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    1. dreams bits and pieces 11-22/23-2015

      by , 11-23-2015 at 05:04 PM
      Just woke up from a dream - I'm not sure of the setting in which the dream takes place--meaning, it's nowhere I recognize in real life. I remember before this scene took place, I was looking for a bank in the dream, and I stumbled upon this little building. It kind of reminds me of a cottage/gazebo type building--but it's a bank, because I stoop down to use this ATM that's in this room, and the ATM kind of looks like a little safe. Anyway, the next part I remember is there is this man there, and I'm totally in love with him--but he doesn't know it. He's someone I've been into for a long time, I think, but we've always just been friends/acquaintances. Also, I'm not sure he's single--or maybe he wasn't single, but is going through a separation or something? I'm not quite sure-it's something kind of confusing. So I'm in this place, and he is there, and this other woman is there, too, and I know her--I think she's a friend of mine, or maybe she's my sister? I can't remember, it's very cloudy/vague. But the thing is, is that he and her have a history, I think--and things are complicated. They are talking about stuff, and I'm not sure what's going on, but at some point I realize that they're talking about having a baby together--like, they've decided they're going to work things out, and they're going to go try having a baby right away. I'm so crushed to hear this, and I can't stop myself from saying something. All of a sudden I pipe up, and I'm like, "WAIT, no!" And I'm really upset and saying that she can't get pregnant, don't have a baby, etc. I also say something about the man getting skinny--not sure what I say or what that's supposed to mean, but it's relevant in a minute.
      So the friend/lady leaves, but the man is still there, and he's exasperated with me, and kind of upset, and asks me what's going on--what's wrong with me, why would I intervene and not want them to have a baby, why would I make the friend upset, etc. I'm in tears, and I tell him, "I CAN'T tell you! You won't understand, I just CAN'T tell you!" And I so much want for him to love ME, I don't understand why he loves her and not me--it hurts so much. I'm so afraid that if I tell him why, then he will hate me. Then, he softens some, because he sees how upset I am--and I must open up and tell him some of what's going on, because he responds to me as if I did (I just don't remember exactly what I told him in the dream--somehow that part got skipped). So then, he tells me that he thinks I'm a beautiful, amazing woman. He says that my laughter, how I love to laugh, my sense of humor, is such a positive and great quality in me, that it (helps) makes me a great catch. Then he says something that surprises me--he tells me that on their wedding day (he & the friend), he was really drunk, and was thinking about how beautiful/sexy his wife's sister(s?) were, and the whole premise/what he's communicating to me is that if he didn't end up with my friend/sister, then he would have been interested in me. I'm really pleasantly surprised and feel so good to hear that, because I assumed he just pretty much didn't know I exist. Oh and this man, in the dream, looks like Josh Duhamel (which, he is handsome IRL, of course, but I've never had a thing for him or anything bc he seems like a douche, lol). Oh and in his talking to me, the guy also mentions, kind of jokingly, that he is NOT skinny, and he's not going to get skinny (he isn't fat, but he's muscular and has a really amazing body). I'm embarrassed at that comment I'd made earlier, and say I wasn't serious--I don't think he's skinny, and in fact, he's gorgeous. That's the scene that was taking place right when I woke up.
    2. Dreams Do Come True . . . In My Head Anyway!

      by , 10-08-2013 at 11:59 PM
      Dream One

      My crush’s mobile. A job was calling him but he went to the loo and said “If that’s the job, don’t press the red phone button or the call will die. Just say I can’t come to the phone etc”
      He was really angry when I lost it
      Time reversed and then I got the call in time, he was really happy
      School setting
      Costas or Neros Brownies, found some coins on the floor
      My crush went to sit by my cat in the garden at home

      Dream Two

      Chatted to my crush on FB, sent me pic of his messy room and then we talked for a while
      My crush had just come back from a skiing trip
      Met them in the hallway couldn’t say anything but a mumble
      Posh hotel ran upstairs to room
      I was in a dress like Cinderella!
      He saw me
      Assembly, sneaked in at the back
      Lost my debit card and passport took someone else’s debit card

      Dream Three

      School fields, football
      Changing rooms, didn’t have the right things to wear
      My crush with other friends, posing for a photograph didn’t communicate
      Secondary school lot
      My thoughts of “I’m going to be so sad when this year is finished, still, another six months to go!”
      Running around and getting in the way of the matches

      Dream Four

      Glee was on. When it finished I shouted “Wahee!” and my crush looked at me laughing but with a kind smile. Was walking talking about Cory to someone, little paths in a wood setting
      Theatre school? Dancers
      There were lots of cakes, really good cakes
      Arty projects on the table
      School again

      Dream Five

      School, my friend and her daughter wanted me to see her presentation?

      Dream Six

      My school friend bought a bright blue skirt 180 pounds
      I lost my History book
      She hired guards so the dress wouldn’t be stolen

      Dream Seven

      Harry Potter staircases (the difference between them)
      I’d just started the Harry Potter job
      My school friend was there and there were yellow flowers but she didn’t do the presentation with someone.
      I was at school AGAIN – Old friend was there cheering me on about me explaining about the Gryffindor Sword and Page to Screen.
      Another friend was coming to pick me up from a school

      Dream Eight

      My crush accidentally deleted me off fb and then requested me but then explained he would be on another account called Mums.
      I nearly got run over while thinking about him

      Dream Nine

      Jk rowling was at the library
      Teaching us writing
      My friend
      Stepping stone shadows?
      Jaqueline Wilson had written a letter to JK Rowling about her next venture
      I said how the latest book had had ‘notes’ of Potter
      I said “I’ve met you before” and whispered studios and winked at her lol

      Dream Ten

      My crush sent me another message
      Dad and his partner and I went down to the beach
      Cakes, Victoria sponge
      My baby don’t care singer older woman
      Tshirts on
      One tshirt had dad from guitars on the beach on lol
      One back to the future tshirt flashed other designs car
      School was back in the dream, homework? Classes
      Dad's partner had changed the kitchen tables, she was getting stressed
      I said “Why not make it like a restaurant?”

      Dream Eleven

      Old school crush, we’re all on the bus
      Bus picked me up from old bus stop
      My friend in the road didn't get run over
      David Copperfield
      Michael J Fox reminder about his show in the US

      Dream Twelve

      I was in my room, didn’t know if I was awake or not so I was going to jump out the window, then I thought, ‘If I’m not dreaming, I will die’ so I checked another way by doing my usual ‘treading air’ thing to get into flying mode. It worked, so I flew out the window! How come I use more logic when I’m dreaming than when I’m awake?

      There were waterfalls, palaces, rivers, fields, people rushing about, everything was so detailed.

      4 of my cat Emi
      Floated down the stairs
      Met mum who was angry with me 
      Voice over actors
      “Guys, I’ve just had an epiphany in a dream! I can contact animators about voice overs, because they’ll have contacts.”
      Hotel and I flew up the floors

      Dream Thirteen

      GIANT slowworms in the garden!
      My old friends in a shopping centre, one a crush of mine but not the one I keep dreaming about
      There were bathrooms
      That's all I remember
      My cat was white for a second

      I'll start wrting the dates for them in the future! I obviously didn't dream all these in one night

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