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    1. 7 Feb: School reunion, Ben Affleck and Joseph-Gordon-Levitt in a court full of vampires

      by , 02-07-2019 at 09:51 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Primary school reunion, I am looking hot in a tight dress and high heels, but can't recognize anyone and no one recognizes me. My mom shows up and joins me. It's in a cool bar with half the menu vegan. We sit down to chose a snack, my mom wants some potatoes they serve with different dressings, but I am more into sweets. It is so hard to choose so I just eat the sprouts they serve as salad. A girl that looks familiar sits with us and we start talking about the traffic in town, how it is always blocked for some construction.
      Then I have to walk Hachi and she comes with me as I walk through town.
      It turns day and I pass by the court. Inside I see Ben Affleck as a lawyer working there and decide to check it out. My dog is now a baby in a stroller, so I go inside with him. The baby is Joseph Gordon-Levitt (!). I see Ben Affleck talking to a client, then welcoming another client who comments he is using the same shirt from last week. He says it is just similar. I don't have a reason to be there so I just go look around discreetly. Meanwhile I no longer have the baby.
      I go to the toilet and bump with a lady that acts strangely. Actually, I notice something very wrong about a few people that I saw in the hallway. And then the lady tries to attack me. They have been bit by vampires and are turning. Luckily I am a vampire slayer and I have some special daggers to kill them. Some are easy to kill with one blow, but others seem to resist magically and are only wounded, even when I stab them in the heart and the head. Don't know why they are so powerful and when I get surrounded by three of them I feel scared. Suddenly rays of light shine through the building and the vampires disappear.
    2. 17/01/2016

      by , 01-18-2016 at 03:25 AM
      We've been in a house.

      I come back from the hall of Bv Roca. I salute Daniel who was living there in Depto 7. He was thin. Outside, in the streets it was night already and there was a friend called Peru and i saluted the parents of Franc.

      Then i dream about being in a camp, like a Oxford university campus, and i dreamt about guitar and weed. I plug it in and find myself "hacked?", they wanted to destroy the amps. I was at that time Brandon Stark. I look at front of me and there was like the royal crown in the building in front of me, in a balcony of stone, and i was like on a trial. There comes to my right Rickon and to my right Arya Stark riding a horse with armour. She was against me, and Rickon blamed me.

      Briene gives le a horse to pass through the people. I was like humilliated, and that horse really helped me to get away quicker from that scenario, but anyways i was in the city like imprisoned. We went far anyways, the scenario was like street Ituzaingo in Cordoba but also looked like England. There was nobody there, and i was like an observer at that time or probably the character itself, but now i have turned into Sansa Stark. I cut my hair so i could look like a boy and put a headband, like a pirate. I was walking on the street, or observing Sansa walking on the street (as she being my sister) and a prince comes down from a limousine with evil intentions, like to kidnap her. So she took a kitchen knife out of her pockets and she stabbed him. I ran to her and we ran together. Nobody on street saw that so we reached where we have to be to travel, and we travelled.

      We reached our house, Baigorria in Rio Cuarto, and we were the earliest people, the brothers. Sofia was also at home. She was in danger although nobody knew about this. She wanted to scape for the day, so we went through the hall and upstairs. Then she opened the left door and went out through the roof. I wanted to do the same, and like fly maybe, but i didn't realized i was dreaming. I came down and the door was opened. There i find my sister and my grandmother already there. I was like limited in my moves, i wasn't free, so i had to find myself an excuse to go upstairs again. I had to find dirty clothes to wash. There were none on my room. So i went downstairs to the living room. There were people inspecting the luggage. They were like police or private guys actually. I asked them and they didn't reply, and they even acted like authoritary. I went to the small desk on the cushions and asked there if those sockets were clean or dirty. The guy didn't know how to reply, after a long time of looking at it he didn't know what to say so i concluded they were clean. More people came already and they were like taking drinks already. My parents were part of the court, and for the situation (whatever the situation was) they were like the ones to blame in the court (but not by those outside, so i was kinda safe when i was with them but i didn't trust them). My mother tells me something about my older sister, that she went with her friend that what else could we expect, early in the morning already. I said something like yes, and nothing else. People still weren't aware of the death of that prince, that by the way the mother or aunt of him was there, in the house. I thought that everyone knew but they didn't want to expand the news, not for some days at least. I went upstairs again and my aunt, Analia, shouts from downstairs calling me to have desert. I said no, im going to take a shower and she calls me again and my mother as well. They really wanted to things go by their intentions, but i was firm in my position no matter the stupid consequences, so i said No!. And i probably went to take a shower so i had dirty cloth to go upstairs and wash the cloth and close the door of the roof.

      All of the time i was like hiding, imprisioned, suspicious, and like lying to myself and others with my attitude probably, because of what my sister did, and i wanted to "protect" her from the consequences, something impossible to do. Nobody scapes his/her karma.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 08-21-2015 at 05:37 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Inspired by Samael's return and a slight nudge from Dreamer, I bring you something totally lame! No color coding, no fanciness, no pictures! It's everything you could want from the first...



      I catch wind through the Internet that a bald, psycho, murderface, nut-job is coming to kill me in awful and terrible ways. Acting immediately, I move through my parents' house checking all doors and windows are properly locked. Fortunately, I manage to lock the one unlocked door--leading into the garage--right as I hear the tell-tale grinding of the garage door opening. As the killer on the other side begins grinding away at the handle with some sort of angle grinder, my parents calmly remark "That must be him," and continue watching television. Deciding I'll have none of that, I hurry my fiance downstairs, out the back entrance and into the snow--bare feet and all. I propel us over the fence, and we're off.

      Running for our lives.

      In the police station, one of the officers goes over my name and remarks I've been making the rounds on the news lately. I tell him, "Yeah, I've noticed." There's a line to get help, but that seems boring, so I leave with my fiance, deciding I'll come back later.

      I check my phone and find a subreddit created by the guy trying to kill me. As you'd expect, it's creepy as all fuck, and I'm horrified by some of his past "work" and detailed designs for what he planned for me. As it turns out, my death wasn't part of those designs. Just horrible body "upgrade" procedures straight out of a proper nightmare. Stuff like mechanical tetrachromatic eyes, replaceable intestines, metal plating in place of skin--all installed while I'm conscious mind you.

      I decide to go back into the police station.

      As I'm rounding the corner, a bunch of bald guys who look just the killer begin walking towards me. Shit. I call out, "Help! Officer!" But no one comes as they swarm around me and...just pass me by?


      Watching some mid-level players duke it out in a Super Smash Bros Melee mod I'm unfamiliar with. Lacking my glasses and a controller, I step into the convention-room's hallway. I outstretch my hand, and pull my glasses to me. They shoot from my hotel room and are in my hand in less than a second. Then I do the same for my Gamecube Controller. A few rounds of play later I head out into the convention. Wandering around the hotel, I find myself in a totally separate convention--this one dedicated to board games. Oddly, both conventions are sorely lacking in attendance.


      Time to explore Vegas...

      I fly (hover, really) around Vegas for a bit. There's some gross celebrities getting doted on by hotel staff. Unrelated to that mess is some nonsense about avoiding the pool because I don't actually have a bathing suit because reasons.

      Alternate Dimensions

      One moment I'm at my parent's place, the next I'm still at my parent's house...but it's moved to the end of the cul-de-sac . I had felt the shift as reality folded in on itself, maybe that's why I'm the only one who seems to know anything is amiss...

      Outside now, I check the garage, and there's a canoe in it. We never had a canoe before. A neighbor walks up and nods to the boat, "Perks of alternate dimensions," he says with an approving tone.

      I shrug; I don't even like boating that much.

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    4. Oct 14 Dream Journal: Leading an Army

      by , 10-14-2013 at 07:26 PM
      I'm in a court of some sort, and I am arguing with what must be the judge (or some sort of authority figure of the law). It was a heated or acrimonious argument, nor do I think I was in any sort of legal trouble (I think. I vaguely remember I wasn't. I think I felt like irritation more so than confrontation in the argument, but, no, fuck that guy).

      The scene changes, and now the judge is a warlord from an ancient Chinese setting, and I was one of his generals. Eventually, I deduced that I was the general Zhao Yun, a historical person who has more impact as a literary figure than actual. Either way, it's kinda great, since he's kind of the guy I read most as a kid and grew up wanting to (and still aiming to) be like. The judge/warlord and I aren't fighting now, but I suppose the lingering animosity from before made it uncomfortable now that I'm a subordinate. So, no, fuck him again.

      I don't know when I got an army, but all of a sudden I'm leading an army. We land on a beach, and the setting is like a watercolor illustration of a mystical, divine realm. The setting reminded me of pictures in a storybook, and suddenly, I realized that not only am I a character IN a storybook, I also have Dream Knowledge that I come out winning at the end of this story. So I set off on my journey (my army disappeared now, by the way. Way to ditch me, guys) towards my inevitable destiny(?), but after a long build-up preparing to set off, I wake up and the story ends. I assume this is what the first Hobbit movie was like.

      Now that I have time to think about it, I'm not sure if, when I was a general, I am leading an army to conquer a peaceful land of mystical creatures (like Avatar), or am I providing reinforcements to said mystical creatures (like Avatar after all pretension that a story exists is over).

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    5. friction

      by , 10-09-2012 at 02:09 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I don't know why, but I'm at Sh's house. Inside it, and she's telling me to leave. Before I do, I tell her "I need to know one thing". She tells me "okay". So I asked her if she still had any feelings for me what so ever...she says no.

      Her husband pops up and he's obviously enraged. He starts yelling at both of us, and before I could say anything, he heads to the back room...I don't know what this guy is going to get, and I don't want to see it, so I high tail it out of there.

      I'm running and he's chasing me with an electric pole saw. We ran for about two blocks and I was thinking "well I'm glad I parked desire so far away...maybe he'll tire himself out". Dang it...this clown isn't giving up.

      I see Desire in the distance, and make a split second decision to open the driver's side door (it was closer, but I was thinking about opening the far side one due to the added protection) Soon as I put my key in, it bends....that's when I start thinking "maybe it's a dream".....too much to risk trying to find out.

      I ran to the other side of the car and said "hold up hold up hold uop". He stopped, and asked me to give him a good reason to why he shouldn't mess me up, and I told him because I wasn't trying to go in there behind his back, and that I knew he was in there. "Not going to cut it!", he yelled. Then I told him that I just needed to know something, and that she still loves him. I only needed something from there. He started to calm down. I told him I had no other reason to ever come back.

      I straightened out my key, almost breaking it in half and headed off. Before I even have time to think about what I did, I'm in this area that seems to be cop city. I know my license aren't good so I try to take an alternate route. I end up ditching my car and going on foot. I explore a bit until I find the best route out of this area, and head back to her......but I can't find her.

      I end up walking through buildings and I saw my family in one of them. Some court related issue was going on. I met up with my sister in a room. Her daughters were there, and I was hungry....I kinda wanted something...she said she didn't have anything for me. I opened the fridge and there was a ton of free stuff she got. I told her that it was messed up to have all this stuff and not offer it to me. We were going at it for a while, and I said I might as well leave...but before I did I gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her I loved her.

      I want to say I had one other dream...but it's slipped my mind I guess.
      Tags: car, court, family, sister
    6. In the court of the king.

      by , 08-29-2012 at 09:09 AM
      I was in a castle in the presence of an evil king, and I was waiting for my turn to be interrogated by him about the theft of some object. Befor me he was questioning other travelers. The first managed to convince the king that he was innocent, but the king's evil advisor convinced him to put him to death because in prison (which was very nice and on a lake) there was no room. Then he fled to a mountain road. Another traveler, ill-natured, and perhaps the culprit is questioned and blamed, again due to the servant, and fleeing he steals three rings located on the stairs of the building. At that point, the royal guards reached him, but he put them on the run with some bats he called for support, and managed to escape.
    7. Always reality check

      by , 05-20-2012 at 06:54 PM

      I was in my front room, sitting on my sofa and was watching television with my family. We were watching the BBC News and two black men were in court. One didn't have a shirt on and placed his shoes/trainers into a box being held by a white man at the front of the court.

      I was eating some Shreddies and looked at the clock (I think it said midnight) I was going to reality check but I had a bowl of cereal on my lap and I didn't want to spill it by nose pinching. So I told myself "It's ok. I know I'm not dreaming."

      How foolish. I woke up feeling like I missed a huge chance at being lucid. This just goes to show how real dreams can be.
    8. Hiring Lawyers

      by , 05-12-2012 at 07:54 AM

      I'm at a meeting of a company. They're talking about hiring lawyers. I'm not concentrating very well, I'm mostly paying attention to the static in the visual field. This is a meditation I might actually do in a really boring meeting.


      I'm a lawyer, in court defending someone against the company. The company people give a rating to all the lawyers in the room that they haven't hired yet. I get a C, which apparently is not bad at all. Then they say, in the middle of the session, that they wish to hire me.
    9. Big cabin lodge style arcade on our trip to New orleans

      by , 02-11-2012 at 06:38 AM (High Quality Head Movies)
      (real life)
      I got a call from this guy who lives in houston, he said hey Jamone this is Joseph (he sounded like a ghetto accent).* I said no man this is Josh.* I expected him to say oh woops I called the wrong number but instead he said Oh well if you see him, tell him Cicero is looking for him.* I went with it thinking this guy will realize I wasn't who he was trying to reach but he wasn't too bright.* I said aight mayne (with a ghetto accent).* He said hey man you know anybody that wants some handlebars?* I said nah man I don't.* He said aight well latah mayne.* I laughed without an accent saying bye.* Anyway, the next day he called again but i was in college and I couldn't really answer it.
      The next night, I had a dream about that guy finding me and here it is.
      (dreamed this)
      So for some odd reason, we were having a church basketball tournament and we were on the road to New Orleans.* We finally made it to where we were going and it was a restaraunt and a gym and an arcade at the same time.* When we got there, I recognized some people from our church.* We had to take our shoes off at the entrance like at a kids play place or something...
      When we walked in, my family went to get a table and I was going to have a look around the place.* I started walking toward the arcade when these two black guys came out of the arcade and said hey Josh what's up man?* I was confused.* He said, don't you remember me?* It's me Joseph!* I then kinda paniced thinking he was going to get mad that I was pretending I knew him on the phone.* He said and this is Cicero remember?* I pretended again like I knew them and was trying to find a way to get back to my family.
      Then he said I got those handlebars you ordered!* I figured I was going to have to buy some handlebars to who knows what (the guy never told me what they were for in real life) and then I could go be with my family and this would all blow over, but that's not what happened.
      He pulled a brown paper sack out of his jacket pocket and it looked like drugs.* I tried to go toward the restaraunt but they said come on this way and they said we'll go over here so nobody suspects anything.
      *Now I'm not a racist so don't judge me!*

      We go down this long hallway and at the edge of the hallway is a window on each wall and I can see a basketball gym out each window.* They shut the shutters on the windows and he said alright here is what you get, it is the good stuff.* I kept trying to find a way out but there was none.* I looked and said yep that's what I wanted (trying to get rid of them as fast as I can).* They said alright now you got the cash?* I had left my wallet in the truck and I was now wondering if they found out I didn't have enough money, would they shoot me or try to fight me?* I said oh I left my wallet let me go get it.* They said aight we'll wait here.* I then rushed to get to the restaraunt to tell my family the odd situation and on my way there my dad walks bu and says hey we are leaving, I've been looking for you.

      I go to the front door and there are shoes everywhere!* More people showed up and now there are just piles of shoes by each door!* I look for my shoes where I left them and they aren't there.* I then see a little girl sitting on the floor with a cast on her left femur, putting on shoes that are a little too big for that look exactly like mine.* I said I think you are wearing my shoes and she says go away these are mine!* I then said fine have it your way.* I took them from her and she starts screaming.* People look at me and I said that she is stealing my shoes!* I get them and they don't fit me, they are too small.* I then hear my dad say hey Josh your shoes are over here hurry up.* Man I felt stupid.
      I gave the shoes back and her older sister who is about my age said don't worry about it, she has been a brat since she broke her femur.* I said it is okay I can understand what she is going through, I broke my femur around that age also (true story I actually did).* I go get my shoes from dad and then I woke up.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 01-02-2012 at 03:34 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Recruitment (DILD)

      What a mess. . .

      Overturned shipping crates and semi-trailers lay strewn about my dishevelled court. Patches of barely-living, pale-green grass permeate the dead, yellow lawns. Every house sits in disrepair, some are even missing, replaced by strange, red statues and rocks.

      A large, armored eighteen-wheeler pulls into the court. It stops, suddenly. Waiting.

      Somehow, I understand I need to clear a path for this thing. Sighing at the inconvenience, I use TK to lift the first shipping crate out of the way without difficulty. The truck moves forward, and I use another bit of TK to remove the remaining trailer from the road.

      Interesting that I can do that so easily, I catch myself thinking, Oh, right. Must be dreaming.

      With my newfound lucidity, I finally take notice of all the red in this scene, and, to my left, there’s a statue that catches my interest. It’s that little imp fellow from a previous dream, and the statue is located exactly where that school used to be. Disgusted with myself more than anything else, I pull from an FPS archetype, toss some C4 onto it, and hit the detonator, leaving only a smoldering stump of a neck where the statue’s head used to be.

      Slightly pleased with myself, my mood sours as I’m approached by a weaselly man in a nice grey suit. He starts pestering me with questions and hurried pleasantries; his nasally voice and unplaceable drawl grate at my nerve. I try to walk away, but he follows me as I move towards the old back-woods.

      ”Tell me,” he insists, struggling to get each word across, “Have you ever experienced. . . recruitment?”

      The word choice makes me roll my eyes, as I respond with an indignant question: ”You tell me.”

      Of course, he ignores my inquiry, going on to talk about what a great opportunity this is for me, and other nonsense I try to tune out; I’m not at all interested in playing along. . .

      Damned sheep.

      Note: I later learned the two sheep I had heard “baa”-ing behind my house all day long were, in fact, go-karts or something.

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    11. mind control for wealth; too skinny; cabbie court case; sex with mom

      by , 11-22-2011 at 03:36 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I sat at a picnic bench with a few other people. We all sat under some covering structure, like the shelter for a gas-pump island. But we were apparently at a restaurant.

      I told the people at the table that I had the power of mind control. I could will people to do certain things, to carry out whole sequences of actions. The people didn't feel any strain on their minds while I did this. It felt very natural. I apparently used these people to get into places where they could take money. I would then receive this money.

      Everybody got up and walked away from the table. Everybody dispersed. But I followed one young man. We walked together out from under the shelter and into an area that looked like a bunch of small auto shops. We then headed out onto a street kind of like a small business section of town.

      I told the guy I was now controlling his mind. I may have explained something about this to him.

      A weird, small airplane flew overhead, from my right to my left. The plane looked kind of futuristic, but kind of old and dirty. Either I or the young man read the mind of the passenger. The passenger, the young man said, was a beautiful woman who either was or had been a famous movie star. But the woman no longer wanted to be as guarded and watched over as she was nowadays. She wanted to get out and have fun.

      We followed the plane with our eyes as it headed to the local airport, which was just at the end of this business street (!). We began walking in the direction of the airport.

      I told the young man that the mission I was going to mind-control him to go on would be to meet up with the girl and act like a really fun, easygoing guy. The young man would win the woman's heart that way. She would give him money, and he could bring it to me.

      For some reason, we were walking back up under the shelter with the picnic tables. The young man asked me, "What if I just enjoy living with the woman so much that I decide to stay, and I never come back to bring you her money?"

      I said, "Good for you, then. Go. And I hope you have a good life."

      Dream #2

      I walked out onto the sidewalk, probably outside of a big, public building. It was probably autumn, and it was a sunny day, probably with yellow leafs on the ground.

      I was in a clean, quiet, probably wealthy town. A tall, Indian man in khaki slacks and a pale, yellow Polo shirt stood out on the sidewalk. The man had a short, old hairstyle, with plenty of gel, and he wore nice, squarish eyeglasses. He seemed to be waiting for a cab.

      The man turned away from the curb and got a glimpse of me. He remarked that I was too skinny.

      Dream #3

      I was in a courtroom. A rich woman, who may once have been a really popular movie star, was on trial for not paying a cabbie. The story went that she had told the cabbie to wait for her at some place like a gas station, and that she would meet him there. But she never showed up.

      The woman's argument was that she hadn't told the man she would pay him for his time in waiting, and that he hadn't driven her anywhere in order to get paid. It was the man's choice to wait for her, the woman said. And the wouldn't shouldn't have to pay for the man's choice.

      I may have seen the view of the cabbie at the gas station in my mind's eye for a moment. But now my view was in the courtroom. I was on the right side of the room (the right side, as one would face the judge's bench). I was at the back of the room, where the woman and her lawyer sat.

      The woman's lawyer was also a woman, though I couldn't get a good view of her. The woman and the lawyer seemed to be seated in front of, rather than behind, a small table. They were both probably in swivel chairs.

      The woman looked to be maybe in her early forties. She had tanned skin and dark blonde hair with black or dark brown streaks in it. She wore a dark blue one-piece dress with short
      sleeves and a skirt that went to just above the knee. The dress may have had vertical stripes of navy blue and some lighter, though dull, blue.

      The woman was reiterating the point that she didn't feel like she needed to pay. She threw her arms up in the air, as if to say, "What's the big deal? I don't care."

      I was now on the left side of the room, in one of the back rows, with the cabbie and his lawyer. The cabbie's lawyer was a beautiful woman, half Japanese and half white. She wore a red dress, kind of 1950s or 1960s style, long-sleeved, with a fabric like heavy felt (? - I don't know the names of fabrics). Her hair was frowsy, frizzy, and pale, with chunky, straight bangs.

      The cabbie was like a skinny version of Fabio. He had long, blonde-brown hair and a tan, clean, muscular face. He had sparkling eyes and a bright smile, though some of his teeth may plainly have been fake. He wore a sleeveless, flannel shirt unbuttoned at least at the chest.

      The judge was explaining something about his opinion of the case. He seemed to be on the side of the cabbie, though not completely. The judge made some joke, and the crowd laughed at it.

      But the cabbie didn't speak English. I think he spoke Russian. The lawyer had to translate everything for the cabbie. She'd translated the joke, and the cabbie understood it was a joke -- but not until the judge had already moved on to something else.

      The cabbie laughed gently and gave some kind of weird glance to the judge, like he was trying to kiss up to the judge. But the time of the joke had passed. The cabbie laughing at this point made him look kind of like an idiot.

      Dream #4

      I was in bed, kissing some girl on the crotch of her yellow, cotton panties. At some point, though, the woman turned into my mother.
    12. Crime after Punishment

      by , 09-06-2011 at 02:00 PM
      13 Aug 2011

      Our world consisted of a number of different districts, each with it's own government, city states if you like. Anyhow, we were of a group of tourists from a few local districts and we had a bus. We arrived in one district from the west. This district was south of our own region of districts. On arrival in this district, we were arrested for some petty crime and put on trial. The questions were all about trivial things. One question I think was about some event at dinner, something to do with the type or quantity of relish used by one individual. The most important issue discussed however was the health condition of one of our party. He had some weird condition of unspecified scope, which requires treatment of the consumption of 'black seed oil' or some such. The prosecutor questioned the witness on the legality of this oil and the witness complained that it couldn't be illegal because it was produced within his district and that would harm the economy. At some point we just decided to leave, and somehow we got away. We drove off in the bus to another district at quite some distance and went to a mass eatery. Something was wrong with it so we walked out and went to a different one. Whilst in the eatery and eating dinner, an attendant approached me and asked if I was from the bus. To this I replied in the affirmative and was informed that the bus was required to be moved before twenty-five people had disembarked. This seemed strange at the time but somehow we were all on the bus again and disembarking. I was the twenty-fifth person but I forgot to inform the driver and M from VTC was there and she asked if I had been aware of the situation and on replying in the affirmative she scolded me for not informing the driver as I was the twenty-fifth passenger. Actually, it strikes me now that the time scale was not linear, in fact on reflection, we may not have left the district but were allowed to leave the court because we had not been caught for the crime yet. In this circumstance it would make sense that we were in fact still eating in the same district, they were not looking for us so we didn't need to get away. The crime could have been in allowing me to get off the bus before moving it. This would also explain the incident questioned in relationship to an event at dinner and how we were told about how we were allowed to disembark the bus after doing so and then given the opportunity of doing it correctly. This doesn't explain the black seed oil however.
    13. LD 8: Multiple False Awakenings

      by , 08-20-2011 at 07:59 PM (Starr's Dream Collection)

      Right, well, I haven't been on DreamViews in a while, but I just had to come back and post this one.

      So, I'm sitting in my best friend's parent's room, but I guess I'm actually in my uncle and aunt's house. Somehow, I randomly become lucid (I can't pinpoint exactly when, which is frustrating, because I would have liked to remember for future reference) and I perform a reality check.

      If ANY people read my dream journal entries, you know I'm obsessed with Inception. Well, I really wanted to hang out with the Inception team (again), so I walk out in to the living room and ask my Uncle and Aunt, "Have you seen Eames anywhere?" to which my Uncle replies, "Oh, he just left I think. Why?". I didn't know how else to respond with a 'reasonable' answer, so I just say "Uhh...he stole my lollipop." and my Uncle thinks this a perfectly acceptable reason.

      I wake up. That was definitely a weird but short lucid. I perform the normal reality check I do every morning after I wake up and I'm surprised to find...I'm still dreaming!

      Wow...this was almost a false awakening, it's a good thing I performed that reality check. Anyways, so I get up and walk into my living room (I'm at my mom's house now) and I see my brother, sister, and my best friend S standing there. I start to walk into my kitchen to explore, but come up with another idea.

      I turn around and say to my sister, "You're not real, I'm dreaming right now," and she kind of gives me that look like she always does in real life that says 'Okay...you're weird.' I turn to my brother and tell him, "You too, you're just a projection." He starts laughing. Then I turn to S and say, "You too!" and she laughs like I just told a funny joke. I brush them off. I don't have time for this.

      Suddenly, I wake up. Once more I perform the regular reality check and I'm even more surprised to discover I'm still dreaming! Wow!

      I'm at my mom's house again this time, so I get out of bed and walk into my living room again. Once more, my best friend S is there, and I'm pretty sure my sister was there too, but my brother was nowhere to be seen.

      I remembered I've always wanted to try transporting to another place, but I know that using mind power alone to go there never worked for me. So I approach my front door and tell myself that when I open it, I'll be where I wanna be. Outside my house, it's dark and kind of cold. I go up to the door, close my eyes, and open it. I tell myself, 'When I open my eyes, I'll be in Hawaii'.

      My eyes are still closed, but I'm surprised to notice a sudden warmth and I can tell through my eyelids that it's now light outside. I hear the ocean.

      I open my eyes and I'm thrilled to find myself standing on a beach with yellow sand, a crystal clear blue ocean, and scattered palm trees. My vision is rather blurred, for some reason, but I can still tell where I am. My sister and S are incredulous and ask "How did you do that?" before heading off to explore. I follow them to the edge of a little palm tree jungle thing before
      I wake up.

      I'm at my dad's house now, which is where I fell asleep in real life. I'm now convinced I'm not dreaming. I go over the dreams I just had in my head, before I finally do a reality check.

      And I'm still dreaming. Uhh...wow.

      Well, anyways, so I don't know exactly what happened, but somehow I'm transported to a giant movie theater and I'm walking with my mom and a group of other people. I remember how I still wanna meet up with the Inception gang, so I ask my mom "Have you seen Arthur anywhere?" and she looks at me and asks, "Arthur?". I try a different approach. "Okay...have you seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt anywhere?" I ask her. She says, "I don't think so, why?" to which I reply, again, "He stole my lollipop." My subconscious apparently finds this as a normal excuse for wanting to find someone. Personally, I just wanna find him cuz he's hot.

      ANYWAYS. So, I'm magically transported to a giant warehouse that doubles as a courthouse in the basement, and lo and behold, there's Arthur. I'm standing there with him at the entrance of said warehouse and there's a little boy who is an orphan. He needs money donations to help pay for a surgery he needs or else he might not make it. Despite my being lucid, I don't have any money on me, so I turn to Arthur.

      "I don't have time for this, I'm a business man!" is all he says, because he knows I'm gonna ask him for money. "But he needs surgery," I tell him, and he says "I don't care how mean and horrible it makes me sound, we really should be going." and he pushes the little boy aside. Arthur is trying to stay serious but he looks upset and sort of guilty. (Why is it I always dream of him being sad/depressed?)

      Anyways, all of a sudden, the boy becomes a part of this huge court case, and it turns out the little orphan was actually evil and was just tricking people into giving him money. Geez. I start running around the basement of the place and accidentally run into a courtroom and interrupt a session. A bunch of people that look like judges and lawyers are like, "Excuse me, you can't be in here!" and look at me angrily. I fumble to come up with a different excuse besides the lollipop one, because they look too serious to fall for that. "The boy...needs...help!" is all I could manage. Suddenly they look worried and all run out of the room. I follow them, only to discover Arthur is gone, and two of my friends are sitting at a little round table, coloring pictures.

      I wake up. Well, not really. Still dreaming, according to the reality check. My vision is very blurred, but I can faintly make out my sister standing in the entrance of my room. She is standing there, staring at me, being SUPER creepy. She starts walking towards me and grabbing at me and I have to keep pushing her away.

      As crazy as it make me sound, I'm just tired of this whole false awakening thing and I wanna wake up for real. I start screaming, "WAKE UP! WAKE ME UP!" and suddenly I find myself lying in my bed, again.

      I know I'm not awake, and I don't even bother with a reality check. I'm just glad I got out of that creepy dream with my sister and I'm in a new dream.

      That's when I realize I'm still in the same dream, and my sister is still standing there. UGH.

      Suddenly, I actually wake up. It takes me a moment to realize that I'm really awake. For a second, I honestly wasn't sure whether I was in a dream or reality. I'm telling you, I'm losing my grip here.

      I'm rather relieved to discover that I'm in the real world after performing a reality check. That was definitely one of the strangest lucid experiences I've ever had.
    14. Butterfly DNA

      by , 06-16-2011 at 05:09 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      I was in some sort of trial, I had been bio-engineered to contain butterfly DNA, in the hopes that I could fly. I remember being in Port Macquarie, though my purpose there I'm not sure of. It was night, and I was on one of the higher levels of the resort, though the room didn't resemble anywhere I've ever been before. I could feel I was different, I could physically feel that if I learned to, I could fly, as though I had wings in my back.

      I have a fragment of being in a carpark, it was daytime. We were going to court, something about my modifications. I don't remember the first visit or anything that happened during it, it is all blank.

      I made the decision, I was going to have to learn to fly. I went to a field, long, stretching glass plains and tried to fly, but I failed. I needed to get my father to help me. My dad was in the loungeroom, with 3 other people. One was his business partner, the other my dentist, and I'm not sure on the 4th, but I believe he was old. They were all drunk, and relaxing in soft padded lounge chairs. It was late afternoon, and a soft, warm sunlight filled the room, but the atmosphere was still tense for me.
      "I'm going to learn to fly. I want to, all the hormones in my body are telling me I have to, there's no reason not to."
      They didn't seem as disturbed as I thought they were going to be, and I told them I would owe them a 6 pack for helping me.

      The dream skips, and I am in court again. Artificial lighting, lots of wooden furniture and walls. I believe I was being told that I wasn't allowed to learn to fly. All the people here wore suits, with extremely pale skin. One old man in particular glowed blue, and stared at me and hissed. They had some sort of paper shredder made out of spinning knives in a box.

      I wish I remembered more of this dream. I thought and felt as though I was in waking reality throughout the whole dream, and it was one of the most vivid dreams I've had in a long time. I could physically feel how I would use my wings, it's such a weird sensation and I can stir the feeling in waking life. The men in the suits have me confused, they had a very, very strong presence.
    15. All This Fuss over Jewelry

      by , 05-10-2011 at 06:38 PM (Brainy Vapours)
      We're very poor and have an extremely strict budget to live on. While on our way to a food shop I notice a jewelry shop. I can't help but drool over some of the trinkets while my (ex) man waits outside. I come out, very depressed, knowing we can never afford anything in there, especially not the necklaces I love so much. I tell my man so and he drops everything, practically running into the store. I can hear him asking about second hand jewelry.

      A friend that I suddenly notice with me asks me if I'm happy. I smile and say that although I think it's a nice gesture of him to do this for me, I do wish he'd have done it later while I was not here. I explain that I know he will buy something, and just come out and hand it to me, rather than saving it to give to me on Mother's Day, for example, which is in a few days. As I predict, he does just as I said he would. I ask him to take it back and give it to me on Mother's Day.

      Suddenly we're mugged by a very tall man who doesn't even bother to hide his face. A fight breaks out, and its actually me that's kicking his ass while my man watches from the sidelines. I am so angry, telling the thief that his is so low for stealing from people who can't even afford to buy food. There is going to be a court case and I'm very emotional.

      Dream skip and I'm at a garbage can outside that same jewelry store, sorting through what I find in there, looking for something of value. I'm shocked at my luck that I actually find something - a fairly expensive set that someone has taken a few pieces off and thrown the rest away. It looks as though they took only a few pairs of ear rings and tossed the rest, which includes some bangles and a ring. It's not really my style, all in kind of a floral print, but beggars can't be choosers, as they say. I notice a price tag that reads $124.99. I also find some ornate elephants that are covered in dirt which I wipe carefully away.

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