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    1. 4/8/15 - rocket ship

      by , 04-08-2015 at 05:18 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      Me, my sister and two men are in a rocket ship already out in orbit. Suddenly there's a rumble outside, and we ee fire out the window and the men begin to panic and run everywhere in the rocket ship, but me and my sister just sit there calm with our seat belts buckled. We know we are to prepare for impact, and next thing I know we're already down at earth and crashed in a city that is so blueish grey, and it's over cast. I still have my astronaut suit on, and I walk down towards the shore and the blueish grey waves are going in and out. I see a man sitting my the shore against the bridges beam, he seems to be my uncle, a golden retriever runs up to us, we pet it, but then it runs to this family that are wearing face scarves and they are so happy and think we gave the dog to them, but i just smiled and shook my yes to them thinking its not even my dog and i walk forward because i see my sister and she's still wearing her astronaut suit.
    2. Falling Cessnas

      by , 03-15-2015 at 09:15 AM
      Morning of March 15, 2015. Sunday.

      Dream #: 17,618-02. Reading time: 1 min 12 sec.

      My family and I (as we appear now) are living in the Clayfield apartment, though there are no other buildings around (as in reality), only a big featureless field. It seems to be late afternoon. I watch a small airplane flying overhead, viewing it from the window of our main bedroom. Zsuzsanna and our children are not around at this time.

      As an unknown female of about twenty years of age is walking westerly across the field in the opposite direction of our apartment, a Cessna nosedives, crashing behind her, though there is not much noise. Although it had not hit her, she is seen lying on the ground needing to be pulled away from the area by an older unknown male. I do not perceive that she is physically injured, she only has mild shock. The crashed Cessna remains in a diagonal position, with several small pieces on each side of it.

      I suddenly find myself in the area of the event when I had only been watching it from a distance from our bedroom window. An unfamiliar man asks me about it. There are a few unknown people present. There is no mention of the pilot, but I am not aware of one being present, alive or dead. I absentmindedly claim that the airplane stalled because he was flying it straight up. (I say this about four times to different people.) I describe how the same accident had recently occurred three times, involving Cessnas with identical appearances. However, I do not recall seeing any previous event like this.

      This dream is a typical projected vestibular system correlation event, one of the most common waking processes, usually unrelated to waking life. It is an association with resolving the imaginary physicality of the dream state. The process often renders falling, flying, and rising events.

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    3. Early April 2014

      by , 04-20-2014 at 03:13 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The last few nights I have dreams of planes crashing.

      Date unknown - The first dream I was on the plane that was crashing. It was a small passenger plane, with about 6 or 7 other people, that was trying to ascend over a mountain after take off. I knew there was going to be trouble because the aircraft tilted heavily to the left as it left the pavement. The plane struggled but it did not make it over the steep mountain and crashed near the top.

      Date unknown - In the second plane crash dream I can't remember the plot but I remember looking out a large window in an old Victorian style building that overlooked a large modern city and towards a river. It was night time and as I gazed out the window a large passenger plane fell out of the sky and crash landed nose first, where I could see it in the distance. It caused a huge explosion not of fire but of light and it illuminated the whole sky before it faded and everything went dark again.

      April 20th - I don't remember the subject of the dream I had last night but one image stayed with me when I woke up: I am looking down on a wooden coffin. It is open and inside lays a deceased woman wrapped tightly in a white shroud so that only her face is visible. Her body from head to toe is covered in brightly colored flowers of all sorts. The flowers around her head are arranged to look like a halo and the flower over her heart is a large sunflower. She looks peaceful and her pale skin contrasts the bright lively flowers all around her.

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    4. Speed Demon - 6/21/11

      by , 06-21-2011 at 05:09 PM
      My first dream entry in the new Dream journal system. I chuckle to myself, remembering that it all had just been in a sub-forum. But I do like change, especially this one.

      [COLOR="purple"][I]Had a dream about racing on motorcycles on this semi-warped highway. Cannot remember much, but Josh had crashed in front of me. I was doing a wheelie when it happened, so I lowered myself before waking up.[/COLOR] I shortly went back to sleep [COLOR="purple"]and the dream continued, only this time I was back at the starting point. Josh was there, standing as if he didn't feel any pain at all. His arms were had severe gashes in them while his face was covered in minor cuts. I teased him about his crashing, to which he replied that he felt fine before walking past me. I then woke up again. [/I][/COLOR]

      [U]People of Interest[/U]

      [B]- Josh:[/B] My current and close friend. Humorous, considering that he loves to race and owns his own race car.

      [B]- Jessica:[/B] Not mentioned in the dream. A friend who disappeared after Elementary school. I had kept calling her Jessica, which I think is not her real name. She did not play a big part in the dream except complain.

      [U]Main Theme[/U]


      [U]What this dream Means[/U]

      [I][B]"To dream that you are in a race, represents your competitive spirit and how you tend to measure yourself against others. Alternatively, this dream may mean that you need to slow down and take a different course in life."[/B][/I]

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    5. Dream Journal: Debate, Soccer Game, and Giant Pool

      by , 12-04-2010 at 06:02 PM
      My recall hasn't been awful lately, but I've been really stressed out over papers and finals. I haven't been really motivated to do the work necessary to keep up with my dream journal and I think my ability to retain my recall has dropped considerably. I know throughout the night last night I had in my head over 4 dreams swirling around, but I can only remember 2 right now, and not very much of either. I feel like I need to get my brain back in the habit of remembering, so I'm committing to writing down whatever I have recalled in the morning regardless of how little it may seem.

      Dream 1-- High School Debate

      So I'm sitting down in a chair next to my old debate partner A. Miles and we are talking a little bit. I don't remember the conversation at all but I do remember thinking that he is pretty cool and that I'm probably not as cool as him. As we are talking, my debate coach comes up from behind us and starts talking. Suddenly, we are standing up and A. Miles stands right next to coach and they being a conversation while I just stand apart and watch.

      THey seem to be having an argument of sorts, and my coach's face changes dramatically after each response, it's actually kind of funny. I am watching his face scrunch and then change again.

      After a little bit of that, I walk towards the cafeteria because

      (I just remembered another dream while I was writing this, Dream Journals are such a good idea)

      I want to buy some food. I go over to the cafeteria which doesnt exactly resemble anything I can remember. There is a large counter and the guy is cutting food on some wooden board with a lot of crevaces. I'm watching him do it and I'm really intrigued becasue I've never seen anything like it before. After he cuts the food, he comes over to me and asks what I want. I'm looking at the menu and tell him I want the ANOVA sausages.

      When I turn around I see my high school friends (Dream Sign), and we sit down together. It's M. Runas and T. Smith specifically. When I go back up to get my food, there are three girls that had come over to order as well. I go over to get my sausages and I end up talking to this really hot blonde girl. I notice that the lights in the cafeteria have dimmed considerably and I think music is playing in the background. I see my friends in the background standing awkwardly not really knowing what to do, but I quickly disregard them and continue talking to this hot blonde girl. We start grinding somehow, and I get her up on my right leg.

      I keep my eyes open and continue to grind, which somehow lets me have total clarity in my thoughts and actions without being lucid. I am literally controlling my actions and have mental clarity, but no awareness I am in the dreaming state right now. In fact, I was extremely concentrated on whether grinding with this girl would give me a boner, I was really wondering what would happen! I end up not getting one, but as we are grinding the background shifts without me really noticing. Somehow we teleport from the cafeteria into this outside playground place and we are standing on grass... Then I wake up.

      Dream 2-- College Soccer Game

      Maybe this dream is influenced by the face that my school's football team is about to face its biggest rivals in the nation and there have been two consecutive days of revelry. Last night I got woken up by my school's band who went dorm to dorm just playing as loud as they could our school's fight song. Everyone was pissed, but I found it kind of funny that I got an extra chance to WILD. The world of a lucid dreamer, huh?

      Anyway, this dream is exceptionally fuzzy and I can only remember a specific part where I am at in this crowd of people cheering for the soccer team. I am at the front of the crowd, right up against the metal poles that separate the audience from the field. Happily, I did not go into PassObs at all during this dream, but I stayed constantly aware of my surroundings and talked to many different people. Mostly, I was noticing what the people around me were doing and trying to do that more because I had never experienced the front lines of a soccer game before. Somehow I think I end up in a grocery store....

      Dream 3-- My Friend's Lake (I just recalled this while DJing)

      So I am apparently back at my high school friend's house W. Hicks who I said I looked up to in a lucid dream. It is me and basically the entire grade coming back together for a reunion-ish event at his house. Me and about five guys are walking toward W.'s pool, we are all talking and laughing about something, I am particularly bad at remembering conversation, maybe I should practice that in real life. As we get to this clearing, there is this massive lake that spans as far as the eye can see in almost every direction. There is a boat way off the short, and an island to the north east of where I am looking. I am taken aback by the size of this "backyard pool" but don't consider it weird enough to reality check.

      Everyone in the grade starts jumping in except for me and a couple of guys who hang back, and I can't remember why. I turn around and see some ships on the other side of the dock we are standing on. As I turn back around to look at everybody, there is a giant cruise ship that appears to be heading straight for us. No one is making any noise, it's eerily silent but I can see this ship slowly making its way toward where we are standing. At first, I'm completely passive, unable to decide what to do or whether this is real. Eventually, I make the decision that standing there and standing won't do me any good so I turn around and run the other way, but as soon as I make this decision to run I wake up.

      Also, I've just started practicing indirect techniques and separation techniques. I feel like they are already having an effect but I have not quite gotten them to work yet. I can see that this massive improvement will occur in the next few days and am pretty excited to have another lucid dream by Monday.