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    1. Lucid Again, and a Realistic Nightmare FA - September 3

      , 09-03-2018 at 09:21 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 3 2018

      Woke 3:35. In a fight with parents and grandpa about cooking or setting up something (possibly speed-reading). Daylight outside, long tables (possibly crawfish boil).

      Woke 5:05. Long fragment in a stadium, receiving some sort of business presentation from coworker. After it's over, I'm picking up my laptop bag and I stand out of the way for a coworker and an unnamed DC, who say that they have a "merge request in the morning". The presenter (another coworker) is kicking us out.

      Awoke directly from FA nightmare. My dog barked and I could tell instantly that it was serious, not just him barking at another dog. The door to the bedroom is thrown open and the midget from Twin Peaks season 3 entered with a small gun. He approached the bed, not looking directly at me or anyone, just at the wall behind us. He said something vague and I tried to lean up in bed asking something to the extent of "What do you want?". As I tried to move, and in some sense solve the problem, my vision blurred and the dream started to fade. He was wearing a blue shirt with the pattern of "I (heart) N Y" but the letters were "? (eye symbol) T Y" in white. The room's layout was completely realistic and accurate unlike other false awakenings. I woke up and said "holy shit" aloud. Very scary experience, but very vivid -- would have been invaluable if I could have gotten lucid and converted it.

      Before that, I was in my childhood home, on the phone with my manager about something that needed to get done. The screen was black with red nubmbers and dial-screen graphics, and an orbiting globe outline. The call got dropped. I was worrying about this with my parents but they seemed to think it would all work out (it was nighttime). My sister was in my room on my computer, looking for the first book in a series my fiance is currently reading. I suggested that she can just read my fiance's copy rather than buy it herself. I end up also giving her a japanese manga volume and another poorly translated japanese book, I remember the engrish being hilarious in-dream. After this, I went to the kitchen (all of the lights were out). I was trying to write down my dreams in ink on the wood floors. In the back of my mind I knew this was a terrible idea and that my dad would be furious, but in the moment I wasn't worried about it. There were some drops of water on the floor and it was smearing the ink, so I started wiping it up, making the smearing even worse. I was also worried about cockroaches.

      After the ink, I found myself in a distinct dream scene. I was on the ground looking up at the side of a cliff maybe 4 or 5 stories high. There was a good bit of dirt caked on and I thought to myself how nice it would look if I could get the dirt off. I grabbed a wedge-shaped piece of reddish slate and scraped as much dirt as I could off and stepped back, and noticed how nice the geometric patterns were. I remember the thought-phrase "cliff face". When I looked again, one of the rock formations sort of looked like a nose, and the one below looked like a mouth! When I started examining the rest of the cliff, the whole thing was taken up by face structures (abstract and Easter Islandish). The ground went from being solid dirt and rock, to having some cracks in which curved red boards were shoved and prying the cracks apart. In the cracks were green cylindrical vegetables (I thought of okra or fat asparagus stalks). As I moved forward towards the cliff, I noticed a mesh oyster bag of sea urchins, which were moving around each other in the bag, sort of like you expect spike balls to in a metroidvania or platformer. This was a really vivid and overall nice and creative dream that's simple but feels profoundly peaceful, the kind of nonlucid you generally want to have. So of course this scene transitioned directly to the nightmare FA.

      I woke again at 8:59. My fiance was in trouble. We were in some sort of college sign-up, car buying, or other related scenario. There were DCs everywhere, and specifically several DCs with deep blue eyes and short hair meant her harm in an insidious way (they were outwardly friendly). I became more and more adversarial over the course of the dream, eventually hitting them and throwing things at them. We moved from the student union/indoor car lot into a side hallway which transitions to a long house with lots of corridors and small rooms arranged in pretty much a straight-shot, but almost labyrinthine at the same time. I was thinking somehow they were hypnotizing her, and she was getting more and more bruises on her arms and abdomen. Eventually I get in exaggerated physical fights with them and I somehow manage to get 2-4 of them to defect to my side as allies and stow her away under a sliding hole in the kitchen (sort of a drain hole in the floor, like you see in restaurant kitchens). She escaped succesfully.

      I'm unknowingly in an FA but think I'm fully awake. I am having the "transparent eyelids" effect, and I'm looking around my bedroom at the closet door, but it's the wooden closet door from my childhood home. I'm etching a human face in it with my mind.

      After this, I'm in my childhood home and members of my family as well as random DCs are dressed in "starship troopers armor" -- white and blue, and white and red. It was a long and in-depth dream, but I don't remember much of it. I finally escaped the fray and sat back on my bed, but then my father entered my room with his gun held high, and I remember thinking "oh good, you'll just be my bodyguard". When I thought this (non-lucidly), he changed his course of action from running forward to attack me to climbing in bed next to me with his rifle held out (think Fullmetal Jacket "This is my rifle"). I got up from bed* and started walking towards the hallway. Almost instantly I became lucid! I didn't say "I'm dreaming!" or do any RCs or stabilization unfortunately. I walked down the hallway towards the bathroom, and it was daylight outside, maybe early morning. I walked into the bathroom and looked at the mirror, seeing a girl in a dress instead of myself. In this moment, I started to think of the "bad guys" in the starship troopers armor and then banished the thought from my mind, knowing that if I thought of them I would encounter or summon them. So instead I took advantage of the situation -- although I was seeing the girl in the mirror, I felt my dream body as my own physical body. So I turned away from the mirror and decided that I would become the girl in the mirror. I turned back around and I was!
      Spoiler for nudity:
      inspected my face further in the mirror -- my face was sort of ugly and homely**, and as mirrors in dreams usually do, my face shifted quite a bit. I leaned in further to inspect myself and kissed the mirror (it was cold). I then leaned back out and decided to try my "Clear sight. Clear sound. Clear touch. Grounded. Calm, confident. I can stay here as long as I want." stabilization phrase. However, as soon as touched my thumb and forefinger, I accidentally said "Clear mind" first!
      It rejected me from the dream instantly. As I began to feel my waking body, I realized my thumb and forefinger were touching here too; maybe this triggered the waking?

      I laid awake for quite a while after that, as I had already slept more than usual for the night, and for the whole weekend basically. I was also still excited about the lucid and hoping to drop back into it. Eventually I went back to sleep and had some more non lucids. In the first, I was with my fiance in a rest area/cabin in the woods. In the next, I felt as though I dropped into the dream as a visualization from waking, but it's possible I was only visualizing from an FA. I was imagining tall waves, and how my body bobbed up and down in them. It felt incredibly nice and peaceful. I was at a beach, and my sister was standing on a board of some kind zipping up a life jacket. I think my fiance was bobbing up and down in the water too. When I looked at the shore, I couldn't quite see the sand but I could see tall buildings above the waves, which I identified to be my apartment buildings from WL. A distinct black shape was swimming towards me, and I thought it might be a shoe or a fish (I thought it could be a dangerous fish but dismissed the thought instantly). After another waking, I had a final dream of being in a wood panneled shop with an old woman who was offering the shop to me (inheritance?). Her wares were laid out on a long wooden table, which after looking away and looking back turned out to be a giant Knorr pasta packet. I believe this all happened in 3rd person.

      *I think getting out of beds in nonlucids is a lucidity/awareness trigger -- will have to investigate how to encourage this).
      **This is actually the second time I've transformed my body into a woman's in a mirror while lucid, but for some reason I always turn into butterfaces. Also not sure why I keep doing this. Why, lucid mind, why?

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    2. Regular Dreams - Morning of Dec 10, 2017

      by , 12-12-2017 at 05:32 PM
      Bad dream recall on Dec 9, nothing I can remember (went out drinking).

      On December 10, it started with a really hazy dream, probably mixed in with deep sleep.
      Next I was with some mobsters from The Sopranos (they've been showing up in my dreams lately since I'm watching the show -- Chris Moltisanti, Big Pussy Bonpensiero, sometimes Paulie). It's nighttime or early morning, and we're on a bridge.
      Cut to underground tunnel hangout. I understand the tunnels to be either under my house or between the bridge and my house (childhood home). They are sewer-like tunnels with ankle/waist deep water and track lighting. All of the sudden we're under siege -- tunnels are being infiltrated -- men are throwing grenades and shooting at us.
      Some of our guys made it out, others didn't (there's only one exit). Paulie might have been shot/blown up, I don't clearly remember (I remember a grenade going into the hole of a cinder block and lighting up the tunnel).
      Chris and Pussy are around a corner. I (as a disembodied spectator) warn them of the attack. Pussy is sitting, looking off at the ground and shaking (in DJ I wrote "having a hissy fit"). Chris is in a recliner and has earphones in. He takes them off and is visibly ashamed of being distracted, saying something like "I don't know what happens. I just miss these things, big things."

      Cut to my childhood home from the front door. The driveway is elongated, and is torn up with caution tape and just dirt w/ dirt piles, like a construction site. Still dark outside. A girl from high school years ago is talking to a guy and is talking like a valley girl. She says "I wish I could listen to a CD song!" Next she's dressed like Catwoman and I'm jumping gracefully (backflipping) like a cat over by them and into the construction site where my dad's car is parked. I get in and turn it on local Christian and pop stations from my childhood.

      Next dream -- I am in my hometown walking around warped but similar grassy landscape.
      Cut to the inside of a building with some of my WL coworkers. I show them the "remove kebab" meme on a large plasma TV and they laugh and do that Indian head-shake thing, then say jokingly "remove Harish".
      Outside again. It's daytime, overcast. The Indians are being genocided for some reason -- I remember being in the backseat of a car with some of them, ducking to avoid someone who's coming to kill us with a handgun.
      Cut to warped grassy landscape again, there's crime tape everywhere. I jump over it and walk down a hill. There's a small mini-scene about real estate, maybe an open house? It's a white beach-looking house with no decorations, white walls, wood floors, and a huge sliding glass door opening to the back (the same grassy hill I jumped from).

      Next I'm indoors at night (maybe raining outside) in an upscale high-rise apartment with Hermione Granger. There is a white Mac with white & clear plastic on the monitor and keyboard -- there's a red glow around the clear plastic. I'm talking to Hermione as we arrange shoebox-sized features of my gymnasium from high school. As I am trying to place the bleachers, I start questioning Hermione, comparing myself sexually to Harry Potter... I'm just not gonna psychoanalyze that.

      Overall they were some interesting and quite vivid dreams, if a little weird.

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    3. Mzzkc's Mind Games

      by , 09-02-2015 at 05:32 AM (Mzzkc's Mind Games)
      Catching up on a few days worth of notes.

      Still gonna try to keep this under the ~30 minute limit writing constraint.


      Staying in a bed and breakfast, an alien podship smashes into the window, docking similarly to Halo 2's first mission. A severed head speaks the intentions of the immature xenomorphs that spill from the small ship, into the room. They seek only our love, adoration, and worship. Only if necessary will they subsume control of our brains and bodies. Euphoria awaits those who submit.

      I make up some excuse and nope the fuck out the front door.

      Running down the town's main road at super-speeds, I'm stuck behind a bicyclist. I'm pretty sure he's a coworker. I don't want to be rude and pass him, so I make the first available turn between a row of houses, and continue on my path by taking a turn on a road parallel to the main one. I slow as I approach the market. It's really more of a bazaar with open-air shops and colorful awnings lit solely by starlight, all set atop grey cobblestone.

      Samael's there, attending to one of the shops. I head into Samael's shop and pull out a copy of Agricola for inspection, since the shop specializes in fixing issues with board games or something. I don't quite remember. As I'm lifting the cover, Samael hastily warns me, but it's too late. A bunch of cardboard meeples scatter across the floor as other patrons crowd around. Graciously, Samael helps me pick them up and place them back in the box, the contents of which look more like Five Tribes than Agricola.

      After leaving the mall, K and I walk into a golden and brown hued cafe alongside the street. A bunch of people from high school and college are there. They're glaring, murder in their eyes. K is unsurprisingly oblivious to the mood in the room. He takes a seat, and I follow suit.

      Someone's dead, and I think I might be involved. At the very least, the CEO suspects me. I'm sure that's why I passed hotel security on my way to the stairs. And it's definitely why I jumped down the little square hole between the spiraling stairwell, letting gravity pull me down the hundred or so stories to the ground floor. That should buy me some time.

      Walking through the hotel's grand hall, I take in the extravagance. Around me austere columns stand amidst dark oak tables. Whilst underfoot, a lush carpet with elegant gold inlays cushions my every step. It's not as vivid as it could be. In fact, I notice the dream wavering a bit and muse to myself about the false notion that all lucid dreams are vividly realistically. Vividness is a choice, I remind myself with a smirk, stabilizing the dream around me to life-like realism and stepping out onto the deck, where many of the guests have already gathered. The view is breathtaking. A number of curved, ancient buildings hug the glittering lake below. Towering high above, all perfectly illuminated by varying gradients of blue, pink, purple, and red. To my left, a waterfall spills lazily from the window of one of the stone marvels. I fly to it, cresting over the falling water and landing on the grassy overlook above.

      Some punks are acting up in the parking lot. I can tell they've targeted me, so I untarget myself and pass through without incident.

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    4. Coworker Embarrassment

      by , 02-22-2015 at 10:47 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #414 - 8:44AM - DILD

      WBTB 3:30AM 8mg Galantamine/400mg choline, 400mg DMAE
      This one didn't go so well, but I was lucky enough to pull off one LD late in the morning purely out of desperation.

      I am trying to enter my email login on my phone to see an important email from my mortgage broker. Nothing I type comes out right so I look for my laptop. I have an false awaking and become slightly lucid. I think how typical the previous dream was for electronics failure.
      Next I notice SW from work in bed with us. I know it's not real, but I am snuggled against him and I find it mildly humorous. I push him away and initiate sex with my wife by actively summoning and creating the sensation. Several odd thoughts race through my mind as we do it for a few moments.

      I am now in a classroom in a chair with a trash can between my feet.
      Spoiler for EXPLICIT:
      Shocked at my nakedness and sexual nature, I wonder how my dream would cause me to literally end up like this. I look up and see an and old woman that is an ex-coworker (dead) looking at me sort of curious as well as shocked. I quickly pull my shirt down to cover myself. I feel disoriented and confused. I wonder how I could have had such an obvious sex dream in public. I realize that I am in a room pf coworkers both past and present and if feel embarrassed and devastated that this is happening. I'll never live it down. My life is ruined. I pull my shorts up not really getting my underwear and they king bunch down low, but I don't care as long as I am covered. I feel so sleepy and I rub my face and sigh heavy trying to get my bearings. I still can't believe this has happened. I don't even know how I fell asleep. I try to ignore everyone around me as I deal with this trauma; I just want a way out. I begin to hope that by some miracle of divine magic that I am in a dream. Maybe... I do a nose plug out of desperation and am completely delighted and surprised to blow through. I giggle and the feeling of hopeless despair rolls off me dropping like a lead weight. Forgetting about any nakedness, I stand up and walk over to a group of people talking. I think how I am highly lucid as I playfully push V (fired IWL) over and say I relief, "This is all a dream." V falls out of sight and I smile at everyone feeling triumphant and gleeful. Before I can do much else, the dream quickly collapses and I wake up.

      I had another LD much earlier in the night but I cant recall much so I'm counting. Basically, I was running from some enemy when I became lucid and played with a gun. I wanted a shoot out so I blind summoned a rifle. I goes off against a glass but only scorching it. In some burned out building someones head peaked up outside a window. I fire off a shot, but the dream fades out.
    5. 12/05/2014

      by , 12-15-2014 at 02:53 AM
      I was at work and went to service an ATM in some sort of church school. The women there were pretty but all had ugly lips and mouths. Eventually, Jim got fired and he gave info about someone else who was stealing money so we had to find the 'Dream Van' We couldn't, so someone went to get it while me and another person went to an old abandoned building. We ran up the stairs and we were ready for the Operation until I saw a black Fox. I shot it a few times with my .22 pistol and eventually killed it. I felt bad and waited for Derrick so he could skin it but Darlene already did. I took a bite out of a piece of salmon on the table. Derrick did also, saying it was disgusting.
    6. Big Store Event, Not Attending & I'm Too Over Powered in Runescape, Please Nerf

      by , 09-10-2014 at 07:10 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Big Store Event, Not Attending (DILD)


      Itís just one of those dreams where the virtual experiential reality is so high, that Iím slightly shocked for not having some existential questioning going on if this was a dream or not. One part of me wanted to delude myself into thinking itís real, just for the sake of not being apathetic towards the dream characters, and the dreamís potential value in general.

      Judging by the body sensations that Iím experiencing, thereís a lot of tension, almost as if thereís some big event where me and the dream characters that look like some of my co-workers are going to participate in. Itís the type of feeling where all the other challenges you had to face creep up on you, but then you come to a realization, and a satisfaction that you overcame them.

      I can feel my feet tingling, traveling up to my knees, and finally near my stomach. I started to feel an emptiness inside that was oddly comforting.
      So I just let time pass by, letting the conversations from other co-workers become diluted, and slowly getting accustomed to this highly vivid virtual experiential reality. There was a female there whom I had a deep affection with, though I feel the word is too strong seeing how the relationship in real life wouldnít really go that far.

      She still expressed the type of disposition where she would take advantage of her looks to fill the void of the insecurity that she has of not having something to love her; this dream character existed in a way where every single quality I could possibly use retrospect and analysis about her was clearly exhibited, and all she did in the dream was pass through the small lane in the middle of the bus to get out and go somewhere.

      I reign in these odd feelings of affection towards this dream character, most likely because I already have predispositions to avoid those kinds of interactions with them so that those feelings wonít bleed onto how I communicated with them in waking life.

      Everyone else just felt like random noise, and I did my best to show some interest with the existence of this dream characters. But when one of them stated that weíre not attending whatever event weíre close to, I immediately lost interest in the dream.

      Instead of trying to accomplish some goals of mine Iíve had on my mind for -insert x entity- knows how long, I just get bored, and just drifted back into non-lucid dreaming.


      I'm Too OP in Runescape (DILD)


      I realize Iím playing a MMORPG that has a Runescape-esque feel to it. I figured I might as well enjoy watching whatís going on. I believe Iím playing as some old man with a long gray beard, and all heís wearing are some white desert robes in the cold.

      The overall color schemes consist of blue and gray, and I had a feeling that the area I was going to would be the God Wars Dungeon, seeing how thereís a huge pit with a rope hanging on the side. I had a feeling that if Iím only going into a pit with only a white desert robe, and a staff that looks like the Polypore staff, Iím probably really powerful in this dream version of Runescape.



      I go inside the pit, and I find myself in an area thatís a very spacious battle arena. I do a quick walk around, and I have to fight some purple tentacle creature that seems to be rotating its whole body, or tentacles vertically at rapid speeds. Itís pretty hard to comprehend the existence, and locomotion of the creature in general, and my initial reaction was to activate some prayer abilities like Protect from Magic, or something like that. I even see the Prayer screen as well, though it didnít seem to me that I activated it at all.



      I believe Iím switching to a melee weapon since I got pretty close to the tentacle monster, though Iím pretty sure I used Mage, or Ranged on it. Iím paying close attention to my health bar, and it seems that I need to activate Soul Split, especially when I came into this place with no food whatsoever. I realize this before going into the pit, but it was already too late since I couldnít really get into the dream that way to start changing the environment, i.e., I was too indulged in the task of playing this game.

      I hear the sound effects of the Soul Split, which I presumed was working, and fortunately it did. I manage to kill the tentacle monster with ease, and I didnít even bother to check if I had a Prayer limit. I guess it was implied that I could use any Prayer ability without worrying about my Prayer points being drained.

      If playing as an old man with a gray beard and having to rely on a Prayer ability doesnít imply religious implications unconsciously being expressed to me, then I donít know what the purpose of this dream is.

      And just went I thought I could get out of this one, another weird creature appears. The overall composition of it is akin to a dolphin, and it has a light blurry violet color to it as well. It apparently can levitate, and shoot high pressed air at a high rate. Or maybe it was steamy water that was high pressured.

      I honestly donít know how I dealt with this one, but I do know that I spent most of my time just running away from it, and dodging when it shoots the high pressured stuff at me. Whatever happened, happened, and the next creature is very hard to recall its overall body composition.

      I just knew that at that point, if I could handle the previous entities with ease, with only having a few moments where I thought I was going to die, then Iím obviously over powered in this game. I defeated all of them, and I forget what happens next.

      Oh, and there's another non-lucid dream where I tell one of my relatives (female) that I liked the Naruto Shippuden villains more than the protagonist, but again, not going to invest time in recalling this dream.
    7. 7/24/2014

      by , 08-06-2014 at 12:51 AM
      False Awakening

      I was playing counter strike but against aliens in space during an invasion on Earth. I was awping and so were they. Eventually, we planted a C4 near one of the black holes they had. When the bomb exploded, their mothership got destroyed. I then watched endings of Golden Sun. This happened twice and each ending was different. The black hole was close to Earth so it made alternative realities, which is why there were separate endings. I woke up and my alarm was off and I had not service on my phone. I started writing down my dream and the beginning part said Megan was part of the dream. Then I really woke up

      I was with Tim working on the job at an airport.
    8. No problem with coworker and massage in company kitchen + lost doctor

      by , 03-11-2014 at 03:40 AM
      10pm (I went to bed early feeling tired and feverish so already had recall)

      My husband called me to a conference call at his office to try to work out a problem he thought I had with one of his coworkers. The coworker started defending himself saying he had no clue I had a problem with him. I replied that this because I have no problem with him whatsoever, and my husband misunderstood. As I was leaving the conference room, I said that of course part of the reason why I have no problem with him has to do with the fact that I do not actually know him at all, and he agreed.

      Still in my husband's office, in the office kitchen: I first randomly give a female stranger a backrub from behind. Then it's as if I forgot that this female stranger is there and I definitely forgot about rubbing her, and I start thoroughly massaging my husband. He is fully clothed but on the floor in a way and I give him a full back massage while squatted on top of him. Very sensual.

      Only then do I remember the female stranger coworker, and that we were blocking her way out of the kitchen and forcing her to watch. I appologize to her. She says, no problem, and that she wishes she had watched me chew out Alexandro. I figure Alexandro must have been the male coworker in the conference room who I had no problem with. It occurs to me that he did not look like an Alexandro, looked very WASP. I explain to the coworker that there was no chewing out involved.

      Fragment: I was in a waiting room of a doctor's office explaining why I was there. I do not recall why. I had the sense though in the dream that I had been waiting for a long time and had given the same explanation many times before. Later in same dream I was trying to help the doctor not to be lost: I was telling him that the reason he could not find an office number was because the address was from before his practice moved to another building, but he would not listen to me, and just kept going and looking.

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    9. Turtles All the Way Down

      by , 12-26-2012 at 05:16 AM
      This was the second of the three LDs I had early Christmas morning.

      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #49: Turtles All the Way Down

      I'm sitting in a large classroom with a bunch of friends and coworkers. The teacher hasn't arrived, but it's all right -- we're seated at long desks that are covered with candy like turtles, caramels, M&M cookies, miniature pecan pies, Reese's... all kinds of goodies. Everyone is stuffing their face and having a great time.

      I suddenly have a false awakening into a small dormitory room with a cot. I feel like I'm late for something so I spring right up and walk out the door, emerging in the same classroom that I just left. Everyone is still feasting.

      I sit down next to my friend "Leroy" and tell him and several other friends and coworkers nearby that "You're not going to believe this, but I had a dream that this would happen. The classroom, the candy... everything!" Everyone seems happy to hear this and they plow into the turtles, caramels, and other goodies with even greater abandon. It suddenly occurs to me that
      this is also a dream, and I could keep "waking up" into this room of candy forever.

      I turn to Leroy and tell him that this is a lucid dream, inviting him to follow along. He eagerly hops up and we stride out into the hallway. I hesitate for a moment when I realize that I forgot to try any of the food, but decide to focus on getting outside.

      We get to a set of automatic doors and I imagine that outside these doors is the Great Pyramid. As I approach the doors, I catch sight of the Pyramid... it's just through the door, stretching so high that I can't see the top. But as the doors slide open, the Pyramid suddenly changes into just another generic city building. I feel a little surge of emotion but it dies out quickly. We keep going.

      Leroy and I turn right and continue down the street past some food carts. I see people from my past and I explain to M who they are and why they're appearing in the dream. "That girl across the street? That's JG. I went to middle school and high school with her but haven't seen her since graduation. I still run into her brother sometimes." Now JG's brother appears. "Oop, there he is."

      There's a stadium up ahead and to our left. I tell Leroy, "That's the stadium from when we were in school but it looks like I've placed it next to a side street like the one by my high school stadium." I turn to look at Leroy and see that he's trailing far behind, looking lost and unfocused. I realize that I'm not giving him much attention and it's probably time to cut him loose. It isn't long before he fades entirely from the scene.

      I reach a parking lot from which I think that I see the Pyramid on the far horizon. I leap up into the air and start floating but can't seem to get any forward momentum for flight. As I will myself to fly forward, a counterwind blows against me, and I totally lose my cool. It's only seconds before
      the dream collapses.

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    10. Centi Pizza/A Cleaner Workplace/Car Murder

      by , 08-15-2012 at 03:59 PM (Into the Whirlpool)
      Centi Pizza
      There is a particular brand of frozen pizza that is supposedly all the rage right now; in fact it's attained legendary status as some sort of superfood. However, I've never had it because the store I shop at has never carried it. (Later I learn that this is because supplies of the pizza are tightly rationed for some reason--maybe overwhelming demand?) Today I'm in the store and everyone is buzzing because THE PIZZA IS HERE. At first it seems like I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any because while there are free samples available, people apparently needed to reserve a sample in advance! But as I'm walking around the store that doesn't actually seem to be the case. I start to see samples set out everywhere, with labels like "Try this tonight for dinner!" The pizza is basic cheese and pepperoni and comes in little bite-size rolls. I take one and pop it into my mouth. It's lukewarm and doesn't really taste like anything special--I can faintly taste the pepperoni, but otherwise it almost has no taste at all. Yet after I've had one bite I discover I can't stop eating it. I NEED more. I'm walking around the store eating handfuls of pizza bites, and I can see open pizza boxes everywhere because apparently store employees and customers alike are all just WOLFING this stuff down. I see M.M. from work, who holds up a pizza box and says "Hey Coyote, did you hear about the new pizza they finally--" and I interrupt him with a cheery "Yup, way ahead of ya!" Apparently this pizza goes under the brand name of "Centilavi" ("Cantilavi"?) or just Centi for short. I think E.L. from work is also there.

      There are also other pizza samples in the store, but they're from a different maker and they're whole pizzas, not bite-sized things. I take a bite of one piece and discover it is actually pizza cleverly interwoven with large sticky blocks of pasta. It actually doesn't taste bad (it's similar to the Centi pizza in that I can't really taste anything) but the idea of a pizza-pasta hybrid grosses me out, so I stop eating it. Another piece (of regular pizza this time) is supposedly "super spicy" and features some kind of meat with spicy sauce, but again I can barely taste it, and what I can taste doesn't seem spicy at all.

      A Cleaner Workplace
      I'm leaving work, but before I go I have a conversation with someone about how much cleaner the place used to be when it had a full complement of cleaning staff. I pass through a number of small rooms and hallways on my way to the exit (it's a pretty labyrinthine workplace in my dream, apparently). Just before the exit there's a large room that serves as a warehouse area; the left side of the room is fenced off to create a corridor for foot traffic. In the warehouse is a woman who starts out looking vaguely like S.W. (medium-length blond hair) but ends up having dark, very curly hair by the end of our conversation. We talk about the same thing: the office's former cleanliness. The woman mentions that we also used to be fully OSHA-compliant (I think she said OSHA) and I have a memory of seeing some sort of chart with green dots on it that illustrates our former compliance levels. "If you go way back to the 90s," she says, you'd see a real difference in how things looked. I start to laugh at this, thinking she's making a joke by saying "back to the 90s," but then realize she's not laughing. I quickly apologize and say that I've only been working here since... 2008 (it takes me a minute to come up with the year) so I wouldn't know what it was like back then. She nods. While we are talking, a few more people have come into the warehouse, and I'm suddenly aware that they're all standing fairly close by as if they're listening to us. (One of them looks like J.R. but has his hair in a ponytail.) I suddenly feel uncomfortable bitching about the workplace in front of them. I'm about to leave the woman with one last assenting remark that her observations are right on the money, but because of the onlookers I change my mind... and then am at a complete loss for what I should *actually* say. I stand there with my mouth open for almost 10 seconds while I try to come up with something. Finally I say something like "If we meet again, I'd like to talk more about this" and this seems to satisfy her. I walk away and realize I don't know her name and she probably doesn't know mine.

      Car Murder
      There's some sort of incredible new model of car that I may have been test driving (this part of the dream is hazy). I'm walking down the sidewalk to get to where my car is parked and pass one version of this model, but it's not my car. I can hear a group of young guys partway down the street heckling loudly at someone's car because it's the shiny new model, and I know instantly that they're looking at my car. I increase my pace and hope I don't find them vandalizing it or anything. I get there and discover that my car is actually kind of a hybrid of old and new: it has the new model's frame (or maybe just part of it?) but still has its old tires and the same beat-up front license plate. Well, when I say it has its old tires, it actually only has *two* of those tires: both the right front and right rear tires are completely gone, yet the car is upright and balanced as if nothing was missing. I think the gang stole the tires (I am dimly aware that they're surrounding the car) but I don't see any signs that anyone there is responsible for the theft, aside from the continued heckling. As I watch, the car suddenly bucks, like a horse, all on its own; the front of it bends in a weird way as if there's some kind of extra joint in the hood. This gets a louder jeering from the crowd. One guy approaches the front of the car, and suddenly the car bucks again and somehow *grabs onto him* with its front fender. The car rears up high in the air, then comes down hard, slamming the guy into the pavement. He brokenly tries to get to his feet, stammering "But I--" and the car picks him up and begins to roll forward, slamming him down again and again and again until there's nothing left of the guy except a smear of red paste stretching down the road. I am standing on the sidewalk, stunned, with my mouth open. From across the street the guy's mother comes running out of an apartment. "Joe! JOE!" she yells. There's a pause and then the mother lets out a wordless, resounding shriek that echoes off the buildings. At this point I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to be held accountable for Joe's murder (even though I had nothing to do with it) since I'm the owner of the car.

      [small skip] The mother is kneeling on the sidewalk next to me. I am next to her with an arm around her back for support. I can see blood on her dress. She talks quietly and seems much calmer after her initial outburst. There is a tight group of people surrounding the two of us, but they are friends. I don't feel threatened at this point, since it doesn't seem like the mother is looking to place blame on anyone for the incident. (A calculating part of me knows this is because I made sure to be by her side and befriend her from the get-go.) For some reason we're talking about mental health, I think. I don't remember much of the conversation except that at one point someone asks "Well, how's Chihiro Onitsuka* doing these days [with her issues]?" Someone replies that she's hanging on, but barely, and that the national health system "let her off with a warning," whatever that means. It's an odd conversation but suggests that mental problems are pretty heavily stigmatized and that people have few if any resources when it comes to seeking help for them.

      *Oni is a wonderful Japanese singer.
    11. Working, My Journal, Sad Bro, The Mall

      by , 07-25-2012 at 10:42 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I'm keeping this short. I find it time consuming to add a lot of detail to NLDs (non-lucid-dreams)

      I dream I am working. That's about it. It was a really boring dream with nothing unusual or out of place that I remember. Plus it was a short early REM dream.

      My Journal
      Jana from work was a my house. I smell her men's cologne before I see her. My house looked a lot like a house my older sister used to live in. She wrote a bunch of shit in my personal journal. One line of text I saw clearly was

      I am way too dramatic

      I just blow it off like maybe sometimes but whatever.

      Sad Bro
      My brother visits us from TX. My mom and sisters are there. We chat and then everyone starts doing thier own thing like cell phones, computers, TV. He gets up and tells us he has to leave because he has to work in the morning. He seems real sad and on the verge of tears. I go to him concerned. He tells me he wrote all of us letters. I ask why and he says so that we will all feel better.

      #I have no clue what that's about.

      The Mall
      I am at the mall with my Dad. It is so crowded that you can barely walk without bumping into people. We hear some girls talking about free stuff so we follow them to some clothing store. My wife is there now and as the work puts the stuff out we all grab. I come out with an apron that reads "Simple Simon's Pizza" I am not too happy but my wife is all about it. She is going on about how she loves Simple Simon's Pizza. I find my dad sitting at a table chatting. I get irritated and tell him I want to go.

      #The last two dreams were what I call alarm clock dreams. Short dreams in the 9 minutes between snoozes. This happens a lot. I wonder if there would be a way to have a short LD.

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    12. Fragments

      by , 07-20-2012 at 02:26 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      1) some sort of quest. I am at work. I talk to Michelle and Joyce. Something about my daughters. I inspect a crimp termination.

      2) I am in a bathroom stall. The toilet over flows when I flush. Shit water to my waist. My wife tries to help but I send her out.

      # Why am I dreaming so much about shit and bad bathroom experiences? I vow to RC every time I go!
    13. More Spelunky/Persona 5/Office Party

      by , 07-18-2012 at 03:32 AM (Into the Whirlpool)
      (July 11 2012)

      I'm playing Spelunky again. The background of the level shifts with my character's movement: if I walk or run a single step, a tile in the background changes (explodes?) into something else. Thus my movement is key to escaping the level, since only by sufficiently shifting the environment will I reveal the exit.
      I'm dreaming about Persona 5. There are at least three acoustic (voice and guitar) songs on the soundtrack, supposedly sung by Eri Kawai even though the vocalist doesn't sound like her. I see some music video clips of these songs, and "Eri" is in them - she's a short Japanese woman with bowl-cut black hair and a nice smile that reminds me a little of Makoto Ogawa from Morning Musume. One of the songs is called "The Full Moon Song"(?) and is apparently played during high-tension scenes.

      The game itself involves terrorist attacks and actually feels a lot closer in tone to a mainline Shin Megami Tensei game. One attack involves giant globs of poison that are dropped from the sky and become poison rain; once they hit the ground they instantly turn into rivers of poison that burn through the cityscape like acid. I can see people scattering, and there is a car whose driver somehow loses control to such an extent that it goes careening down a roadway, taking out a whole bunch of people. There is a second attack that I think involves gangsters? and a third attack I don't remember anything about.
      I'm at an office party where I'm saying goodbye to some coworkers who are leaving the company. The party is actually being held in my apartment, though. I'm sitting by the door watching people leave because I don't feel like being social. I know that most everyone in the room is going to an afterparty once this one's over, and (since I know I should probably go to it) I'm hoping that someone will reach out to me and ask whether I want to join them. I'm aware that I'll need to take the initiative, though.
    14. Glenn Beck

      by , 06-24-2012 at 03:01 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      1. I forgot because I didn't write it down and thought my key word method would work.

      2. I am talking to someone while looking at my phone. The icons are strange looking some just black and white and the screen continuously scrolls icon after icon.(dream sign)

      3. I am in an audience at some Glenn Beck thing. I get the feeling like it is being recorded for radio. As Glenn does his introduction I heard the Rush Limbaugh intro music. I look up and to the left and see his face on a large display. I find it odd and annoying so I tune it out. There is some blond woman talking. Blah blah blah. I don't know the words. Something about shopping and commericalism. Boring. I notice that she is standing in the wrong spot and keeps walking over to the middle of the stage to look a TelePrompter. I thought she was very unprofessional.

      The blond woman begins to interact with the audience. I see Luci from work. She starts bitching about how hard it is to find the item she is looking in any store in Joplin. I agree with her. I always hate it when I am looking for a specific thing and I can't find it anywhere. I always end up ordering on-line. Then she bitches some more about how hard it is to find jeans that fit. I lose interest. Women. I see Jana from work. She asks me if I am going to the big party. I say "uhhhhh". I wake up.
    15. "They're scared of you, you know."

      by , 12-30-2011 at 04:58 AM (Into the Whirlpool)
      I'm at work, but the layout of the cube farm is different. Karin and I are by ourselves in a corner of the room; our cubes are tiny, more like kiosks, and they fit chair, computer, and nothing else. In front of our cubes is the customer service section. I get an e-mail from one of them, a guy named Bryan something, and I walk over to his desk to help him with something computer-related. He and I have a friendly chat and I'm able to solve his problem.

      I get back to my cube, dimly aware that there is normally no Bryan, in fact no males at all in the customer service department. Someone, maybe Karin, says quietly to me, "They're scared of you, you know." This takes me by complete surprise. Why would customer service be scared of me? I'm a nice guy. I wonder what they say to each other about me...?

      (skip) I'm leaving for the night and Erika is with me. Somehow I find myself in the foyer of my grandmother's house; it's mostly dark but there's light coming from somewhere. A noose and body are hanging from the high ceiling. I can't make out any features except for long blond hair--like Erika, although I don't react to this and she doesn't seem to notice the similarity. I have kind of a dull shocked response to seeing the body. Erika looks up and just says "Oh. Well," like it's nothing strange at all. Despite this, we run down a hallway to find another coworker, Tami?, and tell her about the suicide. She starts repeating, "Oh God, oh God," but seems to have the same kind of dulled, dazed response I did.

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