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    1. Devil Twins

      by , 10-07-2015 at 06:32 PM
      Date Not Specified

      I was the assistant of a silver haired Samurai man that I will name Jefferson Ryuzaki. Ryuzaki resided in the backrooms of the housekeeping laundry room at Snow Mountain. Now Ryuzaki was an esteemed business man and a single father of twins (one boy and one girl). Unfortunately for Ryuzaki (and everyone else who had the displeasure of knowing them) the twins were less than obedient. In fact, they were complete sociopaths! The girl’s name was Kanne Ryuzaki (a name I give here due to her resemblance to the anime character Kanne from “Inu Yasha”). Kanne had her father’s silver hair and I think she had his eyes. Her hair was down to her ankles, she was quiet and very intelligent. She spend her day inventing torture devices and Rube Goldberg machines that she would use to harm others. I don’t remember much about meeting Kanne but I do remember that she creeped me out. She always wore this pensive look and she spent her day plotting. Her brother, Ronmaru, was not there with her at this time.

      I ended up walking down a vast hallway alongside Ryuzaki. The hallway was extremely wide with rows of stone pillars on each side. It was like something of a palace. Ryuzaki was wearing a light blue samurai attire and I think his sheathed sword was visible. Despite his silver hair he was clearly a younger gentlemen (probably early to mid 30s). Ryuzaki and I came upon an open chamber that was probably at least 30 feet across with a very high ceiling. On either side of the chamber was a square hole that led to God knows where. I first examined the hole on the right side. There was a ladder that fed into it from a hole directly above. There was a waterfall that was flowing down the ladder from the hole above to the hole below. Next to the ladder was tour guide who told us that the waterfall was called “Kansas Falls” and that we could ride tubes down it into the hole below. Ryuzaki and I both noted this before continuing on because apparently it was the only way we would get to where we needed to go.

      At the other end of the chamber was a road. At this point we were driving though I do not remember getting into a car. In the car Ryuzaki’s stern demeanor began to deteriorate as he began to go on about his children. I believe that he did love them but he did not know what to do with them. He knew as well as I did that they were capable of causing great harm to people and he could do nothing to stop them it seemed. The twins were so disrespectful towards him that it made him very angry. He began to rant about them to the point of raising his voice going so far to admit that he came close to striking his son, Ronmaru. This was very out of character for him.

      At some point we turned around and were no longer in a car but back in the chamber. I took a glimpse inside the hole on the other side of the chamber which was filled with black liquid. Inside I saw the face of what appeared to be the adult version of Ronmaru Ryuzaki. He had a very insane looking grin and spoke to me. I do not remember what he said. He began to rise out of the hole revealing that the adult head was actually a growth protruding out of the right eye of thirteen year old Ronmaru. I do not remember what happened before a party suddenly happened at that spot. A formal get together to which the Ryuzakis were invited. Those who attended appeared to be anime characters (like the Ryuzaki family) and everyone was eating cake. The twins were just as pensive and creepy as they always were and here is where I got a good look at both of them. Kanne was definitely the quieter and more cunning of the two. Her MO was to plan in secret use whatever invention she had created to cause pain to people. Kanne wore a long grey sleeveless dress that matched her silver hair. She really did resemble her father unlike her brother. Ronmaru, who no longer had the growth, was dressed in all black wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts with spikey hair. He was the rowdier of the two. He clearly did not possess the same level of intelligence and tact that her sister possessed but he was still quite dangerous. Together those two were capable of hurting a lot of people. Those two were planning something for the people at that party but I never did have the chance to figure out what.
    2. Possessed 05/26/2013

      by , 05-28-2013 at 04:39 AM
      I'm traveling with a woman, her eight year old son and a research intern who also happens to be our translator. We're going into a third world country collecting stories on demon possession. When we arrive we don't believe any of it. It all feels like...we're just tourists instead of researchers.
      Our translator/intern has gone ahead of us. We are both Caucasian women, he looks a little middle eastern. The house we approach is adobe style, all stark white stone. As we mount the stairs we see the women of the house gesturing to something on the floor. I can see a vague red mark, they have covered it in sand. They say that after their daughter read the inscription she began to act strangely. They warn us not to look at it too closely. The intern crouches next to the mark. An unnatural wind violently sweeps the sand away and up into his eyes. Startled and hurt, he bends over the mark, and has no choice but to look at it.
      He covers his eyes and stands up, assuring us he is alright.

      There's a lapse.
      When I come to, the house is dark. The intern has stolen the boy and has tortured his mother into madness. My vision is grainy, black and white. I have some trouble moving, but the choice is mine. Dream story-line says that I stay where I am until he comes to threaten me. I'm laying on the floor a few paces from my friend. The intern slithers up next to her and hisses something into her ear. She gives a whimpering little scream and, satisfied, he crawls away.
      I claw my way to my friend's side and huddle next to her. Lucidity saves me from being truly frightened. I'm on the edge of a screaming madness, I try to comfort the woman by taking her hand, when my fingers curl around hers, her head lolls toward mine and I only just keep myself from recoiling violently. Her head is...all, wide open mouth with tiny round eyes. The image scares the hell out of me. She keeps making noises somewhere between sobbing, laughing, and screaming. I remind myself it's just a dream, over and over. This litany is the only thing that keeps me from going over the edge. I tighten my grip on her hand and whisper to her until her visage becomes somewhat more normal.

      There's a lapse and I've risen to another layer of sleep that is slightly less terrifying. I am crouched with my friend underneath the porch. We can see a small, hairless, emaciated child looking at us from a few feet away. I urge her to move more quickly. It follows us.
      "Shit, the creepy child is following us..." I mutter.

      I rise to another layer of sleep that is more confusing than scary. It turns out that everything that just happened to me is a play put on by a boy who looks remarkably like a brown haired version of Chucky from the Rugrats (o.O Holy crap I haven't thought of that cartoon in a long time), I see his picture on the wall.
      I'm standing on a darkened stage, there's a bright red curtain and a spotlight trained on the center. I'm so glad it isn't real.
      lucid , nightmare