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    1. Anger DILD

      by , 04-24-2019 at 09:24 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Had 1 Lucid dream
      Tags: cupcake, fight, snow
    2. Getting a Huge Cake, Swimming Pool With a Stitch Toy, and Trying Cupcakes At Work

      by , 10-12-2014 at 11:13 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I had gotten this huge chocolate sheet cake for opening a bank account. We were putting it on the "decorator's table" at work piece by piece (it was already cut up into pieces).

      I then was talking to Dallas about playing some Mario game that I had played with him, and I had beat him. I told him I had also beat Bowser at the game, and I had told Bowser "Sorry baby, I mean Bowser!". I thought maybe Dallas would get irritated that I had called Bowser "baby". At this point I think Dallas and I were in the car in a parking lot at nighttime.


      I was in this indoor swimming pool. I had this toy that was this electronic Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. He was in some sort of small pod. The toy was then at the bottom of the pool, and they were going to clean the pool, so everyone had to get out. I got out, and it looked like they were going to put this vacuum cleaner thing in the water. I told them I needed my toy. I don't remember who got it for me or if I got it, but I had it again. The toy then asked me
      "Are you Nicky (last name here)? Or are you Tidy S________ (some weird, long last name)?"
      I told it no. I don't recall any more about it.

      I then was outside somewhere. We were close to the beach. I told whoever I was with that I wanted to go for a walk on the beach because I love the beach. I was "remembering" where the beaches were in the area and thinking about what they looked like. I saw a hotel that we used to stay at a lot when we'd go on vacation when I was a kid. I wondered if we could walk on the beach there. I then thought about starting at the beach that was at this little seaside community and walk to the part of the beach by the hotel from there. It would be a long walk. I wondered if there were any obstacles.


      I was at work at the bakery. There was this cupcake tower with mini strawberry cupcakes and then a jumbo icing filled strawberry cupcake in the center. It was on display on the floor. I tried some of it, a mini cupcake and a piece of the jumbo, before we opened, but then thought that I would probably get in trouble for it, because it was messed up now. I was trying to imagine the tower not being messed up and seeing if that made it not messed up. I went back to it and it was all fake, plastic cupcakes and didn't seem messed up anymore. I also tried a pumpkin cupcake at some point.

      I then was behind the counter at work on the decorator's side. Something about some guy that worked there. It had to do with toys. A lady then came up and was asking if we had any more small blue number 1's we could put on the cupcake tower. She said she had the cupcake tower but she lost the 1. Apparently, this happened often, because it was a question that I had definitely had to say no to before. I asked the decorators, and they said no, just as I thought they would.
    3. Bringing Down the Sun, Nommy Cupcake

      by , 06-13-2012 at 09:08 AM (Zoe's weird things)
      [This dream was at around 8:40AM or so]
      [Haven't had a single LD for almost a week and half before this, so it was time ^^]

      I was just escaping some huge ogre and it's bandit friends who were coming out from our outbuilding, when i decided to fly away from them. When i flew up into the sky, i just thought to myself "Oh... how can i fly up here? Oh yes, i'm dreaming!"
      Of course i got lucid and really happy, the dry spell was broken

      I descended down to the earth and just looked around a little. It was night and i was standing in our garden. Some things were shining a little, so it wasn't totally dark, but dark enough to get lost in it.
      I wanted to create daylight immediately, so i looked up to check out the sky.
      I found the Moon, which was pixelated, just like in an old videogame. I held both of my hands high above and focused on moving the Moon with telekinesis... It happened surprisingly fast, i was able to move the Moon back and it disappeared behind some clouds.

      Since it wasn't enough to make daylight, the next thing to do was bring up the Sun.
      I held up my hand again, but now pulled towards me. Soon the Sun showed up and it was moving quite fast towards me. Even while it was on the sky, daylight was nowhere, so i was focusing on that, but it didn't want to happen.
      I let go of the Sun since it was coming at extreme speeds towards the garden.
      After a short while it just crashed into the wall of our outbuilding and destroyed it. It looked more like a huge pulsating yellow ball.
      [At that moment i thought to myself how disappointing it was. I expected a real sized Sun ].

      Well, i didn't really want to check out the Sun from close, since it was that small, i lost interest in it.
      I looked around yet again and was thinking about that i surely need daylight if i want to wander from there... I noticed a pink-yellowish beam coming down from the sky to the earth in the landscape. It just lighted up everything around it, but it was too far and i didn't want to go through the darkness to reach it.
      I decided to fly up to our house's roof, since it was somewhat lighter, but when i was about to do it everything got dark. [I thought to myself that it can't be the end of the dream yet, it didn't feel like when my dream ends].

      I realized that it was a tricky darkness, to make me think that i woke up, but no, i stood still and waited, focused on getting to a lighter place, when suddenly my vision blurred and when it got back to normal i was in a new place already.
      It was some kind of bazaar and it was daylight finally. I started walking and let out a "Whooohooooooo!" because i was happy that it's not dark anymore. [The daylight here was blue for some reason].
      I looked around the bazaar and it was really surreal, the vendor booths were placed in different levels on all sides and even above me and some of them looked like they were floating.

      I flew up to check around, when i noticed a vendor that was selling different kinds of desserts and things like that. Someone was just buying something from him and in the meanwhile i reached out for a little biscuit like food. While reaching, i thought to myself that it must taste sweet. Just as i thought that, the biscuit suddenly had a chocolate cover with some sugar on it.
      I took it and started eating it... it tasted good, but nothing extraordinary...

      I looked around and at the other side of the counter i noticed a HUGE cupcake

      Similar to this, but it was flatter and had a cherry on top.

      It just looked so good that i couldn't leave it there. I took it with me and flew away. I immediately took a bite and it was just sooo goood
      I decided to try and find Lucy, but even while i knew i should think about her positively, so she won't attack me, i just couldn't. I had negative thoughts just as i thought of her name and i got scared that she'll just trick me again.
      I flew up higher from the bazaar, where then i noticed a flat transparent blue surface floating above. I flew higher and descended onto it. I had no idea what it was, but i didn't really care either.

      I was thinking about Lucy, to summon her somewhere near, while still nomming on my cupcake time-by-time.
      [Maybe next time i'll even bring a cupcake like that for her ^^].
      I noticed a virtual picture of a brown haired girl on a wall and i immediately knew that it must be her picture, but for some reason i expected her to be blonde now... not sure why.
      As i was just about to go there, the picture slipped down from the wall and disappeared into the ground...
      Then suddenly a huge iPad-like screen appeared at that same wall. It had MSN Messenger open on it.

      There were all kinds of unknown to me contacts on the screen, but i thought that maybe i could talk with Lucy on it... So i typed in her name in the search bar and her picture popped up, but she was blonde now.
      I clicked on it and sent her a simple greeting:

      - Hi.
      She answered in almost a milisecond:
      - Hey?

      I was just about to ask her something, when suddenly i felt my left leg itching, so i reached to scratch it, but my real hand moved for some reason... I woke up...

      [I didn't even expect my real hand to move at that time, it never happened yet that i was still seeing the dream, but my real hand moved instead :/]
      [Somehow i should get over my fears about Lucy... but it's harder than i thought]
      [At least the cupcake was tasty ^^]

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