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    1. WILD success-ish

      by , 07-23-2018 at 01:35 PM (Exterminate)
      I changed my alarm back this morning from 5:15 to 5:05. I also put the 11pm a bit quieter. I got off computer at 10:30 as normal and meditated for a half hour. Turned off alarm and put on sleep mask and went to sleep. Woke up to 5am alarm. I sat up and said I would be going back to sleep very soon. I set a few intentions and tried to recall any dreams to no success. I laid still for what only felt like a few minutes. I felt some vibrations, and then I felt some more running across my body. I tried super hard to form a dream and then I remembered that was my mistake the other day. I relaxed and let it come to me naturally. I tried to tell the dream to put me at my old house.

      I saw the dream in front of me, but it was like looking at a small low res screen surrounded by darkness. I knew I was in the dream already because of how colorful it was, but I wondered how I'd pull myself into the full dream. I imagined I was viewing the dream through some sort of camera. (I was wearing my sleep mask which is likely the cause of all this) I took a deep breath and put down the camera on a table in front of me and my FOV expanded completely. I was now in the dream. It was extremely vivid. I could see everything clear as day. I was at a strange house that was kind of a mix between my old one and this one. There was a barbecue or something going on because my whole family was there, including cousins. I rubbed by hands together and knelt to the ground. I felt the concrete texture and then I punched it a few times to test its solidity. The dream was so real and stable. I then remembered something about keeping lucidity by playing music in the background so I tried that to no success. I didn't think to try other methods of summoning music aside from pure will. I gave up on that and went back to the house. I said to myself the house would transform as I entered the door. It would change to the house I wanted it to be. I opened the door and found it was still the weird mix of homes instead of the one I wanted. At one point I entered the void. I do not recall if I fully recovered from it or not, but I do recall taking off my sleep mask and still seeing the void. I realized I was still dreaming and tried to bring back a dream but as I said, I think I failed.

      Gah...Accomplished a lucid via WILD, but it was shortlived and I succeeded in none of my goals. Oh well, just another step towards my goals!

      I also remembered another dream throughout the night. I was doing yoga with a room full of people. There was no set routine, but a few of us noticed that the majority of the people were doing a routine in sync. They were all mirroring the exact same movements at the same time, looking stone faced in a single direction. There were murmurs throughout the people that something weird was going on. I admitted I couldn't do yoga and talked to my dream crush. I can't say I fully recognize her irl. She reminded me of a mix between a previous acquaintance and an previous coworker. Both of course I had found attractive. We struck up a conversation about the yoga people and then I asked her to dance. I said I didn't know how and she got all happy. She said she'd like to teach me and she was glad I asked. She offered me her hand and I put my hand in hers, and then I put my other hand on her hip and she started telling me what to do from there. I was in bliss while the dream faded away.

      Dang. I sure am lonely, but that dream was real nice. No, I do not do yoga. I am neither in the shape or is it something I am interested in. But I should probably go dancing.
    2. Willie Talk Dances

      by , 07-13-2018 at 08:52 AM
      Morning of June 29, 2018. Friday.

      I had been listening to one of my latest music productions, which has somewhat of a carnival sound, though has a strong reggae rhythm. It seems to be late morning. The setting is implied to be our current home.

      There is an unfamiliar male present in our bedroom, though I do not see him as an intruder. (This is the interconsciousness avatar.) Sitting on the edge of the bureau near the west window in our lounge room is the ventriloquist dummy I had as a boy. It was known as “Willie Talk”.

      As the music becomes louder, the dummy starts moving, taking on the essence of a marionette being controlled by an invisible force. (In the back of my mind however, I am vaguely aware I am causing this to happen.) It almost seems to have a human essence, though still moves like a marionette. The dummy eventually jumps forward onto the floor and starts dancing to the music. There is an amazingly vivid presence of rhythm and energy.

      He circles around the couch, in a marching jig toward our bed and I wake around this time.

      A ventriloquist dummy is an emergent consciousness simulacrum (see notes below), which is a form of neural energy that links the dream self, by way of the transpersonal interconsciousness, by way of the preconscious, to the conscious self identity. It is triggered by the reticular formation of the human brain and serves the same purpose as a preconscious or RAS avatar, that is, to initiate consciousness and the ability to physically move. In many cases, such an avatar is seen as going “back” to bed, though in some lucid dreams, it is seen as “waking” and leaving its bed, which is obvious autosymbolism for the level of dream self presence in the dream state. In other cases, it merges into the dreamer (such as in my “Part-Robot-Girl?” from November 17, 1989), an example of waking process coalescence (another very common factor of my dreams).

      This dream is a specific type of vestibular system correlation autosymbolism, of which goes from inactive (static) to dynamic as I move toward the preconscious modulation of the waking process (by way of reticular formation mediation). It is mostly an autosymbolic rendering of thoughts like “I have to get up now” that pass through the mind prior to waking for the day. Autosymbolism is very easy to trace back to the underlying cause.

      In simple terms, this means that my perception of my illusory dream body is not viably physical (as my physical body is asleep and beyond my immediate control), and as a result, my non-lucid association with my dream self’s “body” is ambiguous and is projected into the concept of a doll (serving as an emergent consciousness simulacrum), which then dances as waking process autosymbolism, even heading “back” towards our bed. (I have had many dreams like this since childhood, so I know exactly what it means, as I have been aware of the same process in subliminal, liminal, and lucid dreaming scenarios, simultaneously understanding the meaning, so even my need to explain it in the first place should be unnecessary to anyone of reasonable intelligence.)

      To validate this (and perhaps develop a better understanding of what dreams are and what they are doing) and what I have written in thousands of other dream journal entries, see “The Preconscious Mind and Gamma Band Activity in the Reticular Activating System”.

      This dream has ZERO to do with memory processing or waking life symbolism as disinformation agents claim (neither of which is even typically possible other than in apex lucidity). They are both autosymbolic and literal events synthesized in REAL TIME (mainly by the preconscious and interconsciousness) while experiencing REM sleep. Although this particular dream is not directly related to waking life (at this time), it most certainly has cause and meaning as all dreams do and most dreams are far easier to decode than most people habitually pretend.

      #stop_dream_disinfo_now (On Twitter)

      Tags: dancing, dummy
    3. Day 37 & 38: Picking Up

      by , 03-25-2018 at 05:57 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Day 37:

      Fell asleep at: 11:30 PM

      Woke up at: 7:10 AM

      Dream 45: Scarlet Red Dress

      I'm touring the streets of some sort of rustic, European city; though it definitely reminded me of Spain more than anything. Walking the cobblestone streets, I find a beautiful girl coming out of some nondescript boutique. She had black, curly hair, slightly tannish skin, and was wearing a red dress.

      As if straight out of a schmaltzy romance flick, I immediately pull her aside and start dancing. We were dancing for about 5 minutes straight, and I gotta admit, it was pretty fun (And, well, you know...). The dream then shifts to something I wish to forget.

      Dream 46: Monkey Business

      My sister and I are, again, caught in another perilous driving situation. She's driving a really big truck, about the size of a schoolbus (and twice as wide), while driving on an incredibly narrow street.

      Through this colonia, my sister finds a way to make things worse. There's a schoolbus right in front of us, but we were too late to stop ourselves from crashing into it. Instead of students, however, a flurry of chimps are pouring out of the bus. The noise they make is so shrill and so loud that it wakes me up entirely. Turns out it was the fire alarm that was making that horrible noise.

      Day 38:

      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 10:00 AM

      Dream 47: Kev' In Da' Shop

      Well this came outta nowhere. In some random coffee shop, I'm sitting in my table alongside a couple of unidentifiable DCs, when Kevin Hart walks in through the door. I don't question it, though, and I stare at him blankly.

      He walks over to the magazine rack and starts talking. I think he's doing a skit, but I can't quite remember what he was talking about. He was walking around, cracking jokes, and just generally having a good time.

      Dream 48: Sun's Song

      I'm in the living room, just minding my own business. My mom and dad are preparing to go to bed, so they both go into their room and leave me alone in the living room.

      As I'm sitting on the couch, I notice something peculiar. The sun has already begun to rise. "That's weird." I say to myself. I go over to my room to ask my brother what time it was: 2 o' clock.

      Immediately I rush outside, telling my brother to bring his phone. In the process of getting out of my house, the sun has risen and set in a matter of seconds.

      Once I get there, I notice it is extremely windy. My brother brought my two puppies with him, too. They looked hilarious what with the wind blowing all the fur on their face to the side and them sticking their tongues out.

      Dream 49: Hotel Construction

      A timelapse of a beachfront hotel plays out. For about 5 minutes, I see the entire construction progress. Oddly enough, it was all done in Minecraft.

      The perspective then switches to a first-person POV, my POV. I'm talking to my dad about something I can't quite remember, but I remember feeling a little bit down after that conversation. The sun was setting, and so I decided to walk into the hotel myself.

      Inside, I spot my brother and my mom, and I also decide to chat with them. It wasn't exactly uplifting either, and I only wound up feeling a bit more melancholic after it.

      Dream 50: Hot Demon Girl

      Playing Doom 2016 when a cutscene pops up. There's this attractive looking lady, about in her 20s, in this gray and dusty hallway. She is slowly making her way towards me, and progressively getting more demon-like as she does so.

      I pay particularly close attention to her eyes, a muted gray color, yet representative of her beauty and humanity. Even as she gets more, frankly, disgusting, her eyes remain quite nice. The dream ends with her transformation into a full-blown demon.
    4. March 14, 2018 Repost Lucids

      by , 03-15-2018 at 05:01 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      This was around 11am-1pm yesterday. I woke up and decided to self-cancel my classes and I’m happy I did that.

      I woke up and was looking around before closing my eyes again. While sifting through my thoughts, I could feel my body getting warm and it felt like I was high in a sense. This was the beginning of a dream but I was aware so I decided to try to take it lucid. The first scene I thought of was in the middle of the blue sky. This was probably the case because one of my starting points for a lucid dream is a small plane for skydiving where a person is in front of me yelling for me to jump out of the plane. I know it’s intense, but the intensity makes it easier to spring into lucidity.

      Anyways, I was imagining being in the middle of the sky but I believe because there were no other objects it wasn’t working. I could see blue in front of me and blowing by me like a blizzard. That went away so it was time to imagine a new dream scene. Another common dream scene I use is my bed at my mom’s house. Sure enough, my vision is now spinning in my room as I’m trying to stop spinning. The spinning stops and I’m now standing on my bed. I look down at my hands and start to rub them together so that I can feel friction. I do math, “2x2 is 4, 4x4 is 16.” I walk over to my window and pull back the curtain. Outside is daytime but quickly turns to a bright nighttime, meaning the sky was dark but everything was very well lit up.

      I look up at the sky and notice the milky way galaxy is very clearly visible across the sky. I’m thinking in my head “woah.” There are 100s of stars brightly lit in the sky. In between the stars I can see labels like “AGC” and “CAC” which to me seemed like undiscovered planets and galaxies that have purpose and importance to us. Then, I noticed the map of the US pasted behind the milky way galaxy. I turned around and started to walk to my door when I fell. The dream collapsed.

      Getting the dream back and running, I was now on a street in a city I thought was Richmond. There were two story buildings made of brick to the left and right of me. I’m on the right side of the street on the sidewalk. I start to walk down the street and see signs hanging above the street coming off of the buildings. Most of them were in another language like Chinese or Japanese. I still thought I was in Richmond, so I decided I wanted to go find Hibachi box which I thought was on the other side of the street and down a bit. Before that I was rubbing my hands together and doing math again. Running to a building with a sign above, I see a small ramp that leads up to a slightly open garage door and a lit room inside the building, lit blue. Looking up, I see the sign is now “GEICO” in red letters. After that, I walk down the street a little bit more and to the left is this building that was a shower and bathroom system.

      Now, I think I’m in China. Someone behind me asks to me “ni hao ma?” which means how are you and I turn around and say the same thing back to them smiling. In the shower system was a room of people who were naked or had towels around them waiting in line to shower. Further down was a room with people waiting to use the bathroom, male and female.

      A dream character knocks into me and the dream collapses. I get the dream back and now I’m walking past the shower and bathroom system again. My vision sees inside the shower room and there are people who are naked. My mood starts to get very turned on and I now want to go talk to a girl. Walking down the street, to the left of me is a long line filled with people my age. At the end I see a group of three girls talking to each other. I hesitate but then go up to the girl facing away from me. She was wearing short blue jeans and a floral pattern shirt that was black and a reddish/orange. She had dirty blonde hair that was wavy and blue/green eyes. She looks back at me and smiles. We start dancing together. A few seconds in I realize my generation’s way of dancing is stupid and I lose interest. I walk down the street further and see a bunch of people waiting to cross the street. Looking both ways, I can see massive buses and cars flying by very quickly. All of the looking around caused the dream to spiral and collapse.

      Again, I got the dream back up and now I’m on the other side of the street. I’m now walking on a beach with a ocean to the left of me and big white hotels with balconies and pools to the right. I’m looking at the ocean and the waves are very big and crashing. Up above me I can hear music playing and I conclude I’m playing a playlist from my spotify from my phone. I take out my phone and hit the next button and hear different songs. One of the songs is not a real song that I recognize but it was some sort of guitar or strings going up in notes.

      I look to the left of me and there’s a tall lifeguard stand with a buoy on the side. My friends mamba and dave are there sitting in the sand in front of the stand. I look at dave and calmly with a smile say “this is a dream.” She smiles back and nods “yeah” kinda of like “…duh.” I look back at the ocean as a country song comes on the speaker. I try to skip it but it won’t. I get frustrated but it’s not working. Turning around, I look up at the balconies on the hotels. An MGMT song comes on that’s dark and sad. The sky turns dark sort of like a storm. A massive guy in a tiki mask grabs me by the leg. He uses a cleaver and makes a small cut in my left leg and it felt like my leg was going asleep.

      I ended up getting back to that dream but it wasn’t lucid anymore, the guy eventually cut my entire left leg off.
    5. Walking to a Business and Dancing in a Mountainous Region

      by , 11-23-2017 at 05:23 PM
      Morning of November 23, 2017. Thursday.

      I am living with my wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we are now at our present address. However, many threads of my conscious self identity become reduced over time until the waking transition. I leave our house, apparently to get something from a store, but end up walking south which soon ambiguously becomes north as my association is mixed with Wisconsin (where I have not lived since February 1994). It seems to be nighttime.

      Over time, I am not sure where I am going but I continue to walk along the side of the road. I notice snow on the side of the road. My dream self does not consider how this area looks nothing like the area we live in real life. The fact that I do not know at all what is ahead does not bother me.

      I remain as far from the middle of the road as possible as a few cars pass now and then. I consider that I am walking in an area where pedestrians are not allowed, though there is no sign indicating such. Soon, the snow banks on each side of the road are higher.

      Eventually, I see an older couple in a station wagon. They are going in the opposite direction I am, down the side of the mountain, which is not that steep in this section. The unknown older lady asks me if the roads are clear for cars in the direction I had been walking from. I tell her that the roads are okay to drive through, as I had walked a considerable distance.

      Following a curve in the road, which is now seemingly one lane and easterly, I eventually end up walking through a square tunnel. A thin layer of ice covers the walls. One car goes by me during this time, going in the opposite direction. By following the road, I somehow end up inside a business building. I stealthily walk through, noticing three people talking in one office. I view this through an indoor window. There are other offices on each side of a hallway. I am puzzled as to how to get back to the road, as I had just been on it prior to illogically finding myself here.

      I enter a large room which seems like a public restaurant with round wooden tables sparsely arranged. An unknown male approaches me with a large flat piece of cardboard shaped like a person, painted over to represent a chubby male in informal clothes, and with eye holes to look through the face. The face is not that realistic and has a mustache. The piece has red vinyl straps connected (possibly by tacks) around the two-dimensional upper arms to hold it over my shoulders and upper arms, though my arms can still move freely. I am to wear it over the front of my body, though its legs are too long by at least a foot and bend out in front of me when I wear it, horizontally dragging and remaining against the floor. The other male is puzzled, though I do not tell him that I am not involved in whatever is going on. Instead, I say, “I am the stand-in”, and he seems to understand.

      I am to dance with another male who is not in such an odd cardboard cutout “costume”. He is unknown and sitting at a table with a few other people, mostly female. He is wearing a cowboy outfit with a fancy hat. Curiously, he also has some sort of red straps attached to his shoulders for no discernible reason.

      I start dancing on my own and my moves and balance feel perfect. The other people are seemingly amazed by how well I am moving (especially considering the odd cardboard “costume” covering the front of my body). I dance and feel a sense of well-being for several minutes. It seems I will be filmed as part of test footage until the real actors or performers show up. However, I eventually do not feel like being a part of this scenario anymore, mainly due to not being confident about either waltz moves (where I visualize hands shoulder to shoulder and the other arms out horizontally with hands clasped, towards the direction of movement) or dancing with a male (who reminds me vaguely of Burt Reynolds at about sixty), and deliberately leave the dream state with very clear intent even though I had not been lucid at any point, yet with the knowledge I had deliberately created much of my dream from the beginning. This has happened often throughout my life. It is a type of non-lucid dream control.

      Factors like non-lucid dream control (creating or influencing the dream without realizing it is a dream, typically not even remembering what a dream is) and literal prescience (with too much detail to be coincidence, including finding and marrying my beautiful literal dream girl) cannot be explained at all by what the majority seem to believe and experience. What part of the mind or extent of threads of conscious self identity and ephemeral synthesized fictional dream self viewpoints or combinations thereof account for this? How does one wake themselves so easily and intentionally from a dream without actively knowing it is a dream up to that very point? (This is not the same as knowing it is a dream and deliberately waking.) These concepts of course, are only part of the great puzzle of my life.

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    6. maze

      by , 06-14-2017 at 06:09 PM
      About two weeks ago I had a dream that I was running though a maze. Except it was more like an episode of hoarders, things were stacked up to the roof and literally everything was covered in junk. There was a girl with me, running, we were trying to get away from someone. "Keep running we have to get away!" I kept telling her, we have to keep going or he will catch us. She stumbles often but we keep going, then we come across a couple. And by couple I mean these two individuals were really getting at it. It was hard to tell where their faces separated and whose hands belonged to whom. The female of the pair we came across was completely absorbed, it was if she didn't even see us. The male however saw me, "What are you doing here? Can't you see we're busy?" I was more than shocked that the d/c would even notice me let alone be angry that I happened to spot them, "I uh, sorry I didn't realize."said the girl behind me. I, however was not amused, what was said next was something more along the lines of "Wouldn't you rather it be me you're pressed against," or something sexually enticing. The dream character chuckled and next thing you know we're dancing (super weird), twirling around in the bright lights and he reaches down and kisses me. Que the stomach butterflies and then I wake up.
    7. Shameful Walmart and Personal Resistance (Lucid)

      by , 12-25-2016 at 06:58 PM
      ...We go to a spot in the airport overlooking a ballroom and I see myself on stage (there's 2 of me - me on a balcony watching me on stage). I am very curvy and I am surprised how beautiful I look. My dress looks nice even though it’s inside out. It's a peachy orange color, long, with a satin texture. My hair has been curled and is thick, smooth, and shiny. I’m trying to dance but my face keeps cringing. Why? There’s not much of an audience. As I look out on the ballroom I realize I’m dreaming, for no specific reason. It’s just a tiny thought that crept on me that I could have ignored, but it grew bigger and bigger until I remembered my intention to lucid dream. I suddenly have a microphone and make an announcement. “Excuse me everyone, I’d like to announce that I am dreaming!” Everyone clapped. I remembered to stablize so I spin, it does feel like I’m spinning but I don’t like that it requires me to close my eyes and see blackness. I get concerned the dream will end, but it doesn’t. Then I got the idea to announce, “I’d like to take this opportunity to ask my subconscious if there are any issues it would like to bring up or address.” But I couldn’t finish and get all the words out, partly because the microphone kept switching backwards in my hand, cutting off my announcement. Also because a large white and black house cat tried to attack me. I attempted to make the announcement multiple times but the same things kept happenening. Finally I give up. Now I'm in the audience and more people are flooding in and dancing. I decide to get on stage and dance. I try to jump up using lucid super skills and barely make it, but I still have to crawl a bit. However, I get distracted because to my left is the inside of a walmart. A woman is pulling her children out of a sale bin. They ate chocolate and pooped in there. I’m disgusted. Another woman is telling on her, she’s like the secret walmart police society. I decide that after I dance I’m going to burn walmart down as the December TOTM, I don’t like walmart. Then it ends.

      My goal for 2017 is to have 12 lucid dreams (at least once per month). I'm counting this as #1 because I made my resolutions on winter solstice, which I also celebrate as a symbolic new year. I have no idea why I became lucid, but Merry Christmas to me!
      In the future, I will try other grounding and stabilizing techniques because I didn't love the spinning. I will also be sure to have more clear goals before I go to sleep.
    8. Dancing and Superbowl Commercials

      by , 10-04-2016 at 09:09 PM
      3 October 2016

      I will never be able to recollect how I came to be part of a dance troupe let alone how a felt about it. But here I was, getting ready to go on stage and perform with these guys in a dance competition. The Prize? Well I have no fucking idea. The whole thing was rather hazy. I have vague memories of a fictional character that I came up with a while ago. I don't want to share too much about her so for now, we'll just call her Courtney. Courtney was financially backing our dance troupe but I don't remember interacting with her or even talking with her.

      Later on in the dream I was observing a Superbowl commercial wherein a phone was being advertised. The phone could be used by leaders to keep a close eye on the working class and keep them in line. In the commercial I saw a coach using the phone to oversee his football team. The team's color was orange and the coach was dressed in nearly all orange. He was a huge asshole and he also owned a store. He was at this store instructing an employee in how to do something. The instruction he was giving was convoluted and overly complex. I do not remember the exact task but it was very simple and did not require such a deep briefing. As he was talking a display of CGI imagery starts to appear typical of that of a Superbowl commercial. Then the coach nonchalantly said "Got it?" before walking away. I do not remember anymore details other than the fact that the commercial took place at night.

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    9. [03-10-2016]

      by , 10-03-2016 at 08:04 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      First dream

      It was a sunny day, with whole family we gathered in some kind of big party. I took my younger sister to dance, we did utterly bad but had great fun.

      Second dream

      I drove to school, it was on biology classes. First I had an exam - I was talking about tRNA transcrption and post transcription modifications. Then I finished exam wih a really good grade and went to take a seat - there was a huge and comfortble pillow in the classroom for some reason. I lied on it for a while, then mid-lesson I left the school, chasing some people. It was a cold and rainy day, they broke into some house. I got there quickly and took a look at building they destroyed. After a short while teacher came after us. I ran inside the building, but made jut one tep too loud and she found out I was there. I hid under a table, but she found me. She asked "Have you seen anything?" I replied "Nope, nothing at all." And just sprinted out of the building back to school.

      My clothes changed and I looked like homeless, there was some tv reporter talking with people outside the school. I entered it and had to find something on first floor. I took moving stairs, but someone was intentionally blocking the way at the end. I pushed him and got there, but he caught my arm. He was so strong that I couldn't do anything, but yell that he should throw me down. He did it, but I went back up and beaten him black and blue, punching and kicking.

      The the school changed into some safe haven protecting people from devils which I called scabs. Time stopped, I saw these devils drag people in flames. I ran around and making gestures as if I played and electric guitar (which resulted in sounds of such guitar actually playing) and it made scabs disappear in a cloud of smoke.
    10. 9/28/16 - Van Trauma?

      by , 10-01-2016 at 07:51 PM
      I'm standing on a dirt path at the edge of a forest. Everything is kind of dead and in shades of grey and brown. I feel like there's a huge house near us. It's important but I don't really see it. I'm half hugging a tree trunk, watching Jungkook and Jimin practice a few dance moves from Save Me. They're doing the moves while walking to a crossroad not far ahead. They know I'm there watching them. They get back into position, ready to start again. They start moving and I step away from the tree, smiling brightly, and follow alongside them. While dancing they both smile back at me. They stop and we all stand in the middle of the crossroad. A girl appears, an old friend that's a mixture of Krystal and Jazmin. And then a mini van pulls up right in front of us. The girl and I get in, me in the back and her more in the front. Rapmon is driving. Jimin is in the van too and I think Jungkook is still there but I don't see him. The car starts moving and we are suddenly about to get onto a freeway. I say to no one in particular that I don't like vans. Everyone hears me and Rapmon tries to reassure me by saying we're safe. Then I try to explain that when I was younger something happened with a van and I'm traumatized.
    11. Experiments with a singsong😊

      by , 09-01-2016 at 09:29 PM
      Just spent ages writting it up and went back to check something and it all disappeared

      So a short write up

      Deilds about 4 I think - after a good long wbtb around 3.30am till 5ish. Had things on my mind but sat long enough to clear and get dozy - great !

      During some lucid dreams this morning I remember to change the colour of object and have some fun with that~

      I see a couch chair I turn from its original brown to blue. I see an object on the side like a plate or something and turn it yellow. I look at a DC's face and turn it blue and another's green.

      Did a lucid dance to keep me in the dream and sang a song something like

      " I am lucid in my dream hahaha hehehe" again and again

      Homed in on object to keep the story going and keep from waking as I felt very close to waking a lot of the time

      Great fun ✨ and realy happy about the experiments

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    12. 8/14/16 - Fragments

      by , 08-14-2016 at 11:47 PM
      Fragment 1: I'm outside by a small river with a strong current. There's a grizzly bear drowning and calling to me for help. I run to the edge and pull him out of the water to safety.

      Fragment 2: I'm on a stage in front of a small crowd. Minwoo pulls me close to him and we slow dance, not caring about anyone who watches.

      Fragment 3: I'm sitting at a dinner table with a ton of people. Heechul is showing off all of his talents. I smile as I watch him.

      Fragment 4: I'm in a hotel room with someone. We are eating. I look up and the curtain to a sliding glass door is open and people walking by can see us eat. I get up and close it.
    13. 8/9/16 - The Benefits of Veganism

      by , 08-14-2016 at 08:39 PM
      I'm sitting in a classroom. A meeting is going on and I"m watching as an old man tries really hard to disprove veganism. He goes into a long rant about how stupid and unhealthy it is, without providing any evidence to support his claims. I'm getting more and more mad by the second. Suddenly the man stops talking and leaves the room without a word. Then Bambam and Yugyeom enter the class. Bambam takes a seat and opens a large folder. He looks through it quietly and stands up again. I looks at me and starts explaining the benefits of veganism, complete with scientific evidence and research. The more he talks the more happy I become. Then Yugyeom steps up to the front to demonstrate how veganism changes and helps the body. Be begins to dance and twist his body beautifully in a way that could only come from veganism and I'm so excited and happy to watch him dance.
    14. Making a Scene in the Church

      by , 06-24-2016 at 02:11 PM (Book of Dreams)

      Recall wasn't so good last night, I didn't have my focus. I had a 10 hour work day, so my sleep was very deep. Did recall one solid dream though.

      Dream 1
      I was at a mass in a town near where I grew up, and my whole family was there. Halfway into the mass, this woman started giving a presentation, but there was some kids who were being really loud. I didn't witness exactly what happened, but the woman made these kids leave. I saw the mother gather her children and yell "Don't worry, we won't be coming back!" and she looked really angry. The next thing I know, my aunt goes up to the woman and ruins her presentation. She scribbles all over her whiteboard and says some stuff to her about how you can't just kick children out of the church. Then she realizes how embarrassing her actions were and starts crying. I get up and take her to the sacristy, and she's crying and says she was just really mad at how the woman treated that family. Then the priest comes in to talk to her, and I'm just sort of observing the whole thing. I forget what he was saying to her, but then the woman came in and she seemed really embarrassed and emotional as well. My aunt wouldn't talk to her or even look at her, and then I think we left.

      Dream 2 (fragment):
      This fragment is like a fake memory from high school, there's a bunch of kids from my class in a park behind my house, and we're all doing this music video with choreographed dancing and singing. I remember seeing my best friend from high school, who I haven't spoken to in years IRL, and I just remember avoiding her the whole time, even though we were still in high school and supposedly still friends. Awkward feelings...
    15. June 21st, 2016

      by , 06-21-2016 at 02:32 PM (Book of Dreams)

      Went to bed and didn't dream much until maybe 2:00am (I remember looking at the clock before this dream).

      Dream 1
      This was a FA. I "woke up" in my bed, and there was a thunder storm going on. The storm sounded really close because the thunder had that crackling sound. I got up and walked into the hallway of the apartment, and I could hear someone tap-dancing downstairs. I remember thinking "who would be tap-dancing at 2 in the morning?" If only I had done a RC!! I walked halfway through the hall and closed a door that doesn't exist IRL, and continued down the rest of the hallway. I used the bathroom, then went into the sunroom when I was finished. When I got into the sunroom, I realized that the lighting had changed, it wasn't dark anymore. The storm was still going on, but it looked like it could be afternoon. Also, the room was on the 1st floor, with very tall windows, and when I looked at where my piano should be, there was a different piano. I thought to myself "omg, am I in someone else's apartment by mistake? how did that happen?" then I woke up. I think I was on the verge of becoming lucid, because I was really questioning things, but not enough to do a RC

      my WBTB alarm went off, and I attempted yet again to do a WILD, but still no luck. I even tried some visualizations, and also put headphones in and used some binaural beats.. Didn't do any good, I was just lying awake in bed. So eventually I decided to just go to sleep, because I knew I would be having my longer REM periods anyways, so I could just hope for the best and maybe I could get away with a DILD.

      Dream 2
      This is mostly just a fragment. It was along dream, but I don't remember much of the details. From what I remember, I was in a large building, I think it was a college of some kind. I think I was in classes, but in between I would go into this big open room, and in the middle of the room was a pit, and a piano was suspended above the pit. I would come into this room and play in between classes, but the piano was hard to reach and every time I would start playing I felt like I was going to fall into the pit. Not a very convenient set up.
      Toward the end of the dream, my grandma and mom were waiting for someone in the hallway, and I went out there to talk to them. They were talking about the time when either Paul Simon or Paul McCartney recorded an album in Prague (obviously just a dream memory, not a real one). They were looking at a map, and Prague was like, in Northern China. "Wow!" they were saying, "that really in the middle of nowhere!"
      I started to say goodbye to my grandma, and I asked her when I could come visit her. She said something about how my aunt was allowing us to have a horse race, so I should just come then. It didn't make sense to me but I just nodded and left.
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