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    1. Eating Chocolate Cake

      by , 06-01-2018 at 01:24 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      02:40 AM
      Eating Chocolate Cake (Lucid)

      I am at a motel with my girlfriend and we heard banging of footsteps outside and go out to see whats going on. There is a huge swat team raiding on of the hotel rooms and a gun fight starting. I somehow have a gun now which I leave in a holster. I leave carefully with my girlfriend but we are stopped by some police officers and are taken to a table with a guy in a suit and tie for questions about how it went down. The strangeness of the situation makes me consider if it's a dream. This is enough to make me lucid even without RCing.

      I start out by telling the suit guy that I have a gun and putting it on the table. I then tell him to stop and think because this is a dream. He asks how that is possible so I prove it to him by pinching his nose for him. He believes me. I then remember my goal which is to complete the basic task of the month: eat chocolate cake. I reach behind me a whip out a slice on a small plate. It is a basic chocolate cake, not the chocolate mousse kind I hoped for but I give it a try. It is really good anyways! I think about moving on to my next goal but then realize I should have a lot more cake than just one slice since its a dream. I look away and look back and there is a full chocolate cake on the table. I eat it half of it one handful at a time and leave the rest on the table.

      Now, lets summon Juliana. I look and see the Millennium Falcon is around the corner though and run to that instead. Well that is interesting I think I want to explore that first. Maybe Juliana is in the cockpit anyways. I run in but loose some stability since the corridor leading to the cockipit is confusing.
      I loose most of lucidity and the next thing I know I am piloting the ship in 3d person like it's a video game. I am flying around a space station and docking with it. I wake up and know I have to write this dream down. I remember it pretty well but I feel close to the most tired I have ever been. It is 2:40 which means I am less than 3 hours into sleep. It takes me 20 minutes to wake up enough to fully type out notes on my phone and I fall asleep a couple times and I dream some more.

      I am on a cruise ship with my girlfriend. There is a show with a mentalist who also is a motivational speaker. I am sitting up front and when I say one thing to a guy near me the mentalist stops and gives me a look to try and say that I am being rude. I think this makes me a little semi lucid because it just felt weird he would be so dramatic about it. I barely made any noise. My girlfriend and I are chosen to be in the show. We get strapped into a amusement ride with us on rotating seats at the end of a pendulum. We have to answer questions and based on those questions while the ride is spinning and the mentalist will be able to read our minds. The ride gets going and its really a lot of Gs. I like the ride but man it just keeps spinning us non stop while he asks us questions. I actually start to get dizzy which rides usually don't do to me. I can't even focus on his questions. I tell my girlfriend I am going to phase through the seats and fly away. She says something, alarmed. I start to fly out of the seat and wake up again.

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    2. I'm dead- An elegant reception- A seaside restaurant

      by , 02-17-2017 at 07:46 PM
      #1: I was dead. I was looking down @ my partial body body laying in a marsh along a river. I see my legs & feet. It's disturbing. Locals are saying they accidentally killed me. I'm watching all of this unfold. I see a cop handling the investigation. I feel like he has got this & there will be answers. He says she'd been thrown off of the bridge & ended up in a marsh. I rarely see any part of myself in a dream & I don't remember ever looking at myself like this, especially in this context.Meesha Cat woke me up.

      D2: I was w/ my parents & we were @ some kind of reception area. It's circular & you walk down to a row of tables & down again for the next row & down one more time for the bottom row. It reminds me of "The Love Boat" tv show on the cruise ship for some reason, lol. It was really elegant. It was just normal family conversations that I would've had as a child going somewhere w/ my parents but we are all adults here. My mom is worried about what ppl will think & are told not to embarrass her, lol. Thank God she is more relaxed & enjoying life now & not all uptight. Meesha Cat woke me up again.

      D3: I was @ this restaurant by the beach kind of place. It looke like a version of an old clam bake except men were diving in to catch fresh fish w/ some odd looking sieve bucket or something. They were catching things like squid & yucky stuff. No seafood that tastes good like lobster or something. A man sitting at my table was going to get to try his hand at it. He finally gets to go in & I get to come closer. It looks like a cement wall is barely flowing water over it. It was really interesting how they utilized the sea/ocean in such a way to make an entertaining dining experience. Meesha Cat is waking me up a 3rd time tonight. I'm not happy with her.

      I didn't have a lucid tonight but lately I have been picking up speed again with them after my break. I just finished my second journal over this past year since March but most of it looks like gibberish until I put it on here.
    3. Lucid cruise ship dream

      by , 10-09-2016 at 12:11 AM
      I was hanging out w/ Ellen Degeneres on a big cruise ship while she was recording a special episode of her show. (lucid)I realized I was in labor & had a baby that wasn't breathing. A group of passengers went into an auditorium type room & held vigil for the baby. It finally started breathing & I was contemplating a name. I knew I was dreaming when the father of the baby came in & it wasn't my husband about midway through the dream so I spent some time just looking around the ship & at the scene. Lucidity is curious sometimes. The auditorium was from my childhood. It was at a near by college from where I grew up. I saw a play there on a school field trip.

      For the last 2 nights I have taken Huperzine A which is for cognitive support. I can tell my dreams are different & my focus on doing my jigsaw puzzles is sharper. Over the years my pain meds have messed w/ my head at times & I so far am finding this to be as some help.
    4. Eating Contest

      by , 04-22-2015 at 02:37 PM
      I watched an overweight teenage girl have an eating contest with a young boy while I was on a cruise ship.
    5. Pep Rally

      by , 03-21-2015 at 04:48 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #425 - DILD - 7:14AM

      After the last LD I try meditating again, but fall asleep.

      I am in some restaurant and there is food and trash all over the carpet. Someone tells me to get in uniform and help clean. I take a snapchat of the mess. I am in uniform and I walk into another part to see how I can help, but I see things are mostly managed now. I pass what I think is a manager. I try covering the company emblem on my shirt as I pass. I feel stupid for putting the uniform on and wish I could change.

      I realize that I am on a cruise ship and I look for my sister Angie who is always going on cruises. I step outside on to the deck and look around. The ship is massive and looks like a small town. I see the water beyond and get vertigo as I realize were actually moving. I say to my wife, "You really do forget that you're on a boat." We all move toward the very tip of the bow and watch the water. We are coming into a bay area with high cliffs. There is what looks like a hill in the water and is mostly wet sand. We somehow power up it and I see water trying to flood the stern. As we level out, I see everyone has come outside. They all start cheering and clapping. The ship starts to dock, but bumps into something. I think of the Titanic and worry. A jet of water pushes the ship sideways and a voice says something about trying again. Then, I see a large rusted steel bar in front of the ship. Something like a dinosaur neck and head extends from someplace behind me. It latches on the bar and chews on it. It acts to stabilize and dock the ship. A voice says something about the dinosaur sharpening it's teeth this way, but it leaves a black residue. The dino turns and shows us its grayish, nubby teeth.

      I am now laying on the floor next to some other guys in football uniforms paired with cheerleaders in wedding dresses in a pattern. The rest of the team comes in and wonders what's going on. This is a pep rally and we got roped into being apart of the performance. Music starts and we all get up and start some synchronized dancing. Of course, me and half the others have no idea what we are doing and do our best to keep up. The lyrics say, "Dance with me. Dance with me." So me and another cheerleader who looks a lot like Anna Kendrick start slow dancing. I am overly aware of the feel of her close to me, one arm around her waist, and her hand in my other. We are both feeling awkward and stop dancing. We laugh and both admit that we had no idea what we were doing. The song stops and we turn and sit close to each other on the floor. I am glad she stayed next to me. My old high school buddy Jason his on stage with a band. He's saying stuff to get the crowd excited and is generally acting way out of character. I start thinking about how dumb I felt during the dancing and wonder how I even got myself in this situation. I think something about the next time I am in a dream... Wait this IS a dream! I am a little unsure about this thought at first, but it only takes a millisecond to realize it's true. The dream starts crashing so I do the only thing I could think of to stabilize. I turn to the very hot Anna Kendrick look-a-like and resume dancing with her. Of course, this time I am much more confident and our dancing becomes dirty and we grind while I feel her up. This soon turns into sex and the hottie turns into my ex-wife. I lose my arousal and wonder, WHY? OH GOD WHY? I then realize it's a part of my past and just a memory. I appreciate it for what it is and the good times we once had. I let the scene play it self out without taking control or making decisions. I wake up.
    6. #73 - Ship Wrecked onto a Paradise (And turtles boning?)/Dinner with old flatmates/Continued

      by , 03-06-2015 at 08:18 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Ship Wrecked onto a Paradise (And turtles boning?)
      I'm on a large sailing vessel, like a galleon or something (the tone is somewhat 18th century). The vessel is in the middle of a huge storm, and the next thing I know I'm waking up on a beautiful beach, tropical trees and crystal clear sea water surround me and the sky is calm. Parts of the ship can be seen floating around or washed up, but I ignore it all, I seem to have a handglider which I use to glide around the place a bit.. I head off along the beach to where a group of natives are relaxing under a low wooden sun shelter next to the bushline. I prostrate myself before them and beg for help, explaining my situation, a jump in time occurs (like a minute ahead) and we're all buddy-buddy. I turn to see a huge tidal wave rising up (should mention there are about 4 of us together), I grab a native and dive to the ground so I don't get swept away, a man behind me also gets down low, but his wife isn't quick enough. Next thing I know we're searching for the wife, I glide through the air a bit, then I continue running in shallow water, sprinting in a panic state to try save her but we can't find her. I see a small turtle float on by a few metres away, it was so realistic. I then turn to see even more turtles, but this time they're HUGE, about 2 metres in height. Also they're boning hard out, I think to myself that it must be mating season, it was quite weird to see a bunch of turtles pounding their meat into a mate. Ruined the aesthetic scenery a bit tbh. I spot in the sky a woman gliding around on her handglider, and remember that 'oh hey, they obviously all use handgliders too'... Next thing I know, I'm gliding around 4 square block rooms connected by large doors so that they can be glided through. My friend Mikayla is here and she has a miniature glider that she throws like a paper plane. There is a large dome made of a kind of net in one of the rooms, I run and jump, gliding through the air and circling the dome without colliding with the net, wall, ceiling or floor, then smoothly land in the room I started, a full circuit. I seem really proud of myself for doing this... I also noticed a family of 3, they were really white trash. One of them I remember as having missing teeth, quite young, but fat and had a shaved head. He wore baggy clothing too... I guess that must be what I consider white trash? O_O never knew.

      Dream 2 - Dinner with my old flat mates
      I couldn't be bothered writing this in my journal diary this morning, and I've lost a lot of detail, but it just felt SO boring >_<.
      I seem to be on a cruise ship, there is a dinner party on these long tables with white sheets set out and beautiful cutlery, plates and fruits in bowls neatly placed. I'm with my ex-flatmates Emma and Sam, but we never really got on well with conversations... We were the first to enter the room and pick 3 chairs out near the end of the table. We seem to start some kind of subtle 'argument'. I don't remember much more than this though.

      Dream 3 - Continued
      Seems to continue on from where dream 2 ended... I don't remember much about this except that we were still on a cruise ship and eating dinner.
    7. Cruise Ship - Stunt Boating

      by , 08-28-2014 at 02:40 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Aboard a cruise ship with some friends, it starts to motor around in a large bay, doing a slow circle around it, gradually speeding up. It starts going faster and faster. Now on the second lap around the bay, it's going dangerously fast, and can't turn sharp enough to maintain the circular path. I hear the engines rev even higher as the ship scrapes on some rocks on the port side as we turn starboard to stay in the water, still circling clockwise.

      Then, the captain takes us right off a 500 ft waterfall, and the entire massive cruise ship does a 360 degree spin mid-air before landing in the water below. Then a sharp right hand turn as it skirts along a narrow river just above another cliff. I turn to my friend and say, "We just did a 360 in a cruise ship!"
      "So what..." he replies as he shrugs his shoulders unimpressed.

      I hold onto the railings on the deck of the cruise liner, not sure if the captain will jump this cliff too. He gently floats us down the river and into the ocean from there. We cruise across a big body of water and get dropped off on land on the other side.

      After spending some time amongst the thick green trees in some amazing warm weather, two friends and I decide it is time to go back. The two of them jump in and start swimming. I am a little hesitant because my new cell phone is in my pocket, but jump in anyway. It's water-resistant, so it might make it. We swim a ways out to a wooden raft anchored in the deep water. A small boat is parked right next to it as well. My friends climb aboard, and I begin to drive this boat. It is very small, just big enough to stand on, with a second story above where my friends hang on, legs dangling over the edge. It has a massive engine, and I take off with a spray of water behind us.

      Driving wicked fast through the water, I give it full throttle as everything starts to blur. Our path home takes us from the ocean to a wide river. Still going super fast, everything is just streaks of blue and green along side of us. The river begins to narrow and turn a little in each direction. I have to really focus to stay in the water going this fast. The river narrows to not much wider than a two lane road, and the thought occurs to me that perhaps I should slow down. Instead, I increase my focus on driving, and manage to keep going super fast through this small river. Although it seems not to matter much because about half the time, we are in the air after hitting a small wave anyway. The back of the boat now has a giant propeller, like one of those swamp boats you might've seen, only about twice the size.

      I sort of expect to start flying soon.
    8. 3/5/2014

      by , 03-06-2014 at 03:43 AM
      Had a bit of a dry spell with recall, and since my dreams weren't that interesting, I forced myself to make a dream journal for today. It's pretty short...

      Dream about trees and how done don't smell when they're cut down

      Then there then I was on a cruise ship with a shit load of old people
      Who also were like disgusting looking old

      Playing on a minecraft server (dream) and we're doing stuff to make money
      Then this one guy starts killing everyone else cause he's rich with money and I try to go after him with a sword to kill him but it turns out he can fly and I can not.

      I feel like the last one could be symbolism for how the rich are so wealthy that they are untouchable by others. No matter what they do to you, you can't do anything to them. Also the minecraft world is symbolism for how everything was built from the ground up .
    9. 23 Sep: Tsunami on US East Coast

      by , 09-23-2013 at 08:01 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I'm on a cruise on the US East Coast. There's a global warning of an asteroid to hit Earth in the next hour and a half, followed by a huge tsunami that will hit the US East Coast. People freak out. I feel mad because I have the clear impression they knew about this a long time in advance but chose to warn people only when they could hardly do anything about it.
      Many people on smaller boats nearby head to land, but there's forest for kilometers and by foot they won't reach far enough inland to escape the tsunami.
      I don't know what to do, the boat crew left and took some people with them, but I stayed behind with many others.
      My mother appears with her boyfriend and tells me he is taking her on his yacht to shore, where he has a private jet and they can fly away to escape. But he can only take her, does not accept to take me along. I tell my mother "you should go and save yourself" to which she doesn't offer any resistance, so she says goodbye and leaves. (My actual mother would never, ever do that!)
      Saddened by my mother abandonment, I accept my faith. I go to the dining room where people drink and eat and cry and sing and I decide to join them and embark on a cake eating frenzy. There's like half a dozen varieties on the tables and I eat two or three pieces of each. It feels so soothing.
      Then I meet a guy and start talking to him and he has some knowledge of sailing, so I have the nuttiest idea. Why don't we go far enough on deeper sea to avoid most of the wave (as it forms near the shore) and turn the nose to the incoming tsunami (it's what they do in the movies to try to navigate super storms and giant waves, right?). We gather a team of 4 or 5 people who still want to fight for their lives and we head to the ship's bridge and manage to put the ship facing the wave.
      When it comes, it's a fucking big wall of water and we hold on to whatever we can. I tie myself up to some metal tubes with rope, but close to an exit, so in case we roll over, I'll try to swim away. But I think the ship survives. Not sure,
      'cause then I wake up.

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    10. Long Lucid Dream

      by , 07-06-2013 at 09:33 PM

      I was in my dad's living room, and something prompted me to think that it was a dream. My brother stood right in front of me. To test my dream theory, I charged right through the wall and my brother, no fear. I saw his eyes widen as I rammed towards him at the speed of light, and I closed my eyes.

      Once I opened my eyes I was standing outside. Well, I guess that this is a dream. I attempt flying, but then completely slow down and am slowly spinning out of control, as if I'm in space. This is the first time that I've been unable to fly in a dream. My gaze tilts upward, and the power lines are outlined against the sky. I float alarmingly close to them. All while this is happening, a calm, female voice similar to that of a flight attendant talks inside my head. It seems as though she is some sort of 'lucid dreaming for beginners' guide. She explains something about the power lines, and how they shock you.

      I remember that you could sometimes jump to initiate flight, but it's not needed. Soon I'm zooming down the road, above the trees. For some reason in Every. Single. Dream I have, the lower part of the town I live in (past the hospital) is always dramatically changed. In this dream, although I was lucid, I couldn't recall what the area looked like. I jokingly recalled the map of past dreams, not really meaning to explore further but thinking that it'd be funny if it looked like it did in dreams.

      I looked down and imagined a small dog coming out of the bushes. Then, I put out my hands in a frame shape and imagined up a dog. It was small, and had matted brown fur. It was still cute.

      The dog followed me along, I assume flying. I wanted to come upon something fun to do. We flew above a small camp of ruffians with blue tents. I saw people in tribal paint jumping about, and worried about them attacking me. I believe that this was when two or three other girls joined us, at least two brown-haired and one blonde.

      We kept on flying. Our group quickly grew large, and I felt pleased. As if I was collecting people. We landed in a meadow. One girl and I stood by a fence. I studied her. I expected her face to be warped or somehow missing a nose, since it was a dream. She was quite beautiful, even her frizzy hair which stood a good three inches from her face somehow made her seem quaint. She was familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

      I told her that she was beautiful. She blushed and looked down. Yes, definitely beautiful, I decided. I asked her what she thought of me, knowing her answer already. This was my dream, of course she would respond positively. She gave me a critical head-to-toe. Then she said that I was beautiful. I jokingly said something about it being a dream. I was worried that she'd freak out since I'd called it a dream, but she didn't. She just half-smiled and laughed. So the people here were completely accepting of it being a dream.

      I think that we were still in the meadow when I tried to write something down. God, that was a nightmare. On every single word I had to backspace and retype the letter, but even then I rarely got it right. I realized that it was hard because I was in a dream, and gave up on that.

      I wanted to get to a city, and repeatedly commanded a taxi to appear. No luck. Then I told myself that we'd just take a boat. We fly a short while and we come upon a sea that is thrashing wildly, as if in the middle of a storm. We land on the deck and I see a few wary deckhands and smaller boats. I see a small yacht, but decide that it's too small. I pray for a giant cruise ship to pull around the mountain, but instead there comes a wild mix between boat and floating black truck. I didn't bat an eye at it in the dream, besides being disappointed that it wasn't a cruise ship. I pulls close to the deck and we fly to the 'boat deck'. There are doors that you open to get into the seats, and I immediately sit in the first row, window seat. The blonde girl is about to sit down outside the door, but I beg her to sit inside with me. I don't tell her why yet. She resists, but finally comes in to sit.

      I want to turn her into an actor and it'll be easier with her since she's already blonde. I tell her that I want to change her appearance into that of an actor, and she readily agrees. I worry that it won't feel the same with her as it would if he'd just walked up out of the mist.

      I tell her that I didn't want her to sit outside because things that I didn't have my eye on at all times in dreams had a habit of disappearing. I used the dog as an example, who I hadn't seen for a while and I could only assume had disappeared.

      I faced her, but we were on land now. I made her hair blonde, since it was brunette now. I sharpened her nose, changed her teeth. I was having an awful time trying to remember what he looked like, and worrying that I'd gotten a feature wrong. The brown slowly spread back into her/his hair. I said nuh uh and quickly changed it back to blonde. Then he changed into a alien and I got a comic-like picture of him beating his chest while howling at the sky. As a bulgy eyed, white alien. I sighed in disappointment because all my hard work was wasted. I began to lose lucidity.

      I was under these stairs, looking for my friend's little brother to put him to bed. With each turn the passageway got smaller and darker. I continued to brightly call for him. I turned once again, and knew that his was a trap to get me so deep in that I couldn't turn around to go back. I saw a panel on the wall shake, and I knew something scary was going to pop out behind it. It quickly turned to leave, and saw the little brother scamper across my path.

      I'm running along a dark, leaky room with wet pavement. I'm filled with adrenaline, and can see my friends leaping forward and sprinting beside me.

      I'm in a small, old-fashioned town. There's a funeral going on and I unwittingly say something offensive because I didn't know that it was a funeral. There a white church with a steeple beside the garage where the funeral is held. The brown casket is carried into the garage. Dream On by Aerosmith plays in the background, and I'm amazed that I can remember all the words. I'm also amazed that I've remembered the little details from 'a dream past'. I had a false memory of this happening in a dream, and of a crazy lady with wild hair interrupting the funeral.

      Although it doesn't seem like it, I'm still partly lucid. I want to try to eat something, so a friend or two and I flew to a fast food restaurant. We go inside, and I break off the top of a drink dispenser. What looks like tapioca is inside. I have it in a cup, and know that it will taste awful. A cop comes over and is mad at us for breaking open the machine.
      I force my friend to use her power to turn the white liquid red, hoping that it will disguise it from the cop and also make it taste better. It half-works, the cop stirs it with a finger and the color is instantly stirred under. I wake up.
    11. Spooky Cabin

      by , 09-17-2012 at 07:10 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      Dream 1:

      I am in a restaurant on a cruise ship. Each table has its own tv but the remotes work on random tv sets. I keep changing peoples channel.

      Dream 2:

      My wife and I are at a cabin in the woods. We go outside to take a walk. We get deep into the forest and I spot a bunch of gun lockers. Upon inspection they are full of not only guns, but fresh meat (hanging deer carcasses). This is very unsettling. It feels like we have been hiding and running from something for a long time and this is an ominous sign that they have found us again. There is nobody around and no sounds whatsoever. I test one of the guns in the locker and it is loaded.

      We head back to the cabin and weird shit starts happening. People and images start popping up randomly. We had spotted a large structure out in the woods when we were walking earlier so we decide to go check it out and see if it has supplies. We get to the building and I tell my wife to wait outside while I look around. I go down some stairs into a dark room. There are more lockers here fully stocked with supplies and weapons. I begin gathering supplies but then I start hearing frightening noises coming from down the hall - like someone is being tortured. The more stuff I take the louder the noises get and the scary images start appearing again.

      I get a very strong sense that the evil that is present in this building is closing in on me. I am very scared so I just grab a random box of guns and ammo and leave. On the way up the stairs I finally spot someone off to my left. There is a man at a work bench confused and banging things randomly. He doesn't seem to notice me. It hits me that these things (not quite human) aren't sure what their purpose is on earth although I know it is only a matter of time before they realize they are supposed to kill us.

      I get outside and some cops are running into the building. They are not quite human either. I yell to them "he is down there and he is crazy" so they go after the guy by the stairs. Since they are also confused I am trying to convince them that I am not the target. I get back to my wife who has no idea what is going on and we start walking back. This is when we notice that there are hundreds of half dead humans (kind of like zombies) scattered around the forest - just standing there. We walk quickly through them to get back to the house. Some of them start attacking us but I fight them off.

      We get back to the house and lock up. They arrive at our door and we arm ourselves. We hold them off for a while but one of them eventually gets in. A lot of glass is breaking. I get away briefly but I think I get caught eventually.

      This is the first time I have woken up from a dream truly scared in about 20 years.

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    12. Bits n Pieces

      by , 09-12-2012 at 07:31 PM
      Non-dream Dream

      I could only remember bits and pieces of my dream(s) last night.

      I am at a strange resort with my wife and I am driving a boat. Nobody is speaking English. I am being forced to dance. We go to some island for 11 hours and play baseball there. It is now morning and we are laying out on the ship deck. The waitress is taking drink orders and I ask for a bloody Mary. The waitress makes fun of me and says that I should get a drink with alcohol (hmm). Next we are trying to surf and I am having trouble standing on the board. My cousins L&C are doing it easily and making fun of me.

      Possible explanations:

      Resort: I recently went on a vacation to an all inclusive resort.
      Nobody speaking English: My vacation was in Mexico.
      Forced to dance: I hate dancing.
    13. Return to Dream Journalling

      by , 03-18-2012 at 11:51 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Partly from the downtime of DV, and partly from my own neglect, my dream journal has been largely untouched recently. Now that I'm back from uni for a while, and away from its many dream-inhibiting substances, I think I'll try and get this up and running again.

      My lack of dream journalling has noticeably affected my dream recall, unfortunately, so I feel as if I'm back to the start, but here goes: a retrospective view of some of the more interesting dream fragments.



      My friend gets stung by a wasp, so I take out a lawsuit against the wasp.



      I'm in a cruise ship hotel with my sister and cousin, and we steal my own dog (god knows who from). We escape to the top floor, which happens to be a posh restaurant, in which I'm pretty sure we're not allowed. My mum assures me it's fine, as my sister and cousin leave. She later plays some liquid drum & bass on some fat speakers, 'Memoirs' by Rameses B.



      I'm on a bed in a public place with my ex-girlfriend from about 3 years ago. I haven't seen her in a while and she tells me about implants she got recently, all 3 of them. She tells me to feel them, then to help her lose her virginity [despite previously being my girlfriend]. Though I nobly oblige, she leaves before we can do the deed, much to the disappointment of my entourage, who had recently formed in the room.



      I'm back from uni and my mum tells me she's seen my tattoo [though in real life, she still hasn't] and thinks it's disgusting [in the dream, it does actually look pretty vile]. However, she says she's over it because she's already cried about it and gotten it out of her system. [I really hope this isn't a true representation of how it actually goes down!]

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    14. Searching for him on a cruise ship

      by , 02-13-2012 at 02:46 PM
      **Before sleeping I asked my spirit/dream guides to help me find him, but if they thought I wasn't ready, then to give me a dream that would make me ready**

      I became lucid and saw lots of words, numbers and colours fading in and out; I tried to read them but couldn't. I realised that I was consciously observing my brain filtering out all the stuff I'd seen during the day, and started thinking about how amazing the brain is. Then for some reason I 'knew' that the brain was created by 'us', I mean us conscious beings, who are ancient and come from somewhere else, and we created the human body and the brain to experience something different, because we don't experience 'thought processes' in our natural (non-human) state, we are just consciousness. Then I just thought..wow

      I zoomed out, and what I was seeing was on a computer screen. The room was dark, and one wall was mirror-tiled. I walked up and looked at myself, fully lucid.

      I floated up and thought about something I read on dreamviews before I slept, that you can teleport by going through walls and thinking of where you want to go. I kept trying to go through, thinking I want to see 'Kenny' (the guy I've been dreaming about the past 15 years, who I've never met and have no clue who he is). It didn't work. Then I realised the room was fading; I tried rubbing my hands together as that usually makes everything more focused, but it didn't work. Neither did spinning. I knew that the only way I could stay lucid was to go through the wall. So I thought 'I want to go to Kenny's room' and jumped through.

      For what seemed like forever, I saw bedroom after bedroom after bedroom. It felt like I was going through every bedroom from here to wherever he lives. Finally I thought 'this is ridiculous. Just show me where he is, now'. Suddenly a new dreamscape faded in. I was on a cruise ship, in a doorway; if you took one step up there were two rows of people lying on lounge chairs in an open area, if you took one step down you would be inside and there were two rows of people in sleeping bags.

      I immediately started looking for him. There were a couple people with hair like him, but when I looked they were someone else. I asked for him by name, called out for him and asked around but nobody knew. I remembered a lucid dream I had a year or two ago where I found him by asking people based on his description instead of his name, so I tried that. A woman said she saw someone like that so I ran in the direction she told me. But it was the wrong guy (he was like 'how should I know?') I ran into a shower area where people were waiting to scuba dive, and I asked a diver what the name of the cruise ship was. I think I heard someone say 'Atlantean' or something but the diver looked at me like I was crazy. I tried to read the logo on his suit but couldn't make it out. Ran around calling out 'Kenny!' a few times but woke up.

      ** It was 9 am, I got up and had some fresh juice, made a cup of tea, but didn't have time to drink it because I realised I was too tired and had to go back to sleep. I should quickly mention how I had this lucid dream: I find what works best for me is to wake around 2:30, and stay awake until 5 - 7, then take GalantaMind (4mg) and immediately go back to sleep for a DILD. I slept again at 7 and I think it was a WILD though. **

      Back to sleep, I hope the GalantaMind will still work, and I hope I can fall asleep properly. I ask my dream/spirit guides to help me back to sleep, and did some chakra meditation. I was asleep before I could finish the meditation.

      I see a girl sitting on her bed. The image is static; I'm told she's Kenny's cousin, and that she's unavailable right now, but they have a cousin named 'Pinky' (I think) and he might be easier to get ahold of.

      So suddenly, I'm back exactly where I started in the first cruise ship dream. Pinky is lying on the sleeping bag to my left. Now, I should have asked him where Kenny is, but although I was lucid, my emotions and frustration had gotten the better of me. I get on top of him and kiss him passionately. His energy is similar to Kenny's, and he seems to be the only 'real' person on this ship that I can find. His shirt is off and he sits up, we continue making out.

      Then I realise someone's sitting on the floor in front of us, staring at us sarcastically. It's Robert Pattinson.

      He says 'is this absolutely necessary?'
      In a moment a realised this was a dream symbol. This guy was real; he sure as hell wasn't Pattinson - he looked a bit plastic - but this guy felt familiar. Maybe a dream guide? Maybe Kenny's dream guide? Anyway I could feel (telepathically perhaps?) that the message was 'why go for Jacob when Edward is the one' God that makes me sound like a Twihard - I swear I'm not, but I can't help how he appeared to me But I felt like I shouldn't get sidetracked when it's not leading me to my destiny, if that makes sense.

      I grabbed him and took him somewhere Pinky couldn't hear us. I grab him by the lapels, stare straight into his eyes (the only non-plasticky thing about him) and say 'do you know how this feels? I'm looking all over the place for this guy, and I can't find him. I NEED A DISTRACTION.' I turn to look at Pinky; when I look back, 'Pattinson' is gone. So I go back and say 'come on Pinky, let's go'. I'm walking around trying to find a way to teleport out of there and find exactly where Kenny is, because he doesn't seem to be anywhere on the cruise ship. I wonder if I jump into the water it will lead me there. But I realise something's off. Although I'm fully lucid, the dreamscape feels different to other ones, it's like I can't manipulate it (maybe because I was in his dream and not mine?)

      Then I wake up. I slept again for a little bit, and dreamt that someone told me that I need to practice awareness throughout the day, because if he looks for me he won't be able to find me if I'm not fully aware.
    15. Our Miniature Ape

      by , 01-19-2012 at 04:27 PM (The Inner Workings of a Sound Addict)
      Not much of a recall night, last night, but I do remember this little fragment.
      I am on a cruise ship with the family [again with the family!] and we have this tiny, but full-grown, ape of about 5 inches in height. It's so cool, constantly climbing on us and swinging around the boat - but that's all I remember of it.

      Later on my dad orders two waters from the bar, and explains to the barmaid the best way to do it. He asks for two cylindrically-shaped lemons and ice which as been scraped off a larger block with a knife. Tasted fucking fantastic.

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