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    1. Dark Tower: Seasons in the Abyss

      by , 06-21-2019 at 09:08 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 06-21

      Regular Dream - Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am in a town that looks like something out of a video game or an old western. I am outside what looks like the sheriff station where there is probably a jail in there, too. I have no memory of how I came to be here, but I know why I am here. Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain are locked up inside for something they didn’t do. A person in oversized cowboy clothing approaches the door to the office. I have to take care of things first, without bloodshed. I can make sure no one gets hurt here. I intercept the cowboy before he… no… she… reaches the door. I whisper to her that I can help make sure no one gets hurt here. She hesitates, asking who I am. I tell her to be ready to continue her plan once I get those officers in there to release her friends.

      Inside I find the sheriff and a deputy relaxing in the main office and I see the three boys I came for in the prison cells. They look up at me with some interest but no alarm. The sheriff asks what he can do for me. I tell him I have come to relieve him of his prisoners. He laughs and says I must be on the devil grass if I think he’s going to just hand over those murderers. I tell him I hadn’t figured he’d do it of his own free will… but still, they’re coming with me. The sheriff tells me I’d better get my ass out the door before he decides to lock me up with those murderers. I tell him those three aren’t the murderers. I saw who did it, it was Eldred Jonas and his cronies. Now the sheriff is just getting annoyed and he says he doesn’t need me to tell him how to do his job. I don’t want to take any longer, so I decide to use song lyrics to create the effect I want.

      Focusing on one of the men and then the other, I use the lyrics from the song Seasons in the Abyss by Slayer. “Close your eyes, look deep in your soul. Step outside yourself and let your mind go. Frozen eyes stare deep in your mind as you die. Close your eyes and forget your name. Step outside yourself and let your thoughts drain, as you go insane, go insane…” A blank look comes into the eyes of the two men, the song has worked. I hear fireworks going off outside but I ignore that. I tell the officers again that I am taking their three prisoners with me. This time they are very compliant. The deputy walks over to the jail cell and opens the door, standing aside to let the boys pass. Cuthbert sarcastically thanks him for being a wonderful host, then expresses his regrets that they will never be doing this again.

      The cowboy from outside is in the room now and I can see she is a woman, it is Susan Delgado. She embraces Roland immediately. She then looks at the two officers. She asks me if they’ll be ok. I tell her this state will wear off in a while and they’ll be fine. Just to make sure they don’t alert anyone too soon I tell them to get in the prison cell and lock it, then throw me the keys. I lay the keys on the desk. Someone will be by to let them out eventually. Right now Susan should carry on with her plan. For now I have to go, but I will help them more later if needed. Be careful, the danger is far from over. She turns to leave and I wake up.
    2. You’ve Been Fus’d, Eldred Jonas!

      by , 05-25-2019 at 05:40 AM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 05-24

      Regular Dream -
      Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am in a green place with trees around. I don’t recognize it. I look around and I see an old burned out house that may once have been a farmhouse. There is also a burned out barn and a small cabin. The cabin is the only part not burned. I head towards the cabin. When I get closer I see a man with long white hair pulling clothes off of a line and throwing them in a pile in a muddy patch near a spring. He then proceeds to whip out his member and begins urinating all over the clothes. I approach the man and ask what he thinks he’s doing? Pissing on someone’s clothes? How old is he? Five? Because no one older than that would be acting so immature. The man looks over at me, and in that instant I know who he is. It’s Eldred Jonas from the Dark Tower books, and he’s pissing on Roland’s, Cuthbert’s, and Alain’s clothes! Yuck!

      Jonas doesn’t do much of a double take, he pulls his gun and says it’s too bad I happened to come by here at the wrong time. It’s too bad for me, that is. I just laugh. He points his gun at me and asks if I have any last words. I say as a matter of fact, I do. I have three last words. He tells me to hurry up and say them. So I do. I shout them. FUS-RO-DAH! Jonas is propelled backwards by the Unrelenting Force shout and crashes into a tree, falling into some tall grass. He struggles to get up. He does so and points his gun in my direction. I use another thu’um, the Disarm shout. ZUUN-HAAL-VIIK! The gun falls from his hand into the tall grass. He is saying he doesn’t know what manner of witchcraft I’m using, it won’t save me. He is frantically searching the grass for his gun. So I fus him again since once didn’t get the point across. FUS-RO-DAH! Jonas is propelled even farther away. Now he seems to get the point. He turns tail and runs, clearly deciding my witchcraft is too much for him. I retrieve Jonas’ gun and then go over to the cabin and sit on one of three chairs, I will wait to make sure Jonas doesn’t return.

      After I wait on the porch for a while the three young men return early in the afternoon. They see the pile of clothes and then they see me. I tell them about catching Eldred Jonas in the process of vandalizing their place, but I sent him packing with a fus to the ass. I say I only wish I’d found him doing something bad on The Drop. Then I could fus him right off of the edge! That would be amusing. I decide that will be a future dream goal... fus Eldred Jonas off of The Drop. Of course none of the three young men know what I mean when I say I fus’d Jonas... I’m not sure how to explain it without fus’ing one of them. I don’t have much time to think about it before I wake up.
    3. 03/11/13 The Battle of Jericho Hill

      by , 03-12-2013 at 12:53 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      The Battle of Jericho Hill
      I am in a place of chaos. I look around to gather up what is going on. There is a fight going on. It is night time, it is rather hard to see much of what is going on. I see a horse riding up from one direction. My night vision is good, and I am able to identify the rider. It is Alain from the Dark Tower. In the other direction I see Cuthbert and Roland. Cuthbert and Roland are aiming their guns at Alain, apparently they haven't recognized him! As a reaction I form my Witchblade armor and jump between Roland and Cuthbert and Alain, getting hit by the bullets and knocked down. Cuthbert is doing a double take at me doing that when Alain says there has been a betrayal, they have to get back, there's going to be an attack. Roland recognizes Alain's voice and lowers his gun. I am going to get up, the bullets haven't really hurt me, but things seem to fade in and out for a bit… and then the scene shifts.

      I am now on the top of a hill with some other people, I recognize three of them as Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain. There are some other people I don't recognize, I notice there is at least one other woman there. I notice MoSh is there with us, I wonder if I actually went to get him and then forgot… We are all on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Down the steep hill there are statues in the valley and an approaching army. Definitely an army. I wonder how many of them there are. It looks to be thousands… and I can tell that our group numbers not more than 15. Impossible odds? Cuthbert doesn't seem to think so, or he is doing a pretty good job of faking it is more likely. He looks like he has been injured quite seriously, but as Roland has always said, he will die laughing… he announces the situation, we have our backs to a cliff, a couple thousand attackers, not many of us left, then says we will show them no mercy, refuse their surrender even if all of them throw down their weapons. Roland wants the Horn of Eld, Cuthbert says he blows it better and he does blow it. Roland calls to gather the gunslingers, Cuthbert and Alain say they believe they are the last… then everyone charges to attack. I remember it is important that Roland keep the Horn of Eld this time, he will need it at the Dark Tower… but what about fighting this army? I wonder where MoSh has gone, but then I see him down among the enemy soldiers. He has transformed into a giant cobra and is spraying green fire at the enemies which must be poison, because even those not quite touched by the flames fall.

      I am thinking I can help even the odds here… and I use Divide by Disturbed to create many more of me. 2, 4, 8, 32, 64, 128, 256… I'm one impressive motherfucker, wouldn't you say? We are still way outnumbered. The chaos of the fight helps cover the fact there are so many of me in the fight. As often happens, the fight becomes a blur when I am in so many places at once. Some of me are shooting enemies with guns, others have crossbows, a couple of me throw around a few bolts of lightning. But when the fight seems to be over all I see standing are me and MoSh… where are Roland and the others? Where is the Horn of Eld? I remember the horn lying on the ground somewhere… did Cuthbert still die? I know we were still outnumbered, but I'd hoped that Cuthbert and/or Alain might survive. I search the area and I find Cuthbert, he is dead. The horn is lying in the dust beside him.

      I grab the horn and look around for Roland. Roland has been injured, but I remember that he will be ok, so I just take the horn over to him. He is semi-conscious when I give him the horn. He wants to know if Alain is ok, he seems to know Cuthbert is gone. I tell him it is very important to hang on to the Horn of Eld, there's no time to explain it now, but it will be very important in the future. He takes the horn and says Cuthbert's name, holding the horn tightly. I tell Roland I'm sorry, I tried to save them… he doesn't seem to be listening. I hope he has heard me well enough and that the horn will manifest somehow in the present version of Dark Tower. Roland is still holding the horn when I wake up.
    4. 03/03/13 Thinny and Charyou Tree

      by , 03-04-2013 at 03:38 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      Into the Thinny
      I am in a place I don't recognize. I look around and I see I'm not alone there. Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain are there with me. I'm having a Dark Tower dream. Roland is not exactly with us. He is staring into a glowing pink ball and looks completely zoned out. I recognize what is happening just as Alain punches Roland in the face. Roland drops the glowing orb and falls over backwards. Alain catches the orb. For a minute I think he's going to zone out, but he puts it in a bag and the light goes out. The others say we have to get moving if we're going to blow up those tankers. I am thinking MoSh would want to be here... so I focus on a portal to find him. A portal opens but then I realize he is right beside me. Why didn't I see him before? There are some guards on the tankers who are quite surprised when we go charging through their line, apparently no one has any interest in stealth this time. Alain is shooting with a machine gun, perforating all the tankers and spilling oil all over the place. Cuthbert fires burning fireworks into the oil puddles. Roland, MoSh, and I are covering them so they don't get shot while doing that. For some reason I have a crossbow instead of a gun, but it serves the purpose just fine as I take down an enemy as he is aiming at Cuthbert. Then the explosions come. One tanker after another. The enemies have made the mistake of keeping them too close. They probably figured it would be easier to defend, but they are so close that one explosion sets off the next one. Only one tanker fails to ignite. I use a fire spell to set it ablaze. There is chaos, but the enemies are regrouping. Roland is leading everyone away, I grab a horse and follow. All of the enemies are following us towards what I remember is a box canyon and a thinny. A thin spot between worlds. To enter a thinny is to die. I look at the enemies following us on horseback and think the horses don't deserve to die like that. Maybe I can save some horses. Roland dismounts, and the rest of us do, too. We enter the canyon on foot. Roland is staying behind to light the brush on fire to trap the enemies with the thinny. I want to save some horses.

      I ask MoSh to help me save horses. He agrees. I tell him I'll open an exit portal and only riderless horses are to pass through. We all head towards the place where we can climb out of the canyon. MoSh and I break off, however. We head towards the thinny. I hear the sound of the thinny but it doesn't seem as bad as the books described it. Apparently that's not true for Cuthbert and Alain. They are staring at the thinny. I see smoke from the mouth of the canyon and I hear horses coming. Roland arrives and sees Cuthbert and Alain approaching the thinny. He fires two shots over their heads to wake them from their trances. He calls everyone over to where we climb out. I tell him to go ahead, MoSh and I will catch up. He seems hesitant. I tell him we're from the other side if a thinny... we'll be fine. They head up the steep rock wall. Horses are panicking and throwing their riders. I open a portal in front of a panicking horse. The horse goes through. Most of the horses are going the wrong way. I wonder how I can redirect the horses to the portal without having everyone get out. A couple of riderless horses find their way to the portal. I mount a riderless horse and head around, getting other horses to follow. I see MoSh doing the same. We manage to gather a small herd. I see people running around in blind panic. Others seem to be in a trance, gazing into the thinny. MoSh and I get the horses through the portal. The thinny is growing. I think there is no way we have gotten all of the horses. Roland is calling to us to come quickly. MoSh and I climb up the rock after the others. We reach the top of the cliff. Roland is yelling like crazy. Telling everyone to move for their father's sake. He tears the wizard glass away from Alain and opens the bag, and pulls out the glowing pink orb.

      He looks into the orb, screaming "NO!" over and over again. He then finally stops. He looks at the orb and then at me, then back at the orb again. He has a look of disbelief on his face. He asks how that can be... then tells me I have to get going for my father's sake, he doesn't know how I do it, but I am in two places at once. Or maybe the orb is lying... but it can't lie... but it can mislead. That means maybe it hasn't happened yet. Maybe there's still time... But it looks like I have to do it... so go before it's too late. I remember he is probably talking about saving Susan. I thought I had already done that... maybe not good enough. I tell Roland I will get her to safety. Roland says he will have to be gone, he tells me to please make sure Susan is safe. He says he would wait for her forever, but his destiny lies elsewhere. I am not sure what he is talking about, but I figure I had better get to Susan if the wizard glass has already shown me rescuing her.

      Charyou Tree
      I am in what looks like a town out of a western movie. It is dark out, and the moon is full and shining brightly. There are people standing around and yelling. There is a cart being pulled down the street. Everyone is throwing stuff at the cart and yelling charyou tree. There is a corpse driving the cart, or a woman who looks like a corpse. That is Rhea, the witch who had the wizard's glass for too long. There is a woman standing in the back of the cart, her hands are tied in front of her. That's Susan Delgado.

      They're taking her to the bonfire to burn her. That was what Roland had been looking at in my previous dream. I wonder how I can manage to stop it. I wonder what Roland has already seen in the wizard glass. The cart passes by me and the crowd falls in behind it, yelling and throwing things at it. I follow after the cart and the crowds, everyone is still chanting charyou tree. The cart pulls ahead of the crowd, pulling ahead to where the bonfire is set up with stuffy guy dummies all over it. They're carrying Susan to the pile, throwing her on it. A woman is yelling at her, calling her a whore. They have torches. They're about to light the fire. I wonder how everyone got filled with so much hate. I know for a fact that isn't their natural state. Maybe it's something Rhea did to them... and maybe I can fix it. I use a song spell to try to drain it away... and distract everyone from the burning at the same time. I use the song Touch My Heart from the Devil Hunter soundtrack, focusing it on spreading positive energy through everyone. The song plays out loudly in the night, and it does get everyone's attention. I go over and get between the people with the torches and Susan. Susan's aunt Cordelia seems more resistant to the positive energy than the others. While most everyone is looking rather disoriented she is still trying to urge them on. So I focus the energy of the song on her specifically. Soon everyone has stopped chanting, the only one who still wants to burn Susan is Rhea. I direct the final part of the song at Rhea, I wonder if it could be the energy from the wizard's glass that is making her behave as she is. When the positive energy surrounds Rhea, however, she just gets more angry. When the song is over everyone is looking disoriented. Someone finally speaks up. It is a man who says the witch has been using them. Now people are getting mad at Rhea. I untie Susan, who seems more concerned about Roland than herself. I wonder what effect this will have on the story... Rhea is calling curses at everyone, but has become more concerned with getting out of there. She steers the horse and cart around and rides through the crowd.

      The people scatter to clear the path before they get run down. Rhea disappears down the street, still yelling curses. People are starting to talk to each other now, they are talking about a witch that is more powerful than Rhea, some are worried about Rhea's curses. I tell one of those people that the positive energy from my song will keep the curses away. I'm not sure how I know this, but it sounds true. Susan is thanking me for saving her, she wants to go meet up with Roland. I'm not sure what to tell her about that, since it seemed to me Roland had already chosen his quest for the tower over a life with Susan. I walk with Susan through the crowd. None of them can look her in the eye, some of them are murmuring apologies, Cordelia is beside herself trying to apologize… she says the witch Rhea had used them all, and she can't believe what they had been about to do… Susan isn't paying much attention to her aunt, she wants to go to Roland. She says she knows where Roland will be, she will go meet him there. Him and Sheemie, they'll all get away together. Susan and I are now clear of the crowd. I wonder what to do now, but it isn't up to me, I wake up.
    5. 03/02/13 Fall of the Big Coffin Hunters

      by , 03-03-2013 at 05:05 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)

      I am standing near a cabin of some kind, it looks like a rather old cabin, and I see there are other people around. I recognize the people from the Dark Tower books I have been reading. I see two of the big coffin hunters there, I identify them as Eldred Jonas and Clay Reynolds.

      The third one I am not immediately able to place. Susan Delgado is also there, her hands are tied in front of her, she is talking to the others. I can't hear what they are saying, but she motions to Jonas to come a bit closer. When he gets close enough she spits right in his face. He smacks her for that, knocking her to the ground. I come out of the brush and tell him he shouldn't have done that. He looks at me strangely, then says I don't want to get mixed up in this. I have one chance to just walk away, which is more than I deserve. I tell him he had better be the one walking away if he wants to live to see tomorrow. Last time we met it wasn't his time yet, but now I figure it's close enough to his time to die. He laughs at me, pointing out that I am unarmed and he and his men have guns. He points his gun at me, but that doesn't worry me. I walk directly towards him. He fires his gun at me, but my Witchblade armor blocks the bullet, so I just keep walking towards him. He has a baffled look on his face as he fires twice more, neither of those shots having any more effect than the first one. I am standing right in front of a stunned Jonas who doesn't seem to know what to say or do. I say he has one more chance to cry off and leave Susan alone. There is now a gun to the back of my head, Clay Reynolds is immediately behind me.

      Jonas says I have made the last mistake I'll ever make… which is the last thing Jonas ever says before he finds himself with a hidden blade buried in him. Clay clearly hasn't seen what happened, though he does notice the shocked look of pain on Jonas' face. He asks Jonas what is wrong, but Jonas is unable to answer. While he is paying more attention to Jonas than to shooting me I spin around and stab Clay before he can shoot at me. The third guy is pretty freaked out by now and he takes off, no doubt to tell the others what just happened. I go over and cut Susan free. She seems worried about where Sheemie might be now. I look around for a bit and I see Sheemie come running out of the brush, he hugs Susan and says he is so glad she is ok, he got so scared when he saw the bad coffin hunters but he didn't know what to do. He then gives me a big hug and says he will thank his friend whose name he doesn't even know. I tell him my name is Raven. Susan says this place obviously isn't safe… they need to find another place to hide. I am trying to think if I can remember a good spot when I wake up.

      I am hidden in tall grasses, and I see I am not alone there. There are four men there with me, though three of them look like they're still boys. I recognize all of them. The three boys are from the Dark Tower series. Roland, Cuthbert, and Alain.

      The fourth isn't from the Dark Tower series at all, I recognize MoSh. I look around and it seems we are following some people. I look and see a man I don't recognize come running from somewhere behind. He is out of breath and finally manages to say that Jonas and Reynolds are both dead, the crazy bitch killed them. When he mentions the crazy bitch everyone looks over at a black wagon with what looks like a corpse driving it. I realize that must be Rhea, the local witch / bitch / crazy old woman. As if realizing what crazy person everyone thought he meant, the man says no, not her, some crazy bitch with a knife for an arm. Now people just stare at him as if he was the crazy one. There is a brief period of chaos, then finally Roy Depape takes charge of things and says they need to keep going.

      If Jonas and Reynolds are really dead, there's nothing to wait for. And even if they're not, they dare not be late or all of them will wish they were the ones who were dead. So the group of people moves on. I can't tell exactly how many of them there are, the group is traveling in a long drawn out line. There are only three horses there. I figure the first thing to do is jack one of the horses being used by the parade of assholes passing by. But not all of them are on horses, so maybe a horse isn't even needed. Cuthbert nails a couple of horse riders from behind with his slingshot, the two fall off of their horses without being noticed. Roland says to take out as many as possible silently before alerting the whole group. He says he thinks there are about 50… now 48… but maybe we can get that number down before the real fight even begins. Cuthbert isn't waiting to be told, he has nailed two more of them with his slingshot. 46. Take out some of them silently… time to play a little Assassin's Creed with these guys. I make my way around to the other side of the path and then I make just enough noise to get the curiosity of one of them. He comes over to investigate and gets rewarded with a hidden blade to the neck. I haven't had a chance to do anything else before I hear a gunshot. Now the fighting is really getting started. There is a lot of shooting going on. Someone on a horse is taking aim at one of the boys I was with so I grab him, pull him off his horse, and stab him before he can fire. There's a gunshot and someone falls over right behind me, I look in time to see the gun was aimed at me. Apparently someone has my back as well. I see MoSh pull someone off a horse and kick them hard in the head before climbing up on the horse. He rides off in the other direction after a couple of the enemies. I climb onto the horse right beside me. For some reason I find I have a crossbow instead of a gun… but I figure it will do the trick. I fire several quick shots and take out two more enemies, though I miss the third as he turns to fire at someone off to the right. I see Roland riding after Depape, just as he rode after Jonas in the book. Depape has the bag with the wizard's glass in it, I wonder where Rhea has gone after having it taken from her. Crawled into a hole, no doubt. Roland shoots Depape through the hand to make him drop the bag, and catches it on the way down before firing two rounds directly into Depape's face. There are a few shots fired after that, but it seems most of the enemies have lost their desire to fight and they are retreating. Roland is holding the bag with the wizard glass in it, gazing into the bag with a strange look on his face as the others try to get his attention. I think I could try to snap him out of it but before I can do anything I wake up.