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    1. Freezing time, reversing time

      by , 07-25-2014 at 09:00 PM
      A false awakening during which I tried to write down the previous dream. The dream I was writing down was a Rumpelstiltskin POV, and I'd written that in Belle's version of their shared dream there had been no corresponding scene with Bae. When Rumpelstiltskin found this out from her, he had a sort of bitter "aha!" reaction to it, as if this proved him right in doubting something. But now that I was 'awake' and writing this down, I thought he was mistaken in that reaction. There was more I wanted to write, but my pen ran out of ink. I went to fetch another and was distracted by various things.

      (Woke up for real. Back to sleep.)

      There are four servants in a mansion, one who's getting ready to serve guests. The other three have to stay out of sight of the guests, and two of them have stepped out a back door to talk about something.

      The other one of those three servants, the only woman among them, finds those two standing around the open door and is very upset at them for leaving it open. They have some reason for it - but while doors are open, the spell that freezes time inside the mansion weakens. Allowing a few minutes to pass here and there means very little to them, but that fourth servant, the one currently serving the guests, is human. He only has so many minutes in his lifetime. She wants to preserve that limited life of his for as long as she can, even if it's only a few centuries. She's furious at them for allowing any of it to slip away.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A car crashes out of a portal onto a hill. The woman inside is unconscious, and when she wakes up, she gives the name of a flight that crashed with her and her husband on it. She believes that she's just woken up after that plane crash; she doesn't remember the car or the portal. That plane crash happened days or weeks ago. But she's taken to the hospital where her husband is still staying.

      When her husband sees her, he's shocked to see she looks much younger than before she disappeared. He takes out her compact mirror from her purse - he has all of her things that were found at the plane crash site - and hands it to her. As he does so, I see an image of her at three ages. Her appearance now is a young woman with strangely large eyes, blonde hair worn straight back under a headband, neatly dressed. But I'm also seeing a version of her several years older, with long wavy hair and a loose dress; and at the same time, a version of her that's about 5 years old. I realize that she became younger while she stayed in that place on the other side of the portal, and if she'd stayed longer she would have reverted to that 5 year old image.
    2. Stuck in a Maze, the Threesome, and Modern Hickory House fragment

      by , 05-30-2013 at 04:35 PM
      05-29-2013 -- [Most of the beginning missing, as usual.] I am working a security shift at a place I have worked before (in dreams, at least), where I am supposed to patrol the grounds fairly regularly, and open up a gate to a back parking lot at about 6 am so arriving workers can get in. The location is an industrial sort of place, kind of along the lines of OPC, but not OPC. I drove my car toward the back of the property, planning to switch to some sort of company van to make patrols, but somehow I got caught up in playing a computer game or reading a fan fiction, and seem to have passed almost the entire shift, and now I am late in getting the gate opened up.

      I find some others have arrived, and another security guard may be wandering around, taking notes of all the things I am supposed to have done, but haven't gotten around to. I can't drive two vehicles at once, so I decide to stick to my car, but I have parked in some sand, and my front wheels have sunk in a fair bit, so I suspect I may be stuck. But that doesn't turn out to be the problem. I climb into the car, which seems to be my old Kia, as it is white and seems to be a stick. I can barely climb into the car, and can't seem to reach anything, and the controls are certainly not working well. I try to put the car in reverse, and give it a touch of gas and try and back out of the sand, and instead I end up going forward and flooring it, freeing the car, and just barely avoiding hitting anything.

      I try to move forward slowly, and instead floor it again in a large curve that puts me into a sort of parking garage and sends me crashing into four or five other cars, causing lots of damage. I'm in for it now, but I have no idea why I suddenly can't seem to control the car at all. I try to gingerly back out of the garage, and instead plow forward at high speed and drive right through the back of the garage and into the middle of an apartment complex with very small, tight roads. The place is very beat up, old, wooden, worn, and I don't help, driving like a maniac and crashing into things.

      Around one corner I see a little kid waving from a balcony. He soon shifts into a man holding a little kid, but the kid is still waving. I turn a corner, facing a different area, and ahead of me is the same man, holding the same kid, who is still waving. I turn to look back behind me, sam kid still there. As I try to figure out what is going on, I get even more confused as I find my car is floating perhaps 10 feet in the air, surrounded by a flock of birds. Weird stuff. But soon I am back on the ground and driving through the maze-like apartment complex. At least now I seem to be able to actually control the car!

      I start to operate under the assumption that anywhere I can fit my head, looking around, I can manage to fit my entire body and the car I am driving, and it seems to work. I stick my head through a small hole, and somehow it stretches to let the entire car through. But I am still stuck in this crazy apartment complex, then I go through a hole, turn a corner, and find myself in what seems to be a small warehouse, facing a couple of guys who are staring at me. Before they can ask me why I am there, I say "Silly question, but where's the main road?" One of the guys points at the wall behind him, obviously indicating it's behind that wall. I try to floor the car, planning to crash right through it, but the car is barely moving, and I thunk into the wall without doing either it or the car any harm. Darn it! Instead I start driving through the warehouse until I turn a corner and come to some loading docks with very old, decrepit wooden roll-up doors. I point the car at the oldest, most damaged one that is almost in pieces already, and plow through it.

      I now find myself in a narrow roadway surrounded by block walls. It is maybe 13 feet wide, barely wide enough to allow two cars to pass each other, with block walls on either side, a long tunnel of sorts, but open to the sky. I continue driving around, and this is even more like a maze than the apartment complex was. I drive past a tall, striking blond woman, quite hot, walking with a guy, wearing a blue powder-colored dress, then continue on, where I find myself coming across another attractive lady, still tall, but slightly shorter, in a purplish sort of dress. The second woman is standing in the middle of the road, and is quite attractive, and I am kind of staring at her, and I don't notice I am plowing toward her at a fairly high rate of speed.

      Thankfully, she sticks out her hand and stops my car with a touch, and suddenly I am standing there with her in front of me, and I just wrap my arms around her and draw her in for a kiss. I pick her up in my arms and carry her a few feet to a small, bare block room right next to the road, her room, with only a bed in it, and I begin to strip the dress off her and make love to her. She lifts a cell phone or radio to her face and says something about requesting a clean up or something. A few minutes later, the other woman is back. The woman I was already making love to was about 5'10" tall, fairly nicely stacked, very light blond hair, and quite attractive. The first woman is probably six feet, more stacked, a darker blond, and absolutely stunning. She is also carrying a whip, and is starting to use it.

      I'm not willing to play that game, and the first time she tries to crack the whip at me, I grab the end of it and pull it out of her hand. I don't have the leverage needed, though, and she snaps it out of my hand. The second time I grab the end, I quickly wind it around my hand several times, and manage to pull it away from her. I am considering using it on her, but that isn't my thing, either. Instead I just pull her to me, start stripping her, and begin making love to both women.

      Then suddenly, they are gone, and I am in my car again, driving through the block maze. Driving along, I see one of the women standing at the side, and she winks at me, and suddenly I find myself just waking up, sandwiched between the two of them who are still sleeping, after some very pleasant activity. Problem is, we are suddenly attacked by somebody wearing all black clothes with a very white face with a big red spot on it. Looks like a cross between a ninja and Bloodshot (Valiant Comics) except with the big red spot on the face instead of the chest. Anyway, this guy throws a couple of small, hard balls at the women, but I kind of reach out and block them with some sort of power, then throw them back at the guy. He smirks at me as they fly right by him, but he doesn't see my slight gesture, and the balls curve around in mid-air and lightly smack him in the back of the head, kind of a magically powered version of a Gibbs smack. He spins around, looking for the enemy he figures is now behind him.

      Then it is all gone again, and I am just driving along in the block maze. I turn around a couple more corners, and find myself facing a very large blue door and drive out into the regular world. Problem is, even more time has passed, I am now really late at opening that gate, and I've driven far enough in the various mazes that I have no idea where I am in relation to the property I am supposed to be guarding. To make things worse, I don't know the area at all, and can't even remember the name of the property I am guarding, so I am driving around in circles, no idea what I am looking for. Also, the skin is peeling off my thumb in big pieces like I have a bad sunburn, or maybe had my thumb dipped in glue, and it is now dried and peeling off. Very weird.


      An amalgamation of a couple of different dreams. I am sitting in the Hickory house, watching an almost nude BC sitting around in just a robe and trying to get a look up her legs. M is here as well, but C and B are gone causing trouble for some reason. I'm trying to walk out the front door, and one of the many people who is staying in the house (which may now be a hotel instead of a house) is asking me if there is any shopping in walking distance. The time is now (I haven't lived in the Hickory house for probably 25 years) and I am telling him about walking to the Buena Park Mall as a kid, and thinking about possibly going back there to look around and see all the changes that I noticed on google maps the last time I was just wasting time scanning the old neighborhood, but as I open the door and look out, I discover an even newer shopping center right across the street, replacing all the houses that used to be on Holly Way. Resembles a dream I remember from about a year ago.

      I remember stopping by Marshall a couple of nights ago, relating the Carolyn's possibly dead son, and decide to visit again, and suddenly just find myself at the back entrance to the school. I walk in, and walk along one of the buildings, and I see nobody. All the class rooms seem to be empty. Turns out all the kids are on the playground, but just starting to come in. I actually only just barely recognize Ms Cummings as she walks past me (and she doesn't seem to recognize me at all), but she is much older now, and wearing a wig. I reach the playground and glance over toward the office, and see a sign proclaiming this is now Blue Moon Elementary or New Moon Elementary, and I am wondering when and why they changed the name, and somehow have some sort of odd memory of the schools all being privatized at some point. Am considering going to the office to ask about it when I wake up.
    3. Racing Like a Maniac

      by , 06-03-2011 at 02:55 PM (The Escapades of FireDevil)
      I haven't Djed in a while so I thought I'd put this one in.

      I was racing against one of my friends, but this wasnt a normal race, my car had like super cornering tachnology. So you had to take extremley sharp corners to get to the finish. The finish was a courtyard type thing. I revved the engine and off I went taking every corner until the last one, I crashed and my car got reset back to the beginning and I tried again. The same crash happened multiple times until I finally passed the corner into the courtyard. My car disappeared and I was alone in the courtyard. I took a seat at some circular table and a guy asked me if I wanted to research burrowing technology or something else. AFter that the dream ended.