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    1. 16-11-01 Falling Off Skyscraper

      by , 11-12-2016 at 03:09 AM
      I was on the roof of a skyscraper. I think I was trying to walk on top of a kind of crane hanging off the building? Suddenly the crane collapsed. I tried to hang on, but the whole thing came down. I fell down the building, but waaaay faster than terminal velocity. It felt like a thousand kilometres per hour. Then I smacked into the ground. I could feel my legbones reaching past my ears, which was definitely not good. Oddly, the "anti-gravity cushion" that normally prevents me from falling to my death in other dreams, failed me!
    2. Driving Danger; Alien Golf

      by , 06-13-2012 at 04:40 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Driving Danger

      I was in a car with a couple friends; a girl was driving. We were going to my house and we were close, but somehow she took a wrong turn and we were immediately in a very bad part of town.

      By a false memory, I recognized where we were. I told her to be careful and don't stop for any of the people on the street. We There was debris from trees all over the street as though there had been a storm and city workers had piled it up into huge piles.

      The street was littered with debris. We drove over the leaves and came to a pile that I wasn't sure we could get by. The pile was about 10 feet high and took up almost the entire road. There were 4 or 5 guys talking by it and we had to drive by them. They were drug dealers. They were the guys I was afraid of.

      We made it past them and kept driving. There were more piles of leaves everywhere, and the street was still full of debris.

      Alien Golf

      I was in a restaurant at night. It was a weird floor plan as though it were in the trees and you had to take narrow walk-ways to get through the restaurant.

      There was something going on but I can't remember it really. I just remember coming out and there was a guy standing in the center of a circular platform in a sheet that made him look like the statue of liberty. It was a guy that I met at a softball game IWL. He had a red shirt on at the game. Outside it was day time.

      I thought it was weird that he would be standing there in that sheet, and I thought it was weird that it looked like stone, just like the statue of liberty. I looked more closely to see how it worked and saw a pattern on the sheet. It was little orange things. Maybe they were rabbits.

      Now I looked up to see what he was looking at. There were two construction cranes. On opposite sides of statue-man, their long booms reached out. Things were attached to the booms as if welded on until the cranes formed a circle around statue-man. The things welded to the cranes were metal circles, but they were more artistic than simple discs. There were lots of figures of different sizes, but as the circles met at a certain point, there were just these jagged discs until the circle around this city square was complete.

      The man and I looked up at this towering thing. Where the two objects met, the cranes were now as arms creating metal golfers a hundred feet tall. They were getting ready to put.

      Now the putters were little smurfy alien type creatures, no a golf course, and it was night again. The balls were glowed green. The course seemed to be all lit up by the glowing balls in holes around the course. It also seemed as though there were glowing bushes, but only a few, because the balls seemed to be the major lighting force. It was a beautiful course all lit up at night.

      One of the alien things took a ball out of a hole. The ball belonged to another alien. The alien was upset because the balls cost about $500,000.00.; the dollar amount was completely out of context vs. the alien's net worth however.

      The alien that was just ripped off decided to go home. In his little villiage, he was outside his hut and decided to go home. His place was glowing also, and since his pool was glowing (I didn't actually see the pool), an alien who didn't live there said, "Time for LOVE IN THE POOL!"

      The alien who owned the home looked distrought because his day was going so badly.

      Dream skip

      I'm in a kind of class room. I have a bunch of albums, some new. I bought them, but I have no idea what the new ones are. The class is discussing how everyone is saying that something is not popular when it is. I chimed in how it was like Syd Barret. Everyone says he's not popular, but everyone keeps talking about him.

      Then I start singing one of his songs Opel. Statue-man is by me but acting more normal. I think he was wearing the same red shirt he was wearing at the softball game.

      When I would get stuck on a line, he would finish it, though it was obviously me finishing the line as a dreamer because I was having trouble creating the line for the guy in the red shirt...as a dreamer.

      Dream skip

      I'm watching a soap opera in real life? There was a building you might see in a Mexican/Spanish soap. There was a fancy structure with wrought iron designs that you could see through into a courtyard.

      The building was on fire, though I didn't see the fire. The wrought iron was broken away from where it was supposed to connect. There was a space about six inches to get through.

      A big, hansom man went through the tiny space to save someone. I noted how ridiculous it was that he could get through that tiny space. He went through, and then helped a man get out of the structure.