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    1. Tiny dream fragments | [11.06.2019]

      by , 06-11-2019 at 01:52 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      A bizarre fragment:
      Seemingly, an anime-styled woman asks me something which I don't remember. I also don't remember anything else from this dream.

      Dori, what are you doing?
      I am standing in the living room. The TV is on, but I don't remember what it showed, but I think I see two people, close to each other. Likely an event in a series. Dori, my cat, plays around with an object in the doorway to the living room, which I remember as disc-shaped and Ronja, her sister, is sitting on a towel on the living room table. For some reason, Dori doesn't react to what I want her to do and I am despairing, I think I remember even almost crying.
    2. Dream - No Show Girl & The Dirty Dog Man

      by , 07-27-2017 at 12:14 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 20 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 157 - Separated Sections

      Dream 157 A - No Show Girl
      At the start of the dream, I was in this this random place when I bumped into IH and as we were talking, I mentioned something about WB. IH told me that WB was planning to drop psychology in year 12 so she would have one less subject to do. IH then said that she was meeting up with WB at Waverley Gardens and that I should come along too... I got really excited that I could finally get to see her. When I got to Waverley Gardens in the dream, it looked completely different than it does in real life. At one point, I did see NK coming out of a store but I didn't say anything to her. I eventually came across the central area of the shopping centre where I saw IH. SW came there but WB never showed up and that made me really disappointed as I suddenly realised she was never going to come. That's all in regards to this dream.

      Dream 157 B - The Dirty Dog Man
      The dream took place in this random school where an announcement of this random guy on the premises was made. He came as he wanted details for some dirty deed. We had to pretend like we didn't know what he wanted or we'd become his new target. I was eventually in this room and saw the guy face to face. I then wrote down my name and phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to him. In then later saw the guy in the yard but didn't pay attention to him as per the requirements but when his shadow was close enough to me, I had no other choice but to acknowledge his existence. I then handed him the slip of paper and he said, ďGood. Now, just bring your dog in next week and we'll keep him locked up on the propertyĒ. I started crying because I just came to the realisation that he wanted to steal all these dogs. I then woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None

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      Tags: crying, dog, girls, man, shops, upset
    3. Dream - Twisted School

      by , 07-07-2017 at 02:00 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 2 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 145 - Twisted School

      The dream started off normally with Ms. Gal. taking choir in the music rooms. It was soon that I noticed things were becoming slightly off and I was wondering why WB wasn't showing up to choir. I excused myself and asked to go outside, promising that I would be back before the end of lunch. I quickly and quietly headed over to the year 9 bathrooms, hoping that Mr. B wouldn't catch me. When I was in the bathrooms, I saw that all the toilets were flooded and stuffed full of toilet paper. I eventually found one that I could use.

      When I was back outside, there were these two angry teachers waiting for me and one of them was Ms. L. Both the teachers were yelling at me about something in regards to WB, the fact that I'm always looking for her. Once the teachers were done and they went, I looked at my watch and saw that the time was 1:20 PM, so I decided to head back to choir before lunch would end in approximately 10 minutes. When I came into the choir room, I saw all these girls with red faces, like they had just been crying and some of them were actually crying at the scene. I decided I couldn't stay there, I had to leave straight away.

      On addition to fleeing the choir rooms, I was calling for WB in extreme panic but there was absolutely no response from the dream environment. JM comes up and approaches me, looking really bad and threatening to kill me with a pair of red scissors she's holding. Even after the scissors are threatened at me, there is no response from the dream for WB to come and assist me, so I turn my attention to calling for my “guards”. I say something like “get the truck over here and handle these bullies!”... There was no response from the teddy bears either. JM was still after me and so I'm looking through this barrier, over to the oval. She comes behind me and tells me there's no escape. Then I approach this weirdly placed wire door and from it suddenly drops an absolutely creepy Super Mario Logan puppet which causes me to wake up in a sweat.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Mini Heart Attack (Wake up from a nightmare 1 time)

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. Non-lucid dream of extream emotions. need help understanding why.

      by , 10-14-2016 at 05:10 PM
      I can usually lucid dream with abilities to wake myself up from a nightmare, control my actions, or even control whole aspects of my dreams.

      but last night I had a dream that I could not do anything about. I was along for the ride.

      ill cut out unimportant details.

      in my dream I was my current age (27) and I was with 3 friends. we were heading to our old high school hang out spot. a small multi-level abandoned factory of some sort. we get there and I'm immediately overran with emotions of sadness, GREATLY missing her, love, and loss. I go to a spot where she and I used to sit on a ledge high on this building, and watch the sun set. when I get there I just stood there staring, missing her, and feeling so sad that she was not here. in my dreams I have flashbacks of our first kiss, me confessing my love to her, us sitting there I out cap and gowns from graduation holding hands, her crying because I had told her that I had enlisted with the army and was shipping out in a month. then one of my friends approached me and said that I didn't miss her as much as she did, and it was my fault that she is gone because I enlisted and left her. we both started to cry. so I sad down at the ledge and stared into the sunset as I cried.

      then all of a sudden it was like my dream changed gears completely. the ledge changed to a back porch of a house. I was sitting there smoking a cigarette instead of crying. I hear the doorbell ring so I get up to go answer the door. as im walking towards the door 2 other friends of mine are walking the same direction. one of them yells "alright lets get this party started" I open the door and there is about 20 people all holding party supplies. they start flooding into this house like a stampede.

      At the moment I hear my 3 week old son start crying and I wake up.

      I'm here because the emotions from the dream have followed me into reality and I keep thinking back to the dream and I feel the emotions to the point of my eyes welling up on me.

      I don't know what to make of it. if any wants to talk with me about it. or has some questions please ask away.

      nothing is too personal to me as I am an open book. I will answer just about any question.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. #261 - My kid got upset / The Matrix

      by , 08-11-2016 at 08:25 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - My kid got upset
      I'm in Mitre 10 Mega, my friend works here and I think I was visiting him. My daughter is in a pram and she is resting, I see my friend and we start chatting. Some people try to get past him and since he's a klutz he ends up stumbling over his words and himself, he knocks the pram I think which sets my daughter off screaming and crying like he had just hurt her really badly. I get angry at my friend and punch him in the face, knocking him to the ground. I go to get my daughter and look after her, cradling her to make sure she's ok while making soothing hushing sounds. This dream was really stressful, when I woke up I was really hot which is why I had the nightmare... I always have nightmares when I'm too hot at night >_<

      Dream 2 - The Matrix
      This dream was pretty cool towards the end.. I'm both watching and participating in the movie 'The Matrix'. Though the scenes don't resemble anything in the movie really. First off I'm in a kitchen, it's almost like a dinner party with the people around in nice dresses and clothes. There's an evil lady that enters the kitchen, she's the big bad boss or something.

      I'm now in a room, kneeling on a mat like in traditional Japan with a small wooden table in front of me, separating me and my friend Daniel. It's dark with the only light seeming to be a dark blue that looks like it's given off from a static TV, though I can't see any. Next thing I know we're watching the Matrix again and there's a fight scene, though I am the person fighting... We enter a special electronic futuristic dojo, like some kind of Tron biker race meets X-Men training simulator type room with just me and this dude facing off. We attack each other doing crazy bad ass flips with inhuman capabilities, like there's no gravity or something.
    6. Emotional Death and Revolution

      by , 05-09-2016 at 08:11 PM
      +I find out I died when I was an infant and came back to life a few hours later. I told my sister and asked my mom about it. D and I were skiing and snowboarding on very icy snow. I couldnít wait to be done because it wasnít good conditions. Erica met me at the bottom. She accidentally dropped and broke a wooden box of mine. I didnít care, one less thing to have to pack back home. She ended up dying and I was upset. I kept trying to sneak into some compound and so was another girl. There are nerds keeping lookout and they spot me so I lock myself in the bathroom. There are towel rods along the walls and a window at the very top of the room so I climb up. I bide my time up there because there are housekeepers outside of the window. I wait for them to leave but the towel rod Iím holding myself up on is starting to come out of the wall. Eventually I just jump through the window and they spot me. I find out Brooks is dying and I sob about it and hug her. Iím told I have ovarian or uterine cancer and that also makes me emotional. So much death.

      +D is in the military and Iím with him. Weíre in a tank and I try to convince to break the rules with me and do something fun. He refuses. His comrade is staring at me and eavesdropping. I pretend not to notice. Thereís a little girl I really like and we give her fireworks, which she loves. She also has a parade of large cats. Iím watching a video about a woman having to wait in line to vote and she starts belly dancing to the rhythm of the politicianís lies. She's very good. The politicians try to convince us they donít make that much money. I riot breaks out against Hilary Clinton becoming president. Itís really large. But the police come in and break it up, driving through with giant tanks that are so tall I canít see past the wheels. Everybody is really upset. Iím in my gmaís living room trying to tell my family about it. I get really emotional and canít open my eyes because Iím crying. I tell everyone who will listen that we are not a free country at all. Weíre being controlled and sedated through the mass media and militant power of the state. It really upsets me because Iím able to see clearly in my mind how our country could be better: a place where everyone is working together on the same level. How can we say that we live in a free country if we canít even stand in the street to advocate for change that the collective society desires? Someone posts how angry they are about it on Facebook. Trish gives me a sequined purse pinata. It has essential oils and itís made to be hit to let out anger. In the middle of the night I escape under a bridge to do gardening. All the soil in my succulent pot disappeared and the leaves on my peace lily are very brown. Iím confused because they werenít this way yesterday. D catches me having snuck out and tells me to be careful outside at night. I go to get food and have to walk behind this big guy who is attracted to me. He lets me go ahead of him and gives me a shirt to change into, which I do. I order tacos and they ask if I want cayenne pepper on it. I say yes and he recommends a certain kind of sauce, so I tell them to do half sauce and half cayenne. The worker takes a bite of the saucy taco and loves it.
    7. Grief

      by , 02-20-2016 at 05:35 AM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I had the most depressing dream ever last night and I just have to record it.

      My sister committed suicide. I was torn up. I couldn't stop crying. I was SO devastated. My parents were devastated to but they didn't seem as upset as me. I was just.. I don't know how to describe it. The feeling was AWFUL. Crying, crying, and more crying. I woke up still feeling the sadness.

      It felt SO real that when I woke up I still felt like something was wrong, so I got in touch with her(she seemed ok). This dream made me realize that I don't know what I'd do if she died, I'd just be torn to pieces.
    8. #185 - Training / Homeless

      by , 12-20-2015 at 03:39 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      SC1) 02:08
      I had a hard time falling asleep last night, couldn't get my brain to stop stressing out.
      I'm in my house and I wake up, I think I then start doing some training to fight some boxer (I think there was a boxing ring maybe?). The whole thing feels really symbolic, maybe a result of watching motivational videos.

      SC2) 03:32
      I'm homeless and I'm by the river that runs next to my old university. It's night time and the building nearby is the hospital (in reality it isn't). I'm trying to eat some food, I seem really down on my luck and it seems like there's some youths talking shit about us homeless people. There's another homeless guy who talked to me (he was in his 40s or 50s) and I though he looked quite dirty. I'm not very polite to him, and seem to just try to shoo him away or something. I cross the road to be next to the hospital and sit on a bench near the back entrance (I seem to be at the back of the hospital). I'm just chilling eating my food, in front of me is my skate board lying on the ground (I don't skate in RL). It seems like the youths called the cops and they're trying to get them to take me away for 'loitering'. Damn dude I'm just sitting and eating my food... As the cops talk to the youths and start getting convinced to take me away, the older hobo steps up. It's really inspiring what he says, at the end he said something like "the mans just trying to eat his meal, he ain't go nothing else! You can take me but you can't take him!". I'm overwhelmed by it, why is he being nice to me after I was so rude to him? I start crying in the moment as his words touch me, tears roll freely down my face. The guy walks over and comforts me, he understands my pain and what it means to be alone. The police aren't going to hassle us, even the youths walk away.
    9. Two escape routes and a rose

      by , 06-01-2015 at 07:05 PM
      I'm walking through the basement of a tower, grey stone walls. There's some kind of chaos going on on the main floors above me, a distraction while I was taking care of something in the dungeon on the next floor down - but now that it's time to go, I want to avoid getting caught in whatever's happening on the main level.

      There's two people waiting for me with two different escape routes - neither of them knows exactly what I was doing here, neither of them knows me personally, and neither them knows about the other. There's a person I work with who'd arranged for a man to meet me by the stairs up to the main floors, but I'm having second thoughts about trusting him. And there's a woman waiting by a wooden door that leads elsewhere; she's not involved at all, she just wants to escape whatever's going on upstairs and is willing to take me with her, recognizing me as a friend of a friend. I believe she would be more sympathetic to what I was doing here, if it came out.

      Deciding to go with that woman at the wooden door, I'm doubling back, passing by the stairs leading down to the dungeon. I debate whether I have time to go back down there - there had been something else I'd wanted to look into down there, though it's not a priority. I start down those steps, but it becomes so dark I can't see, and I have a vague impression of massive chains. I can hear a woman's voice crying. I decide I don't have time to be fumbling around in the dark, and I head back up the stairs.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A man is looking at a wall recently painted green in an attempt to emulate some other place, and talking to someone about a man he knows, saying that while he wasn't looking, the man went and got married to people so unsuited - people, plural, meaning both the wife and the stepkids - people he'll have to keep secrets from.

      I'm watching light play over the features of the man in question in an interesting way. He's looking at a signet ring with an image of a rose, which he's just removed from a hiding place in the base of a lamp. I'm hearing a kind of tinkling sound like a music box repeating a single measure over and over again.
    10. Desertion in the making

      by , 03-12-2015 at 07:50 PM
      I'm disembodied, following a man as he walks out of a stone fortress through a side door. He's upset. I'm trying to mentally push him into making a choice that he doesn't see yet - there's a group of people staying at this fortress, and when they leave, I want him to leave with them. I need him working with them, and he'll be much happier as well. It only hasn't occurred to him yet because that would be desertion, which I think of as a minor nuisance. He's in a position of command in this semi-military, semi-religious order, a position he'd never wanted, and I've been mentally pushing him to focus on all the ways he feels trapped here.

      The fortress is surrounded by an evergreen forest, and there's a little snow here and there. He stops right outside the door, believing that he's just getting some air. He's thinking about that group traveling through that I want him to leave with, and thinking about how his order can't show emotion, contrasting it with that group. He's looking at something on the ground that I can't see, and he's thinking that he'd be crying right now if he was capable of it.

      I push him to walk further from the door - he thinks of it as walking aimlessly, but I have a direction in mind. There's several tables set up from something going on here during the day, mostly empty now. He looks over the devices assembled on one of them - he doesn't understand how any of them work, but he feels like he's spent all day protecting this stuff from overly curious onlookers, and managing the nobility, and running errands for the great and the good - it seems completely ridiculous to him that this is his life. It's the opposite of where he ever expected to be.

      He keeps walking. I make sure he focuses on the little pool of blood on the stone ground here, a dozen or so dead crows around it, deliberately placed in a certain formation. One of his men had called it "a battlefield for crows" earlier. He has absolutely no idea what this disgusting thing is for, it's just one more thing he's had to keep people away from today. As he's looking at it, he sees someone standing at the edge of the woods. He's startled; at first glance, it looks like the man who used to be in command here, who'd moved on a few months ago and left him in charge. He feels relieved - and by feeling the extent of that relief, he's just now become really aware of just how much weight's been on his shoulders since that man left. But then the person moves and breaks the illusion. It's not him.
    11. Fa'Sun

      by , 02-23-2015 at 09:11 PM
      I've been traveling through a dream, but now I've wrapped up my business here. I'd intended to leave the same way I entered, but I happen across a border area, an entrance to a place called Fa'Sun, which translates as the Shifting Dreams. Out of curiosity, I decide to check out that entrance. I'm familiar with Fa'Sun in general, but it's a very, very large place; it's like sticking up an entrance sign that just says "Earth," who knows where on Earth you'll end up.

      It leads me onto a rocky path through a canyon, various rock columns and outcroppings around, a dark sky without stars overhead; a transitional space. A short distance away there's a group of small goblin-like creatures; they usually attack people in dreams but they don't pay any attention to me, and I didn't expect them to. But one of them is off to my right, sitting on a rock ledge and crying. This is very strange, I didn't think they were capable of crying - they shouldn't have the mental capacity for it. I speak with it, and it tells me it's not a (word for the goblin-like things) at all; it's been stuck in this form by the one who runs this region of Fa'Sun. The idea of being stuck in a single form here is horrifying to me.

      I see a memory of the first time I came to Fa'Sun as a child. My sister and I were playing around with the portals in our mother's study while she was out. We didn't go far from the portal entrance, and I see the two of us hiding and watching while our mother comes through looking for us. Like the rest of us, she's dressed in clothes from the early 1900s; she's got a dark blue cape on, and her hair is this frazzled wiry black cloud sticking out in all directions. She looks about as close to frightened as I think of her as capable of.

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    12. paralyized; darkness; & ringing in ears.

      by , 12-15-2013 at 02:06 AM
      last night I had a scary dream that really consist of nothing but I woke up super anxious with a bad feeling something had happen. First it felt real, my phone rang in the living room so i got out of bed to go get it. However when i got to the hallway surrounded by nothing but darkenss i couldnt move, breath and talk. I heard my self whinning but i couldnt wake up or move. My girl friend then held me cause i woke her up with my cry. i snapped out of it and woke up.. she held me as i fell back asleep. But as soon as i startede drifting of my ears started ringing and they got louder and louder. and i saw "help me" in my vision. This sound along with what i saw scared the crap out of me and i woke up with a horrible feeling something had happend to my ex girl friend. I then went to the living room to get my phone just in case someone did try to get ahold of me, but nothing. no missed calls or text and when i lit up my screen it was 3:00 AM exactly. i then went to lay back down and eventually falling back asleep an hour later with no dreams....
    13. Title, what title?

      by , 09-10-2013 at 01:55 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      1. Impression of a boy who might have actually been a girl + something to do with soccer, and two bulleted lists

      2. I ran out of my grandmaís house to escape from a scary dark-clothed shorter man. Iím running down her gravel driveway as he comes out the door. The scene jumps into one of me running down a road in heavy rain, I can barely see where Iím going. I believe it was dark out.

      3. Iím in a big jacuzzi-like bathtub, my dad is off to the left. I think it must have been on a TV, but Iím seeing a scene of Xena and Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess making out/as lovers.

      4. I have to pee but I canít go downstairs because the bottom steps are blocked off by a curtain because weíre bombing for bugs downstairs. Apparently the bathroom up here didnít exist in the dream, because mom says Iíll have to use that one - she points to a bathroom squeezed in in the space between at the top of the stairs and momís cabinet.

      I pull the doors (there were two) closed, but then realize I left the way to the stairs open, so I push the outer door back open (even though it doesnít really block the way well). Iím sitting on the toilet but there is no door anymore. Mom looks in and I get really upset. I run to my room nearly in tears, slam the door (it doesnít work right as usual, so I pull up on the handle as I do because itís messed up) and throw shoes at the door.

      Inspiration: #2) No idea but it was scary! Although the rain part was interesting, such heavy rain! #3) I get the feeling I saw something about Xena in the last few months, but before that I hadnít thought of it in a while. #4) We sprayed for roaches this morning. I woke up at 6:40 before the spraying and went back to sleep so the dream came after that. Come to think of it, thatís the longest dream Iíve had taking place in a house I currently live in.

      Notes: I had a hard time getting to sleep and woke up multiple unrestful times. x_x Just realized all the dreams but one involved waterÖ I did sorta have to go when I woke up but not that bad. Hm.

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    14. Arguing and Crying Over Towel Fluff

      by , 09-09-2013 at 07:27 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      I was in the house of an old friend, Rachel, with my mom and a friend. The house was brand new, walls and furniture covered in white. Rachel's mom was standing in the kitchen, welcoming us. There were some black hand towels on a rod on the wall and me and my friend used them to dry our hands. Eventually, Rachel's older brother came up to us and said something like, "You're messing up my towels! There's towel fluff on the ground!" I didn't see anything wrong with a bit of towel fluff on the ground so I said, "It's just a little bit of towel fluff! It won't ruin your towels!" But then he started yelling at us about it and told us to get out of the house. I walked toward the door and he said things like, "you're a mess! you're worthless!" etc. Me and my mom were then standing outside the house at this huge window. The window was all foggy and I was able to write on it. I wrote, "You asshole! I AM messed up! I (can't say this part) ....(tried to think of a number even though I lost count).... 10 times!" He looked at at what I wrote. Then, I appeared back in their house and was washing dishes. I knew I didn't belong in there, so I was crying. I used a towel to wipe away my tears, but still I was crying. It was that beautiful, real emotion I experience in dreams once in a while. I then saw him standing behind me. He wasn't angry, but just standing there in silence watching me as I continued to cry.
      Tags: crying, emotional
    15. Not like this

      by , 09-02-2013 at 02:36 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Mom tells me she is getting with Dan (my uncle IWL). Sheís not leaving dad, theyíre going to be in a polyamorous relationship. I am really, really upset and hide in my room. I call up my WL online friend Pillywiggin, except Harry, the father of an old WL schoolfriend, answers. Heís really polite, and when I ask for Pillywiggin, he says Ďthank you for callingí.

      I blubber for a while to Pillywiggin as she comforts me.

      -I remember the word polynormative, and something about grandma. Also, mom going to stay with Dan.

      Notes: Itís hard to type up a dream that bothers you. I wanted a poly dream but not like this. ;^;
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