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    1. Identity revealed?

      by , 03-01-2016 at 02:48 PM
      So in my dream I saw him again but then everything became very bright and I realized he was a guy I went to highschool with. I said his name and he smiled. Suddenly, I was in a room sitting, there were various family members also in the room. He kept trying to get close and finally ended up standing beside me. I got him to sit in the chair with me whenever I realized we were sweating. I woke up in real life and adjusted my blankets and went back to sleep. Then I was in a grocery store looking for a stand for a sculpture I had made, and he recognized me. I said hello and he asked me why I wasn't wearing a jacket. I replied," becuase I'm not cold." He then grabbed my hand and then wrapped himself around me," You're freezing." Then I woke up.
    2. The more the merrier?

      by , 02-28-2016 at 11:26 AM
      D₁: Dreamt about a Dr.Seuss type book about the munchies/a bunch of animals travelling from my room to some secret place.

      D₂: Dreamt about orcas migrating and I was floating in the ocean, I had a life vest floating nearby in case I needed it and this orca kept taking it deep under water and letting it float back up to the surface. (really cartoonish dreams, everybody and everything was happy, also there was this voice that was almost like a narrator that kept rhyming words as he was narrating.)
    3. Dream travels and sleepy tulpa

      by , 10-05-2015 at 02:39 PM (Here be dragons)
      First night in my student flat; got woken up by a lot of new sounds and the infamiliarity of the place and bed.

      I had a lot of dreams fragments, mostly of putting away my things in the new closet; dreams of things lurking in say closet, and inexpected finds in my bags.
      Early this morning, I managed to catch a full cycle of sleep.

      I'm in my new flat, and even though the drapes are closed, the light is strong enough to see perfectly. confident that I'm dreaming, I walk out through the closed window.* I ended up outside, in a strange place, a park full of people having fun at the fair. It's nightime here, but there is suspended lights everywhere, making the night bright and the leaves shine. I walk along the dirt path, taking in the fantasmatic view of all thoses exotics plants and stands and breathing in the smell of cotton candy and wet vegetation. I feel strangely nostalgic, and I see families with young children having a blast around me, passing by like I'm not really here. I don't mind it; I'm alone, but not lonely. The dream have this eerie quality, like morning fog; both thick and ephemeral. I want Eli to enjoy the atmosphere too, and I start looking for him. This end up being more difficult that I thought, and I run around, calling his name as the partying people walk around me without aknowleging it.
      When I find him he all but fall in my arms, sending both of us tumbling down in the damp grass. There is a sharp contrast between the cold floor and his usual warm self. He is wraps himself around me as much as he can, tall and heavy, his breath warming my neck. I look down on his bare back, running my fingers along his spine, making him shivers when my nails graze the dimple just above his belt. I can feel his back moving with his breathing, slow and drowsy. He looks a little out of it, almost drunk. His weight prevents me from moving, but I like the cuddle, and keep gently stroking his back until I wake up.

      *I'm on the second floor but the window is too small for me to simply walk through it; I pretty much phased through the wall. And ended up in a park and not floating above the backyard. Dreams amirite?

      Eli was very flushered when I woke up, worken up about his attitude in the dream. It seem that there is such a thing as dream lucidity for tulpa, and he wasn't lucid in this shared dream. I will put more of the specific in my workbook in the tulpa forum.
    4. a rabbit with wings (04.08.15)

      by , 08-05-2015 at 02:17 AM

      i saw a small, black rabbit with wings in my room. i thought it was cute and fluffy, but when i held it in my hands its skin felt like sandpaper. i dont remember anything else
    5. Letting the Little Fawn Free :'(

      by , 03-16-2013 at 08:17 PM
      The dream started with me already in a car. I looked to my left and this older lady I don't know was trying to get this little deer to settle down. He was stuck upside down thrashing about. I reached over and caressed its head, talking to it softly. It immediately flipped around upright and hopped in my lap!

      Its hard to remember the middle part of the dream. I know that I was going to various public places and the little fawn stayed by my side the whole time, occasionally nibbling on my fingers.

      We were cutting across the front of a department store on the sidewalk, when all the sudden a dozen people jump in front of us holding out there arms going "OMG a cute dear aqsjdhflakjshdf" etc. charging at us. Somehow I knew the little fawn would be okay and kept walking. It ducked and dived and maneuvered around every person, and once the crowd was behind us, came up and nuzzled my leg. I had to stop and hug it for awhile.

      The sidewalk turned into a path leading up a hill to a section of woods on the other side. As we climbed, and it hopped around in front of me, I was filled with that sad sort of happiness. I knew the little fawn was going to leave me.

      We crest the hill, and sure enough waiting for us in the woods was the perfect deer family. I break down crying. The little fawn comes up to me concerned, but is obviously distracted by the deer in the woods. I hug it one last time, and it licks my face before prancing towards the deer. The little fawns immediately begin running around playing. I'm still crying, sad that the fawn is leaving and from the happiness that it found a family. The adult deer look at me and thoughts are exchanged between us, I don't remember what, and then the dream fades out.

      I woke up with tears on my face
      Tags: animals, crying, cute
    6. Fragment, Cute Spanish Boy (Nov 11, 2012)

      by , 11-13-2012 at 11:57 PM (Realm of Insanity)
      Fragment- a girl is making a band video or a video for band. A boy eats of the tip of a big ants head.

      Dream 1- Dream starts off with my family talking about going to an amusement park. My little brother gets in trouble when he says something about scaring my dad in an amusement park. I then remember being in my bed when I look outside and see this cute Spanish boy flirting with this other boy at his door. He is tan and tall with short dark curly hair. They then leave each other and next thing I know the Spanish boy is in the vent above my bed I forget what we say to each other but he was sneaking back into the house because apparently he was living with us. He then disappears from sight.
    7. Little Big Planet

      by , 04-18-2012 at 02:32 AM
      Been taking a break from trying -.- I dreamt about skateboarding in Little Big Planet It was pretty awesome. That's all. And night before was a sex dream. I think... yes!
      Tags: cute, game, lbp, sex, skateboard, yum
    8. Cute Terrors

      by , 08-03-2011 at 04:38 AM
      First Dream I'm in a baseball stadium, sitting high up in the nosebleeds. I'm not watching the game and I'm not even aware if there's anything going on in the arena. My attention is on the rowdy fans around me. Some are yelling and arguing. Eventually, fights start to break out. I've had enough of the pushy natures and left.

      Second Dream I feel like I'm outside of the parking lot of the baseball stadium. But it's nightfall whereas the first dream took place during the day. There is a man, presumably my manager. There are other coworkers around me and our manager is busting a vein, completely chewing us out and telling us that we're worthless and threatens to fire us (for whatever job, I don't know). One woman in particular is an anime character, Celty from Durarara. He's picking on her the most. She begins to cry and I won’t stand for that.

      I take her by the hand and lead her away from the scene. She's still very upset, so I suggest that we should drive off someplace where we can gather ourselves and feel better. We do. I'm riding on a motorcycle opposite to hers, and she texts me "Thank you, that was very nice of you." (she communicates via text) I laugh and tell her with my thoughts that it was okay. She's surprised and amazed by this. Celty asks how I can communicate with her through our thoughts, I reply that I'm lucid dreaming and I can do anything. When I think this, I ride faster and faster until I cannot see her beside me.

      Third Dream I'm revisiting a haunted house I used to work at. The owners greeted me and showed me to the entrance so I could have a peek at this year’s new look. I'm appalled to see that the price of entry was $26! I refused to pay and the new workers are offended by this. The owners kindly show me in anyway without me spending a dime and I'm suddenly with an old friend that I used to have romantic feelings for. She's scared and clings to me, holding my hand while walking through the maze. One actor wearing a wolf mask greets me from behind and presses the muzzle of the snout against the back of my neck. It wasn’t a scary gesture at all. I shivered so violently and pleasantly that it almost wakes me. I shake that feeling of waking off and continue to walk with my friend.

      There is a fork in the road of the maze. We chose the left side and it becomes a scavenger hunt. We have to find a ruby in each room we enter. It isn't very scary. The rooms are relatively normal and even cute. But my friend is more frightened than ever and that made me nervous. We were careful in the first two rooms, checking to see if there were monsters or anything of the sort that would hurt us, but there weren't any. I was relieved when we reached the last room. It looked like a fifteen year old girl's bedroom. It was painted red and white and pink. There were stuffed animals and heart plush toys everywhere.

      My friend found the last ruby beneath the bed in the room and she silenced a scream when she looked back in the last room we came from. Inside there was a sleeping giant. It was so enormous I could only see its legs. When I told her that we had to creep out quietly, I felt a very sharp bristly gnawing sensation cuffed around my left ankle. Beneath the bed where my friend took the ruby, something was trying to pull me under with it. We both screamed and I woke.

      Thoughts and Stuff When I woke up, I realized that my left ankle was scratching against the edge of my bed. It really freaked me out. It felt like the dream was still happening. And as calm as I was at first in the last dream, it really felt nightmarish. I'm not sure why. If you would like to share some insight, feel free.
    9. High Bleacher, A Preacher, and Some Gay Stuff

      by , 08-05-2010 at 08:07 PM
      Non-Lucid Dream

      This was my dream from Wednesday and I had just gone to the Student Group for worship and a sermon from my youth pastor. Also, I am not gay.

      The dream:

      It started out with me walking down the street towards what I though was my high school. I got closer, but there was a very, very, very, very, very tall set of bleachers. Maybe 1000 seats high, not supported by anything except metal framing. I started climbing my way to the top, and I was instantly their. This Latino preacher was giving a sermon and I instantly knew that this was a church group thing and it was Wednesday night so, they were having church. I sat down trying to see down the bleachers, but I did not recognize anybody here, out of the maybe 100 people their. The preacher shot his hands into the air with glow sticks in his hands and started waving them back and forth. I thought to myself, "This thing is going to start rocking then collapse if everyone does that!" Sadly, everyone started doing that. I was thinking, "I've gotta get down from here." and started to walk down the steps. In my dream, I had a vision of the future of this moment, and I heard people saying, "Yeah, after everyone started walking down, there was only 18 people left, so they made them leave too..." then it jumped back to me still climbing down the stairs. I thought, "If everyone is going to leave, then the thing won't collapse, so I'll just stay." And I sat down at a seat about 30 rows from the top. I teleported (not lucid) to the second to top step, right in front of the Latino pastor guy, and he looked like the father of one of my friends.

      That dream ended and jumped to me

      I knew I had been jumping around like a super-hero for a little bit, but I decided to bust into this house. When I bust, in I landed on top of this guy, and he was not ugly, actually very cute, and I immediately tried to force my now erect penis into his mouth, but I think he bit it. I pulled back and tried to make-out with him, and it worked. We made out for what seemed like along time. I enjoyed it. But I'm not gay. When I was done with this boy (he was only 14, like me) I jumped back out into the night, now clothed, and jumped to my house, which was situated on a hill supported by stilts because most of it wasn't even on the hill. I had a vision and it was my parents and my in real-life neighbor's parents looking for me and him. I was thinking, "If I go in their, they'll get mad I was gone AND that I didn't stay with Jordan, but I never knew where he was, and if I stay out here, that just makes them worry."
      This had to be because the other day I was watching a episode of Everybody Hates Chris, and it's the one where Chris' brother Drew is going to skip school to go get an autograph, but if Chris doesn't go, he'll get in trouble he didn't look after his brother, and if he does go, he'll get in trouble for skipping school.

      Well, that's all of my dreams for that night.