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    1. From a Boat Trip to an Unsolved Kidnapping

      by , 05-27-2018 at 09:47 AM
      Morning of May 27, 2018. Sunday.

      Typical RAS modulation autosymbolism was going strong in this non-lucid dream but still did not activate the waking process, so I slept a couple hours longer than I usually do (even though Zsuzsanna and our children were up and in the lounge room with the television on at one point). If I cannot rely on RAS to wake me at a certain time with unique dream content (which is what a dream’s autosymbolism is inherently for) at the top of an ultradian rhythm, then I consider that very unusual.

      In the first part of my dream, the setting is a unique new variation of the King Street mansion, the second-floor apartment in the middle of the east side of the house. My non-lucid dream self does not care that it is an impossible setting. I happily sit around on the floor for awhile listening to bizarre fictitious music (on a record player yet) where the lyrics make no sense at all. The “music” seems to have rock elements, but the male vocals are mostly randomly spoken phrases. I hear the audience cheering, so it must be a live recording. At one point, he chants slowly but loudly and clearly, “Yellow bathroom”. (This is a biological hint to my dream self, but I do not feel the need to use the bathroom in my dream.)

      I notice my curtains are open, and I see an unfamiliar male lying on his left side on a ledge, in his underwear, enjoying the wind and smiling. It seems to be late morning. Apparently, he is enjoying the music I am playing. (Of course, this is a liminal projection of how my real physical body is as I sleep.) I am annoyed that neighbors can see in, so I attempt to close the curtain. (In reality, this scene could not be possible either, as the windows had only a view of the front of the house across the street, so there was no side of a house right near the King Street house, though what does my non-lucid dream self care, from a lack of any viable connection with either the unconscious mind or my conscious self.)

      I hear an unfamiliar girl’s voice yelling about my music, and their music is turned on more loudly, even though the male was enjoying my music. (I did not think my music was loud at all.) A different male argues with her and there is yelling for a short time. I go into a different room and I am now in the lounge room of the Stadcor Street house (which only has the first floor) with Zsuzsanna. Now, the events are shifted to the first floor in the house next door as well (and as usual my dream self does not notice the impossible change). I mention something to Zsuzsanna about the music and an unfamiliar male, who can see into our house through our window from his window, loudly says, “You think you can beat me?” I reply by yelling, “Why don’t you leave us alone?” I then yell at no one in particular, “I’m tired of crazy people always living next door to us!”

      I go out to the front yard and bash several unfamiliar males on the head with my Olympic barbel (no weights) and swing it around like a baseball bat until no one else is standing or moving. My dream shifts into reinduction rather than the waking process during the RAS modulation event and I now find myself riding in a skiff tied to the back of a small motor yacht. Curiously, I do not recognize this scene for what it is and no lucidity is triggered, only an elevated vividness. I am now a female (of about twenty-five), though not a female I have any conscious knowledge of. A man tells me to tie an additional length of rope from my boat to the back of his motor yacht (as the previous one had apparently came off and I am now drifting over the ocean). I somehow do this even though the distance would not logically allow it. I throw the rope and pull it lightly, but a large knot seems to make itself with no effort on my part (to my left; reinduction orientation and stabilizing). “That’s a good knot,” says the unfamiliar captain from the other boat. A few other unfamiliar people look on.

      After a time, I am “myself” (though only about twenty-five) and another (unfamiliar) male is sitting to my right. We are still on a skiff on the ocean, but there is no other boat now. We go through an ambiguous area where it seems I am inside a house for a short distance even though we are also on the ocean. I notice many large sharks swimming below us. The water is unrealistically clear. I am wondering if there is any danger, though I do not feel concerned. The other male denies there is any danger and tells me how sharks only eat things that are at its own level in the water. I do not feel any fear, more like cheerfulness (almost comedic) even though there seem to be hundreds of sharks below us.

      Soon, the scene shifts and I am walking with the same male and an unfamiliar female. We are in an unfamiliar town near mostly commercial buildings. After we walk a short distance, the male vanishes. We look back to see someone running in the distance. Suddenly, I am aware that we will be blamed for the kidnapping of the male that vanished. We are carrying small plastic bags. We stop to look inside them. The girl’s bag has the ID of the male that vanished. I know that the police will be here soon and that we are being framed by an unknown person. I take the ID and throw it behind a soda vending machine thinking it will not be found and that I am being careful and intelligent in my action.

      The police arrive and I am still holding one of the small plastic bags. The scene somehow shifts to where I am in a police station (though of more of a restaurant appearance). The police officer is looking at the supposedly kidnapped man’s credit card (made of cardboard), a large sparse clump of hair, and some other items. The officers do not seem to think I had anything to do with anything, but I still tell them we were framed. (The girl is soon no longer present.) “Can you take fingerprints from plastic bags?” I ask. I say, “I know my fingerprints are on them, but they will probably also have the fingerprints of the kidnapper.”

      “Can you take fingerprints from hair,” I ask. “Can you take prints from paper?” A police officer at a counter looks at me as if he is wondering why I am still here. Two other officers look at me annoyingly as well. They are not interested in me at all. I decide to finally leave my dream (in a liminal state, as I am not viably lucid until the last moments) and finally wake as I step through the door. (This last part is quite odd. I am liminally trying to force RAS modulation by way of my conscious self, but nothing happens, probably because the process is often transpersonal in origin in its natural form. On one level, something similar occurred recently, where I learned I was not in trouble for “killing” an unknown male, though my dream self had the opposite focus as to this one and I did not seem to be as fully modulating it myself.)

    2. The Elderly Indian Servant

      by , 09-01-2014 at 12:33 PM
      I find myself in a location where I usually vacation with family and friends called the Widerness.
      My Father and I walk back to the communal house I which we have rented.He shows me his Gold Credit card which seems to be in bad condition.Wax and dirt coat the plastic.
      I tell my Dad not to leave the credit card in the communal house in fear that the domestic worker, and elderly Indian man might capitalize and steal it.
      "Don't worry, I can sense he's a good chap" my Dad replies.
      I'm surprised by my Dads positivety.

      We enter the long grey room in the house and find the Indian man washing dishes and making tea in the far corner.
      He offers us the bright yellow tea in mugs and we accept.
      My Dad blatantly tells him its horrible tasting and returns the mug.
      I feel sorry for the man, and embarrassed at my Dads words although i soon reflected and realize he was being honest..the tea did have a foul taste.
      The Indian man leaves seemingly nonreactive to the statement looking fresher than when he arrived.
      My Dad and i then begin to clean the dbris and wax off of his credit card.
    3. Day 14: Laser tag really takes the breath outta you

      by , 02-12-2011 at 04:06 PM (A Penrose Mind)
      My dream recall isn't at it's best today, plus I wasn't asleep to long. I went to bed at around 4 a.m. and got up at 9:30. Laser tag really winded me.

      Fragment one:
      I'm with this kid. He seems to be my friend. He starts to ask me for money and I'm like "I don't have any money." He says "Well just steal some from your dad. I tell him that isn't a good idea, but soon after peer pressure gets the better of me and I take the money for him. Later on in the dream he asks me for money again, to which I respond, "My dad doesn't have any more cash."

      "Does he have a credit card?"


      "We'll just use that!"

      We end up taking one of his (non-existent) devices. We insert the credit card in it and withdraw the money. Now I'm getting really nervous. He'll obviously see the withdrawal. I think I hear my dad at the and I tell him to hide the credit card and device.

      Fragment 2(not sure if they're connected):

      Some kids that I know are at my house (well…apartment) and it appears that they're looking in a book version of my dream journal. After a while of reading they start to kind of mock me (which I expect) but it doesn't really bother me. Then they really start to mock me, and after a while I promptly get up from my couch and tell them:


      I repeat said phrase until they vacate the premises.
      (Yeah it was a bit mean, I just didn't see what was the point of inviting people to my house if they were just going to make fun of me the whole time, I barely even knew them either).

      I think I had one more dream after this one but I can't remember it. But last night as I was trying to fall asleep I finally got into a dream where I was in this hall. I started to run down it and then I started to feel control of my outside body. It was weird, like I fell down but never got up. Well I haven't really been lucid in a while, next time I am though I have to remember about Operation: Ghost. Well I'm hungry and I'm gonna go have some breakfast.
    4. Log 18 semi-lucid and a new credit card

      by , 07-16-2010 at 02:32 PM (World of Kaos)
      The first dream was extremely fragmented. There are two major things I barely remember: One is that I was lucid for at least a little bit, and the other is that a lady asked me to grab her a revolver. so I walked around looking for one and I did. Last thing I remember was walking around on a dock by the water, and there was heavy fog around me.


      I walk into a 7-11 and I notice there is a computer by the slurpee machine. It was a computer that allowed you to register a brand new credit card. For some reason, I knew one of my friends needed a new credit card, so I sat down at the computer and started imputing information. One of the questions I remembered that showed up on the computer screen was what I wanted the last 4 digits to be on my new credit card. There were like 4 choices, I can't remember what the choices were exactly however. The next screen asked me what I wanted the credit card to look like, and some of the choices included a NASCAR theme, one was a dirt bike theme, another was a video game theme. One of my parents showed up to get coffee while I was putting in the information, and asked me how it was going. Then, my alarm woke me up.
    5. Clyde Machine's Dream Journal

      by , 06-17-2010 at 08:06 PM
      84: 5.1.10; 10:45AM Matt Tuck's Credit Card. (Non-lucid)


      I am hanging out with Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine. He's working on what appears to be homework, and sets his credit card down on the table while he works. I clearly see the numbers and consider taking them down, but I decide against it, not wanting to be malicious toward him. He asks me to help him with a worksheet of finding parallelograms, and I wake up thereafter.
    6. Swimming with Sharks

      by , 09-12-1976 at 03:12 PM
      Morning of September 12, 1976. Sunday.

      In my dream, I find myself at what seems to be the bottom of the sea, though it does not seem that I am really that far underwater. It actually only seems that I am in about ten feet of water or less. There are a few different kinds of large sharks swimming near me, but I do not feel threatened.

      There is something about retrieving a wallet, though I cannot recall if it is mine or not. For some reason, I am aware of at least one important credit card (possibly more) - Mastercard I think, with possible associations with implications of the word “master” - and possibly some identification cards or folded documents in the wallet I am to retrieve. I can easily breathe underwater, and move about somewhat as if swimming.

      My dream takes on an odd ambiguity, almost like two simultaneous dreams (both “deep in the ocean” and “looking at city features”), or at least implied bilocated settings. Above me, I look up through a “transparent” floor (as if I have X-ray vision) and notice at least one girl in a skirt walking above me in a presumed office - though I do not feel any significant voyeurism-based interest regarding this imagery and perspective and it is also unlikely that the building above me is actually over the water, as it seems like a business building somehow being seen from elsewhere. However, it may also be a high school with a young teacher present, though I see no one else. There may have been an odd level of foreshadowing and self-fulfilling prophecy here. A few years later, when “going back to school” in a manner of speaking at WWTI (after moving back to Wisconsin) to get my GED (or so-called high school equivalency), I got a student ID card for the first time ever. After the term I absentmindedly threw it over a bridge over the Black River.

      High school (my tenth grade classes) had started on August 30th, but I did not go until September 13th, due to having recently had an operation on my hand, and I was also still in pain for a couple weeks after my surgery. This dream may have related to the concept of trying to find my “identification” (or place at school) while starting tenth grade with certain students perceived as “sharks”, or potential bullies as well as either “getting credit” for doing school work or getting school credits in a metaphorical association.

      For an indeterminable reason, this dream seemed somehow “linked” to another completely unrelated and later dream (perhaps being somehow associated with the “same” presumed fictional town at one point) about a fictional movie or documentary about the “1910 Fruitgum Company” (an American bubblegum pop band of the 1960s) as if it was a real company. At one point, I watch while flying or floating from above, a 1922 red Phaeton (long-term-recurring dream feature) going down a street. It is implied that “Winchester Cathedral” (which I vaguely seem to hear playing at least once in my dream) is “their” song, when it was actually done by The New Vaudeville Band in reality. On one level, this may have been a subtle desire to “return to the past” (or at least review it).

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