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    1. 29 Dec: Learning a ritual dance from my guru

      by , 12-29-2018 at 04:04 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Attending my guru's teachings. I am sitting right in front of him, then there is some initiation in which I am given something, not sure what, Then I am alone with Ioana who teaches me a ritual dance. Then she says we were supposed to have met others again at some new place and that we are late and she runs out to ger her shoes or whatever.
      I follow her outside but don't see her anymore. I find myself in a pateo in what seems like a monastery. I feel something weird. I start floating, dancing in the air, moving weirdly, end up on the ground doing sensual moves with some objects in my hands. A bell is placed on my pelvis and with each movement it rings and arouses me. I am getting horny with the dance, when all other students appears with our teacher and I feel embarrassed and stop. But Rinpoche asks some other lama what he thinks of my dance and the opinion is that I did good, considering I just got brief teachings immediately before. Then I learn that it wasn't Ioana who had taught me, but Rinpoche himself, that I had been under some spell to see a different reality and see her in his place.
      Now we will continue the teaching, We all walk to inside the building. There are flags hanging and waving everywhere and graffiti with certain symbols I can't decipher on all walls.
    2. Sudden Performance

      by , 04-25-2017 at 06:29 PM
      Itís the day of our show and we donít know any of the dances or choreography weíre doing. We try to quickly come up with things and remember them during the short rehearsal. Iím not feeling confident enough to do my solo because I havenít been practicing enough. I wish I would have practiced more. I consider doing my dance without the sword. Weíre told that the solo winner will perform in NY. My instructor is really worried that our dances will be too similar, she really doesnít want them to similar. She tastes each of our cakes like the Great British Baking Show and seems to like mine a little better, although neither are perfect. I wonder why Cleo decided to use savory focaccia to make her cake? I try to find space to practice and use the windows outside, then I see a large mirror. But the mirror is magnified and the sword Iím using is the wrong type and will not balance. D tries to give me advice. I look for Cleo and see her in the distance sitting on the face of a random but attractive, tan guy. I continue to go on a walk. She approaches me eventually when Iím in some type of curved outdoor corrido. I tell her Iíve been looking for her. I donít remember what she says. Later I tell D about what I saw and that the guy didnít look like her boyfriend. D then does it to me.

      I remember something about being at my house and the neighbors are walking outside. They say hi to me. They seem to be preparing for a camping or fishing trip with friends who brought large coolers. Theyíre walking around right outside our windows. I feel as though Iím naked or exposed somehow. I feel like D and I had sex at some point. I also see their kitten and hold it.

      MONDAY 2/4
      +The next time write anything down - Success at first, forgot in the later part of the day
      The next time feel pain - Not technically a success, but I did get a few times
      The next time I hear someone say my name
      +The next time I drink something - Success for the first part of the day
      Tags: cat, cleo, dance
    3. [08-02-2017: Construction and hotel DILD]

      by , 02-08-2017 at 03:35 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was atop some skyscraper construction, in a room just below the roof. It was mostly empty, with only tiles placed. There were no lights or glass panes, but it wasn't dark as sunlight getting through random openings lit the area. It was a noon. I went down some strange stairs that were wider or shorter in places and got to a small hallway opening to some industrial area which was part of the building. I was holding my laptop. I got out to the area and on a ledge on higher level of construction I saw some people coming. There was a way to another hallway, leading down the skyscraper. I followed it, but then a sudden shot at the chest killed me. I was back at the opening to industrial bit, went out and saw those people on the ledge again. This time I decided to move in the opposite direction than the second hallway, but I fell with my laptop into some water cistern. I didn't drowned, but for some reason I somewhat opened up a console and used a cvar that would reset the dream state back to the first hallway. After the reset I thought that this might be a dream and made a nose plug RC. It worked and I was lucid. I didn't had laptop this time and ignored people on the ledge when going out. I entered a strangely shifted spiral staircase that was hard to navigate and got to a tiled hallway. Following it I stepped through empty doorframe and entered a five star hotel. Going further I met some blonde woman in a long, black dress that instantly came closer and hugged me, then she started leading a dance. The dream became unstable and just like a game or some programme, it changed from "fullscreen" to "windowed" mode and I could see the woman hugging me in a window on bottom-left corner of "screen". In the background there were colourfull energy streams.
    4. How to WILD, by DC (semi-lucid)

      by , 10-16-2016 at 10:44 AM
      Legend: non-lucid lucid lucid false awakening

      I am in an amazing world (still non-lucid) and I am dancing with some girl DC. I am having the time of my life. I suddenly realize this is a dream. I am having such a good time, I am considering whether to stabilize or to let it go and continue non-lucid. I decide to try to stabilize. But, too much time has passed and I continue the dream non-lucid. I am in a room with 3 male DCs. One of them starts explaining to me how to return to the dream. He says I should make, before bed, a short description of some object. I should first set up the shape of the object and then gradually adding details. He gives me an example of a church. I first see the shape of the church, then the texture of the walls, then the color of the walls. It is almost like lizard skin, it is dark grey with a lot of random squares and spikes. The DC says if I do that, I will gradually drop in the dream.

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      Tags: church, dance, lesson, wild
    5. From Mundane to...Ehh??

      by , 09-04-2016 at 03:16 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Haven't posted any entries in 4 days, but rest assured, I'm ALIVE. Rather than not posting due to no recall, however, I didn't post the entries for the 1st and 2nd of September simply because they were extremely mundane dreams.
      Literally all they consisted of was me hanging out with my family and going about day to day business. Nothing really to write in depth about.
      The dream I had for the morning of the 3rd (or, yesterday, as of this time of writing) was an interesting one involving the concept of inception.
      My cousin was going to get married to this jerk of a guy, and I wasn't okay with it, so I decided to pull a Leonardo DiCaprio and delve into her dreams to perform inception. A dream about dreams, as it were. Deep.
      And then, this morning's. All of these dreams don't have a whole lot of detail recalled, but rather, specific plot points. One thing that has been improving though is my ability to recollect these things even after falling back asleep, as usually that's enough to simply wipe my memory of it if I didn't write it down.
      I was hanging out with this girl I used to know really well IRL (we haven't hung out in literal ages), and we were sitting on this outdoor park bench. Yet, half of the area was covered in what appeared to be a house. So it was like half outdoors, half house. I can't even find a good way to describe that, it was a sort of reality warp-ish type of dream scene, the kind your dream self can understand just fine, but in real life you're like 'wtf'
      Anyways, strange dream scene aside, we were sitting on this bench, a nice breeze blowing through, and just sort of happily people-watching. All of a sudden, she turns to me and nervously asks if I'd like to accompany her to her school's Snowball dance. Shocked, but pleasantly surprised, I happily accept. Almost immediately, in comes a lot of people I know and associate with this girl. They just begin walking by, mumbling their thoughts about that turn of events.
      Sorry if this one sounded bizarrely described, but that's cuz it really was sort of bizarre. It had a nice peaceful atmosphere, but a lot of weird stuff that you'd usually only notice upon waking (or maybe not, in the event of a successful DILD, which has yet to come. But that's okay!)
      Anyways, sorry for the radio silence, and happy dreaming.
    6. AUG 2014 basic task 2 and advanced task 1

      by , 08-08-2016 at 01:29 AM
      Basic task 2
      Advanced task 1

      Back in bed after a WBTB, I got to induce a lucid via DEILD. Or at least what I thought was a DEILD... Turns out I never actually woke up. I had a massive false awakening in which the TV was turned on in my room and everything; the trippiest FA I've had in a while. After the "TV" woke me up (everything being a hallucination), I decided to induce a lucid via focusing in the hypnagogic imagery.

      A funny thing that happened is that, while I was trying to detach OBE style, I slowly rolled out of bed and fell. Again, just a hallucination. But, while in that state, I wasn't sure if I actually fell or not. Either way, I eventually completely detached and didn't think too much about anything except the tasks that I was set out to do.

      "Out of body" in my grandmaís house, and before going outside to do the tasks, I jumped around and did stupid things like a child for a little bit as the euphoria that comes with being lucid poured over me.

      After calming myself down, I went out looking for a dream character, hoping to find a female one (here it goes). It was dark out, as in early morning. Surprisingly fast, I saw the faint shape of a female dream character by the neighbor's house. All I could see was that she was tall and had dark hair. As I approached her, I willingly tried to make her shape appear "hotter."

      When I was close enough, as to see her clearly, I notice that she is girl a I used to know from high school. That was completely random, as I didn't even think about her (or any specific girl for that matter). But she was indeed good looking, so I permitted my libido to take over for a few seconds while maintaining a high level of awareness, as to not let blind desire completely consume me and to loose my lucidity as a result.

      When that was taken care of, I asked the girl to be my assistant for todays task and she kindly agreed without using any words (at least of the Verbal kind).
      I asked another dream character that was in sight where I could find a microscope and she pointed to a specific house close by.

      I was hoping for the house to be an awesome crazy scientist's place but it wasn't and there werenít any microscopes to be seen. I really wanted to complete the task so I acquired a bunch of junk (including an empty glass of water, Energizer batteries, and a magnifying glass), jumbled them up together in my hands, really hoping to magically create the microscope.

      A part of me doubted my success, but I did it! I created a weird looking little microscope. Maybe the female DC beside me increased my performance. Anyway, I looked through the microscope to see something already in close up. It was something similar to what I saw in my BIOL class (chloroplasts). I decided to keep zooming in, not touching anything in the microscope, just using my will.

      I zoomed in and in and in, until I found myself looking at what I can only describe as a "dance of energy." A bunch of floating, dancing and hypnotizing atoms, or quarks. Whatever it was that I was seeing, it was very colorful.

      I wanted to show this thing to my DC assistant, but before I knew it, I lost myself in the now almost psychedelic "dance of energy" and off I went into non-lucidity (until I woke up, not long afterwards).
    7. sin-aesthesia

      by , 05-01-2016 at 11:53 AM
      My dream recall is still lousy except for my little lucids that are so vivid as to be real or more than real.

      I awoke to find myself on a large bed with nice clean white sheets, it is a four poster bed. I am sprawled out on the bed and wonder where the hell am I, when I wake up in the dream. I realise I am dreaming and go to get up off the bed but find i am stuck.
      My wrists and ankles are bound to the bed by white silk ties Oo this is not disimilar to a dream I had before but did not record as it was to embarressing lol.
      I feel the presences of silky and sure enough I look up to see her looking at me, I am quite deliriously happy, and she is begins to belly dance. I am totally hypnotised by her every movement craning my neck up from the bed, as sh dances.
      As she dances my chest is filled with heat but more interestingly she seems to shimmer. And sure enough she is pulsing with some kind of aura or afterglow. As she moves my eyes are riveted to her every sinuess movement. The energy is starting to be thrown off from her in great swaths. I suddenly realise that the music filling the room is coming from her, as her every movement is not only in time with the music but it is vibrating to create it and I now can see the music as colours radiating from her body.
      She is so amazing, I start to cry feeling the warm, tears trickle down my cheeks.
      The energies intensify and roll off her in powerful waves slowly filling the room with colur and light, forming a 3d patchwork around her. The colours paint the walls of the room creating intricate artwork everywhere.
      She moves closer and says something but i am now so blissed out that I can barely make out the words, I am again in a warm bubble of golden syrupy energy. I feel safe I feel like I have come home again.
      I think I made out her words, she was mischeiviesous as ever.
      I wake up feeling warm and snuggly and don't want to get up at all
      I just want to stay with those feelings forever.

      The noises of people and the mundane world start to fill my awareness
      and I awaken thinking how strange the world is that it does not know what had come to pass.

      I noticed that the colours in the air were making the kandinsky combinations
      those they evolved further

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    8. The Red Candles

      by , 01-06-2016 at 12:26 AM (My Dream Journal)
      I am in a really large building, even though it had only two rooms. (the rooms were vary big.) I'm with with some school mates, and a teacher. One of the students, Tayah, is trying to leave the building, but the teacher says, "I have security cameras," and we all had to stay in the building.
      Sometime later, it is in the same setting, yet I am there with my sister and Grandma. I am giving my grandma a tour. The back room has a tower that is filled with candle in it, and a water fountain thing in the back. There are also long tables for people to play board games on. The center of the front room is filled with machinery, and on the outside is empty. I remember sitting on one of the machinery pieces and telling my grandma that it is where I practice with my stand partner playing the violin. The scene changes to my house, where my bettas are sick. Them and their tank mates have basically frozen still. For some reason, the tower filled with candles can help them. I go into the tower, and get red birthday candles (the type that supposedly will save my bettas from dying.) I noticed that one of the candles says "poison" on it, so I decide to not use any of the candle. Sometime later, I am in the loft in my house, thinking about that dream. I remember thinking, "I hope it wasn't real."
      In another dream, I was in a book store with my mom and another lady. I peered around a corner, and saw a whole bunch of Harry Potter books. (I LOVE HARRY POTTER) I was looking at a giant film making Harry Potter book when my mom came up, and pointed out another HP book. When I tried to show her the one I had, she ignored me for a while, and then started looking at the film making book. For some reason, there were lots of pictures or people at a dance at my school in it.
    9. 0211125:On the Brink of Lucidity, Weird Dance, Bomb Goes Off

      by , 11-02-2015 at 07:36 PM (The Dream Journal)
      I feel myself going lucid, like an energy going up my body, I feel like I'm "falling" in lucidity but I suddenly feel a weird knot, like something close to my stomach, a ball forms? I wake up before I can totally get control of the dream.

      I'm in a warehouse with my elementary school class, big windows in front of me show a field and some trees in the distance, sun is coming up. We start doing a dance and I somehow take over, leading it, everyone dances around me in synch except I'm doing different moves. It ends with me doing the Sun Salutation as the sun rises in a golden haze. Afterward I walk to a teacher to my left who commends me for the dance. I say that it wasn't too good, offering a far too simple view of native cultures as close to nature, a modern view imposed on them.

      I follow a man with a brief case down a city street. We enter a large glass, modern hotel or office building. I think he's going to do something bad, like rob the place or extort money. As he does that I go up the transparent glass elevator. In the hall there is a bunch of people sitting and standing, like a reception for someone, or a party. I talk to the CEO, a young, handsome guy. He says environmentalist have put a bomb in the building. I panic, instantly accepting my fate. I'll die here. Then I suddenly gain some courage. Can I escape? I go down the elevator, almost out. In the lobby by the front door, sun is shining through the windows, I see a young woman in a white baggy t-shirt and a sign, an environmentalist protesting. As I exit I whisper to her "I agree with you."

      I walk briskly out, the bomb can go off any second. As I cross the road and head toward the train station I hear a rumble, behind me a cloud of dust and chaos. I run toward the central train station, people are screaming and trams are crashing. Inside the train station, trams are crashing through the walls, and so are buses. I don't know where to stand, any false move and I'm dead. I stand paralyzed. A mutilated and almost blind bus driver comes out of the break room, he's been out of work for years but because of the emergency he can now work as everyone is now preoccupied.

      I see a rat catcher that looks like John Goodman. He says he's killed almost all of the 5000 rats in the train station, but the remaining 800 left are as tough as nails, the fittest survive the longest.
    10. #129 - end of the world / attack of the hobo / party in the hood / my professor is a fossil

      by , 10-14-2015 at 04:42 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Nearly finished the SSILD cycles properly but I didn't quite get it down. I reckon eating a banana actually does help. I went to bed super fast for once and slept like a brick. I went to bed at 10:20 and woke up at 10:40 the next day

      Dream 1 - End of the World
      It's pretty much global warming induced world demise. I'm somehow related to an organization that is making super-massive ships to cruise around on as the sea-level continues to rise. Not everyone is on-board with the idea but the first ship is really successful. By the time we've made 3 (after a couple years I think) we get the support of the world. We make 1 more before it's too late I think. Obviously a lot of people weren't able to get on the boats and the similarity in my head is close to the anime 'Suisei no Gargantia', and the people on the ships are the 'superior' humans while the others will have to survive some other way. The dream has a tangent and kind of begins the more internal affairs of the ships. There's testing going on in some laboratories to help evolve humans to cope with the changing world. Failed products are ejected in pods. One such failure was an 'alien' like creature from the movie (Aliens Vs. Predators). They somehow invaded some of the ships and evolved, massacring so many people. I think I run around for a while in a mock-chase as if testing what it would be like. But I have some level of dream control and my mind rejects the idea of the invasion and prevents the dream turning into a nightmare. Now I seem to be the only one left on the ship and I'm in a section where the area is identical to my parents living room (lounge). The aliens can't get me for unknown reasons (because my brain doesn't want them to ). My cats are here, Holly and Sooty (they both passed away last summer so it was really nice to see them again in a way). It's supposedly my first time sleeping alone on the ship, I sit in the centre of the lounge near where my cat Holly is lying down and start cuddling up to her. She gets up and then sits down and starts purring and cuddling up to me too . Sooty is somewhat in the background (she's not a very affectionate cat).

      Dream 2 - Attack of the Hobo
      I'm at my parents house in the family room, I don't recall what I was doing prior to this incident but there's someone else in the dream who I was interacting with. It's night time and I'm inside, I glance outside and look down from the deck. I spot a hobo. He seems somewhat familiar and I instantly decide to confront him to shoo him from our property. I step outside and start going down the steps, I yell out "Oi what f*ck are you doing?!". He gets all startled and grabs a 2-handed pickax that I had left lying on the ground and hurls it towards me! It spins through the air but is too far to the left and misses. Crazy bastard. He seems to have escaped too. I run down the steps and clean up the mess a bit and put away the tools from gardening (there were weeds attached to everything which took a while to shake off). I put the garden gear to the side as a preventative against garden-gear-hurling-hobos

      Dream 3 - Party in the Hood
      I'm in a pretty rundown neighbourhood. Mikayla doesn't have many friends, so I decide to befriend her and help her fit in with the crowd I hand with. I think I'm now at her house? There's a table with lots of grandmas at it, all just sitting round talking. They pry into our relationship and ask if I'm her boyfriend, for some reason I can't deny it because we had gone on a date but we weren't interested in having a relationship like that. The main reason we had gone on a date wasn't out of interest or something, but honestly the dream logic was just weird O_O. I drop my phone and it goes under the table, the grannies all try to get their legs in my way in order to get me to tough them which I manage to avoid (phew). The dream scene changes and now we're having a party with my black friends whom are siblings, there aren't many people here though. In fact, it's pretty much just family members on the sidelines while the the siblings (a fat older brother and skinny younger sister) are dancing in the middle of the room. The vibe of the party is still good though . Next the dream scene changes again and we're on the bleachers in a gym. My parents are sitting behind me, Mikayla is somewhere to the right, and the siblings are also somewhere nearby. There are other seats set up too which are mostly filled, some music comes on and these two black siblings (one was a guy that was quite bulky and the other was a slim slightly younger girl) started dancing in sync. I whisper over to my sibling friends that they're being challenged. He and his sister get up and go down there and talk to the guy, shakes hands with him and says something along the lines of having a dance-off. He does it in a really friendly manner too. The other guy responds by pulling him close during the handshake and whispering in his ear, I can see from my friends expression that he had been insulted. They start dancing off, everyone is in sync and my friends seem to be doing a bit better. I'm pretty amazed by it all because it's all so cool-looking, I'm surprised that they even know the dance moves that they're all supposed to do because the song was randomly chosen.

      Dream 4 - My Professor is a Fossil
      I've signed up for an optional field trip given by my professors that is open for the public and not actually uni-related. My professor Ewan is directing it and he looks super old. I'm surprised he can even walk. At my uni he's a renowned fossil expert so I think it's funny how he's almost like a fossil himself (he looks a lot younger in real life). I'm trying to listen to him explain whats going to happen but I can't quite hear because my parents are yapping away next to me about getting home on time to watch some TV show called 'Boss' or something. I notice that Ewan said something and some of the people around had stood up. My dad then shouts "My son is too! Stand up son!". Oh my f*cking god on cue, everyone just looks at me and I have this intense embarrassment and annoyance because he was the reason I couldn't hear and then he does this... The pain.
    11. Jolted Awake

      by , 06-14-2015 at 12:44 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Hey guys! Been a little while, but I'm kicking myself back into it to make sure I don't get out of practice like usual. I've remembered quite a few dreams in the past month, but none written down, sadly, or I would document them here. So, this dream was from two nights ago. It was very short, mind you, but also very vivid, and it led to a weird sensation.
      I was in my room, except with my co-worker for some odd reason. He pointed out to me two dudes who were lying under my girlfriend's bed, writhing about on the floor and dancing. All I could see of them were their limbs, and I could hear upbeat techno music playing in a muffled sort of way, as if I was hearing it from a distance.
      My co-worker and I started dancing to the music, and everything felt happy. However, things took a very eerie turn when we looked up from our dance and noticed that the two dudes who were under the bed were now standing beside it, looking at us like we were crazy. If the two dudes weren't under the bed anymore...then why whose limbs were still writhing around under the bed...?
      As soon as we came to this creepy realization, I heard a loud cracking noise, and a bright light engulfed all of us. It felt almost as if a bomb was going off. I fell on top of my bed, my ears ringing, and my body tingling. And as soon as I hit the bed...

      I woke up, slowly rising from my real life bed, while still feeling the ringing in my ears and the tingling sensation in my body. It went away in a few seconds, and everything was back to normal, but wow was that a weird and unsettling end to a dream.
    12. Ghost Busters

      by , 04-09-2015 at 04:46 PM
      I was in like a dance hall, but the dance hall was full of spirits/ghosts. The spirits didn't like what the new owners were doing to their place so they would cause all these problems and scare away customers. One man (light skin, light eyes, light hair...sounds familiar?) was the one who came up with an idea to make it a recreational center for kids. The spirits were pleased and satisfied with what was now going on in the building so they left. The End.
    13. A ghost story, no life is cheap, a tango

      by , 01-25-2015 at 12:04 AM
      I'm being told a story. There's a man, a shapeshifter who can seem to be anyone, but when he smiles you see the shards of glass filling his mouth, grotesquely. I see the moment he'd died, falling from a horse and landing on a glass bottle full of something he'd been carrying, shattering it.

      The story shifts to the woman he'd loved when he was alive. She was called a witch, and a mob took her and chained her to a tree in the forest, with a circle of some kind of wooden pegs placed in the ground to prevent the body from leaving that spot after death. Her body's left there without her head. I 'hear' the body briefly feel a dim sort of awareness of the presence of something familiar and loved nearby.

      Over time, the body comes loose from the chains as it decomposes, sinks into the ground and is covered by - I hear the word 'loam', but I'm seeing moss growing over the body. The arms separate from the rest and hang from the chains. At one point, a horse that had belonged to her while she was alive comes to the tree and noses at those decaying arms, and they reach out and pat it. At another time, the body rises up from the ground and seems to dance, with those arms dancing along as if they were still attached - slightly altering how my vision works, I can see dark strings which would be invisible, manipulating the body like a puppet. That man with the mouth full of glass shards is pulling the strings.

      Later, a scene in which I'm using Mephisto as a pseudonym.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      On a ship after some incident in which several of the crew died, the captain came to me privately to ask a question. He's under the mistaken impression that I can see the future. I don't see the future, I just have more memories to draw on to recognize old patterns playing out again. The captain asks, essentially, whether any of those who died were important - he uses the word 'cheap.' I say to him, "No life is cheap." He acknowledges that this was poor phrasing, but "I need to know-"

      As he speaks, I see a go board. The point is made that certain moves will have a drastic impact on the outcome of the game, and others won't. The captain needs to know if any of the people we lost would have been necessary for this journey to succeed, in ways he can't foresee himself.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm looking at paintings hanging on a wall, a series mostly depicting figures of the zodiac, with one in the center of a man labeled Dream.

      I'm meeting with a man named Snow who'd initially tried to conceal his identity from me. He's disappointed to find I recognized him immediately. The persona he'd put on for me was this sort of affable type; the real Snow is - well, he gives the impression of being intimidating but I'm not personally intimidated, I'm just enjoying watching how complete his transformation is.

      The majority of the scene after that reveal consists of a tango, during which he leads - which is different, but I find I have no difficulty following. Great fun. He's proposing some kind of deal - there's something about him recognizing the way I've been challenging myself, and how working for him would be beneficial for both of us, something about working for a greater cause, a sense of direction - but when the tango's over and he wants an answer, I just start laughing. Man, have you got the wrong guy. I'm thoroughly enjoying every aspect of his presentation - the intimidating attitude, the seriousness of the deal he's proposing, the song and dance, his whole look - it's all incredibly appealing, but I have no intention of taking it seriously.

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    14. Contrasts

      by , 11-21-2014 at 01:09 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Night. I was on the second floor. I dropped a yellow-and-black boomerang on the roof below, and then it fell on the ground. A guy passed by. I asked him to throw it up, but he missed twice. I told him it's okay, I'll just pick it up later. I think I thought of making a move on him. A name: Maranao, a local tribe ("People of the Lake (Lanao)"). (I don't think I've thought of the name for years).

      Day. We were dancing along the street. We were practicing. I recognize Kris.

      Night. Traffic in a rather woody area. I was in a building. I imagined EDSA (highway), with all the night lights of its tall buildings and cars.

      Day. I was in a desert. I was a creature or a monster of sorts. Lizard-like. Nearby, there are people/buildings. Blood samples from a frozen plant.

      Night. I was going up the third floor. Saw someone there, someone I like. I forgot the name/face.
    15. Witches of the McKittrick Hotel

      by , 11-01-2014 at 07:33 PM
      A woman who's been flirting with me - neither of us seriously - is taking my hand under the pretext of palm reading, turning it this way and that. She'd been joking around, but as she's 'reading' my palm, she notices the tiny raised circle on the tip of my thumb that holds a retracted needle and she stops smiling, though she doesn't understand what she's looking at.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I've been sitting in a lounge room in the McKittrick. There's a host and a microphone, allowing the guests to listen in on his internal thoughts as we eat and drink. He's been sitting in the booth next to mine, having a conversation with a woman, another resident of the hotel. But when she leaves, he comes and sits across from me. He's bewildered as to why I've spent so much time here tonight. Of course the guests are all free to enjoy our stay at the hotel in any way we choose, there's no wrong way to go about it, and if I want to just sit here and watch his story unfold, that's fine - but my stay is half over already. Why don't I go out and see the show?

      I'm thinking that I'll come back another time to enjoy the show - but nonetheless I leave the lounge and walk up to the next floor, which is in complete chaos thanks to the work of the three witches. Fragmentary memory here - I remember seeing the boy witch in passing and being annoyed with him, but no context beyond that. In a small room, I came across a woman who I realized has been/will be the next bald witch - right now she's another lost soul who came here on a mission but wound up getting drawn into Hecate's world. By the end of the night she has/will have shaved her head and altered her body language completely, transforming into one of the three witches for the next night.

      The last of the three witches and the people under her sway are surrounded by sexual images. I only saw her briefly in passing as she led a young prince off down one of the halls. But instead I come across the naked prophetess who'll be taking this witch's role for the next night, currently in the process of transforming into that role. She puts her hands on my shoulders and pushes me to my knees in front of her, and I'm thinking that it's always a man she chooses for this part of the performance - the other guests in the room with me are all women, and they remain standing, pressing in close around us, watching her with a look of worship. She has a woman standing guard next to her during this dance, making sure none of the guests attempt to touch her without her permission. One of those women watching laughs off this restriction, and to show how ridiculous she thinks it is, she reaches out and puts her hand on the prophetess/witch's thigh with a familiar attitude. The performance comes to a complete stop. In the trouble that follows, I move away from the crowd and into the staff-only halls of the hotel.
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