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    1. 20 Mar: Hikers, party in London and cruise to New York

      by , 03-20-2019 at 04:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I am at home and I see people outside. I take a peek and see a group with backpacks sitting outside. I talk to them through the window, they are Brazilian and are a bit lost. They want to stay the night at my house, don't mind sleeping on the floor. But I say absolutely no, they insist, don't understand my attitude. I am freaking out and tell them to please get out of my land and I close the gate. There is one among them who is quite a hunk and I feel kind of sorry to let him go, but I think of my safety and the safety of my furry babies and I insist they can't stay, because I really don't know their intentions.

      In London, close to my old friend Stephen. I decide to pass by his door, and it is open. I go upsairs and I hear lots of voices. I turn around, changing my mind, but he appears on top of the stairs and recognizes me. Actually now he is not Stephen anymore but my old friend Joan from Catalunia. I go inside and they are having a slumber party, and my friend Tania is there! When we are ready to sleep, I ask to stay because I don't want to go take a bus, but there is no room and also all my stuff is at the hotel I am staying.

      Arriving to NY by boat, with Riverstone and Nighthwak. I don't know where Riverstone is, he is going around meeting other people. I took a shower and I am on the sofa wrapped in a towel watching some romantic live action Disney fairytale. Nighthawk turns it off at the very end when the plot unravels and the prince declares his love to the princess. Or at least I expected so. I complain he turned it off, ahead of the ending. He replies that he thought the movie was over already. I say no, it is obvious that they are in love with each other and he was going to say something. Then I feel like maybe he knew it and that was why he turned it off. There is an awkward silence between us and I realize the hidden meaning of what happened. Then he says ok, but doesn't mean they should be together, she should be with the other guy who says things down to earth, not the enchanted prince because he says poetic stuff or whatever. I disagree. We then sit for lunch at the cafeteria. Love is in the air, despite the BS he just said. The boat reaches the shore and my mom, who was there waiting for us, comes rushing that she has bought tickets for a ferry around Manhattan, but it leaves in a few minutes. She grabs my purse and I run after her, forgetting all my luggage behind. At the dock I tell her I need to get my luggage first, she is upset that the other boat is in 5 mins or so, bit I also get angry that she took my purse with my documents and cell phone and I had to follow her but and leave everything behind. Then she denies having done it and says she doesn't have my purse. I cant believe it. I am going back to the boat to get my luggage and I say we can take some other ferry later and she needs to look for my purse meanwhile. But the boat is gone and I run around looking for it or someone from it. I do meet a girl who was also a passenger and she has the key to a van where all the bags left behind are stored to be taken elsewhere. She allows me to look for mine and there it is. But now I must find my mom again or I am alone, stuck with no documents.
    2. 6 Nov: Cruise ships and a cow herder

      by , 11-06-2018 at 04:25 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Lucidity: ⭐ (1/5)
      Clear: ⭐⭐⭐ (3/5)

      With two other girl friends, at a dock, trying to board some big cruise ship. It feels like the 30s, we are poor and these big ships will take us to some new life opportunities. We struggled to get tickets and we struggle still to get on board. The dock is gigantic and there is no clear path to board the ships. Also, there are people randomly goind around in all directions. We finally see what looks like a cargo lift to one of the ships, but it closes doors before we get in and doesn't come back to pick anyone else up. We miss two ships. My friends want to quit, but we persist and we finally manage to board one other ship. Inside it, we have to struggle to get a pod cabin, in an area crammed with pod cabins, because the most tolerable ones are taken by other people. Some are really claustrophobic, because they are in rows and not all have direct access to the main hall, but jammed behind the front pods. After some negotiations we manage to get the ones we like. I enter my pod. I brought one of my cats with me. The pods are actually comfortable once we get inside, but my cat wants to go outside and forces his way out through the door.

      False awakening on my sofa. My dogs barking loudly outside. The tv is on but lights are out.
      I go check through the window what is going on, but I see nothing. I don't realize I am dreaming, I just keep on dreaming.
      I check the time and it's 3 am. The dogs start barking again. I go check again and I see a herd of big cows down the path parallel to my property. Some of the cows are a bit curious and get out of the path in the direction of my gate and my dog Hachi who sleeps outside the fenced area. I go outside to shoo them away. A guy comes up, he seems very relaxed about all of it. He steps inside my gate and brings my dog with him. He has his own big dog, named Lucas or something. I feel nervous, because Hachi is afraid of other dogs and gets aggressive, but the two dogs seem to like each other. I then worry when my other dogs come join the gang, because Hachi and the other male dog hate each other and that's why I keep them separate. But they don't fight. Meanwhile the guy wants to apologize for all the fuss and disturbance and hands me some money. I go get my purse and give him some change through the window. Then my yellow cat runs outside through the window. Tired of all these chaos with my animals, I go pick up the cat who runs away twice and then the white one also tries to escape. The guy doesn't get my attitude with the cats and dogs, So I have to explain to him about their temperaments and fights they had, etc. He finally goes away, and takes Hachi with him outside the gate. Inside the house I go to the toilet and I see myself in the mirror: I have a zombie-like Catrina face painting with green lips. I had no idea I had been talking to the guy like this.

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      non-lucid , false awakening
    3. #163: Cruise & motor

      by , 06-23-2016 at 01:29 AM
      I'm not exactly sure where I am at first, but after a while I'm on a cruise ship. There are quite a number of people. I'm with.. my mom? Not sure. We're just entering a tight area that will lead us to our seats, a bit similar to an airplane. There's a white guy, a crew member, showing everyone their places. I have a very short chat with him. I'm holding a blanket and then move to my spot. Somewhere while moving, I can hear something over the intercom, which changes later into a radio broadcast or something. There's crew discussing about the vegetarian food having run out. There's one woman in particular that is quite shocked by it. She can't believe that that happened and goes on a rant about how non-veggies eat all the veggie food and then the meats, instead of sticking to the meats. Selfish. I'm quickly fed up with it, due to her innocence/ignorance. Yeah, all you can eat, people take advantage. Duh.

      At some point I'm mapping out a route with Google Maps. The route is unclear to me at first, as it involved backtracking. Not sure what happened to this route.

      Next thing I'm on the motorcycle, driving in the evening with my new friend D, towards a house. The other guys are supposed to come too, but I don't see them yet. I'm wondering if I should go find them. Not too long after they show up on their motorcycles as well. Stupid me. They know this area better than I do. It's one of their house after all. I meet an Indonesian guy who is sitting at a table. I accidentally introduce myself as Michael. I correct shortly after. I think his name was Victor. He asks me if I can speak Indonesian. I answer in Indonesian, saying that I can, but that I sometimes talk slowly if it's a live talk, as opposed to instant messaging.
    4. [Non-Lucid] Ship Escape

      by , 02-26-2016 at 09:57 AM (SilverDreams' Reality Journal)

      I was on a larger cruiser boat, sitting across from a man I'd never met. I made conversation, and we spoke about where he's going, then I asked what drew him to the place we're going. He replied "Because of the fish." I smiled broadly, and snickered. We sat for a while when suddenly everyone started getting up in a panic. I jumped up and walked to the balcony behind me, beyond which was a lower deck, and the lower deck was the way out. It soon became apparent that we were sinking. I looked outside, and the top of the water was fast rising to meet the sky. I climbed through the port hole, barely fitting through, until I got onto/into the deck. It seemed to be all airtight despite not looking at all how it looked just a second ago. We began sinking, but no water was getting in. A man said "We're a century underwater now" or something to that effect, and I pushed aside a woman who was looking out a window to the outside and clambered through at the last second, making a rapid ascension to the surface. When I broke the surface I was in some room, with a large submersion pool that presumably led to the ocean. A woman was there, and we began talking about a rescue plan, or a salvage one. She discussed this plan with me, and I noticed a girl walking around the facility, she resembled Rei from Evangelion. I was distracted, and the woman talking to me said "Put your (head)phones on.", but then introduced us and I woke up shortly after.

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    5. The Cruise

      by , 06-23-2014 at 08:10 PM
      The Cruise


      I´m on a cruise in the caribbean sea. All my friends are there, german and american. We´re docking and go shopping in a big mall. I meet a guy I really dislike and beat him up. We return to the cruise ship, which now looks like a pirate ship, wooden and really big. I find out it has 3 floors. The machine room, the living quarters and a restaurant under the blue sky. I ask a guy how deep the water is and he answers: 44m/144ft. I look down and see a book laying on the ground but I forget about it quickly. I find out one of my friends cooperated with the FBI and I´m getting thrown off the ship.
      I wake up on the beach, stand up and decide to go find the ship. I meet two of my american friends, they tell me the hole story and I start swearing in english
      (from that moment on the hole dream is in english). I find my way back to the ship, and go straight to the captain´s room. It´s Chow from "The Hangover" and he does his weird laugh...I wake up.

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    6. The Cruise (lucid)

      by , 03-29-2014 at 08:30 PM
      I am in a library. I'm not aware that I'm dreaming at the moment. The library is very odd, not much like the sort of library most people are accustomed to. It's very open and airy, almost more like a gigantic greenhouse or atrium than a library. I'm looking through one of the shelves. Instead of books, it holds cubes and rectangles of light. There's a young woman near me, and I think I vaguely know her. We may have come to the library together.

      Someone taps me on my shoulder. I turn around to look at them. The person is an older man, probably in his 60s or so. He has ash blond hair with some grey mixed in. I immediately know that this is The Doctor. He tells me that I'm dreaming. I suddenly realize that I am dreaming, and begin to wonder what I should do next.

      He points out one of the massive (4 story high) glass double doors, toward a dock on the edge of the tropical-looking bay, and tells me that a ship is coming into port. The edge of the horizon shimmers, and a cruise ship materializes and sails out of the shimmering portal. It's one of the largest ships I've ever seen, far larger than the largest existing cruise ships, so large that there is an actual city full of glass buildings atop it. I know that it's sailing on the water right now, but is also a space ship.

      "Why don't you explore a little bit?" he suggests. "Go on a cruise." The cruise ship is becoming clearer and more in-focus now. I decide that sounds like a fun idea.

      I jog to the dock and lift off into the air, then teleport to the deck of the ship. The tropical sun is very warm and bright, and all of the colors are intense. I'm amazed by how intense and realistic it is.

      I shade my eyes and look around. There's a large Olympic sized pool, and a woman in a straw hat and turquoise bikini sunning herself next to it. There are various tables and chairs, set up for outdoor dining. It's so bright that I have to squint, so I walk under the shade of a beach umbrella. The difference in brightness and temperature is startling.

      I feel the dream beginning to fade. I grab a towel and squeeze it in my hands, running my fingers over it. I drop to the ground and lick the deck (yes it's weird, but it works) but it just tastes like concrete. I'm irritated; why doesn't anything in my dreams taste like anything but what it actually is? I lick the concrete again, trying to make it taste like something else, but it still just tastes like concrete.

      The dream stabilizes again. A nearby table has a bowl of fruit on it. I grab a green-skinned apple and bite into it. It doesn't taste like an apple - it tastes like a ripe, juicy peach. It's extremely juicy and very good, so I continue eating it. I toss the core aside and decide to try to explore and see what's below deck. A door appears in the deck, and I open it and try to float downstairs, but everything goes dim and the dream falls apart.
    7. 2/24 Bars, Cruise ships, Video games

      by , 02-24-2013 at 09:08 PM
      Non-Dream [COLOR="#4B0082"]Dream[/COLOR] [COLOR="#DAA520"]Lucid[/COLOR]

      Ok well haven't posted in a while but here goes. I don't really know the chronological order of these events so my dream may be told out of order. The facts and events are what actually happened in my dream, although they might be in the wrong order, and some parts are also missing as I don't remember the entire dream.

      Sleep: 4:00am
      Wake 2:15pm

      1. [COLOR="#4B0082"] My first dream was in the basement of my moms house, where I live. For some reason instead of one bar under the stairs there were two smaller bars next to this great view of a window thats the size of a jacuzzi? It went from the ground to the ceiling and there were two bars on the side. Both of them had this green tile on top like the bar we have in real life. I realized I usually spent time at one bar and I just was getting comfortable to the other bar when something happened and I went into another room where my mom put in a third bar that was much bigger. It was a big oval and stretched as far as a schoolbus lengthwise. On one side there was beer on tap and my grandparents were testing it out, I asked my mom what happened to the old bar and she said she got rid of it. I felt sad and that was the end.[/COLOR]

      2. [COLOR="#4B0082"] The next dream I remember is I was on a cruise. Apparently it was a pretty shitty cruise now that I think about it because it only had rooms on one side and pools on the other. Apparently we were docked in Japan and I was walking in my bathing suit to the pools side of the boat. I was just trying to find a hot tub to get into. The architecture was weird[/COLOR] let me explain the top of the boat in MS Paint.


      [COLOR="#4B0082"]At first I saw a father helping his daughter down the waterfall steps, which was cool and cute at the same time. Then I got into the hot tub, and there was this family in there. The father was sitting across from me, they had a daughter to both of our sides and the mother was sitting on the top of the hot tub. The father started telling me this amazing cop story and I was trying to pay attention so i tried to get comfortable. I tried to get comfortable but I kept leaning towards his daughter and he kept getting more suspicious, I tried to move away but it was just awkward. I looked to the wife and she filled in some of the story while the father told it. I eventually left the hot tub to go look off the side of the cruise ship. It looked like a Japanese harbor, and then for a few seconds[/COLOR][COLOR="#DAA520"] I went lucid. I didn't even try to do anything my subconcious already knows that I am going to wake up if I do anything exciting. I decided to just sit there and enhance the view. It suddenly turned to night and the sky had so many stars and there was a beach way down below me. Shortly after that I lost the lucidity[/COLOR] [COLOR="#4B0082"]and my dream continued.
      3. [COLOR="#4B0082"]I had a dream me and my brother were playing call of duty, and we decided to play this other game. We looked like little slime people, like yellow gum drops except everyone had white hair and glasses, which were supposed to portray they were old. At first me and my brother were racing against each other, and you had to press A fast to win the race. I ended up doing the trick where you put the sleeve over your finger and rub the button across to be able to press A extremely fast. My dad was in the background and said something then asked if he could play. After that we watched another team of two try to beat my and Joeys added score. I handed my dad the controller and that was the end of the dream.[/COLOR]
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    8. mother of all demons

      by , 12-05-2012 at 12:57 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember being in a world that nearly seemed animated, but it was very dark. I was climbing up a structure with two other guys. I noticed that it was so easy to climb up the chains that hung down, but I never thought about RCing. The weird hanging structure lead to the side of a skyscraper in which I kept climbing up. Once we were up top...someone did something dumb. They started summoning something....The sky was black, lightning was flashing, and I heard this booming voice say something about summoning the demon halloween. I looked down, and there was a long ghost/snake like figure circling the buildings below. It had a giant purple head, and the rest of it was covered in black rags. All and all, it had to be the size of the building I was standing on. I kept thinking "fuck i'm gonna fight this....fuck I'm gonna fight this"....

      Then I wake up in my room. It's day time, and there's a letter on my bed. The letter is an invitation to a gambling cruise. It includes 100 bucks worth of vouchers with it, and the first thing I do is try to go to the web site....and my phone sucks.....

      I wake up out of my bed again, and then I call D and tell him all the details about the previous dream (there seemed to be more....I think I was actually on the cruise ship at one point) and wake up for real.
    9. first record in my dream journal

      by , 08-14-2012 at 03:49 AM
      i was on a unicycle and i was using power lines to boost my speed on a highway and i was using some kind of energy beam to connect with the power lines while on the ground. ended up running off the highway into a grassy field.
      -later the same night-
      i was on acruise with a ton of people and it stopped on a very small island and people got off of the boat and were on the island like it was a beach.
      -later the same night-
      i was in some old ruins and at one part of the ruins i was about to walk into a movie theater (like that corridor that leads to the seating?) and i had a flashlight that wouldnt turn off, then a big computer screen popped up in the corner and a girl i know sent me a message on facebook, and there was pokemon in the ruins
    10. Oct 11 Dream: Overwhelming Change

      by , 10-11-2011 at 03:24 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was traveling in a cruise. I was with Cool Cat. I also recall being tagged in pictures, and liking something. I also recall Fahad.

      I was attending a business seminar in our city. I thought I was late, but when I arrived there were no people. There was one lady blocking my way. She was looking the other way. I went around her. She politely said hi when she realized I was there. I sensed failure.

      I remember Ribo.

      Doni was there. He lent me a book (I forgot the title, but it has something like "Why" on it). Ms Sol (she looks different) was also there.

      A sense of change. Overwhelming. Couldn't describe it. Just too overwhelmed.
    11. Airport extremely vivid dream!

      by , 09-09-2011 at 02:34 PM (The Universe of Infinite Possibilities.)
      This was one of my most vivid dreams I have experienced in a while. The scene began with me, my mom, and my dad standing at the airport in line waiting for this woman to get her bags checked. She opened up one of her bags and she had a scorpion inside her bag and in another bag she had a fish. The TSA stopped her and started questioning her, and we had missed our flight due to her stopping the line. We later came outside and started walking around. The dream then proceeded to me and my parents being questioned with other people in the airport. The TSA agent showed us a cool little toy that he threw at the wall and it came back to him. I believe it was a taser. Then a gunfight broke out and one of my relatives but not my mom or dad had died. It was one of my relatives but they were really far away from me meaning that they weren't close to me. So after a gun fight broke out and we all started shooting each other. I got shot and then I woke up.

      The second dream I had was me, dad, mom, grandma, and grandpa somewhere in Alaska. We had arrived and got into some car and we were driving and we saw about 100 cruise ships all leaving the harbor and I said to my dad that I was on one of those cruises(which I was in RL) and he said no! That's the Emerald Princess(which i was not on) and we later started driving to my grandparents house. It began snowing extremely heavily and we began driving faster. My grandma mentioned to my dad to start driving faster because the wheels would lock up in the snow. We started driving and then arrived at my grandparent's house. My grandparent's left the car and entered this creepy looking house. The dream ended after that.
    12. Cruise ship for my cousin Zach's play

      by , 04-02-2011 at 05:35 PM (High Quality Head Movies)
      Free Cruise!

      *Note that this dream is not all that interesting*

      I remember it started with us getting on a cruise ship that was all payed off by my Aunt Beth so that we could come and see our Cousin Zach as the lead role for a play. We had no luggage and never went to our room, but the ship never left the dock. We went around the ship and explored for a little while. Lots of big rooms, fancy statues, water fountains, and other kinds of scenery. I can't really remember much of the scenery in detail.

      We went to the food court area and decided to get a table and order some food. The waiter then took our order and we saw a stage through a door that someone had just opened and we saw our cousin Zach's play was almost over. Our Aunt Beth was with us so we figured that we would go see the next play that was showing.

      We never ate. Me and my brother went into the side room by the stage to see Zach and there were cameras set up and a line of tables with people behind them with mics (looked like a check-in for something). They were calling out roles for the play and then people would respond if they wanted that role. People were changing roles instead of picking the roles they had already practiced and dressed for. When it got to Zach, he was about to take his role and my brother said he would do it. Nobody reacted any different and the guy with the mic said okay and that all roles were filled. Zach went with me and didn't look bothered or confused by any of it.

      We went to the table where our parents were and we told them what happened and my mom freaked out because my brother had no practice and it was Zach's role not his. We spent the rest of the dream looking for my brother and then I woke up.
    13. Looking for food

      by , 03-29-2011 at 07:39 PM
      Looking for food

      I was on a cruise ship and was with my parents. My whole side of the Cowles family was also there. My parents were complaining about some of the people with us. I didn't like this so I left them to go exploring. I wanted to find my cousin so I could chill with him. I entered an indoor lobby area which was surrounded by hotel rooms. I saw a kid who looked like Mikel Thomas.He was with his parents and looked a little different than he does in real life. I got excited and ran over to him tapping him on the shoulder. I realized it wasn't him and apologized.

      I then ran down stairs and passed a bunch of kids going upstairs. I was now looking for the cafeteria. I instead found a theater where there was loud rap music playing. It was really dark except for the screen that was showing a cartoon movie. There was a little icon in the corner of the screen that was just letters. I then went upstairs and looked at a map. It showed that all the restaurants were upstairs so I started to head that way.
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