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    1. My Daughter Upstairs

      by , 11-23-2018 at 11:16 AM
      Morning of November 23, 2018. Friday.

      Dream #: 18,967-04. Reading time: 2 min 52 sec. Readability score: 59.

      King Street boarding house in La Crosse in late morning. (Irrelevant to waking life since 1990). I may have descended the imaginary staircase (though I do not have the memory of it) to sustain and vivify my dream.

      I am at the bottom of the staircase from the second floor, where there is the fictitious feature of an L-shaped foyer where I remain until my dream ends. My landlady comes in from her kitchen and tells me to mop the floor in this area. The mop bucket is to my left. The mop is next to it.

      I do not use any water. I guide the mop over the floor and soon see a C-shaped clump of dust that it gathers and consider if I should tell the landlady that I should sweep the floor first. Soon, I see several Kinder Surprise toys on the floor, one of them a small penguin figure. I move the mop, and they are all in a small cluster.

      I hear my youngest daughter talking from upstairs, though I do not discern what she is saying. My landlady comes in (again from her kitchen) and asks me if my daughter has eaten yet. I am uncertain but tell her that she may have gotten something on her own. I inform her that I will be taking my daughter “to the north side” (meaning Northside La Crosse, to the Loomis Street house).

      She seems concerned that my daughter is on her own upstairs and mentions something about having heard of a boy on a CD, who recently died. (This is possibly my infra-self distorting “TV” to prevent a literal waking life translation, as the unconscious mind is not viably accessible in the dream state, contrary to popular misconception.)

      My dream starts decoding itself a moment before waking. None of our children have ever lived in America, let alone Northside La Crosse (or the King Street mansion on the south side of town either). I do not use the mop bucket, because I subliminally recall that water represents melatonin and potential dream state reinduction (and mopping or cleaning being an inherited biological thread of the glymphatic system, when fluid increases in cells while sleeping). (Because of this, water in the nexus, other than when I am entering or anticipating a return to sleep, never occurs. Despite the presence of the mop bucket and thinking it might be full of water, I never actually look into it and use the mop in its dry condition. Why? Because I am subliminally aware of being in the dream state - non-lucid - and my daughter might need me as perceived by RAS - even though Zsuzsanna is also awake, thus I do not seek to reinduce my sleep cycle.)

      For many years (even in childhood), I have been trying to determine if there is any consistent cause as to which threads of the current conscious self survive the demolition past the nexus and the transpersonal interconsciousness into non-lucid dream space. The infra-self is focused on the transition through the sleeping, dreaming, and waking space, not real life or from the viewpoint of the conscious self identity as in waking life, which ceases to exist in non-lucid dream space (one of many reasons I wholly dismiss “dream interpretation” in the typical use of the term).

      My youngest daughter is the sole liminal presence here based on something presently real in my life (though my dream self has no memory of my current address or that we live in Australia even in otherwise having recognition of my daughter). The reason is that she was awake and talking in reality at the time (in the lounge room) and it filtered through the nexus, the only thread that reached my infra-self.

      The staircase leads down into the (fictitious) L-shaped foyer. A foyer or porch is often a concurrent “bridge” within the nexus in all modes of dream manifestation (subliminal, liminal, and lucid) and RAS (reticular activating system) processes. It is used the same way in hypnosis and meditation. However, a staircase is not just about initiating consciousness in the waking process (or using it to vivify a dream when descending one). It is also about breaking the imaginary physicality of liminal space and becoming aware of the physical body (vestibular system correlation).

    2. Fallen Sky

      by , 09-05-2018 at 06:57 AM
      Morning of September 5, 2018. Wednesday.

      Reading time: 2 min 55 sec. Readability score: 69.

      In the first part of my dream, I non-lucidly get out of bed to go into a different room (indicating my subliminal awareness of being in the dream state). My discernment is ambiguous. I am aware of Zsuzsanna, but there also seem to be a few unknown people sleeping in the immediate area, yet I do not perceive them as intruders.

      My dream self perceives the unfamiliar setting as our present home. I am looking at a different bed in a well-lit room. Two Ragdoll cats are sleeping near its corner near where the walls meet. One is ours; the other belongs to Zsuzsanna’s sister. I think to myself that these cats are finally used to each other. The darker one gets up and moves to the opposite end of the bed.

      I notice my youngest daughter on the floor. She is only about one year old. At first, I am concerned. I go to her, but she seems okay. I notice a few unusually-colored veins on her face, mostly bluish, but she is cheerful. I ask the cats if she had fallen off the bed, actually expecting a vocal answer, but there is no reply. Still, it does not seem to be the case. (Cats are typically a “witness” to the liminality of the dream state for several reasons.)

      My dream fades, though I eventually enter another one. This time I am in Cubitis in the living room, though I do not recall that I had not lived there since 1978. It seems to be morning now.

      I go to a fictitious entrance in the middle of the east living room wall. Farther to the east, from the doorway, I see that clouds are close to the ground, creating a virtual horizon at about where the railroad tracks would have been. I consider this incredibly strange. My youngest daughter is present again, though now about three years old. I tell her, “Look, the sky has fallen.” I do not believe that the sky has “fallen.” I only say this to create a story-like interest for her. She seems cheerful and wants to see. Still, I perceive something weird is going on (the typical subliminal awareness I am dreaming, yet without triggering lucidity or even non-lucid control mode).

      I am aware of my father being in the southwest bedroom. (I do not recall that he had died when I was in my teens, long before I came to Australia or married. I have no recall of having had a mother. What my non-lucid dream self recalls and does not from dream to dream is never consistent and rarely makes any sense.) Suddenly, through the curtains, I am aware that the area where the clouds had been is now blue sky and it is suddenly much brighter, like a curtain suddenly lifting from the false horizon. However, I am aware that this means that all the clouds in the region had suddenly come together to compress and go higher in the sky to form a tornado. It will likely come straight towards our home.

      Something unusual happens, as a thread of subliminal recall of recently working on a compilation of January 1970 dreams becomes the non-lucid focus. It changes the outcome of this dream even though the autosymbolism is inherently of the same waking process, relating to vestibular system correlation.

      It causes my dream to non-lucidly transform into identical content from January 1970, with the same outcome and mood. Instead of a threat, the scenario resets to where I am looking at the “same” cluster of clouds near the ground. An angel (with large white wings) appears in the distance, hovering in the air in a standing position. She is wearing white and will probably give me a gift.

      Instead of a tornado being the more dominant precursor for VSC (its processing based on ultradian rhythm), it shifts to the less-aggressive angel and bird forms (similar to dreams as “King of the Birds” from January 1971). A dove flies quickly to me, into my hands, giving me the strong impression that the angel had transformed into it. As I look down, as it settles into the palms of my hands while facing right, it is almost like a fuzzy pastel painting of peace and beauty as I slowly wake. (This is virtually identical to the January 1970 dream at age nine.)

    3. Activating a Funny Toy (with study guide)

      by , 07-15-2018 at 02:26 PM
      Morning of July 15, 2018. Sunday.

      My dream’s setting is a fusion of the L-shaped room of the King Street mansion and the lounge room of our present home. I am sitting on my bed as it was on King Street and facing north towards the window. My youngest daughter is sitting on the floor.

      I have one of her plastic toys; Peppa Pig’s yellow spaceship. It is part of a big computerized game, though is only a trial model that requires an activation code before it can function. A bag on my right contains many similar toys.

      I think of activating all her toys so that they become the full versions by obtaining the codes from inside them without contacting the company.

      Looking through the window of Peppa Pig’s yellow spaceship, I see several lines of computer code printed on a paper strip that seems to be part of a scrolling mechanism that is at the back. There are lines printed on each side of the paper strip, but I am unable to see the print on its opposite side.

      One line ends with the value 9876543210. I doubt that this is the correct code, but I still attempt it. It does not work. There is another number with a random sequence of digits, but that one does not work either.

      The third code is hexadecimal, with “EE” in it, the rest being numbers. I try that one, and something happens. An oversized toy bird beak emerges from the window of the toy rocket, generating an odd chirping. As the codes are so easy to find and use, I consider activating all the other toys.

      Study guide:

      1) What are the two main autosymbolic factors of this dream?

      2) This dream has secondary autosymbolism based on ultradian rhythm. Identify it.

      3) What does yellow represent here?

      4) What is a factor that reveals the subliminal awareness of being in the dream state?

      5) Is there a possible interconsciousness factor here? If so, what?

      Study guide answers:

      1) Vestibular system correlation as flight-related autosymbolism (in two simultaneous forms, bird and rocket) and precursory thinking skills correlation as the need to read numbers and enter a code.

      2) The cuckoo clock association.

      3) Emergent consciousness factor, which is a result of increased awareness of the light spectrum.

      4) I am sitting on my bed.

      5) Transpersonal communication with our youngest daughter while in the dream state. Remember that dreams are in real time, not a result of memory processing as disinformation agents propagate.

      Readability score: 71. Correctness of writing: 100. Intellectual value: 76.

    4. Imani 4 DILDS

      by , 04-18-2018 at 08:27 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      A dream scene ends of me and my father waiting in a room with a group of people. The new scene appears and it is me at a store, appears to be a clothing store. I look through a few in the section I am in. I notice a book that seems to be a part of the bible. I read some of it verse and brought it back to where I had originally pick it up. I then notice I was around a lot of baby clothes for children.

      I look around the corner where I heard a group of people talking. When I saw them I notice one person that means something to me. It was my cousin. She appeared different, as if she had gain a lot more weight recently. When I observe further as I notice her picking up baby clothes, it became apparent that she is pregnant. I continue browsing in till my path cross with her.

      I simply smiled and waved while walking away. I then decided to look for clothes that I could wear since I needed some new ones. That is when the dream scene change again in to my room. I had assume I was awake as it identical in every way, it was night with no lights on. But something was feeling off to me, I decided to ignore it. As I sat up from my bed something happened to me that I don't know how to explain. I felt like I lost control of my surroundings. I was standing up at the front door of my room.

      That's when I heard screams , it felt piercing and loud. It was a girl voice screaming in pain. I started looking around my room asking what's going on. That's when I started pacing my room to see if there was a way I could find her. For some reason information was toss in to my head against my will, that told me this girl I am hearing is my daughter. Even though I do not have children.

      There was such a desperate urge to help this person, that I started screaming when I kept hearing her. That's when I finally woke up, I was slightly breathing hard and clutch my covers. I was wondering why my dreams were a bit tense lately. Then some DC mentally answered my own question by saying some dreams are bad/ I ask mentally in my head is there a way where I can always have good dreams? He said unfortunately dreams are always good and bad depending on the individual.

      I was going to ask why in till I became lucid on sensing something was wrong. A voice began mentally speaking to me saying , so you have now seen apart of my inner world. Now you see how scary it can be when you will now have to suffer and I will be coming back. Once I heard this I told her no don't bother me anymore. No do not do this. The dream scene change again to me waking up in my bed. It was another false awakening. I got up out of my bed as I was finish sleeping. As I stood up on the floor that's when the feeling hit me again.

      I became lucid and was beginning to see another person in 3rd person and yet I could still see through my own self as if I was in 1st person. I notice someone running aimlessly in grey. Then I completely was back in 1st person with this intense fear around me. The shocking screams began again and I couldn't help but panic to try to find this girl that was in so much suffering. I kept looking around in my room and started saying this can't be happening to me. That's when my window turned in to a grey realm. I ran in there as I continue to follow the loud screams.

      However the grey realm only led me back to my room to where I couldn't see anything. I began to scream as I hear the screams of the girl and my own echoing endlessly. It made my head go numb after hearing that after constantly screaming I open my front door and bang on my father door. His door was lock which is not normal for him as he usually leaves it unlock. I began yelling him to open up the door and that I was being attack by someone. I could hear his television set come on as the door opened.

      I told him I needed his help and I was beginning to talk to him about what was going on. I wake up. This time I think I am really awake and the first thing I do is open my door to get to my father and to explain to him what is happening. I began knocking on his door again as it opened. His TV once again came on and he was not in a good mood. I told him something is wrong and that I was being attacked by some person. He doesn't care and tells me to leave me alone and ask me do you know how early it is.

      I look at the time and see that it is 2:02 AM . I told him he still has plenty of time to rest. He gets angry and tells me he is done helping me. That's when I found myself waking in my bed again. No I said, I was already lucid and yelled why are you doing this to me? That's when something on my bed sprang around like a spider. A woman out of no where appeared sitting in front of me on my bed with red hair. A voice told me in unintelligible words that it was angry with me. I knew it was anger because of how intense the sensation was around me. I began saying I am sorry for what I have done.

      It began showing me images and a vision that I would understand. I knew what the issue was now and said I was sorry. But it didn't matter I could tell nothing I was saying was getting through to her. Whatever this thing was. That's when I woke up again from my bed. I was already lucid and the same terrifying scenario happened again and again. I couldn't stop screaming and I remember falling to the floor which somehow made me continue falling endlessly further down. My head felt so much confusion that I didn't know what to do or think anymore.

      I didn't know when I had waken up or if I was awake all this time. My eyes were just staring at the ceiling. It was like I had been in a trance. I place my hand on my head, my head felt empty as if nothing was in it. I sat up to check the time and could see it is 2:02 AM. I am sorry.
    5. overcoming mountains

      by , 12-12-2016 at 07:25 PM
      I am escaping by breaking through the top of a mountain from the inside, I see it shatter and fall away, its dark hollow in strak contrast to the snow covered top.

      My daughter is in hiding and is being smuggled to a safe house, in the war. Unfortunately they believe we are unsafe and don't let her go there. The authorities are still onto us and she hides in a temporary place it is on a boat. Is like the "sound of music" and her boyfriend risks the chance of being caught. Taking her from the boat and across the mountains to safety.

      I awoke feeling calm.
    6. Searching for a Letter that Implies a Medical Concern

      by , 09-14-2016 at 01:19 PM
      Morning of September 14, 2016. Wednesday.

      I am at our present address where we live now, though eventually the layout becomes larger and quite different. I am looking for a letter that I had somehow misplaced within moments of reading it. Not only that, I recall at least four other versions of the letter that we had received over the last week or two. It relates to our oldest daughter having some sort of unusual medical concern regarding her back (which is relevant to Zsuzsanna’s younger half-sister, not any of our children) and perhaps needing to stay at a children’s hospice (even though she is an older teenager). I am annoyed, because the issue does not seem real and that it seems more like an incompetent intrusion by the government.

      I look through a few piles of magazines and random papers, including piles of scholastic worksheets and unused coloring-in-pages (one featuring four rockhopper penguins on ice ledges of different heights), but cannot seem to find any of the copies of the letter. I tell Zsuzsanna that I do not know how all copies have seemed to vanish including the one I had just been reading at a desk.

      Over time, as our residence slowly expands, I notice that our oldest daughter has gone into the left side of my wardrobe to sleep (while in a standing position). This does not strike me as unusual. I begin to hear her deep breathing through the closed wooden door.

      I notice Dick Van Dyke (the actor, now 90 years old in reality), who is wearing a black business suit, walking around as if he is looking for something. He appears as he did in the late 1960s. I am not all that surprised and find it a welcoming visit. He stops near my wardrobe and puts his ear to the door. “Your daughter is very special,” he says sincerely, “she creates marvelous poetry”. He continues to press his left ear against the left door of my wardrobe and comments on the rhythm and beauty of her poetry, even commenting on particular stanzas that I myself do not hear, and even though she is asleep. (Our daughter is a very talented artist and she has done professional work for others at an early age, but she does not write much poetry.)

      I finally start to talk to him by firstly addressing him as Richard.

      “Richard?” he considers in a puzzled manner, not directly addressing me, but absentmindedly looking at the shelves of what is now a grocery store. My wardrobe is now perpendicular to the beginning of the aisle. “Richard,” he softly mutters, barely audible, and seemingly responding to an incorporeal voice rather than my actual presence. I conclude that I had unduly puzzled him and instead decide to formally address him by his surname. I cheerfully start to say “mister…” but then I somehow forget his surname. He does not acknowledge me at all but seems to be interested in studying the contents of the shelves, picking out a jar of orange marmalade (emerging consciousness metaphor), while I continue to wonder where the letters from the government are (subliminally waiting for my dream self’s ascent into whole consciousness as a letter symbolizes potential threads between dream self and conscious self in non-lucidity).

      I go through a couple “rooms of our house” and end up near the entrance to “our house”, which is now the checkout area of the Woolworths grocery store. This does not seem strange to me at all. I look through a pile of papers near two different cashiers, but still cannot find a copy of the letter. I am not bothered by the unknown patrons being in our “home” which is now apparently solely a grocery store.

      This dream was typically precognitive (as there is a precognitive element in nearly all my dreams of one kind or another, often left unappended - in fact, over the last few years, at least one a day based on something my wife or daughter had thought of or mentioned to each other without me having any way of knowing), though in a rather skewed sense as is often the case. Zsuzsanna had returned from shopping with a sheet of paper (given out at the grocery store checkout) that was a coloring-in drawing for the promotion of a children’s hospice (featuring four hummingbirds, not four rockhopper penguins, though still in the same position regarding the birds). I find it amusing how dreams do this all the time, that is, foreshadow forthcoming events, but often in a “cleverly” altered way (though literally or visually exact in many cases).

      Still, in contrast, there are the typical dream signs and standard components and waking transition. Our oldest daughter has gone to sleep (dream sign) in my wardrobe (secondary dream sign) and my dream ends with a typical waking transition symbol (a grocery store checkout symbolizing the leaving of the dream state). My preconscious personification (here, Dick Van Dyke) ended up “avoiding” me, or “failing to understand” as is often the case, but still lovingly commented on the nature of my family (just prior to the waking stage), the most important aspect of my life.
    7. #188 - Mission Possible

      by , 01-16-2016 at 08:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      In retrospect the whole idea of this dream just cracks me up

      Dream - Mission Possible
      It's day time and I'm outside the school building with 2 friends (one of them is Matt). We're being very sneaky, we're on a mission given to all students to form small groups and obtain a bunch of certain items. We're down to the last item: a can of tuna from the school fridge! Ever so sneakily we walk down a gravel path between two buildings, the building we need to infiltrate is the one on the left. I turn back to see my companions, then looking ahead I see a person suddenly round the corner. My heart skips a beat, OH **** is it a teacher?!?!? Nope it's a student, phew. I ask him something and he tells us there's no point in sneaking, we can literally just walk in there and take the can of tuna. Hmm, I think about his for a second...
      Of course you can just walk in there... Why would the teachers guard a fridge stocked with tuna . We casually continue now, and turn left and walk through the front door of the building. Honestly this place just resembles a 2 story red brick flat, there's nothing school-like about it. It's absolute chaos in here as students are cramming to get by the fridge which is rapidly being depleted of tuna cans. There's 2 types of tuna containers in there, one is a can and the other is plastic, we can only succeed with the can variety. My 2 companions stop to take their shoes off since that's apparently what you're supposed to do. I realize that the cans are almost gone though and decide to rebel a little I keep my shoes on and walk straight to the room with the fridge. There's a girl in front of me who gets one of the last cans, I ask her if she can see any more in there and she kindly looks for me. She grabs one at the back and hands me it, while continuing to search for some other people too. The dream gets a bit distorted now as my daughter is now one of my companions, I stoop down to let her hold onto 2 of the cans of plastic tuna (which I didn't actually pick up in the first place) since she wanted to help. In her own words "I can do it myshwelf" so cute.
    8. #144 - alarms suck

      by , 10-30-2015 at 08:41 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      So close to achieving a WILD lucid last night, SO CLOSE. I did a WBTB around 2:15 for ~5 minutes, then went back to bed and did some SSILD cycles. After getting through the cycles perfectly I decided to move into a more comfortable position and head to sleep. I had actually wanted to WILD during the process but it didn't happen so I was hopeful that I would get a DILD later on. It took me ages to fall asleep again though, the increase in awareness from SSILD kept me awake for ages... Finally though, I started to feel a dream forming... The images I was experiencing, the movement of my body in the dream world. I could feel myself transitioning into the dream state. I was walking and I looked at the ground, it was concrete. There was a large industrial building to me left, a car park to my right and a main road ahead of me. The first thing to enter my head was to shout 'stabilize' and get some foothold in the dreamscape. Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! Just as I had felt myself enter this dream, just as I was sure that this time I would succeed at a WILD, just as I was about to break my dry spell... I wake up suddenly to the sound of my alarm. Oh my f*cking god O_O. I had set another alarm for 4:30am to wake me up for a DEILD. *calms self*. I turned it off with minimal movement and tried for the next 10 minutes to get back that WILD with no luck. Couldn't be more pissed . All that time spent to get a failed WILD and then I barely had any dreams because my sleep was short

      Dream 1 - Asian wife in the future
      It's like 20 years in the future, I had been married to a beautiful asian woman and we had a half-cast daughter together. I remember being ambitious and wanting to travel around the world for work. But my wife was 'terrestrially anxious' which apparently meant she didn't like being off land (i.e. in a plane or boat). So she remained in the country while I went overseas, we split up because of it. My daughter was half-cast asian in this dream and was overseas with me in my fancy house or something. I was happy, but I missed my wife. My daughter wondered why we had even split up but she wouldn't understand. I think I decide to head back overseas to my wife on a plane and try and get back together with her.
    9. The Tepee

      by , 09-26-2015 at 03:48 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #468 - DILD - 1:52AM

      ****DRY SPELL OVER!*****

      Thanks to some kind words from my dream buddy I was able to get some lucidity last night. It's nothing to get super excited about, but it's good to be back in action.

      Quote Originally Posted by bemistaken
      Hey buddy! As you once told me...you are not broke! You are the same gifted Xanous that you have always been.
      Thanks B!

      I am hovering over a really strange looking tepee with some people I think of as close friends. The tepee seems to me made from various bits of material and I have contributed a large section at top. Someone has attached a zipper at top and there is some excitement about how well it fits.

      I am on the ground. I look around and become introspective. My younger daughter are standing around a large camp fire near the base of the giant tepee. She is talking to me but I don't understand her words. Suddenly, I just know that I am lucid. I tell her this might be a dream. I say "might" because a part of me is hoping she is really in the dream with me and I want to guide her into lucidity. I wonder if two minds could really be in one dream. I give her some time to think this over. She seems confused at first and looks around deep in thought. I float up off the ground a bit and say, "Look, Dalynn. I am flying."
      She seems to understand for just a moment, but then it slips away and she says, "Wow how are you doing that?" Before I can reply she start jumping around making silly sounds.
      I don't say anything. I just try to show off how I can fly, but I can only move around my making swimming motions. I hate it at first and I become very frustrated how goofy I must look. The dream breaks apart and I wake up.

      I'll be brief in parts with this next dream because It was super long and I missed lucidity anyway.

      I am a criminal in the depression era with some woman. It was almost a Bonny and Clyde senario, but we were con artist not back robbers. There we some long thing about a pond shop scheme. During a bank run we tricked people to turn in jewels and hand guns and we got a lot of money from it.
      At one point we are driving down a street that looks more modern. I ask the woman what year it is. She dismisses me but I really think it looks like the late 80's. I tell her the cars just look more sporty, but she says nothing. I see an airplane in the sky. It is unmarked and very strangle looking with red glowing lines. It was very sci-fi. I don't think it's possible, but out of habit I say, "This might be a dream." I do a nose plug, but somehow I think it failed. I look around and the dream is very clear. I feel my eye are wide open. I know that dreams tend to be more blurry than this. With that thought the dream blurs a great deal and fades out to a new scene.
      I am at some counter in a store with the woman. Another woman walks in with a folding fan and lays it on a counter. There is a dark skinned boy printed on it. I say something about the Muslim boy and the boy starts talking to me. He goes on about having sex with that "crotchety old woman".
      I assume he's talking about the woman I am with. I say, "Well my cock gets hard and she's there to help it. What else would I do?"
      The boy says, "Oh common you can do better than that."
      Then I hear a narrator say, "And those acid trips flashback happened for the next 14 years."
      There is laughter and I laugh along. I now feel as though I have been watching something on TV. I say, "That's funny, but I wish I could remember the set up for that joke."
      The scene fade away with the audience laughter.

      I am now in some basement looking at an attractive young woman tied up to some pipes along the wall. As the view passes close I notice she is severely retarded. She starts singing about being a retarded give tied up in the basement. I wake up.
    10. #88 - Just a catch up

      by , 05-21-2015 at 12:02 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      So I have had a lot of dreams lately, of which I distinctly remember 2. I still haven't been free enough from university to dedicate any time to lucid dreaming but my stress dreams are pretty memorable.

      Dream 1 - A plane ride
      It wouldn't be memorable if it was just a simple plane ride... I'm on an airport runway and a small plane the size of my room zooms towards me (imagine a real life boeing 747 scaled down a lot to the point where no one could fit inside), I grab hold of it for dear life as it takes off into the sky. It's hard to explain what was going on, I wrapped myself around the plane with my legs tucked under and arms over the top, the wing of the plane pressing into my thigh. I knew this was completely impossible and everytime that thought crossed my mind I would realize how fickle the situation was and start slipping a bit, only to grip on even tighter. I note the intense realism around me too, the whipping wind and clouds of moist air, the yellow light that beams from the horizon... At some point the stress must have been too much because I ended up getting inside somehow, the airplane was roomy and the story arc for the dream took a more sinister turn

      I walk along the aisle of the plane and I know that there's aliens outside, evil evil evil aliens. Why? Not a clue...
      I hear knocking on the airplane door, it opens by itself and a flight attendant is standing there.
      She probably would have looked good if she were in a less condensed form, it was like her entire body was a slinky that needed to be stretched out, I instantly knew that it was an alien in the guise of a human being. I point out its flaw to it, not really realizing that the flight attendant was actually hovering on what seemed like nothing, and also that the scenery outside gave the impression we were on a countryside train. She disappears quickly with a smile, a moment later a grey-brown veiny hand with extremely long spindly fingers wraps its hands around the door frame as if pulling itself inside.
      I don't remember much more than this though...

      Everything in this dream seemed so fuckin' intense... yet I don't feel like telling it did much justice haha.

      Dream 2 - Trying to protect someone
      I seemed to be on a mountain with my daughter and some friends, the scenery is beautiful and stretches on for miles in some directions. In one direction there seemed to be a large valley, across of which there was a large mountain with a lot of scree on it. I remember yelling and showing to the others that we could make it echo, then they copy but I tell them to stop or they'll make an avalanche...
      They didn't stop in time though, the ringing of our voices in the mountains was met by a grating, crumbling, ground shaking movement. I picked up my daughter as the ground slid beneath me, I see in the distance the scree on the other mountain turning into an avalanche too... I only slide a few metres before sliding into a pool at the bottom of a small slope I had been on, but the rocks keep piling up and I worry about my daughter as I hold her high above me so she doesn't' get hurt.

      I woke up shortly after this, sad and disturbed, wishing I could have finished the dream with a happy ending
    11. Doctor Visit, Dream Figure Describes Dream Creation, Visit with my Daughter - Apr 2, 2015

      by , 04-04-2015 at 08:30 PM
      WBTB 3:00 Am, Read Dreamviews dream journals, Mantras (written and spoken), and then I got all my pillows organized in their perfect places, then to bed - about 1 hour later. I then laid in bed and repeated my mantras in my mind until I was feeling sleepy, then I started to meditate. I was doing body energy work where you bounce your energy in a clockwise direction around your bedroom, off the walls and through your body and out the other side. After one complete rotation, I would pick a different plane to repeat the exercise. One bounce takes about 1 to 2 seconds. A mental image of my room builds in my mind as I proceed. It’s like your scanning the room with a beam of body energy. After about 10 minutes I started to do tactile imagery where I was climbing a ladder, and then I move on to climbing a rope, and then picking up coins with my right hand and dropping them into my left. By this point my body is asleep and my mind is awake. Sometimes my hands or feet start to feel really sore (pulse with pain), so I move energy away from feet (repeating) to my torso, and then the pain fades and disappears. This is a common problem while in ‘the void’, or in deep meditation, and I accidently stumbled across this method of getting rid of the aches. It works awesome!

      While in ‘the void’, hypnagogic imagery and occasional voices happened. Then I got a 2 dimensional picture of a hospital room, and it quickly turned to 3D (lucid dream). I started to walk around the room, but it was black and white, and of poor clarity. A nurse walked past me, and I decided to close the curtain around the bed, so I could focus on improving clarity. A doctor then walked in through the opening in the curtain and stood beside me. Then my vision started to fade quickly, so I asked the doctor to hold onto my hands, and he did. Darn, I was now back in ‘the void’, but I was still holding onto the doctor’s hands. I could hear somebody laughing to the right of me, and then the doctor said something. Soon after, the doctor let go of my hands, and I woke. Position and pillow change.

      I tried to repeat the WILD technique described above, but I fell asleep, and then I had this interesting Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD). In this dream I was viewing it in 3rd person, from above, and it was an excellent Rambo movie scene! Rambo was driving a quad with really big wheels, and towing a fifth wheel style, semi-trailer (all camouflaged). On both sides of the semi-trailer were two army tanks being towed by heavy cables. These tanks were literally skidding across the ground on their tracks, and it really made no sense to me how a quad could possibly have this much pulling power. I realized I was dreaming - DILD (for several reasons)! Rambo was driving this assault vehicle combination through the thickest jungle ever, and trees were flying! He fished tailed onto a logging road, and under a bridge, and then one of the tanks drifted way off into the forest knocking foliage everywhere. He then drifted through a parking lot and smashed sideways into a restaurant. I then moved from 3rd person to 1st, and I followed Rambo as he ran into a restaurant in a blaze of glory with his dual machine guns!

      The two women behind the cash register ducked as bullets flew overhead, and the patrons looked at us as if we were aliens (kind of WTF look). I instantly told Rambo to stop shooting because he was going to hurt these people, then he unexpectedly turned into a regular looking guy with a huge smile on his face. I quickly looked around the restaurant, and nobody looked any worse for wear, so I headed outside. When I got outside, I noticed that we were inside a huge facility, and the Rambo Assault Vehicle was still there, smashed into the side of the restaurant. A very tall 7 foot man was standing beside Rambo’s vehicle admiring it. I figure he have been the dream creator of this awesome Rambo action scene I just watched, so I asked him, “Did you just create this amazing action dream with Rambo and this assault vehicle?” He laughs and replies, “Heck no, this action dream was created through the thoughts of hundreds of people!” I wasn’t expecting that answer. Interesting!

      After he said that I started to float up above the wreckage and restaurant to see if there was an exit out of this facility. The ceiling was really high, maybe 100 feet, and it was lined with offices and mezzanine walkways. There were people everywhere, and several of them were watching me as I flew around the perimeter of the facility. A child then shouted my name and said, “Show us some lucid dreaming tricks!” Okay, I’ve never had that request before, so I flew into the central area of the facility, about 40 feet off the floor, and I started to form a beach ball size of white light in my hands. I was planning on giving it to the kid, but then the dream fading, so I immediately took off flying right through the facility wall and into the blue skies.

      It was an amazing summer day, and I was flying over a massive city on the coast. There was one very tall building in the city’s central area, so I flew up to it for a closer look. The building was covered in black reflective glass, and reduced in cross section at several intervals in elevations. I could see many people inside the building, through the tinted windows, and I thought maybe this would be a good place to meet up with my daughter. When I got to the roof, the wind was way too strong for a safe landing, so I abandoned mission, and I decided to look for a better place. I quickly flew over to the coastline and saw a beautiful park below with a large concrete monument (war hero remembrance site). I landed on this large concrete deck with concrete railings, a monumental statue, and steps going down in two different directions. There was grass all around, a sidewalk, several covered bench areas, lots of people, and the view of the ocean that was nothing short of amazing! I then started to call for my daughter to come, saying I found a beautiful place for use to meet at.

      As I was walking down one of the concrete stairs, my oldest sister appeared out of thin air, right in front of me. She said, “I figured I’d find you here!” I walked up to her and held both her hands and said, “Yes, this place is amazing!” My 2nd oldest sister then appeared to her left and said, “Hi!”, and then my son appeared to my right on another set of steps, “Hi dad!”. Then my daughter appeared right in front of me. She was crying, I ran up to her and held her in my arms, asking her what’s wrong? She said, “I can’t do this. I don’t want you talking to mom about this anymore.” I then remembered the nasty argument mom and I had the other day about my lucid dreaming visits with my daughter, and I said, “Are talking about the argument mom and I had the other day?” She said, “Yes.” I woke after that, and I realized just how upset my wife gets when I talk about all the wonderful visits my daughter while lucid or in an OBE; whereas my wife barely remembers any of her dreams, and dreams with her daughter has only happened a couple of times since her passing. I’ve decided in the future to only discuss these dreams with my wife if she specifically asks, or if she is directly involved in the dream in some way.
    12. Snuggling in ‘The Void’, and Giving our Daughter a Sandwich Hug - Mar 31, 2015

      by , 04-03-2015 at 01:23 AM
      I went to bed around 10:00 Pm and woke at 3:30 for Wake Back to Bed (WBTB). Read some dream journals, and did some written and spoken mantras (to visit with my daughter while lucid), and then I went to bed and meditated to state where I was consciously awake with my body asleep. Unfortunately, I did fall consciously asleep, and I ended up in a dream where I was driving a snowmobile down a mountainous gravel road during the summer. I was pulling a co-worker on a bobsled, and we were travelling dangerously fast, so she said, “Hey, slow it down a bit!” It sounded like a good idea, so I pulled into a parking lot to take a break. The road just seemed to end in the parking lot, and I found that a bit strange, so then I questioned myself if I was dreaming or not. Yup, definitely dreaming, I’m lucid! I then woke from the excitement and I was back in the void.

      I was lying in bed with my mind consciously awake and my body asleep for a short period of time. Then I felt somebody crawl into bed behind me (I was laying on my left side), and then they reached around and hugged me with their right arm. I moved my dream arm carefully, so as not to move my physical arm, and I gently held onto the person’s wrist. It was definitely my daughter’s wrist, because she has very small delicate wrists. We laid quietly for about 5 minutes in ‘the void’, and then I decided to try and speak with my dream voice, “I love you!” It worked! I was able to talk without using my physical voice. I then felt ‘the vibrations’ happening, but I didn’t want to OBE exit because I was perfectly happy just lying there with my daughter. Soon afterwards ‘the vibrations’ ended, and then I heard a lamb go, “Baaaaah!” in my right ear! Little did I know I was false awakened.

      I sat up in bed unknowingly in a false awakening, and I saw my wife, son, and my son’s friend, all standing in my bedroom. My bedroom actually appeared as my bathroom, with my bed in it. I could hear rocks rolling around somewhere. I told everybody to get the heck out because I was trying to lucid dream, and they all just laughed at me. My wife passed me the I-pad, but it looked totally different, and I couldn’t get the dang thing to work properly, so I passed it back to her and she closed it like a laptop. All these dream signs and I still didn’t realize this was a false awakening. I was getting real angry with everybody being in my room, so I laid down in bed to fall back to sleep. That’s when I woke for real! Darn, that would have been an awesome lucid dream. Clarity was picture perfect!

      In this next dream, I was at a shopping mall talking to a pretty quadriplegic, black haired girl (in her 20’s) who was painting with her mouth. I asked her if she always paints with her mouth, and she replied, “Sometimes I paint with my hair”, as she grabs the paint brush and sticks it in her hair. So I smile and say, “Oh, you’re not paralyzed?”, and she nods ‘yes’ at me. So I sat down beside her to watch her paint, then she sat on my lap. I felt a bit uncomfortable with this, but I was willing to go with it. Then my wife walked up and pushes lightly on the girl’s back to get off me! Trying to avoid trouble, I stand up and walk off with my wife. I reflected on what just happened, and I figured out I was definitely dreaming! Lucid again (DILD)! I then put my hands on my wife’s shoulder and said, “We have to call for our daughter to come!” She momentarily looked puzzled, and then she caught on! We both started calling for our daughter to join us in this dream. We walked up a flight of stairs to a landing, and then my wife became distracted with something. Then I put both my hands on her shoulders and looked her right in the eyes and said, “You must stay focused. Keep calling for our daughter until she comes.” My wife had the strangest looking glowing bluish eyes. She agreed and we continued up to the 2nd storey of the shopping mall.

      Suddenly I heard my daughter say, “What? What’s going on? Huh? How come mom’s there?” BTW, there were tons of people in the shopping mall. Then I saw a little girl walk by, I thought maybe that was my daughter, but no, she walked right past us. We continued calling for our daughter. Then my daughter came running up the stairs and towards my wife. She was really young, maybe 5 or 6 years old, with curly blonde hair. My wife scooped her up in her arms with excitement and they hugged and kissed! I ran around to the other side, and together we gave our daughter a huge sandwich hug! That’s when I woke from all the excitement. I wish I could have stayed longer to see what happened next.
    13. High School Gym, Dancing with my Daughter, Sick Boy and Girl, & Water Bending Attempt - Mar 21, 2015

      by , 03-31-2015 at 02:28 AM
      High School Gym, Dancing with my Daughter, Sick Boy and Girl, & Water Bending Attempt - Mar 21, 2015

      Prior to my WBTB I had a Dream Induced Lucid Dream (DILD). In this dream I was a passenger in the back seat of a convertible. This fellow walks up beside the car and hits me in the forehead with an object (not sure what). I got a bit pissed so I reached up and grabbed him by his collar with my right hand and signalled ‘No’ with my left hand, waving my finger back and forth. He then goes to the fellow in the front passenger seat and says something to him, then he turns to me and says without expression, “I’m one of your dream guides and I’m trying to make you lucid.” Well, saying that certainly worked (not sure about hitting me in the forehead though)! Smoke started pouring out of the engine hood, and we got out to investigate. A bunch of my co-workers then showed up and helped us put the fire out by using water bottles. I then woke up, and it was time for my regular WBTB routine. Strangely when I woke I saw the numbers 3:31 floating and fading out in the air above me, and then I looked at the real clock and it said 3:35 Am. My real clock is 4 minutes fast. That’s never happened before. Maybe it was a false awakening?

      After my WBTB routine, I had another DILD (I had fallen consciously asleep while in ‘the void’). In this dream I was walking into my high school gym, and it certainly was not the way it was supposed to be! When I entered the gym there was a 3 ½ foot tall concrete railing spanning the entire width of gym, and on the other side it dropped down into two lower levels. I instantly became lucid! I momentarily considered jumping over the concrete railing and going for a flight, but I felt a bit acrophobic, so I aborted mission. Instead I turned around and came face to face with a lightly glowing, male, dream figure. When I saw him, he quickly turned away and pretended he didn’t notice me when I said, “I’m dreaming”. The excitement of the moment caused me to wake.

      I fell back to sleep and found myself becoming spontaneously lucid in this memorable dream with my daughter. Everything was perfectly clear and vivid, better than waking life! I walked into a dance hall with at least 100 people dancing to a classic county tune. It looked like square dancing to me, but what do I know about that? The music was very loud. I remembered my dream intent to visit with my daughter, so I started calling her name as I walked around the perimeter of the dance floor. When I reached the front of dance floor I discovered a smaller, circular, empty dance floor with bright colorful pot lighting above. It backed onto the larger dance floor, and the DJ was standing on an elevated platform with all his equipment. As I walked across the smaller dance floor a new song started to play and it was a groovy, hip hop tune with a kickin’ bass beat. The pot lights started keeping beat with the music. Well, I instantly started dancing with myself, and I was really getting into it! That’s when the DJ said, “We’ve got a dancer here!” The tone of his made it sound like, “Oh, here’s another mindless, zombie dreamer going through the instinctual motions.”, but I was fully aware of my environment and I noticed all the people on the main dance floor were now watching me. I didn’t care, I was having fun!

      A group of teenage boys and girls then came running up to my dance floor and started dancing all around me! That’s when I noticed my daughter was in the group! She was wearing a horizontal black and white striped hoodie with the front zipper undone. I called over to give me hug, but she said, “No, I want to dance!” She glanced over at the crowd, and then continued dancing. Then I said, “Daughter come and give me a hug, I need a hug!” She said, “Okay.”, then she ran over to me and I scooped her up in my arms. “Dad, you did it again!”, and then I told her that I loved her (of course). She said, “Dad, it takes so long.” (the time between lucid visits), and I said, “Daughter, it’s hard to do this.” She then got a sad look on her face, and quickly recovered by saying exactly what I felt, “It’s so very important that we spend time together. I don’t care how much time I spend, or how difficult it is trying to become lucid with you.” Her expression changed to happiness and she said, “Yes!” and I held her in my arms, as we danced in circles, until I woke.

      I entered the next dream in a fully lucid state from ‘the void’. I appeared in my kitchen, and there was pale, sickly looking, young boy sitting at my kitchen table (maybe 7 years). I walked over to him and asked his name, and he said, “I don’t know.”, so I said, “You don’t know your name?” He looked down and said, “Yes, I don’t know my name.” I remembered seeing him in an earlier dream, and I told him about this, but he didn’t understand what I was talking about. Then a girl in her late teens walked into my kitchen, and she looked equally as sick. I told her I also saw her in an earlier dream with this young fellow. She asked who I was, so I introduced myself and I told them they were inside my house. Then I told them that they are both welcome here anytime at all, and they both replied, “Thanks!” The lucid dream ended.

      I was walking down a highway and I became spontaneously lucid for no reason at all. Off in the distant I could see cop car lights flashing, so I flew up into the air (horizontal position) to go and investigate. As I approached the cop car, I realized it was driving away from me, so I sped up to get a closer look. I came in right over the flashing lights, and then I flew in vertical position about 10 feet in front of his windshield. I then spun around to face him, as I was flying in reverse down the highway. It was real rush! The cop just ignored me (another crazy lucid dreamer), so I spun around and followed the highway for a very long time, and then I came upon a tunnel that passed under the ocean. At this point I made a hard left and flew along the seashore until I found an interesting looking public pool. I landed beside the main pool and walked around to the other side by a kiddie pool. I remembered dreamers at Dreamviews talking about water bending so I decided to give it a try. I focussed on lifting the water upwards to form a water arm, but instead the water violently rumbled and made undulations. I felt like I was making a scene, so I decided to go for swim in the main pool. Just before I jumped in, the lifeguard said, “That guy’s going swimming with all his clothes on!” I didn’t care, these are my dream clothes! I sat on the bottom of the pool and breathed the water (felt like air), and then the dream suddenly came to an abrupt end. After this I had a cool non-lucid dream about petting kittens in a cow pasture with my son.
    14. Flying Piggy Back and Surprise Visit with my Daughter - Mar 27, 2015

      by , 03-28-2015 at 06:39 PM
      Method: WBTB after 4 hours of sleep, Dream Journal prior night’s dreams from voice recordings, mantras (written and spoken), then back in bed and meditate with imagery until I’m consciously awake with my body asleep. Once in the void, I started to do internal and external body energy transfer exercises. By this point in time it’s been about 1 ½ hours since I first woke for the WBTB routine. I could feel ‘the vibrations’, so I attempted an OBE exit, which worked, but I paused for too long beside my bed, and I was sucked back into my body. I was a bit disappointed with this, but it was still early in the night, and I knew there were some lucid dreams ahead of me, so I fell asleep. Time for fun!

      In this first lucid dream I was holding my wife’s hand as she happily skipped along. We were in a long hallway inside somebody’s house. I couldn’t help but notice she was in her early 20’s looking very young and beautiful (she’s 48 in waking life and beautiful). This made me instantly lucid (DILD - Dream Induced Lucid Dream). I said to my wife, “Hop on my back and let’s go for a piggyback ride!”, and she happily did so. After a couple steps, I leapt into the air and we were now flying piggyback style! We flew through the living room, and then into another room where my wife said, “What’s going on here? We’re flying. How’s this possible?” I said, “We’re dreaming!”, and she replied, “Oh, okay!” I then flew back into the living room, and by this point I was flying horizontal, and she was holding on tight! The entire living room was full of my family members, and my nephew Kent said as he laughed, “That’s awesome!” Then unexpectedly, somebody grabbed my right pant leg, and I came to a complete stop and we stood up.

      I spun around to see who stopped me from flying, and an older woman (my age) was standing there looking a bit guilty. I said to her, “Why did you stop us from flying?” She fumbled with words, and then I said, “Was something wrong with what we were doing?” She then said, “You should be keeping a lower profile.”, and I replied, “But we were just having fun. There’s nothing wrong with that!” Her face was turning a bit red with embarrassment and she turned and walked away. I grabbed my wife by the hand and we followed her for a couple of feet to where she had nowhere further to walk in the living room. I then asked her, “Who are you?” She said, “I’m a relative!”, so I asked, “A relative of mine or my wife’s?” She said, “Of your wife’s. I go back a long ways. I’m German, and there were three of us.” I said, “Well then, what’s your name?” She still wouldn’t tell me. I then had a false awakening, and I sat up in bed to voice record this lucid dream, but I saw a very pretty blonde woman standing in the darkness of my room (it wasn’t my bedroom, I was someplace else). She looked like she was glowing with soft white light, and she looked very much like the woman I recently saw in another lucid dream (black eyes, no whites, very slender, with Barbie doll perfect skin, and long blonde hair).

      She didn’t seem to see me, so I stood up in the darkness, and said, “Hello?” She looked at me and said, ”Huh, who’s there?” and I said my name, “It’s me!”, and she said, “Oh, it’s you?” She seemed very shocked with this. She then morphed into woman with curly blonde hair with a more roundish face, and she now had glasses on. Her eyes also changed from being completely black to having irises with whites. I thought why did she morph, I liked her look? I realized I had my CPAP mask on, so I tore it off my face and threw it on the ground. I then floated towards her in standing position. She turned around and quickly ran out of the bedroom and down the hallway, and I followed closely behind. I just wanted to talk to her. She ran into a kitchen. All the lights were off in the house, but she was glowing white so there was some light around her. She stopped by the kitchen table and faced me. She distorted her mouth, and her teeth went all crooked and missing. I began to think that maybe she was scared of me. I floated up to her, and she grabbed a knife off the table and stuck it up to the handle into my stomach. I didn’t feel anything, except some slight pressure, but my feelings were hurt.  I guess I shouldn’t go floating behind somebody in a dark house (I must have been real freaky looking/acting). I then went into another false awakening except when I opened my eyes; I was in outer space travelling at high speed. I forced myself awake, and I voice recorded these Lucid dreams.

      In this third lucid dream I was standing outside my elementary school. There were a bunch of children and teenagers around me. I decided to head into the school and see what’s going on in the auditorium. As I was walking down the school hallway, a beautiful teenage girl with curly blonde hair, who I didn’t recognize, walked up beside me and put her arm around my waist. Boom, lucid! Another DILD! This kind of stuff just doesn’t happen when you’re old gnarly man like me (unless it’s your daughter). I put my arm around her should and drew her in close as we walked.
      Me: “Who are you?”
      Her: “I don’t know?”
      Me: “Well perhaps you are somebody I know?”
      Her: “Yes.”
      Me: “Are you my daughter?”
      Her: “Yes, yes I am!” She had a huge smile on her face! I still didn’t recognize her, but she had my daughter’s voice.
      Me: “Okay then, you must prove it. What does daddy like to nibble.”
      Here: Grinning and quietly she says, “Bellybuttons.”
      Laugh, laugh, giggle, giggle! When my daughter was a child I use to say to her, “Where’s the button? I want to nibble on that button!” then I would chase her, as she frantically ran away screaming, until I caught her and kissed her button, then she would always giggle.

      My daughter than said to me, “Dad, I want a glass of Coke.”, so we went to the Coke dispensing machine in the corner of the gym and I pushed the Coke button. Coke started pouring out of the nozzle, but there was no glass there, and it ran all over the floor. My daughter laughed, and said, “Dad, you have to put a glass in there first!” I could feel my lucidity failing, so I said, “Let’s walk around for a bit.”, but I then went into a false awakening, and I wanted to voice record my lucid dream with my daughter before I forgot the details, but then I realized I was dreaming because I was outside on the street with my coffee table in front of me. I forced myself awake, but I went into another false awakening, and then another one, and then finally I woke up for real and I voice recorded the lucid dream. I should have engaged the false awakenings and had more lucid fun with my daughter rather than trying to wake, but there’s always that risk of forgetting if you continue on for too long.
    15. Two Visits with my Daughter - Mar 24, 2015

      by , 03-26-2015 at 12:34 AM
      WBTB method: Read Dreamviews dream journals, verbal and written Mantras, dream incubation using digital photos, meditation, body energy transfer work (both internal and external), then a couple of different tactile visualizations while in the void (consciously awake with body asleep).

      Two hours later I found myself in a lucid dream, walking in my upstairs hallway, and then I got too excited and end up back in the void (consciously awake with body asleep). Quite often I get ‘the vibrations’ right after an LD, so I sat up in bed, and OBE exited. It was totally dark in my bedroom, and I couldn’t see a thing, so I fumbled around trying to find the door knob. Finally I found the door knob, opened the door, and walked out, but then the door pushed into my back. I turned around to go back into my room to see who was pushing my door closed, but I couldn’t push the door open, because somebody was holding it closed on the other side. I got too excited again and ended up back in the void. I thought to myself, “Darn, I blew it, I won’t be able to visit with my daughter tonight.”

      I knew I only had about an hour left before my dang alarm clock went off, and I reluctantly decided to give it one more try. I usually don’t have much luck when I’m down to the last hour, because I usually fall consciously asleep and dream. I did tactile visualization again, where I was dropping coins from my right hand into to my left, and then passing them back to my right and repeating. I did this for about 10 minutes, and then I entered a lucid dream without losing consciousness. It was pretty cool. Suddenly a room appeared around me and I sat up in bed, and found myself standing in a hotel room with the front door open. It was a sunny summer day! There were lots of people outside, walking around on the street, and construction workers everywhere. They were building a bunch of new homes across the street. I walked outside, jumped over the porch railing, and landed nicely in the front yard of the hotel. A construction worker with a thick black beard was staring at me. I then floated up into the air, and he looked at me with a shocked and bewildered expression. At this point I remembered my mantra to visit with my daughter, so I quickly floated back down to the ground.

      I headed off down the street, “Calling for my daughter to come and visit with me, because I was lucid.” People were everywhere, and it seemed like a good safe place for my daughter. I’ve notice that when there are lots of people around, there’s less chance of meeting up with a delinquent dream figure. I continued calling her name until I reached the end of the street, which ended in a keyhole. Then I heard my daughter calling, “Dad!” I looked and saw two women quickly walking down the street towards me, and then I recognized my daughter! She came and gave me a big hug, and I told her I loved her. There was this beautiful, blonde, curly haired woman standing beside my daughter, so I said, “Who’s your friend?” My daughter said, “That’s Mila!” Mila was shy, and she had her head down. I said, “You’re very cute! You look a lot like my daughter. You two could be sisters!” I gave her a hug, and she grinned a bit, and my daughter said, “Dad! Jeez.” I smiled at my daughter, but then I went back into the void.

      I was consciously awake with my body asleep, and I thought to myself, “Should I continue on and risk forgetting this wonderful experience, or should I wake up and voice record the lucid dream?” I decided to continue on, because how could I possibly forget a lucid visit with my daughter? A short time later, ‘the vibrations’ started and I could feel myself floating around on my bed, so I sat up, and OBE exited. My room was black and I couldn’t see anything, so I fumbled for the door again, and then I started to count. Counting helps me stay focus and maintain the lucidity in an OBE. I was practically blind, so I started tearing at whatever was covering my face. I was thinking that maybe I was tearing my face off or that something really gross was happening. While I was tearing at my face I walked downstairs into the living room, where I finally tore off a big piece, and I was able to have a good look at it. Well holy smokes! It was a piece of white fabric! I continued tearing the fabric off my face as I walked through the dining room, kitchen, hallway, and finally back upstairs to my daughter’s bedroom. By the time I entered her bedroom I could clearly see, and her bedroom was nicely lit.

      Her bedroom was incredibly vivid and clear, more so than the waking world. There were artistic sculptures everywhere, way different than anything I’ve seen in my life. There were many colors I didn’t recognize, and the sculptures were made of materials very foreign to me. I thought to myself, this would amaze the world if people could see this, but I really didn’t understand what I was looking at, and I’m really struggling trying to describe it, but it made me feel happy, like looking at a garden full of flowers, or viewing a scenic mountain range. Some of the sculptures had features resembling flowers, but I was really thrown by all the new and different colors. I started calling for my daughter to come, and she very quickly answered, “Dad, I’m here!”, as she walked in the bedroom door. She looked so beautiful and happy, and I gave her a hug and kiss. I was still very occupied with all that I was seeing in her bedroom, so we didn’t talk much. I then asked if she knew why I couldn’t see when I OBE exited, and what was covering my face, and she said she didn’t know. I walked over to her mirror to take a look at myself, to possibly figure it out, and I said, “Well at least this time I have pants on!” She laughed at what I said, and then things faded quickly and I was back in bed once again. I woke up feeling very much loved!
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