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    1. 9/4, 9/6, 9/7 & 9/9 Carried Away - DEILD + Recent DILDs #200

      by , 09-09-2014 at 10:09 PM
      *Lucid nap or 3rd wbtb (one wbtb during night, one got up for about 30 minutes and ate one portion of oatmeal 8-8:30am, third one simply got up to use the restroom and straight back to bed quite sleepy! ~10am? led to DEILD or in dream DEILD)

      ~1115 350 wbtb very tired! Browse pictures on phone until semi awake but still exhausted but got to some interesting dreamlets before dozing off.

      Held #hostage and I say that I need to get my asthma inhaler in my backpack but I plan to pull out my gun. #clever Woken by wife.

      During the 3rd mini wbtb I repeated out loud "I'm dreaming" repeatedly maybe total of 40 reps with breath/breaks. I either had and in dream DEILD or I had a mini awakening and DEILD in which I thought I heard someone at the door downstairs and I decided to take it as HH's (and as I'm saying this into my dream journal there was a quite loud creek/pop at my bathtub and the goosebumps are apparent! I realize it is just normal settling of the house but it sure was louder than normal.) Anyway when I heard the sound in the dream that sounded like someone at the front door I took it as HH's and I just focused on going back to sleep. When I do, I get very strong vibrations and I knew I was entering a dream if not already in one. The first sensation was of someone coming behind me and rocking me around in the bed. Then I start lifting up off of the bed and I am happy for this, it feels fun and is further confirmation that I'm already dreaming. Then the third sensation is of me sliding backwards like on a roller coaster laying sideways like I think I am laying in bed actually at the time and just going and going and going backwards at a good pace. There's even the sound of a roller coaster and its wheels rolling along the tracks at high speed. This goes for what feels like a good minute and I think to myself well enough of that and I seem to be kind of floating in a bit of a foggy void. This is late late in the morning and I'm guessing that my dreaming mind doesn't have much left to offer up. I do start getting a vague image of a sexy woman and we start having sex floating in this void. At one point I turn her over and
      Spoiler for X rated:
      It feels great but the image quality is still very poor. I turn her back over and decide I will experiment with an
      Spoiler for X rated:
      This feels even better
      then I get the sound of my bedroom door opening and then the feeling of someone grabbing both my feet and tugging on them once as if to say hey what are you doing still asleep. I get a strong urge to confirm whether or not this is actually happening and as I am apparently dreaming of myself rolling around in my bed and feeling like I'm completely naked I notice that I can't open my eyes. This makes me suspicious that I'm still dreaming and I sit up in bed (still in the dream) and I blindly growl like a crazy person having a bit of fun. I get the strong urge again to make sure that I'm still dreaming and I then force my eyes open to a view of my sleep mask actually now fully awake but eyes still wanting to close some more. If it were not for this strong urge to make sure someone was not inside my room I think I could've gone on dreaming some more but perhaps with weaker recall of all that happened before, who knows. I'm at the moment of transcribing this trying to decide if I should try again but it seems too late and probably a waste of waking life since the odds are very low. I have also become quite awake now transcribing all of this. I also feel that over-sleeping will cut into my dreaming tonight. Although the visuals left much to be desired, I am very happy that my presence in a lucid dream was back very strong as compared to my last several lucid dreams. I had a much stronger sense of self. Also, the sensations were very strong. With my day practices becoming rote again yesterday, I looked up and did exercise 4B from the open beta exercises and it drew some inspiration for me. The mechanics of this particular wake back to bed and DEILD are still unclear to me. 200

      Quick notes on previous 3 LDs:

      9/7/14 (September 7th)
      "Consternation" 12 530

      Time doesn't make sense=lucid. #timeInconsistent . Time was showing much earlier in day when it was just night. Bounce/float in house=fun. Peek out front. Go out back to 2 different neighbors. Maybe 3 minutes. Wake otherwise might have forgotten. Low recall. 199


      Mom visiting soon IWL. In dream she brought my eldest cousin on her side and we had a long hug. I wanted my #Mom to give me #hug too but my cousin really seemed to miss me. Too much? Then she is accidentally brushing her hand against my junk? #dcBoldness Wait she keeps doing it. I ask her if this is a dream and then realize a DC could give me any answer true or not so need to RC but still hugging. Try float then glottal RC. The lucid was almost lost with glottal RC which confirmed I am dreaming. Though almost lost, it still felt very dreamy and I caught that it wasn't over and extended dream patiently waiting in void-like fuzziness/grayness imagining a beautiful blonde unfortunately got one that seemed to be based off another cousin but wasn't an exact match for her. Undressed her and had intercourse. FA recording dream. 198

      Friend has an assistant named Wuellda? So and so said she would be here..wait no she told me that...what in a dream?..exactly! #dream thought of.

      11? 230 I'm finally turned 21. A countdown clock or app confirms #tracking. I can finally get into that cool #club and will go tonight. No one can hold me back anymore. Gambling on a cards table game to get #money for something. This feels like it would be my son's dream as I recall no excitement when I turned 21. #casino

      experimenting on the edge of sleep zoom floating closer and closer to ceiling tiles (none above bed IWL) try to go back to #waterPark or anywhere. Earlier there was a fight in lazy river where floating with son. Before people #fall from water slides not following rules. Before I am #driving and getting directions from passenger to a 15 floor building, repeatedly asking is that it...no, I see it is just a water slide tower. FA caught: talk to wife from edge only air escaping sound #gasping and some hand movements. I think if I am more on the waking edge of sleep, she may get scared and may be thinking of scene from Intruders. 197