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    1. I meet Dawn

      by , 05-08-2017 at 02:05 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      I'm in a vast snow covered area and it's snowing. Nothing but snow in every direction. There's a small machine spewing out black snow. Two small alien creatures were born under this machine. Somehow I knew these creatures usually have white fur, but they adapt to their environment. The first one I see has black fur because of the machine. She looks like a cross between a kitten and a ferret. She climbs around my body excitedly and seems to like me. Somehow I know her name and say it: "Dawn!". I take some black snow from the machine and sprinkle it on the other cat-like creature. The orange cat hisses at me and doesn't change color.

      Dream jumps. I'm at a research facility and people I don't trust have taken Dawn and the orange cat to study them. They call them by different names and I dislike that. "Her name is Dawn." I tell a researcher, but they don't listen. I want to get Dawn out of there.

      Alright. I wanted to summon something similar to Dawn in my next lucid, but seems she came to me first. I will meet her again.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Waterspout, Flying, and Dawn LD #139

      by , 11-20-2014 at 01:38 PM (Lucid Time!)
      At some point I tried to manifest Dawn. He looks nothing like DawnEye11 showed me in her picture; he has white hair but it is medium length and curly. He has on a white sweater and a brown vest, and thick glasses. He smiles at me and I lose the dream.

      I am on a beach somewhere, standing on a dock. Out at sea there is this huge waterspout churning in the water. It is being created by some manifestation of evil or something, and supposedly it is going to to continually chase me and try to drown me, like those big waves that I always see in my dreams.
      I nose pinched and became lucid. I decided I would rather than run, face the fear of drowning and go into the spout intentionally. I jumped off the end of the dock and ran across the surface of the water directly into the waterspout. As I got close, some lightning struck nearby, as if to warn me.
      I looked closely at the spout itself, and how water seemed to be streaming both up and down it simultaneously, and it also seemed to be rotating. I recall it having a very textured look almost having 'spikes' on it.
      I ran in and let myself lose my balance. I just let it do its thing and, knowing that I was dreaming, I could take it. I mostly tumbled around in what felt like mostly water and little bit of wind. It spun me up and up a long ways. I had my eyes closed at first, but slowly I opened them. I felt less and less water and it felt colder. I could see how the waterspout was sucking water off of the ocean and depositing it in a storm cloud. (I'm sure that's not meteorologically accurate.)
      When I got to the top, I could see down through the eye of the spout all the way to the bottom. For some reason this part of the cloud had an invisible floor and I could walk around and view the spout from different angles from above. I could also see the island that I had started on, and the beach with the dock. It was quite a veiw.

      For some reason I thought the dream had ended. I manifested a computer and went on dreamviews to type about the dream that I had.

      I was sitting atop a sand dune (same beach) The waterspout was gone. I was simply looking around, trying to wrap my head around lucidity.
      "Okay, so this is a dream... This is all in my head... I am actually asleep."
      I feel a warm breeze blowing and think that it feels too real to be a dream. But eventually I figure that it has to be a dream. I run down the sand dune to the coast and decide to fly.
      "This is all a dream. It's all in your head. You can do anything!"
      I get a running start and jump. It's floaty, but I'm coming back down. I jump off again and make my rockets. And we're off. I start saying thing because I want to go faster; I want to fly up in the clouds.
      I start to go a little faster.
      "Fast as you can go!"
      I see a large tree ahead. I roll and pass between the branches.
      I start to go quite a bit faster, maybe 15 or 20 miles per hour.
      I really get some speed. Maybe 40 or 50 miles per hour. I pull out over the water and start to go up. I want to fly through a cloud.
      Then, my flying just cuts out. I find myself in my backyard. I get the dream ending feeling and all of my goals come crashing back to me. I quickly try to manifest Manei. Manei, Dawn and Eye all appear. This time they look like her picture, even down to the poses. I think that they were just cardboard cutouts that had been drawn on. Manei was real though. Then I wake up.

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    3. Rain of rocks

      by , 07-28-2014 at 09:24 AM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      .../I'm out of the city, standing between an open field and a school. The whole sky is densely covered with dark storm clouds. It's dawn. I see there's a lot of people wearing clothes from different religious grounds on the place when we hear a loud roar followed by its echoes. I cannot distinguish if it was a thunder or the eruption of a volcano when I see far in the field a huge rock making its way through the clouds like a meteor although I cannot see any fire nor smoke behind it. On the contrary, it looks like it was thrown by a catapult although it seems to be breaking the speed of sound because of the vapor cloud that can be seen around the rock leaving a white trail across its path which is not regular, as the rock has sort of motion effect that deviates it from its predictable trajectory randomly spinning to any size. It hasn't touch the ground when we see another one, and then another one opening their way through the clouds. Every time closer than the previous one. Producing the same irregular trails across the sky. One of the rocks heavily falls and quick bounces taking some persons with it. The rest of the people panics and run for cover in the yard which is under a second floor of the school. I decide to go with them but I'm starting to think that perhaps it's not a good idea to use this building as shelter. Then I hear a crash sound coming from the roof and almost immediately after, a rock makes its way through the roof above us taking more people with it. I hear screams here and there, people running without direction. It's madness all around. I don't have time to see the gore. I take a look out to the field, where I was standing, the number of raining rocks have significantly increased and it's starting to become dense here too. It's chaos, an Armageddon like feeling starts to spread around the place. I decide it's better to go out somewhere I can see the sky in order to avoid any falling rocks. I go out through the main gates of the school which has turned into my primary school because of the rocks have just started to fall in that side. I get to the street and see a lot of people running out of control. I turn to see the sky enough to realize there's one about to fall right where I am, I have to move fast to avoid it with a jump. It falls to my side taking some persons with it/...

      * Woke up hearing the sound of the wind hardly shaking the leaves of the trees

      * Relative size of the rocks:

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      nightmare , memorable , dream fragment , non-lucid
    4. Portals and scans, birds and music

      by , 02-02-2014 at 11:24 PM
      I'm about to open a portal for someone, and I'm trying to explain the difficulties of this type of teleportation to them. I'm saying, no, it doesn't have to be a place I've been to before, but I have to be able to keep the precise location I 'feel' in mind. Things like direction or distance from here to there, those matter - what the place looks like doesn't.

      As Rumpelstiltskin, I'm using magic to sort of scan someone for some information, together with Belle, and Belle is able to feel it - she's surprised by the feel of it. It seems like it's happy; she didn't expect it to have a mind of its own. And it worries her that it seems happy, when the person we're scanning is sick. I'm thinking, the magic doesn't care about the person being sick one way or the other, it doesn't really understand what people or sickness are, it's just happy about the way it's being used - it's got a life of its own to a degree but it's not that sentient.

      I'm outside my IRL home at dawn, and there are all these beautiful birds. A great horned owl on a tree stump, a snowy egret walking across the lawn, a variety of smaller birds that I don't recognize in the trees, and four peacocks that show absolutely no fear of humans, I'm standing right next to one and it's not bothered, I'm thinking the peacocks must have been tame.

      There are two guys climbing up a rock - they think of it as a mountain, but it's barely a hill - carrying a radio and a guitar. A musician they like died here, and one of them has insisted on making a sort of pilgrimage, to play his music at the place he "breathed his last breath." At the top of the rock they turn on the radio. A female vocalist sings "At last the time fell-" The guys brought their own instruments and are joining in. One of them is on the guitar, but the one who insisted on this trip has some small metal instrument that looks vaguely like a comb, played with the thumb.

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    5. Lost Bus

      by , 08-27-2012 at 03:50 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I am riding a bus going somewhere. Reminds me of Makati. I was with other PATAS members. Dawn. I'm looking at a box.
    6. Nov 29 Dream Travel on the Dawn

      by , 12-01-2011 at 09:27 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I just recalled my dream yesterday, or a part of it.

      I was riding a taxi from a place after some seminar. We were traveling on a road, and to the left, I can see an expanse of water. Not the sea, as far as I can tell. And the sun is there, rising, so I presumed it was the east.

      I arrived to the city's main area. It was night. The taxi turned a couple of corners. In the last one, I saw a huge statue head. It was familiar, but I forgot the look. It was in the east, beside the city hall, facing the plaza.

      I asked the driver if there are vehicles passing by my dormitory (the image of my dormitory in Bacolod came to mind), but he said it's already late. I arrived at the marketplace/vehicle station, and hoped that there are still some. I walked a bit, and on the road, I saw a jeep with passengers. I had a "wider" view of the area. The jeep is alone on the road, facing south, and I was looking at them from the south west. It seems... dark, but not too dark that I can't see. It feels like a pre-dawn setting.
    7. Just until dawn

      by , 10-25-2011 at 03:53 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was on the street of a completely unknown city, it was a pretty rural place and nature didnít seem to be impaled much to build that city. It was night and the sky was clear, as I looked up I saw several flying objects, up closer than normal planes. I saw a few space shuttles, and talked to some of the DCís around about that. Then I saw something completely strange and began to follow it as good as I could. Apparently one of the houses there seemed familiar to me after the trees on the right side of the street cleared up, it was standing on a small hill. I went inside searching for some binoculars. The house was constructed in a strange way but it was pretty cool. I talked with some voice inside of the house, it probably told me something about that I should continue my WILD attempts or something like that. But I opened one of the doors and looked outside (it was early dawn, it looked very beautiful and realistic), and I said something like ďInstead I should make use of this dream firstĒ, and I immediately remembered what I wanted to do upon becoming lucid, I tried to apply the lucidity visor but my vision turned black. I had barely enough time to be annoyed that my lucid faded right the moment I was going to make use of it but I didnít have any time for stabilizing.

      It was pretty odd but interesting to become lucid through saying it like that myself even though I had no prior knowledge of dreaming.

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    8. Oblivious to a zombie apocalypse

      by , 12-11-2010 at 01:47 PM
      The dream starts with me sitting on the edge of a bed at night in what looks like a maze as there was high hedge walls all around me. There were flame lit torches at the different pathways. I heard voices from one of the pathways so i went towards it. My dream skipped to me actually finding the people since i felt relieved since I'd eventually found them. There was one guy and three girls. They all looked really familiar but i cant place them. After some talking they led through a part of the maze to another opening, but this one looked like it an exit, onto a pier made of bamboo. It was getting close to dawn now as the sky was getting slightly brighter. There was no there land insight and the water was placid with small patches of mist on it. Out of nowhere the guy and one if the girls started arguing then the girls pushed the guy into the water and walked back into the maze, with the other girls in tow. I stayed looking towards the east for the sunrise, the guy was just getting out of the water. After he did he walked into the maze aswell. Again i stayed watching to the east. I heard some more arguing then one of the girls came to me and told me we got to go now. Then the dream skipped again and it was morning now and I was walking in a town that was a bit messy, I didn't know why. Then i noticed odd things like a crashed helicopter and some abandoned cars but the girl took no notice of them. I checked the girl out when she was walking in front of me. She had an amazing figure with an ass you could bounce a pound off and you get a twenty lol. She was a brunette with her hair tied up in a loose knot at the back of her heard, it looked messy but so damn hot at the same time. I definitely knew this girl but still couldn't place her. She was wearing a denim mini skirt but not whore mini, more acceptable summer mini. Her legs were what really made me slap myself trying to place her, they were the most perfect let of legs I've seen, the kind you cant get with just toning, these things where a gift from god! She was wearing a zipper/hoody thing but she still looked pretty hot. ANYWAY back to the dream. We kept walking and we didn't seed a single living thing. Then we got to a big plane, an airbus probably since it was massive, and i saw what looked like the pilot milling around at the hatch area. The girl told me to stopped and she looked as she was cautious and scared at the same time. The pilot disappeared behind some stuff and we hurried for the hatch. There was a ladder Close by, the girl instructed me to get it as she looked about for the pilot. I thought we were breaking in or something so i was trying to be as quiet as possible. We managed to get into the hull of the plane eventually, then my dream made no sense because to get to the plane i had to crawl through some sort of plastic tunnel as if i was where the engine was. The planing was moving now at a decent speed. And the pilot was running pretty fast up beside the plastic tunnel. Then i realized he was a zombie! His face was bloody and he was trying to claw at the plastic tunnel but he couldn't reach. I knew hat when i got onto the tunnel it would sag and he could reach me but the girl was hurting me so i just ran for it. If I kept moving the zombie couldn't reach me so I was stumbling forward as fast as I could. Once or twice I felt the zombie claw at my foot but i kept going. I got to the other side and I was trying to get in but after i stuck my upper half in I realized there must be a zip or something to let u out of the tunnel but i couldn't find it so i was pushing and clawing trying to rip the exit open. At the same time the zombie was doing the exact same thing, pulling bits of plastic off ripping the tunnel apart. I was shitting myself, the girl was screaming and crying at the other side since she couldn't get to this side now. The tunnel was in two pieces now and i still hadn't made it through. The zombie grabbed on to my leg and was trying to climb it's way up my back. I got angry now and started smashing my heel into it's face but it kept coming. I knew where she was taking me was probably a safe house so i didn't want to jeopardize it so I let go and fell onto a runway of sorts without the zombie. We crashed into the ground rolling to a stop. The zombie had let go but it had also got up faster and was running towards me at a ridiculous speed. I got up and ran in the opposite direction towards a hanger. As i got closer I could see more zombies so i thought I'd have a better chance fighting this one on it's own. I switched back and ran past a swinging zombie ,narrowly missing my face, towards a baggage cart. I was so tired and my lungs were burning but I couldn't stop because i could hear the growls of the persistent zombie the whole way. When i got there i say a big wrench so i picked it up and swung as i was turning, i smashed the zombie square in the jaw, his head was a bloody mess, more than usual anyway. He lay still, i was relived i sat on a pile of bags and then lay back trying to catch my breath. Looking at the sky thinking "what the fuck is going on?!" at that exact moment a zombie head popped into my field of vision. We where face to face but he was upside down ( imagine scene from spiderman when he kisses the chick hanging upside down, but in this case I'm about to become food) It happened so quickly i couldnt movie out the way in time. It was the same fucking zombie I'd smashed without the wrench. As he tore into my throat i thought of how stupid i was for not checking if it was dead.

      I woke up after i faded into darkness in the dream. This has been one of the most detailed dreams I've remembered, it was amazing. It felt so real even thigh i wasn't lucid. I wish i was coz i wanted a piece of that chick so bad! Lol
    9. Me and Chris Split up :(

      by , 09-28-2010 at 03:41 AM (Kjarva's dream journal)
      I dont remember really what was said but I do remember coming downstairs to the living room in my house where my mum was (bizarre in itself seeing as my mum lives 300 miles away) and saying "I've had enough of this shit!", then I removed my engagement ring and tossed it in the corner by the bookshelf.

      Chris then walked by the bedroom next to the kitchen where I was talking to my sister, glaring in the door. Next thing I know I was outside at the cottages my parents rent for their holidays each year, telling dawn and Rick that me and Chris were done and it that he had been a total dick about the baby in the car.

      None of this dream makes any sense, seeing as A) me and Chris have never been engaged, B) My family were in my house 300 miles from where they live and C) Dawn and Rick were at my parents holiday destination. Dream logic is bizarre sometimes... Of course I woke up furious at Chris lol.
      Tags: chris, dawn, mum
    10. The Orange Faced Ned

      by , 08-12-2010 at 08:52 PM (Kjarva's dream journal)
      Well I decided that if I was going to really forcus on having LD's it was about time I started my own dream journal. My memory is still pretty patchy but that's what I'm aiming to improve!

      I was dreaming that there were 2 neds stood at my desk in work. The first had that "you've been tangoed" look, indicating her complete lack of basic makeup concepts, such as match your skin tone. Anyway, she had dark hair tied back in a ponytail and a white tracksuit on. I don't remember much about her friend, other than she was ginger or blonde.

      The dark haired one was asking if there was anything else she could hand in other than a sick line to cover being out sick. I started to tell her that no, only a sick note would do, but Dawn interupted me and told her that yes there was something else.

      Can't for the life of me remember what it was she told her though! That's all unfortunately

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      non-lucid , dream fragment