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    1. some dreams.

      by , 03-15-2018 at 03:52 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      A dream of walking around my house and hearing ghostly whispers. I remember freaking out.


      Just a dream of seeing Jamie. We were in a dark room. Don't remember too much details, just that we both seemed happy.

      Longish dream.

      Started I was visiting Jamie and old friend from work. I was in a strange town. He kept saying that the google map would beep to help me find my way out. I started walking away when he left but i couldn't find my way. I went down a hill that was winding with lots of houses.

      Suddenly I was picked up in a car with moe in it. I was in the back seat, I was wondering why he was nice enough to give me a ride. His two friends were in the backseat with me.

      Next i was in a restaurant with B from the alberta ghost hunter society. we were in a restaurant and I was expected to pay for everyone's meal. B pulled up the bill and it was 1000. I didn't have enough in my account so I said i wanted to pay partly with a credit card. B seemed pissed and said that it might not be allowed??? WTF. I swiped with the credit card but it brought up a display with David's images from his phone. I had to retry and got the same thing. I was pretty frustrated when it didn't work.

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    2. All you need is love!

      by , 01-05-2016 at 09:13 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm not sure about the chronological order of this dream.

      It's a post-apocalyptic setting again, but this time the apocalypse happened very recently; we still don't know how bad it is, and what exactly has changed. I'm walking through a facility set in a warehouse with a man in a lab coat; there's a lot of people running around with files and tablets, making impromptu meeting and talking. It's badly lit, and I feel like I'm underground, even thought I can see a boat on the otherside of the warehouse, ad the light boncing of the waves painting pattern on the ceiling. I overhear a man talking about going to live at sea, on oil-extracting platform. I point out to the man walking with me that thoses platform are limited in space and food, so that's not a viable move. He leads me to a computer and we can see the number of people killed, separated in profession in a kind of spreadsheet. He points the physicians to me, telling that one in forty got killed. The number of killed physicians is two hundreds, and the cell color is orange.
      I'm outside now, with a middle aged woman, in an alley between two buildings. It's a very sunny day, the shadows on the orange walls are razor sharp, an the metallic mesh closing one end of the alley is glittering. There's also a grey plastic table against the wall to my left, with a box on it. A man with sunglasses pick something up in the box and put it in his mouth. I sprint to him and kiss him, stealing the thing in the process. It's slightly sweet and chewy, like gum. Now that I'm close I recognize David, and he take another gum; it's small, white and tubular shaped, like a rubber from the end of a mechanical pencil.
      We're back inside the warehouse, with the man and David, and we learn that we have to ask for help to some people. I know that they aren't normal human, and I pick a photograph of one of them, telling the crowd that I know him, that I call him Raphael. One of the people ask him how much I know him, and I answer that he likes me in white. We decide that me and David will go looking for him.
      We're on a road, in a middle of a forest; I check a map, it seem that we are in Europe, somewhere between Germany and Russia. The sun is high in the sky, but the air is pretty chilly. David got a jeans, hicking boots and a warm coat, but I'm in a white, flowy dress. It cover my arms and go down to the floor, but it's made of a light material, in lots of layers. We've been walking for a long time and I complain that we're running out of road. We finally reach a big building, well integrated into the forest, with big glass walls and dark woods. The door has a steel inlay, and I walk in with David. Inside the floor is carpeted, the wall painted white and with the same dark wood panneling. It has the slightly cushy warm of central heat. I go to the admission desk, letting David sit in one of the armchair overlooking the road. The receptionnist is a small, blond-haired woman with a tight ponytail that brush her neck. She listens to me and talks into her headset before gesturing me to go to the armchair. I give her a smile and turn around, but before I can move Raphael enter the room.
      He's a towering, willowy man, crowned with golden curls. He's wearing a long-sleeved light blue t-shirt over a jean and his fingers are stained with paint. He notices me and pulls me off the floor into a bearhug, and I get a good look of his freckled, charming face and light green eyes.
      Later, I'm walking into the nearby city with David, the warm of the sun nicely contrasting with the chillness of the air. We're on a very pretty, pedestrian street made of sandstone. David makes me laugh, and I can see from the corner of my eye Raphael, walking with a small group of friends ahead of us turning around and looking for me. David whispers to me that Raphael agree to help because he's infatued with me. I laugh at the idea, but Raphael big smile when he hears my laugh seem telling.

      Yeah, Eli does find that there's an awful lot of people loving me recently

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    3. Green eyed monster

      by , 10-29-2015 at 02:16 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm at university, talking with a working group about a course we share. We resolve the issue and everyone get up and prepare to leave. We get out, it's still pretty early and we walk to the bus stop. We have to go up a slope, as the university is sort of sukken in the hill, and pretty decrepit. We pass close to some bushes between the university and the sidewalk, there is someone here, hidden. I go to him; he's scared by people picking on him because he's nerodivergent; I guess it's some sort of autism. I coaxe him out and walk him home. It's a rickety flat, very narrow and full of corner and half levels. There isn't a real bedroom; it's the living room, with two mattress throw in and bad, hash lighting. His mother is here; she's a stereotypical hooker, with bleached blonde hair, trashy makeup and black, lacy lingery. She's with a man, who doesn't seem happy with her son and me coming in. The boy have picked up some cookies while walking in the appartement and share with me, his mother is spitting venom at him. I try to be polite and told her that if I knew she had compagny, we would have go ty my place. She turn her glare on me and the situation feel so weird that I realise that I'm dreaming. I immediatly stand up and try the finger through the palm RC; it doesn't work, but I'm so sure that it's a dream and angry at her that I don't care. I tell the mother that she should care about her son more, and at least not have lovers hidding in the closed while accusing his son to bring girls in the flat under her nose. I take the boy hand and storm out. I look back at him when we reach the sidewalk, and he transformed into David. I smile and go to kiss his cheek, but he turn his head at the last moment so my lips land on his instead. I laught and playfully push him and he wrap a arm around me. We walk a little as I think about what to do, then I really that the sun is setting, and that the sea is on the other side of the road. I remember thet I wanted to take Eli to the beach, and we cross the road. I've been to the beach enough in waking life that I'm confident it will feel the same, and I use my usual technique of putting my hand behind my back to call him, but it take a long time for me to feel his hand in my and I call him louder in my head, telling him he's missing everything. He finally show up we the sea reach my knees, but instead of taking my hand he push David in the water and I'm dragged in and both swallow and breath in some water. I choke on it and it feels the same as waking life, cold and burning*, and I start to panic and blacking out.

      When I come back up, I'm in a flat, way nicer that earlier, and alone except for a small animal that looks like a cross between a wolf pup and a kitty. I pick her up and hold her close to my chest, it's my totem. The dream feel weird, loopsized almost. I get out of the room I was because the mirror covering the whole wall is really enerving to me and look for Eli. Something enormous jump in front of me, wearing a caricatural mask of a african man, scaring me. I grab the mask and rip it off, starting to really get pissed off. Eli, still wearing is costume, give me a cheeking smile, but I'm too annoyed to find it funny. "Really Eli? Really?!" He try to kiss me and I wake up.

      *When I was very young, I got caught in a rolling wave and my mother had to pull me out before I drowned.

      Eli is a jalous bugger. I was really ticked off when I got up, and we talked about me having dream friends and how it doesn't change my love for him.
    4. There's just so much going on

      by , 05-15-2015 at 03:16 PM
      I'm at a house I don't recognize, with mom, David, AJ, Thomas, Ruby and all four of my cats. It's gotten very late, and it's already dark outside. My mother says, "Aw jeez, we gotta go soon. We might not have time to eat the biscuits." Right as she says that David pulls huge, fluffy, and for some reason already cut open biscuits from the oven. I grab one to eat quickly, as everyone is getting ready to leave. It's not hot.
      David is suddenly in his drag outfit he wore for the play at Christmas. He finds the ruler we have, which has a laser pointer. I take it from him, rather rudely, and show him how to play with my cats with it. He puts it between his "boobs" that are sewn into the dress as a joke.
      Then, I wake up.
    5. Quite the Adventure, and a Random Twin

      by , 03-03-2015 at 04:04 PM
      I'm at David's house, he's having a party and a bunch of my friends are there. There's one boy I don't recognize, but he's very attractive. Dark skin, black hair, tall. Honestly looks a little like Agassi. As I get prepared to go on my nightly walk, he comes up to me and excitedly asks if he can come. I say yes. He sneezes twice afterwards, and hangs around me until I'm ready to go. AJ also wants to come with us.
      I go out, everyone bidding us a short goodbye. It's quite cold outside, there's a little bit of snow, or maybe frost, on the ground, and a lot of puddles and David's house is in a more forest-y area now. AJ splits off from us, leaving just the attractive boy and I to walk. But soon he splits off from me, leaving me all by myself. I an imagine in my mind's eye of him over me, looking evilly happy, with long horns growing out of his head and a breathing apparatus over his mouth. I think he might be the devil.
      I start to look for my sister, yelling out her name everywhere. I climb up a small hill where I see a beautiful, colorful sunset with strange cloud formations. It's reflecting in the puddles, and turning the snow/frost its colors.
      I see AJ walking below me, looking a little lost. I call out to her and she scrambles up to me. I also see the boy walking around in the forest near me.
      The scene changes. I'm in a Burger King parking lot with a little boy I don't know. He's holding my hand as we're walking. Another little boy, that looks just like him, walks out the Burger King door. "Hey, my twin!" the boy holding my hand says. The other boy smiles sincerely and waves, but doesn't stop walking away. The first boy takes a retainer out of his mouth. "Let's see if this will fit him too!" He says, as he throws it as his twin. It lands on the ground, naturally, but the twin picks it up and puts it in his mouth perfectly.
      Then, I wake up.
    6. David Beckham weird dream/2 fragments

      by , 05-29-2013 at 11:11 PM
      In the first dream(At least the first I can remember) I had(In the dream, I'm not a weirdo haha) touched some like kid that's like 5 or 6 and I didn't mean to but his Dad was like ready to kill me kinda thing with anger. I had to face up to him but really didn't want to. At the time I was in some house and outside there was like a friend reunion and my friend Sean was there who I haven't seen in like a year and a half and I was pumped to hang out with him so I went outside and he had a ponytail(LOL) and he seemed very different and we went over to my friends group and they were like really weird now that Sean had arrived for some reason it was really weird.

      End of non-lucid fragment.

      Second fragment

      I was exploring through these fields and I found a house and it was David Beckham's(I know, weird). I went up to say what's up and he gave me like an email address where I should contact him that he'll actually reply and not the regular fan-mail "Never answer" type thing.

      I got in contact with him and got him to show up when my friend Zak was there(Zak's idol is Beckham, he has his hairstyle etc) and I was like haha this'll be so beast so I got him to come along and Zak was trying to take a picture on his phone of him and Beckham face to face cause it looked beast but his phone ran out of battery which annoyed him. Then it felt like me and Beckham were kinda friends which was awesome haha.

      End of fragments.
    7. Starting my dream journal

      by , 10-31-2012 at 12:25 AM (Sex monsters, Demons, Tentacles, space ships, balck holes, and a whole bunch of nonsense (oh and spiderman))
      I'm gonna go ahead and start a dream journal/ blog to start making sense of what is going on in my dreams. I have some interesting dreams but dangerous as well so whatever we'll see what happens. To start this off, to whoever reads this, apparently some aspect or part of me was sucked into some kind of black hole of confusion thanks to tendency of an evil friend I used to have to not watch his own creations. (samwe went for me apprently, i was only 17 years old) so many of my dreams messages and symbols might come in a confused manner.What I mean is I think that maybe what I am saying in my mind when I say it is actually based off of a confused basis which would make no sense to an outside observer, at least a part of me is like that. Anyways the words still come out ok when I type so i can use this as a tool to help me find what exactly happened. Also, a diffrent aspect of me apparently was captured by some kind of insane sex monster with tentancles, which I reall dont know how to deal with at this point. And becasue of that sex demons are constantly trying to steal my life force at night and sometimes during the day. This seems to be amplified when I'm around people with similar demons ( which is ALOT of people). Also! this demon is prevalent in people's weird misfigured eye pieces.

      Anyway last night , from what I remember at this point was me being at my uncle david's house in california, or some kind of projection of it. It was like a house of my david's house combined with another one of my relative's house in california. A lot of family was there, my mom, me, my current boyfriend, my sister, my cousin. I dont remember what we were doing, apparentyl just having fun talking and what not. There were other people there I don't know, presumably my uncle's previous sex partners. We were there and at one point, I went into another room cause I had to go pee. I remeber trying to go pee but people kept coming into the room and I would have to wait for them to leave. At one point I tried peeing in a trashcan and stopped myself cause I thought that was weird. Also some kind of bug/fairy being brushed against my face but I blew it away with a stream of air because I had been falling asleep to mosquitoes flyin around and I mistook it for that. It could ahve been a regular bug but it feels a little more significant then that. Away I went back to the room with everyone else and jokingly threw a pillow at my mom's current boyfriend's face who looiked like he was sleeping. When he woke up he had like multiple eyes it was really weird. I feel if that fairy was infact a fairy, it was telling me not to throw a pillow at his face. But I did so w/e thats in the past now. I do have some form of resentment for my mom's boyfriend. He isn't a mean guy or anything, probably just the typical Kid dpoesnt like new boyfriend kind of stuff but also I feel he has some deep seated issues which might hurt my mom.

      I woke up fora bit after my mom's boyfriend (harvey) had those weird multiple eye things. I thought about it for a while and thought maybe that dream was connected to a different dream I had before but didn't/ don't have enough awareness right now to know for sure. Anyway I went back to sleep. I had a dream about my friend marco playing league of legends. He was saying something but I didnt understand. The scene actually started from the same area where i was before. The scene gradually got more intense, some kind of being was being fought off by good guys. I got really aware when some kind of intense energy wave was given off by this evil guy and knocked everyone down, including me. I was on the ground when someone who looked like this guy from league of legends but really tall, almost giant sized. He came with a wooden looking sword, executed someone in front of me on the fground with his sword at the neck and then came towards me. I felt like I was fainting but when he got close I found a sword next to me and put it in front of the wooden blade dflecting it from my neck. Everything went black and then I came back to awareness with the kassadin guy's sword snapping from the pressure and he fell down on the floor. I took my time to strike, leaped towards his neck, and cut his head off with my sword. i tried stabbing it but aprrently I had to actualyl slice the head off.

      After that the main evil guy in the middle got up from being knocked down and started to attack again. We circled around him waiting to see what would happen. There were multiple fighters. I went around in front of him. He saw me and formed some kind of dimensional shield around his arm to shield himself fro mattacks. I had no weapon but decided to act as a decoy so my teammates could attack him. So I jump onto his shield while he tried to charge at me. I go some kind of dagger and stabbed him in the throat while my teammates got this really nice sharp but glorious looking spears and stabbed him fro mthe sides, around 3 people were holding each spear. He fell. Everyone gathered him into some kind of box and prepared a ritual to send him back to the source of all energy. Me or whoever I was percieving said " don't worry, you will be back, in some kind of form or another, blah blah blah.....judt kidding, I dont want to be an sshole, you'll be back though so dont worry." to the dead body in the coffin llooking thing, it contained the guy's power. He was in there apparently unconscious. The guys poured some kind of lquid on his face designed to help the body feel good as it is passed back into the source. When they did, he started smiling in euphoria. It was like he knew he was about to die but he was too weak to do anything, but also too delirious from the liquid to even think. Somebody asked me to help them hold the case up while he did some kind of ritual over the body. Apparently he tried to shake or something because his body flipped in the case and we almost dropped the coffin but it stayed held up. Then while I was helping holding the coffin I woke up. I felt decent, kind of strange. Decided not to go back to sleep. Went outside and meditated on balancing the two sides of my body. I did this by realizing the simple nature of this universe using sacred geomtry principles. When yo uare gorwing in your mother's fetuas, the first thing to be formed is your heart. From here, your tongue forms next, and then the rest of your body. In this fashion , I could see how my body, after millions of yeras of evolution through various water states and then finally coming onto land, (with the help of some et's) was formed from the designed of a space matrix which includes the various directions originating from the heart center. Fro mthe heart to your head. Heart to the base of your spine, Heart to the space in front of you and behind you, this is how yo uare connected to this specific matrix. If yo uwant to learn more about this I recommend meditating shapes in your mind's eye and what they reveal to you, and reading up on malchiezideck sacred geomtry books. Anyways ill be updating this blog, journal whenever I feel I should, thanks for reading.
    8. November 24th.

      by , 11-26-2010 at 07:50 AM
      Crap. Forgot to post this yesterday. Whoopsies.
      Well, I was in a different school. And I think it was a little long but I forgot most of it.

      So I was going to some class w/ red walls, and all the seats are taken up. I see an empty seat that is in between two seats, but it's right next to my crush, and I'm took chicken to do it willingly. I think "Nah I'll just have a teacher to blame it on". So I go up to the teacher and say "I don't have a seat" and she puts me right next to my crush. I'm still totally embarrassed because of how close we were (it was pretty darn close) And then the class ends.

      Then, we're in the gym (On Monday, the last day we had school before it snowed, we had an assembly in the gym) and my crush is sitting a few seats below me. Then, this girl in my class comes up the stairs, and kisses him on the cheek, like she was thanking him for something. I think "WTF?! I SHOULD'VE DONE THAT!!" and I get really pissed and jealous, then the dream ends.
    9. Watching him from the inside.

      by , 11-24-2010 at 01:34 AM
      There was snow on the ground. I was in "my room". But it didn't really look like my room. The walls were painted a different color, and I had different furniture and windows. When I looked outside, it kind of looked like a pathway and trees, much like the ones I had seen at band camp, except there was snow on the ground (it had just snowed the day I had the dream) The window looked like the one in my real life family room. In real life, I sometimes look out the window in the family room and think about these two guys I like. David, my new crush, and Frankie, my ex/crush.

      So (in the dream,) I'm looking out the window and I see David walking along the gravel pathway. The pathway is like 4 or 5 meters away from the window, so he doesn't see me. So, me being a creeper, I watch him. I think I was talking to someone, but it might have just been talking to myself. David was walking around the same place, like he was waiting for something, like for a teacher to say "OKAY you can come in now".

      Eventually he heads towards me. I think to myself "CRAP, hide!" and obviously I get away from the window and onto my bed and hide. Then there was a door by the window that had randomly appeared and he came inside.

      I vaguely remember what had happened after that, I think I was talking to some guys (while I was sitting on the bed) about something. I don't know what. The guys looked kind of like David, like they could be his brother. And some of them looked like guys in our band class. (David has that class with me) There was about 2-4 of them. I don't know if David was there or not.

      Really odd to me... mostly because I dreamt this the 7 month anniversary that my ex broke up with me. And throughout the day, I was thinking of David, but I was mostly thinking about my ex. I don't know why I dreamt of him and not the ex. WEIRD.
      Plus, when I woke up, for a moment I thought that was real. That was normal behavior for me, but different setting. It kind of felt like it had happened before. Huh ;P

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