a couple of small bags of M&Ms, and what I think was a white chocolate version of a Willy Wonka Scrunch bar, a thing that has never actually existed. For some reason I am putting them in my pockets, even though I know they will melt there.

      Melody has wandered off to talk to some of her co-workers, and as I was almost finished with my dream, this annoys me. I wait a little bit, but just when I am about to be able to tell her the ending, she wanders off to talk to more people, and I decide I have had enough, and I am just going to leave. I head to the exit, wondering if security is going to give me issues for leaving without her being with me, but they just wave me through. Soon I find myself out in the parking lot, looking for my white car. Problem is, it isn't where I left it, and I am walking back and forth through the parking lot looking for it, until I begin to worry that it might have been stolen. Also there seem to be some toughs approaching me, and I am thinking things are about to get painful.

      Then suddenly the scene changes, and I am in a house where I seem to be sharing a room with either Ron D. or perhaps Chris (Kevin) W. For some reason we are literally sharing the same bedroom, and I find myself preparing to take my old wicker laundry basket out to do a load, but I have to make sure I gather up all my clothes, and none of his. Very strange, especially since the scene just changes again, for no reason.

      I am now sitting in a bar, along the right side of the bar. There are tons of people around, and we seem to be filming an odd sort of cross between a game show and a reality show. There is a very cute English blonde (I think it is the blonde I saw in the latest Star Trek film last night, Alice Eve) who has to decide which of two gay men (both already in a relationship with another guy) she is going to marry. We're all in this bar where she and her friends interact with these two guys to decide which one she will choose. First it seems like the show is being hosted by George Takei, but it may eventually switch to being hosted by Drew Carey.

      I don't really approve of the whole thing, so I am pretty much just sitting quietly, staying out of the way, but Alice is wearing a really mini mini skirt which is riding up further and further to show her stocking tops, and then eventually even her bush, while a large group of somewhat large and unattractive black ladies are standing around berating her and calling her a slut. I am just enjoying the show. Eventually the gay couple who were sitting at my part of the bar have wandered off, and there is nobody on that side any more, so I decide to move to the left side of the bar and take a seat, but as I do so, everybody is telling me I can't, and to go away, so I move back to the right side of the bar, just to find there are a couple about to take my seat there. I explain it is my seat and I need it, and have to tell them about the filming before they will go away. But eventually they do, and I have my seat back, and find myself talking to the boy friend of one of the gay men who Alice has to choose from, and we are both agreeing this is very stupid.
    4. The Horrible Accident

      by , 12-31-2013 at 07:59 PM
      12-27-2013 -- The first thing I can remember of this one, I am driving down a highway, possibly with Ron and Mary. We're in separate cars, but driving right next to each other, and though it feels like we're driving down the middle of the state, we're also approaching the whole Palm Beach / Fort Lauderdale area, which may mean we were driving down the turnpike, though we may have eventually changed to I-95. I think I am delivering a package down to Lauderdale.

      As we continue driving along (what is now looking like a fairly busy surface street), we are suddenly facing a car heading straight at us on the wrong side of the street. We swerve around it, just to find ourselves viewing a couple more cars crashing into each other. Then another car on the wrong side of the road, followed by two or three more cars in a wreck, then two or three more going the wrong way. There are police everywhere, and we can't figure out exactly what is happening, though it very well may be cars exiting a freeway the wrong way to avoid a big pile-up or something. All I know is they are creating an even bigger mess out here.

      Suddenly there is a greenish station wagon like the one I used to drive flying through the air, turning end over end as it crashes to the ground, followed by a line of 10 or 12 cars going the wrong way at high speed, sending everybody insane. As we swerve every which way to avoid them all, Ron and I look across at each other, and can see we agree. We swerve into a parking lot, and park our cars next to each other, both pulling forward to the second space in the row we're in. We climb out of our cars, and are now walking forward, trying to find out what is going on. I find I was driving a compact red sedan.

      As we walk back toward the street, the cars continue in their crazy patterns, and we spot one guy running away from the cars on the wrong side of the road, but unfortunately he runs right in front of a diesel truck and it is horribly messy. The shoulder we are walking on sort of drifts away from the road for a few yards, and suddenly we find ourselves in almost a sort of concrete tunnel, looking up at a short ladder (four to five feet tall) that lets us climb up to a gate that we can open to step back on to the street. Ron and Mary decide they have had enough, and just turn around to walk back to the car, while I decide to continue on. Because of my size and shape, I am having a difficult time climbing the ladder, and first have to put down the painting that I seem to be carrying.

      I hand it to somebody standing there, manage to climb up, and then ask him to hand it back to me. He refuses, instead asking me why I think I should go out there. I try to explain it is OK, I have a professional drivers license, and he demands to know exactly what kind of license, where was it issued, and more. I say after I get off the ladder, I will show him the license. He asks more and more questions, getting ruder all the time, and I decide I am not showing him anything. He has no right to know, anyway. I demand he hands the painting to me, and he complies with poor grace. I then point to a large bottle of multi-vitamins that also belongs to me, and is sitting on the ground, and ask him to hand me that, as well, and he refuses. He is being a real ass, and I am severely ticked off, and I finally pronounce a nasty curse against him in the name of Jesus, and stalk off, though a few seconds later I am feeling more and more bad about it.

      I find myself thinking, and realize that God is not bound by space and time, and start to realize that, though unlikely, it is possible that all these accidents and car wrecks could possibly have been caused by my curse against the guy. I am thinking of trying to get to the Cheeburger Cheeburger location in Boca or Lauderdale, since they closed the one in Orlando, but as I continue walking along, I realize I am not going to get very far walking barefoot through all this wreckage, and decide I better turn around and get back to my car. I am going to need it to get very far.

      As I am walking back, I find a very long Doctor Who-style scarf that I know is mine, though it is closer to the colors of the one Tom Baker wore than either of the ones I made. As I make it back to the strange little concrete tunnel and the ladder, I find everybody has left, and as I climb back down I find my bottle of vitamins, but the nasty guy opened it and pooped in it, so that bottle is now wasted. Ick! I continue back to the spot where Ron and I had parked, just to find both cars are missing. I expected Ron and Mary would have driven off, but I am wondering where my car is, and am annoyed to fear that my car has been stolen yet again. But I notice a nearby police station in the parking lot, and wonder if it may have just been improperly towed away. I walk inside, gingerly stepping over all the broken glass from the accident in my bare feet. Inside the police station, I find a long line, including a lot of very tough looking guys, including a big black guy who threatens to kill me if I don't wait my turn in the line. While I am griping, he tells me to shut up as he doubts I have any problems worth complaining about, and I suddenly tear into him about how often (in my dreams) my car gets stolen, and how sick I am of it!
    5. Car Repairs and George Takei Talking About the Adventurers Club

      by , 06-17-2013 at 08:01 AM
      06-13-2013 -- Earlier hints of a possible tidal wave on the beach and a sexy woman who may or may not be involved with the mafia-like group that has been chasing me around, then I find myself at an auto repair shop somewhere, talking to a cop who is talking about some of the bad shops he has had experience at, and I am hoping this isn't one of them, since they are working on my vehicle.

      Anyway, I am really hoping they can handle the problem with my vehicle, and that it will be something minor, but it is sounding really rough and loud, much like a diesel tractor cab might sound. (Which actually makes sense, since that is what I am driving in this dream.) The cop is indicating that they do good work, but that they are about to close for the day, but I am refusing to leave because I am in the middle of a delivery (or perhaps a mystery shop) down somewhere about Lauderdale, and I have no way to get any help or do anything without my vehicle, so I am not going anywhere until my 'car' is fixed.

      Somehow this leads to standing outside watching a couple of people walk by, including a thin black guy who borrowed something of mine, and I am waiting for him to return it, and when he doesn't seem to be coming over to do so, I find myself heading for him, instead. Somehow this leads to the strange switch where I have just boarded a bus with George Takei, and he is going to be helping me with something, though in the dream it is never quite clear what.

      So we have moved to the back of the bus, and this punk kid seems to be asking about what we're doing, and I am trying to explain, but do a really lousy job of it. (Perhaps because I have no idea, myself.) Anyway, something that I say makes George think that I have volunteered him to help the punk kid with something, and he is really upset with me about it. Neither I, nor the punk, got that out of what I said, but to avoid trouble, I am trying to reword my comment to soothe George's issues.

      In revenge, George goes off on a tangent about the Adventurer's Club, and wants to know why I liked the place so much, and wondering if it was true that Anne complained that I was boring and spoke like Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? And why would I talk like that all the time? I'm very hurt, because I never recall her saying anything like that, not even in my hundreds of hours of video footage of the Club, and I don't think I talk in that much of a monotone ... or at least I didn't while I still had a voice.

      Then BC shows up and insists she has the footage of Anne saying that on video tape, and is leading George to the front of the bus to play it for him. Except it isn't footage from the Club, but from a play that Anne did, and I am even more upset, thinking that she might be so unprofessional as to make such a comment in the middle of a play. Except that the entire play seems to be of a woman whining about her medical procedures and how miserable she is, and is so much whining that it seems to be more something from BC's friend Pam than any real play. The play's name was something like the Mastectomy Moments or something, probably a take-off on the Vagina Monologues.

      Soon we're standing on a street corner somewhere, and I find myself trying to explain my crazy friends to George, while he just stares at me. I end up defending BC by pointing out all the things she has had to put up with, which leads to me trying to explain her brother Benny to him. And isn't that a trip and a half. I am explaining about his past drinking, and his catch phrases, "I kill you for a quarter," and "Jonannelli" and "How does that make you feel?" and the 'I will annoy you if it kills me' attitude. I try to remember the newest catch-phrase, "My pants are too tight," but I just can't bring that one to mind.

      Trying to explain all this to George is enough to turn him into Benny, who is drunk again, and babbling in the street, while his dog is jumping all over me, trying to get at the ice cream I am eating. I am trying to push the dog off, but I don't want to hurt its feelings, so while I try to push it off, I explain I just don't know it that well, yet. Odd stuff. (And why does George Takei keep coming into my dream, anyway?)
    6. The Delivery, the Used Bookstore and the Dementor Attack

      by , 05-21-2013 at 04:42 PM
      05-20-2013 -- [Hints of lots of stuff at the edge of my memory, which might be in the same dream, or from different ones in the night. Might have been bits with Harry Potter, Runescape, and/or Roller Coaster Tycoon.]

      I find myself delivering a package to some place that seems to be a bit of a cross between a hotel or maybe an Orlando Paving plant. I make the delivery, then call in, but dispatch doesn't seem to have anything else for me. It seems to be kind of blending between a courier job, and hints of driving for Mears. I find myself considering exiting the parking lot through the proper exit, which would force me to turn east, where I would have to drive a little way to a place I could make a u-turn, while somebody leaving in a truck or a bus takes a side road they aren't supposed to, but it will allow them to head west immediately, and I am wondering which way will be faster.

      But then I get a call from dispatch telling me to just wait patiently, and soon they'll have something else for me. I remind them that I've been doing this for a while, and I know it is all part of the job. I glance around the parking lot, and notice they seem to be almost setting up a flea market or something, and as I find myself near a stall of used books, I decide to go take a look.

      I find myself carrying my worn paperback of Jordan's Eye of the World, and as I find myself glancing at several other Wheel of Time books on their shelves, I am hoping they won't think it is their book. I am glancing at the titles and see a few Dick Francis novels, a few Gordon Korman books, and several shelves of old Choose Your Own Adventure books, but I find I have no interest in that series, anymore, so I ignore them. I find a bunch of the really early Wodehouse novels, and then, oddly, a 3 Investigators book that I have never seen before, which seems to have the 3 Investigators solving a case at Blandings with Emsworth and Galahad and the rest. Very interesting.

      One of the people who works at the shop is considering getting some of the Korman Macdonald Hall books, and I am putting in a good recommendation for them, then as I try and look at the lowest books on the bookcase I am looking at, I start to sink a couple of feet into the floor, which makes it much easier to look at the lower titles.

      As I am looking at some of the books, the flea market is suddenly attacked by several dementors, and everybody starts screaming and panicking. But it seems a lot of the dementors are finding they aren't as effective as they might be. One dementor has grabbed a young child, and is trying to torture her, but she says the dementor is less painful and horrifying than the cancers she had been fighting, and she sacrifices herself to destroy the dementor.

      [A friend of mine yesterday was explaining something called Live Like Bella, which is about a young girl who, as a baby, had a cancer, and the doctors said she was going to die. She had a miraculous healing. Since then, she has come down with two or three other kinds of cancers, and each time, the doctors say she is doomed, and then she receives another miraculous healing. Through it all, she has remained upbeat, and tried to live her life to the fullest. I expect being told about this brought about the above scene.]

      Another dementor is coming right for me, but a kind of dopey (but very loyal) friend of mine throws himself in the way, and in some way through his sacrifice, manages to half take over the dementor, before they both explode. He seems like one of the Wodehouse male romantic interests, loyal, not too bright, a nice, ineffectual guy. But he sure managed to take out one of the dementors.

      I find myself making the comment that these dementors must be from the movies, not the books, because they seem a lot weaker than the book dementors that can only be scared away by a Patronus. By this point, the vehicle I am driving is a cab, not my own car or a shuttle van, and I somehow kind of see the future, and realize I am just about to be attacked by another dementor, and instead open the trunk of my car just in time for the dementor to fly in, then I shut it again, trapping the thing!
    7. The Aliens and the Sunglasses

      by , 10-17-2012 at 10:50 PM
      [OK, so I've made a decision here. At least occasionally, on days when I haven't had any really great dreams, I'll post an older dream on here from my personal dream journal. Most of these will be my more major Harry Potter dreams, but this one had no Harry Potter that I remember, just mostly sci-fi stuff. Just so there is something more interesting in my dream journal for the day.]

      4-23-2012 -- I am out doing courier work (not sure where) when I find Jeff Goodwin has just joined the company, and I am asked to give him a hand with one delivery. We're traveling a little bit on this one, something like 150 or 200 miles, and it seems to be a fairly smooth journey.

      We get where we are going, and deliver one package to a construction site that is along the lines of an OPC plant, then Jeff explains they gave him another package to deliver right down the block at a school. He goes to deliver that, while I wait for him before we can go back.

      As I am waiting, an attractive young lady comes along on a golf cart and is accusing me of being where I don't belong. I explain the delivery and waiting for Jeff, and she tells me to get on the golf cart, indicating that I can either take a seat, or drive it. I lift her up, take the driver's seat, and sit her in my lap. This doesn't seem to bother her. Then I wrap my arms around her, holding her close, but nothing really improper, and she warns me "Now you're starting to push it." and we drive off a short distance, back to the construction site, which has now changed.

      She looks vaguely like Olga from the show 7 Days, and she is here investigating something, trying to figure out what kind of deliveries they are getting here. It seems nothing matches the labels. There are boxes marked food that seem to contain several live cats (which are being referred to as dogs) and stuff like that. The cats are cute, and there are lots of little girls that want to play with them.

      She grabs the box I just delivered, which is marked bandages, and is filled with, yes, bandages. First box she has found that is properly marked. As we are checking on things, stuff shifts to where we are actually in some sort of alien camp, trying to learn what we can, but having to avoid drawing notice to ourselves. Seems like kind of a cross between 'They Live,' 'V,' and the Tripod books.

      We're wearing sunglasses that are supposed to control what we see, and how we react to things, but one of our people has tampered with them so they only half-work. They affect what we are seeing enough that we can keep from reacting unexpectedly, but they keep us from being controlled. Most of the aliens are mostly human-size, but do not act like humans ... except for a few.

      There is a very huge alien that acts a little different, and a short human who acts much the same way, and we discover they are the result of a cross-breeding experiment where the more human offspring are short and the alien ones are roughly Hagrid-sized. But both offspring are too easy going and laid back to be of any use to the aliens. They are free, and tolerated, but will never be a part of the alien civilization.

      We're in a small box-like area doing our research, and I still have been keeping an eye out for Jeff's return, but I realize I haven't been paying enough attention, and don't know if he is still at the school or not. A couple of the aliens come by, and the Olga character doesn't see them and talks about something she shouldn't, which has them examining us more closely. One person reacts badly, and they pick him up and find his glasses have been tampered with, and fix them. He is now under their control.

      They start picking up a couple of others, and eventually reach for me. I try to dodge, and they tell me to stand still. I don't, but that tells them I am not under their control, and they manage to grab me and pick me up by the hair. To me, the aliens look identical, and they are commenting on how we can't tell them apart while looking at them directly. They take my glasses, and somehow as I glance at them, one is obviously male while the other is female, and I never noticed it before. I comment on it.

      With the glasses removed, I have lost all volition. I just don't care what is going on, and am just hanging by my hair. One of them tells me that for fooling them with the fake glasses, he is going to kill me, and he carries me over to a display that is roped off that has a kind of strange, small, square furnace in it, and starts swinging me by my hair, preparing to toss me in it. I finally start to care, and grab him by the hand and fight my way free.

      As I struggle with him, my hand lands on the mask he is holding, and I tear it off his face. It turns out on his face under the mask he has a ton of spots, and all the aliens are horribly racist, and hate those with more or less spots then themselves. This is why they wear the masks, to allow them to function. I start to call out about how spotty he is, and the other aliens grab him and start to tear him apart. They forget all about me.

      So I run back to the small box-like encampment, and start gathering my people together. It is hard to interest a couple who have already had their glasses fixed, and there is no sign of Jeff. The Olga character has disappeared, and I am trying to find her. There is another young woman, nude, and fairly attractive, who is moaning about how horrible she looks, and I am trying to convince her she looks lovely, her mind is just being messed with by the glasses.

      I am looking for a way out, and in an intuitive leap, I think that the strange sort of eye-looking organic things I have seen in a couple of hatches in the floor might be a sort of exit. I can't seem to find any of them now, but I spot a closed hatch on the ground and get the others to help me open it. The space underneath looks organic, with a kind of an alien-green skin surrounding what almost looks like a bright yellow eye area. I gather my nerves and drop myself into the hatch, and the 'eye' opens like a sort of iris, and I fall through into some sort of slime.

      I hold my breath and move through a sort of slime-filled underworld, where I can see a few others moving around, before I fall through entirely, and find myself back in the exterior area where I made my original delivery, then I wake up.
    8. Harry Potter, the First Year Harem, and the Invisibility Conspiracy

      by , 10-14-2012 at 10:46 PM
      10-14-2012 -- [This may be one dream, or it may be two. I had two separate dreams last night, with an actual awakening in between them, but the storyline continued on (though it changed) so I am going to start typing the second dream first, and if it gets long enough to stand on its own, I'll type up two dreams. Otherwise, I'll merge them into one. A note of explanation: I really enjoy Harry Potter fan fiction, but there are a lot of story ideas that appear in fan fiction that never appeared in the real Harry Potter stories. This dream encompasses two or three of these story lines, including harems, and Harry being the head of a rich and powerful family.]

      I'm Harry Potter, and I am in my first year at Hogwarts. It is about the middle of the year, and I have gotten very close to Hermione. We're almost lovers, except we're too young for sex so far. But I find myself being tremendously drawn to Susan Bones, and am starting to get very close to her. Both girls are heart-broken, because each of them thinks I have chosen the other, but I keep telling them and eventually they come to understand I am deeply in love with both of them.

      The dorms at Hogwarts are kind of strange. The rooms resemble office cubicles, with short walls that you can just barely look over (considering we're first years, those must be really short walls!) We're not supposed to stare over them, though, to give each other privacy. Oddly enough, in these half-walled rooms we have bunk beds. Bunk four-poster beds. Mine is one of the upper bunks.

      I've been having some minor issues of invasion of privacy with who I am thinks is Cedric in the dreams, but it may be Wood, since Cedric is a Hufflepuff. On the other hand, since Susan is now sleeping with Hermione and I in my bed (though nobody knows it) maybe it is Cedric. Who knows? The two girls now share my bed, and we sleep together every night. We're too young for sex, but we cuddle and comfort, and you know it will get more physical as we get older. We're looking forward to it.

      In a burst of almost accidental magic (no wand, and not intentionally planning to cast a spell) I seem to have warded the bed so that nobody can see inside so nobody knows the girls are sleeping with me, and we're having a grand time. They are dressed in thin nightgowns or perhaps just large nightshirts, very nice for cuddling.

      Somehow Fleur Delacour is older, at least 7th year, or maybe out of school, and has been sent to Hogwarts as a kind of teachers' aide, and she is patrolling the dormitory. I start crying and acting lonely and homesick, and try to get her to climb up the ladder and check on me. Eventually we lure her up, and as soon as she reaches the bed, all three of us launch ourselves at her, pull her into the bed, and start partly stripping her and caressing her. She struggles for a moment or two, but her veela nature takes over, and she can sense how well this will work out, even if she may need to wait a while for the real fun. The harem has now grown to three ladies.

      [This is where I woke up and tried to fix the dream in mind, before dropping back to sleep. Must have worked, as you'll see below.]

      I'm at an odd sort of cross between a bank and a coffee shop in Orlando with Hermione and Susan. It's on Orange Avenue in the Pine Castle area. We're here to check on something, but Susan is suddenly accosted by her aunt, who seems to resemble the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons. She is screaming about how dare Susan get herself involved in a harem, and is making her cry.

      I am getting more and more angry, and am about to lay into the aunt and lay down the law as the all-powerful head of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter, but Hermione is holding me back. Good thing, too. Somehow Susan's aunt has turned into her uncle, and just wanted to make sure we're all serious. (No, that's my godfather, I want to say, but don't.)

      Susan has quit crying and is doing much better, and finds she is to receive an inheritance or something while she is here. Hermione is kind of turning into BC, and I'm slowly becoming more myself than Harry Potter, though there are still hints of the magical world in the rest of the dream. Still, it is kind of heading a different direction. As Susan rejoins us, we find ourselves meeting a sort of Forest Gump kind of character.

      He's kind of strange, and may not be all there, but he is also a very decent person, and in a long life, he has met a lot of people and learned a lot of really esoteric stuff. I think he may first introduce me to the book with information on the invisible car, but I'm not sure. We end up joining him for a run, because his thing is his folks raised him to run every time something in the world confused him, to give him a chance to think about it and try to figure it out. He is now well-known because he has run over 900,000 miles.

      He only really interacts with people during the part of the day when he is trying to learn one new thing (which will inspire more running while he tries to figure it out), but we catch him at exactly that time, and I think we tell him something interesting about the magical world before he drives off in a beat up old red pick-up truck. Susan, meanwhile, is going to go visit some of her relatives in a small backwoods hick community deep in the heart of Belle Isle. Weird.

      I suddenly find that I have been working a weird job that is kind of a combination between courier work and working for Redeemer Printing, and I was at the bank dropping off some documents that have something to do with a print order. There was something about an order for a pawn shop or something, but they were supposed to call back about the details of how much they are going to increase the percentage payments on stuff that has been pawned for people who can't make their car payments or something. Both they and the bank seem to be on my case about my bills and money owed, so obviously by this point I am fully me, and no longer Harry Potter.

      So I walk out of the bank, still hoping for the phone call so that I know what to tell the print shop to print, when I find myself remembering the invisible car that I was reading about in a book (which I may or may not have gotten from the Gump character). It is supposed to be parked by the curb at the bank, and I reach out my hand, and there it is. I can feel it, even though when I look I see nothing but air.

      My contact from the bank or the printshop that is badgering me for that last bit of information for the print job turns out to be Joy from Mears [I saw the woman twice recently, briefly, while looking for a job. I have no idea how she has been important enough to make it into two of my dreams recently.] I give her the information I just received on my cell phone. I then tell her about the invisible car, and she doesn't seem to believe me, and turns and starts to walk away.

      I reach out my hand, and no car, nothing. But I probably just walked past the length of the car. I follow Joy who walks to the other side of the street to Hansel, and reach my hand out again. I find another invisible car, and call out to Joy. She points out that the car is plainly visible, and suddenly it is. But I could swear it wasn't a minute ago. I walk forward and look, and where I am at, there is no car. I reach out, and can feel one there. I call out again, and Joy says "Visible," and the car fades into sight in front of my eyes. It looks like someone had crashed into it, certainly a hazard if one is parked on the road, but invisible.

      At this point I realize it is a conspiracy, a very wealthy sub-culture keeping hidden while in the midst of us, invisible, and almost nobody knows of them. They are obviously playing with me, any time I discover one of their invisible cars, they make it visible. At first I think it is just to make me think I was mistaken, but then I come to the conclusion they are trying to make me look like a fool, and I think Joy is in on it! Rotten, evil, invisible people!
    9. Grimmauld Place, Courier Work, and the Freeway Collapse

      by , 08-26-2012 at 05:22 PM
      08-26-2012 -- This one is all over the place! Starts out in an old, spooky house. Might well be Grimmauld Place, as there seem to be two small beings running around, one that is friendly, and one that isn't. Almost certainly Dobby and Kreature. I'm wandering through the place, looking for secret passages and just exploring, but doors don't always lead the same places, and Kreature is dangerous.

      I've already been given one ticking package which I've disarmed, but eventually I'm given another, rather lackadaisically wrapped, that is addressed to some sort of princess. It is a birthday present, but it is also ticking, and is probably also a bomb. Somehow I can't unwrap it and disarm it, though, because the present isn't for me.

      Things shift here, as I have a package, and I find I must deliver it. I have no car, anymore, so they have teamed me up with another driver. We've driven a ways south, but not a huge amount. Perhaps Melbourne or Sebastian, not as far as something like Fort Pierce. Problem is, we're being sent to a huge complex with one address for the whole thing, and no instructions where to go. I think I've been here once before, years ago, and have a vague memory, but not enough.

      Find a place to pick something up (seems like Idexx samples, and since the driver I seem to be working with in now Francisco, this makes sense), and so we start to head back to town, and soon we split up. I find myself at home, and I am listening to some kind of recording of the trip, and hear really subtle clues that tell me there were two place we had to pick up samples, and we only got one. Now I have to start planning a trip back. But since I no longer have a car, and need a new job, I'm also planning places I can stop for job interviews.

      As I am about to hit the road anyway, I get a frantic phone call from Francisco. He's broken down or run out of gas or something, and is asking me to please hurry out to where he is to solve the problem. I explain we also need to go back to the first stop, and soon I am on my way. I'm on a freeway, driving along, though I'm not sure what I'm driving. My mind just doesn't focus on it. Eventually I am on a small scooter, though.

      I hear a light honk and glance over to see an old, somewhat rusty, large red pickup truck, being driven by Amy Fikes. She's driving back to West Palm Beach, saw me, and wanted to wave. Soon I'm near a large brown van which is being driven by Joe Shirely, and he tells me he was meeting with Amy, and has pictures to share for the web site.

      The traffic and fumes are getting to me on the scooter, and I take an offramp that for some reason is backed up. There is an accident ahead of me, and as I wait for things to clear up, I try and open a pack of donuts, but the bag tears, and chocolate donuts fall everywhere. As I am trying to pick them all up, some people from the car or truck behind me come up looking to assist anyone who is hurt. I tell them I'm healthy, and they look at all the donuts as if to say "yeah, right!"

      They ask me how long I think I am going to stay healthy, and I just have this very odd feeling, and say "not very long. Watch yourselves." Suddenly there is a slight trembling, then the offramp we're on starts to break up and crash to the ground. We've fallen 15 or 20 feet, but nobody is seriously injured, just some minor cuts and bruises. From the offramp collapse, you'd expect an earthquake, but actually I soon see signs of a sinkhole that took out the supports. Soon we're all on our way again.

      I continue further south and soon arrive at a mid-sized office building. Think it is at least three or four floors, but nothing much taller. I walk in the ground floor and start looking for an elevator, as the place I want is on the second floor, and I stumble into an office where Anne is working. She is dressed professionally, but in a red dress that is actually quite attractive, and shows off nice legs. She's not glad to see me, but I explain I have the wrong office, and was just looking for the elevator. I hear it through the wall as she points, and quickly leave.

      I get in the elevator, and find myself sharing it with the family from the offramp. We all end up in the same office, and the family is there to begin setting up presentation equipment for a major party or event. Everybody is their group have small black patches around their eyes, spots where blood has pooled under the skin from blows from the collapse. I assume I probably have the same, but explain I am not with them, I'm here for a job.

      They direct me to another room, where I find myself with two balloon artists working on some intricate and finely detailed small sculptures. They assume I am here to audition for the balloon gig at the party, and I didn't even know about that option. I was here about a normal job. Unfortunately they are not hiring for the normal position, and I'm not up to the skill level of the others (nor do I have my balloons with me) so the balloon gig is out, as well. Soon I'm just trying to find a way out of the building before I run into Anne again.

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